Prosocial Progress: Social Sustainability

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The culture is stronger if each member develops himself as fully as possible, but we have to take the future of the culture into account. You want to build the individual so that he is most effective, most capable of doing what may need to be done to survive, in order the culture to survive. So how do you move from a culture in which each man is out entirely for himself to a culture in which the individual takes another person into account?

What kind of world do we want our children to develop in? How should we plan our social environments? How can we attain a substantial culture? Children are the new seeds of society, requiring carefully planned environments to develop as effectively as possible.

Prosocial people are inclined to be oriented toward helping other people, oriented toward their own self-development and so they engage in quite a wide range of behaviors, involving helping others, but also developing themselves. Prosociality is sort of useful, general concept to describe the kinds of things that we need to achieve in raising children in adolescents.

Societies that have more prosocial people are going to be more successful. Families and schools are the two most important environments that affect children's development and what we need to do is make sure that families and schools become nurturing places that richly reinforce prosocial behavior, that minimize toxic social conditions like coercion, that prevent opportunities for kids to develop problem behavior.

Your behavior is always going to be governed by some principles so the more you understand them the better you can deal with the world. Many of the problems and their solutions involve human behavior and if we're misunderstanding human behavior, if we're thinking it's caused by independent, spontaneous, inner agents inside us that do whatever they want, we may not be able to solve the problems. If we're viewing behavior scientifically as another natural phenomenon then we have access to some variables.

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  1. leighatkins22

    You've got to actually care about your kids in order to even think about putting all these strategies in place.
    All this data has been available for the learning for decades if you wanted it, but it still comes down to actually caring enough about your kids to learn it & put it into practice.
    And let's face it, there are way too many people haphazardly having offspring and they just don't care - they take the easy way out, they don't commit to a relationship no matter what, they think they can get away with pre-marital sex without any consequences to themselves or society, & when it all seems too much, they give up & leave, thinking that they can do what they want: "It's my life, I can do what I want with it". Ask the children of broken families if they agree with their dad's declaration of independence.
    They learn their family values from their own homes as kids & they grow up & repeat it, having their own children like the rest of us have pets - they let them roam the streets, fighting with each other at night, annoying other residents, destroying public property, breeding & giving birth to more of the same. You'd think I was talking about cats belonging to irresponsible owners & I almost am, except sadly, it's people, & these people comprise our society.
    And we let it continue - and that's where all our problems start.

  2. Jacelyn

    No matter if some one searches for his essential thing, thus he/she desires to be available that in detail, thus that thing is maintained over here.

  3. living dragon

    another science validation attempt (by experts!) how can one doubt them? Science is a narrowing of thought and limitation to action. Life and people were before science... what are our common humanity points irrespective of a narrowness of definition? Are you in balance? The important question that only you can answer.. Cheers!

  4. jillzzzz

    Humanity needs a new teaching, not part of any existing intellectual teaching, for Humanity has Knowledge but no teachers. Knowledge The intrinsic part of our being. The intellect was not created for these problems, we face together, collectively. Humanity needs a greater teaching, greater than sustainability, for that is mere survival. Humanity must provide to people and earth. KNOWLEDGE can lead the way now and in the future. 365 Steps to Knowledge.

  5. flash321

    I support a scientific methodology towards change. It's not that scary. It's just science. The people who are advocating for these changes are not scary. They only want us to have a better life and leave behind a better world.
    Did you even notice how rarely our governments bring forth experts to tell us the scientific reasons why they are adopting policies? That's because their approach is NOT fact based, but rather ideology based. For those governments, this documentary IS scary.


    Skinner described a
    utopian community that is behaviorally engineered, based on
    principles of operant conditioning schools in the us are using this crap on our kids out come base Education Teachers changing the behavior's of kids documenting every thing and reporting to a on line date base from k-12 its socialism it kills free will promoting Agenda 21 we are just to dumb to take care of our land and its my car and your cow that's causing climate change obey the Government the founding fathers were Racist and extremist it calls school family changing History books kids are asked inappropriate things about there family sex ed in the 1st grade.Sick World

    1. John R. Hill

      Socialism is the gateway to communism.

    2. PCMcGee

      Capitalism is the gateway to Apocalyptic destruction. You should look deeper than a label if you want to survive.

  7. John R. Hill

    This is in a word "dangerous". Yes we are called to be responsible and yes we have been irresponsible with the worlds resources and yes people are increasingly losing some sense of direction. This is not all bad but the human race has proven over and over again that we cannot save ourselves or our world. This does not mean we should be irresponsible and that we could not be more responsible than we have been. However, we must face facts, this world has a time limit placed on it and yes one day it's current order will end. This film does not seem to take this into account. As one commentator said here we are causing deterioration of the planet simply by exhaling. So this is a nice ideal but it is merely leading to a form of socialism that the world has not seen. Education is great but the human condition will assure that a plan such as this will turn on humanity like a mad dog. Sustainability is simply a higher level of control over people and we all know how well trying to control others has worked in the past. This was some very well put together propaganda.

  8. Matt K

    I think it is clear, that when a parent or teacher is so obsessed with how the Children are acting, they spend little to no time looking at how the ADULTS are acting.

    Forget the children. Look at the Adults and how they squabble over status and money and cars and houses. And careers??? How parents fight all the time over blame games, or how parents just ignore their kids or always feel ABOVE kids.

    So called adults should talk to any child as if they were adult. I do not mean to say use the F word and talk about sex frely. But, to not talk to a child like they are alien or just newly born. Talk to them with respect and be forecoming. Tell them the current game rules and that maybe some of the game rules need to be changed, bcause of the corrupt going on.

    Than you get a child that stops acting like a lost little kid.

    If you listen to these teachers, they all sound so connvoluted, talking fast and I myself can not understand more of anything about what they are meaning to get at. It sounds like they are trying to talk tech and be smart in the eyes of their peers but really any child would instantly lose interest.

    They are more concerned with behavior than with facts and laws of nature it seems. The fact that they had BF Skinners daughter is a CLEAR indication that this documentary is about CONDITIONING (AKA mind conttrol) then it is it about just facts....

    Why do schools blame the kids if the kids think the manner and subject being taught is utterly dull??? Maybe we need to listen to the kids for a change... and stop trying to condition them to control them. Kids have high energy, and we often try to smash that away. THat is so damaging. They even resort to medication like riddilin.

    To get rid of the kid, just because LIFE is to be had out in the words off a trail or role playing with their girls ina group and talk about whom said this or that.

    Schools are getting worse and worse, because they are regimented and are ALL about behaviour and NOT actually learning.

    Remember, that public schools are Govt run schools... and the govt is all about mind control. Peroid. Ring a bell move on... over and over.. They try to turn them into some sort of drone. Zombie

    Then we wonder why America has no engineers or computer programmers and have to bring in workers of high tech from other countries. American child are over confident, when they shouldn't be and hugely conditioned to worry about what others may think about them, yet have a VOID of any real facts in their heads.

    Remember the term Geek or Nerd? Well that still persists, yet we wonder why people are buying guns or making films like Jack Ass and florifing it as a success.

  9. anastasius

    Good Grief!! Lets condition our children to understand that the very air they exhale is a pollutant which will destroy the planet. That is sure to reinforce good self image.

    Will our behaviouralists know exactly where to set the boundries for curiosity? Make sure people have enough desire to learn the basics to make them good citizens or workforce participants. Not too much though so they start to think for themselves and question things. Does the establishment really want a widespread public understanding of the money system or the appaling lack of scientific method behind the global warming claims?

    Can we eliminate all threats to the establishment by behavioural modification? The conditioning experiments reflect the fact that animals can be trained. So too can people...?

    Overall a very scary documentary. But then again, maybe we need more social controllers who have it all figured out.

  10. CapnCanard

    I would like to see learning take place in social settings that mimic everyday life, more so than a faux work place. The major difference is one where the Authority is removed from the employer and placed on the small social group, aka workers. So in this way a democratic structure is the basis of learning, rather than the old outdated Authoritarian setting we currently have. Of course that old structure was meant to benefit the employer rather than the employee.

  11. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    Wow so uncanny!

    I was talking about the need for more positive and constructive social reinforcements. Just this morning!

    My convo was pertaining to targets of bullying. And how the "bubble" of hate that can/may surround them at home, school, or the office, can be counter acted with similar systems of the opposite intention. Ie: positive reinforcement from community members, education about behavioral/social sciences and psychology.

    This doc is on the same plain as some of QualiaSoup's timeless masterpieces!

    Thank You
    Pro-social Progress Foundation!

    1. Johanna

      Crazy, I was having a debate the other day about whether human nature is more greedy or compassionate. I argued that it depends on what behavior society rewards.

      Lately I've begun to believe that the amount of trust that is subliminally (or explicitly) taught for children to give authority figures is fundamental to what kind of behavior that child will exhibit as an adult. Certain early life experiences shape adult behavior, programming adaptation of social relations outside of the family unit. How much nurturing,how much conflict, or how much attention a child experiences teaches the child as to what kind of world they are growing up in. Is this a world in which you have to fight for what you can get, not to trust others to get the things you need? Or is this a world in which meeting personal needs depends on reciprocity and compassion, and one's security depends on good relations with other people?

      It is when these early life experiences reward this negative behavior that a child learns that competition and greediness is a normative behavior, and compassion and mutuality gets you nowhere. Of course it is in the home during a child's early life that is the most crucial time to ensure a positive psychology in regards to human relations that they may bring to the collective as an adult. However I think the question you ask is an important one, and (correct me if I am wrong) that is, when early life experiences do NOT nurture compassion but rather competition and distrust of others, how can the external social structures (community, education, work force...) be designed to break those behaviors.

      My argument the other day pertained to how the social systems that be do not work to counteract those learned negative behaviors, and in fact reinforce them. I claimed that yes, competition is a natural human behavior, but relevant to only particular situations (like resource scarcity, and even then, we are intelligent creatures and can do better than that), and it is more beneficial to apply the natural tendency for compassionate behavior to, for example, business relations, than greedy behavior.

    2. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

      Good question!

      To paraphrase: Once undesirable social attributes have been learned in a child (broken home). How is the community (that'd potentially become affected by the mis/dis-information/education) to curtail or fix the undesirable learned behaviors?

      The answer that jumps to mind is pretty complex...
      The cheapest (free) most wide spread education platform is the media. Radio, TV, Internet and other...
      It must become a prime directive of all interested media outlets, to provide their audience with well thought out, articulated, educated and accurate presentation.

      We "learn" to talk, act and think, in admiration of What-ever personality may be communicated.

      For example: I cannot watch TMZ or FOX News with the sound on. Although the two rest firmly at either end of the spectrum. The level of "forced impressions" make me wanna puke. I have not subscribed to cable tv for years, and probably never well.

      Getting back to the point; we need more peer figures in our communities. Especially in the cities. More heros and people to appreciate. Instead of Bonkers-Bob in the morning on 76.0fm... All our current "mainstream" influences are rubbish, garbage, and insolent to the sociological progression of our beautiful species.

      Its the connection... the tangible cognition of being a part of a positive role model(s) is lacking in our society.

      The world needs more real heros. To coin a term: More ethicorains. Not fictional or fantasy based. But we can already start now! By better defining the ones we already have.

      I have several:
      Ajahn Brahm, Qualiasoup, Peter Joseph, Activism of Care (most of the time), Edward Snowden (for the progression of Gov. transparency) + 100's of TEDx speakers...

      Its all about the positive reinforcement, and constructive outlets. That we Can provide "mainstream". But as well; that as a race of 7 Billion, Can tailor to fit most individuals (if not all).

      So for max power of the greater good!!!
      Lets crank 'er up baby...let the good times roll, as we redline this culture of our decline, into the ditch where it belongs...cuz we're goin to infinity!
      And beyond!!!!!!!


    3. Johanna

      "Its the connection... the tangible cognition of being a part of a positive role model(s) is lacking in our society"

      Oh how I fully second that. It seems that as I'm learning how deep the corruption pervades our social institutions, I am also watching an intellectual revolution arise to counteract it.

    4. jerrymack

      What revolution are you speaking of? Let's think in terms of movements, like the Occupy movement. The struggle against corruption is eternal. Our role is to resist it with all our might, in every sensible way we can.

    5. Johanna

      You're right, power struggles have existed as far back as we can remember, in so many different forms. I am referring to whatever force is growing that will counteract the corrupt system we find ourselves in now.

  12. Guest

    i love it how these ideals seem to believe that the lazy modern life of convenience can co exist with people caring more about others than themselves. back when we had to walk everywhere without mom or dad to drive us, we didn't view walking as an inconvenience, it was just a fact of life. the last 3 generations have witnessed patience become obsolete and waiting a thing of the past. this ideal has the hope that such people will somehow turn out to be more loving and thoughtful than their grandparents..real appreciation of life is born out of the contrast of suffering, the bitterness helps make the sweet seem sweeter. so how will a corporately run culture designed to keep us isolated, lazy and selfish going to help facilitate this awakening ? the Utopian hope needs to be placed in a generation some 20-30 years away, after the coming collapse and madness that will burn up what remains. only after this when a generation rises with the ideals that having to walk a mile each day to get water is not an annoying inconvenience but a fact of life. seriously this is a pipe dream at this junction

    1. Mark Filby

      Please don't take up fortune telling. Are you on psych meds or just rotten from abuse you poor sad bastard. I think you need a hug and a big sorry from the Bankers and Royalty for having CAUSED your despair! That's how you direct your anger at the perpetrators of the crime NOT the victims. YOU need to realise WE all should aspire to a better quality of life for all. IF you have 1 child starve to death that is a tragedy! WE let 20,000 die EVERY day for profits? That is INSANITY IN ACTION, I feel your pain, it kills me inside to feel helpless to change this disgusting 'social' experiment called Insane's Monopoly Greed Game.

    2. PCMcGee

      Blessed are the meek.