Rampant INjustice

2012, Crime  -   59 Comments
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This documentary is detailing the unconstitutional, para-military, gestapo style raids occurring in America by the Justice Department and the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service.

These raids involve not only the business owners under investigation for a white collar offense, but all of the employees who work for them but are not accused of any crime or under any type of investigation.

The documentary IS NOT about the guilt or innocence of the business owners... It is about abuse of power... the unconstitutional para-military tactics being used by these federal agencies.

Federal government is chipping away the sovereignty and liberties bit by bit till they are completely taken away. Call your state legislators, tell them to represent the people in your state and quit representing the federal government.

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59 Comments / User Reviews

  1. J Olly

    Have to say Eric Holder did seem to bring an Ali G type of approach to running the DoJ.

    Still at least Honest Loretta came in to sort things out.

  2. clernfimmel891

    The inside job, 911: "Watch Building Seven fall. that says it all," ended habeas corpus,with the Patriot Act. The fascists are in control.

  3. Maya

    The American government is run by corporation...corporations that don't want any competitors, so they'll do whatever it takes to wipe out small business...intimidation is only a part of it. Soon, all Americans will be micro chipped. Now..don't we all feel silly for calling Saddam a dictator?

  4. Chico Buencamino

    rise of fascist state! Its gonna get a lot worse

  5. crazedchef

    This makes me sick.

  6. lol

    usa you reap whot you sow

    1. RitaAmunrud

      A sow is a pig. You obviously are intellectually challenged. If you did have any sense you would realize we are being abused by the government. Perhaps you are a farm animal.

    2. tym mothy

      Rita...never call someone intellectually challenged when you are wrong and they are right. Sow may be a pig, a female pig to be exact, but to sow is...... Sow1 [soh] Show IPA verb, sowed, sown or sowed, sow·ing.
      verb (used with object)
      to scatter (seed) over land, earth, etc., for growth; plant.

    3. piqo

      Obviously they aren't from the USA also, maybe English is a second language. Who are you to judge, how many languages do you speak? (not counting English since you don't even know this common phrase reap what you sow)

  7. shafawn

    This is what happens when you put a radical left Marxist in supreme power who is willing to push the bar and get away with doing things we have no experience with and are not prepared to stop. One part of our country realizes what's going on but waits for a man of integrity to lead us out of this tyranny. The other part of our country is still in denial so nobody does anything .. meanwhile we circle the drain...
    I wonder if the senate has 2 workings balls between the lot of them.

    1. Bilbo Bagginski

      Why do Americans constantly choose to throw words like communism, radicalism, Marxism and fascism around like they even know what those terms stand for? You sound like a tool and make the rest of us, who actually experienced these things sick.

    2. clernfimmel891

      The advertising , which used to be called propaganda, works. The US funded, and tacitly supports the Sunni jihadists.

    3. the silenced masses

      "...radical left Marxist..."

      America is in the mess it's in today, because there's so many people out there as misinformed and intellectually challenged as yourself. How can you people improve your country when no one knows anything about politics or political ideology? There's a reason the government has dumbed down the education system, uneducated people are easy to manipulate. You want to improve your country? Then turn of your television and pick up a book

  8. Occupy Wallstreet

    When are these government pricks going to raid Goldman Sachs. or any of the other large corporate criminals that stole so much of our money? Maybe we need to punish these "government agents" who carry out these orders. They should be captured, tied to a post and whipped.

  9. Karen

    I have to admit, I watch a lot of these documentaries, but this one scares me like no other!! Can people still say this does not affect them (because they "aren't doing anything wrong, why should I worry/care") with a straight face? When/who/what is the limit for these people we elected? And the people who are so indifferent to their own government? My God, man, wake up! And PS: Obama, what a sad, sad, let down.

  10. Wayne Siemund

    This makes me wonder what in their lives allows those security people to act in that manner. After all, power is useless unless there are those willing to submit to it's self-acclaimed authority. Are those armed security personnel so myopically indoctrinated they now lack the ability to think beyond the orders of others? Are they self hating people looking to hurt others as a placebo?

  11. Dana Gober

    I think the message lost in this conversation is that Eric Holder doesn't have the power or authority to go after lobbyists, big banks or big business corporations. He champs at the bit to use the only power he has against three completely benign companies who provide purified water, outdoor equipment, and Les Paul Guitars, among other small businesses. It's an absolute abuse of power for such a small minded man, a virtual "yes man" in reality, reaching to set himself apart, much like previous mayors of New York.

    In rebellion of the acts of both the justice department and the internal revenue service investigative forces on such organizations I would respectfully lower the American flag and fly only the state flag until such time the American government ceases to apply terrorist tactics on law abiding citizens.

  12. A reply

    A waterbottling plant, a outdoor shop and a guitar manufacturer. Not exactly crackhouses. If the police were to act in this way in my country,
    and raids occur regularly, I believe the police would be in big trouble. This commando style tactic was completely unneccesary and should be
    unlawful and the American people should stand up against this before it
    becomes standard practice.

    1. Dana Gober

      What country would that be, because this happens on a global scale.

    2. A reply

      Hi Dana, I'm from Belgium. Contrary to your opinion, I don't believe this is happening on a global scale. This is happening in your neck of the woods. I'm not saying that Belgian police are saints; but those who violate the law are prosecuted. Small or medium sized companies are not raided with 50 policemen; guns are not drawn, and if you would point a loaded gun at the head of an unarmed man, I believe a police officer would get into serious trouble. This is, I think because we do not have the gun culture that America has. It's understandable that police officers feal perhaps afraid that they might be confronted with armed resistance. Having said that, I don't know how accurate this reconstruction is but should this be an accurate account, I would hope that American's would take steps to stop these types of commando style raids on ordinary citizens. I don't know what's happening in America; we read/hear about American citizens complaining that their rights are being violated, but to what extend, we don't know. However in this case, as I see it, this is excessive force, used to intimidate ordinary people and it should be combated if not succesfully by petition, than by law.

    3. Psych3d

      De Botinnekes...

    4. Joseph Carl Ruger

      It's not happening in Taiwan, either.

  13. Brian Tunks

    Get back in your tree Picaboca APE.. Guess what the DHS intends to do with 1.6 Billion hollow point rounds and nearly 8,000 Armored and Armed personal carriers .. F**K I'm happy I'm in AUS and not USA. While I'm shuffling letters of the Alpha-betta try these 3 letters NWO OWN u NOW ... Try to stay safe my American Brothers & Sisters Love & Light all..

  14. Martin Ellacott

    Incredible power and force used at the discretion of the Government. I'm sorry for the loss of rights of the American people. Any more, I doubt very much it matters what political Party you vote for. Like here in Canada, they are pretty much all the same....power hungry kleptocrats....and don't even think of exerting your civil rights when dealing with a policeman.

    1. a_no_n

      oh bless your heart you think you're being oppressed...that's adorable!It must be all that weed and freee healthcare you're getting up there...

    2. $5778386

      Weed cost money it's not free, health care cost money it's not free. a_no_n whats your point?

    3. a_no_n

      hardly the marks of a society under the heel of oppression is it?

    4. Martin Ellacott

      Yes, Canada has become part of the World wide oppression that is becoming quite evident. Though not as bad as some Countries yet, and it's getting worse, I was just trying to relate as some sort of kindred spirit. We're all in this together.

    5. a_no_n

      no we really arent...you are not in the same boat as the North Koreans, or the Chineese (who are actually being opressed)...it may make you feel special to claim such things, but that doesn't make it right or correct!
      If you were being opressed, you wouldn't have the right to type your opinions without being afraid of having your door kicked in...that's oppression!
      there's this thing called perspective, and it's very important in matters such as these.
      By saying "we're all in the same boat" all you're doing is mocking the people who actually have sh1t to deal with, like the people of Damascus do!

    6. Muun Macdonald

      dude you aint got a clue mate
      a-no-n welomes you all to the great delution
      'your government cares about you'
      hey lets get crazy a-no-n
      'your government represents you'
      wahey anint things peachy

      Oh and what f do you know about N Korea except what media feeds your brain
      Americans been oppressing the world far worse than the chinese or or Koreans ever have
      I mean hello Korea!!....AMERICA

    7. Muun Macdonald


    8. a_no_n

      hm...didn't actually say any of that did I?
      In Britain we are governed by a right wing party, even though about 80% of the electorate voted to the left...democracy is a joke.
      But to compare life in America, to life in North Korea...I don't have words to discribe how appauling that is.
      the victim complex some of you yanks have developed is pathetic, it really is.
      If you were being oppressed, you wouldn't be able to come on the internet and whine like a child about how awful life is.

    9. robertallen1

      I agree. The bible is appauling.

    10. a_no_n

      Was that an apostle based pun?
      If it was it hit the Mark...if not I might Luke the fool,

    11. robertallen1

      "I don't have words to describe how appauling that is . . . "

    12. oQ

      There's just as much weed on the other side of the border as there is here in Bc, in fact those states near the border have found a way to stop the importation of BCbuds by allowing medical marijuana to grow in Washington, Oregon and Califiornia, these States now grow more than what is grown in BC.
      Healthcare is not free everywhere....get your facts straight. If you are above a certain income bracket, you do pay for medical, although much lower than in the US, our income tax is at a higher percentage.

    13. a_no_n

      I already know that...thank you for proving the point for me though because he's comparing that to Slave labour, enforced conscriptions and secret police. of North Korea China Russia et al.

  15. Harry Nutzack

    as i've mentioned a few times here, i am a former criminal. from that viewpoint, allow me to point out this : "i'm only the wheelman" buys you no less rough treatment than the gunsels in your stickup team. i've seen PLENTY of "unconvicted, no criminal history" type folks participate in a "midnight books bonfire". criminality is criminality, the "white collar" nature of the offense is absolutely irrelevant.

    this piece only gives a single side, and it spins it to seem as egregious as possible. gibson was raided for violation of the endangered species act (hardwoods and ivory without documentation), which is why they had "product confiscated". "bad warrants" is a matter for courts to decide. "corporate attorneys" being allowed to sit in on "interviews/interrogations" is laughable. i noticed none of those corn fed folks complained of torture, or duress. the cop can ask you ANYTHING, it's up to YOU whether you answer or not, even if they start breaking fingers (voice of experience).

    you will also notice the same corn fed folks mentioning "they came in like it was a drug raid". well, if you don't object to the tactics when they use them on somebody else, you really give up your ability to whine when they catch YOU, and pull the same act. "sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander", as the old saw goes. RICO is RICO, no matter what violation inspires it, as far as "confiscation of bank accounts of principals". for some reason, i doubt these "patriots" shed a single tear when the tactic is used on a crip or blood. i would also point out that the MOST notorious gangster in us history (alphonse capone) was finally convicted of TAX EVASION. it's often the only crime the feds can prove, no matter how blood thirsty the criminal.

    in short, this is an INCREDIBLY bogus doc, it's a "whine fest" of folks inconvenienced by their own employer (assuming they had no actual complicity, which is a HUGE assumption for management staff of a biz accused of tax crimes), and HIS criminal activities, not the feds.

    1. shafawn

      I don't care who you are .. I'm not impressed and I DON"T CARE. The way these feds are handling small businesses is unconstitutional and nobody was arrested for ANYTHING... get it? They were bullied and harassed because Eric Holder gets off on power and pushing people around. That's the communist way

  16. a_no_n

    right so, a businessman breaks a law, the police investigate him as well as his employees (who could for all the police know be involved/covering up/laundering money/whatever) to gather evidence for a trial, and i'm meant to believe that is comparable to the Gestapo raids that led to the murders of millions of people who were held, tortured, and executed without trial?

    Hysterical much? Because it sounds like a legitimate investigation to me!

  17. Achenbach

    Clearly a Tea Party Productions piece. But whatever the source, even if this was all true... how is this a surprise for Americans? The US has been on this path for decades. It was only a matter of time that the tactics employed abroad made their way home. The US has invaded countries against international law, and established such police states many times, violating all kinds of civil laws, even those in some of the worlds worst regimes, executing and assassinating civilians using unmanned drones without a trail and without even showing any evidence or charges against them, detaining civilians for years without even pressing charges. Iraq and Guantanamo are only a couple of recent examples of this. So, I seriously wonder how can any American citizen be surprised about this. Does anyone seriously think they can do this abroad, or condone their government and special interests doing this, and still hope to maintain the peace and liberty at home? As this "war on terror" mindset settles in, and it's used to justify all kinds of violations and atrocities, things will only get worse. For everyone.

  18. wald0

    Call my state representatives? They are just as crooked and involved with the corporatocracy as anyone in the federal govt.

  19. Robert Run

    like the communists, the corporatists HATE free-enterprise, so they use the government to regulate small and medium businesses out of the picture. It is truly encouraging and wonderful to see conservative people finally understanding the similarities that corporatism and communism have. for years they have been voting for the politicians who have been selling us out to these corporations, and now they can see what a mistake that was. now let's see if they can leave their party behind and help build an anti-democrat and republican movement. let's hope we can bring an end to the reagan-obama era and have honest economy instead of the two-party business system.

    1. Solatle

      Thank you for the insight.

    2. Pysmythe

      3rd party, and nothing but 3rd party, ever, on local, state, and federal (especially the 1st two). Term limits, and public-funding only of all elections.
      I have a dream...

    3. robertallen1

      Have you ever pondered a no-party system?
      If I were running for president, I would give just one short speech, "My fellow Americans, you've heard what my opponent says he stands for. Now do you wish to throw in your lot with my opponent or take potluck with an unknown entity such as myself?"

    4. Pysmythe

      Just about anything would get a better result than what we're seeing now, I think.

    5. robertallen1

      Perhaps, but at least with my idea, one side would not need to whore around for campaign contributions.

  20. Paul Gloor

    Small to medium sized business is a threat to large business... If they can be intimidated and disrupted to the point where they close, or otherwise go out of business, the competition goes away. Faced with the possibility of a raid, its a risk to start a business that some wont take... possible Eric holder is on the take ?

  21. dewflirt

    Woop woop, that's the sound of da tax man ;)

  22. FlatBaroque

    No worries. Obama is a Democrat. He'll get right on this and fix it.

    1. Songwish

      You are not serious are you?

    2. Dana Gober

      I think it's caustic reply, at least I hope it is.

    3. Songwish

      i feel nothing but contempt for Obama. He reminds me of the main character, Marcello Clerici, in Alberto Moravia's novel, The Conformist.