Renegade Jewish Settlers

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Renegade Jewish SettlersIsraeli settlers have been slowly nibbling away at Palestine's West Bank territory for four decades.

300,000 setllers now occupy outposts that range in size from plywood shacks to full-blown suburban housing complexes.

Their abundance has grounded the much-ballyhooed two-state solution to a halt.

VICE correspondent Simon Ostrovsky travels from Tel Aviv to the remote West Bank outposts where young Israelis squat for the sake of their heritage.

But first, Simon pops in for some quick counter-terrorism training with a member of Israel's Special Forces, just in case.

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  1. wald0

    I've noticed that most of the settlers are idealistic, indoctrinated youth. This was also the case on a different documentary I saw about this problem. It seems to me that these kids are being indoctrinated and brain washed into thinking this is something to be proud of. I wonder how they will feel about thier actions at age fifty, once they have a better perspective of thier own country and the real history of the lands they live in. Or is the indoctrination simply to deep and thorough for them to ever gain a more informed perspective, will they always feel they have some devine mandate which excuses them from civilized conduct?

  2. slpsa

    I have always had mixed emotions about this situation and the conflict in general. I can put myself on both sides of the equation and try to imagine what I would feel, do or act on. It is not easy to imagine doing the things these people do to each other for most western citizens, it is not hard to see why they struggle with these issues on both sides. I am not a fan of religion nor its root evils, but I understand a need to live together, not as repressed people or fearful of the other side. There is the apartheid angle as well, another tough pill to swallow. I am after all, from a Country that for the most part, hey, we all get along, you can pretty much worship who you want, or not, none is going to behead you or shun you for your beliefs. Hey, we have the odd guy that might take your head off with a knife on a Greyhound Bus or cut you up and mail body parts to the Government and high schools, but hey, crazy people and mass murdering psychos are all over the globe aren't they.... Why is it that other cultures cannot just coexist like Canadians do? I have friends from all races in this Country and abroad, there is absolutely no way my past statements do not ring true all across the board. People are the same man. Once you get past the religion, and the strange customs and different looks, men, and women, are the same. We have the same stresses, the same BS in everyday life, the same marital arguments, for you unmarried rookies, that is money and kids by the way. I had thought maybe the end of apartheid in South Africa many years ago would show these parties that anything is possible, it seems like a lifetime ago that came to an end. You just have to accept each other. And live and let live. And understand and welcome, not shun and ignore. There are always drawbacks, and examples and exceptions of how multiculturalism fails or is difficult, but on the whole, it works in most democratic western countries. Neither side wants to give and take in this one. It does seem at times, they deserve each other. I do not know how this will ever be solved, I suspect it will be solved by other countries who will invite a war with Israel or have one forced on them. Regardless, the outcome of these dangerous times in that whole area remains to be seen. It is a powder keg, this is another catalyst in a boiling cauldron of troubled areas, most of whom are opposed to the existence of the Jewish state. I suspect we will see this before summer is over. I would love to be wrong, but my gut tells me otherwise.

  3. Malchik

    Funded by LeapFrog.

  4. John-Sebastian Barrera

    these jews on palestinian land make me sick

  5. RileyRampant

    the doc concludes with the assessment that the two-state solution is dead.

    it's hard to argue with that.

    our slavish support for such a vicious, racist, xenophobic & exploitative culture, people & state is shocking.

    and THEN, after you've had your eyes opened to the reality in israel & the west bank, you hear the drivel coming out of the right-wing, the very-little-different acquiescence from what passes for the left in the us, and you realize that its game over.

    we've been had. however, this realization is liberating as well, because it drives the point home, US Citizens, that we are NOT the good guys. we're merely on top. our virtue is a tissue over a self-serving greed.

    look at our 'closest ally ', and you will discern us just as well.

  6. JustAnotherCensor

    Psycho religious zealots. Illegal occupiers using guns as a substitute for morality and justice. Truly evil people.

  7. Far Spam

    Its ironic that the original Jews of that land are the Arabs!

    The Jews of the Bible and the Temple didnt go anywhere. They mostly converted as new religions came along.

    "Israel" has to brainwash its people and build walls otherwise they will never survive living with the Arabs. Not because of any war or fighting but because they would never survive integration!


    first off all, this is freaking deception, for a few important reasons the narrator left aside:

    1. Occupation and conquering of PALESTINIAN land is impossible since there was no state called Palestine. Gaza and the West bank were a part of Egypt and Jordan that attacked created a Casus Beli for war in 1967 after breaching agreements previously made. They did not want them back after the war and Israel got to keep them, not willingly though.

    2. Once, in 1948, there was something called the Partition Plan, which divided the British Mandate for Palestine into three different territories: Israel, Palestine and Jordan. The Arabs refused the UN plan and decided they will drown some Jews into the sea who had no right to live there (in there eyes) and it did not work. Up until the West Bank and Gaza became a part of Israel there was no struggle for it to be a "Palestine". Then the PLO got invented and they started to use terrorism to coerce Israel into giving up.

    3. This tactic is still at hand, and the Palestinian leadership use their "underdog" status in the western media and constantly repeat this story of occupation and oppression, yet the truth is they dont really care about those territories being theirs; they want Israel to seize to exist.

    4. Palestinian leadership gave no other choice to the Israeli leadership throughout history but to coerce them into stopping the violence; when you constantly attempt to kill as many Israelis as possible and poison your poor people with the same rhetoric you leave no choice but either suicidal humanitarianism or being the one the shoots out the orders. If it is anyone to blame for their misery its Yasser Arafat and his minions of the PLO and what came of it in recent history.

    I believe that the Arabs need to live in better conditions, yet its not the Settlers who create this issue; in 1967, it became Israeli territory and I really dont see any good reason to give it to PA. Yet, it is something truly considered by the various Israeli governments. But there is no such thing as land for peace. There is PEACE FOR PEACE. And for that to be possible the PA has to explain to their people the way this can work, and not to escalate violence and organize riots, rock throwing etc. They have to show they are willing and able to live peacefully with the Israelis and acknowledge the Jewish historical connection to the land (like in places such as Hebron and Jerusalem).
    Only after understanding and acknowledging all this, can anyone consider of moving the settlers. There is a good reason why Israel does not trust them and its 70 years of experience.

  9. dmxi

    this speaks for itself....but don't dare to critisize!the chosen ones don't
    like that !if you do dare ,you'll be told how bloodthirsty,un-cultured &
    psychotic muslims in general are & how anti-semitic you are !so choose words wisely before stating how wrong this situation really is !

  10. Cyber Penguin

    Humans vs Humans Hurray! :D

    *Flaps penguin flippers and flies away.*

  11. IsraelAli76

    Very scholarly, but, you are wrong, but don't worry you have your big brother/slave the US to back your occupation.

  12. QERATY

    Well calling the settlements a result of the 1967 war and then inferring that Israel evil zionist has somehow always planned it because god told him, by skipping loads of events in-between and then jumping straight at settlements. This is how this program manipulates people into believing the Arabs are all victims of Israeli extremism,hence, occupation through settlements.

    The whole situation with the territories is much older then those settlers were ever there in any reasonably threatening numbers... the West bank and Gaza were Israeli territory since 1967, but if you look at the statistics it was only in 1983 that anyone has ever settled in reasonable numbers.
    (1980 17,400 settlers -1983-106,595 setters -"Master Plan and Development Plan for Settlement in Samaria and Judea"- Sharons idea).

    If the government really "occupied" those places for settlement in 1967, why did they wait till 1980, 13 years, to kick start it? Well I don't know but I know that the PLO was established as an organisation aimed at DESTROYING THE JEWISH STATE and establishing Palestine all over in 1964, the most influential political entity around. You cannot say that it the fault of Israel that Arab leaders have no autonomy of their own, since whenever they had a choice, they did not go for peace. And this pattern significantly predates any large israeli-right-wing-religious-crazy demographic presence in those areas.

    So, what I want to say is that the way Israel deals with the issue of settlements as a result of the actions conducted by PLO and such in the 1970s and very much supported by Palestinian public.

    I wouldn't support the government actions to help settlements in 1980 but it is not their fault the Arabs showing signes of wanting to live peacefully in their independent west bank. If we cant leave peacefully next to each other, because you dont see that as a possibility, then I wont let you hurt me. 2005 gaza eradication of settlements showed it well.

  13. slpsa

    I am sure you are aware what the word goyim means. Disparaging remarks solve nothing, and certainly do not help further intelligent discussion or understanding. There is no need to involve name calling or disrespect, on either side of the argument. Just saying.....

  14. slpsa

    I think clearly, the record shows, the indoctrination is complete, from birth to death for most of these young people. The hatred taught to them all of their lives simmers like a boiling pot. If all you were ever taught was to hate and be intolerant since you were old enough to understand a language, there should be no wonder at all why this situation drags on and on and on. They train them like you would train a dog to fight. No love or tenderness, no proper care or upbringing, they are sent to the mullahs or the madrassas as children. What do they learn? Just kill Jews, hate Jews, eliminate Jews. There are docs I have watched though, that do show other ways in which some young men become " freedom fighters ", sometimes they just get fed up and get to the f*** it point and join Hamas or the other groups to fight what they see as an occupation of their land. I always respected the saying though, " One mans Terrorist is another mans Freedom Fighter ". Through it all, I do put myself in their shoes and say this. If that was my people, if that was my land, my family's land, and my children suffered or my people suffered at the hands of another race, on the ground I tilled and worked over generations with my family members, you would be damn right, I would defend that land and my people with every last ounce of blood in my body and every last sinew of my being. That goes for both sides as well. I am pretty darn sure, most people feel that way about their own Country and their own people. Especially rural people. They stick together, ya know what I mean? It is a bloody mess anyways, the debate and back and forth is almost as old and useless as debating 9/11 sometimes. There is no real definitive answer to fix it, nor is their a definitive answer for who is right and who is wrong. We all have our own opinions. Mine is simple, according to my upbringing and morals. You live and let live, you get along and shake hands, and agree to disagree if necessary. Ruining generations of young people on both sides is the ultimate price of this conflict. They both act as schoolyard bully's/children when it comes to the politics and the politicians on both sides of this argument.

  15. Kevin

    I see they have this documentarie listed under crime . I wonder why mmmmmmmm

  16. dmxi

    if any disrespect was intended ,then towards myself.when in discussion with nationalist-zionsts, who work with biased rhetoric, the term 'goyim' drops a lot!it wasn't meant offensive,just to make sure that card is played,before someone tries to use it.
    sorry,if my comment rubbed you the wrong way,but i don't understand one got insulted!just saying..........

  17. rodneypeter

    The more you give these people whether In ''Israel'' or in any other country...they always want more and more....they always talk about the holocaust and all of that crap, my uncles went to war for those f***ers. They have all the money they as a ''state'' (basically of the US) should be dismantled and sent back to every country they come from..80% of them are not even semitic.

  18. SurvivorVeteran

    Brainwash complete...

  19. Daniel Clift

    You mean they're jews who are educated in torah, and that the Torah says this land has been promised to the Jewish people as a heritage for all eternity. Thus you're argument is not with them, you are simply trying to wipe out the jewish people, because they have different values than you

  20. Daniel Clift

    goyim means nations

  21. Daniel Clift

    I like the concluding statement very much: "will the palestinians become citizents of Israel." this should be the only question, because a two-state solution has failed for 70 years. Everyone has a right to live there

  22. silkop

    I think many are lost forever - after all, there is also plenty of old nutcakes out there. The effect of brainwashing is to erase the ability to change one's mind. New information that doesn't match prior assumptions can be either rejected outright as false or interpreted/extended so as to support the prior. There are very subtle ways of doing that, too.

    With increasing commitment to an idea the psychological (and often also real economic) cost of rejecting it also increases. I suspect that people who get less radical with progressing age (most people?) weren't truly radical in the first place. OTOH, it seems plausible to assume that despite the inherent plasticity there is a "breaking point" in the brain at which the damage cannot be undone, just as there is a point of permanently damaging other body organs.

  23. slpsa

    Negatory. It is a derogatory term used for non jews, usually used in the context of nothing good.. Where you get that idea is beyond me.

  24. slpsa

    Meh, I was just saying, that term is used as a slang derogatory term. The context means everything, just like many English terms. No insult was taken fine sir.

  25. Signature Mouthguard


  26. dmxi

    no worries,maybe i was too sarcastic due to past conversations
    regarding this peticular topic...regards d.

  27. wald0

    I can't make heads nor tails of your logic Daniel, as surprising as that may seem. You assert I have no problem with Jewish people themselves then you state I want to "wipe them out" because they hold different values than I do- which is it? Both can't be true at the same time. I have no problem with them or I want to wipe them out, the two are opposite extremes.

    Of course I don’t want to see the Jewish people wiped out nor do I want to see the Islamic people wiped out. But yes, I do have a different value system called secularism that I assert is much more conducive to human flourishing and happiness. See that is the first difference I have with both these cultures, they value above all else exaltation of some god or preparing for some after life while I simply value human flourishing and happiness in the right here and now above all else. If you consider that arrogant, well we are simply too far apart to ever reach a consensus so debate is pointless.

  28. Eniki520

    "You mean they're jews who are educated in torah, and that the Torah says this land has been promised to the Jewish people as a heritage for all eternity." so its ok for religious extremist if they kill for land becaus the torah says , but not ok for any other religion/people to d those things?

  29. Eniki520

    so they stole the land "legally" like the USA did to the Native Americans? just replace because the torah says so with manifest destiny.

  30. Eniki520

    i don see how these people are any different than the Muslim terrorists they claim to despise yet resemble so much, both killing in the name of the god of Abraham. they have more in common than separates them.

  31. Eniki520

    I know Jewish Fanatics have been trying to retake the "holy lands" for centuries, going as far back to Roman times. And you prove my point Israel offers them citizenship, just like the USA did/does with Native Americans offering them citizenship in the USA while simultaneously claiming there never really was a "Native America" so the USA never really stole anything.

  32. Christian Tintin Johansson

    People should stop blaming specific religions and get to the real problem.
    Religion itself. It doesn't matter what religion you decide to believe in, everyone of them are filled with lies and garbage that make you a hating person...wrapped in sweet ( and untrue ) words of love and happiness.

    The problem is religion and it always has been. But not enough people dare to say it out loud.

  33. DarylTJ

    It is bizarre and ludicrous to see Jewish teenagers saying that God gave them the land, while they eat non-kosher pizza, don't say any food blessings, and dress immodestly. The only right Jews have to this land is if they keep the covenant and the commandments, which most are not doing.

  34. hddragracer

    Very PERCEPTIVE of you

  35. hddragracer

    ALL people, have been USED and KEPT SEPERATE, and IGNORANT, by TPTB. And UNTIL we rid ourselves of "these type" of people; the world will ALWAYS-BE "at WAR."

  36. hddragracer

    THERE ARE "TERRORISTS" IN WASHINGTON, ISRAEL, RUSSIA 'greed' is the root of ALL evil! Rid ourselves of OVERTLY WEALTHY CRIMINALS, and this will again BE "paridise." But IF we stand still, and wait ofor some "Savior" that will never show, we are DOOMED. "Religion" was INVENTED by the Overtly-Wealthy to keep us seperate and fighting each other. TO KEEP US FROM "CHOPPING THEIR HEADS OFF." And THEY have done a great job. SO NOW, when I snap my fingers, you will awaken, and remember nothing." .............SNAP!

  37. hddragracer

    I seem to recall, THE JEWS had Ponius Pilot MURDER, ASSASSINATE a man called Jesus, and THAT TOO, was a "false Flag attack of epic proportions." We are STILL paying today, for what "the chosen people" did to him over 2,000 years ago. But I don't believe in MYTH. Christianity is the BEST "control-mechanism" the Jews ever invented to keep "others" out of THEIR gene pool.

  38. hddragracer

    There you have it. "That mentality." "Wipe THEM out." That's where YOU are wrong. "THEM" is US. Unless we "rise above the pettiness of judgement-of-others." And RISE ABOVE GREED.....

  39. hddragracer

    Are you referring to "Christians" here?

  40. hddragracer

    I beg to differ......"GOIYM" means CATTLE! It means NON JEWISH cattle.

  41. hddragracer

    It is called HIGH and MIGHTY. Or SELF-RICHEOUS.....ANYONE that truly believes THEY are "better" than someone else, that THEY are "chosen," is incorrect. PERIOD

  42. hddragracer

    GOYIM is the word Zionists, in "the PROTOCOLS of the Elders of Zion" USED to refer to NON-Jewish people. It MEANS "cattle." A word of DISRESPECT used by the Jewish Zionist leaders of today. It is like calling someone of African-decent, NIGGER. GOYIM means "nigger" no matter your color or ethnic background. WE ALL BLEED RED......

  43. hddragracer

    Like that poor little MURDERER, who assassinated 17 INNOCENT men, women, and children, BECAUSE of the braiwashing he recieved at the hands of the American Military! He should get what he deserves. We all have the ability to exersise FREE WILL. YET like a conscious, some just 'DON'T HAVE IT." Never allow ANYONE to make YOUR decisions. Because we are ALL "responsible for our actions." UNLESS you are WEALTHY. Like OJ Simpson. NO ONE ESCAPES KARMA!

  44. hddragracer

    There you go....hatred never changed anything! "AN EYE FOR AN EYE' makes the whole world blind." (Mahat Magandi) "JUDGE NOT, LEST YE BE JUDGED." That dude called Jesus, or WHOMEVER was "quoting" him, has very good ideas. The PROBLEM is, Christian Pastors today, just do NOT "get it." They teach hate, like so many still do. WE ALL BLEED RED.

  45. hddragracer


  46. hddragracer

    Thanks for the butt shot. Yes, I like em!

  47. QERATY

    No, what you do is not get the way things went down and make completely pointless analogies with a completely different event.

    Firstly, the idea and project of going back to Israel was never a religious thing and the people who started the project were not fanatics at all, they simply wanted to move to the land where they came from and revived Hebrew as a language, built institutions to support this project etc. They never stole anybodies land, they bought it off the Arabs or whoever owned that land.

    The Arabs did not like to fact that they will get outnumbered by some Jews, and with the rise of Arab nationalism and chauvinism, started asserting for an Pan-arabic nation. Thats when they started harassing and randomly massacring the Jews that lived there, some that were living there before the Arabs came there in 7th century, like in Hebron.
    The irony is that the massacre in Hebron in 1929 is the one which made people work more seriously on the Haganah which will later become the IDF.

    It was the Arabs who never, and will never, like us living there and gave us no choice but coercing them into accepting our presence in that part of the world, because every time Israel made any kind of concessions with the Arabic leadership, it ended in them breaking the ceasefire and using the newly gained position to inflict as much death and insecurity in our lives as possible, like with the evacuation of Gaza in 2005, after which they intensified missile attacks on south Israel.

    The people over there are hostages of their mentality and their leaders, but that is not the problem of the Israeli government, or Israelis in general. They want their life to be normal, to have their own land on the land of their forefathers, and they will not be on the brink of suicide, or be anywhere near it and that should be their only concern. If the Arabs wanted the same and accepted Jews over there, they would have accepted the partition plan in 1948, and not want to "drown all the Jews into the sea".

    AND YES, its very important wether there was a Palestine or not and when they started to want one. If you follow chronologically how they changed their opinion with the events occurring, you would notice the hypocrisy their leaders are employing and the gullibility of everyone that buys in their victim stories.

  48. hddragracer

    That, I assume "Jewish man," is incorrect. Guns CAN BE, for "target practice." HOWEVER, that is NOT..... WHY, they were invented. Guns, like a piece of rope, or even a hatchet, CAN BE "used wisely." "It's not guns that kill people or start wars." It is MAN that does. EVIL MAN. OVERTLY-WEALTHY man. When I heard Hillary make-the-claim, that "you can shoot down a jet, flying at 35,000 FEET and travelling at 3 or 4 hundred MPH, I laughed my crazy head off! Annie FKG Oakley couldn't make a shot like that! WHY did they INVENT "shotguns?" Because one cannot hit a BIRD, traveling 20mph, at 50 feet! The REASON she made that statement, is the SAME REASON "THEY" keep saying, OVER AND OVER AND OVER...."New World Order." THEY, are trying to brainwash us into deception! "THEY" being the "mouthpieces" of the American- Illuminati. We refer to THEM as "politicians." ALL politicians. (maybe there are a few "good ones." I doubt it. Money, as does power, "corrupts ABSOLUTELY. But even "our hero" George Washington, OWNED SLAVES! I believe so did Lincoln. But HE was "good to his niggers." Self-richeousness, is a wicked disease. we all bleed red.

  49. Eniki520

    when you start by saying "Firstly, the idea and project of going back to Israel was never a religious thing " i can't take you serious, The only reason Israel was created was so the Jewish people their own state aka for entirely religious reasons! an yes they did and still do steal land that doesn't belong to them, this entire documentary is bout that. lie to your self but don't expect me to buy that bull ****.

  50. Eniki520

    the only reason jews returned to the HOLY LAND(a name which implies religion with its very NAME!) was because god promised it to them in the bible which is an entirely RELIGIOUS REASON! so everything that followed "Firstly, the idea and project of going back to Israel was never a religious thing" came off as complete bull ****.

  51. LoveforGodAlone

    There are NO such people as the Palestinians they are Jordanian Arabs!
    When did the Jews leave or lose Israel AND IT BE RENAMED "PALETINA"?? {Palestine"}
    How did modern Israel begin?
    Jews never left Israel entirely. Most were scattered across the globe in AD 70, when the Romans conquered Judea - they renamed it 'palestina' after the already vanquished Philistines.
    But a reduced Jewish community remained in Palestine, along with Turks and Arabs.
    The region of 'palestina' was always home to many disparate groups.
    Jews from across the globe - from Yemen to Russia - began arriving in Palestrina in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The region was desolate and very under populated - as testified by numerous travelers there, Mark Twain included.
    The Jews that arrived bought land sold to them by absentee Arab landlords. Contrary to popular Arab mythology, nobody was 'displaced'.
    Attracted by the jobs opened up by what Jews were doing to the desert, more and more Arabs began arriving - but their arrival was 'invisible' as they just had to cross borders from the neighboring Arab countries.
    Nobody complained about the MILLIONS of Arabs who arrived from Egypt and Jordan etc.
    In 1920 and onwards, Arabs and Muslims massacred Palestinian Jews in Hebron and Jerusalem.
    The UN officially voted Israel into being in 1948 - and SIX ARAB armies attacked twelve hours later.
    To *CORRECT* some people who may beg to differ based solely on what they've been "told:
    No land was taken away from anyone and 'given to European Jews'.
    This is utter nonsense.
    One of the major waves of immigration was that of the YEMENITE JEWS. Strange how everyone forgets that!
    Some Jews BOUGHT land - fair and square. Their descendants still have the DEEDS to the land to PROVE it.
    Strange, isn't it? Nobody complains about the millions of ARABS who MOVED into the region - but when Jews do the same, then it's a different story.
    The Arabs own 99.99999% of the Middle East - and ALL THE *OIL*.
    Jews are the ONLY ones who have lived for 3700 years, continuously in what is NOW Israel.
    Muslim countries: 57, now 58 I think.
    Jewish countries: ONE
    Israel = 0.01% of the Middle East-

  52. Studhurst

    There is no excuse for the what Israel is doing. It is very obvious for anyone to see if looking at the situation with an open mind. Vice has no agenda here. In fact the host is Jewish. Stop with the fantasies about god. All the empirical evidence is very black and white. Israel is a killing machine funded by another killing machine, the United States.

  53. dmxi

    sir,thank you very much for enlightening my blind soul !
    eternal gratitude is due here!

  54. hddragracer

    It's been claimed the "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is a work of fiction. Well, if I hadn't spent the last 37 YEARS deep in Espteric and Occult Metaphysics, and now into politics (of all things); I might agree with that statement. HOWEVER, the more I "SEE," and the more I "hear," it seems apparent to me, that book isn't only "scary," but it's is FOR REAL! Someone who was "in the know" wrote that little book, and it proves or at least explains, the "high and mighty" attituude held by the Elite. Especially the ISRAEI elite. I might suggest anyone who "wonders" about what some refer to as "truth," you might want to get a copy and decide for yourself. Can you spell CONSPIRACY?

  55. hddragracer

    ANOTHER LEANED BROTHER! Good for you Sir.....

  56. hddragracer

    Sorry to correct you friend, but "they" (the Palistinians) are HUMAN BEINGS. Lost though they may be, they are HUMANS. We all "fall short of the Glory of God," (I threw that in for our Christian brothers and sisters)

  57. hddragracer

    "First" not "firstly" and second (since you insist on numbering everything) "Eniki" his TRUE name was spelled ENKI. And his brother ENLIL. His Mother and Father Antu and ANU respectively. A little lesson in the History of the Sumarian people. I had a JW tell me that the Hebrews, are the Sumarians? hummm? I don't remember Sitchen saying that. But this JW knows his Bible better than I do.

  58. dmxi

    you seem to quite enjoy using derogatory terms towards others of
    non-white heritage,don't you ?it's not fertile to implement anger,
    dressed in various quotes with the extra use of capitals,to convey a
    message of 'i know how the world works' with biblical knowledge!

  59. hddragracer

    And "Christians" are THEE most "Judgemental" of all. "Judge not, lest ye be judged." Obama was arrogant, but correct. "You haven't been reading your Bible. I had a shop foreman once tell me, "You know Don, I read the Bible ever' day." I told him, "Bob, but it aint doin' you no good! You don't understand WHAT you're reading."

  60. hddragracer

    I believe "the problem" is GREED. Everything else follows THAT weakness. Whatever that weakness may be.

  61. hddragracer

    True. I often wondered WHY they teach kids in school that "Colombus discovered America." HOW can one "discover" a country, that's already INHABITED?" Simple, you MURDER everyone standing, and then "claim" YOU "discovered it." THEN, teach ALL the new-borns, "Colombus discovered America." "Colombus discovered America."

    "A lie told frequently enough; will gradually gain acceptence." (ADOLF HITLER) "THE NEW WORLD ORDER. THE NEW WORLD ORDER. THE NEW WORLD ORDER......" See, like "Terrorism, terrorism, terrorism...." same thing. 9/11, 9/11, 9/11 terrorism, terrorism, terrorism....See what I mean? 15 0or 20 years ago, one NEVER heard those words, over and over and over. Hitler was correct.

  62. hddragracer

    And another 12 year old, tries to school a 62 year old. Thanks, I don't know what I would have done had YOU not corrected ME. If you do not like what I have to say, OR how I "write" it to make a point, THEN DON'T READ WHAT I SAY. Simple solution for a simple mind.

  63. hddragracer

    "derogatory" such a large word for such a small minded boy.

  64. Rolland Nadjiwon

    ...all just stories...stories told, stories written, stories interpreted...all stories. Yep...99.9% sure it is 'the god particle' just like they were 100% sure the earth is flat and 100% sure the moon was made of cheese...don't over burden stories...truth is a story....

  65. dmxi

    a 62 yr old with anger-issues ?i can see you chasing an 'african-american'
    paper-boy down your street whilst franticly 'fist-pumping' your arguements
    after him !i hope you enjoy the rest of your life without cardial restraints due
    to high blood-pressure....

  66. Rolland Nadjiwon

    Gee...I wonder why the Israeli state did not exist until after WWII...

  67. Rolland Nadjiwon

    ...which religion are you referring to. Most peoples, globally, did not have religions but lived a way of life...not a way of religion. Religion, speaking relatively, is a very new phenomenon in the history of the human 'species' and has moved from a way of living and behaving to a system of massive control.

  68. Rolland Nadjiwon

    'Native Americans' is a collective and generic term for generalizing and eliminating the distinct tribal cultures of North and South American Indigenous peoples which numbered in the many hundreds as different and distinct culturally and linguistically as Chinese is from any Indo-European groupings...
    Generic terminologies must be invented for any bureaucratization...

  69. Eniki520

    yeah i know, that being said i stand corrected no tribe's land rights were recognized by Europeans since they werent officially nations wich was used to justify the stealing of their land

  70. QERATY

    If you knew something about the people who made Israel happen, the zionist movement, you would know it is a secular movement. The basis for returning to Israel is not that it is the " holy land" but that it is the ancestral home to the Jewish people, which it undoubtably is. Afterwards it belonged to the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Arabic Caliphate, Turkish Empire and British Empire. In the end the British mandate of Palestine (the name of the region given by Romans after kicking out Jews for pissing them off by revolting, named after the Philistines, nothing to do with the arabs ). The country was to split into Jordan, Palestine and Israel, through the partition plan. The Arabs around Israel didnt like that and tried to kick all the Jews out.

    They lost. After their second attempt at that, Jordan and Egypt lost the territories inhabited by the arabs who invented a nationality after a country that never existed. After loosing a war that you started, you loose territory and the person defending their country gets to have them, especially when the looser does not want them back. Thats what happens in most wars, and Israel cannot be an exception to that.

    Then, they change their mind about what they want, its officially not so much of a problem that there is an Israel, good to lie to everyone that we fight for our self-determination in the "occupied territories" and our terrible suffering, while intentionally killing completely innocent people as a stupid way of getting their country. Because they dont show any will to compromise, why would Israel compromise. Let the people settle the West Bank and ensure that we have peace. Yes, they will lose their homes in the end.
    They are paying the price of being agressive, chauvinistic and hard headed while being bad at fighting wars with their other Arabic friends. They still have about 22 Arabic countries to live in. Jordan is as much of a Palestine as the West bank is.

  71. QERATY

    Because the British did not want to leave, and still had some power.

  72. QERATY

    It is a work of fiction you imbecile. They copied whole paragraphs out of other books and changed names of the characters. Even Wikipedia knows that.

  73. QERATY

    Yeah Hamas and Fatah (previously PLO) are not killing machines, while Israel is? If Israel was a killing machine it would have killed most arabs living in Israel a looong time ago, cause it had the opportunity so many times.

  74. Eniki520

    A secular(non-religious) movement to create a Jewish (religious) county? that's a contradiction my friend , Judaism is a religion ergo there is no Judaism without religion since Judaism is a religion not a race. by your logic we all have a right t go take over Africa because thousand years ago our ancestors came from there, which im sure even you would agree is a ridiculous argument. If religion has nothing to do with it why is "Because god gave us this land" the number one reason every settler in this documentary give for being there? are you saying Judaism is not a religion and is instead a race of people? too bad race is a sociological construct and has no validity in science. for someone who know so much about history did you forget that Islam directly evolved from Judaism possibly attracting Jews to convert? Or all the people who converted to a new religion when faced with persecution or exile in order to stay on the land? Why would their clams not be as valid if not more so than those who left their land? or what of the original inhabitant who killed by the invading Jews? their rights should be greater even than the Jews. your logic is flawed you say its the Jews land because thy come from there while ignoring the fact that according to their own history they invaded and took it from the native Canaanites.

  75. dmxi

    are you of jewish descent ?if so,i like your moderate style of argumentation regarding this difficult situation/topic!well appreciated & very helpful to exchange facts & expel nonsense!
    if not,still a very balanced voice you bring to the discussion!

  76. QERATY

    Judaism and being Jewish are not the same thing. Being Jewish is an ethnicity as well, with much cultural and historical background. And yes, the religion kept the awareness of the ethnic belonging and of coming back to Israel (next year in Jerusalem). These people are crazy religious fu**s who are willing to repopulate the West Bank because of their belief in the Bible but it doesn't change the fact that Zionists are mostly secular and that the governments support of the settlements are simply a reaction to history of hostility towards Jews living their dating long before Jews had the upper hand in the conflict. Its not a pretty solution, or very idealistic in the humanistic sense, yet Israel does not have a choice, because trusting the Arabic in simply wanting to have the West bank and nothing more is like trusting a person who slapped you fifteen times not doing it again.

  77. dmxi

    we did take over africa & didn't even use the bible to do so(well,only in aftermath),but you're
    right ,that the canaanites were originated there first!zionism is a construct of theodor herzl, whom wanted to build a nation for his unwanted bretheren & who can blame him?if you're not wanted & have no where to go,what is the next obvious solution?
    zionism was indulged by the nsdap (adolf eichmann even attended & helped zionist groups) as they had the same goal of the 'problem'(check out likud)!madagascar was an option but that wouldn't
    have pleased higher 'institutions',as they had other plans.....

  78. Eniki520

    Im part jewish i i know all about non practicing jews who still see themselves as jewish but again hats a cultural thing not a biological thing that still doesnt change the fact race isn't biologically real, there is nothing separating the jewish ancestors genetically from the other peoples of the area the thing that separated them was religion (culture). the whole reason jews and muslims fight is religion plain and simple. you really think the founders of modern Israel all traced their ancestors 2000 years back to Israel? that's ridiculous thy wanted to ave their own country where jews could live.

  79. Eniki520

    but they used race claiming that the ruins of Great Zimbabwe wee far to advanced for Africans to build and must have been built by white men and there for they were just reconquering the land of their ancestors just like early euro americns claimed the giant mounds of the east and south were built by old world(white people) peoples who were killed and replaced by the natives living there at the time, there by justifying the killing and displacement of Natives.

  80. QERATY

    Ze'ev Jabotinsky (founder of Betar, the predecesor of Likud) attempted to save the Jews of Europe by making a deal with the Nazis to transfer them to Israel, yet Mufti of Jerusalem Al-Huseini (according to the British, the organizer of 1929 massacre) already struck a deal with the Nazis to support them against the british. There was no further help of the Nazis afterwards. And Canaanites dont exist anymore. Whereas Jews, aware of their roots in Israel do. And they had every right to live in the land of their ancestral home on purchased land. If their neighbors started attacking them they had every right to defend themselves. If their neighbors denied their right to live there, they are forced to deny them the right to live there. But, you can't call self-determination after wanting to "drown someone in the sea" just because you lost. You face the consequences of loosing and thats it.

  81. dmxi

    sir,i believe you've mistaken me for someone else ,as your post
    alludes me...???it's out of context to my og reply.?anyway,according to
    dr.johannes von müllern-schönhausens 'die lösung des rätsels adolf
    hitlers',the nsdap did converse with zionist groups,due to aiming at the same goal.i will post passages tomorrow,when i've checked.
    p.s.:i only confirmed,that eniki was right with 'the canaanites were their first' & i bet that some unknown populace were even there before them!

  82. richard wilmot

    The most ads ever... cuz there are Jews in it!

  83. hddragracer

    STOP writing me child. I couldn't care less what your foolish, uneducated OPINION is

  84. QERATY

    im referring to the part where Eniki finds the argument of Israel being the ancestral home of the Jews unjustifiable simply because there was someone before the Jews were there (canaanites). This is pointless because there are no Canaanites asserting to that territory. If true, then lets hear out their argument.

  85. QERATY

    Its an open internet discussion, if you don't like being replied to, don't write anything. But then again, your comments indicate like you could be suffering from some mental disorder, so its probably less likely for you to understand the reality of commenting on stuff on the internet.

  86. Eniki520

    well i think thats simply ridiculous obviously it has to do with religion why else would the Supreme Court of Israel upheld a law in banning Palestinians who marry Israelis from gaining Israeli citizenship, or and also since the word jewish means you identify with the jewish religion, or you would simply identify as human not jewish call yourself a jew. Theodor Herzl was a Ashkenazi Jew and Ashkenazim Jews are descended from the medieval Jewish communities along the Rhine in Germany from Alsace in the south to the Rhineland in the north, meaning genetically they are Germans not Israeli, because Judaism started off as a religion not a separate race it did not become a separate ethnic group until christian persecution made them so, before Christianity Jews wee just another religious group that how they spread ll across the classical world from Egypt o Greece they weren't a separate race of humans who evolved separate from the rest of humanity. everything they do is designed to get jews in and non jews out that is NOT secular, is Israei was was founded by secular they would have let everyone return to Israel not just jews. Even the flag is the religious symbol of the jews its not a secular flag. there is nothing secular about Israel. you can not define zionism without mentioning religion, since without religion zionism can not exist.

  87. Guest

    you dont have to insult a person by saying " you suffer from some mental disorder " - insulting people does not means you are right.

  88. willem_nld

    these jewans are not acting as criminals, the land they take is not used by palestinians. As we all know the palestinians want to kill every last single jew. how can the jews defend against this? the only way is to build a buffer zone against the palestinians. And why do the palestinians live in israel anyway? they can go freely to jordan, where most of the palestinians live and have a peaceful life. but no they choose to live in israel and cause trouble. Jews where in this area a long time ago, when there where almost no palestinians there. It's not the problem of the jews that palestinians have so many children.
    may god protect those brave settlers , and may the terrorist all burn in hell

  89. Eniki520

    If they aren't acting as criminals wy does the international community say they are breaking the law? even the Israeli government says there are illegal settlements. anything illegal is a criminal act, so they ARE ACTING AS CRIMINALS.

  90. willem_nld

    why would settlers care about international law? only law of israel applies. and most israel people agree with the settlers, so as a democrasy they are not acting against any israel law.

  91. Eniki520

    Yeah cuz Israel has such good relations with other countries n the area, and so independent it can survive without without international support? You obviously forget without the international community their would be no Israel, and the USA is the reason Israel's military is so good and up to date. Without international backing there would be no Israel so they better care. and without the USA's backing Israel would have to us its nukes which would most likely destroy the middle east and Israel would like home to mad maxx.

  92. willem_nld

    IF USA and others are supporting Israel instead of the palestinians, that just means USA and others are also seeing palestinians as the criminals and not the israelli. So in the end only palestinians and some arab enemy's of israel claim israel is acting as a criminal

  93. Eniki520

    Thats like saying the Nazi's didn't do anything illegal since they were the German government, they didn't break German law, and most German's supported them.

  94. Eniki520

    no it doesnt mean that, because the USA and International community do not support Israels illegal occupations, and the fact they say the settlements in the west bank are illegal show that.

  95. willem_nld

    What does all this matter? those people live in israel and only have to listen to israelli law. If you think this law is bad, so be it. freedom of expression. The fact is, is israel these people are NOT criminals.
    I rest my case

  96. Eniki520

    then why does the government of Israel destroy them for being illegal? you obviously don't care about laws or facts and are only trying to justify what has been done even though its clearly an illegal and immoral land grab by way of dehumanization followed by the forced removal of its native people, which in turn breeds resentment in the people being removed from their land, which leads to conflict fueled by religious and cultural intolerance (on both sides) which you refuse to admit and so this discussion is pointless. The fact you label all Palestinians as Islamic terrorists but call these obvious criminals who use Judaism(religon) to justify committing acts of terrorism on the Palestinians who legally inhabit the west bank as innocent simply because they are Israeli shows your illogical and bigoted mindset for what it is.

  97. willem_nld

    the government is not trying to destroy them, in fact, the government is actively promoting people to move to settlements. Only a few settlements are seen as illegal by the government and those are from time to time destroyed by the government, but only to show goodwill to the rest of the world. I am not saying that Jews are not grabbing the land, but when they do, they do it supported by israel, and since the rest of the world does NOT recognise palestine as a state, Jews grabbing this land, are doing so in their own country , not violating any laws (with the exception of a small number of settlements that are declated illegal, but this is only a very small number. And like i said before, the jews take land not used by palestinians in most cases.

  98. willem_nld

    My point was that these jews are not violating any laws. Most (95% ) of all settlements are completely legal. legal in israelly law, why else would they protect those settlement? so my point was these settlements are not illegal, and international law cannot decide what is legal in israel or not. So no contradiction here my friend. And please try to refrain from shouting. We can have a civilized discussion about this.

  99. Eniki520

    By that same logic the Nazi's committed no crimes since they controlled the German government and laws and made all their atrocities legal. Just because something is legal doesnt in one country doesnt make it right. After all where would the jews be if the international community let the Germans get away with what they were legally doing?

  100. slpsa

    caps does not make you right. Just saying......

  101. Eniki520

    doesnt make me wrong either just saying

  102. slpsa

    I see two sides unwilling to live together. Anything past that, is personal opinion. There are no perfect people on either side of this issue. There are only some innocents caught in the middle of two immovable objects. There are crimes on both sides. One is not right over the other. To suggest that shows bias towards one side logically speaking. Twenty posts to say this? I think not. One will do. A truer statement there has never been. They are both wrong. Period. I come from a Country we all live together and get along for the most part. It is not part of my culture to hate and segregate and blame. Many people around the world have no stake in this, so we can be unbiased, unlike many people I see posting here. They on both sides, are no better than children, arguing, posturing, stamping their feet, wanting what they want. Spoiled, indoctrinated children is all I see, the grown ones are the worst.

  103. Eniki520

    from my point of view the majority of both peoples want peace and are willing to work out a two state solution, but that extremists on both sides resort to violence which stop talks between the two governments. and my keyboards not the best and i didnt notice the shift got stuck until i was done and i didnt want to rewrite it

  104. slpsa

    Exactly. The people in the middle pay the price for the smaller majority's actions. Sad state of affairs. Indeed. My personal feelings side with the little guy always though, that being said. I get the feeling in my guts this will be solved before summer is over on behalf of other State's in the Middle East at some point. I do not feel really good about there not being a major conflagration bubbling over in that area in the near future. There are 2 major problems at the current moment, Syria and the Iranian Nuclear issue, either one of those could be a spark to light the fire. I hope not, but hey, the place is FUBAR'ed as it is. If anyone picks on Israel, it will be a mess. No doubt about it. Whether the Palestinian's come out ok after anything like that goes down is anyone's guess.

  105. saloom

    "god gave this land to us", it's a very logical arguemnt. i'm going to ask my neighbor to give me his cause god gave to me lol

  106. sknb

    Let's be clear about our terminology here. Not all Jews are Israelies.

    My aaliyah (literally "going up" - came to mean a moving to Israel) will be to a higher mental place where no guns are needed and I know all of humanity is my brother through a lineage of history and time.

  107. gallowaygrumblefield

    It's hypocritical for an American arm chair activist living on American Indian land to point his finger at the Israeli who is doing the exact same thing.

  108. Myob

    So pointing out ancient evils justifies any ones you choose to commit today? Some sort of wisdom from the Talmud?

    Admit it, all we have to do is read that trash called the torah. God commanded the jews to cleanse the land given to them. Failure to do this resulted them being expelled from the holy lands.

    They've been giving it their best shot for over 50 years now, they don't want to make that mistake again!

    There will be no peace until they have murdered, or forcefully expatriated every non-jew, from israel.

    I'm so sick of the mess they create in this world. Israel needs to be nuked.

  109. gallowaygrumblefield

    "So pointing out ancient evils justifies any ones you choose to commit today? " I see, so just let enough time pass under your comfortable feet and you become magically superior? I suppose the justification, then, will come when the Israelis hold out for another 50 years, then they can breathe easy. To tell you the truth, I'm routing for them. There is plenty of room in the MiddleEast for the Palestinians. Ahmadinajad, for instance, can give them a place to live in Iran.

    "that trash called the torah" <- Enlighten us, oh wise one. What do you suggest we read instead?

    "They've been giving it their best shot for over 50 years now" - Israel has done pretty well for itself in that time, given that it is surrounded by enemies. I see no sign that Israel cannot continue.

    "I'm so sick of the mess they create in this world. Israel needs to be nuked." <- Sounds like you've got bigger personal issues, and it isn't Israel.

  110. Emit Brown

    I like your comments, you sound unbiased unlike many other part jewish people.

  111. Winston Smith

    they don't 'squat for the sake of heritage' but that of delusion

  112. seasidepress

    ear protection only for the madrich? nice going.

  113. docall18

    To the victor goes the spoils.
    The arabs attacked the State of Isreal and lost; so bad luck.

  114. drooby71

    Anyone is has worked in Palestine knows what is really going on. This is a slow moving ethnic cleansing by the israeli extreme right. It is terrible to watch. A two state solution with the seperation to the 1947 line would be "fair" at least under international law. But this will never happen due to decades of settlement expansion. A point of negotation in a peace plan if the Israeli govt could ever get back to the table. And to any of the supporters of expansion into West bank and Gaza, God told me in a dream last night that your backyard and house are actually mine to take. So get ready....

  115. Efritt

    yep, only mistake is using the word "Renegade". The Israeli government is into it.

    "To the victor goes the spoils.
    The arabs attacked the State of Isreal and lost; so bad luck."
    There wasn't a state of Israel when they attacked, it was a foreign colonial force, and it still is.

    And to the people talking about the middle man and all that: You talk as if there is a war between 2 equal sides with extremists and so on...but that isn't true.

  116. rph.ext

    When I reached the age of reason, I realized that religion itself was THE ultimate scam that has enveloped this species; ever since we needed to make up answers for natural events we did not understand.

    When my kids argue over a toy, I simply take it away and neither of them gets to play with it. Basic parenting.

    Israel and Palestine are both just children in a sandbox that the rest of the world is laughing at (or at least, the rest of the world who posseses intermediate logic skills). An entire generation has almost come and gone, and these kids in the sandbox STILL use their specific god as an excuse to do harm to each other and others.

    Please, just get it over with and nuke each other already. Then no one gets to have the "holy land". ("holy land" that some shmuck scammed you all into believing actually mattered) Maybe as a bonus, that massive reduction of religious/race war incitement might encourage world peace.

  117. saloom

    am getting quite annoyed with the constant use of the word "settler/s". Israel wants to colonize the West Bank, so consequently these people are colonists who are living in colonies. To simply settle somewhere does not imply to take away anybody´s land.

  118. Matt Middleton

    i like this interviewer, he knows how to handle people well

  119. Happybirthdaysanta

    CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG... People fighting over land that they don't even own.. when you look at the earth there are no country/state lines.. they were made up to cause separation.. "DIVIDE AND CONQUER" humans are a nomadic species. Earth is our home and you should be free to go where ever you want! respect yourself, respect each other...

  120. Harriet Leeck

    Peace to you too
    I m being ironic

    You re starting to get,"annoyed" ,was it, the word u used?

    food for thought
    You fecking Zionist God Kissing "Believer"!

    I dont buy yr nonsense
    and GOD doesnt exist
    Otherwise there wouldnt be eejits ,and colonialist zionist apologists for Landgrab from the Natives (the palestinians) like YOU
    How could he exist and let thieving like this happen
    Thats apart in any case from Hey Whatever happened to the Enlightenment World view of things whicg favours rational thougfht
    guy comes into your garden ,your houise and braeks the glass windows, threatens yr kids and steals the apples from YOUR GARDEN? OR OLIVES?



  121. Harriet Leeck


    Noooo sympathy for another oppressed people
    Lie the palestinians

  122. Harriet Leeck

    accompanied by New agey sounding harp somewhere in the background of your useless comment

  123. Harriet Leeck

    One is not right over the other. To suggest that shows bias towards one side logically speaking."
    nonsense talk
    how many of yr TWO brain cells were working, you fathom, when you typed that !

  124. gallowaygrumblefield

    Can we have that back in English? I can agree that there shouldn't be renegade settlers taking pot shots randomly at Arabs, because that is just stooping to the level of the Palestinian terrorist. The more educated you choose to be, the more you would learn that there are many Palestinians who choose to integrate into Israeli public life and government. The PLO and Hamas don't represent every Palestinian, they just want the rest of the world to believe that. A little bit more research and we can find that there are Palestinians who are opposed to any peaceful resolution whatsoever. They don't want coexistence, no matter what.

  125. mooh88

    You know what all this is? An attempt to encourage hatred. We're all the same. One takes the land away from the other who takes land away from another, who has taken land away from someone else, etc., etc., etc. It's all a bunch of bull. No one is innocent. The oppressed now was or will be the oppressor. ALL HUMANS ARE THE SAME. WE'RE ALL CAPABLE OF THE SAME ****.

  126. xxconspiracyxx

    This all started back in world war, the british were in deep crap vs germany we asked the rothschild family for help which to cut a long story short the rothschilds said we want part of palestine if we are to help, so we agreed, threw out the poor palestine people, gave it to rothschilds family and they then got america involved in the war, for those of you that don't know, rothschild family are jewish, very big and very powerful,
    So, if you do some research you will see that Israel have massive influence in american politics, who do you think pays for the USA elections? america themselves? don't be silly, in fact they control most of the USA and tell them what to do and when, hence using the 9/11 as an excuse to get closer to Israel by putting up more American bases everywhere in the middle east so when the time comes for Israel to kick off at Iran, America will pretty much already be there.

  127. xxconspiracyxx

    It's nothing to do with hatred it's nothing to do with racist or any other BS like that, it's about The west and Israel getting there fingers in all the pies i.e countries, your notice that north korea are the only country that the USA don't like because they wont let them in, good for them, keep us out and don't let us poison your culture as we have the rest of the world.

  128. xxconspiracyxx

    Peaceful? ok would you like it if i come round your house and take half your house?

  129. gallowaygrumblefield

    "would you like it if i come round your house and take half your house?"

    You know, when you put it that way, no. No I would not.

    So, here I am, an Israeli Jew, and in 1947 I arrive in Palestine, look around and say, "Hey, look at what's happened to my native home. The Arabs have taken over my home. I want it back. Two years ago the Germans were gassing my family. That pretty much tells me they don't want us in Europe. They only got up to 6 million before they were forced to stop."

    So my people, the Jews, take their home back. Their home which had been conquered by force in 634. Nobody back then said, "Hey, Arabs, don't you recognize the names Canaan and Judea?" No, nobody stood up for the Jews.

    Last night I was listening to Ahmadinejad talk to Piers Morgan. One of the incredible things Ahmadinejad said (among many incredible things, including that "more research is needed" to determine if the Holocaust really happened) was that "The Jews have no history in the Middle East" Oh yeah? Who built the Western Wall! And who built Solomon's Temple, which lies underneath, and not on top of the Al-Aqsa Mosque? Talk about uninformed...

    So now, my people have recovered their ancestral homeland. New definition: Palestine was occupied, but no longer.

    Now we have a real problem with Arabs who do not wish to assimilate into Israel (but have been offered, and the offer stands). So, that is indeed a humanitarian problem. Iran's solution is to dissolve the politically defined State of Israel (diplomatically or otherwise...think about it). Iran can barely take care of its own, but they seem to know what's best for others. Meanwhile, Syria burns. Ahmadinejad seems ambitiously sensitive to the Israeli Arabs, but admits he has no opinion on Syria (or Egypt, or Libya, or any other Arab hot spot).

    Iran has a lot of land. So does Iraq, and Egypt, and Libya. We will hear lip service to the plight of the Arab refugees, but until these Islamist countries actually offer a homeland for the Israeli Arab refugees, it's not convincing that they really care about their own, and in fact, as far as these protesters burning their own cities down, it seems incredible that their concern for others is genuine, when they don't even care for their own cities.

  130. Rafal F

    They gave 56% of the land to Israel who had 1/3 rd of the population and they were all illegal immigrants. Yes thats right the UN gave Arab land to some? European Jews.So in your country if a load of illegal immigrants turned up and the UN gave them 56% of your land would you be happy?Well why expect the Arabs to just stand by and see their land stolen?

  131. Rafal F

    They gave 56% of the land to Israel who had 1/3 rd of the population and they were all illegal immigrants. Yes thats right the UN gave Arab land to some? European Jews.So in your country if a load of illegal immigrants turned up and the UN gave them 56% of your land would you be happy?Well why expect the Arabs to just stand by and see their land stolen?

  132. gallowaygrumblefield

    That's a strawman argument, since the conditions are entirely different. It's easy for a non-Jew to say they "don't have a historical foothold in Israel" (Ahmadinejad's belief, just as he is a Holocaust denier, and this appeals to the growing anti-Semitism in the west in the guise of "human rights") even though Israel is where they came from before they made a home in Europe, which ultimately rejected them and seriously tried to wipe them out. So they went back to what they believe is their homeland, and is pretty much supported by their own religious texts and the architecture there.

    Could it have been handled better? I think so. I'm not demonizing the Arab people, except in as much as many of them, maybe even most of them are raised to demonize the Jews. The Jews do not consider themselves occupiers, the Arabs do. The Arabs can choose to be a part of a democratic process to reclaim land and possibly statehood, but the PA consistently rejects peaceful methods, preferring prolonged violence for the sake of violence, not resolution.

    They don't like the concept of an Israel, but they had better figure out some other way of making peace for themselves, because their persistent rocket attacks and suicide bombings are not bringing them an inch closer to autonomy.

  133. ohhhrighhht

    I think it is terrible how the Palestinian people have been treated. I agree that if someone said, hey this used to be my land like THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO and said get out of your house, I'm moving in...well, I just MIGHT feel like reacting in a violent way. This seems rational to me. What if one day, another group was able to prove history even further back??? Will they quietly pack up and leave? You better believe they won't. Israel is full of evil and it, as a nation, politically, is full of evil practices. Look at genocides happening or that have happened in other parts of the world. Are many nations coming together to give them land that is occupied and let them have an undisclosed amount of nuclear weapons? Nope. Just Israel. That was a dirty deal and they will continue to pay for it until Jesus comes...

  134. ohhhrighhht

    I would not "barter" for peace and compromise with the Jewish people. What did the PA do to them before millions of Jews decided to move in and take over their land. Who would want to compromise with these tyrants, its maddening!

  135. ohhhrighhht

    yes something bad happened to you THAT THE PALESTINIANS DID NOT DO, so you get whatever you want? makes total sense.

  136. gallowaygrumblefield

    You are the one who isn't making sense, and because you don't make sense it is pointless to respond to whatever it is you aren't able to articulate.

  137. Ant Johnson

    The Truth IS: Europe knows the truth... These people are not Jews by decent, they are Jew by religion and religion ONLY! When Egypt enslaved the Jews to build all the pyramids, do you think those people were WHITE??? HELL NO! Skin cancer would have set in and killed them all, and that's just plain ole logic. These are imposters of the originals and all the ARAB world knows this, including the imposters. Use your brains and stop watching the NEWS for help cause there is NO factual news in the US, it's all controlled by the rich and powerful. The so called Jews in Israel are being back by the WEST, all Europeans and descendants, such as, the US... Yet look at a MAP to see what type of people surrounds Israel?? All ARAB!!! Yet WHITE/EUROPEAN backs their own. The BIG question is what do they really want. Some else identity to gain what? It's more to this story and seek the truth not lies from so called European Jews by religion. Whom is stealing the POOR PALESTINIAN LAND with the help of all the European countries. Next, I will be called Anti Semitic for telling facts yet they can still bulldoze the houses of families in Palestine to claim Palestinian LAND, and the US news keeps quiet about the entire ordeal until the Palestinians start to fight back with glass bottles and sticks. LMAO! I hope IRAN and surrounding countries abolish y'all for GOOD, and this will be over and done with...

  138. SuperLadyJuliet

    Am Israel Chai. Never again will the Jewish people be without a home.

  139. Meir Touitou

    This is the most biased ducumentary I have ever seen! Very anti-israeli

  140. Devon Griffiths

    It isn't bias if it's the truth; we would not say a documentary about the mafia was biased simply because it did not attempt to present the picture the mob boss would have liked.

  141. Devon Griffiths

    Talking about Iran here is irrelevant, it has nothing to do with why Israel is settling in the occupied territories. The Palestinians aren't Iran, and they didn't do the Holocaust either - that was Europeans. It seems you're very confused because you seem to think that if Europeans gas six million Jews, then it's ok to go find some weaker group and take their land as compensation. Or if Iran is talking tough, then again, since you can't attack them succesfully, you'll just get this other group here which is weak enough to attack without much consequences. My cats do this - it's called "misdirected aggression"

    I don't think it's right that, by race, you treat one group as second class citizens. America is losing its power, and China will probably not step in to back Israel when it takes its place as a superpower. More likely, it will be backing oil-producing nations ... i.e. Muslim states. Much as Israel likes to imagine itself standing alone, it's military is actually on US welfare, and that's not sustainable in the long run. Israel itself actually spends less on its military than Canada, because that's all it can afford. It just doesn't have the tax base for more.

    So there are basically two potential futures. One, Israel is defeated in war. Maybe it'll win a war or two or three in the future, but it only has to lose once, so that is pretty much going to happen sooner or later unless something else occurs. Two - Israel assimilates into the Middle East somehow, and there is no more reason for conflict. I think this is less likely than the first possibility, but it may be that Israel sees it as a more attractive option, once they realize the first is the inevitable price of continuing along the same path.

    Now think about this for a minute: if Israel goes down, what happens to the Jewish people? Would it have made them safer? No ... the victor writes the history, remember, and everyone will say "look what happened when the Jews ran a nation." That will be the legacy of Israel if nothing changes. It will have taken a world in which anti-semitism had been discredited and shunned, and made it fashionable again. Far from giving the Jews safety and peace, which it never achieved, it will have dashed any hope of those things. The Nazis knew this - that's why they were the first, and until long after the war, the only state to ever assist the Zionists, under the Haavara Agreement. They wanted to concentrate the Jews in one place and get them out of Europe, and under one flag which could be smashed, unlike a scattered peoples who lived in many nations.

    The whole thing was a big mistake. That the Nazis were its only initial supporters should be a clue. Israel wasn't the home of the Jews, had not been for over a thousand years. It was just in the religion, that's all. Home is where you are welcomed and accepted, and you can't say with a straight face that the Jews are welcomed and accepted anywhere in the Middle East. The natural home of the Jews in this modern world is here in the Western democracies, particularly the US but also countries like Canada, Britain, France, Australia, etc. Say what you want about the past but it is true today, that Jews are as welcomed and accepted as anyone here (although Israel's behaviour threatens even that).

  142. gallowaygrumblefield

    It sounds like you are the confused one here, setting up false dilemmas that must be resolved. Whatever Israel does, it does on the account of its own sovereignty in its own state, which it had to win twice in the last century. The Holocaust is relevant here, as was every European pogrom. The Palestinians are chumming up to Nazism now, which is really cutting their noses to spite their faces. Or is it? The meeting between Haj Amin al-Husseini and Adolf Hitler in December 1941 looked cozy.

    Since Iran is the head of this snake, and an agitator, it makes perfect sense to cut it off decisively.

    The misdirected aggression once again comes from the misinformed who need some liberal campaign, anything, and are willing to jump on some bandwagon, the way Pinocchio fell in with Stromboli, only realizing too late that he was backing the wrong horse again. The Palestinians of Gaza are now selling and buying bottles of cheap perfume shaped like an M75 rocket. They practically worship the stuff, the way they worship death.

    There is a euphemism machine that is busy redefining Palestinian terrorism so that it means something else. There is this campaign where the Israelis are supposed to "return to the pre-1967 borders" for some reason. People like you who think this way have jumped on that band wagon, not even bothering to read what's in the Hamas Charter, or bothered to learn what a Hamas mission statement is all about. You can be sure when they strap a suicide belt to their 14 year olds, or launch a missile from a school playground in Gaza, they have no care in the world as to who is killed. Very unusual the media doesn't press this point.

    An appeal ad populum is not really a winnable place to argue from. Neither is taking the position from a veiled anti-Semitism, which you give every evidence of doing. Europeans once again telling the Jews to move out. This time they will not. I, for one (and I'm certainly not alone) am quite happy that Israel has enough armament to take out its enemies. If the Palestinians cry that innocent women and children were hurt in the process, they only have themselves to blame for using them as human shields to begin with. There is enough evidence that Palestinians are unrepentant on this, anyway, and are quite proud that they abuse their own.

    Israel is a good thing, and a Palestinian state where there was none before? Iran, Egypt, or Syria have lots of land. Let them take care of their own if they are so concerned...which they really are not, when all is said and done.

  143. gallowaygrumblefield

    Propaganda is skillfully communicated half truth. Looks like you fell for it.

  144. Devon Griffiths

    No, I think you fell for a type of propaganda that says that everything must be shown as equally valid even when it clearly isn't. There is no duty on someone making a documentary to help a group look good - only to show them to us. Tell us, what did they not tell us about SETTLEMENTS? Not Iran, not ancient Rome, not every other issue you want to bring in as justification to obfuscate the issue, but the settlements themselves? Have you got something else to add about the settlements themselves?

  145. Devon Griffiths

    The Holocaust is not relevant, sorry. It didn't even happen there. It wasn't done by any of the people living there. Yes, there were meetings between some Palestinian leaders and the Nazis, there were meetings between them and the Allies too. There were meetings between the Americans and the Nazis. Heck, there were meetings between the Zionists and the Nazis, who were the only ones to sponsor immigration to Palestine for the Jews in the 30s. They actually had a working relationship involving legal agreements, logistics such as ships and supplies, money transfers and so on, up until 1939, which the Pals and the Nazis never really had. All they had was just a single meeting that never amounted to anything.

    It was natural for them to meet with the Germans, if you can get outside ideology long enough to grasp geopolitics. They had, in WW1, supported the British against the Ottomans in return for the British promise of recognition of independant states following the war (TE Lawrence and all that). The British betrayed them. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me ... so from that point on, they preferred to deal with powers other than the Western Allies. Naturally. They shopped around. They're still shopping around. The communists, the Nazis, now the Chinese ... whoever, anyone but the West, because the West makes false promises to them. Over, and over, and over again.

    Hamas is not in control - it is not, therefore, more relevant than Israel. Anyone that can insist Hamas is more relevant than Israel is clearly delusional. They are the way they are because their country was taken from them because of something they didn't do, that happened far away. They have been driven insane by their powerlessness. I think you will find that the inhabitants of the Warsaw Ghetto exhibited many of the same characteristics. It is simply the way humans respond to these sorts of situations when the majority loses hope, and an implacable, unstoppable enemy that lusts for their end surrounds and controls them. Cultures of death emerge in the sort of places one would expect; it's the way human beings are.

    Some of them even continue to live on long after the events which caused them ... the greatest evil, of evil, is not death and suffering but the way it infects minds exposed to it like a virus and thereby reproduces itself, so it can continue on in the world, even when one manifestation is utterly destroyed. It can simply live on among its former victims, then. So the world turns and so it is doing among the Palestinians as we speak and as you have noticed. When Israel dies, it will live on in them, and they will become all the things they now see Israel as being. They are becoming even now. This is how evil lives on in the world, and why we are never able to end it. Someday, I imagine a Palestinian president will be hunting down poorly equipped Jewish "terrorists" and defining their low-tech methods as "cowardly", and when he slaughters innocents, he will say, "it is their fault for hiding among the people ... pay no attention to these deaths, do not show them to people, do not remark on them, they are not remarkable, they are meaningless, they are irrelevant." And when people point out he is behaving just like the Israelis of the past did, he will utter some stock phrase about their motivations, perhaps he will accuse them of "thinly veiled anti-Islamism". That is how history goes. We all reap what we sow, sooner or later. Look no further than Judaism for a long and detailed historical account of exactly that principle in operation, hammered home time and time again as THE central theme, for the benefit of future generations ... in vain?

    It's not up to Syria and Egypt and Iran to take care of people inside someone else's borders. Talk about foisting your responsibilities off on someone else!! Can Israel behave like a responsible nation or not? If you want to claim a territory, you have to be responsible for it and the people in it. It's not even remotely rational to propose anything else as having the tiniest degree of ethical justification. Responsibility for what you claim as yours, how can it be any other way? Claim it, and you are responsible for it.

    Not that any of this ethical wrangling really matters. It's completely superficial. Israel only needs to lose once, and nobody wins forever. That's what it comes down to ... Israel is totally unsustainable in the situation it's in, so, one must ask: how can it get out before that happens? That's the only question that matters.

  146. gallowaygrumblefield

    The Holocaust is most certainly relevant. You're trying to make it irrelevant, on your say-so alone, is meaningless. Modern Israel is a reaction to the Holocaust. The Jewish people have returned to their ancestral homeland, and there they will stay with or without your blessing.

    So now you are setting up the false dilemma that because the Holocaust was perpetrated by your people, the Nazis, that somehow through a convoluted series of rationalizations the Jews must give up their ancestral homeland, for which massive archaeological and philological evidence is in support, to the relatively dispersed Arab campers who occupied Palestine in the interim. I don't think it's going to work, but nice try.

    Israel is to the Jews what Germany is to the Germans, what France is to the French, what Italy is the the Italians, what Spain is the the Spanish, and all of whom have made it abundantly clear that Israel belongs to the Israelis. If the Arabs and your neo-Nazi coalition doesn't approve, so what? It is your problem, not theirs.

  147. Devon Griffiths

    It's not on my say-so. Its an anachronism that occurred in an entirely different place and time and involved entirely different people. It's like if the British, during WW2, instead of fighting the Germans, waited 20 years and then attacked Jamaica. It makes no sense. It doesn't matter who says it ... it just doesn't make sense.

    Nice rhetorical technique calling the Nazis "my people". Do you completely lack probity and are you just trying to score points for an audience, or are making an honest and credible argument? I'm not German. The only connection I have in my family to the Germans is shooting at them and being shot by them. My girlfriend seems to have a German ancestor in the 1800s but that hardly makes the Nazis "my people". I don't have the same principles as they do. I don't believe in "Blood and Soil" or anything like that (but you do, apparently). If you can't make an honest argument and are just trying to score cheap points, I must immediately conclude, you are wrong and you know it, but you don't care and will try to deceive people anyway. There is no other possible logical conclusion, is there? Except, perhaps, you're demented by ideology (much like the Nazis). I don't know and only you can provide the answer here, but don't worry about answering it for me. Answer it for yourself. If you're right you don't need to make dishonest cheap shots. It's only if you're wrong that you need to.

    Israel is not the same as Germany or France or Italy, on several accounts. Those countries, firstly, have been continuously inhabited for centuries; the Germans didn't come along 40 years ago and kick out everyone that lived there because of something that happened one thousand four hundred years ago! If they were to do that, they'd have to elect a new Hitler, because they were pushed west by the Huns during Roman times and their original homeland is somewhere to the east, probably in Russia or the Ukraine.

    Secondly, they are not ethnic nations. "England for the English" is the cry of the far right and neo-Nazis, reactionary degenerates who don't know their history. England has been an immigrant nation since the 1500s; this is what made London an economic powerhouse. And the English themselves are a conglomerate of different groups. Modern Britain, apart from the neo-Nazi baboons, recognizes itself as a pluralistic society which is not "for" any particular ethnic group. It is for a set of ideas. Granted the ideas have a historical basis in a culture but nonetheless it is no longer ethnicity that is the basis of the state or citizenship rights. This is regarded as totally backwards, yet it is the policy in Israel - to be an ethnic state for the Jews, where citizenship is granted on the basis of race. It is not like a modern Western state in this at all. The last time Germany practiced anything like this was ... well ... under Hitler. Sorry but it's simply a fact. Being of German blood gives no citizenship right in Germany nor is anything similar the case in any other Western state.

    Thirdly, they were not formed in response to events that happened thousands of miles away.

    Fourthly, they do not have occupied territories where the people aren't allowed to vote or cross certain roads or anything like that. The closest thing to that is Northern Ireland, and Britain was so shamed by its peers on the international scene that despite all its justifications and blaming the other side, it was forced to stop its repressive activities ... and peace quickly followed. Nothing like The Troubles have happened since. And even during the Troubles - the Catholics were always permitted to vote in elections. In Israel this is not true in the Occupied Territories, even if Muslims in Israel proper can vote.

    Fiftly, there is no race-based identification. The ethnicity of Palestinians is marked on their license plates and identification cards, a modern form of armbands. This does not happen in any Western democracy. Blacks and Jews and Muslims and whites all use the same license plates and they don't have their ethnicity marked on ID cards. At least, not since Nazi Germany.

    Sixthly, none of these countries are occupying anybody else's territory. They have just been there for a very long time. If they were to occupy the homelands they had during Roman times, we would have to completely redraw the map of Europe and Germany would have to invade Russia and the Ukraine, the British might have to invade France and parts of Scandinavia, and so on. Nobody would regard historical claims that have not been fact for well over a thousand years as having any validity - it would be absurd.

    So no, they are nothing alike, unless we go back to the 1930s/1940s in Germany. Which, incidentally, is the environment where Zionism took root as an idea. Is it any wonder that it too sees the state not as an idea but as an ethnic homeland for a specific race, the whole "Blood and Soil" thing? I mean, can you name anything fundamentally different about Blut und Boden and what you just said about Israel? They sure look like the same thing to me:

    "Blood and Soil (German: Blut und Boden) refers to an ideology that focuses on ethnicity based on two factors, descent (Blood (of a folk)) and homeland/Heimat (Soil). It celebrates the relationship of a people to the land they occupy ... "

    Blut und Bloden was the whole basis of Nazi ideology. And yet you're espousing the exact same thing. Tied to Israel by blood, just as the Nazis believed Germans were tied to Germany by blood. Nobody outside Israel believes this anymore; your blood or ancestry will not allow you to claim citizenship in any of these states but it will in Israel, and it did in Nazi Germany.

  148. gallowaygrumblefield

    You're trying to make several inviable arguments, throwing them all at the wall and hoping something will stick. Zionism predates your idol Hitler, but if it wasn't for your beloved Holocaust, Israel would not have become the residency of choice for disaffected European Jews. Also, you come across as another know nothing Arab apologist without really knowing the kind of people you are apologizing for. I know you think writing excessively lengthy manifestos that purport to show the history of Palestine (as you have been misinformed it must be) lends an air of scholarship to your argument, but it only makes you look more and more like you have an ax to grind.

    I feel bad that you are an unwitting Hamas mouthpiece, because it means I can't take you seriously. Like I said and will continue to say, the Israelis don't need your blessing to do what they are doing within the boundaries of their own land.

  149. Devon Griffiths

    It may predate Hitler, but the background to Nazi ideals goes back to the late 1800s with the emergence of the Volk movement and the "Blood and Soil" concept, which is the founding idea of Nazism.

    I just have one question: can you explain, without trying to excuse it by pointing fingers at someone else, or saying that I cherish Hitler or any of these other tautologies you keep making, can you explain in a concrete way, how what you believe differs in principle from "Blood and Soil"?

    If it does, you should be able to do so concisely and without referring to irrelevancies or making silly accusations. If it doesn't, then you're going to run into problems making a logical argument and I expect you to go berserk with more tautologies. Let's see, shall we?

  150. gallowaygrumblefield

    It's funny how Americans and Australians with anti-Semite tendencies deign to lecture the Israelis on taking land from other people.

  151. Devon Griffiths

    I do believe my second prediction was correct. You can't answer how you what you believe is any different from Blood and Soil, without making tautologies, pointing fingers at third parties, asserting two wrongs make a right, and other such nonsense. In fact you can't answer it all, you just do the above things instead. I am left to conclude you are in agreement with the Nazi ideal of Blood and Soil but cannot bring yourself to honestly admit it, you simply squirm.

    There is another option you know. You could maybe ... revise your views? Take an inventory of them, see if you really want to believe them in light of their origin? You don't have to respond to that, it's for you to look into on your own and think about. Blood and Soil. Learn about it, see where it came from and what it describes and how similar it is to things you have been told and believe.

  152. gallowaygrumblefield

    You're basically a stooge for a terrorist cause, and you don't realize it. You seem to do a lot of demanding of me to answer your questions, but you can't even confront the simple truth that as long as Palestinians lob rockets into Israel and indiscriminately blow people up with suicide vests they will never gain anything. But, that's how Arab terrorists roll, so what can you do.

  153. Devon Griffiths

    You still can't answer the simple question can you? All you can do is make false accusations. How helpless and angry a simple question has made you!

    How is what you believe any different from the Nazi concept of Blood and Soil? It's a simple question, and the only question I've asked you to answer, just one question. Can you answer it?

  154. gallowaygrumblefield

    Quit playing the prima donna, it's not working. I stopped taking you seriously long ago.

  155. gallowaygrumblefield

    More than half of Israeli Arab voters would support Zionist parties in the upcoming general elections, a poll probing the political moods of voters in the Arab sector revealed Wednesday.

    The poll indicated that 67 percent of eligible Israeli Arab voters, some 400,000 voters, will take part in the March 28 elections, 48 percent of whom will support Zionist parties as opposed to 30 percent in 2003.

    Conducted by Dr. Eli Reches of Tel Aviv University the poll tested 545 respondents.

  156. gallowaygrumblefield

    There can never be peace in the middle East until the Arabs learn to love their children more than they hate the Jews.

  157. Nick Lakshmana Dasa Mason

    More Israelis die annually from peanut allergies than HAMAS rockets, so stop telling vile lies about the Arab people, you disgusting Jewish supremacist racist.

  158. Daniel Clift

    Goyim means literally: 'Nations'

  159. jewishsettlerssuck

    jewish settlers need to get out of palestine and go back to europe where white people belong. Stop bullying the little guys. Stop imprisoning teenagers and wasting us money to arrest teenagers.Just disgusting. Maybe that is why we are in a recession. Stop paying the bully us.

  160. jewishsettlerssuck

    And that justifies bullying?

  161. Aaron Hendrickson

    ok...and arabs should give up their religion for one that doesn't involve strapping bombs to their children. the jews should stay where they are

  162. Vhmmmm

    Correct. The europeans only gassed 2.4 million jews, if that. The 6 million number includes other ethnicities that the jews tried to suck in to that number. This number was finally fessed up to by the jewish authorities, but the jews keep "accidentally" throwing it out there. Don't them help with such b.s.

  163. Vhmmmm

    So delusional

  164. Vhmmmm

    you, sir, are a pot calling a kettle black

  165. zaa

    The US needs to cut the aid unless they stop all of this crap

  166. zaa

    Why because it is telling the truth?/The fact that the guy said only two generations lived there is an outright lie!!!

  167. David Darko

    You are ignorant to your words. Jews are Jews and Europeans are Europeans. Arabs leaving in Europe or elsewhere are always Arabs hence it is wrong of you and all those who shares your mind. Jews leaving in Europe or elsewhere are JEWS and can return to their Homeland as Jews.

  168. David Darko

    Jewish settlers are leaving on their own land palestine cannot be formed on JEWS Homeland. They should trace their land from Jordan.palestinians are terrorist by nature from children to their adults,so Isreal has the right to deal with such entities

  169. Adman

    The propaganda is real.

    Wald0, slpsa and RileyRampant provided some interesting perspectives and rational discussion thanks for that, but it really does devolved quickly from there :\

    Too bad rational discussion about this topic is usually shouted down by rhetoric, propaganda and just plain racism.

  170. Adman

    I forgot Devon Griffiths too, a lot of valuable information presented by him too :)

    The comparison between Hitler is applicable in a general sense, the Nazis were willing to kill and die to preserve and extend their homeland against non Nazis. If Zionists or Arabs are stupid and arrogant enough to repeat history with genocidal attempts one can only hope it would be met with the same resistance around the globe.

    No peoples are better than others, despite what they may think, just degrees of difference.

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