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On a trip to visit family in Seoul in April, I was approached by a man and a woman who claimed to be North Korean defectors. They presented me with a DVD that recently came into their possession and asked me to translate it. They also asked me to post the completed film on the Internet so that it could reach a worldwide audience. I believed what I was told and an agreement was made to protect their identities (and mine).

Despite my concerns about what I was viewing when I returned home, I proceeded to translate and post the film on You Tube because of the film's extraordinary content. I have now made public my belief that this film was never intended for a domestic audience in the DPRK. Instead, I believe that these people, who presented themselves as 'defectors' specifically targeted me because of my reputation as a translator and interpreter.

Furthermore, I now believe these people work for the DPRK. The fact that I have continued to translate and post the film in spite of this belief does not make me complicit in their intention to spread their ideology. I chose to keep posting this film because - regardless of who made it - I believe people should see it because of the issues it raises and I stand by my right to post it for people to share and discuss freely with each other.

According to Sabine the above is the formal statement she gave to Federal Police on 16 June 2012.

Sabine: I have translated this film, laid in the English voice over and subtitles, and on legal advice have blurred the identity of the presenter and/or blacked out certain elements.

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8 months ago

This was interesting up to a point, but awfully made. Was there any need/reason for 2 voices talking at once it was difficult to follow at times.

2 years ago

This movie is a Mockumentary made by a westener, Slavko Martinov from New Zealand
It wouldn't matter if Adolf Hitler made it with Charles Manson, the truth is the truth .
This is indeed a top documentary....we really have become desensitized idiots that cannot tolerate the slightest criticism, and could not give a damn how many people our psychopathic brain dead leaders slaughter.

Karma is going to be such a bitch

2 years ago

In my opinion, most north koreans know they are being brainwashed, while most americans don't know they are being brainwashed, that's the difference

3 years ago

Totally ignorant on the part of the Bible being used between Christianity, Judaism and Catholicism being all three use different books....

Judaism = Torah = only a few books similar with the Bible
Catholicism = 7 extra books and a church teaching more in line with the occult than anything found within their Bible

3 years ago

Of course its all correct however koreans cant mock any country id rather live with lies than be told wat to do every minute of the day like cry if u see there leader kim or be jailed or worse the sooner the real world realise the bible is bullshit as is jesus its just all to keep us in place i mean the weak and poor will inherit the earth and all that bollocks its all man made rules the 1% have to be toppled sooner rather than later

Nick East
4 years ago

"Wilson established the first modern propaganda office, the Committee on Public Information (CPI), headed by George Creel.[6][7] Creel set out to systematically reach every person in the United States multiple times with patriotic information about how the individual could contribute to the war effort. It also worked with the post office to censor seditious counter-propaganda. Creel set up divisions in his new agency to produce and distribute innumerable copies of pamphlets, newspaper releases, magazine advertisements, films, school campaigns, and the speeches of the Four Minute Men. CPI created colorful posters that appeared in every store window, catching the attention of the passersby for a few seconds.[8] Movie theaters were widely attended, and the CPI trained thousands of volunteer speakers to make patriotic appeals during the four-minute breaks needed to change reels. They also spoke at churches, lodges, fraternal organizations, labor unions, and even logging camps. Speeches were mostly in English, but ethnic groups were reached in their own languages. Creel boasted that in 18 months his 75,000 volunteers delivered over 7.5 million four minute orations to over 300 million listeners, in a nation of 103 million people. The speakers attended training sessions through local universities, and were given pamphlets and speaking tips on a wide variety of topics, such as buying Liberty Bonds, registering for the draft, rationing food, recruiting unskilled workers for munitions jobs, and supporting Red Cross programs.[9] Historians were assigned to write pamphlets and in-depth histories of the causes of the European war. "

"One early incident demonstrated the dangers of embroidering the truth. The CPI fed newspapers the story that ships escorting the First Division to Europe sank several German submarines, a story discredited when newsmen interviewed the ships' officers in England. Republican Senator Boies Penrose of Pennsylvania called for an investigation and The New York Times called the CPI "the Committee on Public Misinformation."[26] The incident turned the once compliant news publishing industry into skeptics.[27]

Early in 1918, the CPI made a premature announcement that "the first American built battle planes are today en route to the front in France," but newspapers learned that the accompanying pictures were fake, there was only one plane, and it was still being tested.[28] At other times, though the CPI could control in large measure what newspapers printed, its exaggerations were challenged and mocked in Congressional hearings.[29] The Committee's overall tone also changed with time, shifting from its original belief in the power of facts to mobilization based on hate, like the slogan "Stop the Hun!" on posters showing a US soldier taking hold of a German soldier in the act of terrorizing a mother and child, all in support of war bond sales."

5 years ago

This is not a lie? All this propaganda is cancering up the mind, enslaved by no media please.

5 years ago

This film is a wonderful example of propaganda. The truth is, we are given the left, the right and this, the "knowledge" that we, the viewers, really understand what's going on behind the curtain. We do not. We never have, but I'm hopeful as our collective consciousness evolves with a snowball effect, we will find the hands that work the puppets. I won't be surprised when I find out that it is, in fact, me, the creator of my reality. EVERYTHING is an illusion based on consumption of media. Even as I type this, it's contained in a small box. Perfect analogy for our lives. Why else would something like Facebook be so popular? We want an image and the ability to give it a thumbs up, or a thumbs down, as well as a little box to spout the truth as we see it. We are so completely blind. I am no better because at some point I consumed the idea that this perception is true. Good luck, fellow bots. Sounds crazy, right? Just remember it.

6 years ago

It's humanity that is sick, different countries just have different symptoms, but one sickness is as bad as the other

6 years ago

@USA patriot You 'honestly' feel you have TRUE freedom in 'The Corrupt States of America?' So many people are STILL disillusioned. I can't understand it. They'll still sign-up in huge numbers to be blown up and shot to pieces to enrich the major corporations and 1%. - baffling.

6 years ago

Touched on most of the points that caused a young, programmed school-boy (me!!), to go from 'their' ideal, obedient, hard-working guy, to one that despises the United States. More accurately, those that have ruined the country, and nearly the entire planet at this point. The truth is - when humans are left to their own devices, it ALWAYS turns out badly. We suck, at least in numbers. Maybe we need to look to the Catholic Church for guidance and advice. Ten percent of your income will almost certainly get you a shoulder to cry on, a reserved place in Heaven, and your little boys raped!! What a world that we live in.

6 years ago

Worth watching, I could not argue with most of the film. Afterwards I realised that I know absolutely nothing about N Korea that was not told to me by the BBC etc, and given that I have many concrete and incontestable examples of their bias and even outright missinformation, I wonder what it's really like in N Korea?

USA patriot
7 years ago

N K is guilty of the very things they point out. We as USA folk are at least free to watch this . They would be shot in N K for even making it. Freedom N K, learn it, love it, live it.

7 years ago

From IMDB - This movie is in fact a Mockumentary, made by as-of-yet unknown Writer/Director Slavko Martinov from New Zealand, who reportedly worked on this movie for eight years without any funding at all and with only a handful of associates. Because of the lack of budget, the crew relied on virtual guerilla marketing, releasing this film on the internet by the hands of a fictional translator "sabineprogram" (now the name of the film's production company), who claimed she had received the film secretly from anonymous North Korean Dissidents.

8 years ago

This film shows how the world really works, all they say is proved truth, that said I expected from such a serious film a honest point of wiew of their own politics and not nore of the same propaganda they criticise.

8 years ago

Propaganda earned a spot at one of my favorite conspiracy theory documentaries. Though some theories are far fetched and the "truth" - as always (in this category), in my opinion - a bit bloated, it gives a nice insight in the world and things you may not know yet.

I suggest that people who specifically had an interest in the consumerism, should watch Consumed. The title is self-explanatory, this film also gives nice insights

Rashan Akbar
8 years ago

Lol this documentary gives us a good look at what they think of us. They try to make us seem like the Taliban or something haha.

Rashan Akbar
8 years ago

Well hey a bunch of stuff I already know. I still rather live in America than live in North Korea lol.

8 years ago

I concur with Michael below, even though this is also propaganda it is based absolutely on truth, go through history and you will find the Western world has never had anything like democracy. The nearest we ever got was during the industrial revolution where we stood together to form unions against the tyranny that controlled us that seem to last until the 80's where our power was then usurped by de-regulation, corporatisation and finally globalisation under the disguise of supposed (free trade) which stamped out the rights of people in sovereign nations.Though the North Korean people are doing it tough they don't have corporations killing them by purchasing their poisonous products. They are also only 1 of 3 countries left on the planet without Zionist run central banks in their country who print money out of thin air, the biggest scam in human history. This scam allows them to bankrupt nations with an economic illusion, so the question remains who is the whole planet in debt to?????
The real problem is that Russia has deregulated themselves from a communist country to a communist country run by oligarchs and basically that is where we are headed. Any of the 50+ year old people of the old USSR will tell you they are worse off now more than ever than they were under the old system. Around the planet we are now undergoing another transition into absolute fascism where we Will be divided at every level in society where we will accept a soft kill by our evil psychopathic anonymous puppet masters until the day we turn off the goggle box that was always meant to control the masses. people are indeed waking up whist others are comfortable with ignorance. The golden age ahead will not come without sacrifice, they say we are in this life to learn something, you better wake up quick before you slip into the next realm and remain entrapped.

8 years ago

the most intelligent documentary I watched. I wouldn't put it better. Exactly what I felt and thought without the ability to express it this way.

8 years ago

one of the best documentaries on this site. it gives westerners a perspective that someone from a different country has towards our way of life

8 years ago

Good documentary. Mass media is brainwashing american people into believing government lies and deception. The mass media most effective tool used by the government to control and manipulate the public. Average Americans are brainwashed into fighting fake wars which ultimately benefit giant corporations and the business elite. There should be more transparency and openness rather being like North Korea. Even North Korean government uses the very same techniques.

9 years ago

Does it matter who made the document? Besides, the movie doesn't say anything new. It is a compilation of America's history of voilence, lies and greed.

9 years ago

The byline of the movie's producers says "Prepare for indoctrination". That's hilarious, because it is they who intend to indoctrinate you.

"Propaganda has been described as ‘1984 meets The Blair Witch Project’, ‘A mouthful of scary porridge’, and ‘Even better than Triumph of The Will.’"

Ok, comparing it to Blair Witch Project says a lot. It's fake; mockumentary. Like "Mermaids: The Untold Story".

arjun sohani
9 years ago

A bit strange is that this great documentary was made in N.Korea!! Don't the N. Korean people realize the depth of **** they are in?

9 years ago

When will it all end?...the lies, the deception, the killing, the despair, the greed...

9 years ago

This is a New Zealand fake documentary

9 years ago


Question to any U.S. citizens here on TDF: Are the Israelis atrocities against the Palestinians really (that) censored in the US?

And how can the United States proclaim it is "a bastion for freedom" and all that crap, when it supports a nation (Israel) that clearly, and with no shame, commits the same horrendous crimes to the Palestinian people, that the Nazis did to them (Jews) during WW2?

10 years ago

The description of the video here threw me off quite a bit. As a fan of documentaries, especially those tackling the big picture problems (conspiracy, world economy, politics), I watched it anyway, expecting a North-Korean-esque anti-America video, propaganda itself by definition. (edit: i am aware this may not have been made by NK, regardless the message is valid IMHO)

That being said, the video hardly ever attempts to compare the world superpowers with North Korea itself. There is no element of self-promotion typified by NK propaganda. If indeed this was produced in NK, it's likely an attempt at pointing out the hypocrisy of North Korea's reputation as an iron-handed dictatorship thriving on deception, while the USA is far from innocent in the same field.

I echo Vanessa's message to look beyond the intention of the documentary, and into some of the facts. Like EVERY conspiracy themed documentary, there are loose facts and quotations taken completely out of context, but within the pile lies a lot of truth.

Do your own research, learn to cite sources, and come to your own conclusions. Just as how everyone thinks they have a good sense of humor, I consider myself to be a relatively competent critical thinker. Everyone does. But having bought into conspiracy theories in documentaries based mostly on entertainment and excessive distrust (e.g. anything by Alex Jones) in the past, I only now realize how narrow minded and easily swayed I was. The more you look, the more you learn.

10 years ago

Wow, as an American I'm fully aware of the facts stated in this Korean propaganda film. However, what about all the insane propaganda against it's own citizens? "Our great & powerful, beloved leader".. lol.

10 years ago

Why don't you all just ignore the fact that it's North Korean and think about the video and what it's trying to say. I believe that all of this is true and that all of this is population control and the governments wants and needs for people to be like robots, to be easily controlled and to easily believe what they want us to believe in. The Americans are even inventing microchips to be inserted into us, if you don't believe me then google "RFID chip". They are also poisoning our food and not telling us how bad it is for us, this is called GMO. These chemicals can highly negatively impact our health and slowly kill us by damaging our bodies. Which brings me back to population control.

If you're so worried and concerned that this is North Korean, then look at other videos, just google it, google about GMO, RFID chips, even google about 9/11 and how it's fake and inside job! Google everything because pretty much everything in the world is one big lie.

Open up your mind and realize what's really going on in this world.

Robin Dreher
10 years ago

Guys- do your research, the movie is a project by a New Zealand filmmaker. Not actually NorthKorean, a statement on propoganda, "propoganda squared, if you will"

10 years ago

this could be north korean made propaganda but for sure is not ment to be seen inside north korea... too many things forbidden to be shown to the people like shelves full of goods and other stuff the people have never seen...

Chris Dougherty
10 years ago

Given its title, I'm surprised how many people in the comments section got fooled by this mediocre piece of propaganda.

Do you really believe this documentary, in this form, is broadcast in North Korea? Of course it isn't. The North Korean leadership would never allow its people to see store shelves so full and consumer goods so available, regardless of the purported evils the voice over is discussing.

I'd ask North Koreans to confirm my last paragraph, but of course that's not possible since North Korea strictly limits internet access to senior Party members only.

Chris Dougherty
10 years ago

I'm surprised how many people in the comments

10 years ago

Propaganda??? After watching this documentary, 2 thngs first come to mind.
1) Basically speaking, (with several exceptions) What is stated in this documentary is historically, and ethically accurate from any intelligent state of reflection.
2) With that said, if the alternative is to live a life like those of the North Koreans, (at least what I understand it to be) is not an option unless one equates living with just existing. There is such a thing as a happy medium. (equilibrium)
If this doc is to feed the north, or south Koreans a taste of western reality, they have done a good job. What is hypocritical is to expose the lack of democracy in the western culture,(which truly exists) as an acceptance of no democracy in North Korea as the only alternative.
The only thing that makes sense to me regarding North Korea, is their willfull choice not be forced into corporate globalization. The U.S doesn't want NK to have nuclear weapons, but since the U.S spends more than all countries combined on conventional arms, the only way for NK to prevent an invasion, is the threat of effective retaliation. North Korea will never launch a nuke at anyone, because they know what the outcome will be. What scares the U.S is if the North Koreans feel threatened, they could use a pre-emptive strike against the U.S (who set the standard with Iraq) by placing nukes in shipping containers, and blowing up the U.S ports, bringing their economy to a grinding halt, with no clear evidence of who did it. If I spent the last 60 years meddling in foreign countries killing millions, I would be a little paranoid too.
As a Canadian, I have no delusions regarding the reality of my own country, and for as much as I may not like some of our own history, I am happy with the life I have been able to live; Not because of political, or religious ideology, but because I was born in a time, and place where I didn't have to dodge bombs, landmines, or worry about starvation, or a level of freedom of speech that can hardly be found elsewhere without ramifications. (if I had been born anywhere else, they would have shot me by now)
So, it comes down to a simple choice. (to me at least) Either greed and poverty get dealt with once and for all globally, or big brother better get prepared for some real blowback with dire consequences. Since greed (evil) is running the world, and the most profitable business is theft, (war) I am not very hopeful that humanity will realize that morality has not kept pace with technology, and the only chance for us not to self destruct, is to be attacked by an alien race, forcing us to put our petty differences aside, and work together for the benefit of all people. With that said, even if we succeeded, it would only be short lived, because that is the nature of evil, greedy people. (worst of all addictions) Without endless vigilance, they are always waiting to pounce, the second you drop your guard. The only thing that gives me faith, ( very little hope) is the amount of goodness that must truly exist, and that has kept evil at bay for as long as it has.
Ultimately, the only ideology that has any traction is a Star Trek philosophy. (thanks Gene) If humanity doesn't embrace something similiar, or the benevolent equivalent, than it is best we find our evolutionary culdisac (extinction) before the cancer we are becoming spreads any further! Live long, and prosper everyone.

kyle w
10 years ago

Surprisingly well-researched with many good points. I went into this film thinking I was gonna see some crazy North Korean BS, but instead it showcased all the BS the US and its cronies have to offer.

10 years ago

Incredible look into how propaganda works to grow seeds of doubt and add fuel to the fire. I can't believe how many people in the comments swallowed it though. You do realize that the first half of this documentary gains your trust, and the next half is total nonsense; stretching half-truths and conspiracy theories to the limit, right?

While this video highlights omitting truths and whitewashing, it does it itself. It speaks about hypocrisy, but is guilty of it as well. It never admits any fault of communism, nor the near HUNDRED MILLION deaths due to communist famine and war in the past century. North Koreans are literally eating each other because they are starving so badly.

Nothing of Pol Pot, or Stalin starving Ukraine and murdering 30 million, nothing of Mao doing the same and killing more. They paint every "free" nation as an oppressive one, but not a whisper of the Tibetan struggle. The US is a police state, but never took steps like communism with secret police and kidnappings even at it's worst points. It is also humorous to hear Chomsy and Orwell quoted as if they are in agreement with communism, quite the contrary. Chomsky rails on the former and current communist states as well, just not as often because we already know the tragedies of it.

There is something beautiful about capitalism and democracy, just as well as there are beautiful things about communism. The problem is not with the system, but with absolutism and the ones who execute these systems.

This pairs well with "The Bloody History of Communism" which takes steps to demonize communism in a similar fashion that this propaganda film demonizes the so called free western countries.

10 years ago

I live in South Korea. I firmly believe this documentary was meant for South Koreans. There is a big missionary culture here and hundreds of groups that hand out religious propaganda. This is NK propaganda meant to drum up support in the south. There are valid points that any one can agree with, and is done in the same vein as documentaries we're used to in the west. There aren't many of these documentaries in the South, so NK found the perfect format to peddle propaganda here.

10 years ago

hence the term majority instead of everyone. And I never mentioned a thing about culture.

and it was propaganda, the posters were everywhere during the times it began. if you're going to take a dump on every other country at least have the decency to look at your own without bias. Tell me what the american dream really is or what land of the free really means. because a large chunk of countries have the same opportunities and are free to obey less severe laws O.o It's just a line that doesn't mean anything special when compared to other 'first world' nations or just in general and it can actually apply to any nation, even the most oppressed.

as for north korea, I never mentioned it so i'm not even going to bother with that. Plenty of problems there, no doubt about that.

my only point is that propaganda is in every country and if you think the first priority of a government isn't to keep it's population under control then you have some issues.

I have no real problems with usa but the propaganda is there and it's used on it's own population just like in every other country. I'll use the 'peacekeeping' missions in canada as an example of some fine propaganda. not like that's an overly large military on a conquest rampage or anything, but the population bought the term peacekeeping for quite awhile before they realized there wasn't much peace doing associated with those missions. /shrug. We're all people subject to the idiotic behavior of a minority of the population that are in power some have more vile methods but most of the governments have done some pretty twisted things to this planet and the humans that just want to live on it for the time they'll be here. Sadly things would be much worse if we didn't have babysitters.

apparently not even worth the time anymore, you just randomly talk about anything and make up things as you go when my points were obvious.

10 years ago

I apologize for my fellow americans. i can only urge the world to view the american people for the sick captive population that we are. Too long has the oppressed been pitted against former oppressor in a cyclical struggle serving to keep ALL people of the world docile. True hatred for American ignorance will only usher in the next era of human injustice. As it has always been, the current oppressing population finds themselves willingly trapped in jobs or unwillingly in prisons or death. Im just saying try and forgive us, we could be you....

10 years ago

Natalie, propaganda goes f bareyond commercial advertising. If anything it's more closely tied to political agendas. Propaganda is essentially anything that's used to persuade people to think and behave a certain way on any particular subject. "Westerners" does not mean capitalist. The film presents a topic i've been quite interested in and although i'm not a supporter of N. Korea, it brings up a lot of truths about how the digital media is used as a form of social control.

10 years ago

_____________@ Natalie Henderson: if in the US people are not “docile” and able to “voice their own opinion” how is it that the US has gotten involved in so many catastrophic wars in direct opposition to the will of its people. If a nation-state can invade and occupy a foreign state without the backing of its people it must have a very particular definition of “democracy”. You claim to be a psychologist but have you been to North Korea to learn about their particular culture and traditions – to learn why citizens of the DPRK behave as they do. You say: “We as westerners”. Who are you referring to ‘US citizens’? Firstly, Marxism as a philosophical movement emerged among young intellectuals in Germany in the mid-19 Century – it is in itself a fusion of various western schools of thought. It is awkwardly humanistic of Koreans to have taken an interest and adopted an ideology, such as scientific socialism, so embedded in western thought. You seem to think the term “westerners” refers to people who live in the suburbs of Beverly Hills.

conor pullen
10 years ago

Natalie Henderson you are with out a doubt r*tarded if you honestly believe in your statement, yes North Korea has its flaws but America is the most corrupt, selfish and ignorant country in the world you're all mindless zombies who believe everything the government says and what they see on TV, America the greatest country of all I think not try the dumbest.

10 years ago

Let me say three things first:
- Spinal Tap
- Yes Men
- Michael Moore

In my opinion Propaganda is actually a very good film particularly for one specific reason: It works due to our prejudice about the North Korea propaganda.

And that is why we don't actually realize the relation to the three things mentioned above.

Natalie Henderson
10 years ago

i tried to watch this North Korean Propaganda about so called propaganda and am disgusted. As a psychologist i know that the human mind is easily persuaded, but we all know that commercials and marketing are there to get us to buy stuff. we know this, but sneakers and McDonald's cannot keep a person from voicing their opinion and fighting for human rights. We as "Westerners" can go to any school and learn how advertisers market products to us and how to get people to buy goods. However North Koreans cannot go to school or read a book and learn that their country uses propaganda and marketing everyday to keep them docile and unable to voice there own opinion. Well actually they can voice there opinion as long as it is the same as their beloved eternal leader. And while some peoples truths are others propaganda there are basic human rights that every person in this world should have, and the citizens of North Korea don't have these.

10 years ago

All-in-all, I recommend this to be used in the elementary education curriculum.It sure beats the propaganda and the BS being passed off as "the truth" in schools today and in the last 100 years. And to make it clear at the same time that the pot IS calling the kettle black.

10 years ago

Interesting,but he didnt show the new leader. When he went off to enjoy all the western imperalistic(ha ha ha) education that was offorded to him,at the expense of his people suffering. Im sure he enjoyed heat,electricity, meat,Sodas,women, and top self Booze(like father). Even though their both Butt ugly,and out of Shape. Tighten up your argument alittle! Why Hide your face,if you believe in your CAUSE?


10 years ago

Some of the remarks are so flippant I had to laugh. I really enjoyed this.

wake up.
10 years ago

People are sheep. Dumbed down by stupid tv while they rob us blind. Those Oprah fans are hilarious.