The Real Dr. Evil

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In April, 1992, something extraordinary was about to happen in one dark and uncommunicative state. It was the 80th birthday of the absolute ruler Kim Il-sung. But on that day he was not the centerpiece.... everyone was looking at his anonymous son, Kim Jong-il. North Koreans were about to hear the first speech of their future leader.

When Kim Jong-il was made a head of state he became a God like his father. The myth claimed that the father and his son were supposed to be the life-givers, the true parents of all Koreans. Koreans were enforced to believe this story and to show total submissiveness. The younger Kim always had a hard time to live up to the status of his father... the partisan who established the nation and the country. Kim Jong-il simply couldn't achieve that level; his only right to the throne was inherited.

Kim Jong-il just didn't have the image and the attributes that his father Kim Il-sung had. People were automatically brainwashed to believe almost everything about Kim Il-sung because of his past and the way he rose to power. Kim Il-sung was George Washington of this country.

The main problem Kim Jong-il had was that he was not a politician, like his father was, so people had to build up lies and myths about him that were actually a poor replacement for the fact that he wasn't a politician. For example, one propaganda film tells the story of his birth on the most sacred mountain in Korea.

Koreans had to believe that Kim Jong-il was a pure intelligence sent directly from paradise. They had to repeat and recite this utter nonsense countless of times, but in fact Kim Jong-il's first steps were far from impressive. He was born in the Russian Far East, in 1942, when Sung's Independence Army was running from the Japanese who already conquered Korea. Kim Il-sung was hiding in one remote Siberian village, and his son, Kim Jong-il, grew up among the guerrilla fighters who were conspiring to return to Korea.

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  1. Ian Bell

    Absolute drivel. When the imperialist pig tries to convince us un-thinking sheep, that he actually laughed whilst holding his brothers head under the water, thats when it shouldve become obvious what the rest of this propaganda nonsense was really about.

    1. Kim Jong Nam

      The Kims would NEVER kill or sanction the death of family members - particularly ones with potential to upset the status quo...cold hearted politically motivated moves like that are not in keeping with Kim family traditions and ethos - which are the backbone of the Kim Dynasty now in its 3rd hereditary succession!

  2. hasanhh

    Megumi Yakota was in the Japanese press many times in 1993. The "corrected" date of suicide from 13March93 to 1994 I find odd if you wonder if the West and Japan knew in 1993 and the near singular subject was an indirect way of notifying North Korea they knew of her death --for the paranoia that would inflict. (13March15 is today). Then 1994 would be a playback.
    The other commentary I heard was from Sec Albright who describe how much she was impressed by program shown in the film.
    Famine relief to North Korea was blocked by the US.
    And DPRK fired 7 short range missile into the Sea of Japan today. The US still shoots into the Pacific.

  3. Chopper1

    The title says it all, total US propaganda, I thought Dr Evil was a character from Austin Powers, but yes, someone had to replace Dr Evil with a real life Asian Leader and call him "Dr Evil" just to get the American public to think they truly have an enemy. Total Fallacy to try and control the general naive public for future votes for shares in Weapons contracting and War Support...

  4. jaberwokky

    Interesting doc about a very dodgy character. I'd be interested to know what way the current relations between North Korea, China and Russia are headed seeing as tensions are starting to creep into the region again? Especially considering the games China are engaging in with Japan.

    It always struck me as odd how much the Dear Leader's hairstylings looked like Henry's crazy quiff from Eraserhead, I wonder was that intentional?

  5. Tim Chisholm

    I got 27 seconds into it and then George W. clip comes on. No need to watch more propaganda. The search for a good doc continues.

    1. hima

      I feel ur pain mate .. Tired of the propagandist ..

    2. Simon Nadin

      Bush is only on for a few seconds. The rest is very informative. It's not pro Bush in any way.

    3. a_no_n

      This doc does have it's cringe worthy moments, but it is a good doc if you can sit through it...Maybe try playing it whilst doing something else in another tab.

      Every other aspect of this doc is good...i think maybe they got a bad director or a bad producer in it that has made a mess of it.

  6. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    In any way...its possible.

    I still project the notion that he wants to defect, if not at very least re-unite with the south.

    Only time will tell!

  7. bringmeredwine

    I had trouble streaming this video so I had to give up.
    Whenever I think of North Korea I remember how disturbed I felt watching, "Children of the Secret State"
    Why Dennis Rodman went there and hung out with Kim Jong-eel is beyond my comprehension..

  8. Abdulmagid Wei shen

    How do they know that he drowned his brother

    1. a_no_n

      that bugged me as well.
      In support of the claim, the guy is most certainly a psychopath, it's entirely plausible that he would do something like that. But at the same time, without decent evidence to back it up we can't even entertain the notion, and rumour isn't evidence.

    2. Chopper1

      because they needed a good story and the Godfather Movie had a good storyline to be copied.

    3. a_no_n

      I don't remember that part of the Godfather?

  9. dmxi

    some say 'dr.evil'....others just another politician doing his rounds of keeping the flock in shape!

  10. a_no_n

    George bush probably isn't the best person to quote for the opening of your documentary on a bloodthirsty maniac.

    Otherwise though this documentary is very chilling, and the interviews are very interesting and with very central figures...although i feel the dramatic music and dark interview locations are entirely unnecessary and cheapen the message, especially next to the calm measured tone of the narrator.

    a good documentary but badly produced.

  11. 1concept1

    I don't know what to believe? This picture show I just watched is just that a picture show.

    1. docoman

      Ahh, we'll be right mate until the next generation of the IL dynasty takes over... the grandson, Mental Lee IL ;)

    2. Anhkhoi Nguyen

      Nice word play very funny! Save for the fact that their Surname is Kim not Il...Asian Surnames come before their giving name unlike in the West. LOL

      Still funny though, "Mental Lee IL" I'm a reused that somewhere LOL

    3. docoman

      It wasn't mine, I re-used it. :( Heard it on TV I think.
      Good point about the Surnames mate. It got me wondering, do all Asian peoples do their names that way?

    4. Horst Manure

      {Philippines put middle names at the end after surnames ..makes is easier to ID people ..NOT.
      China Boys take fathers name girls mothers name called commonsense ????

    5. docoman

      G'day Horst,
      what you say is done in the Philippines and China is interesting. I suppose if that's how they do it, they have their reasons. Custom or to them it makes sense or whatever, I was asking, not telling.
      Did you read the link offered up by rngfarrell?
      According to wiki, its likely that the way it's done has changed over time. (it didn't get very country specific) I wouldn't be surprised if we all end up doing it the same way world-wide eventually, but I think that'd be a shame. I like cultural differences that don't create hate. I think it makes us more interesting as a species.

      Are you having a go mate, or is it a language/comprehension thing?

      If you're having a go at me Manure, get your sh1t right first hey. I didn't say commonsense, nor did I mention ease of ID, so why the 'NOT' and the

      Either way, thanks for the info , I didn't know that.

    6. Horst Manure

      I was just putting in my bit,,,like the Yanks put month first before date commonsense tell you date is the first thing you need , as to Fillo surnames how do you know the surname is not the middle name and people are now using his and her name when they marry.
      A common set up of names would be useful for customs TSA etc.

    7. docoman

      Lol, your bit, very clever Horst, fair call :) Good point about the dates too. And imperial/metric measurements come to mind. (remember the US loosing a Mars Orbiter because of that error between feet and meters? Ouch, an expensive error that one) Even though here in Aus we've been using metric since the 70's, there's
      still the occasional 'wrong size nuts and bolts / tools' etc.
      Yeah, I agree, a common standard for name order etc would simplify some things like Customs. We probably should for measurements at the least.

    8. Horst Manure

      We need to sort out our rail lines next annoying how no one can sort it out..see a plane crashed cos Canadian could not work out USA gallons and liters..
      Then we can start on English spelling and the yanks and their RPMS which contradict need for RPM