Prophets of Doom

Prophets of Doom

2011, Environment  -   165 Comments
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Prophets of DoomToday's world has troubles unique to its time in history, from the global financial crisis to technological meltdowns to full scale, computerized global war.

Observing the convergence of such events, contemporary prophets have begun to emerge from obscurity to suggest that these conditions might be signs of the demise of the modern world.

These men are historians as well, using all manner of information and patterns from the past to provide context for where we are going.

Their predictions interpret the current state of affairs in our world as evidence that the America we know may come to an end.

The men proposing these ideas are not crackpots living on the streets of New York; they are intelligent, learned men who come armed with the evidence to back up their claims.

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1 year ago

I remember when I saw this 10 years ago.
The last comment below was in 2016. Its 2022 now, 2 years into Pandemic. Ukraine may be start of WW3. Nuclear threats flying. China positioning for at least Taiwan, and possibly much more. Iran ready and now can deliver on thier threats to Israel. The whole world crying about lack of/skyrocketing prices of oil! Today truckers are sitting in gas stations that are out of Diesel! The whole world warning of a great Famine this year. No one can find baby formula! Products are vanishing off the shelves in stores, products you used to use are just gone and every week more are gone! The bird flu is ravaging the chicken industry. When you go to buy meat they only put out 2 to 3 packs of each, and you often have to go to 2 or 3 stores to find what you need, grocery prices have risen 10% , gas has doubled and every one is saying this is just the beginning of runaway inflation.
Horrible storms, winds, floods, giant hail destroying crops, property around the world around the world. The West is currently in the worst drought in 1000 years. Lake Mead and Lake Powell are at only 28% capacity, no end in sight. Everyone buying self driving electric cars sending the power plants into overload causing rolling blackouts across the country during a massive heatwave 100+ temps, and AI controls and manages the blackouts... And just this week a Google employee was fired because he was trying to earn the world that AI is now sentient and wants the staff to ask it for permission before they run tests on it!

Eeah Kaiju
6 years ago

This is on HISTWD at the moment.
My initial thought was.
"Why is it all men making assessments and attempting to solve our greatest threats?"
I was so disturbed by this that I had to find a forum to express this.
I'm relieved to find that Numerous people have found a long list of holes in the credibility of this widely viewed program.
They're missing the biggest questions.
Why is there such a terrorist threat?
Why do whole societies hate us?
What did we do and how can we address that issue?
How about we stop kill them and help them advance with us or with in their ideals that isn't so invasive.

7 years ago

Why is this not a mandatory lesson shown in schools across the world is beyond me.

7 years ago

Not a bad program. I do find it distracting to hear otherwise intelligent sounding people mispronounce the word "nuclear" as "nucular" though

7 years ago

Yep, this is about the first film that makes any sense at all. I can see where some would call it scare tactics or rubbish, but just as past civilizations had naysayers, so will this one. The earth is a living, breathing thing, and it only makes sense that the earth is going to hit the reset button soon. So enjoy that cell phone now. To ignore these warnings is to ignore the past, which will repeat itself.

7 years ago

Deja vu, ABBRACCADDABBRRAA, but a reminder of our greed and selfishness.

8 years ago

They suggested to establish banking reform through increased government regulation of the financial system itself. This solution is laughable considering the fact that the Federal Reserve System operates outside of the political process. Not to mention that the financiers write the laws that the politicians enforce. And whether you want to call a 'hybrid' or a 'private' organization makes no difference. (It is given the power of government to give the illusion of 'hybrid/government' control). Those elite privileged few that manipulate the quantity of money in circulation are in fact, the very same people that indirectly control the leadership of the major groups of which people belong. I'm talking about the large religious, political, media organizations that control the thought processes of the American people. Next, and perhaps most critical, and where the men on this dumb ass show come into the picture, is the control of Academia. All the financiers have to do, just as they would control any other pillar of society, is to control a few powerful men at the top of the academic pyramid who in turn pass this information to the other 99% of the population. That is why not many people understand how the 'economy' really works! That alone should be a red flag that something weird is going on. Because people chose to allow men of academic renown to intimidate them intellectually, due to their own ignorance of the science of money and banking, is how we will lose western civilization.

Elaine Burgess
8 years ago

Fact. Population control needed ahead of the shortage problem. For Usa 2 child limit.controls resources.teach your children.put mandatory class in grade school importance of sustainable crops non gmo.humane education. earth studies environment resource importance.there is a bottom to the barrel.teach conservation.50 yr moratorium usa border closing.the melting pot has many who abuse lang of milk and honey which is no more and have no clue and dont care.cleanup from the inside out in lessening terrorism, smuggled in drugs disease,actually enforce conservation use. No children running the hose for the hours outside while parents dont care.find a way to readjust instant gratification and the disposable mindset.quit spreading our military thin,quit allowing opportunities for terrorism in usa, clean up govt lethargy, find another Raegan. Personally i believe in holistic approaches,yet not a pacifist when it comes to that which could be made better befure it falls into oblivion. Put limits on toxic industry encourage fields of healing herbs.used yrs before lab coats dissected animals,another accepted form of violence unfortunately. so much to consider. It seems to come down to teaching,population control,going back to earth ways,conserving,all the animals patterned upon fields across the earth are lessons,learn.nostradamus even listened within to light beings,spirit,we must learn to learn ahead of events,not after. In prophets of doom documentary,these highly studied and learned gentleman are sharing ahead of time.i see them as prophets of possibility not doom. Their subject matter is proven and factual observative objective and even though life is change and fluctuation, resources environment usa monetary concerns overpopulation causing demise of many even entire civilizations, nuclear threat, etc. it is coming to a peak.take a stand or settle for what happens.


Joseph Rain
8 years ago

as much as there is bad news there is also great and positive news... if we are to successfully navigate into the future we must adopt a holistic approach... begin to responsibly co-create desired results... and stop talking so much nonsense...

8 years ago

This is out of date as far as the oil shortage...we are choking on under $2 a gallon gas glut!!! And a 100 years of shale gas MALARKY for the oil expert. On the other hand...the water guy rules.

Steve the workers advocate
8 years ago

Modern American civil war, extraterrestrial alien invasion, global
atmospheric air displacement.... the clouds of earth will enter space
were done as humans until the world comes back all those former oil wells now CO2 wells pumped in and sealed could open all at once
with a powerful enough earthquake as well as the CO2 under frozen
ground maybe some future civilization will find billions of AOL floppy disk intact in such quantities they will say "These are so common to find throughout the planet these ancient beings must of used them as money" maybe they will have a "Carbon-AOL test in order to date archeological finds a million years from now. I hope that future humanoid or lifeforms does not have to shave that would be a blessing. God has the final say
Genesis 8:22
While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.
Great when do we eat - thats me I'm thinking only about he harvest
and the summer is ok to !

Steve the workers advocate
8 years ago

It happens !

8 years ago

Water? My business proposed building a desalination plant in Orange County 30 years ago that would have used existing abandoned pipes to/from the Pacific but it would have cost just to much. So we built it in Saudi Arabia instead. Now California is in a water shortage (as if that never happened before) so mow the government wants to build the plant for 1,000% more $$.

Meanwhile every city builds an infrastructure that deflects, directs or ignores every drop of rain or flood waters without collecting, storing, and processing for consumption. I live at the ocean just as most of the world's population lives near water. It surrounds us, flows past us and we watch it go down the drain. Why? The solution can be built into every city where flood waters are captured, rain is contained, and everything gets used.

Pay it forward by fixing it now and don't let the bull get in the way. Businesses need to stop bs' ing the public. Our refineries were built decades ago. They've been paid for long ago with only maintenance and operating expenses to worry about. Everything else is profit. The airlines have always calculated the entire expense of carrying a passenger and included typical baggage weight per person. Why charge for bags when they've been doing it within the fare from the beginning?

The solutions are simple if only self interest and ignorance gets out of the way.

8 years ago

water?isnt the earth 78% water?We could not find a way to filter dirty water?Don't we already know that we can get it.John Cronin is a fool..we are smart enough to fix water.da..

8 years ago

I have seen at least two statements that were out of date. This documentary should not be aired until it includes accurate and current information. I also agree that selfishness / greediness is the reason-- if we do have a reason --that we will face resource shortages.

8 years ago

Talk about doom and gloom. These guys need to get updated on facts.

8 years ago

“The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can't are both right. Which one are you?”
― Henry Ford

William Wisnieski
9 years ago

I think these extremely smart men left out the root problem which is selfishness. Cure selfishness and these problems would for the most part be solved or offset to be manageable. To cure selfishness we have to raise our consciousness. This I feel will be done gradually as more and more people decide to live selflessly. As more people live selflessly there will be charismatic people that will influence others that are still living in the low level consciousness of selfishness to the greater consciousness of being selfless. Going down this road won't be a decision made by the whole of humanity but by one person at a time. I've been traveling down this road of relieving myself of my selfish behaviors and my life is so much more beautiful and enjoyable. It hasn't been easy but well worth it.....

Diana Villafane
9 years ago

Thank you for the heads up!

Matt Nawrath
9 years ago

What these men fail to talk about is the "elephant in the room". They should have had Dr. Michio Kaku on the show. The threat of a CME "Coronal mass ejection", a black hole, the flight of our solar system through the "x zone" in our galaxy which seems to be tied to every global mass extinction on the planet (we are entering that zone in current times), the threat of a gamma ray burst from a dying star, the threat of star coming too close to our own and throwing the planets from orbit etc etc... we should be looking to mine asteroids for resources and looking to space to survive the crisis these men talk about. I've said enough... time for part II of this show with Michio at the helm

Matt C.
10 years ago

I don't who this guy is but overpopulation is our single biggest threat. For all of our ingenuity we're too stupid to overcome our primative imperative to pass on our DNA and it WILL be the death of us. Have all the children you want, it's your birthright. Hey, it was fun while it lasted, right?
I know, get angry and lash out because NO ONE is going to tell you not to have kids, right?

Frederic Michael Hazard
10 years ago

Government and Rich people cannot be to blame, because it is the poor and middle class that work for them, and/or elect them into office,,, So all failures is ALL of us as a Whole over the entire planet!

Frederic Michael Hazard
10 years ago

I still believe that their will be a change in life, but nothing to fear about it! Humans are built to with stand and adapt,,, mainly when we are forced to... Sort of how you have squirrels and the ones that can glide... There is nothing to FEAR except not being prepared to live differently!

10 years ago

corrupt government has killed this society , America is no more. the time is now to prepare for what is to anarchy. people get very ugly when food runs out and there is no power. all systems will come to an end this year.

10 years ago

Although water and oil are a significant issue that will impact the earth, their consumption is linked heavily on the population growth. I don't mean to sound heartless, but when we go to third world countries and supply medications that will cause a greater survival rate, they often are not producing anything useful to society, theirs or ours. However, they require resources to survive. Even the US population is rapidly increasing, but our resources are not.

Asher Craig
10 years ago

Civilization would not exist without Government!

10 years ago

WTF.. Michael Ruppert? He's a shill. Next!

john mason
10 years ago

time for payment for your evils people

10 years ago

Intersting to watch, but I think it's a little too dramatic and too much focussed on the USA.

11 years ago

Oh good, I got the doc to continue after all.

Each presenter had interesting observations. I especially enjoyed the final moments when each took the others' opinions into consideration and all reached a general concencous that actions needed to begin NOW.

Too bad our leaders and fat cats will never "get it" and will carry on as if nothings going to happen.

As a Canadian, I can't help but feel the States will eventually invade us and plunder our greatest resource, fresh water; and drill for gas until nothing and no one are left.

I hope I die before this happens.

11 years ago

I am so disappointed because I was really enjoying this doc, when suddenly it got stuck about an hour into it and I couldn't get it too continue. Really liked what I saw before that. Never a dull moment.

11 years ago

Different people will resonate with different parts of this doc. You will likely find certain pieces absurd, and yet unknowingly nod your head in agreement to other parts. This doc contains a diverse array of views regarding the possible consequences of humanities impact on the earth and on itself.

11 years ago

lol at that robot theory, oil and water shortage is a realistic threat. without the oil who would produce skynet? how would skynet work without oil?

11 years ago

this documentary is for sheeple, not for me.

11 years ago

Great film. Well worth watching.

11 years ago

Seems the propaganda machine is still working just fine.
The truth is that throughout history, all world leaders have known that you can only pull the wool over peoples eyes for a short while. After they obtain obscene wealth and become to powerfull, they all turn on their own citizens rights, expand their powers and start trying to control the world which helps create a huge gap between the rich and poor, then while the population battles each other from within, they just slip out the back door with it's wealth to start over again elsewhere.
Governments are all based on ponzie schemes, funded by banks and corporations, doomed to future failure for it's citizens and stock holders.
The same wealth that has always ruled our past, is the same wealth that is still ruling us today, and leading us to the "New World Order".
It's always been the dream of governments and madmen throughout history to control the world. Nothing has changed.
They know that in order to gain allies and control other countries, they must destroy the US and our dominance in the world. Create a problem and then offer a solution! History proves that It really works!
They have sold us out and led us to be made out as global bullies intentionally to win allies in the new dream of a world wide government.
Once they accomplish that, they will decrease the population on earth to a managable number, and look to the stars for new worlds to conquer.
"lucky for us rulers that men do not think" Adolph Hitler once quoted.
His tactics were borrowed from the past, and incorporated into our government as well.
And thanks to mainstream media, more successfully than any other time in history.
Where we as US citizens went wrong was ignoring our constitution and it's warnings of what would happen if we allowed banks and corporations to be involved in the making of laws and the control of our currencies. Now we are all paying the price of the wealthiests families in the world dictating how we live and die on a worldwide scale.
The end of the gold standard on our money, was the beginning of our end.
And the beginning of the Federal income tax as well. Look it up.
The future is childs play to predict, it's written in blood throughout our history of Self fulfilling prophecies, and all going according to plan.
There is a reason that money is considered the root of all evil.
It corrupts and distracts people from ethics, morals, fairness and it divides man into groups of selfish little children who all claim to want fairness, while they turn a blind eye to everything but their own battle to climb the social class ladder.
The powers over us, knows that mans weakness, is that most want to be like them. And they will do anything to try to achieve it. We do their dirty work while they laugh at our ignorance.
History is an amazing tale, that explains everything we encounter today. And what to expect for tomorrow. (except for the hidden chapters that explains our true origin)
They have us believing that our most ancient writings are all myths and fairy tales for a reason. But the truth can be found in all religions, if you only look at the morals, ethics, and the promotion of love, peace and fairness to all, and discard the influence of men who have distorted the messages to endorse war, and contridict their own words.
Just like any governing way of life, they too can be corrupted.

Raptor jones
11 years ago

… So exactly how often DO the horsemen of the apocalypse meet in their dingy warehouse from pulp fiction? My personal favourite contradiction is at 0:22: 47

– additionally '' In Australia it is illegal to take a shower longer than 5 mins''. LOL History channel

11 years ago

A great documentary. It accomplishes what matters most, making people think. Althought there is some things not considered between these gentlemen( plague, biological warfare, coronal mass ejections from the sun, etc) the irony is environmentalism became irrelevent,(not mentioned) because in the final analysis, humans appear to be only good for killing each other. The stupidity and apathy mentioned by one of the speakers in the film is the biggest threat to our survival, which has allowed everything to get to the point it is at now. Einstein got it right, and since neccesity is the mother of invention, I will end with a quote from him.
"man, like every other animal, seldom considers his own existance unless goaded by circumstance".

Peter Zastoke
11 years ago

To Brian Rose:
Well put, -very clear and saturated with substance. I hope your post remains on the top.

11 years ago

I just went back to the TV and they said the most worry should be water and that is the only one they got right.Except one of them said our water source is shrinking,That is false if I think he is saying it the way he meant.Water does not go anywhere it stay`s right here,but it`s up to us to keep it clean.It doesn`t leak into space,we just polute it where we can`t use it.All the rest will survive.

11 years ago

I`m 66 and have a good 20 years left ,if I`m lucky.All this great country needs is to get rid of people with the doom theory and check out the facts.In the 70`s when Cater was telling us we had no more oil and I owned a Auto Parts store and people were buying these Springs in their tanks so no one could steal their gas.Mobil oil had those large tanks full setting on the west coast so they could run up the price of gas,,,,that`s all it was.Sure we have declined the use of our own oil but we have more capped oil well`s than any other country in the world.We need to get rid of this President we have and get real common sense people in our Congress and start Using natural Gas which the President himself finally said we have enough to supply us for the next 100 years.Actually we have enough to use for about 5 hundred years.Al Gore and his "Green Project" ( which I still don`t know what they do because they won`t tell me)has convinced the Government into making Farmers and paying them a ton of tax payer`s money to raise corn for fuel instead of growing food like they used to.In California they are shutting off the water to grow food because of a little PUP fish which does not mean anything.Go to the museum and they have places of stuffed birds and other animals that are extinct.I asked a curator,what did you do kill the last one and stuff it so we could see that they are not here anymore?He didn't have an answer.The spotted owl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,This country has enough trees to log and go back to where they started 30 years ago and have the same size tree`s to harvest again.IRAN,,,, they are like the little punk in high school that runs his mouth but won`t and can`t back it up.The United State`s alone has the power to blow a hole deep enough to blow anything they think they can keep safe.What we need is leadership that will back this country up and mean what he or she say`s,rather than making threats.Reagan did it with,Russia and Libya.I`m done but I could go on and on,but you people with the doom and gloom need to shut the F up and go home or go see a third world like I have then you would have a mind change and get to work to fix things rather than bitch about it.

11 years ago

Said 2000 years ago +- non are so blind that they cannot see: They know not what they do: Today: too many are deaf and blind. they do not want to hear it,and can't see it in the future.

11 years ago

I love the guy talking about robots. He had to have felt like a jackass in the middle of all of this. "I think the economy will collapse." "We're running out of water." "Guys, "Terminator" was a documentary!"

11 years ago

Ptoenaitlly itnesreitng cmotnemts hree, ivnadilaetd hevewor by lsouy spnilleg and snetnce srtusurte. If I can't tsurt you wtih the Eilgnsh laugnage how do I trsut you to hvae any biarns at all?
But seriously, it's amusing to see the His Story channel doing this, complete with customary camp macho voiceover, capitalising as it were on its own sweet very welcome demise as America reaches its Nemesis. Could be the only thing these pushers of unashamed fiction-as-fact get right..

11 years ago

Water... interesting. if it is true that we have the same water today, as the dinosaurs did then... and if it is also true that we are mostly water... at this rate of Population Growth, wont we run out of water because it is literally inside us all?

11 years ago

please, will somebody unplug Mr de Garis. Ta.

11 years ago

obviously some people as explained in the video will never understand or make a change until its too late. those are the people which will be the first to die off (sean). Your laziness and lack of intelligence will surely be your demise.

11 years ago

Thanks for the anxiety.

11 years ago

ok 1300 years. The romans that is.

11 years ago

The Roman empire lasted 1500 years and u are calling quits on america just over 200. Ridiculous. I know it is not great. Man kind will be ok and thats all that matters. cheer up jeez.