Programming of Life 2: Earth

Programming of Life 2: Earth

2015, Conspiracy  -   34 Comments
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They're the questions that loom largest in the whole of human experience. Where do we come from, and which elements have conspired to assure the continued existence of our planet? The Programming of Life series has proven unafraid of exploring such questions, and even less fearful of reaching conclusions which are largely unpopular within the mainstream scientific community.

Programming of Life 2: Earth features insights from a panel of distinguished academics, including geophysicist James Jordan, geneticist Dr. John Sanford and information scientist Don Johnson, who all testify to the limitations of widely accepted modern-day science to adequately explain the complexities and precariousness of the universe. In the process, they uncover aspects of evolution that they find flawed at best, and make an argument for the probability of intelligent design.

In one segment of the film, this leaning is supported by the observations of Dr. Hugh Ross, an astrophysicist and devoted Christian who adopts a scientific approach when defining the veracity of his religious convictions. According to the documentary, Dr. Ross conducted a comprehensive study to determine the odds that just the right levels of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon could exist to realistically sustain life as it does on Earth. The fruits of his calculations set those odds at one in a billion.

To be sure, the chemical balances that ensure our planet's continued inhabitability are astoundingly complex. Just the slightest deviation from the equations that create life would result in a completely different planet, and would make the prospect of sustainable life an impossibility. Presenting its views in a polished manner, Programming of Life 2: Earth regards these amazements as much more than just the random byproduct of a big bang.

A counter to the widely accepted theory of evolution, the film despairs that these mainstream views are overwhelmingly represented in school textbooks and public forums without comment or challenge. In the end, though, the film stresses the importance of challenging common thinking and wisdom, which is a point on which most figures from both the evolutionary and intelligent design sides of the argument can agree.

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Ken Kelly
3 years ago

These people have created a believable picture that says there was a creator. The key word is believable but not accurate To just site one false idea they promote. The universe is so finely tuned that any slight deviation and everything would have been very different and we could not exist. Yes if we were to try and duplicate the universe that would an impossible act even for 100 life spans. Fact is the universe took many billions upon billions of our years to accomplish what is now. The universe and everything evolved and we do not know what it evolved from or what or when the beginning was. A modern automobile was not built from nothing. Automobiles evolved from mans ever seeking new things and ways of getting nature to give up its treasures to us human animals so we can alter them to serve a particular purpose. The first automobiles were steam powered and as we as people learned new things the automobile evolved just as nature from the beginning , but we have no idea when or what was the beginning, used what it had and kept altering the material until it created what we know now. This evolution is not finished and still is altering what is now to form new different or new things. Life, all life is part of that process of evolution. These films are wrong and need to be altered to represent truth not belief. To believe is to search for truth while ignoring any fact that does not agree with the belief. Religions are belief not truth. If you disagree then deliver facts not the normal BS delivered by the apologists That religion produces.

4 years ago

Around 18 minutes it became an argument against Darwinism. Continually the statement was made that our science based views of human history and evolution are "one-sided" and "unproven" yet under the surface you can tell they're suggesting intelligent design/creationism, which is even more one-sided, unable to be proved and factless...

The beginning of the doc hooks you without hinting to the later arguments. Would not watch again.

5 years ago

This video suggests intelligent design, no doubt. But some of these reviewers are saying it supports God or a Christian or Jewish God. They don't mention Gos or Jesus or anything like that anywhere in this. They disparage evolution with several examples, but they don't then claim God must have made everything - they take a more general track of "consider all the possible explanations" - at least they leave it up the viewer to make their own decision. They also differentiate "micro" evolution versus "macro" evolution. It was interesting to see some viewpoints other than what I am used to.

5 years ago

Why do 'scientists' say that religious teaching rejects science? There are undoubtedly religious people who do reject science in favor of strict biblical interpretation. The problem with that is I have NEVER met a religious person who matches that description.. They all accept science and find no reason for that to conflict with their religious belief.
However, I do find many 'scientific' people who object to religion, who seem to have prejudiciously concluded that there has to be a conflict; that the acceptance of one excludes the other.
Why would a scientist be so bothered by religion that they feel a need to oppose religious belief or religious people? Maybe the reason is because they may feel threatened by their lack of the knowledge of the real basis of religion.... the Divine Prophets themselves; the recognition of who form the point of the knowledge and understanding of the reality of God and the understanding of whose lives and teaching are the door to understanding revealed religion.
And why ask a physicist to prove or disprove the existence of God? Understanding the material does not presuppose the understanding of the spiritual.
But then again.....if a person has already formed an opinion based on what they have previously learned, well... that won't happen.
You can either strap yourself with "scientific" rules or you can search for TRUTH without blinders. If you don't accept religion or God why write these commments to reinforce your doubts? Shouldn't it be enough to say what you don't believe without the rejection of others "unscientific" opinion? Why should my belief bother others? I don't ask people for approval or look to change their beliefs or accepted scientific truth.
When a medicine man in the jungle cures his patient by an unscientific method do we deny the result? A search for 'truth' includes all manners of the belief that an answer can be reached. That is called FAITH. And there are many truths; scientific, philosophical and religious. Science did not create the 'Big Bang'; it admits to it without experiencing it. Scientific discovery has been a great joy in my life. My acceptance of scientific facts does not lessen my belief in God. It reinforces my belief in the same way it has done for countless honored scientists. Science and religion is not a contest having winners and losers.
Some people here wrote negative comments while admitting they never watched the video....???? I suppose the scientific method?
As explained, there has never been proof showing cross species evolution. If that is true, and it is, we have done science a great disservice in honoring bogus theories which will cause untold harm as in the future we try to unravel this rush to acceptance of error.

5 years ago

At first I thought this is going to be nice, some nice images smooth video and even the slimeball look of the host was bearable to a certain point. Until it soon kept bashing in evolution theory with lame ass calculations and assumptions. I think the most annoying thing of this idiosyncratic waste of my time, is that even though they are constantly hunching towards the word GOD. They never dare to say it. "Because this is about science and smart people that can figure things out for themselves"
*wink wink*. Well I Bow to thee for thou cunning way, reinard the fox.
If you are going to disprove one thing you must come up with another reason instead of just going like "Well see this is "Gods" doing."
Not understanding balance or the concept of what your reality actually is does not mean some God entity is controlling and creating away in his little sandbox. When we do not understand something we keep looking mister fox. You dont settle for a conclusion of a ridiculous way of reasoning. Wake Up ! Thank you and Good Night. *drops the mic*

6 years ago

Christian scientists go hard.

6 years ago

It is easy to question the theories as this video did, however it fails to tells us what is the 'other side' of the story which the schools should teach to be considered as 'critical thinking'. If Darwin's theory is to be called 'bed time story', then the only 'other side' is a ridiculous joke called 'religion', which fails to explain anything and yet it dominates the mind of billions who chose to blindly accept it.

7 years ago

What about the moons man!

jorge delgado
7 years ago

Where do they get how many atoms in the universe there is no one knows because no one knows how large or how small the universe really is these people are not intellectual leaders in any sense this is only an interesting view point yes we are here and you cannot calculate our probable existence
this is just voodoo conceptualization based on a western religious view

jorge delgado
7 years ago

I don't understand what he was trying to convince me of except to accept Jewish and christian beliefs which must include mass murder of innocent people who get in the way of their accumulation of wealth. I believe in what is not what someone tells me what is. And what is is only subjective and even science is not objective look at Einstein working on his unified field theory he didn't want to believe that the universe was based on conscious reality. matter is mind and mind matter these two main forces interacting with one another these forces oscillate between themselves creating the universe we live in and are a part of we are the world we are matter and energy space and time we are consciousness and so is all matter in the universe.

7 years ago

I think this site is being used to indoctrinate its viewers. Categorizing docs like this as "conspiracy" automatically stigmatizes it and thus it's rating and comments are not representative. But the damage is done. I'm guilty of having passed this one by because of the rating until watching it on a whim. It clearly belongs in the science category because it doesnt even mention anyone conspiring secretly once. It discusses science.. This site is going downhill fast. It's unfortunate.

7 years ago

It's nice that they didn't sit there and spout God and Intelligent Design. They were subtle, which is respectful. Unfortunately, they are not totally inaccurate, and I do find it interesting how people come out in troves to defend the scientific theories they believe, shouting as though saying anything otherwise is blasphemy. Modern science has become it's own religion. Sure, Intelligent Design is absolutely goofy. So are most accepted scientific theories that have no current way to be proven or disproved. It's all faith, to just believe in something, without any actual evidence, other than one's own perception of data and imagination. I do agree with the side topic of this video that critical thinking has been lost. I mean, there was a time when one would be ridiculed for thinking the earth was round. We are still that stupid.

7 years ago

Outstanding documentary. Brilliant. All of humanity needs to watch and to hear this. Humanity, as clever as it is, can also be so incredibly stupid. We have so many wars, so much brutal violence going on, so many gifted young people drinking themselves under the table every night of the week. Watch this video and wake up to the reality of life on planet Earth. And marvel at what a truly incredible world it is that we live on, and yet we're here for such a short space of time, and we miss so much. Enjoy "Programming of Life 2: Earth".

Frank Russell
7 years ago

I am not a christian. I have no religious beliefs at all. One doesn't have to think that anything which describes the programming of life is referring to an old man in the sky. We have DNA -RNA -genetics etc. This is programming. Where has everyone been? How can anyone believe that any view of life other than that which we are told to believe, is to be rejected. Where did that come from? The big bang theory demands that we dismiss even contemplation of that which was the essence of its origin in order to have it's described beginning. I find it amazing that nearly all comments are so narrow minded. Facts are facts. Why so negative? If it takes people who believe in some kind of God to articulate that which I find interesting, I thank them. I saw no attempt to convert anyone. I appreciate the topic being presented in an informative and interesting way. I can do my own fact checking. If people want to believe that they are without intelligence and merely a random meaningless occurrence like blundering dolts bouncing off walls on their journey through space and time, so be it. Celebrate your meaninglessness any way you want. It astounds me that anyone would be upset by this. What is everyone afraid of?

josephine related
7 years ago

Some times when I am naked and look in the mirror I say... Oh God! this can't be intelligent design, for Christ's sake! this is awful! I have the same reaction Alfonse X the wise had when he was shown the complexity of the Ptolemy's model of the world: He quipped, "If the deity had consulted me I would have suggested simpler and more beautiful mechanisms..." Yes, when I learn how my body works I have the same reaction, I could've done it better. This is not the creation of a superior intellect! this seems like it has all come together by some combination of chance and necessity.. Hmmm that's exactly the way it has been, darling, that's exactly the way it has been. Darwin would smile.

chris tidman
7 years ago

Jesus was probably right. He spoke for God, and God speaks for himself. We can not blame others for what we have created.

7 years ago

Putting away the bible is there a discussion for intelligent design? Can we have an intelligent discussion that we are more than what we understand ourselves to be? What is it that comes from consciousness? I would ask anyone to read some of what Dr. Stuart Hameroff had already presented on consciousness. There are questions such as this ;the brightest minds have no answers for. So forget sin and hell-fire and instead accept we are much more than we understand ourselves to be. Let's talk about what's inside each and everyone of us which is for lack of a better word Consciousness. And is our consciousness the same as say the twinkle we see in a primate's eye ?

7 years ago

I definitely believe that Zeus created the universe.

I would forgive these guys if they didn't seem to suggest that it is THEIR god that created the universe.

7 years ago

Very creationist support. Life on this planet evolved to the environment, not the other way around. When we find life on other planets, or moons will moronic documentaries like this explain that life requires liquid methane and subzero temperatures to exist?

7 years ago

Thanks everyone, 37 wasted minutes I didn't spend...

Sister Dharma Gettin
7 years ago

They'll allow just about anybody to make "documentaries" nowadays. Don't waste your time or confuse yourself with this one. Pass on by. Trust me!

7 years ago

In a virtually infinite universe the multitude of combinations of life evolving to suit the conditions could not be calculated. The Goldilocks principle that describes our existence is far from unlikely but very likely indeed.

Minh Duong
7 years ago

Could it be, that the universe and everything in it, is the product of the forces, energies, materials and constants of the universe as they are (as random or precise at they seem to be)? Could it be, that if one of these "elements" within the universe were to be different, that we would simply have a different universe, a different definition of life?

The basic assumption behind these "Improbability arguments" is that the universe as we know and experience it to be, is meant to be and that there can be no other way for the universe to be.

I submit that this "documentary" is putting the "cart before the horse".

7 years ago

The Atheist shills are out in full force. Any reasonable critiques on why this is bad to watch aside from grade 5 insults?

7 years ago

Wow. When Christians resort to subterfuge rather than 'shouting from the rooftops' you know their religion is in decline.

7 years ago

Picking from true science the fact we should question every theory to improve it, attacking evolution without coming forward with something better himself

7 years ago

I knew this guy had a suspicious charm....hmmmmm....I bet he works for Ray Comfort.

7 years ago

Clear as mud!

7 years ago

There was only ONE way to get to the moon?!? and this proves "intelligent design"? There were many ways we could have gotten to the moon. The Russians did practically everything differently than the USA and they put probes on the moon and on venus. wtf?

dont watch this
7 years ago

bunch of ifs , one guy talkning and his using his dad as an expert. I think :) anyway, there are way better stuff to watch here

7 years ago

Wowzer, what a pocket full of lollipops!

Dawkins: "It is as though they were just planted there without any evolutionary history." - google search result = about 244,000.

...Dawkins continued (next line, not shown in this documentary): "Evolutionists of all stripes believe, however, that this really does represent a very large gap in the fossil record." google results = 34,000.

Conclusion: around 210,000 [creationist] sites like to quote the first line... alone.

The Omnisis
7 years ago

Proof of God by stating how improbable many aspects of existence is without a magic man controlling it all by throwing real science and complex terms in there to "WOW!" uneducated, gullible, superstitious nutjobs.... "God must exist because look how perfectly perfect it all fits together, We can't explain it (yet) so it couldn't possibly have any explanation other than God did it..... see, I have proven God must have done it!... I'm so genius!"

Lies, mixed with actual science, mixed with misinterpretation of science, mixed with a great big bunch of complete nonsense that would appeal to the already brainwashed superstitious nutjob looking for validation about his beliefs

7 years ago

the hypocrisy and irony is strong within this one........ i hope this vid was added as a joke.

Truth first
7 years ago

Some nice photos from the god guys.