The Real Neanderthal Man

The Real Neanderthal Man

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The Real Neanderthal Man42,000 Years ago, the only humans in Europe made clothes, educated their young, made tools. But they weren’t the same as us.

Now the very latest technology can reveal exactly how they lived, the dangers they faced and the communities they made in the Neander valley in Germany.

We all know the word Neanderthal to be an unflattering qualifier for some of our more uncultured and dim-witted fellow humans.

But was the real Neanderthal man truly such an intellectual dunce? The Real Neanderthal Man looks at modern scientific findings that reveal quite the opposite.

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  1. Berne

    An excellent presentation and one that shows very well how good scientific studies are really carried out and interpreted.
    Too bad some people have felt obliged to whine about raceism, as this had nothing to do with that subject.

  2. Jay Steff

    But did they "collude" with the cromags? Hopefull the did not waste the limited time they had worring about stupid items like that,,,,spend time living and not being consumed with non-essentials. to just move forward.

  3. Zorocano78

    It cracks me up all this talk about racism and who did what to who when and who is to blame blah blah blah. Fact is human beings have committed great injustice to each other the world over. And while we can point to specific incidence and point the finger and blame certain cultures or peoples etc the fact remains that no peoples are truly innocent of exploitation. At some point in time just about every culture that has ever existed has made war, sacrificed, killed, stolen, raped, murdered, enslaved and exploited its way over others. Fact is that after tens of thousands of years we are no more civilised or better than our ancestors. We are spiritually, emotionally, psychologically immature and insecure in our understanding of the world, how we fit into it, and what our purpose is. We debase each other, argue, find contempt and excuse to fight and lash out, and justify our violence as something due to survival. Our ill manner towards others merely reflects a deep rooted problem of our own inner psychology and emotional make up. Culturally and as a species we have very deep rooted behaviour that stems over tens of thousands of years, and we have yet to learn from any of it. Its a real shame that any kind of injustice occurs, its a real shame that mankind has not learnt to show understanding, compassion and love.

    1. Michelle

      Join the revolution

  4. Carl Franklin Hendershot

    Did I miss something? The end hit me like bat man. BAM! What happened?

  5. madscirat

    Good documentary, though I was a bit surprised to see that Neanderthal man looked exactly like The Dude from The Big Lebowski.

    1. Carl Franklin Hendershot

      LOL Spot on.

  6. Sarah Tree Travers

    part 2 is missing, it's skips straight to part 3!!

  7. Winston Smith

    Germans are genius

    1. Caliph Phillips

      Yall hit heads and africa connected with the universe and constellations long before neanderthals ditched the fur for clothes

  8. Naveen Boggarapu

    you can say " exactly how they lived,". We might know only 1% of the facts. It is bit miss leading to say like that.

  9. Vincent Marini

    @Robin I thought about it. Maybe it's just that...when we stumble upon some little piece of the puzzle that is our universe we grant ourselves the trophy of having become a little more advanced.

    Each clump of pieces that we've managed to cram together...which, if you will allow me, we can call 'a field of study', Anthropology and Archaeology to name two, is just full of people chasing those little advancements. They seem the most likely to trip over a bulky ego and fall into the conclusion that we're (they're) more advanced. Hell, every time they find another piece and study it they pat themselves on the back with their new of course they're better...and hallelujah another documentary is born and Neanderthals are dumb.

    I know that on the scale of nothing and everything my intelligence lies somewhere near the bottom and as I look in that direction I see most of the people I bump into...and they've been of all walks of life...doctors, lawyers, scientists, name the chosen few...or the chosen habitual placaters.

    I mean, really, isn't the habitual drive for the approval of ones betters the first step towards getting to shout from the top of one of those little clumps? It sure helps to get you through college...a few times ...and the higher they are on the clump the louder they are.

    Occasionally we hear of someone with a natural proclivity or fixation or obsession to the point of madness that gives them renown in a field without having climbed the little hill...which just further proves how unnecessary outstanding brilliance is to climb a hill. Outstanding brilliance is more like a tough little Sherpa...with wings...Ramanujan, Terry Pratchett, George Bernard Shaw, DaVinci, etc.

    Not that I would totally disregard Joe Harvard or Yolanda Yale but don't we have so much to learn? ...and don't they?

    In short, Neanderthals were probably as stupid as we are.

    1. Blake Joseph Barkett

      you're wise.

  10. Mikko Tunturi

    There's actually DNA evidence which confirms that neanderthals mated with humans outside africa.

    1. Nancy Elizabeth Mann

      There is a good page from 2010 which covers the most current genetic understanding of Neandertals, and how their Genomes compare and connect to our own - there is evidence of early genetic similarities, but these likely are shared due to a common ancestor, not cross-breeding...

  11. Kateye70

    I found it interesting that one of the scientists made the remark that Neanderthals were not as 'unkempt' as previously thought. I've remarked before that healthy animals groom themselves.

    It's always the 'other' that we portray as 'dirty', 'unkempt', 'unclean', etc., whether it's the people in the next town or the next country, or of the next religion, or from the previous century or millennium.

    And the racism (or 'otherism' if you prefer) in these comments just show our predilection for vilifying the 'other' even if it is our fellow TDF'ers.

    IMHO, 'intelligence' is the most misused word in the English language. Yes, some people are more clever than others, in certain, limited ways. Some people run faster or jump higher, too. But even our pets manipulate human behavior, so what does that say about us?

  12. Psycho

    The smartest human populations are imploding right now. Think about it.

    1. Robin Forward

      R we? Or r we just more advanced with technology. Think about it.

  13. Samuel

    you guys are stupid

  14. commonsense

    'But was the real Neanderthal man truly such an intellectual dunce?'

    Yes. Its common sense..not common knowledge. Think for yourself.

    @ Seth WAKE UP!!!! You are asleep. Watch The Canary Effect found here on TDF. That should help. @ Pyrrhus Huh?? @ J thank you.

    'The Real Neanderthal Man looks at modern scientific findings that reveal quite the opposite.' yeah, the Real Neanderthal Man would. Bwaaahahaha!

  15. Pyrrhus

    @dread; @dreadhateswhite; @Frank; @seth:
    Simply because history is immutable does not mean that where we stand is necessarily the best of all possible worlds. It is unknowable whether, had history taken a different turn, we might not be more advanced, or less. The road to the present and beyond is an ongoing summation of much that is to be savored, and of much that is to be mourned. Each individual who plays a part, either willingly, or unwillingly, is as deserving of respect as the other. James Joyce, in his novel, 'Ulysses', has said is best [from memory]:

    "Had Pyrrhus not fallen by a beldam's hand at Argos, or Julius Caesar NOT been knifed to death? They are not to be thought away. They are lodged, fettered in the room of the infinite possibilities they have ousted. But can those things have been possible, seeing that they never were? Or was that only possible which came to pass?

    "Weave, weaver of the wind."

    1. Jo McKay

      beautifully said - and quoted.

  16. stat

    Wow!Race inspired science?

  17. Ken

    @ seth

    To be fair we have kept a lot of those great inventions from Africa on purpose. While China builds coal power plants like mad, we tell Africa (via the UN) that they must only build "sustainable" power sources like wind and solar. So we make the poorest continent try to afford the most expensive forms of power. This is only one example, there is also the oil, coal, copper, bauxite (for aluminum) and many other resources that have led the west to beat down Africa as often as possible.

    It is ridiculous to say someone should be grateful for their ancestors being sold into slavery, that is part of the reason Africa is messed up. We all came from Africa, and they hit the bronze age 1000 years before anyone else. Dread is wrong, but I think your reasoning helps also to further the racist ideals.

  18. seth

    Dread why are comments like that even necessary? its people like you who keep racism alive and then b@#$ wine when they experience it. I ask you this, seriously, would you rather that slavery had never happened so that you would have been born in one of the shittiest war torn parts of the world? (north west Africa is a dump, and it is black warlords who rule there)

    I know slavery was a b@#$%, but if it had not happened that is where you would be. With no computer, medicine, car, air conditioning, plumbing, or any other comfort of life that this oppressive white culture has brought to this landmass through hard work, and ruthless cunning. would you rather have a bone in your nose and be a cannibal?

    Have children you cant feed with aids? i doubt it. i am half blood Cherokee and grew up poor as s@#$ due to the long legacy of generational Indian poverty that exists to this day. I don't hate whites, or anyone else. I got a job and worked my a@# off and bettered myself and never looked back. grow up and quit crying about something that happened to your ancestors.

    And be honest with yourself and thank your lucky stars that your forefathers were sold into slavery by their own tribe leaders, or you would be in Africa hoping to live another day. I know this comment was not very sensitive , but people like you don't deserve sensitivity, and you certainly don't have it for anyone else.

    1. Jake Jordan

      You're a fool, the rich countries are only rich because of global capitalism and taking advantage of the poor countries. If it werent for slaves america and other super powers would not be so rich now. Also africa and other poor nations are only in such a state they are in because the rich nations took advantage. Your argument is so flawed and you yourself sound racist.

    2. Rcousin33

      To suggest slavery was a blessing is only a concept in which a sicko could conceive. I guess White girls being sold into sex slavery today is good because they don't have to live at home with their parents and most get to see a new country. I guess the Indians whites killed and shoved their penis in their mouth was a blessing because they didn't have to worry about using it anymore. I guess all the Indians today living on RESERVATIONS because their land was stolen by the oppressive white man, is good because they didn't know what to do with it anyway. I guess all the Indian children that were raped and beaten was ok with you because now they live on Reservations and collect a check. I guess all the white girls that is forced to have sex with their fathers is ok with you because the white population is increasing. You are a brainless sicko. Please don't insult the Cherokee people by claiming it's heritage. Keep that to YOURSELF.

      All the inventions you mentioned, most wasn't invented by whites, just improved to suite today's standards, and not by only whites. Whites didn't invent much, they stole, then claimed it, as what a ruling class does. Just like the PC keeps getting better each year, so does everything else ALREADY in existence.

    3. Peter Thomas


      Hey, I believe your anger is justified, but directed carelessly.
      Please understand I see how I do the same.
      It is an insane World in many ways; Krishnamurti wisely pointed out that to be easily adjusted to it is no sign of sanity.
      Your assertion that "White" people didn't invent much is racist and silly, though the stealing and discrediting part has a lot of truth to it. Europeans did not invent Empires or exploitation...
      these are shadow aspects of humanity.
      Slavery was a huge part of Empires long, long before the appearance of chattel slavery, and unfortunately and shamefully it was a big part of modern Tsalagi much so that they were divided, (according to Wilma Mankiller's autobiography "Mankiller: A Chief and Her People") almost 50/50 for and against the idea of "owning" captive Africans and their descendents. The Civil War among Tsalagi in Oklahoma, pretty much about slavery vs. abolition, was bloody and hundreds died by their own people's hands.
      Romanticizing people of color or Indigenous peoples harms the authenticity of our movement for recognition of what is actually true...injustices need addressing, stolen Lands need returning, further poisoning and exploitation need to be stopped. Doing this requires all the Unity (Umoya, Ymoja) we
      can muster...because the whole point is and has been that we ALL, as children of the Earth...are in this together...and the problems come from ignorance of that.
      The solutions are in waking up to helping each other find
      better ways to do Life...whatever color or gender or Nationality.

  19. roland gopel

    very interesting.
    it looks as if recent studies (May, 2010) indicate hybridization (interbreeding) of neanderthals with cro magnon man.
    this might hint at why the celts were physically different from their more southern cousins.
    .... but as i wasn't around way back then, there's a limit to how sure i can be about such things.
    but still ..... very very interesting.

  20. Frank

    So, why did the disappear?

  21. dreadhateswhite

    The Neanderthal man had obviously higher IQ than you dread...

  22. dread

    Finally, white man is fixing his European ancestors IQ. how sweet....

    1. iamneanderthal

      I am glad they finally have acknowledged our ancestry, I knew our skin wasn't white from the climate. I doubt seriously the out of Africa theory as well. Neanderthal was here before the African Eve.

    2. over the edge

      could you elaborate on "Neanderthal was here before the African Eve."? and yes there was interbreeding between Neanderthal and early humans but you know that they went extinct or were absorbed by the human populations right? also are you claiming that lighter skin has nothing to do with climate?