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The huge and complex problems of today's generation often install doubt and fear that everything is futile. Yet by analyzing how the power of our media, schooling and parenting have molded us, we can start to comprehend what we must adjust - our generation and our culture. Studies show that the average family spends around four hours a day in front of the TV... Internet and video games are not included. A huge portion of our lives we spend sitting in front of a screen... and guess what is shaping us?

Targeting an age group of adolescents, their most important sector of the population, corporations propel themselves exclusively on the desire of our generation for material goods, resulting in creation of a never-ending pile of products which will be advertised, consumed and eventually disposed of. What about the consequences this may have on our planet? But with this ever-expanding consumption of goods, how too can this influence the integrity of our generation?

Conformity is defined as a behavior in accordance with socially accepted conventions or standards. And looking at today's generation, this means we're living in a world where everything is infected with absolute homogeny. From advertising to commercialism, the media has played a crucial role in modeling our culture. Keep in mind the education system of our generation - what we are learning and who's giving us the knowledge - and again the media has clouded another important institution.

The loss of tradition and the doubtful views of today's education, by both pupils and the teachers, is accompanied by an additional obstacle of huge class sizes, and a series of catastrophic policies which systematically underfund the education system. But recent surveys show that over 80% of sophomore students still expect to continue their education to a four year college or university. But, at what cost does this post-high school education come?

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  1. Jacek Walker

    Only children can be excused for being vulnerable to brain washing.
    But adults in most cases are only as much duped by the outer surroundings as they allow to. I can't get over the people who complain about shallow media or cheap entertainment but are somehow unwilling to detach themselves from it.

    And this nauseating phrases like "We are told by media to do this, we are told by politicians to do that..."
    For f*ck sake, how old are you to be told what to do and what not to do? Grow up!

  2. Maria

    Pro-left, naive and filled with platitudes.

  3. Martina

    As far as I know, not being a US citizen, Columbus's arrival is NOT a national holiday in America (it is only in some States); it is so in Spain, where I am from, and in South America. Also, the anglosaxons have killed many more indians since the 16th century than latins did -just look at the amount of Indians in the US and that in South America -, so I do not believe the documentary is being unbiased here. The whole documentary is indeed pretty naive, and does not give any new information or make any interesting point. In my opinion, it is quite overrated.

  4. James

    I started watching this but couldn't finish it. It is way too airy-fairy for my liking. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to be primarily interviews of people complaining from dramatic camera angles and dramatic background music. No real meat to it. Yes, we all know the government lies, the media is terrible, and history is written by the winners. Let's think of ideas how to fix it. For yourself personally, it's simple: ignore the news and think about everything logically and objectively. The issue is having others do the same. But the internet is doing a great job at encouraging this.

  5. capnmorgan5150

    So how many illegal immigrants is Amy Goodman going to take into her home?

    1. InvisibleHandInMyPants

      Favoring humane treatment of undocumented workers has zero to do with your strawman argument.

  6. jstoby

    I think there are some very good points made in this film. However, I think the whole of the film is quite naive. I agree that materialism has become today's vehicle for government control, but it isn't the first vehicle and I certainly don't believe it will be the last. People have been killing each other long before they had televisions and mass media, and I don't see any reason why it would stop just because some people turned them off. People will find new reasons to kill other and themselves. They already are. Everyone is looking for someone to blame for the spike in mass shootings and suicides. Some want to blame gun supporters and others secularism. No one ever wants to admit the fact that humans have been looking for reasons to kill each other since the beginning of history. That's what they do. If you give people the "democracy" a Noam Chomsky would endorse, you'll have anarchy. Then when their society has sufficiently self destructed, much like Rome, the people will eventually become tired of their "freedom". And they'll find someone else to tell them what to do, like a king or a pope. I suppose I might sound quite cynical, but this is what people do. It's what they have always done, and I don't see any reason to believe they'll change any time soon.

    1. steviecomment

      People are just products of their environments. Most children are exposed to violence at a very early age. This is what shapes us. Also the way our economy works, with interest baring loans, means we need constant growth, or face collapse. This has to change too.

  7. Leslie Payne Simmons-Hale

    It's really unfortunate that this film is so pro-left wing. It should be more objective as it makes some very good points about our present day society. This is fair warning for people who haven't watched this yet.

  8. southab403

    After watching this video, watch "The Nature of Cities" to find a very real way to connect people back to life and community. Many places are working hard to breed quality of life back into their communities, which is a very positive step forward.
    It doesn't necessarily have to be turmoil and protests that cause change, a simple vote for like minded city planners (Mayors) can be a drastic design change that could vastly improve your immediate environment.
    I am planning to become a secret spreader of perrenials to increase green space within my city. Tiny step, but I'm enthusiastic about it.

    1. Fabien L

      What do you mean? Will you go plant daylilies secretly at nite?

    2. southab403

      Not necessarily at night, but thin outs and volunteer bushes can come with me when I take the dog out for walks in wild spaces.

    3. Fabien L

      Sounds like fun, just make sure you don't plant any invasive specie. I assume you are from Alberta from you handle so check the Alberta Invasive Species Council on google if you want a list.

  9. Acebluff

    Anyone who gets to live in a stable government is lucky, Any government is better then no government. People today have a horrible education in world history.

    I live in Canada, I know my history, And I have a lot of respect for everyone in my daily life.. I'm lucky and I don't take it for granted.

    Poor education produced Mr Bush. In his ignorance, he said to the world he is on a "crusade". Anyone educated in world history would never say that.

    I still cant digest all the stupid things that president said. its kinda shocking,

    1. Captain

      Agree on the point of lucky, to an extent. Disagree on the point that any goverment is better then no goverment. I live in Sweden and I would say it's one of the most stable in the world. Though, I really don't know for how long it will be stable, our political sphere is being challenged by radical movements, why? It is not as stable as the outside shows.

      Anyway...Today we live in prisons without walls. You go to school 9-12 years of your lives, 8 hours a day in a concrete building. I don't know how humane that is my friend. That is for me a farm of people being formed to conform to the job market. I'm not saying it was better before, but if i were heaIthy, I am not sure I would stay in this society. I think I would be far better without this society and goverment that is poisoning me through food, water and drugs. No one realizes we have crappier food than those living out in the djungle....It's filled with weird stuff and is being imported from all over the world and meanwhile it loses its minerals and vitamines.

    2. Janovitsj

      So true about the food quality.. it's really shocking to think about all the things they are now allowing to be put into "food", compared to how it used to be - supposedly they were a lot more strict about food additives and such in the not so far past.
      But fortunately there are more and more people who are becoming aware of this, and buy organic, make their own food etc.
      I live in Norway btw.

    3. clew1293

      Uh… Neither Bush senior nor Bush junior is to blame for poor education in America, but I'm glad that since you live here you would know?

  10. John Murgaš

    What about the morbid schizophrenia some of this countries have, like Racial Casting, sadistic bully, psychopathic killings. I'm talking about countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, China, Israel, The US is a SAINT compared to some of this countries!

    1. Fabien L

      I'd say only 2 of these countries have exported their psychopathic killings to other countries as the U.S. has, China and Israel. Let's not forget that Israel is armed by the U.S. Government and China is the factory of the U.S.A.

  11. Natalie Tibbs

    Jimmy Carter vs Ronald Reagan not even a match! I believe in God hard work doing the right thing even when it's tough But I'm not interested in someone else's political opion . I'm sure this is a great doc just not for me.

    1. Fabien L

      Which was the choice of God between Reagan and Carter? I am pretty sure both believed in God.

  12. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq


    26:56 - 27:30
    45:32 - 46:06 - 46:20
    1:02:05 - 1:02:20

    Too many points!
    The whole f--kin documentary
    is one great point!

    1. dmxi

      "cheers!"...for that comment,oli b.,made me curious & will watch now.inspired me to go past my:
      "ahh,know(stuff like)it,seen(stuff like)it & got the t-shirt !"
      emphasizing in bold block letters furthered the strong message of "WATCH!"
      you,sir, are a true "Documentary Connoisseur extraordinaire!"
      crooked thumbs-up,genosse!

    2. bringmeredwine

      My thoughts as well. I'll give it a whirl now, too.

    3. bringmeredwine

      Thank you Oliver for convincing me to watch this.
      I appreciated what most the speakers had to say.
      The young father disappointed me because he has basically already given up before he has begun.
      I think some media outlets are still trying to be truthful, thoughtful and sincere. If it I couldn't tune into sites like this one, or listen to certain radio broadcasters, I wouldn't know or care about what's really going on, in my own country or the rest of the world.
      My love of books and certain university professors also has opened my eyes and made me think while I digest what they have taught me.
      I've learned so much in fact from certain posters right here:)
      I certainly don't always agree with comments but they are indeed food for thought.
      Edit: I meant to say "having being taught by certain university professors...". LOL! (I didn't "love" them!)

    4. Guest

      Thx! TDF (Top Documentary Films) is my #3-4 "go-to" site. Google being the 1st.

      I've wanted to make a TDF for years now...
      We should petition for him to make / sell some!

    5. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

      opps... went to edit it and deleted it by accident :-p

      I meant to say: I've wanted to make a TDF
      ---tee-shirt--- for years now...

    6. bringmeredwine

      Now that makes more sense!
      If I saw someone wearing a TDF shirt on the street; I'd be trying so hard to figure out which commenter they are lol!
      I'd want a pink one for sure.

  13. Adam Young

    won't happen in this cultural climate, most are still too busy watching cat videos.
    cultures in the throws of serious hardship and suffering find value in virtue of sorts which collectively is planted and movements are born that ultimately fight their way back to a more desirable existence. but when liberty grows on trees, the chubby masses forsake virtues and morals in favor of 24/7 entertainment. every developed culture has fallen into this trap at some time in history. the movement will happen but not until comfort and slumber are removed, hopefully by then it won't be too late to stop the overlords.

    1. Fabien L

      Don't worry, no decadent empire ever lasted more than a few hundred years in history plus recently many dictators fell after only a few decades. If the dictatorial governments couldn't stop Egyptians, Lybians or Syrians, I don't see how the western governments will manage to stop their population with far less control over their police and armed forces.

    2. Leslie Payne Simmons-Hale

      Our 200 years is almost up here in the states. Our era of greatness is rapidly drawing to a close. Changes do have to be made to keep our heads above water. It's still a shame this documentary is so far to the left, it almost tips over.

    3. Fabien L

      I couldn't watch the whole thing so can't say if it was extreme left. I don't agree the U.S.A. has been an empire for nearly 200 years. The English Empire peaked in the early 1900s.

    4. Carrie Channing

      'They' are better armed these days, and have laws which prevent gatherings, if required. Boris Johnson has bought water canons according to Max Keiser report with Russell Brand, with tax payers' money, to use against tax payers if they protest too much.
      Makes you laugh, heh?

    5. Fabien L

      I have no idea who these people are. They had water cannons in Egypt, armored vehicles and guns too.

    6. bringmeredwine

      Trudeau utilized the War Measures Act
      Chretien had pepper spray
      Harper prefers secrecy.