Psychiatry: An Industry of Death

Psychiatry: An Industry of Death

2006, Psychology  -   407 Comments
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Psychiatry: An Industry of DeathPsychiatry: An Industry of Death is a controversial documentary on the horrors of psychiatry, of punishing and persecuting of the innocent and promoting Fascism, racism and atheism.

It was the foundation for the Holocaust, apartheid, for Jim Crow and for Communism. It has lead to many deaths. It denies God, the giver of life and freedom. It stands against the values of freedom, life, liberty and dignity.

There have been allegations that this is a Scientology propaganda film. Although the church of Scientology has had influence on the production of this film, the evil inherant in psychiatry should be of great concern to all people of all faiths especially Christians and Jews.

Psychiatrists in Nazi Germany basically branded innocent people as mentally ill including Jews. The concentration camps of Auschwitz and elsewhere were nothing more than psychiatric hospitals for those the Nazi State deemed mentally unfit. IE: Jews Gypsies, Christians, Dissidents, ETC.

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  1. When I was 16, I stole my step-fathers Plymouth Fury ex-cop car with the big interceptor motor. Long story short, because of a lack of juvenile facilities I was thrown into Norwich State Hospital for the Insane. After a single meeting with a psychiatrist I was diagnosed manic depressive with a depressive neuroses. 6 years later, after 4 other psychiatrists gave sworn affidavits that there wasn't a damn thing wrong with me, except for this seemingly constant involuntary movement of my jaw, we collected mid-six-figures from the hospital, the doctor, and the state. Thank you very little. And if you're the type of person the casually dismisses what this documentary offers, you probably believe Joe Biden is the best President ever.

  2. They all look crazy to me. People that have no understanding of mental health talking about mental health. I suppose it's demons then. Crap like this is dangerous.

    1. Thinly disguised Scientology propaganda that belongs in Sci-Fi category

    2. This video is truth mixed with false. You can't get the first hand truth anymore. If you speak the truth you will get sectioned with a mental health act and detained and crucified. Drug pushing is big business and so are Scientology treatments.

  3. Psychiatry an industry of godless, antichrist, lies, death, destruction, deceit, rape, framing innocent victims, perverting the course of justice, making a killing, and laughing all the way to the bank about it. By the way; both psychiatry and scientology deny the existence of the soul and mock Jesus. I know. I went browsing through their books one day when they insisted I walked by and they insisted that I come in and do one of those tests with the 200 questions that gives you three answers to choose from. Scientology demanded I give them my chain with a star and a cross and said they will give it back when I buy a book they were trying to sell me. I never got my chain and cross and star back. Scientology were calling me up every week asking for my bank details and trying to sell me a book for $40. I never gave them my bank details then they were calling up every week and asking me for my bank details to sell me a $4000 set of Scientology books but I refused. I asked CCHR to help me with this Mental Health Psychiatric treachery problem. They sent me 2 DVD's from 2 different places and I never heard from them again and they never helped me. Just "leave a donation." Those videos do tell a lot of truths but as Christians know that familiar truth that the best place to hide a lie is between two truths. You know what I mean don't you? Psychiatry and Scientology operate on the same level; They are both ungodly and antichrist and both deny the man or mankind has a soul. Ungodly cults of greed for money and power and thoughts control. I want my chain and my cross and my star back from scientology and the abominations committed by psychiatry need to be stopped and put on trial with the falsified medical psychiatric records by psychiatrists and registrars be held accountable.

    1. Drug pushing is big business.

  4. The child drugging in schools is the worst. Don't modify the school to fit thew students modify the students with drugs to fit the school. Its an atrocity.

    1. Hmmm be careful with quick assertions here... half truth. Dangerous thoughts.

  5. It's all scam and is designed and created to kill us,poison our genes/dna. Any and every disease ,virus that is not created by man, most definitely can be cured. This planet we call dirt(earth) has everything we need to get health again. Botanical gardens. Plants trees fungus and bugs. I have also discovered that these wonderful gifts from our mother Earth gave me a gift of breaking the chains of 22 year addiction to every and any street drug. Herion and meth was my last two addiction battles. The claws were sunk in deep. One night I ate magic mushrooms and became aware of an entity that was near me. I had been aware of it for some time. But never understood or believed it was real. That night I found out the truth. I would love to share my experience but this is not the place for it. I try to make it brief. Basically the drugs caused my brain to access different frequencies that allowed this entity to attach it's self to me and it's purpose was to keep me sick and stop me from my purpose in life. So I confronted it and had long banter with it. Much was said and shown. When I woke up the obsession and control drugs had on me was gone. This was two yrs ago. I have encountered this thing 3xs since after smoking weed. My last encounter I found out that its not going anywhere till it's job is done. My failure. Not happening I'm stronger and more spiritual then ever. And understand so much. Not sure why I started writing this. Research into nature yourself and educate your mind with as much as possible. May your day's be filled love and serenity.

  6. I agree that mental illness is amorphous and cannot be clearly defined. But it definitely exists. I also agree that it is mis-diagnosed and over-diagnosed. It is not a pseudo-science; rather I believe it is constantly evolving and we are learning more about it all the time. We can't dismiss it just because we don't know everything about it. Wasn't it just 50 (or fewer) years ago we thought that cigarette smoke didn't cause any harm? Maybe in another 50 years we'll have a better grip on mental illness and its diagnosis and treatment.

  7. The documentary states that mental illness has never been and can never be cured. Well, neither can diabetes or high cholesterol. Both can be treated but can never be completely cured. Mental illness isn't alone in that sense.

    1. Diabetes and high cholesterol are real medical diseases than can be PROVEN with tests and the diseases can be measured for improvement. Mental problems cannot. Mental problems are not illnesses.

    2. Joe, who has you thinking that mental illness can't be scientifically proven? And why are you so angry over an obvious propaganda film?

  8. If you believe this documentary, you need psychological help.

    1. If you don't believe this documentary it is YOU who needs psychological help.

    2. Stating that someone needs psychological help for disagreeing with you implies intellectual disability...

  9. Excellent documentary. Those that claim this documentary is a lie, Scientology, biased etc... are either psychiatric patients or those working in the mental health industry. They're in willful denial of the facts and truths in the documentary. Psychiatry has destroyed, maimed and even killed the lives of millions around the world with pseudoscience. It is a marketing and advertising agency that is stigmatizing, selling drugs and destroying lives for profit. Psychiatry should be abolished just like slavery was abolished. Psychiatry is modern day slavery. A pseudoscience cult that claims it can read peoples minds. What a joke of a profession.

  10. This is an excellent documentary exposing the fraud of psychiatry. The whole world needs to see this. Those who call it lies, Scientology propaganda etc... are either psychiatric patients who are in willful denial of the truth or people who work in the psychiatric industry. Psychiatrists are criminals who invent fictitious diseases which they have never proven and cause the exact same symptoms they claim to be treating with their drugs so they can bill for patient visits and prescriptions for profit. It's a HUGE SCAM.

  11. This industry is only about the money, not there patients. We are moving away from God. This is a sinful industry as the judicial system preying on the weak as they become sacrificial lambs for money in that industry. God help us.

  12. Psychiatry's brutalization of humanity under the guise of help is clearly exposed. There's no way this video is a lie because there's no way the shinks would allow it to continue to be broadcast. It's too damning of their criminal actions.

    1. The number of suicides would drop drastically if psychotropic drugs were curtailed. The FDA or certain employees take pay offs. Dr. Woodcock needs investigation. The FDA working with the drug companies are covering up the true nature of the pharmaceuticals being taken are harmful even deadly. There drugs are mostly destructive.

    2. I agree

  13. This was a carefully researched propaganda film produced by Scientology, which I find to be more threatening than Psychiatry as it is practiced now. They conveniently omitted that patients have rights and that there is a hearing for involuntary commitments. One could argue the same points against religion and cite many more examples of death and destruction. One could argue the point with medicine in general ~ exposing frightening and painful 'cures' from past Centuries as has been done in this film. Poorly done and cynical that people wouldn't realize the obvious slant.

    1. True,but the facts peak for themselves. Strange the exposer is corrupt cult. They have been exposed many times,but continue.

    2. Have you ever experienced or seen one of those hearings? Do you realize how much they vary by state and how they are - more often than not - rubber stamped mockeries of judicial process?

      The difference between medicine's messed up "cures" over the centuries is that most were voluntary - you completely ignore this.

  14. Fakey McFake Fake.

  15. Hi I have been a victim to sickchiatry for many years I was never mentally ill in the 1st place, I got put on top dose of anti-pychotic meds 1st appointment I had with a shrink, I was a very active lad very confident and sociable no mental issues what so ever cutting a very long sad story short, I have been on mind altering meds for many years now and been unlawfully detained in a mental ward few times I also have wrong diagnoses the worst one I rather not say but I am now fat and going bald and on a depo injection as I exposed sickyciatry on utube so they stuck me on injection so now I am not clever like I use 2 be am very slow now as I was a very intelligent young fellow, psychiatry in a nutshell pit money b4 principal and that's the truth they want to be number 1, if they had the power they would dope up the masses all to feed the masonic pharma ind and that's the cold hard facts right there. psychiatry is basically a secret society in a way they have hidden agendas and shrinks do not like out spoken people who oppose against them.

    1. Be careful my son's story is similar. He recently passed away at age 24. I'm disgusted with the Mental Health services and the abusive of power. His death was a direct result of over injection of anti-psychotic.

    2. Curious, how did you get into "treatment" if you were never mentally ill in the first place?

    3. Nice troll, Melanie. Ever hear of circular reasoning?

      Why is it that people so regularly engage in logical fallacies to argue for psychiatry if it's such a golden standard of the mind? Does anyone at all see the absolutely satirical irony in this?

    4. I can relate to and agree with that being a victim of doctors and psychiatrists since 1982.

  16. This has nothing, whatsoever, to do with Scientology. It's about truth. I am not a Scientology advocate. I'm smart, like you!

    1. Wrong. Who do you think is behind this film?

  17. I'm amazed by the number of people who have been brain washed by the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries through advertising and other promotional activities. Step way back and face the truth! Embrace your courage. Stop being ignorant. (Look it up!)

    1. True. There are some cases drug addicts fried there brains doing drugs. However, our mental health system is a joke and a drug pusher just like a drug dealer on the streets, but they are just doing it illegally. Even though, it is not right.

    2. It all true. They do these same things to me.

  18. You know psychiatrists study 4 years of medical school. Which can leave them with almost $300,000 on debt. They have to study every system of the body in great detail. Most of it has nothing to do with mental health or psychiatry, or at least not directly. They spend most of those days studying. They can spend more than 10 hours a day reading books and studying. They not only study for classes, but for boards exams. Which creates large amounts of stress. There's also times when you have to be on call and spend long hours at the hospital. Meaning their sleep is greatly affected. Then after they go through all that, is when they actually get training in psychiatry. Which is 4 more years. That's 8 years after the 4 years of undergraduate education. That's 12 years after high school. Many will pretty much put their life on hold (no kids, marriage, vacations, money, etc.) while their friends and families are happy having all that. It will also create problems in their relationships for many, because they can't spend much time with family and friends, because of all they time they have to dedicate to their education. Psychiatry in comparison to other medical doctors is one of the lowest in the pay scale. There are other faster, cheaper, and better ways to make money. Most people go through those sacrifices because they really love what they do, and want to help people. Saying that all psychiatrists go through all that for money, and they don't care about their patients, and purposely give medications to make their patients' lives miserable just for fun makes no sense at all. People actually going into medicine for the money are making a mistake, and are greatly discourage by pretty much everyone who knows how things work in medicine and healthcare. Many choose their career because they or someone they know has been affected with mental illness, and they want to help other people in that situation.

    1. Boo effing hoo and you are a liar. No psyquackatrist wants to help anyone but themselves.

    2. Abolish Psychiatry has a strong point. Why don't we fit the true problem instead of using drugs. It starts with unity in the family and raising emotional strong children and other societal issues and greed.

  19. This IS a Scientology propaganda film. Psychiatry was no more the source of the Holocaust than medical science as a whole. Linking psychiatry to communism is the worst kind of conspiracy theory rubbish. Psychiatry did not invent propaganda. The Church of Scientology uses some of the worst psychological manipulation and they are a cult!

  20. Mental illness does not exist. There are brain illnesses like tumors but the mind is a concept. It cannot be "diseased" and psychiatrists have never been able to prove the existence of any of their so called mental "Illnesses" So they resort to propaganda about chemical imbalances and differences in brains but they don't have any tests that could possibly confirm that so in the end it's nonsense, propaganda. Psychiatry must be destroyed.

  21. All of these people complaining about scientology need to watch the video. Not once do they bring their scientology religion into the documentary, Nor do they push it,

    The fact is that psychiatrists are able to lock up law abiding citizens violating their oath and nobody can stop them. They can torture you in their prisons because they don't like your belief system and just like an evil cult they spread propaganda, pseudo science and imprison innocents everyday. They are a branch of evil, A form of social control.

  22. Atheism in the same category as fascism and racism? Most fascists and racists are fervent god believers. Shouldn't you be vilifying capitalism, not communism? Your topic sounds inviting but I question the perspective. Very disturbing indeed.

  23. Granted, I'm a psychologist, not a psychiatrist, but this documentary exploits basic fears of today's society, psychiatry's dark past (but then again, all medicine had bizarre, harmful attempts) and screwups of the modern doctors to paint an unreal picture that borders propaganda. Mental illness is real. And documentaries like these prevent people from reaching out with their troubles and scare them out of mental health. And we have to work our way through the stigma AND people's irrational fears fueled by bulls*it like this.

  24. This was a great film . very informative.I was told i was bipolar. Still have trouble with this. Would have been nice to include the stigma of mental illness. Peace!!

  25. 100% scientology propaganda bulls*it made to look like "documentary". Stuff this paranoid bulls*it whit your zeigeist "documentaries" up to your gullible a**

    1. Way to dismiss something without making a single argument. I suppose you think you're sane and intelligent?

  26. Is this a scientology film?

  27. After a few years on the anti-depressant, zoloft, prescribed during a typical marital problem had her a bit vexed, my dear younger cousin went from being a vibrant bon vivant with a wickedly delicious sense of humor, to a jittery, unstable, grouch that everyone has to tiptoe around for fear of setting her off.

    1. Zoloft screwed me up too. I got off it after just one day on pure insanity. Doctors really have no idea what these drugs are doing to people. I had depression because of allergies but because my symptoms weren't severe it was diagnosed as a chemical imbalance and I ran the gamut of antidepressants. They are all bad. Zoloft ->Insane sexual fantasies, Celexa -> 1 week of insomnia with dreams of murdering old ladies execution style, Paxil -> Even fewer emotions to accompany an already emotionless state of mind. Seroquel-> I slept 46 hours in 2 days (and that was just half a pill).

    2. Luckily you've survived that game of psychotropic roulette to warn others of its danger. Profitable feel-good drug peddling, legal or otherwise, should always be viewed with suspicion.

    3. I'm sorry that happened, and hope she keeps looking for the treatment that will do her the most good. Zoloft saved my life and helped me get myself back after almost 2 years of wanting to off myself. I just feel normal while taking it, but it doesn't work for everyone.

    4. A friend of mine was given Paxil . Within a short time he wanted to kill his family the; over time he developed a strong desire to go outside and start shooting people. He finally realized it was the drug and actually went in to his doctor and threw the bottle of drugs at him. He’s been fine for years.
      They need to after the very corrupt FDA.

  28. I saw nothing about Scientology in this. It is well known that Psychiatry has a filthy past. This documentary shows that well. I found it very interesting.

  29. Great movie. Watch out for psychiatry - there's only pain to experience.

    1. My experience has been different. I was able to reach out for help when I need it and my life is totally better as a result. I don't mindlessly follow any single doctor's orders, though. I have the federal right to make my own health care decisions, and while I respect their training, I don't relinquish that right. I'm on medication and I just feel like me. No weird side effects to report (though of course that isn't true for everyone).

  30. ive been to the psychiatry: Industry of Death in Hollywood. This is pure Scientology propaganda.

  31. What is frustrating about autism is that your life is always going to be exponentially more frustrating than everyone else's. Often your best isn't good enough for anyone else.

  32. I was born 2 mos.premature with autism. I was put on ritalin and dilantin until age 13. These drugs compromised my immune system. I barely escaped getting a finger amputated and found out I was severely allergic to penicillin. Every time I got a cut, it became gangrenous. After quitting the drugs, I rarely get infected cuts.

  33. An Industry of Death is a controversial documentary on the horrors of psychiatry, of punishing and persecuting of the innocent and promoting Fascism, racism and atheism. Yeah Atheism really fits in that list?

    1. That threw me too. It took away from an otherwise note-worthy assessment and makes it easier for some to see the film as propaganda.

  34. No, not a scientology propaganda at al. It's from the CCHR.
    A serious organisation though quite zeleous at their beginnings...
    I mean that even thouhg they quote hard facts & are well documented, their behavior ruins their action.
    For the least, what's the use of the "An eye for an eye" line of conduct?
    Viewing that docu made me feel as viewing a docu about the NAZI concentration camps produced by a few detainees of these camps in 1946-1950... Did anybody lost his/her belongings in the bank crash not so long ago? What would be the tone of producer(s) if he'd/she'd produce a docu 'bout this, hum?
    No doubt that any professionnal in the psychiatry specialty will not have the wisdom to view the entire docu.
    Just think of the allies forcing the surrounding german citizens to view what their leaders had in store.
    As anyone studies to become a psy, he or she learns 'bout history of psychiatry? Has time to figure out what help it really brought to human being? I mean, aside eugenism and racial hate.
    BTW, I wonder if "They" finally proven (Scientifically, publicalion) any chemical imbalance within the brain using any physical material method apart dogmas.
    Coze we've already got told that the end f time is near according to some prophet who also added that he'd be back before his generation be passed by. The religee concept once more.

  35. " promoting Fascism, racism and atheism." Yeah, because Atheism is clearly as evil as the other two. I do believe that psychiatry has issues and there certainly are bad psychiatrists, but this sentence pretty let me know that this is a bulls*it propaganda film.

    1. Yeah-I'm atheist too-I don't believe I'm a bad person just because I don't believe in Santa Clause and listen to my own conscience.

    2. yes, it's a common way to separate the socially-conscious from the independent thinkers. The moment a documentary uses political correctness to convey how good/bad anything is, forget it. I don't have any views on fascism, racism and atheism, other than the fact that they are strongly connotative words. We've grown to be afraid of being judged, and that fear often surpasses rational cognition.


    1. Which part, specifically, do you feel is unverifiable propaganda?

  37. Psychiatry is abusive!!! my uncle was diagnosed as mentally ill and a doctor years later found his thyroid was not functioning right and told my grandmother that it was his thyroid all along but that he had to take the mental meds forever because his brain had been changed by them. arr

    1. They do not care about any of that--ever. They will simply say that "these pathologies coexist." They never question themselves. This is one of the reasons out of nearly a hundred valid points why Psychiatry has to be abolished.

    2. hindsight is perfect, isn't it? Unfortunately if we didn't tolerate failure at the smallest level, nothing would get done. Your critique can apply to environmental agencies, governments, food regulation, even religion. (seriously, just change a few words and that statement can be re-posted everywhere on this site.)

      Ever heard of thalidomide? They never questioned themselves. This is one of the reasons out of nearly a hundred valid points why medicine has to be abolished.

      Ever heard of Agent Orange? They never questioned the effects on the Vietnamese people and American troops. This is one of the reasons why war and chemistry must be abolished.

    3. Misdiagnoses can't always be abuse. It's a sad thing. it may have been incompetence on the part of the psychiatrist, it may have been incompetence on the part of the teachers or it could have been an unfortunate case of similar symptoms.
      There are always going to be bad psychiatrists out there, just like there are bad nurses, general practitioners and police officers. It's up to you and those around you to use common sense, discretion and research rather than having blind faith in someone else - they are just regular people with a different job to you. What should have happened is that someone in your family should have had your uncle be re-assessed and tested for any other physical possibilities well before he actually took the medication.
      People take medication too lightly and the word of professionals as gospel but it's just not that way.

      Also this doco is Scientology propaganda.

    4. It should not be up to the patient to do research, especially when there are so few informational avenues available for a lay person to take. Psychiatrists and hospitals should take steps to ethically police themselves and be willing to work under regularly inspected, transparrent conditions.

    5. I agree with the fact that physicians should be held to a high standard, but there is plenty of information available to anyone who wants it. You can find medication side effects, the latest research, and just about any other information you want with a google search. YOU are ultimately in charge of your health, and the law protects your right to make your healthcare decisions. I think of doctors as consultants, people I pay for their specialized knowledge, but I'm the CEO of Me, Inc and I make the final decisions.

    6. if he doesnt have what he was diagnosed with, then he doesnt have to take the meds anymore. meds dont change your brain forever meaning you have to take them forever. you mite be addicted and have to ween off of them, but thats not the same thing.

      what if someone actually IS mentally ill and needs medication? wouldnt going against the practice of medicating them be abuse?

    7. As the film points out, and psychiatrists have long been forced to admit, there is no test available to accurately diagnose the chemical imbalance of the brain. While some mental illnesses are obviously evident, many are profitably manufactured, often based on guess work.

    8. Who are you to say which are manufactured and whih aren't? You're sort of belittling the suffering of a lot of people.

      And there are some tests now that show that people diagnosed with things such as panic disorder do have very elevated amounts of certain hormones and such that cause and worsen anxiety. I've taken that test.

    9. Again. There is no test available to accurately diagnose the chemical imbalance of the brain. The key word is "accurately."
      Elevated hormone levels are not a reliable indicator of mental illness.
      Neither is most suffering, which is often a catalyst for inner reflection and creativity.
      It is the profit obsessed Pharmaceutical companies and their partnering psychiatrists who belittle the Human Condition, by brazenly dispensing meds with as much real concern as territorial meth dealers.

    10. the idea of "guesswork" in psychiatry is rooted in the complexity of the brain. Most psychiatric diagnoses are NOT distinct diseases that have a specific pathogen (you can trace smallpox to a specific biological entity, but most psych disorders are not specific).

      Rather, these diagnoses are made based on severity of symptoms. If you read the diagnostic manual for psychiatry, the DSM (i think it's in it's fifth edition now), you'll see that diagnoses are complicated and rather systematic. For something like depression, there are checklists and conditions for a diagnosis. it's not the most "accurate" way, but it certainly is the best we can do with current medical knowledge.

      the bottom line is, you shouldn't equate uncertainty with ineffectiveness. In the 1950's they removed entire hemispheres of the brain to treat epilepsy. Why? Not because they thought it was the smartest thing to do, but because there were practically no other options, and the seizures were often fatal. Today we have viable pharmaceutical options.

    11. Can we equate uncertainty with not knowing what the heck is going on?
      With ONE IN FIVE Americans being prescribed psychotropic drugs, it seems to be an awfully BIG (albeit profitable) GAMBLE.
      --- At what point in human existence was it determined that EVERY uncomfortable mood should be labeled a disorder?

    12. you make a fair point about the downsides, . Uncertainty is a b***h, but we've dealt with it since we adopted the empirical methods used in science today. Just to put things in perspective, statistical traditions are such that we only take findings seriously when they are significant at a 95% level (this safety net means that of all responsible academic research runs a low 5% chance that any positive/negative/important result is due to chance only).

      As for the growing proportion of Americans being prescribed psych drugs, i think we can all agree part of the blame belongs with pharmaceutical companies. I've learnt to distrust private psychiatric practice in particular, where prescribing a drug to a patient earns the doctor money. But pharm is big business. There's a reason why AIDS and cancer attract big investment. It's because they are the most salient and immediate threats to a large population. This leaves little for other research.
      as for your last question, i've thought about that often too. it's a question of what's normal and what isn't. Psychiatric symptoms are common among the healthy, but they exist on a continuum. At one end, you've got regular functioning. at the other, absolute breakdown and institutionalization. take Deja vu for example. on one hand, an experience that's a little shaking, but completely normal and benign. On the other hand, it often occurs intensely right before a seizure-related amnesia. Does having experienced deja vu make one have a dissociative/epileptic disorder? Not necessarily.
      We have little choice but to define cut-off points. It's how we diagnose diabetes (based on blood haemoglobin levels). So in a world where we see people as only 100% fine or 100% unhealthy, no one would get a diabetes diagnosis.

    13. The world would be a dull place indeed if psychotropics had been tidying up humanity's mood swings from the beginning.

      We're meant to grind our teeth and ruminate.
      It's what drives us to improve.

    14. Interesting. I wonder if the standard of care has changed. When I did my stint in the psych ward the first thing the ER did was check my thyroid.

  38. I read all the comments up till 3 years ago! This doc is hardly new. I think it was made in 2005.
    My picture was somewhat "grainy" but I soldiered on because I love learning anything about the mind.
    Some of the old footage was very disturbing to me, showing babies and animals being tortured (in my opinion); So be warned.
    Some psychiatrists were accused of being everything from pedaphiles, sadists, war-mongers, eugenics, to Nazis and racists.
    The narrator claims that drugs cannot possibly cure a mental illness, because biologically mental illness cannot be proved..........
    Antiquated, cruel "methods" of curing patients were also demonstrated through footage and photographs, in this doc.
    There was a time when physicians used to bleed THEIR patients, prescribe and administer mercury, opium, cocaine. Surgeons once operated without washing their hands or using anesthesia.
    Despite a dark history of trial and error,I certainly wouldn't refuse medical treatment in 2013.
    And look at how far dentistry has progressed!
    Unfortunately, I've had to see shrinks in the past, and despite not opening up my skull to peak inside, I was given extremely effective medications to stop me from killing myself (and believe me, all the therapy in the world wouldn't have stopped me). The psychiatrists I've dealt with have saved my life. However, some were helpful, others were not.
    The narrator also claimed that people are being put away in psychiatric facilities against their will:
    Hmm, in Ontario, its nearly impossible to get ADMITTED into one, and they are being shut down all over. Maybe its different in the States. I wouldn't know.
    There are certainly bad, pill-pushing, unprofessional psychiatrists in this world, and that's because they are human beings like the rest of us.
    This doc was interesting by showing the history of mental hospitals and their treatments; but it was trying to convince me that no drug or form of physiological treatment is necessary; they are prescribed for the sole purpose of making psychiatrists rich off insurance companies and medic aid payments.

    1. Feel-good drugs are the same all over, no matter who's pushing them. No one wants to kill themselves when they're high, but when it wears off or a resistance is built up, the initial problem will still be there if it's not discussed and unraveled to the point it can be dealt with without drugs. How do you suppose people coped throughout the ages without a cornucopia of pharmaceuticals?

    2. My meds made me function like a regular person and get out of bed in the morning. I can assure you they never made me high.
      Throughout the ages people with severe depression, who could no longer cope, hid away from the rest of the world; they probably lost their grip on reality; raged at everyone around them, or ultimately killed themselves.
      Nowadays, I'm talking about using drugs for only extreme cases of melancholia, despair and hopelessness!!!!
      Suffering like that every day is pointless if a medication with few side effects can help you!
      Combined with therapy.
      Wouldn't you use insulin for diabetes?
      Take an aspirin for a throbbing headache?
      All the therapy in the world can't help every single person. We're all different.
      It's interesting that you should bring up the subject of anti depressants now, because recently I weaned myself off them.
      They quit being effective so I saw no point in continuing the regime.
      Withdrawal was very uncomfortable for a month at least. It's been 5 months now, I feel better than I have in years. Still very sad inside but can now function.

    3. I'm glad you've been able to wean yourself off your meds. They're a crap shoot. Better to stick with a bit of the red wine now and then.
      Personally I've always found very sad people to be immensely more interesting than gadabouts who shrink from every negative thought. Some of the greatest works of literature, art and music have been acheived by tormented souls who saw the world as it truly is and weren't afraid to express their observations in the hopes of lifting humanity to a higher place. Happy people may be envied, but they never really change things, do they?

    4. I agree, but add that if I start drowning in despair, (which I try to keep carefully hidden from the rest of my world), I will interact with positive happy people for awhile! Their positivity rubs off on me.
      I also love my friends because when we're feeling down, (and they are like me) we end up making so many jokes about life that we are able to see the funny side of things.
      Laughter is the greatest medicine! So is the acceptance one gets from a close friend, who loves you warts and all.

    5. You sound as though you've found a way to flip your despair on its head, and may well be mentally healthier than two thirds of the people walking around medicated today. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

    6. If I stopped taking my meds I'd be a sobbing wreak in about three days and in the psych ward in a week. I may be able to wean off of them, I may not. For now, I'm not there yet. They don't make me high. They let me feel normal, like I did most of my life before my family's history of mental illness caught up with me.

    7. If we were able to peek behind the facade of normalcy the majority of people protect themselves with, it would likely be impossible to find ANY family who hasn't been plagued by one sort of cerebral torment or another. Cavalierly prescribing crap-shoot psychotropics and wildly profiting from humankind's poorly understood suffering is inexcusable.
      Since all drugs that significantly alter our perception are hard to wean ourselves from, legal and otherwise, and their effects can be unpredictable and irreversible, why should we trust "psych"-dealers any more than "street"-dealers? Regardless of appearances, BOTH depend on the public's patronage to maintain their leisurely life styles, and NEITHER can claim the ability to measure brain chemistry.
      Some of the greatest minds in history have been wracked with periods of anguish.
      How bland the world would be if their intensity had been dulled to meet the standards of society.
      Accepting the many risks involved with mind altering medications should be undertaken only as a desperate last resort.

  39. Pick out all of the flaws and flawed individuals in the system and call the entire system flawed....while playing on aspects of human psychology to make their argument convincing. I wanted to watch this to see what legitimate arguments there are against psychiatry but it's a one sided, dull argument. Booooo,

    And further more every system that's ever existed has made false assumptions and errors at one point and it's only in learning from these mistakes that we move on. So Freaking What. This kind of propaganda, emotionally manipulative bullcrap pi*ses me off.

  40. Wow I'm very surprised. Usually the moderators of this website are very good at classifying and categorizing the documentaries, but they very much screwed up on this one. The vast majority of the subject matter in this documentary is purely subjective, a matter of one's own opinion. This really needs to be in the 'Conspiracy' category.

    1. Purely subjective? No it's not. I've lived it. I started to live it at a young age. And yes it is Scientology. Propaganda if you will--yet extremely truth-based. Scientologists claim THEY and THEY ALONE know all about mental health based on some fanciful version of the history of the Universe based on the ideas of science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard--that's WHY they push this, in order to put forth their own version of cure--which is, ironically, JUST AS BRUTAL AS WHAT PSYCHIATRY DOES!!(read the newspaper accounts of what they have done to "cure" others and in the process killed them. Just because however the CONCLUSION ABOUT WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT IS WRONG--doesn't mean the FACTS about Psychiatry are wrong. They aren't--which may mean the biggest deception of all and roadblock to RECOGNIZING THIS CORE FACT!

  41. don't see why "promoting atheism" is so bad... Natural selection is a fact.

  42. I noticed they never said anything about Sigmund Freud. He must have done something right....

    1. .....Yeah, right up his nose. ---Freud was a coke head with a delusional case of penis worship. It's actually amazing the documentary didn't bring him up.

    2. Despite what Frasier would have us believe, modern Fruedian psychologists don't believe in Penis Envy or Oedipus complexes, or at very least not anything like Frued did. They just hold to the idea that what happens in childhood can screw up your adulthood (and almost anyone agrees with that).

    3. Understood, but no one's ever really needed Freud or his cronies to point out that obvious cause and effect.

  43. this is concise and directly pointing towards the truth,,, but who can see or know it if they are brain dead,,,,i call america a zombie nation,,, we are medical consumers/cancer consumers/food consumers,,,,what is the next level of profit making for the greedy companies like Lilly PH,,,,,which is a den of vipers selling the poison pills to the unaware shop-a-long consumer,,,,share this doc,,please

  44. I really don't care about any of this. So... the history of mankind is ugly. People suck. Is this news? As for meds...most people probably just need talk therapy, exercise, and diet/lifestyle modification instead of medication. But there are those of us who would suffer at a level you couldn't fathom without meds. My husband, who suffers from the same mental illness that caused his mother and grandfather to commit suicide, has had his life saved by psych meds. Mine allow me to get out of bed in the morning. They could be *made out of Hitler* for all I care. This is Scientology propaganda, btw, so take it with a grain of salt. Hail Xenu!

    1. Better to hail the imaginary Xenu than a real-life demon like Hitler.

    2. Yes it is better to hail Xenu than Hitler. Xenu can prescribe my Lexapro.

    3. LOL....Good one!....but Hitler had his connections too. His Doc prescribed him speed to keep him peppy, which was also dispensed to the Nazi soldiers.

    4. I'm stealing that, but replacing "Hitler" with "unicorn farts" or "shat out by the great green arkleseizure."

  45. This is a propaganda film produced by a front group for the Church of Scientology. This is an abominable thing because it perpetuates misunderstanding and stigmatization of those with mental illness. If believed it will prevent those who are suffering from seeking treatment. The anti-psychiatry movement only leads to the unnecessary suffering and death of individuals.

    I know it's scary to deal with mental illness and anti-psychotic drugs because I have been through that. But most of that comes from the sense that psychiatry is a newer field of science that isn't as exact or socially trusted as older fields. But, long ago all surgery was new and dangerous, but humans didn't give up and now most people's lives have been improved or saved by some type of surgery. So don't deny yourself help because you are afraid or because others judge you.

    Also it is incredibly insulting and juvenile to pull the nazi card.

    1. well surgery is backed by scientific evedence for 1, and 2 u cant create a drug to cure or treat something that u cannot see to even make the drug, there is only one way to even start to come up with a drug based on nothing u can see, and that is to just asume that certain properties are the cause of acting like a human being, and create a mixture of chemical and see what they do to human beings, your term (clinical trial) = (human gini pigs), stop trying to claim things you cant proove, you cant change creation of human beings, well its common since if people just stop and think about it. besides drugs are givin to people that have more energy than others, and with the side effects being a real problem, drugs for an oppinionated problem is some of the stupidest things i have ever heard, if you are depressed than there is a reason for it rather the person knows it or not, no drug can ever be created to change that except to give brain damage to create carelessness, and that means the brain would have to be to laizy to think about the things that bother them, people cant learn if the dont learn to cope with these events called life, i can write on this all day long and not speaking of what i learn, but the common since that that humans have within, oh and one more thing, even if a time comes where u would be able to see everything in a brain, u still cant change an emotion or energy without further damaging someones brain, if people are depressed because they feel exausted to often i bet they seem pretty happy if they were to smoke crystal meth because it would feel good, well it would appear to work on alot of people but guess what? its dangerous and it is no different than these meds

    2. Sometimes the shoe fits perfectly.

  46. Jeez, what a POS. My daughters Ritalin costs $180/month and my insurance covers $175 of that. When I went through school there was no such thing as ADD, just unruly and disruptive kids. LMAO, I have an IQ of 185, they didn't stand a chance!

    1. Unruly and disruptive kids and Catholic Clergy who saw these even when they weren't there!!

  47. fact:the black slave trade was dominated by Jews
    :communism was a Jewish invention...only 14 out of 384 commissars were Russian,300 were Jews...

    1. I'd like to know where you get your "Facts" either way, stop trying to distract people fro mthe topic with your nonsenical blatherings, please. The holocaust is fact and to deny it is lunacy and sheer stupidity in equal parts. There are millions of graves, photos, videos, eyewitness accounts, journals and records from all sides involved in the war. Their are millions of pieces of evidence that it occurred.

      Back on topic, this video IS propaganda by scientology. It was setup by scientologists, paid for by scientologists, published by scientologists and forwards scientolgy's holocaust revisionism and conspiracy theory drivel. Not a shred of fact or infromation in the whole thing.

  48. theNazi propaganda is endless,Jesus Christ,people need to learn who controls their media,then do some basic ARCHIVED research,and see that Jews werent mass murdered.There has yet to be found one single gas chamber or victim of gas

  49. Come to think about it: this film isn't a doc about psychiatry, it's suggesting some kind of conspiracy, so it's in the wrong category. Its purpose is too insidious to call it comedy.

  50. Melodramatic, irritating voiceover reminding me of a barking dog, irritating background music.
    All kinds of footage are used to make the viewer associate psychiatry with torture. I got a strong impression that some statements were taken out of context. It emphasises on the bad treatments and nasty experiments of the past and pretends this is still daily practice.
    Psychiatrists are almost made into a sort of tribe or race that is hostile to normal humans and is responsible for the concentration camps and the killing of jews, gypsies, etc.

    The introducting text is awful as well.
    "It was the foundation for the Holocaust, apartheid, for Jim Crow and for Communism." (a repetition of what is said in the first sentence) An outright lie.
    "It denies God, the giver of life and freedom." Another lie.
    "It stands against the values of freedom, life, liberty and dignity." Again, an outright lie.

    In short: this is not a real documentary but some kind of utterly filthy propaganda film. I found it so revolting that I couldn't get past the third part.

  51. Stylistically? this documentary bothered me. The information imparted though? Was like a breath of fresh air after nearly drowning. Sure this is a blamefest and colored journalism at its worse. And i think theres a lot of hater idiots here who have something against scientology when just they're idiots with absolutely no concept of what theyre debating. Sure, scientology sucks, but psychiatry is the worst known affliction in mankind's history and thats far, far, far worse than some nutty cult. And that fact has absolutely nothing to do with scientology. Dont believe me? go wiki or google the man behind this documentary: Thomas Szasz.
    Since 1990 he had been Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the State University of New York Health Science Center in Syracuse, New York! This was a real doctor with credentials, with the publics interest at heart. Not some nut like you blue meanies are trying to paint him, or malign him for imparting a wake up call. Here is a quote of his:

    "Well I got affiliated with an organization long after I was established as a critic of psychiatry, called Citizens Commission for Human Rights, because they were then the only organization and they still are the only organization who had money and had some access to lawyers and were active in trying to free mental patients who were incarcerated in mental hospitals with whom there was nothing wrong, who had committed no crimes, who wanted to get out of the hospital. And that to me was a very worthwhile cause; it's still a very worthwhile cause. I no more believe in their religion or their beliefs than I believe in the beliefs of any other religion. I am an atheist, I don't believe in Christianity, in Judaism, in Islam, in Buddhism and I don't believe in Scientology. I have nothing to do with Scientology."

    To reiterate: plz read the last sentence above ^ You retards who keep bandying scientology about, as horrible and as messed up of a cult as they are? Need to rethink your statements. Its a red herring argument that has nothing to do with the content of this documentary that is trying to save millions of peoples lives. To boot? you are maligning a good doctor who saved lives and continues to save lives even after his own had passed. That is truly despicable and I despise you for it.

    This documentary is necessary, important, and should be shown for free, forever. Its already saved lives? And it will save more. Those hating on it? Enjoy being a blind pig, wallow in your hatred of some nutty cult moar, and completely miss the point? Moar.
    Finally? I'll leave you with my own opinion, (which im sure noone wants! Dont bother to read further if you dont like alarmist statements)

    A human's mind is JUST as fragile as a sexual organ. It can be touched in bad ways and yes, you can be mind raped. Or soul-raped, if you believe in such a thing. I'll make it simple for you haters to quote me: Psychiatrists = Rapists. They are murderers too and they have centuries of rape, murder, and pillage to account to the public for. We fight foreign wars over economic concerns while the psychiatrists bill the state billions. This is possibly the worst problem in the world (YES its up there with aids, nuclear proliferation, poverty and famine, psychiatrists literally are the 5th horsemen of the apocalypse, if you should happen to believe in such christian drivel)
    The documentary repeatedly drilled 3 main facts and i will repeat them here so that they arent missed. And YES these are scientifically proved facts. 1 There is no scientific basis, no scientific method in psychiatry whatsoever. 2 Psychiatrists are directly responsible for millions of deaths, far more than the holocaust. 3 There is no such thing as a mental "disease." Its a MISNOMER.

    You cant "cure" mental "problems" with drugs. These so called "doctors" of death murder and robbery? They have maybe the worst profession in the history of mankind(besides evangelist), worse than tyrants and war barons even: psychiatry. This is because they offer false hope to the masses and in return they give back lobotomies, shock and insulin therapy, mind prisons, rape, and worse of all, death. Put every last one of them to trial by their peers using greed as the MO to prove to the jury their direct intent to harm and deceive the public en masse? And mankind will experience a new golden age.
    The last bit of valid criticism i witnessed here today, that i wish to adress? The assertion that this documentary only blames the problem on a group; it doesnt offer solutions? Theres your solution, i just stated it: prosecute every last one of them and abolish the trade, like what weve been trying to do to slavery. Maligning the documentary? thats fine, its a matter of taste. Maligning this doctor who was trying to save us all? Its like talking smack about Abe Lincoln, or Jonas Saulk. Completely unacceptable.

    1. Be wary of the/rapists with prescription pads.

  52. These Scientology loons can produce all the hysterical nonsense propaganda they want, but the fact is psychiatry has saved and improved the lives of countless people (including myself and those I care about.)

    1. What we have here? Is a misunderstanding of nomenclature. Therapy? Helped you. Psychiatry? Has only harmed you. If a therapist helped you? You are discrediting their legitimate profession. If a psychiatrist "helped" you? You're in denial so bad that you are defending your mind rapist to the public. Classic special victim behavior. If this is the case? I'm very, very, sorry and the first step is to confront what happened to you.
      Therapy? Works. Psychiatry? Doesn't. If thats what you received and it helped you and countless others? Therapy? Than so be it. But i can guarantee psychiatry did nothing but harm to you. It applied a label to you, catalogued you, drugged you up and charged you upwards of a 100 dollars an hour just so they could pad their pockets through their connection in the pharma industry. If someone listened to your problems and you achieved closure? Then therapy helped you, not psychiatry. If someone just drugged you up for a perceived "chemical balance?' You were mind raped by a drug dealer and please stop defending your rapist. Even if they don't realize what theyre doing is wrong.

    2. Uh, no. Chemical imbalances are very real, and psychiatric drugs are very adept at treating them. The proof isn't in melodramatic fear mongering 'documentaries' like this, but in dispassionate double blind scientific studies. The science that underlies psychiatry is the same that underlies life saving surgeries, and the technology you use every day. The mechanisms involving dopamine, serotonin, and similar chemicals role in mood are well documented.

  53. I want to congradulate these 'phsychiatrysts' because they found a way to take money from idiots. Keep up the good job!
    99% of earth's humans are like cattle, an the rest of 0,999% control this heard. Respect for that

    1. For fracks sake, you are cynical. How's that working out for you? If you think 99 percent of the human population is mindless cattle? You are the dumb blind cow imo. No offense. The sort of mass generalizations and tossing of fantasy percentages you are making are almost always the exclusive providence of ignorant morons. Some inane random percentage figure of all humans know that. The majority of humans being dumb sheeple? Is pure fantasy. You are using a mental device known as projection and it is bad for you. The reality? My guess is that at least half the human race is as smart or more intelligent than you and you might be afraid to admit that. You must call them all dumb in your mind or you are forced to accept the reality that humans ARE smart and at least half of us can do stuff like build complex machines, computers, do trigonometry, guide missiles by satellite, create and populate the internet (and successfully deceive yourself, like you). Its a cute fantasy to hope that 99 percent of the world is comprised of r*tards? But thats what it is, a fantasy. The reality check will be painful too, especially if you respect "The man". Damn the man, the more you trust and hope for his success? The easier it is for him to dominate you. Thats right, RESPECT and THANK your master and bid him to keep up the good job supressing your "herd", tool.

  54. I smell the stink of Scientology here...

  55. If all the other crap didn't completely lose you, the stuff on Pavlov should be a giant sign to anyone who knows anything about psychology that these people don't have their facts straight... he didn't set out to research behaviour! He was a physician studying digestion and happened to notice the behaviour of the dogs he was studying and thought it was interesting. Also all this crap about mental illness isn't really illness, someone explain how anorexia isn't an illness? or suicidal depression? Both can and will kill the sufferer if there's no treatment! Not necessarily medication, I'm personally a fan of CBT myself, because that worked wonders for me, plus studies have shown it treats most disorders better than drugs.

    1. There's a theory that 'psychiatric diseases' like depression and schizophrenia aren't diseases because they're not diagnosed on the basis of any kind of biological abnormality, but purely on symptoms - unlike 'real' diseases like cancer and AIDS. Its a fine distinction really, but you can see where the argument comes from very clearly. You cannot prescribe drugs with any sort of accuracy for mental "disorders," hence the attitude you will see sometimes of the concept that "mental illness" is a misnomer phrase from a previous era that has nothing to do with reality today. You just plain can't be sick in the head, at least not in a way that can be cured by any chemical. You can have like, anamlous thought problems and patterns and such but you don't have a illness/disease/ virus that can be cured by a medication.

    2. actually the brain of a schizophrenic is biologically abnormal. there are scans and such to prove this. for someone so dead set in being against something, you don't seem to know very much about what it claims.

  56. Jews are the main drivers of the psychobabble called Psychiatry that has actually taken a foothold in modern society. It is nothing more than a license to drain people of their money by stretching their dubious therapy treatments into as many sessions as their wallet or insurance allows. You have to understand that if the Jews are involved to the extent that they are then the main motivation is money..If you want honest and cheap advice for your problems talk to someone that can give you the best free advice possible..your Mother.

  57. All religions all Mythology refers to you "Have You died to your animal Nature and been reborn an incarnation"?

  58. "It has lead to many deaths. It denies God, the giver of life and freedom."
    lost all credibility in introduction.

    1. Look im an atheist too and i hate all the god drivel just as much as you? But your attitude is WAY more close minded than any christian ive ever met. If you get scared off by the word god that fracking easily? You are about as simple minded as the people you are attempting to malign. The use of the word god or someones concept of life affirmation? Is not a reason to go running for the hills. It scares me to think of how much valuable information you are pointedly choosing to ignore because of the loose usage of a mythical 3 letter word.
      The only reason they put that at the beginning? Was because they know it provokes people like you into either leaving immediately and remaining ignorant of the danger and subsequently falling prey to what they're trying to warn you about? Or it cheaply establishes rapport with Christians right off the bat. You got scared off by a signal phrase designed to scare ignorant people away and/or snare dumb people.Trust me its best to ignore their dogma its pretty standard. Just cuz they use the word god doesnt invalidate the knowledge they are trying to supply to you. Can't be falling for their little tricks like that, its how they got that nutty cult in the first place. Should give this doc another try? Might save your life one day. Psychiatrists do way way way more harm than christians.

    2. nah,... i finished it to the end;)
      p.s. i consider i have many bad habits/properties but ignorance is not one of it;)

  59. excellent documentary! A bit "American" but other than that full of reliable information and surprisingly acknowledged participants. If only it was a bit shorter and less dramatic for the audience with no base knowledge and patience to confront with the truth it is so comprehensively showing. I guess for most there is only learning on their own skin. I recommend them some Prozac ;)

  60. lot of anti-atheism propaganda using the racism with no motive

  61. Haha just reading the description of the film and the comments on this alleged doc I can tell it is a ludicrous waste of time.

    Though I do hate when people say that scientology is just a cult, when really it is a newborn religion, and people have not yet adapted to the crazy it spews.. Scary to think one day they might, just as they have with all the others. Look at the roman catholics, the shite they have pulled off lately and in the past, and look at their retained wealth and corrupt influence. Yeck, people are strange.

  62. Scientology propaganda

  63. It's not a documentary, it's an infomercial... a bunch of sound bites Frankenstein'ed together with no supporting evidence or clinical studies. Even if it was for Psychiatry, I'd still think it poor.

  64. Psychiatric drugs almost killed me. They never seem to warn of the withdrawal reactions from there non-addictive 'beginner drugs' the anti-depressants. Also when I got 'manic' from antidepressants , mania I didnt have before, I was labelled BIPOLAR and stared on more drugs. The withdrawal reactions from these bipolar drugs cause insomnia and mania. The withdrawal reactions were then used as proof that I needed them.

    Stay away from psychiatry. That first visit, Psych- label and drug can ruin years of your life also.

    1. My husband would be dead without psych meds. His mother and grandfather suffered without help and they killed themselves. But at least they stayed away from psychiatry!! Don't believe a word of your story. Sounds like you just made up it up after cruising wikipedia.

    2. once my doctor thought i had a stomach ulsur but it wound up being the flue.

      did i stop going to doctors all together and declare the entire medical practice a farce?


      would i declare the entire medical practice as unscientific and dangerous because one doctor screwed up a surgery i had?


      i've had treatment providers make me much worse. but that is because THEY were currupt, not all of psychiatry.
      just like with chookymoves' husband, psychiatry has saved my life more than once. its people that are so stubborn in their beliefs that my struggles and the things that alleviate them arent real that made me want to end it.

    3. Sounds like you came in contact with a bad physician These do exist you know, people do make mistakes. But way say the whole is the problem when it's only part of the whole? This makes no sense to me. That's how things like racism etc. . .persist.

  65. This is an excellent documentary.

  66. it's quite true. I am a professional and have three friends, all ex shrinks. They hate psychiatry too and no - we are not Scientologists.

    1. Liar. How do I know, your name is a dead give away. OSA are frakishly predictable. This isn't a documentary, it's holocaust revisionism and scientology propaganda. It's disgusting.

      But then what do you expect from a cult that lies to it's own members about the core beliefs, lies to everyone about it's medical claims, lies to everyone about it's membership.
      A cult which staks and harasses anyone who questions or leaves. Which pins false bomb-threats on reporters. A cult of greed that extorts money from people then abandons them when they've become so addled, broken and poor, thanks to the brainswashing and extortion, that they can no longer pay.

      Scientology's highest levels, the OT levels, state that psychiatrists are the vanguard of a hostile invasion fleet from another galaxy, called the Marcabians. They also state that the image of Jesus, and therefor christianity, is an implant put into people's brains by Galactic Warlard Xenu. Xenu brainwashed and programmed the souls of aliens he murdered by freezing them, lining them up around volcanoes on Earth 75 million years ago, then exploding them with Atomic weapons.

      So you'll forgive me if I take the words of a scientologist, with a pinch of salt.

    2. This was created by a NON scientologist doctor trying to help people. I repeat, NOT A SCIENTOLOGIST. Yes, it was produced by a committee that receives funding from scientologists. But the man who made it? Was as far from a scientologist as you can get. So you can go on spouting gibberish about some fantasy you have about some perceived connection to scientology, thereby maligning a good doctor with a good reputation who is now dead and cant defend himself? Or you can research the connection like I did and discover that the only connection is funding.

      If we judged product by who produced it? We'd have to denounce stuff like the first Star Wars movies as utter crap, just because it was paid for by scientologists. Where the money comes from to make a product, such as a doumentary? Has absolutely nothing to do with the subject content and i posit that you know it, too. it sometimes has a connection, but not always.

      You missed the point, and your condemnation, while good natured? Belongs in the commentary on an anti Scientologist documentary, not here. Not sure what documentary you watched, but this was a documentary directed by an atheist doctor who was trying to inform the public of a huge blatant corrupt faction of psychiatrists that hide in plain site. Yes theres mention of god in the first few seconds and a scientologist committee DID pay for it, but it doesnt make the info any less true. 90 percent of all liberal media is produced by Jewish people, therefore, if someone was anti-semitic, they'd better not watch anything on tv because its all some super secret ploy to push jewish agendas right? >< Pffff.... Yah right.
      You see the fallacy in your argument? That if scientologists made it, it must just be bad and full of lies. Travoltas a scientologist, that MUST mean Saturday Night Fever and Grease and FACE/Off are propaganda flicks.

      One last time, absolutely NOTHING to do with scientology, other than they are the only ones actively trying to enlighten us about this particular issue. I fricking HATE scientology dont besmirch this awesome documentary by mentioning them in the same sentence.

    3. Sounds in line with the Mormons.

  67. Scientology Bullshit?

  68. emmm...sry for this "documentary"

  69. Unwatchable. Contains those stupid unneccessary thunderclap and explosion noises you keep getting in American documentaries. WHY??? It´s so annoying.

  70. This video is produced by the cult of scientology. They don't like psychiatry for three reasons:

    1. It's competition for the cult's quackery and ludicrous claims about mental health.
    2. When Hubbard tried to get his quackery and ludicrious claims about mental health published (back before he started the cult) he was rejected, no doubt with echoes of laughter ringing in his ears.
    3. Hubbard went on to write a piece of "scripture" for his new "religion" which was part of the whole Xenu, galactic emperor ranting, which stated that psychiatrists are infact the vanguard of an alien invasion force, the marcabian fleet who intend to rule this galaxy.

    In short, scientology has to stop psychiatry because it shows that dianetics is a scam, laughed at their leader and is run by evil space aliens.

  71. Sounds like more bullshit religious propaganda to me.

  72. The comments... so very interesting. Watched the film, it is quite ridiculous. Hah, everything in society can be broken down to find corruption and whatnot. But that does not make it entirely bad. I'm sure psychiatry has helped people, no matter how "real" or "fake" of a science it is. But it's not perfect, then again, what is? Religion is an explanation and one is free to pick whatever "explanation" they please. Even science is an explanation, just a more solidly supported one.

    Who bothered to make this documentary? Anybody can take everything bad that has ever happened and blame it on something else. Why don't we blame the color red? Supposedly it is a "passionate" color, very "sexy?" Let's blame rape on wearing red clothing. Now all violence with sexual-basis can be blamed on the color red. Yep. Let it be known. The color red is destroying our society. Note my sarcasm, somebody might take it too seriously! :P

    1. I liked your post and i think you made some really really good points? Except the one about how you are sure that psychiatry has helped people. I think you are thinking of therapy/therapists. They are awesome doctors who help people; psychiatrists are dirty scummy drug dealer thieves... and its a serious problem..

      In fact, Id go so far to say if you examined every patient that has ever engaged in sessions with a psychiatrist ever, since the dawn of whatever you would call, it, the "profession" i guess? (Because it sure isnt science.) I think youd find that there has never ever ever been a case where where you could definatevely prove theyve helped someone legitimately achieve closure. I know how extreme that sounds, every single case in the history of psychiatry being harmful? But thats what i believe. I personally think that its a profession for murderer mindrapists and theyre incapable of actually helping other humans, and have not done so even once in their entire history. Here was a pseudo"science" profession borne from men such as Josef Mengile, and Hitler. Psychology, therapy, psychoanalysis, neurology? These are real scientific medical professions steeped in prestige and tradition, doctors who dont violate the hyppocratic oath? Psychiatrists in your own city break that oath every single day by doing stuff like black bag abductions of children using an illegal immoral device such as non voluntary commitment. They really are like the sith compared to the jedi. Purely evil. Bad people.

      My theory is that theyve always been purely sith and have done nothing but harm and to help would be against the nature of the false art they practice. And im dead serious too this is a big deal and they make billions doing it, thats their motive as well as their downfall. Where theres greed there paper trials and with paper trials? We could prosecute every last corrupt one of them and ban the profession.

    2. NO. He wasn't thinking of therapists. He was thinking of psychiatrists, the people prescribe drugs. They are like all people: some incompetent, some competent. And they DO help people. I get out of bed in the morning because of my meds. Meds saved my husband's life. I know many people who were helped by psychiatry. You, however, are beyond help. Hail Xenu!

  73. this film should be re-categorised under comedy.

  74. "It denies God, the giver of life and freedom." Saved myself over an hour of time just by reading that.

  75. I wish this would just be put away, lost - destroyed - gone, anything but ' around '.

    1. Ignorance is bliss huh? Thats right. Just pretend the bad men arent raping our children's minds and bodies, and hope it goes away.

      Or not be "around" anymore. PSYCHIATRY is what i wish was put away, lost, destroyed, gone, anything but "around."
      You only hate this topic cuz you dont understand it, dont understand whats at stake, and were brainwashed into thinking psychiatry is a good thing when its the worst thing on the planet and kills more than war does. Its ok, its an easy to mistake the different "professions" psychiatry as opposed to psychology, neuropathy, or therapy? But the two have absolutely nothing in common. Psychology, psychoanalysis, and therapy saves lives- Psychiatry takes it away. With an icepick, to your brain. For example. Or involuntary commitments.

    2. Exactly!

  76. Isn't the central claim of Scientology that human beings are all mentally dysfunctional? Scientology's first step, its indoctrinating initiation of self-auditing with the so-called e-meter, is an alternate and hence competing solution for this very problem. So Scientology is actually in direct competition for the same market as psychiatry---only they have a completely different therapeutic system... Dianetics.

    1. That's exactly right. Dianetics was highly criticized by the APA so Hubbard started calling it a religion so he could still be free to sell people a pile of horse-manure. Demonizing psychiatry was a way to compete with it for $$$.

  77. HAHAHAHAHA Fascism, Nazism, Communism, Racism or Atheism? why put so many contradicting Ideas in one sentence and claim Psychiatry is to blame? LMFAO! Also just FYI Adolf Hitler was a serious self proclaimed Roman Catholic whose self described intended duty as a christian, was to rid the world of jews.

    1. He was a self proclaimed Protestant

  78. all hail the flying spaghetti monster!

  79. "Fascism, Nazism, Communism, Racism or Atheism is _nothing_ to do with mental illnesses"
    Are you aware of leaked gov documents of re-education camps located all over this country, FEMA. Political protestors and a myriad of similar are seen as a mental illness. These doc. describe basic brainwashing techniques to wipe out these "anti-american" type thoughts. (any problem locating? ask, I have the Gov PDF)
    I would have to argue your statement historically/elsewhere and now. To say this film is total rubish is very naive or self serving. Poorly done and overtly dramatic yes, but to dismiss ALL subject matter? thats crazy ;)

    1. Thank you Arthur. For seeing things clearly. It scared me when i realized most of the people here thought this was about scientology... Most of these peeps are like blah blah Scientology" ... I was like, what documentary were you watching????!
      This is about murder, rape, mind rape, and the biggest conspiracy in human history.
      Plus its not aliens or jfk or w/e... these are people that walk down the same streets as us every day, theyre right out in the open. Theyre so lazy they dont bother to hide and the doctor patient priveledge is so sacrsesanct that they use it like church holy ground to conceal stuff like rape,murder, and human experimentation.
      AND most of them make close to 7 figures a year cuz 100% of them are in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry! Its like being a well paid legit criminal. These are criminals that are destroying us from the inside wholesale and getting paid billions to do it and all these stupid people can think of to do is complain about Scientology, We could openly prosecute all of guilty ones too, and ban the profession forever like we did with slavery and the world would be such a better place!
      BAN PSYCHIATRY! Save our greatest resources, Our children, and our minds. Save us from dark side sith rapists who use the misnomer mental illness to blackbag abduct us and throw us in alaskan mental health facilty concentration camps. The phrase mental illness just pisses me off royally so bad!!! Thanks for being one of the few that actually got what this documentary was trying to show us.

  80. this is the church of scientology. there is a museum with the same name in hollywood. they lock the doors behind you when you go in.

    1. Yup. It traveled around the country too. They were there for a while in Philly on 15th street and I would have to pass it every effing day. They showed this film inside.

  81. This film is an unfortunate misrepresentation of historic fact and gross manipulation of information. Is the mental health system flawed? Yes, just as many other social systems are flawed. Mental health professionals dedicated to their patients are working relentlessly to correct the system, often times with poor financial support because mental health funds are always placed on the chopping block when it comes time to make state and federal budgets. Many of the procedures and experiments presented in the film are now understood to be unethical (eugenics, sterilization, Millgram's study or many of the behavioral psychology studies which would never make it past a review board today) or are used sparingly or as a final resort (ECT). The film chooses not to mention the evolution of psychiatric and psycholocal standards of ethical practice because doing so would kill the illusion of mental health professionals as mad psuedo-scientists out to control the masses. Working with the human mind is an impercise science, to be sure, and there has been some unfortunate backlash from psychological research. An epidemic of over-diagnosis and excessive use of medication can be interpretted as part of this backlash. This does not mean the public should disregard the positive diagnoses and the many lives that have been improved by treatment. Severe mental illness may not be "curable" just as cancer or AIDS may not by curable, but helping individuals who struggle with mental illness improve their lives through symptom managament is a goal worth striving for, not condeming as corruption, manipulation, or mind control.

    1. Excuse me but you are full of horse ****. Any organization calling itself any form of health care that targets children with mind destroying drugs is hardly fit to exist. Id**t!

    2. psychiatry doesnt "target children with mind destroying drugs"

      but why would i expect you to know anything about psychology or psychiatry?

    3. Yes it does. They hit their target too. Hard. I know a lot about both and putting psychology and psychiatry in the same sentence? Betrays your projection: it is you i fear, who is ignorant of both. A dictionary is a good place to start.
      Psychiatrists are physicians that have specific training in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illnesses. In order to become a psychiatrist, students first earn an undergraduate degree before they attend medical school and receive an M.D. After finishing their medical training, they also complete an additional four years of residency training in mental health. Some also receive additional training in a specific area of interest such as geriatric psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, addictions, and other areas.

      Psychologists arent doctors.

      Psychologists receive graduate training in psychology and pursue either a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) or Psy.D. (Doctor of Psychology) in clinical or counseling psychology. Doctorate programs typically take five to seven years to complete and most states require an additional one or two year long internship in order to gain licensure. Other states require an additional year or two of supervised practice before granting full licensure.

      My main point being? Psychiatrists are doctors who besmirch the profession by breaking the hyppocrattic oath all the time. Why this is important to make the distinction? Psychiatrists view mental disorders as mental "Illness" and they think they can fix a "chemical imbalnce" in the brain using drugs. Scientists have been able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt for centuries now that you cannot fix mental problems with chemicals. Thus, making psychiatrists snake oil medicine charmers, charlatans, liars, rapists, murderers, thieves, quacks. They dont operate by science they operate off assumptions and guesses about a frontier we barely know anything about: the mind. And once theyve discovered trhough trial and error destorying peoples minds and bodies that the cure theyre supplying is fatal and doesnt work? They keep on using it for decades until the public has to outcry and bring the supreme court in. And they burn children and peoples brains out to do it. With electricity. Every day.

      Mental "illness" cannot be "cured" by medicinal means. Once we understand this and stop chasing something we could never catch? Then we can get back on the road to success, begin the healing process, and attain closure.

    4. I have a degree in psychology. dont define psychology and psychiatry to me.

      "Psychiatrists are doctors who besmirch the profession by breaking the hyppocrattic oath all the time"


      "Psychiatrists view mental disorders as mental "Illness" and they think they can fix a "chemical imbalnce" in the brain using drugs. Scientists have been able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt for centuries now that you cannot fix mental problems with chemicals."

      you are wrong about this.

      "They dont operate by science they operate off assumptions and guesses about a frontier we barely know anything about: the mind."

      you are wrong about this.

      I have no idea why i just wasted my time listening to your nonsense.

    5. Evening Epic, I'm wondering if you ever get curious about people on here. Do you ever find yourself analysing them?

    6. constantly.

    7. Must drive you potty ;)

    8. 1 Involuntary Commitment to a psychiatric facility clearly violates the hyppocratic oath. A psychologist can do this as not all of them take the oath? But a psychiatrist cannot do this without breaking the oath..

      As a psychologist you should know this.... ; ;
      Here is the direct wording in the modern oath:
      I will pass my life and practice my art. Except for the prudent correction of an imminent danger, I will neither treat any patient nor carry out any research on any human being without the valid informed consent of the subject or the appropriate legal protector thereof, understanding that research must have as its purpose the furtherance of the health of that individual.

      Now, im not saying every single psychiatrist has involuntary commitment in their playbook, probably a lot of them would never ever do it? It does in fact violate the oath. But the fact that it is the premise of psychiatry? Totally besmirches the profession even worse than all the killing and raping and human experimentation. I lost any possibility of respect for psychiatry when i learned this. "Involuntary" should never be in a doctors lexicon, its a gross violation of ethics and if i had to explain it you perhaps might want to brush up on your ethics this stuff is plain even to layman. Doctors who force you to do things? Don't deserve a license.

      2 No I am not.

      3 this is just my opinion, I accept that i could be wrong. I cannot prove by myself at the moment; that we know close to 0 about the human brain still, and prescribing drugs for mental issues is incredibly stupid and dangerous in my opinion, its like handing a lit stick of dynamite to a child or something, because you think explosions fix a skinned knee? when they dont. This is an apt analogy of psychiatry's overall attitude concerning pharmaceuticals. (I intend to prove it before I die though, I have some friends struggling in a somewhat new area of study? Neural Science. This argument is crucial to their success, that brain drugs are bad, mmkay? therapy > drugs in my honest opinion.)

      4 Sorry if you consider this a waste of time I thought it a productive conversation. This is a hot button issue, people will be passionate about stuff like this. Dint mean to piss you off or insult you or w/e. Just had a desire for open discussion, but ill stop sorry

    9. you clearly dont understand the law.

      no one is taken against their consent UNLESS they are of a state of mind where they dont have consent over themselves.

      this condition exists in many instances, and not just mental illness. but someone who is completely delusional and thinks they are being followed by aliens or government officials and they are a danger to themselves, they have to be cared for.

      you are not making ANY sense.

    10. You are rationalizing non-consential black bag abductions like its OK! Like its alright for anyone in the system to engage in that, especially doctors no less! REALITY CHECK: Blackbag non consensual involuntary commital? Just because you don't like someone's behavior? IS WRONG. You are dangerous and scary you'd fit in just fine with the gestapo and the kgb. There is other much much much less dangerous alternatives. What you are proposing is exactly what we have today? And what we have today SUCKS. Theyre trying to build a prison fit for every type of abhorrent behavior and your just hunky-dorry with that? I'll tell you right now, I am NOT. How brave new world soilent green Orwellian can you get?

      "no one is taken against their consent UNLESS they are of a state of mind where they dont have consent over themselves."

      Are you AWARE of how nazi stormtrooper dark side that sounds? Flip it around in your head a bit. You are dangerous and your rationalizations about manufactured consent scare me.

    11. "You are rationalizing non-consential black bag abductions like its OK!"

      no im not. im realizing that some people are out of their minds and need help. even if they are not aware. being ignorant of ones condition is often a symptom of a mental illness....which is probably why you fight tooth and nail against this industry.

      "Blackbag non consensual involuntary commital"

      doesnt exist. you are delusional.

      "Just because you don't like someone's behavior?"

      no because someone is a harm to themselves or others. their grasp on reality is too weak for them to make rational logical decisions about their lives.

      "Theyre trying to build a prison fit for every type of abhorrent behavior and your just hunky-dorry with that?"

      who is this evil THEY that you keep talking about? and why would THEY want to do what you are proposing?

      "How brave new world soilent green Orwellian can you get?"

      how Alex Jones-esque, Scientology, fear mongering can YOU get?

      "Are you AWARE of how nazi stormtrooper dark side that sounds? Flip it around in your head a bit. You are dangerous and your rationalizations about manufactured consent scare me."

      and you have no clue what you are talking about. as i have said i have PLENTY of experience with mental illness and what you are saying is akin to telling me that my sibling doesnt have Cancer. the man has paranoid schizophrenia and needs help people like you try to fight against the help he gets. you are a pig.

    12. HOW CONVENIENT it is for the High Preists and Preistesses of the mental illness industry to simply state "well a symptom of their disease is that they do not know they are suffering from a disease". I sure would like to run a Medical Malpractice Insurance Company to insure these Preists and Priestesses of Psychiatry because they so fairly well talk themselves out of any POSSIBLE LEGAL LIABILITY with such circular reasoning that has the oh so convenient effect of absolving them of any liability for kidnapping people and locking them up.

    13. I have seen many people who suffer from mental illness.

      my little brother has paranoid schizophrenia. he used to think I was reading his thoughts and putting thoughts into his mind or that our mother was trying to poison his toothpaste and that an organization had installed cameras into the shower.

      when trying to tell him that he was suffering from schizophrenia he naturally didnt believe that and believed (like you do) that its just another plot to get him.

      Im sorry that like my little brother you seem to be suffering. Well we got him help and he is much better you know, there is help out there if you seek it.

    14. You made another assumption that is entirely wrong. No I am not "suffering like your little brother." For all I know---and anyone else knows--you made ridiculous assumptions about him and the "help" you got him was a series of human rights abuses per the common processes of the mental illness industry. Unlike you, I acknowledge the chance I could be wrong about that--you never acknowledge you could be wrong about anything because your ideas are too tied into the industry it appears for you to ever do so.

    15. Right I could be wrong that I wasnt trying to poison and plot against my brother with my mom. (sarcasm)

      do you see what you are typing? these are the common excuses made by someone suffering from paranoid persecutory delusions.

      I know my brother personally. I know the type of person he was and I know the type of person he became. I also know OBJECTIVELY that what he was thinking was false and that it was interfering with his life to the point that he had to leave school and could get a job.

      So are you implying that everyone was wrong and my brother was actually right in his thoughts?

      You think the mental health industry is some big evil corporation out to get you. that they are run by "high priests and priestesses" you have to understand how that comes off a little crazy if someone doesnt think you are speaking in colourful rhetoric.

    16. I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for making my point just now--you have done so far better than I could in a few sentences. Your condescending baloney is quite enough for me and I would think many others reading your arrogant, nasty, sarcastic(thanks for explicitly adding that, it gives a flavor many just assume doesn't exist in the so called professional world). Now as for one big evil corporation out to get me--and millions of others whose $$$ is good enough for the industry as well---let's get real for a moment. Pharmaceutical companies which benefit from this BS are many. Hospital corporations are many. Psychiatrists are many, and so are Psychiatric Nurses and Social Workers and Techs. What unites all of these in a self-delusional industry is the notion that what they do is at all positive. Granted, that could be a matter of opinion but you in your arrogant professional mode of course do not wish to get the point. The point is simply this:where one "stands" depends in large part upon where one "sits." You who benefit financially from the premises I have challenged--as have Dr. Szasz and Dr. Breggin and a few others who dare challenge their preisthood(and I was not the first one to use this term--a renegade family doctor named Mendelssohn from Chicago did so many years ago). So I once again challenge you to stay on topic instead of conduct an ad hominem war--which always seems to consist of "You are sick therefore you do not know what you are talking about". You cannot do so--that is obvious! And may I say that is a lazy and very non-objective approach. Pfff.

    17. I do not benefit in any way. Scientologists could take over tomorrow and get rid of psychology and it would not affect my pocketbook at all.

      Dr. Szasz is more a joke than a doctor. that is why he teamed up with the church of scientology and none of his ideas are taken seriously, rather they are looked at in sociology classes about what happens when uneducated people get duped by a fringe group of former academics.

      you didnt address a SINGLE point that was made.

      You didnt even grasp the message or the point in my sarcastic comment.

      I just wish I could introduce you to a bunch of schizophrenics and have them explain to you how they now differentiate their hallucinations from reality. hell look up John Nash.

    18. You "do not benefit in any way" yet you defend your position as if your life depended on it. I am just a plain dummy who didn't grasp or address any point you made, did I? Oh, I mean "uneducated". "Uneducated former academics"--say it three times fast and MAYBE you can dupe others into thinking those folks exist. You're too much!!
      I refer you to the Rosenhan experiment for some good science on the points I made. What do you prefer I say about your brother and your insistence about him? I cannot; but you see, unbeknownst to you, this is an issue larger than your sibling rivalry and others you proclaim is one of the well known labels of Psychiatry--which I am sorry doesn't impress me at all since this dynamic goes on a lot within families. There is hardly a discussion board out there on this topic where the defenders of Psychiatry don't "close the discussion" prematurely or remove posts antithetical to the common dogma of that industry--this is I suppose so they can then proclaim, in their endless circular reasoning, that everyone out there is "paranoid", a "conspiracy theorist", or something similar. LMAO

    19. I defend a position I am well educated in against people like you who attack it because you feel threatened and persecuted by people who only want to help you.

      "Uneducated former academics"

      ever heard of Philipe J. Rushton? look him up tell me if you think he is an academic worth quoting, and remember he is a university professor with tenure. there are many examples of people with Dr. in front of their name yet are completely off their rocker.

      "I refer you to the Rosenhan experiment for some good science on the points I made."

      LOL anyone who brings that up shows immediately that they have no clue how medicine works.

      as psychiatric diagnosis relies largely on the patient's report of their experiences, faking their presence no more demonstrates problems with psychiatric diagnosis than lying about other medical symptoms. If I were to drink a quart of blood and, concealing what I had done, come to the emergency room of any hospital vomiting blood, the behavior of the staff would be quite predictable. If they labeled and treated me as having a bleeding peptic ulcer, I doubt that I could argue convincingly that medical science does not know how to diagnose that condition.

      This also happened in 1973....40 years ago. a very long time in the scientific community.

      Its also funny that you allude to sibling rivalry (which is an idea in psychology) as a response to why my brother has schizophrenia...No I have NO rivalry with my younger brother who is 8 years my junior. none at all. the irony here is amazing. that you would honestly try to use psychology to dismiss it.

      the rest of your post (as most that are longer than a couple paragraphs tend to do) degrades into a messy word salad not making much sense.

      You dont need to keep responding to me. It is clear to me that you are deeply disturbed and anything I say will just appear to be "from the enemy"

    20. I do not need to keep responding to you because you feel you are superior to everyone else with your opinion. Secondly, your dismissal of the Rosenhan experiment by failing to address it shows the level of regard you have for science--which is right around zero(my first impression and it proved correct). Your introduction of Rushton into the discussion demonstrates the lengths to which you will go to avoid the core issues. That is an avoidance technique. You should be ashamed of yourself for so doing, but you are obviously too uppity for that sentiment. Your ad hominem attack of me once again demonstrates who you are as opposed to who I am much moreso!!

    21. I specifically addressed the Rosenhan experiment. Either you dont know what it is or you didnt bother reading my comment.

      My introduction of Rushton was to prove to you that "Uneducated former academics" exist as you scoffed at.

      All I can do is shake my head and feel sorry for you.

    22. Just thoiught I'd express your consescending BS in a way that better reflects it:"I shake my head in pity for you because you are not as educated and savvy as I am." You "proved" there are "uneducated former academics" but what THAT proved in the overall debate is questionable at best--other than that you can beat your chest and yell that you "proved" something. You failed to "specifically address" the Rosenhan experiment in any but a condescending and scoffing manner--as you did when I mentioned Dr. Szasz. Yes, certainly I know what the Rosenhan experiment was and perhaps you can prove that you know also(??!!!). Perhaps you should re-read your own posts, for you evidently suffer from "Anogosmia" as to what you have posted. LOL
      Should you wish to post anything meaningful, I and other readers await your great wisdom. I suspect we'll be waiting forever, but you are welcome to try, anyway.


      my response to the rosenhan experiment was:

      as psychiatric diagnosis relies largely on the patient's report of their experiences, faking their presence no more demonstrates problems with psychiatric diagnosis than lying about other medical symptoms. If I were to drink a quart of blood and, concealing what I had done, come to the emergency room of any hospital vomiting blood, the behavior of the staff would be quite predictable. If they labeled and treated me as having a bleeding peptic ulcer, I doubt that I could argue convincingly that medical science does not know how to diagnose that condition.

      It was also over 40 years ago and a very different time. psychiatry is not practiced in the same way so that experiment does not reflect anything in todays culture.

      im shaking my head in pity because you are so angry and deluded.

    24. Imagine a visitor from Mars(or someone unfamiliar with the Rosenhan experiment) read your posts and was trying to determine what the Rosenhan experiment referred to --he-she--or it--could not do it. Comparing what the Rosenhan experiment showed to someone faking a bleeding ulcer by vomiting up red stuff is obtuse--- at best. And may I say irrelevant to the discussion.
      You obviously didn't get anything(much) out of the Rosenhan experiment so let me report to you what this reflects just for your education. What a reasonable conclusion is from this experiment is that Psychiatric diagnosis is biased based upon the observer--thus, there is built-in observer bias. That holds true today as well. Instead, it appears to be you who is deluded in that you prefer to think that there has been some magical progress out of this particular bias "in the last 40 years". That would be your own delusion, if that would be your conclusion. It is unclear you so much as got this much of the meaning of the Rosenhan experiment so it remains unclear whether your thinking would be this advanced as a result.
      As for your accusation further that I am angry, I refer you to what Harry Truman said:"I never gave anybody hell;I just told the truth and they thought it was hell."

    25. If someone comes to a doctor and tells them that they have pains in their back and they cant move forward and they fake that pain consistently they will be given pain medication.

      medicine, sometimes, depends greatly on reports from the patient. If someone is going to lie about their condition there is not much you can do about that, hence why the "experiment" is useless.

      it also has nothing to do with the way that psychiatric illnesses are diagnosed today. Psychiatry and psychology has advanced leaps and bounds with neuroscience. the equipment and medicine we have today is much better.

      I wasnt explaining the experiment to someone from mars i was talking about it to YOU someone who claims they know the experiment so what i said should have been obvious, but it is just another sign of your complete inability to grasp scientific positions.

      You are clearly angry. you are not giving anyone hell you are just swinging your arms wildly at something you understand VERY little about.

    26. May I say your response lets us all know how little you know about everyday life. If I am in a low income clinic and I have an auto accident and can prove it and am in considerable pain I will still NOT get pain medicine because it is ASSUMED I am asking for it in order to resell it on the street for a profit. So that is point number one in your example--which is poor in general since even outside the low income clinic setting, doctors are very hesitant generally to prescribe pain medicine these days because they know the government is looking over their shoulders on both state and federal levels.
      You continue to fail to exposit upon just HOW you feel false reports have something to do with the Rosenhan experiment yet you consistently use this example of patients lying for some odd reason. So are you saying here yotu think that all the patients in that experiment lied about their symptoms and that is the reason the Rosenhan experiment is in your mind invalid and shows nothing? You don't say....nor can anyone make out much out of what you are saying except that YOU are obviously very ANGRY at ME for disagreeing with YOU and stating my disagreement much more clearly than you have managed to do thus far. You continue to berate me about my quote "inability to grasp scientific positions" yet you give no example of this. It is YOU who is flailing your arms around swinging wildly at me BECAUSE you are angry that someone might be articulate--AND grasp the essense of science---in order to stake out a position in disagreement with yours. Those who do not have an argument on the issues will always seem to attack the person making the disagreement personally. Congratulations for continuing that tradition. I have explained what the scientific method is and what it entails. My understanding of that led me into one of the finest postsecondary institutions in this nation to study science, so it is your ignorant accusation of my supposed ignorance on the issue of what constitute science which is laughable. I have invited you before and will reissue the invitation:if you wish to stick to the issues, that is good. If you wish to continue to attack me personally, I will continue to fight back. And if you continue to speak in generalities, I will continue to press you for specifics.

    27. "May I say your response lets us all know how little you know about everyday life. If I am in a low income clinic and I have an auto accident and can prove it and am in considerable pain I will still NOT get pain medicine because it is ASSUMED I am asking for it in order to resell it on the street for a profit."

      how naive. if this were actually the case we wouldnt have an epidemic of people abusing and selling those drugs.

      It has become clear to me that you have a completely confused view of what the Rosenhan experiment was.

      "Rosenhan's study was done in two parts. The first part involved the use of healthy associates or "pseudopatients" (three women and five men) who briefly feigned auditory hallucinations in an attempt to gain admission to 12 different psychiatric hospitals in five different States in various locations in the United States. All were admitted and diagnosed with psychiatric disorders."

      there is the people lying about their conditions.

      "The second part of his study involved an offended hospital administration challenging Rosenhan to send pseudopatients to its facility, whom its staff would then detect. Rosenhan agreed and in the following weeks out of 193 new patients the staff identified 41 as potential pseudopatients, with 19 of these receiving suspicion from at least 1 psychiatrist and 1 other staff member. In fact Rosenhan had sent no one to the hospital."

      this is NOT an experiment is just an example of ONE idiot doctor.

      now that you have been reminded of the experiment you can apply all my arguments.

      "You don't say....nor can anyone make out much out of what you are saying except that YOU are obviously very ANGRY at ME for disagreeing with YOU and stating my disagreement much more clearly than you have managed to do thus far"

      im sorry that after reading our back and forth this is the conclusion you have come to. another sign of your delusion.

    28. "How naive. If this were actually the case we wouldn't have an epidemic of people abusing and selling those drugs." In other words, my observations in this regard do not count in your mind. Secondly, your depiction of the Rosenhan experiment is biased to say the least. An "idiot doctor". Not a brilian one who in fact made a point that was at all valid. So then always the messenger himself has to be attacked---that is the methodology of the thief class running the mental illness industry--including those Psychologists who from their subservient position therein support the high priest theives thereof.

    29. My reference to the one idiot doctor was not to Rosenhan but to the second doctor that challenged him.

      My depiction of the Rosenhan experiment is an objective one.

      But typical of you to try to find the fallacy in the rhetoric rather than actually address the MEAT of the issues.

    30. You have presented yourself so obtusely so that no one would possibly be able to determine "the meat of the issues". What, in your mind, are the meat of the issues? You have failed to so much as present a bit of gristle of this issue with the Rosenhan experiment. You seem to think that people should be able to read your mind here.

    31. I have repeated myself over and over when it comes to my the Rosenhan experiment. all you have to do is look up the criticisms of the experiment and you will see that it is greatly flawed.

      Anyone other than you is able to read my comments and know what I have been saying. im sorry you are haviing such a hard time

    32. Nonsense. A high school biology teacher stated something I have never forgotten, and seems to apply here:be very careful about using terms like "always" and "never". Yes, the poster was making a great deal of sense. I postulate that most in the mental illness industry--which is what I call it because that is how it operates--reach the point where things that are eminently logical and make perfect sense seem to make no sense anymore because of the circular reasoning they have used to validate what they do year after year decade after decade and lifetime after lifetime--after all, they are very "well invested in it". Oh--and I also knew of a high school english teacher who doubled as a basketball coach who had a stock answer whenever his students challenged him on assigned homework by asking if they had to do it--his reply:"All you HAVE to do is pay taxes and die." Similarly, who says we "have" to "care for" anyone by lockiing them up against their will WHEN THEY HAVE COMMITTED NO CRIME?? WHY??

    33. And WHO determines this and HOW is it determined? By someone who simply determines it without any objective criteria or criteria that would make sense or be reasonable to the vast majority of people. You do not have to claim to be followed by aliens, the FBI, or whatever to have this performed on you--all that is normally required is for there to be a relationship with practiioners in the mental illness industry and a diagnosis--very easily obtained, too easy some may say--and then an angry outburst which threatens neither oneself or anyone else to have this happen. Now, you seem to accept the premise that so many people don't have "consent over themselves" as you put it(a phrase which makes NO sense at all, but yours anyway)just as does the high priests and pirestesses of Psychiatry and the mental illness industry. Now, are you familiar with the case of Brandon Raub, the Vet of Afghanistan who was taken by government employees into involuntary commitment from his Virginia home after he posted on his facebook page statements critical of the federal government? Would HIS case in your estimation be a genuine example of someone who didn't have consent over himself, and could you support whatever conclusion you have on that as forcefully and persuasively as possible??(I know the FACTS actually sound like paranoia, but the news media and the Rutherford Institute realize they are FACTS nonetheless about what happened to this young man).

    34. International treaties(this has to do with LAW not the quackery of either Psychiatry or the homage Psychologists must pay to it--in much the same way nurses must pay to physicians) are increasingly defining involuntary commitment as TORTURE and inherently a violation of HUMAN RIGHTS. Prove to me that there is good science--I am not talking about using PARTS of the scietnific method and then proclaiming you are using "sicence"--proferred by Psychiatry --and then I will listen to YOU and YOUR standard pay homage nonsense, Epicurus.
      If you have no idea why you "just wasted your time listening to nonsense--"--then perhaps by your logic you should see a therapist in order to determine that answer, since it seems important that you do to you. I guarantee you THAT will be more of a waste of time than ANYTHING!!

    35. Yes it does. It absolutely does. My 11 year old self recalls it quite well. I got more of an education as to the evils worked by Psychiatrists and Psychiatry that year. And subsequently also. But I guess you know more than anyone about this, "Epicurus". Sincerely, Plato LOL

    36. Hear, Hear! I agree wholeheartedly! Thanks for stating something that *SHOULD* be obvious to these people, but isnt for some reason T.T

    37. Nah you are wrong. I love what you said though.

      The main thing you are missing? Psychiatrists can make all the positive diagnosis they want and do all the treatment they want, theres no such thing as a medicinal "cure" for a mental disease. Theyve been barking up the wrong tree for hundreds of years plus they know it and dont care, nothing they do is scientific and most true scientists (if they were aware of this mess ; ;) would immediately call for their expulsion from the community.

      They promise false hope to the masses and as such they should be condemned for the nazi doctor pseudoscientists that they are, prosecuted for the billions of dollars of corrruption they all engage in each year, and banned before history repeats itself and some crazy nazi dictator tries to abuse psychiatry again.

      Im sympathetic to your point that most of them are probably just trying to help? But the road to disaster is paved with good intentions. The best way they could help would be to stop... You mess with peoples minds on a mass scale like they do? Prescribe inneffectual "mental health" drugs to patients you cant monitor closely, and break the hypocrattic oath by engaging in involuntary commitment? And you destroy people wholesale, you are evil and need to be stopped. Diagnosis is something best left to neuropathists, therapists, and psychologists imo. The only thing psychiatrists are doing when they diagnose is marking the map on a brain they intend to conquer , with drugs that dont work. Or they are analyzing you for a label they can attach to you so society knows you have a problem and treats you differently so you are more depressed and subbsequently need more therapy. Theyve never succeeded once, not one of them, in fixing a single mental issue with the art of psychiatry. If they did it was NOT through drugs, it was through talking. Its a useless art form that kills people, and needs to be abolished.

      Also, psychologists report to a mental health board legitimately, and are held accountable by the public. Psychiatrists? report to a third party association and have barely any chain of command. Hence the almost christian priest-like statistic in psychiatry of rape and child molestation. They can do whatever they want behind closed doors, the documentary talks about this very clearly and they are never messed with by the police and they dont report to the government, they just take the governments money. "Psychiatric standards" is an oxymoron. They don't have any besides a requirement of a medical health degree/doctorate. Remember the story about the guy who drove around the country and performed 3500 lobotomies in the back of his little "loboti-bus"? Thats pretty typical and i bet you could do that just as easily as a psychiatrist today? as you could back then.

      These are rogue agents basically and need to be treated as such; they do what they want and because the public mistakenly thinks they are practicing science, and think they know what theyre doing when they prescribe drugs for the brain? They get a free pass as a doctor, They get a license to kill. Rationalizing psychiatry is very akin to trying to rationalize slavery. Slavesellers, slave drivers, and slave owners are bad people, and so are psychiatrists. We could only benefit from their prohibition.

      If there was never another case of psychiatry or slavery? The world would be a better place. If the psychiatrists are worried about losing the profession they love? Just take away their medical degree and set them off as therapists. Keeping psychiatry around just ensures a future of death, rape, and robbery for mankind.

    38. Since the psychiatrists have it all completely wrong and everything they do is useless bulls*it, what should be done about mental illness?

    39. Wonrg premise, you see. The premise of "illness in the mind"--which is what "mental illness" is. There IS such a thing as illness in the brain--tumors and such--but "ilness in the mind" is a misnomer until it can be proven--it is is not proven when people merely have "issues in living". Scans haven't proven it. Pathologists haven't proven it. Blood tests haven't proven it. EEG's haven't proven it. What's left? Mankind either believes in it or doesn't--and it is so enticing to believe in it that most people do. But that's not PROOF!!

  82. Wow! This film offers a huge amount of crap on a silver plate, decorated with dramatic effects. It looks like south park parody, and all info and data in it are soooooo f*cking wrong and misrepresented!

  83. Wtf, why does the info on this doco say "promoting Fascism, racism and atheism". Unlike fascism and racism being an atheist is not a bad thing.

    1. Really? then you are mentally Ill

  84. This film sounds more like an emotional outlet for those who've been through conditioning, as opposed to an actual examination of psychiatric techniques to alter behavior.

    1. are you okay man?

  85. Nathan hit the nail on the head.. I have nothing to add.

  86. Take everything bad in the world and call it psychiatry. Next, claim that Psychiatry is bad. This is guilt by association. Murder, delusion, torture, misinformation, corruption... these are problems of human weakness.

    Francis Galton was not a psychiatrist. He did first put forth positive eugenics, encouraging smart/healthy/attractive people to breed. Negative eugenics, forced sterilization came later on and had nothing to do with Francis Galton. Negative Eugenics is a byproduct of human weakness and the stupid belief that our gene pool was becoming tainted. "Science" was abused as a method for exterminating undesirables. There are plenty of crazy bastards willing to legitimize their own agenda by calling it anything people can accept. If you call it Religion or Science or "Green" then it can slip right by our bullshit detector.

    I've read The Bell Curve. It's not a book about psychiatry. It does state that there are differences between groups. In linguistic and mathematical intelligence, lifespan, physical ability and so on. These are interesting facts that really have no baring on the individual and the reason is because the dispersion within groups is far more significant. In other words, skin colour or heritage are a poor predictor for anything because they are very small factors. The fear with these conclusions is that people are so willing to misapply them.

    1. Well said Nathan! I agree wholeheartedly.

  87. However, this film, overall, is pathetic nonsense spouted by people who are long on their opinionated, grossly uneducated, misinformed, deluded beliefs, and exceedingly short on facts and genuine evidence. I've seen a few informative and useful documentaries here on Top docs, but also many which are propaganda, misinformation, and pure seething hateful deluded manure. Psychiatry: An Industry of Death, for the most part, falls into the category of spectacularly stupid, deluded misinformation.

    1. Please..You should have stopped thinking after your first comment. You were making sense, now you sound like what you claim "people" who made this doc. to be.

  88. It's true that we now have a huge problem with psychiatrists -- they have opted out of psychotherapy in favor of meds, meds and more meds. Partly because pharmaceutical companies now give millions of dollars to medical schools for "research" (which med schools are now dependent on), and partly because they can make tons of many by seeing six patients an hour by peddling drugs as opposed to one patient an hour doing psychotherapy -- that's $600 per hour vs $100 per hour. That's just too tempting for today's new breed of callously unethical psychiatrists. Treatment effectiveness studies show, again and again, that clinical psychologists/clinical social workers have a much higher success rate, beyond the short term, than psychiatrists -- because psychologists/social workers don't push meds. Instead they help people develop skills needed to solve problems. There has never been, nor will there ever be, a pill that can solve a problem or help you develop a necessary skill. As well, APA, NASW, and many other research organizations say that only about 12% of mental health consumers need to be on meds. But nearly 100% of patients who see a psychiatrist are automatically put on meds - $$$$.

    However, this film, overall, is pathetic nonsense spouted by people who are long on their opinionated, grossly uneducated, misinformed, deluded beliefs, and exceedingly short on facts and genuine evidence. I've seen a few informative and useful documentaries here on Top docs, but also many which are propaganda, misinformation, and pure seething hateful deluded manure. Psychiatry: An Industry of Death, for the most part, falls into the category of spectacularly stupid, deluded misinformation.

    1. *This* is a great comment. The situation is a mess and makes it harder for the 12% who really need medication. Many of these people either aren't sick, misdiagnosed, or don't really need meds to fix their problems. Therapy, diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc. is usually what people need. There is a small percentage of us who are severe enough that medication needs to be added. I wish psychiatrists favored a more holistic approach.

  89. Ok this had some good info, but I had to dismiss a lot of their claims at the end of the film when they were trying to convince us that psychiatry caused 9/11... Save 90 minutes of your life by just coming to the realization that psychiatry has and is a joke that ***** already ****** up people.

  90. While the historical parts may be true, and there have been those affected negatively by psychiatrists, to say that psychology and psychiatric treatment is wrong or evil or racist is complete nonsense. The positives must outweigh the negatives in all ways, and from the beginning until the mid 20th century that is the way it always was--until there stopped being negative consequences and psychologists and psychiatrists as a whole looked only at the beneficial ways to help individuals (that's not to say some psychiatrists are not sponsored by pharmaceutical companies and are indeed prescribing things that are at times not needed, but what branch of anything in this world is not corrupt in some form?). This in the end is religious propaganda. Psychology takes hold of problems and solves them without the help of a "deity" or the blind faith required in order to lean on religion (which actually causes more confusion, more distress, and then even more problems than in the beginning). If you don't trust one professional, go to another. Check every professional of every area you see and make sure you agree with their methods. You'll find that most psychologists wish to help individuals, that most have no ties to corruption, and that most have far better understanding of human nature than any religion bound whacko out there--let alone anyone. It's religion that actually causes the majority of the world's problems--from giving people a pass on evil acts to the justification of condemning everyone from a homosexual to a prostitute to those who have abortions. It justifies murder, disgraceful acts at funerals, hides true health problems, creates hate, fantasy, and causes people to become even more psychotic. A Nobel Prize winner said that in a perfect non-religious world the good would do only good things and only the evil would do evil thing. Only in a world with religion will you have a good man doing evil things. The understatement of the year.

  91. The narrator's

  92. There are many more docs on this subject that are done by non scientologists. The majority I've seen are actually done by psychiatrists and medical doctors themselves, along with a host of other real scientist. Psychiatrists will tell you exactly the same thing that was in this doc. It is the psychiatrist who is approached by the pharma companies & given large sums of money, trips to bermuda...etc to get 'as many people on their drugs as possible'. As mentioned before, just research this real good & u will have a different opinion I promise. Peace!

  93. This documentary is completely biased. Yes maybe some of this stuff did happen in past history and some still goes on today, but to say most psychiatrists are rapists along with endless list of other things is an utter load of crap!

    1. It is a piece that is intended to be critical of Psychiatry why would you expect it to be unbiased?

      First the film doesn't say that most psychiatrists are rapists where did you get that? But without a doubt the practice of psychiatry has caused more physical, sexual and mental abuse of patients than all the other medical disciplines combined.

      The thrust of the film is the brutal abuses of the past via absurd techniques and the aggressive big business aspect of psychology via the biochemical approach (Psychoactive drugs) in the present day. Psychiatry is anything but an exact science, in fact it is not a science at all it is more akin to a belief system.

      Here is a challenge for you:

      Explain Exactly:
      •How the brain assembles and constructs the 3 dimensional world that we perceive,
      •How memory interacts with perception in real time,
      Do you think Psychiatrists know this? They do not!

      Question: How can a machine be repaired by a repairman that doesn't know how the machine functions?

      The brain is a hyper complex machine and each one is unique hence every individual see's and reacts to the world and external stimulation in a different way. The fractal nature of the universe and the unique set of external stimuli we are exposed to is what gives us our individuality. By altering the physical brain with chemicals, electricity,or surgery some individuality and brain functions are annihilated. All of those techniques have unintended and a wide range unpredictable negative effects on the victims.

      I'm sorry, using powerful psychoactive drugs, electroshock therapy and lobotomies to create passive and manageable automatons is simply not what I would call beneficial for mankind.

      The one bright spot in the game is Cognitive psychology. Because that is a non destructive exploration of internal mental processes, the study of how people perceive, remember, think, speak, and solve problems it is a science because the scientific method is used. It involves experiments that can be duplicated and leads to theories based on a large mass of quantifiable data. On the other hand Psychiatry is unscientific because it is based on the unproven theories of a small number of individuals.

    2. and I agree with you...

  94. The vast majority of German Christians supported the Nazis. Why didn't the author of this article list gays and blacks?

  95. Thanks for the warning. I almost wasted time watching this.

  96. This is preposterous.

  97. I didn't watch the entire documentary but many of the claims here are true whether we choose to believe it or not. "Drugs" are big business and many people are being prescribed drugs for behaviors that are quite commonly experienced by most people. I can give you a personal example:
    A year ago I went to the doctor and said that I was having trouble sleeping. Without any tests or in-depth questioning he prescribed Ambien. He started to write a prescription for a mild form of the drug but then scratched it and wrote a prescription for the strongest dose that he could prescribe. His reason? "You will DEFINITELY be able to sleep after taking this!"
    Like a fool I simply trusted that he knew what he was doing and I took one that night before bed. I began making strange phone calls to people and not making any sense as I babbled on the phone; I fell through a glass table, cut myself up pretty badly, cleaned the glass up before finally going to bed and didn't even remember a SINGLE THING about the entire event. I only knew it happened because my hands and arms were cut from the glass and their were plastic bags full of glass with a vacuum cleaner sitting next to the bags. I'm lucky it wasn't worse. Needless to say, I never took it again. As it turns out, all I really needed was to stop working on work related stuff several hours prior to bed and begin preparing for bed earlier (dimming lights, turn of TV, relaxing). So I can believe that there are many, MANY others who have been prescribed drugs unnecessarily and are suffering from side effects far worse than the symptoms they were having originally.

    1. Your doctor was an idiot for not warning you about ambien and telling you to take it after you were in bed with the lights off. And it sounds like you didn't need it anyway. Yes, many people are prescribed things they don't need, but don't forget there is a small group of people who do need them.

  98. 1st, there r many more docs on psychiarty that r on the net. I suggest watching a few more. Second, I have been a victim of this system. Once you've been thru it more than once, then u will see a world u did not know was there. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience & has been flat out proved to be so by more credible people than the scientologists. The way people r treated once they can put a label on you (bipolar, etc) is horrific. You do not give people, willy nilly, large amounts of poison (fluoride comes to mind) on a whim to control fictitous diseases of the mind. Do you understand the word 'pseudoscience'? Research this more fully and see for yourself friends.

    1. I agree with you.

  99. Words,
    lots and lots
    of words...

  100. i hate cultists...

  101. Possibly the worst piece of **** I've ever seen. Not even ironically entertaining, and certainly not informative. Recommended for one specific demographic-that of the credulous id**t.

  102. OMG, as a patient with mental illness, this has completely sickened me, and should be in the 'conspiracy' section. Every member of the mental health profession I have come across, want me to become well, and strive to do this, with different theropies and not just medication (and most definately not electric shock theropy) what a load of propoganda tish tosh!!!!!

  103. Yeah, those $cientologists make a good point on psychiatry. I always preferred their method on when someone is going insane: Lock them in Fort Harrison Hotel for 2 weeks, dehydrate them, charge them thousands to force-feed them audio tapes. Then, when they finally succumb to this horrible maltreatment, drive 45 minutes and pass 2 hospitals in order to get them to a hospital with Scientology staff. **** this movie and **** that cult.

  104. Now I am not a doctor, and for all I know psychiatry may really be as serious as depicted here, but this "documentary" is borderline propaganda. Poorly made and quite tasteless.

  105. As a former Scientologist, I can attest that the number one reason the org exists is to make money. No doubt about it at all. But how many other churches exist for the same reason?

  106. I'm very much a skeptic and doubter of the psychiatric Industrial Complex myself.

    That said, i can tell just by the discription up above that this so-called "doc" is clearly a religiously bias piece-of-garbage.

  107. godwin's law.

    BOOM, scientology loses.

  108. wow i cant belive how stuipid people really are ,u actully think they havnt studied medicine? the people in this video have no idea what there talking about i hope no one takes anything away from this garbage ive had a major depressive episode and if it wasnt for the drugs i never would have pulled through it drugs saved my life in a very real way,and no doubt most of u guys out there also seintology is highly deluded

  109. Medications helped save me. I was suicidal, homicidal, and now I'm not, thanks to medications and being admitted into a psychiatric hospital. A big thanks to the many psychiatrist and therapists who helped me.

    1. The side effects of anti-depressants are often increased suicidal thoughts and uncontrollable anger, so hopefully you were warned of that.

  110. This documentary for me illustrated the idea that the diagnosis of mental illness itself is subjective,with the possibility of there being no such thing as mental illness in the first place.Being anxious in a certain situation may not be a disorder but just normal behaviour instead that has been isolated inorder to mass produce medication that will make profits for large corporations.

    But who knows I might be wrong...

  111. i hope you know that this film was funded and produced by the curch of scientology as they're ongoing smear campaign again psychiatry

    1. And a lot of the posters disparraging the film here, have ties to the psychiatric or pharmaceutical industries.

  112. 'Population control is necessary if we are to survive as a species.'

    Firstly whos to say whos controlled (remember Globally speaking Money talks)?, to have an effect it would have to be a Global effort and like all other 'Global' efforts it does not work because people have different personalities, Ideologies etc. one places opinion will be different to somewhere elses.

    If it was somehow enforced Globally and all thought was the same and all culture was the same (which it is not) birth rates would drop, when would it be time to stop it?, if a species does not get enough Genetic diversity..guess what?, thats right it dies out.
    So you would have to have some sort of Global Policestate to make sure countries were doing there bit....

    can you see where this is going?....pure fanatsy really that lives in ignorant peoples minds.

    have you ever heard of three little things called War (there are at least 50 wars being fought around the world every year)/ Disease (Plague of Justinian or the Black Death or the diseases that wiped out Civilizations and Millions of people in the South American Empires for example)/ massive natural disasters like at least two mass extiction events (in which at least 90% of all life died) there are plenty of natural population control methods that have reduced all life on this Planet its not going to stop because we understand the World better now than at any other point in History.

    Massive reductions in Global populations happen from time to time, fact.

  113. Let's all be clear about who created this documentary :


    Yes, the "religion" (in the USA) that my friend Mike had to plot his escape from because he knew they wouldn't let him leave easily. They forced him to wear a dunce cap and isolated him from his friends and family. Finally, he was able to escape.

    Please educate yourself on the nature of the Scientology, the views of its detractors, and the harm it has done to so many people's lives. Explore for yourself. Watch the BBC Panorama documentaries (Are those on here Vlatko?)

    Although I can understand the idea that we are an over- drugged society, and there are many things wrongs with constantly medicating yourself, I do not believe that Scientology has the right to hijack the Holocaust for its own agenda.

  114. puras mentiras! Explican teorias conductuales con el soundtrack de una pelicula de terror... esta medio mamon! si te gusta "La Alarma" este es para ti!

  115. what cracks me up is that this is being um "exposed" by people who want us all to believe that we are really having trouble because we have alien souls inside us... aliens that died in a volcano in Hawaii... uhuh. Yipper. All makes sense now. Clam dip anyone?

    1. Every religion's based on wild tales. Who's to say which one's wilder than the next? None of that negates the troubling fact that there's an unholy alliance between the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA and the psychiatric community, and that massive profits are made from indiscriminately prescribing drugs who's effects can't be accurately measured..

  116. There will always be the root of many evils and it is not psychiatry itself it is the bad apples in the field. Blaming psychiatry for mental illness is ridiculous people is truly depressed because of situations in live, or because of biological problems such as a brain injury or due to a medical illness that damaged the brain. Some people are depressed because of the state of affairs in the very ideologies in this world such as discrimination against race, against being fat, being thin, being smart etc. Ideologies can amass power through money and greed and power in and of itself. To blame psychiatry for things like the holocaust is like saying all Germans are evil, all government is evil; all men are evil, and so on. To blame one profession for things such as sexual rape is the same as saying all teachers are rapists, all little league coaches are, all Catholics are, all dentists and doctors are and so on. The reasoning behind this film is beyond irrational.
    There is no doubt that if you were to go to a psychiatrist you may be recommended to take a drug, that is what that field subscribes to, however, psychologists do no, nor do counselors. There are many thousands of billions of people that receive competent statistical based proven therapies to assist with autistic children, those that are depressed, and those that need guidance in marriage problems and so forth that are faith based. It is important for people to ask what it is that particular therapist believes in and what therapies they see as viable. There are in fact many scientifically based results centered around cognitive therapy and psychology itself, there are billions that have benefited from counseling, billions of lives saved. However, I do agree that psychiatry should not have ultimate power to force anyone to treatment, or to force diagnosis in any way.
    Not having money or resources, lack of educational opportunities and jobs in this country is a great source of disparity as well as the ideology of capitalism. Capitalism is causing many evils through power and greed. Demoralizing people is the name of the game and dominance is the virtue through which superiority has given rise to the taking of lands, culture, and mass slavery of people and women by man for a long long time. Those that use psychiatry in the name of these virtues are only using a tool such as a weapon that was meant to assist people and help them through their journey. Unfortunately there will always be those that take advantage in the name of money or power. People do not have to purchase everything through the markets, they can barter, they can offer personal support to one another, and if the environment was less hostile such as previously mentioned discriminations and exclusion then we would have a more harmonious society free from the many worries of having little future or being a less than because they are poor, disabled, fat, or what have you. If everyone felt ok, then we would not sell not only billions of pills, we would not sell make up, high heels, exercise memberships, firming creams, surgical cosmetic procedures, the newest hottest cars, it is all about dominance and superiority period. Those early psychologists were white males compensating for their own inferiority complexes, and many got on that wagon. Any wagon that makes a man feel superior will be sought. The wagon is made of money and power, again the cause of these disgusting malpractices done as shown in the film. However not all people have been assaulted in this way only because of psychiatry. There is much more to the problem than theories. Thoughts only go so far, it is how they are used, such as atomic power did not have to be used as a weapon, but leave it to man, and it will for his own desire for mass domination. People are the true ones with the power, the mass of those not in power positions are far larger than those restricting and regulating behavior across countries. So what can we do? Wake up, stop making other feel badly, stop buying everything, start making things yourself, and learn to lean on your neighbor and a faith, even if your faith is in mankind itself. Keeping most of the population in between without activity is how the power is transmitted to stay at the very top military, elite, and political powers. Just my feedback, one little person, a nobody, There are gazillions of us. Ultimately human kind has quite a ways to go to reach harmony. The criminal system is antiquated along with education, insurance, government, and yes the psychological community to name a few. The very notion of mental illness should be redressed as mental healthiness and worked on from there. We are not void emotions, or feelings those are the colors of our experience and should not be suppressed but celebrated along with our quarks. Psychology is based around behavior, scientific method which reduces any picture of emotionality because feelings cannot be observed as a physical process, nor can thought. So, yes we need to learn so much more about the brain, and thought, but it should not be at the cost of human suffering in any way.

    1. @ ghillee
      There is a lot of confusion due primarily to the misleading, indeed inappropriate, title given to this documentary. The title quite properly should read:

      Pharmaceutical corporations' feeding off of psychiatry's inability to provide physical, measurable definitions of and diagnostic testing
      for the mental
      'disorders' psychiatry votes into existence for the sole purpose of turning a Pharmaceutical-corporate quarterly net gain with no regard whatever for anyone or anything else: An Industry of Death


    2. i must agree with Oz. its all bullshit. depresion bla bla bla... not a single true test to prove a single disorder... its ALL BULLSHIT... feeling sadness is not a desease!

    3. i do not agree.

      yes, pharma corporations do bad things, unfortunately they are corporations.

      the DSM has its own problems, and psychiatrists are often funded by guesswho, pharmaceutical corporations.

      i have seen people with psychiatric problems. there is no question about whether these problems exist. so, there are problems, and there are issues about how we treat them.

      but making a film like this, which is pure propaganda, and the worst kind of it, will not help to make a positive change. about 98% of this movie is pure lie, half-truths, distorted truths.

      anti-psychiatry started out as a really good movement. don't start messing up ideas. if you want to shed light on lies, don't do it by lying.

  117. Religion, Government, Education, Media are all a form of population control they do not care how you suffer ...there are too many of you to take the place of someone who dies

    1. Population control is necessary if we are to survive as a species.

      I truly believe that birth control and abortion can save the world. Unfortunately, these things cannot be forced like they are in China, instead I opt for the education of women as a way for them to view themselves as a variety of persons, not just "mothers". I instead opt for the very successful example of Brazil, which has reduced its fertility rate immensely in the past fifty years through cultural means.

      As a 27 year old woman with no plans of having children, when people ask me why I will not have children, I say "because too many people have had too many kids".

    2. Population control comes naturally when people are living comfortable lives. No intervention required.

      For a woman living in poverty, pregnancies are a lot more likely to abort naturally; she and her infants are more likely not to survive birth, and her surviving children are more likely not to live into adulthood. Just look at population statistics.

      The thing about population control is that it is trying to control a natural process. Our bodies are only here to procreate the species, after all--we are just the organism through which our DNA propagates itself. (Religious beliefs are irrelevant here; I'm just looking at the biological process.)

      No matter how man tries to control the process, it simply twists and turns, and slips out of bounds.

      Humbling, isn't it?

  118. Great movie, it shows how much bullssh*** are in some of ppl minds, religion is an cancer who will change facts and do anything to get you under its power , I don't believe that smart people actually believe in what this movie says

    1. "religion is a cancer who will change facts and do anything to get you under its power" do understand that this movie was funded and produced by scientology?

  119. its religion that denies life and freedom. It stands against the values of freedom, life, liberty and dignity....

  120. a hatchet job courtesy of cult of scientology.You could say similar things about medicine & surgery in their infancy.Nazis & genetics etc.Don't let this stop you getting the help you need from competent qualified practitioners & for god's sake don't get conned by snake-oil merchants. It'll cost you more than your money.

  121. From what I've observed in school and also my friends that are on a treatmeant for ADD/ADHD they are more disruptive when on the drugs.

  122. Certainly misdiagnoses are made. However, many cases do exist in which people benefit enormously from pharmacological and counseling measures.

  123. I do agree with the most things in that video but in fact there is some cases that they didn`t mention. For example they didn`t say that medicals are actually help people who suffer from a schizophrenia, and hear voices. Those people take a drug treatment and are cured almost for life. They even don`t get hospitalize, continue in their common lifestyle. I have seen a lot of those when used to work in a mental clinic.
    ECT is also helping people to deal with their traumas, like being a victim of rape, a terrorist attack, or terrible accident and really helps them to get back to a normal life. They stop suffering from a nightmares, anxiety, sometimes suicide tendencies and more.. Again, they even don`t get hospitalize, only come once per week to get the therapy and it`s completely volunteered. And that`s only the cases that i know, without too much digging.
    It`s not very professional to show only one side of the issue...

    1. No more bad memories and in return ECT delivers permanent damage to the brain. The Kennedy family believed that JFK's sister Rosemary, born mildly retarded, could benefit from a frontal lobotomy which left her worse off than where she started(they got embarrassed at their bad "fortune" and locked her away for the rest of her life). Steroids (plus the Psychotripics which were added while he was in the White House) were curing JFK's nonexistent Addison's disease and the only downside was bone loss and pain for life. Yeah. We've come a long way, baby. We're at the point where we only retain ECT, straightjackets, involuntary commitments,new drugs every year. Plus there is another goodie in all this, which is those who actually try to kill themselves, who are later killed deliberately by medical care in hospitals, are never prosecuted despite laws against euthanasia(see the death of Eileen DoLato, Kingston, NY). Get pegged as "mentally ill"--and it only takes ONCE--and that could well be fatal in and of itself. Not really all that great of a bargain , overall.

  124. The AI/Transhumanist/Robotics/Cyborg movement is simply a continuation of the psychiatry/eugenics movement but is being touted and the greatest thing since sliced bread. It will amount to nothing more than total and irreversible submission to machines.

  125. watch all the programs on the cult of Scientology on this site before you watch this.

    1. Here here Nick! I smelled scientology as soon as I read the synopsis for this film.

  126. the truth is that they psyc and mental health now FARM their patients, they actually chose those who will become their victomes

    average wage of psyciatrists is well over 500,000 reasons too make sure they have those who average 10,000 making available loss of their wages into the doctors pocet.

    but really potions, extracts, and tinctures which is actually the foundation of sorcery and witchcraft, sworn in secret scociatys, too uphold their secret and serve the satanic faith etc,

  127. Ironically, the people who made this documentary obviously suffer from extreme delusion.

    "When one person suffers from delusion, it's called insanity. When many people suffer from delusion, it's called religion"

    1. So it is your contention that the mental heath industry is big thumbs up all the way? If so, that's a serious delusion you have there Abe.

      One example: Today hyper active kids are drugged into a passive and compliant state via Ritalin. Does it cure the condition NO! It simply makes the kids more manageable in class. Is Ritalin harmful? It certainly can be.

      The history of the mental health industry is genuinely rather horrific. Just because the a--holes that made this film are crack pot Scientologists doesn't mean that they haven't made some good observations, that Psychiatry is an exact science or that a great deal of harm hasn't been done to patients via over medicating them.

      Good luck with your delusion Abe.

    2. Enough with the witch hunt on ADHD already. if hyperactivity was the only symptom of the disease it would be no problem.
      who cares about hyper activity. its the attention span, learning disability's and the bad stress and temper management that is the problem. if you think that being able to sit down and focus on the homework for more than 2 minutes is being ''drugged into a passive and compliant state''
      you are wrong. when actually it is like being drugged into an active and motivating state. you are the one who are delusional.

      however the medication can be harmful. but you also have to feel on your own body how it affects you.
      no one has ever said that because you take the Ritalin you are problem free forever.

      it just seems like there are a lot of people out there who seem too be in mental pain over ADHD, and keep talking about how evil the medication industry is with out knowing what they are talking about.

      I read somewhere that having ADHD is like having an tired brain all the time, due to the part of the brain controlling sleep/awake status in the brain cant send enough dopamine/adrenaline out to have it fully alert.

      if having ADHD was as easy as some of you doubters out there are saying, wouldn't the world just be great. wouldn't life just be so great and inspiring to live.


      This comes from one who takes the medication and have lived my entire childhood without it. first discovered i had it when i was 22. just recently learned to do maths, and apparently i'm quite good at it. so great for my confidence being able to do stuff again after i have learned it once, without messing stuff up all the time.

      people like you make me sick you selfrightous, self loving, better than everyone else, putting yourself up on a pedestal, narcissistic piece of manure.

    3. YES. I'm also sick of the ADHD witch hunt! I'm sick of ignorant people spouting their mouths off at something they know nothing about. Whoop-dee-doo some middle schoolers abuse it. Take it away and now they're back to chugging nyquil like they were before the ritalin. There is no doubt about it- ADHD is over-diagnosed and ritalin is over-prescribed. And it's not just psychiatrists. A lot of the over-prescribing is the result of parents who decide their kid's inability to focus is ADHD and then demand ritalin from their pediatricians, all so that they can avoid going to a psychiatrist because of the stigma of mental illness. Believe it or not- many psychiatrists aren't happy with this either. My old psychiatrist used to take people off meds as much as she put them on. She'd get calls from pediatricians all the time asking if it is ok to put little kids (like age FOUR) on stimulant meds (her answer: NO). Meanwhile, there is a small group of people who actually have ADHD and actually need the meds, who have to put up with everyone and their grandmothers who has a bone to pick or an opinion, ***hole scientologists, and dirty looks from the pharmacists. To anyone demonizing psychiatry but who has never suffered from mental illness: SHUT UP. To anyone bragging about curing their "symptoms" without lowering themselves to getting a shrink: if your fear of psychiatry is worse than your fear of your symptoms, you were never that sick. You should also shut up.

    4. Psychiatrists are not all that bad,but the system is horrible. The psychiatrist interviews a patient for less than one hour and then adds 200 mg Seroquel to his/her prescription.

      By the way, to those people who blame this documentary for being tasteless , if you have ever visited a mental hospital, you won't find anything tasteful in there. ( unless you think the stories about sexual harassment by staff are tasteful!!)

  128. Great documentary! Everybody should see this. Abolishing psychiatry is great step towards civilization!

  129. I find this really offensive to anyone suffering from a mental disorder. Myself included.

  130. there is no science in these claims at all. pure fear monegring

  131. too biased for my taste.

  132. that didn't have an obvious agenda or anything....! (sarcasm)

  133. To Clix, marry me?

  134. I am having such a laugh. The commentary in favor of the messages in this film are just...yes. I love it.

    1. 9 years later - this kid couldn't even explain what was wrong with the commentary in favor. What about against? Logical fallacy after logical fallacy. Obtuse statements that are ultimately nothing more than trolling and an inflated sense of social status while using social pressure to demean people.

      Absolutely classy. It really seems like socially adapted sociopaths are the ones running around making anti antipsych (not actual pro psych) arguments instead of neurotypical people discussing and arguing for psychiatry, and it really shows in the way they're abusing as many things as they think they can to beat others down.

  135. Scientologists must be very gullible people indeed...

  136. I most definitely could have done without the dramatic narration and the constant music, but I guess some filmakers feel that's necessary for people to remain attentive, I'm not one of them. As for the the whole drug and "treatment" thing, I'll pass on that too, you don't need drugs when you've got soul. Eat, think, hear, speak and act PURE.

  137. @ riley

    I don't think Denise is disputing the fact that the word 'sorrier' exists. As per the definition you cite, it is a comparative word. However, in your original sentence you did not use it to compare the fact that you feel more sorry for Travolta's kid as opposed to someone else, thus her criticism of your grammar. If you did, your sentence was constructed so badly, it did not elucidate that fact.

    Here I am, silly me, pointing out a native speaker's grammatical challenges, when English is my third language!

    Thanks for the good luck wish, but learning is more about curiosity than luck. Wish me curiosity instead!


    1. yes, your correction was wrong. i was comparing the travolta situation to a statement the other person made, which you presumed to interpret to me and to my detriment, which that person subsequently edited.

      but what the heck you don' know english too good, so i shouldnt expect you to be in possession of all the facts, anyhoo.

      i wish you luck in suppressing an urge to condescension and presumptuousness, in general.

      cheerio, guvnah!

  138. @denise

    sorrier comparative of sor·ry (Adjective)
    1. Feeling distress, esp. through sympathy
    with someone else's misfortune.
    2. Filled with compassion for. More »
    Merriam-Webster - The Free Dictionary

    as in - i feel SORRIER for john travolta's kid (blameless, who died) than the addled mommy (blameworthy, who didn't).


    good luck w/ that islam thing, and the gravitation thing.

    peace out!

  139. @wow

    I guess then it will be a surprise to you if I told you that I am an agnostic gravitating towards Islam.

  140. Ronnie and Clix sound like scientologists.

  141. Are they seriously basing modern day psychiarty on things that happend hundreds of years ago? people also believed that the world was round and in witchtrials then too!! things do change with time....modern day medicine is also very different to back in the day too!! What a propaganda movie if ive ever seen one....things like this have the world the way it is and gave people like Hitler the power he had. and i would 100% agree that half the world is mental without a doubt! If i was suffereing from some mental illnes i know where i would be turning to for help and it wouldnt be to a video like this.

    Looks like someone crazy come up with this doc!!! :)

  142. God bless you Ronnie!

    The Buddhist say that most of our suffering from life comes from a desire to avoid pain and seek pleasure. Pain, whether mental, physical and/or emotional, is a natural part of our existence and is there to teach us a certain lesson.

    We have substituted life lessons with drugs.

  143. @riley

    "i speak from some knowledge of that organization, which you may choose to believe or not."

    A couple of things that is very revealing about your statement above.

    1. You obviously have an ax to grind (as evidenced by your hyperbolic and nauseatingly emotional responses), thus your credibility is shot. May be if you can shed your emotional baggage, you can educate us, the unaffiliated, about the 'evils' of Scientology.

    2. You presume to associate me with the Church of Scientology as if the statements I made regarding proselytizing and money are the official responses of the Scientology Church. That makes me wonder about your level of 'knowledge' of the Church when you start accusing somebody like me who has never spoken to a Scientologist ( at least as far as I know), to be one. My guess is, you're probably dumped by a Scientologist girl and have never gotten over it. Get out more, will ya? It's great for mental health as well!

  144. In school in the 60's if a kid was bad, or didn't listen, they gave him the strap! In the 70's, they put him in the corner with a dunce cap on. In the 80's they sent him out to sit in the hall. In the 80's-90's they invented detention, and took away privilege's. And now if a kid is bad, or doesn't listen, or isn't interested in some lame lesson, the kid is labeled and "DRUGGED"! My, we sure have come a long way. Parents are to blame for this. They don't want their kids disciplined, they want them drugged instead. Cause half of these parents are on drugs themselves, whether it be illegal drugs, or random pill popping cause they can't deal with their own shit!!!

    And as far as these labels go, they are all made up bogus bull that people fall for. (ADHD-not interested.) (Bi polar- insecure and not ready to fit in yet.) (Depression-nobody said life was gonna be easy!) You can't expect to feel naturally high and happy every day. Look around, you think the rest of us have a life that is a picnic in the park? We just deal with our shit. And panic disorder????

    OMG, grab a spine, a backbone, some self confidence, some self esteem, a backbone, or WHATEVER, and get in the game (of life). EVERYBODY gets depressed, EVERYBODY might not feel they fit in, the first two hours at a party, most people don't wanna walk in to a full bar by themselves, but the rest of us don't accept some BS label, by some BS person with some BS degree, and then accept some BS prescription, and then pay BS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for some BS drug! If God made you a little shy, or not interested in some things,or whatever, it's up to you to MAKE A CHOICE to become a different, or better person, not be labeled and drugged by some psycho!!!This Doc is truth.

  145. @Denise
    Your comment is so full of s@#$ it's not even worth ripping it apart.

  146. Hey Riley, you feel "sorrier" for John Travolta's son. I can tell by not only your grammar, but by your comment that you are not a very intelligent person! What does John Travolta's son, have to do with a documentary, about the horrors, and corruption of the pharmaceutical companies? I am not an American, but I can assure you, the rest of the world feels sorry for the American people. Some countries laugh, and some just shake their heads. You have the worst health care system for a 1st world country, 3rd world countries have better than you! You need to watch more documentaries about psychiatrists, your health care system, and those American pharmaceutical companies, as this is not the only one.

    And give your head a shake, those companies are trying to push these bogus (unapproved by the FDA) drugs on other countries around the globe. We have our own documentaries as well! And I am 100% AGAINST Scientology, as I've seen the biography and "DOCUMENTARY" on that retard as well. My brother was put on Ritalin when he was 5. Why, because my evil father got custody of him, and his wicked stepmother physically abused him, and new childbride's in the 70's I guess didn't know how to raise 5 year olds, so how did the doctors help the childbride wicked step mother? They helped her out by putting my brother on Ritalin, and his nervous system was damaged permanently a year later.

    My brother is quite the site in a restaurant. Some Americans need to put their scientology, and their jew bullshit away, but still watch this documentary and have their eyes opened, and get themselves educated a little. The world is watching you! And the rest of us don't need the Americans acting like drug pushers on the whole world because of their corruption and greed! And get out of those Paki countries while your at it, like what are you guys STILL doing there? No wonder no one likes Americans, you are all crazy! These comments on this documentary prove it, and the documentary itself proves it! I give this Documentary 5 stars!!!

  147. i feel sorrier for John Travolta's son who died from a (very likely preventable) convulsive episode, due to his parent's adherence to scientology's medieval nostrums concerning disease, its causes, its proper treatments.

    the doc is scientology agit-prop. so those of us, not in 'the church', but aware of the tactics of 'the church', call attention to the salient fact, rather than the drivel contained therein.

    so you didnt ask for money, you didnt proselytize. you only lied, lie, and misrepresent yourselves as disinterested reformers of the medical profession.

    scientologist pretend:

    AS IF, only loonytune scientologist might have legitimate criticisms of health-care.

    AS IF, outlandishly over-stated claims debasing the entire field of mental-heath care encompassed by psychiatry are worth paying attention to.

    AS IF anti-psychotic medications havent enabled large numbers of individuals with ORGANIC disorders to live autonomously.

    AS IF you had something better to offer. does scientology have a treatment facility for schizophrenics?

    stick to your estranged adherents, engrams, e-meters, and emu-space-monsters. leave the grown-up talk to the adults.

  148. Clix,

    You are on point! Enough said. Thank you.

  149. Comments are interesting on this video. Some call it dangerous, others propaganda and yet others comedy. Most confess readily that they haven't watched the documentary, and implore the rest of us not to watch it as well. One who claimed to be a psychiatrist claims his profession is not without a fault, but makes no mention of the fact that he knows and has never been trained on any other way of treating mental illness other than with drugs.

    It's sad that most of you are readily willing to dismiss this documentary because of the messenger. Such is the case with many things around this world.

    Fact: The American Medical Association is a corrupt organization that enables the many doctors and pharmaceutical companies to continue to make vast amount of money by merely treating symptoms. Overall public mental health nor individual ones have not improved as a result of record number of psychiatrists and drugs out in the market in the last 50 years. They have in fact gotten worse. More kids and adults are on more prescription medication than any other time in the history of the U.S. The U.S. population is on more psychiatric drugs than all other country in the world combined.

    FACT: Mental illnesses are much less prevalent in societies that have better social structure than the U.S. Yes, most mental illness are physiological, however are manifestations of things that are not physiological to begin with, such as the material consumption driven, isolated and television-dependent existence that is common in the U.S. Despite the proliferation of churches and other religious organizations, this is also a country that lacks any redeeming spiritual and philosophical value.

    These are some of the issues raised in this documentary. I didn't see/hear any proselytizing to join the Scientology Church, nor asking for money.

    I feel achingly sorry for the mother who is being prosecuted for refusing her child psychoactive medication. May be not possible for her, but I would flee the country and seek asylum somewhere else before I agree to medicate my child.

    It is a brave new world indeed this experiment we call the United States. Dissent against the AMA and other similar organizations is quietly and methodically silenced(Research and learn what the AMA did to the American chiropractors in the 1970s). In a land that has squarely associated diversity to only the skin pigmentation of its citizens, lock step has become the only acceptable way. Hope, however, thrives among small group of dissidents of every persuasion. Common among the various small groups is that they often don't watch television, or they watch it with their thinking cap on. Most of you guys here should try that.

  150. anyone who would encourage you to watch scientology babble

    should be ignored.

    any field bears criticism, but these are not the ones to make it, or to be listened to with any regard, because

    they are liars, thieves and fakes. the only truths they speak are in service to greater lies.

    i speak from some knowledge of that organization, which you may choose to believe or not.

  151. This documentary is clearly biased and constantly distorts facts of american, psychiatric and psychological history. calling benjamin rush a lunatic torturer when he was in fact a founding father of the United States, celebrated champion of the rights of people with mental illness and pioneer of occupational therapy is clearly a perverted view of history. Avoid watching this if possible!

  152. I appreciate the thorough detailing of this documentary. I agree that the video is biased but it's informative nonetheless and that's what matters. As a serious student I don't doubt anything shown here.

    Also, I appreciate all the footage on the holocaust because the Muslims have decided to remove it from their history books since they don't believe it happened. I think holocaust footage should be shown when possible. If you actually pay attention to the documentary you will see how the point progresses.

    I believe the biological model has strong theories and I support it. I also support the use of medication SO LONG AS THEY ARE HELPFUL TO THE PATIENT. I also follow other psychological models. I don't fully support psychotropic medications unless they prove helpful to the particular patient. For the most part medications fix one problem but break something else, to put it quite simply. They call it side effects. Why trade one problem for a handful of others?! There are more effective ways to treat labeled disorders.

    Additionally, I think all the media coverage prove a healthy point. All the dead kids and kids taken from their parents should be enough evidence for you people. Columbine wasn't propoganda. Virginia Tech wasn't propoganda. If you don't appreciate the documentary then do the research yourself. Like a serious student would.

  153. Just because this is made by the church of Scientology which is a load of c@#$ doesn't mean the documentary doesn't contain some accurate information. I'm a special ed teacher and I see how many kids get over pumped with these drugs every day. I have had a few students who are completely unmedicated. One student had to come off his meds because it was making him worse. The other was never medicated at all.

    I was told by the sending schools that their parents refuse to give medication and so the kids aren't going to be ok. In 3 months I had those kids listening to me and sitting in their seats. I'm not saying they were perfect but it didn't take meds to get them to change. I'm not saying there isn't mental illness because there is, but it seems every year I get 12 students and of those 12, I can honestly say only 1 to 2 has an actual problem that I would classify as mental illness.

    The rest, just a kid who didn't fit in and/or were placed in bad environments. The other thing I see these mental illness labels doing is giving Americans one more reason that "it wasn't their fault" and a way to pass responsibility for not being an upstanding citizen. The psychologist who worked in my room a few years ago was talking about this with me.

    We were saying how we wish psychological evaluations were more scientific and that the DVSM is a scary tool. Because what people don't realize is it's a diagnostic tool. This is how it works. We've seen X many of patients with the following symptoms. We can now call it a disorder. Now we put it in the book and you have to meet X number out of Y symptoms and you can be classified with the disorder.

    So you are basically fitting yourself to a checklist. I agree, some of this documentary was very much propaganda and done a little cheesy but it doesn't mean all the information is false. Just because you're crazy doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

  154. They ruined the documentary with crummy camera work, cheap cut shots and the obvious agenda but it does hold a good overview to some of the history associated with the industry

  155. Guys, there is probably few more educated on the bullsh*t and human rights violations of Scientology than me in this thread. It's a scam, no doubt about it. It's dangerous, no doubt about it.

    However, the very principle of an 'open mind' is needed to contradict Scientology. Despite my outright disapproval of the church, it hardly means there members are incapable of forming a valid opinion, just like it hardly means Tom Cruise is a bad actor because he's one of them.

    I haven't watched this documentary yet, and don't have time right now, but I plan to come back to it later. Mind you, I expect the argument will have about as much salt to it as the Creation-Evolution argument, but I still think it deserves to be heard out.

    Hell, people persecuted Galileo for telling the truth. Even if Scientology's already being persecuted for lies, and this is probably a distraction for their members, it's worth a listen.

  156. Since the general population takes what the so-called mainstream media, educational institutions and medical industry feeds our minds; a film like this is the neccessary antidote. If we can open our minds and look at the information we should be able decide for ourselves. Most of us are unaware of how we have been endoctrinated to turn control of our lives over to others. Peace and Blessings to all that still have the ability to receive them.

  157. "Since they took homosexuality out of the DSM the book got bigger and pedophilia and homosexuality has increased." - so has cancer, hurricanes, unemployment, fear of terror, creationism, (fillinwhatyoulike)

    "Do you people know about the NWO plans for depopulating the earth? What better way than to increase the rate of homosexuality" - maybe bad vaccines? bad nutrition? fluoride? codex Alimentarius?

    this is not the place to discuss depopulation or the NWO I think.
    but - did you actually see the documentary?

  158. I did not read All of the comments on this topic, but the ones I did read surprised me. I do not know anything about the scientology issue, but I do know some things about psychiatry.
    What I find odd and rather curious is the facts are there and people refuse to accept it. Maybe being on the payroll in some way has something to do with that. My question for All of you is this; The DSM has grown exponentially over the course of this venue of health. Since they took homosexuality out of the DSM the book got bigger and pedophilia and homosexuality has increased. Do you people know about the NWO plans for depopulating the earth? What better way than to increase the rate of homosexuality? How many of the psychiatrists that vote on the content of the DSM are homosexual? The correlations are quite evident, regardless of who produced the film.

  159. This documentary is SO bad, at first I thought it was a spoof or a comedy. I don't know, I just didn't think you could get recognition for such bullsh*t... Just, wow.

  160. @Anna,

    "it’s true that there’s also psychiatrists who have actually done some good work and that’s what they leave out"

    Bingo. That's what they deliberately leave out. Relying on scientology to teach you all about psychiatry doesn't sound wise. In spite of its name, scientology isn't a scientific "religion" at all. I'd be curious as to what peer reviewed research scientology has done on any mental illness, especially schizophrenia, for which there is ample evidence of biological bases. This knowledge is what separates the psychiatrist from the quacks.

  161. Just because the Scientology church is b@##$%&* and they may have an agenda with this doesn't mean that what they say in the documentary is b@##$%&*.

    Believe me, I don't want to be associated myself in any way with the Scientology church but the basic message of this documentary about psychiatry is completely true. They may exaggerate it a bit here and there and yes it's true that there's also psychiatrists who have actually done some good work and that's what they leave out of it, but it's a vast minority compared to the ones that are only interested in making money and either consciously or unconsciously poison people with chemical drugs or harm them in other ways, simply because they have absolutely no understanding of what a human being is or how a human being functions.

    And on one side I don't want to deny the existence of mental problems, because many people do have mental problems, but the approach most psychiatrists are taking to this is laughable and it's definitely true that they create a lot of 'mental diseases' simply to be able to make more money.

    The real 'mental disease' is not only in individuals but even more in our collective systems, in our governments, our economics, in our whole collective way of thinking, and psychiatrists are as much a part of that as anyone else.

  162. I'll comment without watching. I've watched enough Scientology exposes to know that Scientologists have an axe to grind.

  163. I have believed for some time that at best psychiatry is the most dubious science of all. but I that does'nt mean I want to watch propaganda if this is really some Scientology BS. Then again maybe I'll just have to watch to know for sure... Since so many detractors don't seem to have watched the documentary they're criticising.

  164. Benado11 said it best:

    "Won’t even watch this. Just reading the excerpt is enough! Scientology at its best using once again the Holocaust for their own objectives!!!!"

    I agree!

  165. Won't even watch this trash. Blatant Scientology pseudoscience. Is America and the West in general over-medicated? Yeah, probably, but I certainly wouldn't go so far as to say ALL psychiatric treatments/medications are bad and ALL/most psychiatric conditions can be fixed with exercise and a good herbal remedy (like some of the herbal magic proponents here) but there is probably a happy medium somewhere.

    Psychiatry might not always be absolutely correct, but at least they're using the scientific method, peer review, and clinical trials.

    What does Scientology have to offer? Their magical, ultimate "answer" for mental health handed down from god-knows-what supernatural agency via a bad sci-fi writer/con artist? Give me a break.

  166. This is utterly ridiculous and mildly repulsive. Is it being suggested that mental illness doesn't exist? That it doesn't severely impact the lives of many human beings? That it is all imagined up? This makes me sick.

  167. Instead of debating psychiatry vs Scientology, the real issue is freedom of choice for individuals, instead of banning, psychiatry or Scientology, can't well informed adults make up their own minds to whether or not they want to see a psychiatrist, or Scientologist, or whatever? I amm a 44 year old adult, not a two year old, if I decide to see a psychiatrist as a legitamate medical field, and I do, for bipolar disorder, than that is my choice, I do not need to be "protected" by Scientology from psychiatry, I am a god dam adult, I can make up my own mind about medical care.

    1. lol. damn straight.

  168. unreal.. who would waste time watching this bs?

  169. "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death is a controversial documentary on the horrors of psychiatry, of punishing and persecuting of the innocent and promoting Fascism, racism and atheism." Yeah. You know this is going to be a QUALITY documentary.

  170. Early forms of psychiatry doesn't have it's hands clean when it comes to human rights but this is clearly a scientology propaganda film. Let's talk about the horrors of destructive cults first

  171. There is SOME truth to this video, psychiatry is a psuedo-science, only you can diagnose your own mentally illnesses. BUT this video is also propaganda for something possibly more insidious, that would be the CULT of Scientology, aka the new world religion for the masses. It's true that big pharma and the F.D.A are slow moving death squads but you MUST realize that most every "debunking" video is just advocating some other social or psychological propaganda in its place, it is truly hard to find heart-felt videos that don't have hidden messages to nefarious agenda's.

  172. Man, this is some serious propaganda. I feel bad for anyone who completely buys into everything in this documentary/infomercial. The constant music in the background also helps keep the viewer alert.

  173. I've seen this before, but after seeing my 'psychiatrist' yesterday, and my frustration with the fact that she is nothing more than an embodiment of her textbook sprinkled with what Big Pharma tells her to prescribe.
    She insists I am psychotic and need to take an anti-psychotic. I tell her I don't hear voices and she refers to some old chart from years ago and says, yes it says here YOU DO HEAR VOICES and YOU NEED TO TAKE AN ANTIPSYCHOTIC.
    I told her she was an evil bitch and was on my way.
    All Pyschiatrists are brainwahed themselves and cannot help others under any circumstance.
    This is a good documentary and tells it like it is.
    They are literally nazis. Even the ones who don't know it.

  174. and remember, psychology, behavioral science and the health care industry in general are just barely catching up to the rest of science after having been so predominated by religion and religious ideology. We are talking about a part of science that still views evolution with scepticism years after Dawkins and others showed its vital importance in understanding it...

  175. Looking at politics, monarchies, religion, medicine, psychology, childcare, education, etc. Certain individuals are attracted to these jobs because it gives them a certain degree of power and responsibility over the care and welfare of an individual or group. Fortunately many people in these professions agenda is to help others and follow an ethical code of conduct. However certain individuals are attracted to these jobs because it allows them to commit sadistic acts, or they suffer from some kind of mental illness as well.

    Many people who lack empathy or the necessary social skills to form long-term relationships are average to above average intelligence, so compensate by focusing more on intellectual pursuits. As a result this increases the likely-hood of them entering a professional career.

    Psychiatrists or doctors who set out to murder or torture people in the name of 'racial cleansing' did not do it because of their profession, they did it because they were racists. The same as the priests who molested children in the Catholic Church did not do it because they were priests, they did it because they were paedophiles.

    Regarding the DSM-V manual there are probably some disorders described in there that are too closely related to other disorders and are more of a subtype, but this is why the manual is revised so frequently. Psychology is a young science and this is why mental health professionals will admit they don't know a lot of things, it is early days. All other sciences began as quite basic and gradually evolved into what we know today, e.g. J.J Thompson's Plum Pudding Model of the atom.

    Psychology is a simple tool at the moment consisting of various patterns of behavior through observations and data. The key here is once we have identified these set of behaviors then we can begin to trace them to their cause(s). This will come through trial and error with much further studies and breakthroughs. We now know certain medications are over prescribed to the general populace and gradually the attitude is changing. In the past certain medications were always over prescribed for certain conditions, people used to give their children teaspoonfuls of opium to make them sleep at night and was available without prescription. Today psychiatrists and doctors promote good sleep hygiene and opt to giving people antihistamines instead of addictive sleeping tablets if necessary.

    For those that worry psychology is out to damage children. Please remember Jean Piaget. Among many things, when children were ill in hospital he made it possible for parents to have extended visiting hours to see their children and stay with them if the child was there long-term.

    I would advise anyone who is seeing a mental health professional and does not feel they are being treated fairly or the person is ill-informated/has another agenda, to remember they have the right to see a different therapist at any point, and the right to register a formal complaint to the appropriate healthcare services if necessary.

  176. I think the mere mention of possible Scientology connections in the description of this film is turning a lot of people off. And honestly that is very understandable. I think Scientology is brainwashing propaganda and a global scam. It's scary and quite disgusting. However this film does have content I agree with, it's just a matter of taking it with grain of salt. A very LARGE grain of salt. And I have no doubt they were partially if not completely behind the making of it. But that does not change the fact that the over prescribing of prescription drugs is an extreme problem in this country and a very large scam in itself. We need a proper documentary and commentary on this subject that is not so blatantly over dramatic, especially in it's use of commanding and persuasive narrating and the over-the-top score/music. If you can look past all this I feel it still addresses a really overlooked problem in the US and the rest of the world.

  177. Look in an old encyclopedia , way do yo think that got called Mind Benders , Shrinks ( shrunken head ) Read a Book “ Children of Psychiatrist " I could not finish it .

    Dr. Nichopoulos, had prescribed a phenomenal amount of drugs for Presley—more than 5,000 narcotics capsules and pills alone—in the seven months before he died.

    Where is the good they do ?

  178. please please dot believe any of this......... i feel so sad for these people. we have enough madness in our world but these guys are the worst.......... Scientology and everyone and everything to do with it is crazy... protect your friends and family from these people at all times . i beg you...................

  179. @young
    i dont know about the narrator and agree to rest thank you

  180. @tracy fukah

    Listen to the narrator, it's the same dude who does every video shown to prospective Scientologists. This video, while based on solid idea's, just takes it way to far. Their are much better sources available today for one who wishes to find out about the borderline pseudoscience that is Psychiatry. I wouldn't recommend this one. It would be like recommending McDonald's to someone who wants to find out how beef tastes.

  181. If Hitler were alive today, I would write him a letter asking him to burn psychiatrist in ovens instead of jews.

  182. what has scientology or any religion to do with this documentary? i can not see any relevance.
    i am sorry that some people are so ignorant. actually all muslims christians and scientologists are equally ignorant. DRUGS ARE BULL****!! just smoke marijuana instead.
    thanks to the producers of this documentary.

  183. Oh yeah, Scientology (kack) get the real story behind these 'documentaries'. A 10 minute documentary? WTF? Scientology absolutely - and btw the cult is going DOWN in a big way. HAIL ANONYMOUS!

  184. yeah i was given thorazine as a teen it turned me into a vegtable. that was i 1974. recently i was given zyprexa seroquil ect with the promise it would help me. basically to me its almost like thorazine but not as strong. i think i have to accept medication has damaged me. and wait to die . i would of been better off if they had just killed me.

  185. @Bert
    Thank you for the Ellie Perkins reference.
    Enough said.

  186. Thanks Bert, I forgotten about the ladies' name. But knew the story behind her tragic circumstances. Anyway now that I've actually watched this "Documentary" all the way to end. To say that this doc. is one-sided is clearly an understatement. There is NO constructive critcism of the subject matter. It would be nice if at least one interviewee said at least that the drugs people use to control their mental illness had benefitted the users in any way. But Scientologists, like Histroical Revisionists only see and tell what they want to beleive. Maybe someone should have least have the balls to make "Scientology - An Industry Of Death" to counteract the claims these untreated mental-cases beleive.

  187. Google "Elli Perkins" and find out how Scientology's vilification of psychiatry ends up killing people.

    Scientology is a dangerous, criminal cult and shouldn't be allowed to spread their lies. I'm a scientist, and I've done the research. This docuemntary is full of distortions and out right lies.

  188. Scientology: The Industry of Brainwashing & Bull****

  189. It's clear just from the title that this is a pathetic propaganda film from the mental asylum that is Scientology.

    What is wrong with these sick people? And why have they desided that psychiatry is their number one enemy? Could it be they are scared that psychiatrists will uncover scientology's brainwashing & manipulation, thereby exposing it as the fraud it is?

    Scientology's `bible' is a kooky science fiction book written by a known liar & conman - tells you everything you need to know about this sect...

  190. Ever think both Scientology & Psychiatry can be a scam?

    Although I think Scientology is misguided like all religions while there is NO doubt in my mind Psychiatry is a scam.

    Any mind altering drug should be illegal. If humans start messing with the natural thought process all chaos will ensue. The concept of right and wrong not to mention emotional detachment if ripped from the human psyche will create autonomous cretins.

    The greatest threat to personal liberty is from the medical profession. You U have no freedom unless U have your health.

    Just my opinion.

  191. "It denies God, the giver of life and freedom."


    I think I'll pass.

  192. All I can say is from personal experience, sure I may be biased, however have nothing to do with Scientogy. Someone close to me sought psych help for her depression, and the results were catastrophic! That, added to several like scenarios have left me disillusioned. I am quite wary from what I've seen. I would love to see some big changes in this field of practice.

    If US had socialized Medicine they would ban the commercials here too. Wonder how long it will take for someone to see how detraMental these kinds of suggestions really are to the general public.

  193. And while im still here reading these truly awesome comments, i want 2 mention narconon. drug addicts are the perfect prey for scientology. a weak, desperate broken down person. no offense to addicts, but think on it.

  194. Ap said it all. i feel exactly the same way. i saw this film in a exhibit. i was pissed. how can a cult, sorry, religion make these accusations and get away with it? ah yes, money, power,influence and freedom of speech. ugh, scientology please leave. and take tom cruise with you!

  195. Scientology created this film. They have been ripping off the halocaust for years. they oppose any and all mental treatments due to their belief that, if you pay them 20,000 dollars, you can cure you. its a sad day when you condemn drs for money grubbing, then do it yourselves.

  196. I'm a student currently doing my PhD in clinical psychology, and I can't understand how anyone can see this film as anything other than propaganda (and absolutely hilarious!). Psychiatry caused the holocaust? AND racism?.... anything else? As an aspiring psychologist AND someone with a German background I must be out to destroy humanity, huh? :)
    This film IS terrifying. Terrifying because people can be so naive about something they know NOTHING about, and make no effort to research it PROPERLY (ahem… that includes literature NOT funded by the Church of Scientology, darlings…). Chuck a google search in and try not adding “+Scientology Opinion” at the end, and (if you can make sense of what you find), you may be surprised.
    Sar: Fantastic comments! – I feel sorry for mental health professionals trying to defend their profession against such incredible logic and expert opinions!
    @Horia: “psychiatry never ever treated any mental illness (whatever that is)” – just...Wow. I don’t have enough time in my busy life NOT helping people to tell you what’s wrong with that sentence.

  197. "first of all, how do you expect a illness like schizophrenia to be cured? this is in fact impossible"

    Sure you can't cure it completely but some people with milder form of the illness may learn to deal with it even without the drugs.

    Most european countries prohibit advertising of the prescription drugs completely. That doesn't mean that the drugs aren't easily prescribed. Your doctor may easily prescribe you an antidepressant for stomachache or an antipshychotic drug quetiapine for insomnia. On top of that depression is overdiagnosed and physiological factors (such as hypothyroidism) are often left untreated. Medicalization is also true in Europe as well.

    Eventhough there's not so much profits made from the generic drugs i'd see rising antidepressant use as a problem of the future. We still don't know enough about the brains and the longterm consequences involved with the use of SSRI class of drugs.

    I'm not a scientologist and not totally against the drugs if there's significant benefits over the risks.

  198. lol, you had me rolling on the floor! are you a scientologist? so what is your fare share of research?

  199. Well i`m a convinced atheist and usually what people would call "extremist" in my aproach to any sort of religion
    My sister and my cousin are both achieved medics , she is a surgeon and he is a pediatrist (sp? )

    This being said , I did my fair share if research , and I came to the conclusion that psychiatry is not just a fraud , it`s a crime on itsself . Long before i saw this documentary . Any practicing psychiatrist should be at the very least imprisoned.

    to oversimplify, every psychiatrist I've met was a fraud , and i know of cases of involuntary commitment.

    but hey...sure...just keep drugging your kids on made-up (adhd? sheeee3eesh), keep drugging yourself over normal stuff (depressed?`s a function of the with the cause , or get drunk over it...or see a shrink and get some drugs)
    "mild mental illnesses are almost never treated"

    newsflash . psychiatry never ever treated any mental illness (whatever that is) , they just covered the symptoms , usually by intentional brain damage.

  200. sorry, i have to say that again.
    In europe you dont have ads for meds - exept for example an laxative or a cold medicine or aspirin - which you can purchase freely. I saw some printed viagra adds but thats a different topic :) I never ever saw an ad for an anti depressive...
    you know.. America is not the world.
    I know that might be hard to realize sometimes but there are different places out there.

  201. To be skeptical and question what is seen is important. Always examine what is being shown to you, which is why I recommend this documentary. I believe in the power of the brain, to heal itself. I also believe some might function better with medication. However, "functioning" is not healing! Pharmacy drug commercials are shown in the same sequence with the commercial saying you NEED designer things to "function" the way you always dreamed... It is obvious the pharmacies are as bad as drug dealers, without watching this. They prey on your most vulnerable insecurities!

  202. - Also it makes perfect sense that it’d be a total mistake if they actually had made a drug which’d cure any disease. Where’d the cashcows be then if people just got healthy by using some drug?-
    @ J

    first of all, how do you expect a illness like schizophrenia to be cured? this is in fact impossible. you cannot say i had schizophrenia but now i´m cured. drugs can help to reduce the paranoia and hallucinations and can in fact enable a person to life an allmost normal life. sure there will be side effects - quite hard ones even.

    and the pharma cashcows are not getting a lot of cash everywhere on the planet. in europe the money you pay for every medication is regulated, that means i might pay 5 euros for a prescribed course of antibiotics. but medication which you need permanently you will get for free, like insulin or an anti epileptic medication.

    do you know how many scientologists died of seizures because they were told they could live without the evil medication? the most famous example is john travoltas son, jed was his name i think. sad story but just one of many.

    so scientologists aren´t so wrong after all - they want to take money out of the equasion to stuff it in their own pockets.

  203. Eventhough this documentary over exaggerates things a lot and some of the presented claims are outright lies it also makes a good point on how much money pharmaceutical companies are pouring in of all these drugs which were merely better than placebo.

    The theory of chemical imbalances in the brain and treatment by blocking the serotonin receptors doesn't sound like a great idea after it's become apparent that there is no way to measure the neurotransmitter levels. Even the patient leaflets state that the mode of action is unknown.

    Also it makes perfect sense that it'd be a total mistake if they actually had made a drug which'd cure any disease. Where'd the cashcows be then if people just got healthy by using some drug? Also SSRI and other drugs of this category have significant list of possible side-effects from persistent impotence to high cholesterol, high glucose levels, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, hypothyroidism and the risk of diabetes. The same companies on the other hand have produced viagra,cialis, statins to lower cholesterol, new diabetes drugs. Oh gee, it only seems that this conspiracy theory makes perfect sense that's why it's so scary. Maybe scientologists aren't so wrong after all: They want to take money out of the equation.

  204. As a mental health professional, I find this just . . . laughable. There are many golden moments, but a few of the highlights for me . . .


    PSYCHIATRISTS ARE GETTING RICH PRESCRIBING DRUGS. No darling, Drug companies get rich when psychiatrist prescribe drugs. Psychiatrists, like doctors everywhere, are making less money due than they used to, not more.

    PSYCHIATRISTS WANT TO HAVE YOU INVOLUNTARILY COMMITTED . . . JUST BECAUSE . . . Uh, have any of these people ever actually tried to have someone involuntarily committed? A family member of mine was living alone in a house with no heat in the dead of winter. We were terrified she would freeze to death, but she would't or couldn't leave the house. Her parents had to go to court to get her committed, and believe me, it was a long, expensive and agonizing process. Scientologists, rest assured. No one will be able to involuntarily commit you for frivolous reasons (or even perhaps to save your life).

    PSYCHIATRISTS ARE LYING, DISHONEST, DECEITFUL BUNCH OF PEOPLE. Uh, must be true because a lawyer said so. (Sorry lawyers. couldn't resist).

    DR. GARY NULL is oft quoted in this film. He's a controversial character who promotes himself as a doctor and makes misleading junk-science films about medical issues (some of which, such as Vaccine Nation, can be found on this site). However, his Ph.D. is in interdisciplinary studies from an unaccredited online university. He is not medical doctor. He is a dietition. Not sure how that makes him an expert on anything in the psychiatric realm. Among other things, he argues that HIV does not cause AIDS. Um . . .

    THERE ARE NO STATISTICS IN THE DIAGNOSTIC AND STATISTICAL MANUARL. Um, lifetime prevalance rates? Prevalance rates in inpatient populations? Mortality rates? Have these boneheads actually read a DSM-IV?

    PSYCHIATRISTS CAN'T WAIT TO GIVE YOU DRUGS SO THEY CAN MAKE MONEY. I've been to see two different psychiatrists for depressive symptoms. They both told me to exercise, sleep more and stay away from alcohol. They said to come back in a couple months if I was still depressed. Neither gave me drugs. Funny. They must have been renegades or something . . .

    KIDS WHO CAN'T SIT STILL FOR 15 MINUTES WILL BE DIAGNOSED WITH ADHD/ADD. Uh-oh. That's 80 percent of the Kindergarteners I know. Has this person ever been around young kids?

    OK, I'm getting bored with this. But did you know psychiatrists are undead servants of the planet doo-doo who murdered Michael Jackson with thought beams to cover up the fact that their entire bodies are covered with scales? And I have an "expert" to back it up, if I can just come up with enough money to pay him . . .

  205. Chris wrote:
    "Why is it so threatening to people like Scientologists that some may choose to visit with a psychiatrists and benefit from doing so?"

    Here's a thought:
    $cientology (cult) recruiter$ are predatory. A person who is mentally ill (schizophrenic, manic, depressed, etc..) is vulnerable.

    So much easier to fleece and control an unstable personality....Therefore the benefit of psychiatry is inversely related to the corporate coffers of $cientologists.

  206. Psychiatry is so misrepresented in society it's embarrassing. People think all Psychiatrists are out there and closely depict "Frasier" from television.

    What's even more sad is the blatant criticism that psychiatrists get for working the medication management portion of mental illness. Of course they are going to work more in prescribing medication--they are physicians. Psychotherapists do quite well at their therapy portion of managing mental illness.

    Wake up, people. Suicide rates are alarmingly high and mild mental illnesses are almost never treated because of the stigma associated with seeing a mental health professional. Why is it so threatening to people like Scientologists that some may choose to visit with a psychiatrist and benefit from doing so?

    This is not to say that alternative medicine is all bogus. I don't think so at all. I would be surprised if having a healthy diet didn't positively contribute to living with depression. But be reasonable. Such polarizing views aren't stopping people from suffering with mental illness.

  207. @debnes "Interesting comments…. I was particularly ammused by those who commented that the film has anything to do with Scientology."

    this is a documentary made by scientology. they also host an worldwide exibition under the same name which tours the world. this is a fact.believe it or not. the commision for human rights is a scientology front group, like narconon and criminon.

    Scientologys goal concerning psychology is to destroy it. they are actively destroying the lifes of psychologist all over the world by draging them to court for what they call abuse.

    if you are saying you are amused about people saying this has to do with scientology i feel sorry for you. learn and research about scientology and find out what they really are and what they really do.

    actually in the doc "scientology and me" you can see the "psychiatry - an industrie of death" exhibition and tommy davis (the spokesman of the church) is there and comments on the exhibition.

    i think that the use of drugs in our society is quite wrong, but this does not mean that psychiatry is the root of all evil.

  208. An outstanding comedy! This is a must watch film for those in need of a good laugh.

  209. This documentary is very dangerous as it might prevent someone from seeking psyciatric help.

    Although this is very well made and beliavable on some extent but some things are greatly over exaggerated. It's interesting to know how easily these kind of drugs make it to the market only after going through 8 week trials. The regulatory authority has a lot of people making the decisions with ties to the big pharma. So basically many inefficient drugs may get approval more easily.

    It is also sad to know that psychotropics are increasingly used on young children in USA although it is not yet known what they cause to the developing brain and body.

    It is also very important to notice that drugs only mask the symptoms away - it doesn't cure depression in itself although it may have therapeutic value.

    The former sales rep on this film had her own personal experience with antidepressants which caused her to become almost disabled and unable to work for six months during withdrawal.

    This documentary was made by CCHR which is an international humanrights organization for the victims of psychiatry founded and funded by scientologists in 1969. They probably are important organization as psyciatry can also be used for wrong purposes.

    In all its exaggeration this documentary still has a purpose.

  210. "Depression is cured by healthy diet and adaquate sleep coupled with finding a meaningful hobby instead of brooding in self pitty."

    Wow. You are dangerously uninformed and stupid.

  211. Yes Tim I am aware of the many mental illnesses, and still maintain that there are other methods of healing besides mind altering chemicals. I was only scratching the surface.

    Shouldn't we adjourn from discussing this in comments with respect to other readers?

  212. Debnes, there are far more serious mental illnesses than depression. Most of them cannot be cured by changing your routine. How would you recommend dealing with severe panic disorder, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder without medication?

  213. Interesting comments.... I was particularly ammused by those who commented that the film has anything to do with Scientology. Appears they didn't watch the film and misread the discription as well. Psychiatrists will obviously refute it's content, because if people actually accepted the facts their profession would be kicked to the curb. Way too many glorify the medical profession by great respect and lack of question without doing any research. Come on! It is our sanity we are talking about!! What's different today? The medications? Once you're on them your body will grow even more incapable of producing necessary mental chemicals. They do not, and can not claim to cure. More has gone wrong than right. In a nutshell taking the mental meds is a copout.
    Depression is cured by healthy diet and adaquate sleep coupled with finding a meaningful hobby instead of brooding in self pitty.
    The real cures are too simple, meanwhile billions of dollars toward the Psychiatric industry drive healthcare costs to astronomical perportions. The truly effective treatments for mental health are those which involve change in lifes routines - eliminating unproductive thoughts and behaviors.
    I was drawn into gardening and entomology over 10 years ago, and now I give presentations on how to raise butterflies in your own yard/garden/patio. It has become a super depressionproof empliment anyone can do. I teach children in hope that it will make a difference to their long and happy lives. It is only the beginning of developing alternatives to biological treatments for mental illnesses, and we are definitely on the right track.

  214. I agree that the pharmaceutical companies do make a ton of money keeping us on drugs, but most of those drugs do help people. Psychiatrists also tend to overdiagnose, but that doesn't mean that some people don't need psychiatric help. Just maybe not as much as we think.

    I also take Lexapro, but not for depression. It helps with my anxiety, and before I started taking it I was suffering almost constant panic attacks for no apparent reason. They just started one day, and I had to drop out of school for half a year cuz I couldn't function very well. I also have a close friend who is bipolar and psychotic, but thanks to psychiatric treatment he can have a relatively normal life and even a job, and he no longer tries to kill himself. But this COULD all be part of an evil conspiracy to get our money. Maybe we should all go off our meds just to spite them!

  215. There is a lot of truth to this documentary. Don't judge it until you've watched it. I was placed on Ratalin as a child and became so skinny that they took me off it.

    I also took Lexipro as an adult for a while. I'm glad I got off of it and will never take another antidepressent.

    The pharmacitical companies make so much money, so it's to their advantage to keep us all drugged up and compliant.

    We live in scary times.

  216. Well said LuxEtVeritas. I went to a lecture recently hosted by a eminent UK Psychologist and people need to know that these are potentially serious conditions, I was not suprised to know that psychological conditions run in families and can even go unnoticed for generations. In an ideal world prevention would be better than cure but Psycological conditions need thorough diagnosis before treatment. The documentary deliberatley set out to discredit all the hard work the doctors have put into treating these conditions, which I found incredibley insulting, and more worryingly frighten people to distrust the medical profession outright.

    If anyone is wondering if I'm a doctor, I'm not. But I was diagnosed with a psychological condition 5 years ago and given the right tablets and consultation, because of this life could not be better (but not easier :-) And very grateful to this day that someone stepped in to help me out. So naturally I'm very protective of this profession and I hope more people get the help they need rather than beleive some phoney-belony documentary, which paints Psychology as a sadistic, ruthless, medical practice. And join a religion which fools them into thinking they'll help them better, (The only help you'll get is to help your wallet shed a bit of weight)

  217. As a psychiatrist, I find propaganda like this dangerous and misleading, medicine is not a religion, we dont have answers, we are people trying to our best to understand and to help those who suffer. I have seen the benefits and the drawbacks of my field, but despite what we dont know, I see how we change people's lives for the better. I would love to see Scientology open a psych ER and try to talk down an acutely psychotic or manic patient, many religious believe that psychotic disorders are a weakness of character, we believe its an illness like diabetes or heart disease, and we are trying our best to learn and to treat psychiatric illnesses better every day.

  218. First begin a healthy diet(organic vegetables, low carbs) and exercise. Then stop taking the medication under the supervision of a doctor of course. If you are sick get tested for deficiencies in your body and fix it with supplements and with the necessary diet, not meds.

  219. orla nailed the doc's strategy. excellent comment.

  220. Reading the comments I see people are debating whether the content of the documentary is true or false. It's dangerous because it's a mixture of both. The fact that $cientology has ANYthing to do with it should let most people know that it is unreputable and spun towards this evil cult's own narcissistic ends. I think people should watch it and then check out the so-called facts for themselves. And if you don't really know what $cientology is all about, may I suggest you do that first.

  221. Well if they're right then I guess I should tell my friend to stop taking his meds and just hope that he doesn't kill himself. Or maybe he just needs to take auditing classes at the Church of Scientology and stare at someone for an hour without flinching, and then he'll be right as rain.

  222. i think its funny how u guys dont beleive some of this because if you look it up there is way more evidence showing that alot of what they are saying is true... if you dont believe then maybe you should do some research

  223. To be honest with you I'm not convinced by this "Documentary", Is Allowing a Cult to fleece you of your money, thought and dignity a mental illness and a suitable case for treatment? I'm just saying that Psychiatry might've saved Lisa McPherson, rather than being fed vitamin tablets and strapped to a bed for 17 days.

  224. It's amazing how if you try hard enough you can blame anyone for the Holocaust.

  225. This is happening to me a Woodside NY resident, I am in a long court preceedings accussed of medical neglect because I chose to take a nutrition treatment for my 10yr old, instead of prozac, children services comes and even counts the pills of my teen son to make sure he is taking his meds. They are forcing me by court order to take a pysch treatment with meds because I choose vitamins instead of prozac, how insane is that?, but is real, and the system has the prower to take my hcildren away if I dont comply.

    1. nutritional treatments aren't an alternative to real medicine you *****, why not just take to a faith healer.
      this documentary was produced by an evil cult and nobody should take any notice of it

    2. agreed

  226. Scientology again, won't watch it!

  227. I saw portions of this film during a college course today and the professor believes this lock stock and barrel. What a crock of propaganda crap. The music, the racing back and forth on film, cut off interviews, it has a very clear message that they can make a movie say virtually anything if you cut and edit enough.

  228. good example to be on one's toes when watching any doc. always...... an agenda. this one's obvious. watcher beware.

  229. Suppressed Medical Records

    St. Catharines, Ont.

    - Privacy Commissioner of Canada (Sect. 25,26,28)

    - C.M.H.A - Brock University

  230. Really bad psuedo-science, total bullshit propoganda-film from the depths of the Scientology church. Don't even consider watching this.

    I'm suprised it's even up here, seen the lack of quality and the underlying propoganda message.

  231. Scientology: An Industry of Death, Scams and Insanity.

  232. Won't even watch this. Just reading the excerpt is enough! Scientology at its best using once again the Holocaust for their own objectives!!!!

  233. I will say most of this is just stupid, the "mental illnesses" they talk about is not false/lie, it's the psychiatrists that purposely diagnose people just to earn money, that's it.

    Fascism, Nazism, Communism, Racism or Atheism is _nothing_ to do with mental illnesses.