Prisoners of War Betrayed

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The fate of prisoners of war and missing in action is one of the darkest chapters of the Cold War. Tens of thousands of American soldiers European survivors were sent to unknown destinations during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

American soldiers captured in the Cold War - the enemy needs them as hostages and bargaining counters. Their own government denies their existence, leaving them to their fate.

For years it was an open wound for thousands of families in the United States - the search for forgotten prisoners in the Vietnamese jungle, the boys who were left behind.

The boys who scratched codes in the earth in desperate attempts to make contacts with home. Attempts that their own government ignored.

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  1. dewflirt

    Interesting though unsurprising. Governments send people to war and they die in their millions, are we really supposed to be shocked that they left a few of their own to fend for themselves?

  2. iStateOfMind3 iii
  3. iStateOfMind3 iii

    I just read a story today about the suicide rate among US soldiers being higher than the deaths in combat during 2011. People can't just blame the mistreatment of their troops on the government anymore, it's obvious that an apathetic public is as much to blame.

  4. Harry Nutzack
  5. Harry Nutzack

    many of us feel neither sympathy nor empathy for those who volunteered for an unjustified war for resources. there are NO conscripts in this war. EVERY participant on "our side" gave informed consent without any manner of duress to participate. why should my heartstrings be tugged at more by their "plight" than that of an inner-city gang member? they are completely equivalent.

  6. iStateOfMind3 iii
  7. iStateOfMind3 iii

    They were hoodwinked into military service, lets be honest. I mean they even sent the National Guard to Iraq, weekend warriors! The public have been asleep at the wheel for a longtime now, just take a look at the erosion taking place in regards to the bill of rights, where is the outrage?

  8. Darren Piatkowski
  9. Darren Piatkowski

    your comment makes me sick that you call yourself an american

  10. Phillip Pelling
  11. Phillip Pelling

    This is what America does to it's soldiers. They are terrorists...

  12. tariqxl
  13. tariqxl

    Why? Because he anti-war? If you want to remain complicit in state sponsored slaughter then it makes me sick that you call yourself a human being.

  14. tariqxl
  15. tariqxl

    Yea not really surprising and you are probably right about the public but to actually use the word blame... Its as simple as this as far as the public are concerned. Send your boys to stop a monster slaughtering thousands of innocents or defend your shores against invaders and they will have parades, cheers and admiration. Send them to slaughter farmers and towns people and they'll get disdian or at very best indifference.

  16. a_no_n
  17. a_no_n

    it was labeled as socialism, and then ignored.

  18. beneloben
  19. beneloben

    actually, you're the sick one ... he's being real ... I have family that went to Afghanistan, it's more about reconstruction and security contracts than terrorism ... Now it's even about the opium supply that we need to manufacture all these opiate pharmaceuticals that we're prescribing to everyone ... ever take into account how many WE killed over there? To justify one terrorist act? Or the fact that we're creating many more terrorists than we're taking care of?

    I suppose we just need to listen to whatever propaganda best serves us and go on with our day, it's much easier I guess.

  20. systems1000
  21. systems1000

    Perhaps we have an apathetic public is because we now have a military that is all voluntary.

  22. iStateOfMind3 iii
  23. iStateOfMind3 iii

    People you don't seem to understand that YOU elected those politicians that started these wars in the first place, then YOU got angry and elected another politician that has so far expanded and built upon all the evils of the Bush Admin. I know hes killed over 180 kids in Pakistan alone with drone strikes. In fact I could probably educate YOU about the consequences of the 'war on Terror'. Do you know how many kids have been born deformed due to white phosphorous and depleted uranium in Baghdad hospital since Bush announced 'Mission Accomplished'? ...Exactly. I'm not saying the public are solely responsible for the situation we find ourselves in today, but their silence on some of the things I've mentioned is deafening.

  24. systems1000
  25. systems1000

    @iStateOfMind3 iii. Ok,you have made your point.Your defiantly no plastic hero and have some real-time cahonas.But,I also suspect that a covert warrant for your execution has all ready been dispatched.Stay wily my friend,stay wily.

  26. Harry Nutzack
  27. Harry Nutzack

    then you sir, are a FOOL of the worst kind. the most all encompassing duty of the citizenry is to act as the final "check and balance" of the system. you flag waving "america above all else" brainwashed drones abdicate that duty. those aren't heroes in a-stan, they are MUSCLE. nothing more. those "heroic volunteers" you feel i should have some empathy for are motivated by either propaganda, senseless fear, religious zealotry, mercenary compensation, or murderous desire. NO afghani national participated in 9-11. there was no "state apparatus" that was involved. over a decade now has been spent getting your precious "vengeance" by murdering illiterate peasants. YOUR duty is to cry out "enough!", as you abandoned your initial duty to cry out "2 wrongs don't make a right!". you should be sickened by the image you see in the mirror, not my national citizenship.

  28. iStateOfMind3 iii
  29. iStateOfMind3 iii

    That's charming. Thanks for inflicting your wildly paranoid opinion on me, although honestly I will sleep just as well tonight as any other.

  30. systems1000
  31. systems1000

    @iState.Good sir,it was not my intent to inflict anything upon you,other then to congratulate you for your real-time courage.The word I used was wily,not wildly.Look them up,their diffrent.If you think that those who oppose the status que can,t disappear,your sleeping.

  32. iStateOfMind3 iii
  33. iStateOfMind3 iii

    'I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.' - Frank Herbert

  34. hockeypop200
  35. hockeypop200

    @stateofmind- Right on the hoodwinked.The American public is'nt asleep, they are unconscious, put in that state by those they elect. Im often speechless at people's unwillingness to even HEAR of any atrocities there govt is involved in much less discuss them. The psy-op pro's have worked way ahead of the curve on all these issues. We've been dumbed down to the point its embarrassing. SLowly though, with the web, things are being exposed.

  36. harry
  37. harry

    Why, for gods sake in the first place, does war happen i dont recall any asian country attacking any western country except where they have been provoked.
    Surely with all the so called educated and degreed scholars around war would be just a little used word in any dictionary.
    Perhaps some of the pows chose to stay having discovered a better and happier life or is it all just a load of hokum and prop!

  38. Ilse Desiree Bauer
  39. Ilse Desiree Bauer

    It is not the True Americans who do this, but the Nazis who call themselves Americans, and declare themselves the Government, and their Patriarchs~ I am tired of they calling themselves Americans, and those who are blinded, and or are their patriarchs, slandering my name!!! Look and read my facebook, and see who are the ones who abandoned anyone, or better said the Nazis, and who is, and who is not~ Who are you, and yours~

  40. Kateye70
  41. Kateye70

    You probably linked something or used a word that is flagged for moderation. I've done it by accident myself. Not to worry, the moderators will post it when they get a chance.

  42. Achems_Razor
  43. Achems_Razor

    There you go, I put the posts on, lets see if you can figure them out? lol

  44. Kateye70
  45. Kateye70

    lol, I got lost at "12 continents of America"...There must be an alternate definition of 'continent' I'm missing...

  46. docoman
  47. docoman

    I got the feeling that post was in a language I'm not familiar with. :)

  48. Klaus-bud Oracle-kaczor
  49. Klaus-bud Oracle-kaczor

    and yet there is a never ending stream of m*rons willing to goose step behind the war criminals while on the internet yokels spin fantasy about irrelevant things. The world carries on unchanged

  50. Glen Hale
  51. Glen Hale

    When the Fed's attack USSA citizens they will know what it feels like to be betrayed as well.

  52. GRUMPY25608
  53. GRUMPY25608

    As an ex serving member of the defence force I find your comment ill informed and very disrespectful to all ex and current serving member of the defence force. To insult any soldier about doing what he is ordered to do just shows me that you have no idea how the military works at all. As a private in infantry, your job is to follow orders from your higher command, if you don't you become liable to military discipline. (and I know the joys of military discipline first

    At no stage did I or any of my fellow soldier that I served with in a combat zone joined up to go to war, we joined to serve our country that we love. If that meant that we have to fight because our goverment of the day committed our services as a soldier you have an obligation to fulfill oyur sworn duty.

    Please don't stop harrassing your goverment members about the decisions they are making, and risking the lifes and/or health of our brave service men and women, however your ill informed opinions about any serving member should be base on facts and not your ideals and beliefs.

  54. GRUMPY25608
  55. GRUMPY25608

    12 continents of America could some tell me what and where they are?

    Many consider there to be seven continents - Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. Most students in the United States are taught that there are seven continents.

    Can not seem to find the other five and by everything factual I've read can at best give me two, (north and south). To go even further the only continent that is solely one nation is Australia. The USA is only one part of North America, just ask any Canadian.

  56. Pavilions
  57. Pavilions

    "the only continent that is solely one nation is Australia"

    and New Zealand and New Guinea and many island nations

  58. GRUMPY25608
  59. GRUMPY25608

    To my knowledge islands are not continents and even if they were,they are not american continents.

    The USA is not a continent it is a part of one (north america) so for anyone to claim america has 12 continents must not be taking there meds or need to up their dosage in my opinion.

  60. Pavilions
  61. Pavilions

    Clearly. I meant, NZ and and the Pacific islands are part of Australasia. Its not one country.

    Obviously there are not 12 continents. Thats mental.

  62. GRUMPY25608
  63. GRUMPY25608

    Australasia is region consisting of two continents and many smaller island nations.

  64. Pythus
  65. Pythus

    there is no such thing as international law. a sovereign nation can do whatever it wants inside of its jurisdiction. the only international criminal court that considers "international crimes" and the geneva conventions exists at the behest of the nations that recognize its authority oven them.

  66. GRUMPY25608
  67. GRUMPY25608

    The term "international law" can refer to three distinct legal disciplines:
    Public international law, which governs the relationship between provinces and international entities. It includes these legal fields: treaty law, law of sea, international criminal law, the laws of war or international humanitarian law and international human rights law.
    Private international law, or conflict of laws, which addresses the questions of (1) which jurisdiction may hear a case, and (2) the law concerning which jurisdiction applies to the issues in the case.
    Supranational law or the law of supranational organizations, which concerns regional agreements where the laws of nation states may be held inapplicable when conflicting with a supranational legal system when that nation has a treaty obligation to a supranational collective.

    The Geneva Conventions apply at times of war and armed conflict to governments who have ratified its terms. The details of applicability are spelled out in Common Articles 2 and 3. The topic of applicability has generated some controversy. When the Geneva Conventions apply, governments have surrendered some of their national sovereignty by signing these treaties.

    Would you like to argue against the two above quotes.

  68. Pythus
  69. Pythus

    what you fail to understand is that there is no governing body that exists to enforce international law. whether or not "international law" in name exists is not the question.

    take into consideration this hypothetical example: a former us president is convicted in absentia of warcrimes by the international criminal court. yet the united states refuses to extradite the former president.

    the only body that exists to enforce the ruling is the united states government, and because they are a sovereign country, they do not need to recognize this courts ruling.

    so then i ask you: if such a hypothetical situation has a possibility of arising in many different variances, how can there be international law if it is unenforceable?

  70. mrnewbeats
  71. mrnewbeats

    The international Court of Human Rights is in the Hague Holland

  72. RunningOcelot
  73. RunningOcelot

    Japanese Empire in World War 2.
    Pearl Harbor.An example of an Asian country attacking a western country.

    A completely avoidable war for the USA if the leaders of other superpowers would have stopped trying to conquer the world within the century.

  74. Richard Neva
  75. Richard Neva

    Communism step child of the Jews and wars the step child of the bankers who are all Jews!

  76. Geno X
  77. Geno X

    That's a fallacy-- the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor because FDR put stringent embargoes on Japan (Many european countries had already), which made Japan deperate-- attacking was their only option. The FDR administration documents were opened up after being classified for many years, you can look into this more.

  78. uwcb
  79. uwcb

    It was a German officer in WW1 that sent Lenin back to Russia thinking that if the communists took over, they wouldn't fight the Germans. He also gave a lot of money to the Communists to help them.

  80. cas
  81. cas

    There is no war U.S will ever fight to defend itself and its borders, there have enough nukes to flatten out the world many times country exists that will risk its own stability and attack U.S...but as history has shown time and time again, U.S troops are now used mainly to fulfil corporate interest in third world countries , they are not dying to defend their nation...but to ensure profits and million dollar bonuses for executives of U.S corporations.

  82. flybow
  83. flybow

    5 million killed in se asia.

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