Remote Viewing an Abduction: Searching for Christina White

Remote Viewing an Abduction: Searching for Christina WhiteWhen police investigations go cold, the Remote Viewing investigation unit, operated by retired military intelligence officer, Major Ed Dames is called in.

Only accepting a few public operations a year, these cases have never previously been seen by public eyes as usually the presence of news and camera crews are restricted.

This behind-the-scenes look into the world of professional Remote Viewing is truly an unprecedented peek into what really goes on behind closed doors.

The professional Remote Viewing team heads to Washington State to investigate the disappearance and probable homicide of Christina White, a 12-year-old that disappeared on April 28, 1979.

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  1. thirsty

    Very nice, fresh (at least to me). So these shaman tribes that preceded our current state of leadership, did they have leaders? Were the shaman of the tribe not spiritual leaders for the others? If so, why do they need to exist in a time/period when people are in tune with themselves and their environment. Do people need a leader, or does their metaphysical inner compass, when properly aligned, act as leader in one for all? Or is it something consolidating, like a different harmonic scale individualized through our atomic/subatomic/magnetic spin offering new insights that all must be accounted for, to hear all options, before making decisions.

  2. Charles B.
  3. Charles B.

    A very dissappointing outcome. I was actually hoping they would solve the mystery and findthe little girl. I wish they could have proven conclusively that the bone they found was human or not, but it was not mentioned again, so I just have assume it was not important after all. Not worth watching if you want something with a "conclustion" in it.

  4. Elizabeth
  5. Elizabeth

    Hey, Charles B, please don't spoil the entire documentary for other people.

  6. Tricky Turner
  7. Tricky Turner

    Agree with Elizabeth. You just stopped me from watching the doc Charles B. Don't give essential details away on your comments, it's not I.M.D.B!

  8. nameless
  9. nameless

    Quite interesting actually

  10. jeez
  11. jeez

    thanks Charles, not sure if I'm mad at you or grateful.

  12. Mad
  13. Mad

    Thanks Brainiac

  14. Bar
  15. Bar

    Charles you spoiled the whole thing you douche!

  16. haha
  17. haha

    hahahahaha man im in tears after reading what Bar said, probably cos i was thinking the same thing, haha i cant stop laughing now

  18. Bianca
  19. Bianca

    Even though the outcome was already known *cough* ;) , it was still an interesting watch.

    Though the voice of the narrator annoyed me and the url in the right bottom corner makes me wonder if it's just an elaborate ad campaign.

  20. tru
  21. tru

    nice doc - disregard that donkeyballs comment not to watch - remote viewing shld be used alot to solve unsolved crimes too... good doc...

  22. Torrque
  23. Torrque

    Thank You, Charles. You gave me enough info to not bother watching. Forget the rest of these monkeys; I'm sure there's loads more in the film that you didn't give away for those who still want to watch.

  24. Tyger
  25. Tyger

    nice work charles

  26. Dodgy
  27. Dodgy

    It's like half a story - needs continuation. Isn't remote viewing like psychics, if so they should try for that 1m challenge.

  28. Discombobulated
  29. Discombobulated

    Isn't the point of comments for people to be able to share their reactions to what is being viewed? If you don't want commentary, do not read the comments section, duh!

  30. tim
  31. tim

    They are so busy they can only schedule 48 hours!
    Of course this was an a promotional video for this group.

  32. jake
  33. jake

    Charlatans. They found nothing conclusive. Film does not even say if the bone was tested to see if it was human.Or DNA tested against victim's relatives. Just another group preying on a story in the hopes of making dollars. Not even close to being worthwhile or showing any capability that what they were doing could ever get any results. They should be arrested for impersonating intelligent life.

  34. rachelnico
  35. rachelnico

    ...tea, why didn't they test the bone or check out the jacket?

  36. kitteh
  37. kitteh

    Even for a clearly promotional video like this one, they were not able to produce anything more than a disappointing time-wasting video!! Do not watch!

  38. Spook72
  39. Spook72

    This was vague meaningless crap, nothing of the process was explained at all.
    I have never heard of remote viewing and knew nothing about it and after watching this i still know nothing about it. What a complete waste of my precious time. On a side note....... what is with that blonde guys faggy haircut good god.

  40. major92112
  41. major92112

    they seem to claim about other solved cases so why they were showing this case???, If the police have the same suspect then why not find the blood stain under the carpet in his house if its still there and match the dna with the bone found and then ask the suspect that how a far away bone and blood stain in his house have the same dna...this will break the case and the suspect can be charged.

  42. Iwojimadog
  43. Iwojimadog

    I didn't see the doc yet, But, I have read the book . Myself and my girl friend have tried this. She was very suprised that it works. I found objects that she had placed in her house. From my house 40miles away.I drew the object and the location.

  44. desperad0oo7
  45. desperad0oo7

    confirmed works and I used to think all this crap was total BS and unscientific. I have had to revise my beliefs.

  46. desperad0oo7
  47. desperad0oo7

    Their work is already documented. The government thought it was worth funding for 24 years and given medals to the head of the program meanwhile. The 1m argument is such a fail. I can do remote viewing and I wouldn't even consider trying, the odds against proving anything with one go to Randi are well beyind 1 billion to one. in other words, not worth it. He knows it and knows that's why it's a great way to give people who are uneducated about this topic weak arguments that actually sound legitimate. "If psychics exist they would have won the mil"...

    BTW, why don't you try for the mil? there is always the odd chance that you would fluke a result. essentially you're freerolling. no?

  48. Cathy
  49. Cathy

    well that was kind of dissapointing! I at least hoped to see one of them actually doing a remote viewing session, and what about the bone? Why didn't they test it for DNA, to find out for sure if it belonged to the victim? That would have at least them some type of conclusion, instead of just leaving it hanging like that!

  50. Julie
  51. Julie

    I lived in Asotin when Christina disappeared. I remember it very, very well. Unfortunately, she was one of 5 who disappeared over a period of about 5 years from the Lewiston/Clarkston area. There is another documentary called "Confluence" that looks at all of the cases. I did not know Christina, but knew her by sight as her family lived a block up from my home and Asotin is a very small town. One of the victims was a college student, the sister of a waitress who worked in the restaurant i worked in that summer. The other 3...I knew one fairly well as she was the lab aide for my chemistry professor; she disappeared with her half sister and a male friend. I think this documentary and anything else that has been filmed are put out there in an effort and with the hope that one day, answers will be found. Theories have been floated... Still gives me chills when I think about these souls. And just plain makes me sad.

  52. Victor Baker
  53. Victor Baker

    I've been using a type of remote viewing to discover a kidnapper not in law books. Let me say first that this one kidnapper has kidnapped outside of using the court system. Using the court systems failure of due process , having a fail safe exit , which isn't needed most of time. This puts our laws and court system out of order, nonfunctional in most cases. Law makers sleeping at the wheel on many issues. I have answers but, they aren't cut and dry as some think they should be. This is a huge problem. It stops me from helping others and a failed system that has fallen so far behind.

  54. Your mum
  55. Your mum

    Yet another documentary that when you go to watch says this documentary does not exist so far I've tried tried to watch 20 docs and only been successful once why can't you just remove the titles if the films no longer there
    Really annoying

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