Protocols of Zion

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Protocols of ZionThe Protocols of Zion is a 2005 documentary film by Marc Levin about a resurgence of antisemitism in the United States in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Armed with his camera and appearing on screen along with his subjects, Levin engages in a free-for-all dialogue with Arab Americans, Black nationalists, evangelists, White nationalists, Kabbalist rabbis, Holocaust survivors, and Frank Weltner, the founder of Jew Watch web site.

Levin’s film draws its inspiration from an encounter he had in a New York taxi not long after 9/11, in which his driver, an Egyptian immigrant, made the claim that the Jews had been warned not to go to work at the World Trade Center on the day of the attack. He then said that “it’s all written in the book,” referring to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a 1903 book purporting to disclose the Jews’ master plan to rule the world.

Discredited as a hoax by The Times of London in 1921, The Protocols provided a crucial influence on Hitler’s world views, and had fuelled hatred, violence, and ultimately genocide attempts through the first half of the twentieth century. Ads for the film show two stacks of books, visibly entitled Protocols of Zion, with smoke billowing out of the top portion of the left-hand stack. This looks much like actual pictures of the World Trade Center as the fire raged through it.

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  1. This film and all of the comments don't matter anyway. The only thing that can be true about any and all religions is that they are aff fake.. They are made up and an insult to whatever God is really out there. If we were supposed to get to know before death, we would know. Live your life and stop wasting it. You'll know soon enough what happens next.

  2. The typical error is to conflate the denunciation of Zionist banking hegemony and political policy with hatred of Jewish people.

  3. To everyone feebly trying to stand on the "it's been proved as a hoax/it's a conspiracy theory" .....hahha yeah, where have we ever heard that before? do you know how many things that have been totally debunked and proven to be true have been called conspiracy theories? Almost all of them, i dare say. If it really is that easy to fool you, you shouldn't even be of this website. "Yeah, a prophecy written many many years ago, and 99% of it comes to pass... but someone said it was a conspiracy against the jews, so it can't be true!" ..get real you slobbering troglodytes. Of course they're going to say the Protocols of Zion were a hoax... what else are they going to say? "Well you caught us! Oy Vey! I guess we'll stop taking over the world now!" ...PLEASE, people.

  4. Mossad is and has always been the the (modern day inventors of terrorism). Their latest fake invention after Osama Bin Laden is
    ISIS:- Israeli

    However you cannot blame all Jews for the actions of Zionist radicals who go way back in history where they were "Merchant Bankers" coaxing and funding war efforts for and against the monarchies of many countries. In fact the Jews were expelled from Britain in 1290 by King Edward I for coin clipping and later expelled by Phillip IV of France, known as Phillip the (Fair). Pope Innocent III done much the same thing in Spain so you cannot say this was just a racist agenda given the relentless attempts to control the currency of these countries.
    Many Jews will tell you these Zionists are "Ashke-nazi" which are not recognized by mainstream Jews. This is in fact true, but when you ask a Jew about the genocide against the Palestinians 55% of them will tell you it is justified even though history shows they only ever occupied 6% of those lands.

    I have no axe to grind as a Celt, I can only judge on history and current day events. Given that the Jews think they are Gods people and pursue an agenda of genocide against the Palestinians and show disdain for every other gives you a clue as to the religious and narcissistic delusion they live under. May I also add that it was Zionist Priests that pressured the Romans into executing Christ after he overturned the money changers tables outside the temples.

    Whatever race you are you treat a fellow human/person in the same manner that you expect to be treated, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  5. My mind is made up the Jews did 911, look who owned building 7, Larry the Jew Silverstein, old Mr. "Pull It". I don't need this documentary I have read the Protocols of Zion and other books to know what really happened and what will never be disclosed ever!

  6. The Rothchilds, & Rockefellars and anyone else who controls the supply of money do not have a race. These evil men use their birth race as a security blanket. The jews have not been the only ones to defend these guys as the power of money makes men of all race do unethical things. There is no way they could have got to where they are at without the help of men from all races on this planet. Their plan is an ingenious one, instead of ruling a country or religion which will eventually crumble, rule the money system shared by all, and you will always be the ruler. Parents without the ability to think critically, teach their children to hate their fellow man (albeit different race). Hate blooms into wars. Wars are the best method for these guys to get a tighter control of things (supply both sides, charge interest on the debt created by fighting in the first place, etc). So I am not angry at jews, or any other race. If you live on my street, that means you're dealing with several of the issues I deal with in daily life. I have more in common with that, then I do any massive rich, power hungry individual (even if they are of my race). Maybe a Palestinian/jew person living in new york has more in common (be it hobbies, favorite restaurants or clubs, local sports teams, an interest in their cities/states politic. etc... ) with a jew/Palestinian living a couple streets down, then a Palestinian/jew living abroad who spends his day in constant hatred, desiring the death of their fellow man. "TOGETHER WE WILL RISE, SEPARATED WE SHALL FALL"

  7. Why does no one talk about who runs and owns the media and Holllywood and how they have destroyed our country is it because same people are behind the banks to and the same ones who are war pigs. Wake up people they are also behind addicting are kids to free porn and internet games. Speak up or fall. They are also behind every anti christian policy the last hundred years. look into the groups they started

  8. All Roads lead to Rome, Jesuits & the Zionists, not Jews are the guilty.

    1. absolutely. How many have heard of the black pope?

    2. what does jesuits+jews= search people and follow the money who is behind every anti christian policy in Canada, Israel, USA. Lets look at the facts you shall know them by their fruits. Who runs the adl, aclu, southern poverty law center... Do your own investigation then share with your family silence is our worst enemy.

  9. dont want to offend any one but the Jews actually do run america and the world...financially and politically...J.P Morgan owns the federal reserve...u have families like the Rothschilds and Rockafellas (just to name two) who have literally hijacked economies and have trillions today because of it. This doc is extremely miss leading and biased. I wished they interviewed someone like me for this...the bank of britain, the federal reserve, virtually ALLLL the world...but we always have to walk on eggshells or we wil be labelled "Anti-semite" when in fact doctrines like the Babylonian Talmud has encouraged racism for centuries..putting ideas into the hands of average citizens to be able to commit the most heinous of act against there fellow man...some Jewish doctrine...'conversos' (because of persecution in europe) from Portugal made soooooo much money from slavery in Brazil, Angola etc and were the last to abolish slavery. the curse of ham...the so called tribe of dan..etc...need a i say more...but dont worry its OK because they are the chosen people of god and im just a gentile

    1. its it far more likely that they like practically everyone decently educated aren't religious at all and are just disgustingly greedy? (in reference to jews ruling the world in the form of J P morgan, Rockafella, I P Fargen etc. etc.)

    2. This is exactly true, but acting in such a way is not good for your public image. just as it has been since the days of Oliver Cromwell. That high ranking Individuals will use a religion as merely a way of gaining influence, funds, respectability, and as a means to hide from political persecution.

    3. the vatican control these front jews. Look up Pope and shimone peres. Rothschild's are the vatican bankers

  10. The Jewish people are not in control of any situation just as much as otherwise not Jewish people are in control of their leadership ok ? ok ... thats all this doc. can and should say . Everyone is being used and abused, but who is caring beyond the point of making an effort to reduce the cause of the problem, behavioural, not racial - micro vice in everyday thought that enables the sedation and ultimate handles of control controllers have on each of the social levels carefully perpetrating covert division and cohesion uppon a bell ring ...

    1. Are you jewish? Are you taught that your special and others are your cattle born to be your slaves and manipulated. Have you researched who owns hollywood and the filth they produce. Do you know who owns the media and is behind every war the usa canada and uk have went into the last 500 years. Do you know who created the federal reserve and is responsible for the debt crisis in America.

    2. Jews...Zionists!

  11. You could do this "film" yourself by walking around talking to random idiots.

  12. "one third of the holocaust" was a much more informative documentary

    1. please elaborate?

    2. allow me to elaborate, THERE WAS NO JEWISH HOLOCAUST, before during or after WW2. The people who suffered most died when the work camps were firebombed by allied forces. Hitlers plan for jews was one of deportation then occupation, not annihilation.

  13. It's interesting how at around 41-42 mins in, Levin says that people shouldn't be 'separatist', shouldn't want to stick to their own kind, yet it is one of Judaism's central tenets never to intermarry, and to not even let Non-Jews cook one's food in case one gets too friendly and the Non-Jew ends up marrying one's daughter.
    Just saying....

  14. The "rich man" is the main problem of the World...... Hitler really realized them.... and found the exact solution for them......

    1. You think Hitler wouldn't have done the same with you "Khan Pakistan"?
      Im not Jewish im not even remotely religious, which is probably why i can see that this documentary is nothing more than food for which deluded anti-semites and muslims can devour to indulge their sick hungry hatred of the Jews.
      you view of things is so wrong that i actually pity you

  15. Ever heard of the term "Jewish Lobby" in US?
    Ever knew where the largest sum of American foreign aid goes to?
    You better research that.

  16. Arabic Palestinan American?? LOL What a joke that is

  17. Protocols of zion might be a hoax but most of what is stated in there has been already achieved by the zionists , so : a paradox .

    How come , folks ?

    How can an alleged hoax materialise itself, for the most part at least ?

    P.S> : How come that some israelis were there filming the 911 & celebrating it ?

    How come that more than 4000 jews who worked in those twin towers did not show up for work that particular 911 day ?

    There are many many many questions like that regarding the 911 & israelis , regarding the protocols of zion, regarding the deceits , propaganda , false flag operations of the israelis

    What about all the evidence presented by experts against the official version of the 911 .....

    It's so easy to hide the truth , to distort it , to twist it , to deny it as such while calling all other facts just conspiracy theories : easy enough ....

    Truth is the main victim

  18. This documentary don't look at fact lust opinion from both sides and not 1 from neather side.The Mossad operatives in the documentary on the news siad we were just there to document the event,meanind they had to know it was going to happen.Also resently a Jewish newspaper wrote that Mossad should assasinate President Obama,and he is free with out any thing done.If it was an American none Jew or expecially an Arab he would be jailed in Gitmo.Israel has broken over 65 UN resolutions with more than 35 American vetos to allow there crimes to continue.Thats more than the entire Mid East put togeather and more than China and North Korea combined,more than any country in the world infact.I'm a Canadian and have to just tell facts to show the that Israel is the most dangerous terrorist country in the world.Look at there Samson Option that threatens the entire world,and see how it came about.Look at all the wars the American government fights mostly for Israel and to the detrement of America.Look how many Jews are in the highest government places in America.Look how wrote Project For A New American Centary.Look hows pusing for war with Iran that not only is illegal and can't be afforded.Look how has over 200 illegal nucular weapons.Look at how America and Israel are supporting terrorists.Israel suppoorting PKK and killing Irans sientists.The evangelicle christians support Israel over there own country,taking things in the bible out of context likew those that support Israel sall be blessed.It means spiritual Israel not the evil zionist regime.Todays Jews are not Biblicle Israelites or Judeans from the tribe of Judea.They are 85% of them are AskeNAZIS from Kazaria fake converts to Judaism.But really they are Babalonian Talmad reading zionist warmongers and thats a fact.Read the 13 Tribe or Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.How can you expect Palistinians to agree to peace well there houses are being bulldosed to make illegal settelments.I'm a white Canadian I am Irish and Scotish and how knows what else.I don't belive all Modern Jews are evil there is good and bad in every race on earth.But the bad ones are in controll.The closest people to the ancient Israelites are the Palistians.Look at revelation 2:9 and 3:9 and weather you belive it was wrote by man or inspierd by GOD it was put there for a reason and we see it today in the Kazarians.They use the word Anti-semite when they are the real Anti-semites killing real semetic people the Arabs.They are not Semites or of any relation to biblicle Israel.I could go on and on but it's all on the Net and in books and to look at all sides and find the real truth for yourself will take a long time.1 more thing an illegal attack on Iran will start a possibleWW3 bringing Russia,China,Pakistan,Iraq,Afganistan,North Korea probably the entire Mid East and more many more it would not be suprize if India and Japan and others side with Iran.Many Japanese people don't forget WW2 and the muder of 200 thousand people.Yes Japan attacked first after the American government were doing everthing top destroy the country.They did it to get into the war.Britan was promised by zionist that America would help for a favor.Britan agreed in 1920 to give Jews part of Palistine,but did not happen untill after WW2.Look how the zionist said thank for steeling this land for them mudering people in the British army.The chosen people my ass GOD has no cast system and loves all.Everthing said is fact learn for yourself because to tell aLL WOULD TAKE MANY BOOKS.

  19. yes and zionist are not semetic but palasinians are.....whos the real anti some playing god whos not god

  20. well it is always interesting to see how people can ridicule others and claim the are anti-jewish which i am not, and am insulted for being called one i have stood up for Judaism as much as any other religion when it comes to beliefs and religious freedoms. Have you ever read a book>?
    If you want me to teach history to you. maybe it would be easier done without calling me a Jew Hater and trying to say that i am discriminating the people of a religion. Here are the facts: Stalin was a Bank robber / political activist up until the Bolshevik Revolution in the 1920s. Stalin was initiated as a Rosicrucian Freemason and rose to become a 33rd degree mason (Almost all Rosicrucian Freemasons at the time where Eastern European Jews and have since the beginning of there existence wished to control and overthrow christianity). Stalin was then given funding from the Rockefeller Standard Oil Company (the Rockefeller family are Jewish) to overthrow the Bolsheviks and in return sell half of the Baku oilfields over to Standard Oil.
    why do you think it was christians and only zionist jews that where murdered in the mass genocide during the Great purge.

  21. Nazism and Germans are not the same thing.Jew and Zionism is not the same thing.Zionists are trying to hide behind ' antisemitism'.The documentary has obfuscated the divide.

    1. Agreed.
      The many Jews I grew up with are the same as me, just trying to get by in the world.
      They never spoke of going off to Israel to kill Palestinians.
      I was always welcomed in their homes, and many went on to marry non-jews, but theystill observe jewish holidays; just like I celebrate xmas and Easter, but I do not believe in God.
      If they're so called Zionists, then I'm Attila the Hun.

  22. Yes I see that WTC7 ( "that this documentary purposefully omits to make a distinction between opposition towards Zionism and its aims and sentiments toward simple Jews"). Many of the "Protocol" issues, such as concentration of wealth are also not well addressed. I didn't have a "Jews are responsible for 9/11" position.... so the video informed me some do.

  23. the rothschilds own and run israel. They control the u.s. They are behind the chaos going on in the world along with the rockefellers. They use misinformation, anger and emotion to contol opinion. They own everything but they would love you to blame individual jews. They pretend to be jews but are not. They funded hitler as well and who died there? 6 million jews, 10 million christians. Please look up the hegalien dialectic and see how they manipulate us so that we will bid the powers that be to do exactly what they want done without realizing it.

  24. I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. (Revelation 2:9).

    Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. (Revelation 3:9).

    Could the "elders" be claiming to be jews and are not in order to create an environment of hatred against the jews when in fact it is these elders who wish to destroy them? These people are luciferian. Look at the global establishments like the u.n. who follow the doctrines of alice a. bailey, madame blavatsky and their ilk.

    1. You raise a good point, artsychic. And since you use scripture to make your point, allow me to do so as well. In Matthew 12 Jesus states that whoever is not "for Him" is against him. Hatred of Christ is well documented and Christians are treated very badly in Israel today. If the Jews were and are against Christ, does that not make them luciferian? Whether the 'elders' are real Jews or fake Jews doesn't really matter. Either way, they are luciferian.

    2. after several months of research i have realized that the vatican are actually in control of the kings of the earth. Look up shimone peres and the pope. All front jews are controlled by the vatican. Most are freemasons or knights of malta. There are several organizations that appear to have different functions but all are controlled by the vatican through their jesuit system. Ever heard of the black pope?
      Take a look at the main vid on my youtube channel.
      Anyone that does not believe in the Son of God is antichrist.

    3. are the jesuits converted jews?

  25. read the talmud it reveal their true nature

    1. Very true. The Bible (Torah) is not the "main" book in mainstream Judaism. It's the Talmud.

  26. anyone who participates in ANY organized relgion has no right to complain about how theyre treated, cuz youre all playing the same sick game. ive lost respect for all religious ppl. youre all part of the problem.

    1. I agree religion brings hate,faith is good and does not.People don't need to hate others because there faith may be different.Beliving in GOD is ok religion and churches cause world wide problems.There is a big difference.

  27. I made an effort to read the Protocols of Zion before watching this doc. Would not get into the issue of whether the Protocols are a forgery or not, and would not even dream of getting into a discussion about their contents. However, this documentary certainly makes one mistake - it focuses on equating the Jewry with Zionism by making a connection between ordinary Jewish people and the (alleged) Protocols of Zion. Zionism does not equal Jewry, that is very important to keep in mind. An anti-Zionist does is not even remotely the same as an anti-Semite (or more precisely, an anti-Jewish), which is even more important to remember. This doc does not make any distinction between the two and also (I must say that, after having read the supposed Protocols) focuses on the racist statements in this reading, whereas it leaves a lot from that may be connected with the state of the global economy of today (whoever wrote it, was a bit of a 'visionary', unfortunately).

    1. I think you fail to relise the widespread sentiment of the times when the "Protocols" were authored. People were feeling as if these control mechanisms were in place, even if the Zionists had not truly met for such a plans implementation. They embodied a public sentiment that lives on today.

    2. On the contrary, I know quite a bit about the prevailing sentiments of that time. And I maintain that this documentary purposefully omits to make a distinction between opposition towards Zionism and its aims and sentiments toward simple Jews. If nothing else, it's author does not even attempt to clarify the difference for those who don't know it and, thus, helps maintain the ignorant generalizations, that many today, of whom you speak, subscribe to.

    3. Excellent points, WTC7. Unfortunately those who oppose Zionism are automatically labeled "anti-Semites" by Zionists. Once you are labeled an anti-semite it's all over for you politically or professionally. I have not yet read P.O.Z., but I have read the Talmud, which contains plenty of "racist" statements against non-Jews! Imagine if any white person or Christian made any of those statements.

  28. It really disturbs me when people who have a working vocabulary of 500 or less words use terms like apartheid, genocide etc. and it is obvious they have no idea what the word they use mean. Dictionaries are cheap and, if you are writing posts on the internet, you can find a few which are good and even free. There is no excuse for ignorance except laziness! The same goes for people who have obviously never read a single history book holding themselves up as experts, especially when your historical illiteracy is used to tear a person, people or country down. You all know who you are and those of us who are not illiterate also know as soon as we read your writing. Protocols of the Elders of Zion was written by an anti-Semitic Russian in order to use it to condemn the Jews. Anti-Semites still use it today.

    1. You sound like a zoinist GOOF to me.Truth hurt you intelligence y6rythghb .

  29. i have never wished to speak ill of a race or culture. I do not believe a whole race of people are behind such a pervasive conspiracy. Although proof does exist that the "Jews" have been behind every war and revolution in the past 400 years (i want to make it clear though that when i refer to "Jews" i am referring to Zionist Jews who are non sephardic not Sephardic true Jews who actually oppose Zionism, Look up the Authentic Rabbis oppose zionism movement and maybe you will see the difference between the two). now i know you all think i am crazy and an anti semite which to me seems unfair since i am speaking historical facts not sum conspiracy which has no proof at all. If proof is what you want read Secret History of the West written by Nicholas Hagger a world renowned historian who has written more then 16 books on the subject. He writes on how every War or Revolution since 1695 has been envisioned, funded and carried out by Zionist Jews. Don't believe me heres a list of some prominent individuals involved with these conflicts and there background. ------------------ Oliver Cromwell was funded by Mennaseh ben Isreal a Zionist Jew from holland who want to allow jews to be readmitted into England. He funded Cromwell through Carvajal and even used puritanism as a guise to hide his jewish Rabbis.
    The Rothschilds are German Jews who have been the funders of every war ever since the days of Napoleon. They fund both sides of every war as to make certain they are not on the losing side.
    Mazzini was an Italian Jew who created the Mafia and gained much support for Revolutions in Italy.Both sides of the American Revolution was funded by the Rothschild through Alexander Hamilton's bank of the US loans secured from the Bank of England. The us Civil war Was funded the same way throught Lincoln's Bank as well. The Russian Revolution was controlled 100% by zionist jews. It was funded by Rockefellers(Jewish Zionists) standard oil and Rothschilds Dutch shell, Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin These where all European Jews who put 40 million Christian Russians into gulags and murdered them in the Great Purge. The first world war was funded on both sides by Rothschilds and Rockefeller Companies. The man who shot the Austria Hungarian Archduke that led to the war was a Jewish Freemason.
    The Second World war was funded the Same way as the First although the Rockefellers gained the saudi oil fields from Britain as payment for americas entry into the war. All the Years leading up to the Second world war the Nazis where being funded by Zionist Jews. All the oil they used in the war came from the US company I.G. Farben which is owned by the Rockefellers.
    Im not trying to say that the Jews are bad or that there is a conspiracy that they wish to takeover the world only that there is much evidence to show there involvement in all of these conflicts on massive scales dont believe me look it up.

    1. Stalin was a Jew, was he? I wonder where you got that ridiculous piece of false information. The Russian revolution outlawed all religions, including Judaism, for so long that half of the 'alleged' Jews who live in Russia cannot reliably trace their ancestry. 50% are now Christians or secular.

      I'd love you to explain how a person can fund both sides of a war to make sure they don't lose money, unless they are in the armaments business.

      Your comments are a jumble of lies and truths, which makes them worthless. At least be accurate if your going to join the long list of Jew-haters.

    2. Stalin was a Jew, was he? I wonder where you got that ridiculous piece of false information. The Russian revolution outlawed all religions, including Judaism, for so long that half of the 'alleged' Jews who live in Russia cannot reliably trace their ancestry. 50% are now Christians or secular.

      I'd love you to explain how a person can fund both sides of a war to make sure they don't lose money, unless they are in the armaments business.

      Your comments are a jumble of lies and truths, which makes them worthless. At least be accurate if your going to join the long list of Jew-haters.

    3. Not sure I understand your comment about Sephardic Jews being "true Jews" and your claim that they oppose Zionism. In fact, more than half of the Jews living in Israel are Sephardic (also called Mizrachim), and if Israeli Jews are not Zionists then who are???? Also, to say that Askenazi Jews are not the "true Jews" simply because they moved and settled further East during the diaspora doesn't make sense. And if Jewish Rabbis claim that anyone can choose to become a Jew through conversion if they wish, how can you say who is a "true Jew"?

    4. Research Eastern European Judaism such as the German Jew or the Khazarian Jew. Both are not originally of the faith. They were not Jews spreading around the globe, they were "Convert Jews" who had only taken the look and facade of Judaism. Research their origins instead of claiming i am trying to be anti-semitic. I have never spoken ill of a culture or people. I have only trying to show true roots of history.I understand your disbelief and hope u can understand I only try to dig deep into the hidden roots of certain misunderstood facts.
      That through extensive research can come to understand the true history of Europe and Asia from before the 14th century till today.

    5. Who claimed you were trying to be anti-semitic??? I never claimed any such thing, just asked why you said one group of Jews were the "true jews"!

    6. His objective when he calls you anti-semetic is to shut down intelligent discourse so that we stop talking about the truth. Now back to who runs the banks, hollywood, and the media and what have they been up to the last 500 years. You shall know them by their fruits.

  30. Google/Youtube WTC7 or Building 7. Thank you

  31. This movie is misleading when it comes to the 9/11 truth movement. Most 9/11 truthers don't believe the jews did 9/11. We don't believe 19 Muslims did 9/11. We don't know who did 9/11 but we do not blame the jews. Very few of us blame the jews for 9/11.

    1. I'm starting to believe it's all part of the "greater plan" to discredit any kind of truth by associating it with nut-jobs. What better way to get people to completely discard a theory than to link it with anti-semitic, racist, or other rhetoric.

  32. The swastika treads of the heavy boots the skinhead CEO is selling are inverted so they will imprint on something - or someone! - the actual Natzi symbol - time 15:18

  33. We are all people, we all have morals and a conscience. When we bind our beliefs in anything, whether it is politics,religion,the media, or even some old history book then we tend to look at things with a mechanized touch. We forget about the people, and we can only think of the actions,the beliefs, or the ideas of the people. Instead of realizing the impact of our actions, or the people it might affect, we can only think of how we can feed our egos based on the 'facts' we have been spoon fed to believe. How much longer will we allow our actions to be manipulated by this invisible hypnotist? We must make a decision on what is important to us, and decide that for ourselves. Think about the world where we think our problems through. Where we realize the impact of our actions on people now and in the future. Imagine if all people really cared most about people, and not ideas, beliefs, or objects. I believe we are capable of this ideal, it just may take a little relearning on our parts. Maybe it will only take one idea which will reach the ears of the entire world and turn the minds around of those desperately fighting with themselves. I know humanity is capable and I implore everyone to realize the capacity for love we all have inside of us, for eachother and ourselves.

    1. I feel the same and insist upon my long-held observations and beliefs that we are the same race with different forms and ideologies that infinitely less important than our oneness. We all need the same things in life and those with good hearts surely want to stop all this conflict that is so manipulated by political and economic and media forces. It is up to me to love and, I feel the same is true of everyone with a capable body and mind.

  34. Good try,Jews still did it.I will never understand how people believe that a ghost will come and save them,just because they read it in a book.That's just crazy to me!! But hey i'm not normal like most. How about when he or she arrives here i'll listen,but not praise.Why waste your valuable time and energy praying to a ghost that you have never met or seen! Us human beings could'nt be that ignorant could we? Wait we are!!! It just belittles us as a human race to believe in such nonsence,we are better than that,it's time to forget the fairy tales.....oh wait it's my lucky day, here come all the prophets cruising on the silver surfers board..."go get em you good goys

  35. This documentary has only shown me what I already knew; that all racists are ignorant and psychopathic. The majority of people think racists are losers because you are losers. You have lost every war you have ever been in! You will lose the battle for minds because you only attract the most ignorant and uneducated. White power is a joke, it's more like white impotence. As far as Islam, the more you remain stuck in a mindset of hate the more people will be killed of all races. Is that what Allah wants? Pain and death and hatred? God gave you a mind for a reason, use it and stop blindly following the dogma of hatred.

  36. I meant to clarify that in number 5 above that this is the reason many Whites dislike the Jew. The Jews have more or less said White must become multicultural and aren't allowed to have their own country (not even Europe).

    Yet Jews do get their own county which is hypocritical as they aim to keep it very Jewish (no multiculturalism to be seen).

  37. Although I feel Mr. Levin made an above average attempt at trying to not be biased, there are simply too many important items that weren't mentioned in the movie.

    Anyone who has spent any amount of serious time studying the new world order (1000+ hours) knows the new world order is like an onion as it is composed of many groups/layers. With that said, Jews are disproportionally involved in the new world order. Consider the following:

    1. Jews are disproportionately involved in almost every aspect of the new world order (banking, finance, politics, media, US foreign policy, eugenics).

    2. Most of the elite banking families and Illuminati families (Rothschilds, Warburgs, etc) were Jewish.

    3. There is clearly a double standard applied to Israel as it gets favorable treatment on numerous grounds. Did you know there is a federal law against boycotting Israeli goods?

    4. Israeli Mossad (equivalent of CIA) has been involved in numerous other false flag events and of the brutal attack on the USS liberty.

    5. Kevin MacDonald has extensively documented the attempts of primarily Jewish organizations over the last century to get non-white immigration into the United States.

    6. Jews have also been instrumental in spreading social vices such as homosexuality, feminism, atheism, communism, and socialism.

    7. 9/11 Missing Links has made many excellent points about Israel's involvement in 9/11 (although I would not say it conclusively proves it was only Israel). Please watch this movie with other 9/11 movies and form your own opinion about what really happened.

    8. United States foreign policy is heavily slanted toward Israel. Look up AIPAC.

    With the above said, there are simply too many coincidences to claim the Protocols were an anti Semitic hoax.

    To say its a solely a Jew World Order is ignorant.

    But to deny that Jews are not extremely intelligent and disproportionally involved within the grander new world order scheme of things is more ignorant yet.

  38. This comment is not about the Jews. It is a comment about Human Beings. It is just about money. Banksters pitch the people against each other to then profit from. They use religion as an excuse to fight. That is all... And guess who the banksters are? ALL OF US... anyone that uses money is guilty. Money is just a TOOL nothing more. Human beings need to learn to control their own devices. Grow up.

    Yes I am human and I use money. I have to, just like you.

  39. Some of the comments here truly disgust me. If you honestly believe that a secretive cabal of Jews control you from above like a marionette, please don't tell it to me. Tell it to a therapist (though maybe not a Jewish one)

  40. If The Protocols of Zion aren't correct, why did Bush snr pass the Noah Hide Laws..americans don;t even have a clue about them...Here's the Law As it Reads on the Books:

    105 STAT. 44 PUBLIC LAW 102-14-MAR. 20,1991

    Public Law 102-14
    102d Congress
    Joint Resolution

    Mar. 20. 1991
    [H.J Res 104] To designate March 26. 1991, as "Education Day. U. S. A."

    Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our, great Nation was founded;

    Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;

    Whereas without thes ethical values and principles the edifice of civilization stands in serious peril of returning to chaos;

    Whereas society is profoundly concerned with the recent weakening of these principles that has resulted in crises that beleaguer and threaten the fabric of civilized society;

    Whereas the justified preoccupation with these crises must not let the citizens of this Nation lose sight of their responsibility to transmit these historical ethical values from our distinguished past to the generations of the future;

    Whereas the Lubavitch movement has fostered and promoted these ethical values and principles throughout the world;

    Whereas Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavitch movement, is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday falls on March 26, 1991:

    Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, "the rebbe", this, his ninetieth year will be seen as one of "education and giving", the year in which we turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws: and

    Whereas this will be reflected in an international scroll of honor signed by the President of the United States and other heads of state:

    Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That March 26, 1991, the start of the ninetieth year of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, leader of the worldwide Lutbavitch movement. is designated as "Education Day. U.S.A.". The President is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

    PUBLIC LAW 102-14-MAR. 20,1991 105 STAT. 45

    Approved March 20, 1991

    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD. Vol 137. (1991)
    Mar 5. considered and passed House
    Mar 7. considered and passed Senate

    Penalty for violating these laws:

    The penalty for violating any of these Noahide Laws is spelled out on page 1192 of the Encyclopedia Judaica, "... violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the Noahide to capital punishment by decapitation." Wow, in other words, if one person steps forward to accuse a Gentile of violating any one of these seven laws, that testimony alone would be enough to decapitate the accused. A person could be put to death for the flimsy accusation of being cruel to animals, and based on the lying testimony of one person!! Notice, there is no assumption of innocence until proven guilty, nor of the prosecution having to prove their case. No, on the accusation of one person, the accused may be legally decapitated.

    1. I like how the people of TDF present great information.
      Thank you for this one.

  41. I love how he skimmed over the jews taking photos on 9/ part 26.34 where he says, certainly there is real questions about it but moves on if there was real questions, why didn't he ask or investigate it further...if this ain't another propaganda movie, i'll become jewish....

  42. Mossad warned the US government about the attacks weeks before. Of course the Israeli govt would warn their own people to stay away. If the UK govt had done the same, would we be blaming ourselves? (being British myself).

    1. capricorn 16
      All this was made by the Mossad and the CIA to show that the the arabs are terrorists and deserve to burn in hell. This is simply ( a zionist plan ) and shows to the world the real evil existence in this planet. This is israel nothing else, the evil its self.

  43. hey people! what about kurdish massacre too? thousands of kurdish peoples were massacred by saddam huseyin in halabja and thausand the kurdish peole who one time live in the east of turkey in dersim by turkish hitler ismet inoni... we the kurds and jews are dthe fate brothers. god save us... salute from diyarbak?r

  44. See Documentary Ultra Zionist. You will come to know even more bad things from many years are happening with Muslims in Palestine than Holocaust which off course didn't happened. But Holocaust is happening with Muslims every day, and then people complained why anti Semitism is again prevailing in world. You can not have Peace until you give peace. PEACE BE ALL UPON THE WORLD, including Muslims, Christians, Jews and others. A message From your Muslim Brother.

  45. I watched the doc "Louis Theroux: The Ultra Zionists" a few days ago, and I just finished watching this doc. It is sad that the extremes of Zionism and anti-semitism have polarized our world, leaving very little common ground in between for dialogue, interaction, exchange, engagement and coexistence. It seems power-mongers, hate-mongers and conspiracy theorists rule our world, and history repeats itself over and over again in their hands. Strange, xenophobia selles in the market of 21st cnetury civilization!

  46. A jewish man making a documentary about zionist conspiracy!Pleas might as well watch a couple propaganda videos from nazi germany and expect a neutral point of view.Besides there are hebrews,jews and zionists.Zionists are realy extremists in their religion,so you shouldnt automaticlu blame a whole nation.

    1. What a rubbish thing to say.

      However, the fact remain the book IS a fraud.

      Its genuineness has never been proven in court. It is a copy of an old French piece of fiction about how to take over the world. Years later in Russia, the story was used to fashion the book, with the Jews implanted in, to convince the communists that the Jews were really to blame.

      It is sad so much death and hate has come from one story.

  47. 9:50 or whereabouts...... goddamn, least intelligent human beings I have ever witnessed.

  48. Yea based on what I've seen over the last few years about Israeli (leadership) influence on America and the world, they seriously got some 'splainin to do.

    It's hard to find unbiased news in the US and elsewhere in the western world because so many of them are heavily influenced by it. Why do so many of the people at the head of the US government have ties to Israel? Why was Michael Chertoff, the head of the Department of Homeland Security and the overseer of the 9/11 investigation Jewish? The 9/11 investigation was a fraud and so is all the reporting about it. Why Elena Kagen, another tie to Isreal? Why was Ram Emanuel, chief advisor to Obama, the son of an Israeli Mossad (equivalent to CIA) agent, and this is never mentioned? Now he's running for mayor of Chicago. wtf?

  49. Jews run the Media and Banks that are preying on our nations, they kill Palestinians like they are not human and pressure USA to fight other nations. That's proof enough for me

    1. Don't tell this to us. Tell it to a therapist (though maybe not a Jewish one).

  50. I would like to say thank you for an informative video. I would just like to say we Muslims were never raised to hate Jews. this is just a stereotype that stirs up trouble. we have lived,and respected Jews for a very long time .perhaps I'm unaware but I have never been taught that on the contrary, we were taught to respect you all along with all the other religions.perhaps problems in our lands have caused some of us to be ignorant. our faith doesn't teach us as was said in your video that was very untrue. how about just for once someone take the time and read all the three holy books they are so similar! why cant we all just see that? please we should all help each other end these problems and for once just respect each other. thank you for your time. I apologize if I have offended anyone.

    1. Thank you for your input.
      You certainly didn't offend me!

  51. I will have to agree with Ryan.

  52. Look, this whole conspiracy is ridiculous. All ethnic, religious groups have done wrong. I certainly don't agree with some of Israel's policies, but the idea that Jews control the world is stupid. It's an ancient idea that permeates in Western and Muslim culture because this prejudice has existed within these cultures for thousands of years.

  53. I haven't watched this yet but if numerous evidence (more than most people know what to do with) points to Zionist and Israeli ties to the operation and observation (before and during its occurance) of 9/11, then those who say anyone "talking bad" about Jews are anti-Semites and therefore evil or d u m b is just propaganda.

    It's not that Jewish people are bad. It's that certain people with very strong Zionist beliefs, including much of the Isreali leadership, who is bent on war, killing or pushing out of all Palestinians and their hatred extends to all other Arabs, ... these are the ones causing the trouble. If they are the real criminals, it doesn't make sense to call the witnesses derogatory names like "anti-Semite". Call a spade a spade; call a criminal a criminal for once. Most of the anti-Muslim and anti-Arab propaganda the world has been force-fed through media and framed "terror plots" are to paint all Muslims and Arabs (not the same thing) as evil; that they should be "taken out", that we should invade even MORE of their land and get MORE of the minerals and oil and resources there, and treat them like sub-humans.

  54. They interview the most oppressed and least eloquent of society to make a story.

    "By way of deception thou shalt do war"

    1. Mossad motto,in other world we will lie to cause war.But they have others die for them and the pocket book and evil plans.

  55. This is THE WORST piece of drivel!!! This is below sophomoric, (yes, even sophomores could do better)!
    It's like watching a tv sitcom - not too funny, not too serious, and definitely not relevant!
    There is no valid content here. If you want to watch it, PLEASE do so, but only as an exercise of watching for someone's attempt to distract you.
    I watched honestly looking for good information, but was only met with this - "the 'Battlefield Earth' of documentaries".
    [Note: I write this review much as I remember having written an earlier review elsewhere. I did not waste my time here watching it again.]

  56. Biased zionist garbage...

  57. For starters, the Times refuted the authenticity of The Protocols having bumped off the co-editor who threatened to serialise them in The Times, or had, in fact, already started to publish and circulate. That story, in itself, authenticates The Protocols as a dangerous weapon for exposing the current state of play and how it came to be NO MATTER which 'group' of psychopaths it is attributed to at whatever time. The Protocols applies to the Eugenicists, Zionists and Royalists behind the scenes. Linked up with The Talmud, they can be seen for what they are.

  58. for the record. I don't support anti-semitism or any sentiment that advocates hating others....but I gotta say this sparked my interest in the book more than anything else.

  59. oh Gosh...this documentary is chock full of bias. it's so see through.... even when u just look at the people he chose to speak to who are pro-jewish versus those he spoke to who are "anti-semetic"/anti-zionist. He spoke to ignorant street kids shouting and cursing and yelling for the other perspective but when it came to people who support his bias, they're all dignified, rich.....for goodness sakes he even attempted to speak to jewish industry insiders in hollywood.

  60. I haven't seen the documentary yet and was just scanning the comments before I did. I couldn't help but respond to "mo."

    mo wrote:

    "...through out history, even in the islamic nation’s most glorified days, were there ever any inccidents recorded in history were muslims carried out outrageous massacres or showed any sort of threat or disrespect against human life?..where they ever threatening to their neighbors? were there ever any form of racism or discrimination against inncocents??? and before the formation of israel was there ever any form of evil human activities of that kind in the middle east??? keep in mind that there was a time where Islam has reached Spain and further…
    and there was a reason why it was spread via swords…not because of desire to conquer but due to the realization that it wouldnt be too long before the once chosen people would rise once again to corrupt the christian world as long as it remained defensless against those who teamed up with the devil and later on formed masonry…under the illusion that they would somehow manage to decieve god or overcome his wrath….ediots!!!!"


    " far as islam is concerned there is but one saviour expted to rise and that is jesus christ son of marry (pbut)"

    Do you know NOTHING of islamic history or doctrine????? What you wrote was beyond ridiculous. Actually, it is so ludicrous as to be quite funny.

    Now you should quit playing around and go back to reading your 7th Century sci-fi novel. The adults are talking and it is rude to interrupt.

    From the other comments, it seems like it should be watched this documentary with a jaundiced eye.

  61. Mr Khaled,
    You sound like a kind hearted, good spirited person. However, I'm going to go out on a limb here by saying I really don't think you understand the boiling pot in which we're all being cooked. If you did understand, I don't see how you could possibly have such a simple solution. Its us (all of humanity) versus them (the Jews). We're all rubes in the largest con in history. What we've been taught is upside down, backwards and wrong. Its not possible to explain it in a few paragraphs but I recently read an excellent pdf file-book that makes an excellent primer. Look for the torrent entitled "Racism and the Myth of the Chosen People". The book cannot explain it all but its a good start. Study the pickle we're in and share what you've discovered with others. Our mutual survival depends on it. Its also important to read news that tells the truth... hint: you won't find it on the radio, cable TV or in a newspaper. Read the book. If you still think love can solve this, I'm all ears, buddy.

  62. @ Khaled
    wow.... dude, did you write that? I was thinking of framing it to hang on the wall. If only all the lunatics in this film had such insight... We are one confused human race, better shape up before we blow ourselves to pieces.

    Btw, been using this site for a while now and a "thank you!" is long overdue... Keep up the good work Vlatko!

  63. Dear comment reader,

    Whatever religion, race, culture, nation you're from it doesn't matter. There is no 'right one'. The moment I say my ideology, my belief system, my god, my prophet, my saviour, my opinion, is the only correct one then it's a problem. It creates separation between human beings. That's right, we are all human beings and children of this universe, of god if you like. At the end of the day, a belief system is a system, a bubble, an enclosure, it is not the whole. I prefer looking at the big picture, which really unites and respects all belief systems. I enjoy unity, not separation. Any belief you practice is your own. I hope it is a positive one. I hope it is part of the solution not the problem. I hope it creates positivity for you, your family, friends and those with different belief systems, those that you don't understand, those 'other' nations, religions and cultures. Don't forget nature & wildlife. We are not separate from this Earth, the animals, plants, stars and galaxies, etc. Separation creates enemies, violence and hatred. I believe most of the religions are saying that already. The spiritual essence is the same. However, interpretations differ. Interpretation: please look it up in the dictionary. Perspective: please understand it's meaning. Our actions are what's important not our beliefs. But our beliefs directly affect our actions. So if a certain belief system brings negativity in any form then we should question our belief system and change it. I don't care what people believe in as long as it's good and brings positivity to life. I think people are just doing the best they can with the information they have. Therefore, the more information one has the better. No? if I'm brought up to believe in a certain religion, for example, and have no clue, no information, of anything else then I am limiting my perspective, my scope, my range of thought and acceptance of other religions. This can be applied to anything really. And please try to understand, I am not special, I am you and you are me. We are one. I am not better or worse. I am trying to be open, tolerant, loving and accepting. I am trying to look at my inner self, look at my flaws objectively and attempt to transcend them to develop my spirituality and increase positivity in this world. I am eagerly waiting for the day in history when all of humanity unites, borders crumble, arms open, wars end and universal education begins. Maybe I am a dreamer, but I have a positive hope. We have a choice. We have free will. We can do anything. So far we are taking a lot of negative actions. It is sad and painful. But it can change. It can change if we change. We can change it.

    Anywho, I just thought I'd do my part of positive action for the day. Every little bit helps. I hope this helps.

    1. So right my thoughts exactly just put better than I would have.

  64. On a certain level, you've got to hand it to Himey. Himey has developed some very successful strategies, such as working towards world domination spanning generations. But Himey has yet to see our game. You've heard of bosses taking secretaries to lunch in appreciation of secretaries? We'll to do the same thing. Heaven is such a wonderful place, why not share it? If you're going there anyway, be an ambassador by taking a new friend. It is the very least we can do for a people who has shown us so much love, trust, truthfulness, confidence, tolerance, sharing and fairness. I really don't need to mention that they're also a good looking bunch. "Going to heaven? Take Himey with you". I like it. Nice slogan.

  65. Oh and btw Joanna, all those DNA were a crock of ****! How the hell can you compare the DNA of people living today to the DNA of those who lived 6000 years ago, before anyone even knew what DNA was?

    You keep telling yourself that Joanna, whatever helps you Zionists sleep at night. It's funny because I wonder who conducted these fantasy tests? simple logic and common sense suggests to me that such tests are highly unlikely to have taken place, it's all to easy to convince people of B.S!

    After all, with enough fancy wording and calculations which rocket scientists alone can comprehend, I can "prove" that an elephant can hang from a cliff with his tail tied to a daisy! But if you use your eyes and your common sense, one can reach the conclusion that this is not possible.

  66. Very good point justthetruth. The so called Jews of today are not Semitic in race at all, but were an Asiatic mongoloid race who converted to Judaism in 740 A.D. as stated by justthetruth above. And stop referring to Jesus as a Jew! Jesus was not a Jew, he was a Judean. The word Jew didn't even exist in the English language until the 18th century, go look it up.

    The Zionist Jewish lobby think they're so damn sly. They've got everything set up so that if you even say these things, or for example, question the official holocaust body count, you are automatically labeled anti-semitic! It's downright laughable. They own EVERY major/mainstream media outlet. Hollywood is run by Jews, ever wonder why Arabs are so vilified in movies, the media and on television?

    Also if you want to get a closer look at the ideals held by most Jews today, go and research the teachings of the Talmud, go and find out what the day of atonement is really about. I guess the holocaust was a blanket justification for the countless dead Arabs in Palestine, as well as the subjugation of an entire region.

    This is why the human species in general just makes me sick! "The reality of every facet of human existence is so corrupt, evil and damaging that our demise is the only worthwhile goal of the planet. If their was a god our existence would be his greatest shame and the universe would implode." -O.Von Thomas.

  67. from below...

    understanding of our current situation. Here is one of the better online sources for information: REBEL NEWS DOT ORG

  68. Our mutual enemy is the Zionist Jew. For the past 3 years, I have spent my time reading, observing and learning his modus operandi. Although I learn more about him daily, I doubt there is anything you could possibly add. Sincerely and with all due respect, I'm hoping it will be you whom obtains a more objective view. Simply put, everything we've been taught or think we know is upside down, backwards and wrong. We're the unwitting Rubes of the most elaborate con in the history. Your survival and my survival depends on everyone gaining a lucid

  69. @saad

    Anyone can become a Jew if they really want to! Read the holy book, learn the religous customs, believe that crazy stuff then go down to the synagogue and get your friendly local Rabbi to convert you. Interest free loaning of money might be a good incentive to do so from what i understand. Although the Rabbi has to be convinced that your conversion is sincere and religously motivated.

    Strange but true.

    The hate you have stored up inside of you has the serious possibility of consuming you. There is an element of truth in what you say from a biblical point of view,but i strongly disagree with your methods and over generalisations. Read douglas reeds controversy of zion for a more objective view.

  70. Considering joining with the dark side? The short answer is no, it can't be done. Jews consider gentiles sub-human live stock. A converted gentile is still a gentile.

    It's not that Jews don't want other people. It's that "other people" are not considered human. Jews are the ultimate racist supremists.

    Is there a secret agenda? Is there ever! See RebelNews dot ORG

  71. there many like to become jew why we can't be jews? why they don't want any other people? is there some secret agenda?

  72. "We are all one soul at our centre ,a belief that 1 tribe is chosen is ego and is leading to fear and suffering".

    sickriver: This sounds like an appeal to Jews. This makes as much sense as an appeal to Wayne Gacey to not bury another boy under his house. Jews are essentially psychopathic i.e. as a group, they are incapable feeling empathy for others. Jews in Israel, lacking a large pool of gentiles to victimize, lay prey to less fortunate Jews. Granted, this is a generalization, not true of every Jew. Still, for the most part it is valid. Jews do not need to be informed. Its your fellow gentiles who need the education.

  73. The protocols were declared in a swiss court to be forgeries
    That is not fake ,forgery means to be copied from originals

  74. joeboer Okay, I think I can explain this. The Jews believe in their hearts that they are the highest caste... which is bad enough except they keep this belief a secret among themselves so they may better take advantage of, exploit, murder and abuse us "non-humans" beneath them. This is not new. Their belief in their own superiority has been simmering for thousands of years. The Jews are group workers and plotters. As cartoonish as it sounds, the Jews aim to have the earth all to themselves with non-Jews eliminated or enslaved. If you cannot buy into this, welcome to the world of Jew hatred.

    PS: Arab girls I could go for. Jewish women complain a lot and smell bad. Just a heads up.

  75. As a Hindu this whole anti-semitism is so alien to me. I am familiar with anti-hindu or anti-islamic hate and lot more caste based hate.

    Gosh so much hate and so little time to keep up.
    I want to end all these hate by mating with jewish women, islamic arabic women and spread my seed and mix it all up and break this tribalism.

    So much hate and so little time.

    If there any jewish and arabic women out there feel the same and wanna get Jiggy with me. Call me for peace.

    Namaste, Shalom and Salaam wale kum.

  76. It seems that most of these comments bashing Jews or nitpicking isolated moments in the doc are, ironically, enforcing what Mr Levin was saying.

    Mr. Levin,
    I don't know if you read these comments, but if you do I would like to to thank you. Thank you for this wonderful hour-and-a-half sense of hope. You are courageous and intelligent - a very powerful combination. It instills a certain confidence in me to know that you've chosen to use your voice to do some good. You are an inspiration.

  77. Over 90% percent of the Jews today are not of biblical bloodlines. They are a conglomerate of Turkic tribes who converted to Judaism in 740 A.D.

    They became Jews through conversion. That's like saying because our ancestors converted to Buddhism, we have some right to China.

    Their ancestors never set foot on what we call Israel today. They have about as much right to that land as we do China.

  78. So the Jews are saying now that they're not the chosen and have no intention of ruling the world as God's people using any and every method possible? I have a very good friend (pure Jewish on both sides and very educated on this subject) who would not agree at all! Thank God for truthful people of any race or religion!

  79. After watching the doc, I don´t really know what to believe, if it was a pro Jew doc, or if was anti-Jew doc. I mean, the presenter was so much of a hater than all the others he showed up. I mean, he was to Christian Church where they treated him so well yet, he insulted their relation by implying they were just plain wrong. Hi also said to the Black power people, the Bush and the ARABS were behind all 911. and the young Jewish man, on passover, I mean he clearly some superiority complex for their own race. I think all forms of segregation or racial hate are despicable. We are no different no matter who your parents and ancestors are, what your skin color is. I still think, on what are the reason people hate Jews, and I think it could be they are no different from Arial people or nazi in believe they are better than the other people.

  80. Was gonna watch this. Was actually interested in the subject material. Made it four minutes into the film before turning it off. I know already that I will despise the film regardless of content due to the persona of the presenter. The scene of him in his childhood home rummaging about was enough to tell me who this guy is. From the big Che Guevara poster on his dads wall to the obsession wit JFK and the fact that pre barmitzva (which takes place at age 13 I believe) he was openly collecting penthouse magazines in his parents home. This guy is obviously one of the nonbeliever liberal cry baby Jews who only help in propagating the issue of antisemitism. The opinions of a Guevarist communist apologistic race baiter is of no interest to me.

  81. why does god endorse these attrocities? maybe he doesnt maybe its mans view of god and that its his destiny to fullfil gods work? either way god would not endorse jewish secretive New World Order or the vatican cover up of our true history. A great prophet walked these lands once and he will return hes name was jesus the son of god god of all man no matter his name he is within us all of us, prophercies tend to come true one way or another its how we percieve them that matters, jesus was persecuted out of fear by most when he lived but hes prophercies run true and his church is strong. the jews will rebuild there holy church upon the holy land but its mans choice on how to percieve this.
    gods church is for all man alike but will gods church be shared by all?
    is this the beginning of the rapture?

  82. Ms Joanna: I have new found respect for you. Can you please give me an idea about where you have sourced all your wonderful information? For example, did these ideas come from any particular periodicals, books or lectures? I just want to understand you better... and isn't that what it's all about? Thanks and may God bless you.

  83. Poor you, Mr. "NotSoFastMrJew". You have to resort to accusations, name-calling and outrageous statements. First of all, I am not Jewish by religion. I love the Jewish people, just as Jesus said to do. Jesus said, "Whatsoever you do unto the least of these MY BRETHREN, you do it unto me." He was talking about the Jews. Jesus was a Jew. So were ALL the first Christians. So, yes, "Jew" does equal "Christian".

    Jews all over the world still have the same Bible they've had since it was first written! The Talmud is commentary by the rabbinate over time. Not quite the same thing. Not that it concerns me, it is part of the Jewish religion, not mine as a Christian.

    God DID choose the Jews. Read the Old Testament and tell me He did not. Clearly, God loved these "stiff-necked" and rebellious people. Once God made a Covenant with them, He cannot break that covenant. The NEW covenant was given through Jesus (a Jew) to the rest of the world.

    Oh, by the way, if your race had been chosen for extermination, you might tend to be a bit "protective" about your people too. Actually, yes, there are 100s of 1000s of people who apply to enter Israel as a Jew every day. They must prove to the rabbinate they are Jews and this is to protect the race from sabotage and to preserve the PROVEN purity and for the safety of the country.

    The big question often asked and to which you so sarcastically comment is about the "real" Jews and are they related to the Jews of "old Israel" of 6,000 years ago.

    I just yesterday read a news article that studied the DNA of Jews from every part of the world. They ALL matched the DNA of the ones who have lived in Israel for 1000s of years. The Arabs' DNA is very, very nearly identical, which is very understandable since Ishmael was their father. All are the children of Abraham. What a shame the Arabs still hate the Jews so much after 1000s of years of envy and spite.

    Islam is a new religion (or political agenda) that has pitted the Arabs against the Jews and Christians. It is a shameful story with an agenda of murder and supremacy. Israel has offered over and over again (after being lawfully given back their country by the Balfour Declaration and the United Nations) to be at peace with the Arabs, but this has repeated been rebuffed, even lied about (remember forked-tongue Arafat?). Gaza was in Egypt's territory until Egypt attached Israel. When Israel WON the war, the Gaza became theirs (just as has happened throughout history through conquest for ANY country!!!). Barak gave Gaza to the so-called "Palestinians" and uprooted the Israelis out of Gaza.....all for peace! What did they do? They elected radical Islamist Hamas to rule them and continue attacking Israel.

    The people in Gaza are in a horrible situation. Why? Because none of their Arab neighbors will allow them to be absorbed into any other Arab nation. They are boxed in by the Arabs, not Israel. They have declared WAR on Israel. What should Israel do? Let them into Israel to continue the suicide bombings? You have to admit the wall STOPPED the homicide bombings.

    I realize that no amount of explaining or argument will convince people who are determined to hate Jews. It is a sickness that is very hard to get over. If a person is willing to open their minds and eyes, they will see there is more to this story than just hateful "Zionism". Israelis are delightful, happy, outgoing, in-your-face, sarcastic, brave and loving people. Most of them are just like us. They turned Israel into a modern, beautiful country with a great economy in spite of the hatred and violence directed towards it.

    Israel belongs to the Jews, by history, by law, and by blood. DNA proves this to be true just as the documents signed into law have done.

  84. JEWANNA: It’s so easy to figure out.
    ME: No it's not but you may want others to believe it is. It's actually complicated, which explains why it's so hard to explain Zionism to the American public i.e. it cannot be explained in sound bites.

    JEWANNA: The hatred of Jews is due to pure, evil jealousy.
    ME: Do you ever get anyone to buy this one? I guess it never hurts to give it the ol' Jew try. Hatred of Jews may be due to their pure evil... but jealousy? Are there really people lining up to become Jews?

    JEWANNA: The Bible (Old Testament) clearly says that God chose the Israelites (Jews) as His Chosen People.
    ME: Not really. The Jews chose themselves. Read the Jewish talmud and you will find that the Jews are the greatest racists on earth. One set of Jewish laws apply to other Jews, another set apply to the sub-human non-Jews.

    Jewanna: God does not break His covenant, so those who are not “chosen” hate the ones who are.
    Me: This statement alone pretty much outs you as a Zionist Jew. Who else would so proudly flaunt a superiority complex?

    JEWANNA: Christians in the New Testament were grafted into the family tree of the Jews. (Judaeo-Christian).
    ME: This is wrong. Jew does not equal Christian. Jews follow a racists doctrine (Talmud) which is fabricated and added to as they go. The Jewish religion as practiced today has virtually nothing to do with the Jewish/Christian old testament.

    JEWANNA: Oh, and by the way, God also gave Abraham the Land of Israel. It is Jewish land and has been for 6,000 years. Thus, more hatred. How can anyone argue with reasonable facts?
    ME: Yeah sure, I can argue with it because your "facts" are misleading lies. It was the European/Ashkenazi Jews who clamored for a Jewish state... but the ancestors of the Ashkenazi Jews had never set foot in Israel. How can you go home to where you have never been?

  85. Yeah they're are a lot of idio*s out there making ridiculously frustrating comments. I'm cool with a bit of banter amongst friends, but not sweeping statements for everyone to see. I shouldn't have bashed religion like that, but I can't stop feeling it's just a tool. I think there's more to life, but just not Jesus or Muhammad. I'm Scottish and what frustrates me is the lack of choice in government. We get more over here than America, 4 as oppose to 2. But they're all in it for themselves and it just feels like there's sweet f##k all we can do about it. I refuse to vote for any of those fat cats. Iraq and Afghanistan was barely mentioned before the election. It's just accepted now, at least by the media. I shudder to think who's next on the hit list once Obama's term is up. If you haven't already seen it, have a look at the documentary Collapse, quite interesting. Take Care x

  86. Thanks for your response, J. I must admit that I emotionally responded to all the posts that were ahead of mine. They were so hate-filled and I felt the need to "take up" for the Jews, whom I believe are all our brothers and sister. I was wrong to react so strongly. Only after the post I watched the documentary. I can understand how the Arabs are angry, as well. It is the governments of all the people which cause the biggest problems. It is not the citizenry. I have been to Israel and I saw the kindness and gentleness of the Israelis. I also saw the Arabs who were very welcoming into their villages. So I know that we all are just people trying to live our lives in peace, trying to raise our children to have a happy life. Some of the world's elites who always strive for more and more power are from every race and culture. The elites believe in their hearts that because they have the most education, the most money, and the most power that they are in a position to "rule" the best....and that a republic such as ours is ludicrous. They think the poor and middle class are too stupid to think for themselves. So they manipulate the masses with emotions of hatred and war. These also are facts that are reasonable to believe. God bless us all and keep striving for libery, individual freedom, happiness and peace.

  87. Joanna

    the reasonable facts are that we are ultimately alone on this planet. The best we can do is be good to people and live right. I clearly have no religious beliefs, but I would say I'm spiritual. Why we have split our cultures into these separate religious boxes is beyond me. Why don't people realise that the world's governments have always promoted religion to keep citizens under their control. You can see that by the laws we live by in our society. I'm not saying that laws don't help the world, but some are tools for the government to enslave and profiteer. I do not for one second resent Jewish people, that would be ludicrous. But I do resent the Israeli government for they're repeated crimes against humanity. I too resent our own Anglo American governments for throwing innocent people out of their homeland for no good reason. It's absolutely insane to think our governments thought it was a good idea. Problem is, they probably were happy to stir up some proper hatred in the world and cause this awful conflict. But the wounds they've opened are forever there. I fear we have to accept now that there will never be peace, just like we are indeed alone on this planet. Peace x

  88. It's so easy to figure out. The hatred of Jews is due to pure, evil jealousy. The Bible (Old Testament) clearly says that God chose the Israelites (Jews) as His Chosen People. God does not break His covenant, so those who are not "chosen" hate the ones who are. Christians in the New Testament were grafted into the family tree of the Jews. (Judaeo-Christian). It is just this simple. The descendants of Ishmael were left out and that's the basis for the age-old hatred. Many claim it is myth, but the hatred is very real. Oh, and by the way, God also gave Abraham the Land of Israel. It is Jewish land and has been for 6,000 years. Thus, more hatred. How can anyone argue with reasonable facts?

  89. The jesuits wrote this, their general wrote, the art of war, the jews were their fall guy, i'm not saying there are not some evil jews, there are evil of every race and creed, the point is this is not of jewish origin but written to demonize them. The roman empire was transferred to the Roman church and is still running things. I'm not hating on Catholics, I was raised Catholic. Do the research and you will see the mystery religions have been carried on by Rome. Do bloodline research and you will see the families who ran things thousands of years ago are still in control. Seek salvation in Jesus Christ and learn the truth, he was Jewish by the way.

  90. I feel like the Jews justify their occupation in palestine by referring to the holocaust. Its kind of like "look what happened to us, we deserve our own nation, even if that involves doing exaclty what happened to us to others"

    Although this was a good documentary, i think it was biased towards the jews. Yes jews are discrimnated against,but who isnt? arabs are more discriminated against than jews. just look at who runs the american government, you dont see many arabs there do you?
    The media is brainwashing everyone into thinking that arabs are the bad ones. if one jew dies, the papers are filled with news about the death. but not when palestinians die. its actually a fact that for every 1 jew that dies, 3 palestinians die.


    "I dont see hitler as suicidal"

    "... he committed suicide"

  92. The fact that even over a century later, people still believe the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a stunning testament to just how powerful and how easily zealous bigotry can overcome rational logic.

  93. Hold on, there was voting in Tzarist Russia?

    You mean protocol #10 that was supposed to be invented in Tzarist Russia, there was voting?

    Hmmmm. Seems to be incredible there was voting, in a non voting government. I think the person who wrote the protocols needs to know history. I think people who believe this stuff need to know history.

  94. I expected this movie to be more about the Protocols of Zion. As far as I could see, the author was more concerned about Jews being blamed for 9/11 than anything else.

    Another important thing is that he's not making any kind of difference between Jews and Zionists, even there is a big difference! Mr. Levin is poor informed! You cannot produce a good documentary just by interviewing people on the streets, and then picking those interviews that fit into your ideas best.

    Actually he doesn't seem to have a clue what true Zionism means.
    That's quite a disappointment.

  95. Not So Fast...
    I agree except Marc Levin can't escape what he is by changing his name and moving. He wears what he is on his face.

  96. If this Jew is smart enough to make this film then he is plenty smart enough to know EXACTLY why people hate his guts. Don't be buffaloed. This Jew DOES know exactly why he is hated. It's telling that he used a speech from Elie Wiesel since Elie Wiesel is a well known Jew con artist.

    This is like filming a dog bite your leg and asking why dogs like to bite your leg. But the film does not show you kicking the dog's ribs in. Levin takes everything out of context. For example, the only way a Jew would say "God means go do good" would be in the context of other Jews. You're not going to BS me. I know what is taught in the Jewish Talmud. Read Michael Hoffman's Jewish expose'.

    Seriously, if I were Marc Levin, I would change my name and quit telling people I was ever a Jew.

  97. How can the "Protocols" be deemed a hoax when it's protocols have been followed to the letter by the Zionist movement?

  98. cant believe how many anti-Semites are commenting here,seems like some people cant distinguish being against Zionism and being a bigot and being against Jews.

    if anyone here actually believe the Jews wrote the protocols of Zion with all the info out there that shows it was a czarist invention is either and I'll put it bluntly, a bigot.

    BTW I'm an atheist with no known Jewish linage.

  99. ok anyone who thinks this isn't one sided towards Jews is obviously a victim of this guys extremely biased editing.i really hate things like cutting scenes with a snappy remark before the other has a chance to respond.

    simple yet sly bull shit that gets a lot of people feeling sorry for the jewish cause and making anti-semitics look like a majority of wannabe gangsters who hang out side kwiki marts.

    COME ON! cant you get some more intellectual people to interview for the other sides argument? instead of repeated scenes of morons on the street, who obviously are gonna look dumb when they are up against an intellectual making a documentary on the subject, they look dumb when they talk about anything! i did find it funny when the arab in the suit had to push his way to the front of those ignorant gangstas, saying "why you don't want to interview me??"

    Yeh a lot of s*** in this doc that made me pissed with this Jew, and actually understand some of this "anti-semitism"
    if antisemitism is the oldest form of hate in the world, doesn't that say something? they gotta be doing something wrong!

    anyway its good to see that most people can see through the doc, and could see the bias, maybe were not such a dumb bunch

  100. interesting documentary... a tad one sided I agree...
    But... Can't blame it on the Jews or on Arabs, or Blacks or whites... It's the Asians! LMAO!! no seriously... it's not about race, faith or creed... 9/11 was an inside job.. I'm not sure but surely the incompetency or unwillingness of the government to investigate.. or re investigate 9/11 and the tremendous shroud s of mysteries that surround it, lead me to say... It might have been an inside job after all...
    so.. who to blame? well.. not the Arabs, or the Jews... or the whites or the Asians or Hispanics... It is our governments, the people in power... Jews and Gentiles, black and white, Hispanic and Asian... They are to blame, they are the ones who make decisions in the name of greed and money. Wether they are Christian, Muslim, or Jews.

  101. WOW! I haven't even watched this yet, but the comments here are pretty revealing of some real antisemitic bulls*** floating around. I had no idea.

  102. This is a perfect example of a documentary that backfired. Levin's intent was to prove the protocols to be a hoax but instead he just made it more clear that the protocols are real... Anyone who has not read it should google it and download it and read it for themselves. If you don't see them in effect in the world we live in today,you are either blind to the truth or in denial. Why did Levin's Jewish brehren in Hollywood refuse to talk to him but yet the nazis did? perhaps they have something to hide....

  103. Israel stabilizes the middle east. Without it all the arab countries would probably be at war. Lets face it, they really hate each other, but they hate israel more. Thats why the state of israel is allowed to get away with stuff, because in the big picture its for the greater good.

  104. They just want the people not to forget about the jew. Enough to see their deception and their hypocrisy in Palestine...
    they know how to play with words and sentiments...

  105. For the record... I watched this in hopes of educating myself and getting rid of any bias I may have... unfortunately I didn't really get much out of it. I was really hoping that Zionists would have a real good justification for themselves and prove a lot of things untrue about them. I don't like the idea of knowing such ugly things about any peoples. I'm so tired of Zionists CLAIMING to be Jewish. You are not a Jew if you don't practice your religion. That's the problem with these zionist people they have no real principles of right and wrong and they are just a secular group who only value and respect their own kind and at the end of the day if anyone says anything about them or to them they pretend to be the victim. Who is the victim? The people who you physically and mentaly oppress or you because someone is pointing out that what you do is wrong?

  106. Wow... this video really does a horrible job of defending the Zionist Agenda... that's because there really is no defending it. The facts are there. I wish this guy first established a difference between a Zionist and a Jew.

  107. My cousin died in the wtc (he worked in tower 2) and was Jewish. His mom goes on tv at least once a year to talk about the organization she started in his memory to help victims families. Stupid Niggers in the intro

  108. You can't fool all of the people all of the time, but i f you fool the right ones, all the rest will fall behind.
    BIASED doc

  109. BUY THE BOOK READ IT AND SEARCH FACTS FOR YOURSELF. THIS IS A CRAPPY PRO JEW DOCUMENTARY. I knew it was going to be a ONE SIDED documentary when I saw the HBO logo at the beginning. HBO is heavily PRO JEW and not to long ago there was an episode of a show THE LARRY DAVID and he urinated on Jesus face, that was a wake up call for me. HBO is a ZIONIST AHSKENAZI JEW’s NETWORK. Now to the topic.
    I have read the book and there are 98% of all things said in that book has come to fruition, FACT not fiction. Fact: Who owns the media? Banks? The Federal Reserve? Who was behind every movement such as Bolshevism (communism), French Revolution, NAPOLEONIC WAR, THE PESANT REVOLUTION IN ENGLAND, WW1 and WW2, IN WICH ASHKENAZI (ZIONIST) JEWS FUNDED BOTH SIDE OF EVERY WAR OR DEPRESSION IN THE WORLD. ALL ZIONIST JEWS. Now the book also draws a VERY FINE LINE between a JEW (a EASTERN JEW with the curly locks and the box on forehead, those who indeed observe the sabbath, often poor but very religious) and the ZIONIST JEW (THE ASHKENAZI JEWS: it’s western counter part, that believes they are the only true race blessed by G-D and they will at all expense by all means establish the HOLLY LAND so from there they can rule the world. Even if it means to BANKRUPT our nation (USA).
    Look there's proof all over, the more you search the more you begin to understand their agenda, the ADL gets away with everything, the AIPAC; huge lobbying for the Zionists. In 2203 prime minister Ariel Sharom even said that "THE USA IS UNDER OUR CONTROL, WE OWN THEM".
    Why the US foreign aid to Israel in $ amount = the very same $ amount to ALL CENTRAL and S AMERICAN + AFRICAN NATIONS combined.EACH ISRAELI GET APPR $25000 A YEAR FROM THE US GOVERNMENT. Why? Search and you will see how BIAS the media really is towards the Jews, they can do no wrong! They want to conquer all nations of the world and rule them by proxy and make carbon copies of themselves, no uniqueness to cultures etc.
    THIS BOOK IS REALLY GOOD AND I WAS astonished to see how such an old book could be hold so much truth to it, it all has happened or is about to happen.
    The worst kind of people are the ZIONISTS that will hide behind a faith of Judaism to conquer the world by conquest or consent.

  110. SHUT UP ERIC!! YOU'RE SPILLING THE SUPER TOP SECRET BEANS!! HA! Do me a favour. You all think you know so much and the rest of the world is in blissful ignorance. Pathetic, sheltered, spoilt, western mollycoddled ignoramuses spouting your paranoid fantasies from your broadband equipped ivory towers. Get in the real world and take your heads out of your rear ends. Once you've done that maybe you'll stop talking so much crap! The Jihadists must be splitting their seams at the fools who blame the 9/11 attacks on their own government. The 1st effective foreign attack on U.S. soil and you blame your own people. Hilarious.

  111. This documentary is terrible!! Do not waste your time watching it!! The Jewish man that created this documentary is smearing the line between Jews and Zionists... not all Jews are Zionists.... 50 million Jewish rabbis in New York protested Israel and Zionism... most "Jews" in Israel do not even practice the Jewish religion.... all heads of big media, big corporations, big insurance, the IMF, the federal reserve, and the UN are all Zionists, not all Jews, but they believe in the protocols of Zion and they believe that the ancient land of Israel which consisted of (Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan...) all of which are "terrorist" countries... you wonder why they are all considered "terrorist" countries?

    Because they are all part of the land of ancient Israel or Zion and once the Arabs are out of that land Israel will be restored and the messiah is said to return..... the bible is just a book, the protocols of Zion is just a book, but the Zionists are trying to make these books into reality... please do not be fooled, Jews are not Zionists, please do your research! This documentary is full of c***!

  112. We all know documentaries for public viewing aren't for educational purposes there made in a way to entice and evoke to keep u interested the same way every other programme ,movie is made , however the one thing that made me truly cringe in this video was the conversation on the street which starts at 8:53 blatantly uneducated in history they ramble on carelessly making claims against tragic factual verified evident events.

    Its these people who are a real threat spurred on by there own imbalanced emotions ranting without clarity. I don't think the the man waving a banner would be happy to here the Jews of Judah and before were mostly black people if not all.and then the not so devote Christians would be upset to discover the Jews came from the Israelites tribe of Judah.

    And the Nazis would invent a history to justify the existence of Atlantis seeing as theres no historical evidence pre dating platos probable romance story thats good enough to support there claim the Aryan race came from Atlantis.

    But you can't/shouldn't believe everything u read or are told. Please take these documentaries lightly if u want to educate yourselves .i suggest you go to a public library and indulge search for books cross reference them find everything out you can question the authors authenticity read it again read another read between the lines

  113. Look. Everyone with a brain knows that "The Protocols" is a bunch of rubbish. Yet the question of what motivates the hatred of Jews is interesting topic to cover. But I couldnt help but laugh out loud when in the very beginning of this film you see the film makers father's house in a quiet suburban NJ neighborhood covered in graffiti. Done by his grandson no less! The neighbors must love that? Then as soon as we go inside, what do we see? A framed portrait of freakin Che!! Gee? I wonder why some people might view Jew's as selfish ( see Graffiti) anti - American Marxist sympathizers? I am not saying it is right. But oy vey!

  114. Israel is not a Jewish state it is a Zionist state , whose parasitic existence is a curse to Judaism .Why is it that Jews allow the Zionist to continue to hide behind the Jewish religion when what they are really doing is dismembering it . Of course Zion has an agenda the dismembering of Judaism is only part of it ,all one has to do is look at the manner in witch the have systematically destroyed American sovrerty , and how they are committing genocide under a canopy of terror in open contempt for all but themselves.
    Are the protocols of Zion a fraud cant say , Israelis actions however do reflect there content.
    By the way, why is it the Zionist never question who financed the first and second world war. Could it be perhaps that Zionist bankers were funding both sides , just another rumour right

  115. 'Jews' have no intentions of taking over the world (silly assumption), but what the ISRAELIs (=/= Jews) are doing in Gaza is genocide, no more, no less. Check out a few other docs on that topic on this site - well worth the watch.

  116. The decumentary has many deceptions, one of it and the most importance one is that Zoins are Jews.

    Zoins are people that belive that their prophet will came after they build a country for jews and make Jerusalem its capital, and with this prophet they world. These people do not follow certain religion or race they could be Christians or Arab.

    An orgnizations had been made to serve this gole (masonry,skullen bones, Nazism)

  117. @Anti zionist,
    You might have read the book but have you read about the back story of where it came from and how many respected people have debunked this as a conspiracy theory? If the Jews were really planning on taking over the world why would they have waited so long to do it? They had ample time to do it during the world wars. And how do they teach everyone about it? And how does every Jew agree with it without someone leaking it? Come on, there has to be at least one guy saying, umm I'm not that comfortable taking over the world. And saying that Jews were behind WWII? If they were, don't you think they would have got the 6 million Jews out before they made it happen? It's kind of hard taking over the world when you lose that many people.

    Your generalizations are sickening, seriously!

  118. BUY THE BOOK READ IT AND SEARCH FACT FOR YOURSELF. THIS IS A CRAPPY PRO JEW DOCUMENTARY. I knew it was going to be a ONE SIDED documentary when I saw the HBO logo at the beginning. HBO is heavily PRO JEW and not to long ago there was an episode of a show THE LARRY DAVID and he urinated on Jesus face, that was a wake up call for me. HBO is JEW's NETWORK. Now to the topic.
    I have read the book and there are 98% of all things said in that book has come to fruition, FACT not fiction. Fact: Who owns the media? Banks? The Federal Reserve? Who was behind every movement such as Bolshevism (communism), French Revolution, WW1 and WW2 ,IN WICH JEWS FUNDED BOTH WARS INCLUDING THE NAPOLEONIC WARS, and even Capitalism. ALL JEWS. Now the book also draws a VERY FINE LINE between a JEW (a EASTERN JEW with the curly locks and the box on forehead, those who indeed observe the sabbath, often poor but very religious) and the ZIONIST JEW (it's western counter part, that believes they are the only true race blessed by G-D and they will at all expense by all means establish the HOLLY LAND so from there they can rule the world.
    Look all over the more you search the more you begin to understand their agenda, the ADL , gets away with everything, the AIPAC; huge lobbying for the Zionists, why the US foreign aid to Israel in $ amount = the very same $ amount to ALL CENTRAL and S AMERICAN + AFRCAN NATIONS combined. Why? Search and you will see how VIAS the media really is towards the Jews, they can do no wrong! They want to conquer all nations of the world and rule them by proxy and make carbon copies of ourselves, no uniqueness to cultures etc.
    THIS BOOK IS REALLY GOOD AND I WAS astonished to see how such an old book could be hold so much truth to it, it all has happened or is about to happen.
    The worst kind of people are the ZIONISTS that will hide behind a faith of Judaism to conquer the world by conquest or consent.

  119. I'm not perfect, I have my prejudices - but watching this extremely balanced and fair reportage has educated me and reduced those prejudices.

    We have to cure the hatred in ourselves before we can evolve to full humanity. All voilence eminates from self-hatred. We must begin with ourselves and our children if the world is ever to change.

    I hope it's not too late.
    We could be beautiful.

  120. I think people do not hate jews. There are other lots of religions and ethnicities dotted around the world who are disliked by other groups for variuos reasons. For example, hispanics in the US. I think everybody know their economic and political situation. What people do not like is Israely policies and its leaders lies and arrogance. Hating these is not hating jews. Israel is a country. No one can take it from Israelies. I am saying Israelies not jews because there are lots non jews who think they are citizen of israel. But the palstanians also have a right to have their own county.

    Please no one post a comment saying palastanians do not want the israel to exist because you will be lying. Nowadays people looked online for informatio without relying only on mainstream medias.

    Thanks for reading.

    Let’s wait for the day when Israelis and Plastenians will be living two different countries with harmony. I am planning to have my retirement life spent in both countries.

  121. The big thing the maker ignored is what other world (ie non muslim) world think about Jews hatered. I am not saying whether they hate jews or not. Just what they think about it (Hatered against Jews as the maker asked in the film). More than 1/2 of the population livesoutside Europe, USA and Arab world. Especially people from Far Eastern countries and India what they think about it. Their influence in western economy and politics are growing more and more. It is worth to know their view too.

    In school, we were taught about jews ordeal in second world war. They were very sad stories. No one can make me believe they are not true. Then later I found about all the jew scientists, inventors, filmmakers and successful business. That really made me feel good and still does.

    But what I really did not know was until I went to college was they created a country for US and Europian Jews by taking land from other people. That really made me sad. I felt even worse when I found out that the people have not there country at all.

    Only Jews people know what it feel like living without country under other people who think they are different.

  122. Good documentary and well presented. But it does not answer why people hate jews, the question asked by the maker at the begining. It only shows there were people who hated jews and killed them in the past and still there are people woh hates jews. The documentary only shows that they were hated because of their appearance and religion. It does not mention same is the reason now. Jews are big part of the western sociaties now. To hate them is to hate modern world.

    Why killing of jornalist and Holocaust was shown here. These are not answer for why but how. I don't think so anybody needs to educate anybody about these attrocities anymore. Every good citizen of the world should know about these by their early teens. Good film like this should not focus on killing and attrocities committed by terrorists and uneducated members of the muslim world. And should not focus on only muslim world too. The hate between muslim (mainly Arabs) and jews world started for political reason. They look same and share same origin religiously too. Pease read rest.

  123. @lovewillconquer--haha, thanks for the laugh!

  124. Wow.9/11 increased anti-semitism?Am I living in the same universe as Mr. Levin?After 9/11 would you rather be muslim or Jewish?After Bernie Madoff was arrested a woman on the news said "What a horrible day for the jewish people", believing now they would be blamed.At what point do the jewish people stop being perpetual victims that have to be treated differently than other groups.I didn't see any people being pulled off planes and tortured for being Jewish after 9/11.But don't listen to me I only say these things because I have an irrational genetic hatred for all Jewish people emanating from my blackened cold Nazi heart.Excuse me the Klan is meeting tonight to discuss celebrating Hitlers birthday so I have to go.

  125. I agree this was a biased documentary, although I do think it was biased, what I took away from this was not that Israel or Palestine were being glorified it just shows how hatred is a dangerous weapon. Hatred spreads easily and when you are blind with hatred you cannot be subjective, you can believe lies like linking a whole faith to a catastrophe. I don't believe that Israel and Palestine will be able to live side by side for a long time. That thought saddens me, that because they both believe they are so right and their bible is correct gives both sides the right to commit such atrocities.

    I am an atheist and say what you will, growing up subjectively as I have, I see no good in any side. Most all religions claim to be the correct one and all others are sinning against God. I'm sorry but I can't look at any religion without seeing blood on their hands and those same hands they say try to welcome others in? We have so many other problems that need fixing and we are still stuck on the problems of working out which God is the right one? I am thoroughly disenchanted by every side, fundamentalists on every side cannot be reasoned with, no amount of data or logic or evidence can change their minds and that is a dangerous person.


  127. How come they have not mentioned the fact the Rothschild family are the ones that have been at the root of every war since 1700's? Or the fact that the Rothschild family funded Hitler and Churchill? Or the face that the Rothschild family are JEWISH!?!?

  128. hey i meant closure to the jewish tyranny meaning he will lead them into their own doom....not that he will save us; the rest of the world....
    as far as islam is concerned there is but one saviour expted to rise and that is jesus christ son of marry (pbut)

  129. And btw for anyone who calls arabs terrorists or extremists, maybe u should get ur head "out of the box" and ask urself this..through out history, even in the islamic nation's most glorified days, were there ever any inccidents recorded in history were muslims carried out outrageous massacres or showed any sort of threat or disrespect against human life?..where they ever threatening to their neighbors? were there ever any form of racism or discrimination against inncocents??? and before the formation of israel was there ever any form of evil human activities of that kind in the middle east??? keep in mind that there was a time where Islam has reached Spain and further...
    and there was a reason why it was spread via swords...not because of desire to conquer but due to the realization that it wouldnt be too long before the once chosen people would rise once again to corrupt the christian world as long as it remained defensless against those who teamed up with the devil and later on formed masonry...under the illusion that they would somehow manage to decieve god or overcome his wrath....ediots!!!!

    who is gonna go to hell the people who worship earthly pleasure like vampires or the people who pray 5 times a day?!!! gimme a break!!!

    and one more a series called "THE ARRIVALS"!!
    it would be of great use for anyone intrested in the truth...u wont regret it...its a 51 episode documentary about the world in terms of religion, politics and what it all has to do with God Almighty and antichrist he is going to send upon the earth a sign of the last days and as closure to the jewish tyranny.

  130. this is a documentary made by a jew pretending to be unbias, exhibiting nothing but a willingness to shut up while showing samples of critisism against jews...the girl who said jews are pigs and monkeys is only reciting a verse of the Holy Qur'an concerning an incident where God punished a certain group of jews with that punishment...but did he show pictures of israeli kids signing israeli missles before they were launched unto innocent plastinian homes?!!! of course not!!! and those images and clips of muslims so filled of anger, to non-arabs are incomprehensible and "scary"...But let me an arab give u taste of truth as simply put as can be.... ur a palastinian,a citizen of a country and so were your ancestors for centuries or more acuretaley, millenia...and u find tens of hundreds of fugitives seeking shelter in your country within your community...and out of sympathy and nature of your religion and beliefs u grant them that only find out later that they came weilding mountains of gold and incredible amounts of wealth and have the intention of robbing ur land and home and ur country so they bring out the weaponry in an armless country and start to overtake the country by rampage and assaination patrols (pardon my week english) and kill and cause massacres (which all are of course hardly documeted if at all as far as the international community is concerned)....and they form the state.despite the dictations of their own religion which forbids jews from uniting or forming a natioin until their messiah comes....

    i could go on and on 4ever....and still will be in vain its in our Qura'an "u shall rise in the land Twice" and that would be the renesance age of satan....

  131. yashua was a jew and siad whatever you do to the least of these my brothers you also do unto me

  132. hey! me. thank,s for the link

  133. Good doc, fairly presented.

  134. where can i get a copy of the protocols of the elders of zion

  135. Most people I hear bashing the Jews online are ignorant of the Elders of Bourg Fontaine documents which were released by the Roman Catholic church to villanize the Albigensian Cathars, a Jain sect with anti Jesuit leanings, I think something similar happened with the Protocols of Zion...