The Race to Space

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The outer reaches of space are up for grabs, and large technology companies and assorted industrialists the world over are anxious to stake their claims to it. Lofty ambitions such as theirs have defined the spirit of progress and discovery throughout our planet's history, but they also result in an extraordinary conundrum in this case. Who owns outer space? The Race to Space follows figures on all sides - from entrepreneurs to foreign governments to legal experts - as they navigate their way through this exciting uncharted territory.

Enacted in 2015 under President Obama, the United States Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act, or Space Act for short, represents the next evolution in space exploration. Intergalactic projects projects are no longer the sole domain of large government agencies and a few select states. They're now open to industrialized interests as well.

Two companies in particular - Deep Six Industries and Planetary Resources - are on the forefront of this movement. Their interests lie in the mining of asteroids, from which they can extract precious resources for future space endeavors and practical applications here on Earth. The water and metal content of asteroids are essential in sustaining life and building infrastructure in outer space for the purposes of colonization while their high volumes of platinum metals can help to restore one of our planet's scarcest resources. The United Arab Emirates are in pursuit of the same goal. The oil that constitutes the majority of their wealth may one day run dry, and platinum mining offers a promising substitution.

That's where Frans von der Dunk comes in. A Professor of Space Law, he's the officially appointed Sheriff of Outer Space. It falls on him to craft the system by which these various industries can operate and co-exist within the galaxy in a manner that won't resemble the disorder of the Wild West. His major challenge lies in drafting policies that satisfy the demands of current and future space exploration projects.

The Race to Space make one realize just how far we've come since the first man walked on the moon nearly 50 years ago. Compared to those simpler times, the realities of space exploration today are truly out of this world.

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    Wendy S. Domkoski
  1. Wendy S. Domkoski

    Space law is a mute point as space travel, landing on the moon, getting past the firmament dome is a hoax. I don't even believe that the moon is a rock that can be landed on. The "planets" up above, beyond the dome firmament, in the outer darkness, like the suburb of Heaven, not endless outer space, that we think we see, like earth, where life could exist with the right conditions, are not planets, but rather wondering stars, Jude 1:13. Shift your paradigm of thinking a little, consider how NAZI became NASA, after WWII, under the operation of Paperclip, to hide their little secret, keeping public business out of the space travel arena. The images of endless outer space, from Hubble, a well designed hoax. Believe me, I'm not a typical conspiracy theorist. It was upon some shocking revelation and after much time, did I come to this conclusion!

  2. AssHat900
  3. AssHat900

    Humans in space is a great dream. Robots are infinitely cheaper.

  4. Nunya
  5. Nunya

    Wendy S. D*****, you're a dead set m****. I've read some really stupid things this week, yours wins the prize for the dumbest. Nazi equals NASA you say, operation Paperclip you reckon. Operation dimwit more like it. Go learn what an Acronymn is you i****.

    No, there is no 'firmament' holding back water and wandering stars or whatever other BS you claim, the Earth is not the center of the universe, the sun does not travel around the Earth. Get a basic telescope, have a look for yourself.

    That is just one more example of your Buybull making demonstrably inaccurate claims, showing itself nothing more than man-made nonsense.

  6. Mahmoud BouRaad
  7. Mahmoud BouRaad

    The outer space was a dream to reach but now with the advanced technology it isn't a dream any more but now an achieved reality for us and for future generation to come. God know what will come next...

  8. Tsrif
  9. Tsrif

    Human ignorance at its best. No one on this planet owns any par of space and in our stupidity we are spending time in passing laws about space and arbitrating something that can't be owned. We not yet travel in space and when we can it does not give anyone rights over space. Consider the fact that technologically we are light years behind some the space owner's ... How dumb can we be. History repeats itself once again!

  10. KC
  11. KC

    Before the United States goes on an intergalactic mineral raping mission, under a act that no more sophistication then ship wreck law, how about recycling the 20,000 or so space objects that currently orbit our planet like a shell of sh*t?

  12. elohim
  13. elohim

    Weeeeee! Lets go rape space now...

  14. Wilton
  15. Wilton

    Over population is an inevitability. We will ponce de Leon it. We will be the extra terrestrials

  16. Feodor K
  17. Feodor K

    The stupidest sh*t I have seen in my life. What a stereotype they found .. VAN DER DUNK ? hahahahaa omfg . Have can anyone even think they own anything? Who are humans to have claim over space, come on. Are they for real or is this a super black humor comedy film..

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