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"Rebounds" is a documentary that features two basketball players from the United States trying to keep their dream of playing basketball professionally alive. Tim Jones and Derrick Miller didn't quite make it on the professional circuit in America and they decided to travel to Chile and play professional basketball there. While there, they deal with a bit of culture shock, the trials of playing basketball, and their educations.

As "Rebounds" will show you, the differences between playing basketball in Chile and in the United States are huge. Even though basketball doesn't have as huge of a following in Chile as it does in the States, the fans are still engaged and have their favorite teams and players. Also, Chile is trying to make their basketball circuit a much bigger deal than it is. As such, the players are under strict contracts to make enough points during their games, and not get sick or injured. If they do, it could mean the rest of their professional basketball careers.

Tim Jones and Derrick Miller are the backbone of this documentary, giving many interviews and showing exactly what life is like for them having to live thousands of miles away from their families and loved ones. They're all the other has at the moment, so the camaraderie between the two is heartwarming; they come across as brothers who just happened to be put into a difficult situation. While they do their best to keep a positive attitude, it is clear the stress of playing basketball in a foreign country takes its toll on them.

"Rebounds" follows the guys as they deal with a small amount of fame; learning to tread the line to give the people enough of what they want to see, but not giving up their privacy completely. When one gets sick, however, all of that goes out the window and all each of them wants is for him to be okay so he can keep his dream of playing for the NBA one day.

Extremely personal and eye-opening, "Rebounds" will introduce a world of basketball that even the most hardcore of fans may never have seen. By showing two men who are living it, the audience feels as though they are living it, too. At the end of the day, "Rebounds" will have you wanting to fly down to Chile to support the men who made huge sacrifices all in the name of chasing a dream.

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  1. George

    Excellent. A story told a million times, really told for the first time.
    Respect to the producers, they really captured every aspect of it. Best doc of it's kind.

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