Project Code Rush

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Project Code RushThe year is early 1998, at the height of dot-com era, and a small team of Netscape code writers frantically works to reconstruct the company's Internet browser.

In doing so they will rewrite the rules of software development by giving away the recipe for its browser in exchange for integrating improvements created by outside unpaid developers.

The fate of the entire company may well rest on their shoulders.

Broadcast on PBS, the film capture the human and technological dramas that unfold in the collision between science, engineering, code, and commerce.

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  1. Sweet

    Well that was depressing.

  2. Bruce Wilson

    Settled and safe now in our broadband grip on information....

    What is the next cliff to slip over? Viruses are the obvious conclusion with such a massive access. Guess we'll find out and see who answers this question.

  3. potluckpotatoes

    Despite it's age this is a great doc that's well worth your time if it's subject matter interests you.

  4. pkunzip

    Damn, thought it would say a bit more, really. Liking the history and all, but since the documetary has got some years on its back, it didn't really end in the big "and here he is today!"-ending I was looking for...

    "Why not a internet bank?", said some dude.
    "Ay", said I.

  5. Deejay Es

    nice !!! never saw this side of the story

    always thought it were those two geeks u saw in that 4 piece docu about the internet ( google yahoo windows mac napster etc )