Rent a Rasta

Rent a Rasta

2006, Society  -   144 Comments
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Rent A RastaWhen white women flock to Jamaica for a little fun in the sun, the RandR they're often looking for is not Rest and Relaxation but to Rent a Rasta according to director J. Michael Seyfert. His eye-opening expose' of the same name sheds light on a barely acknowledged form of sex tourism, namely, white women who visit the Caribbean Islands to get their groove back with the help of black locals. This documentary claims that, each year, as many as 80,000 females from a variety of relatively-wealthy Western nations descend on Jamaica alone.

Most of those inclined to indulge their Island Fever with wanton abandon are apparently middle-aged and/or overweight spinsters. Ignored by white men, and afraid to date blacks openly due to the social taboo, they look for satisfaction at remote resorts amidst the anonymity offered by a virtual paradise. These decadent dames safely lure their boy toys with money, electronic gadgets, designer clothes, baubles, or whatever material item it takes to get uncomplicated sexual favors in return along with the strict understanding that like in Las Vegas, What happens in Jamaica, stays in Jamaica. As one satisfied customer, a 45 year-old spinster from the Midwest explains her addiction to her hedonistic getaway, A girl who no one looks at twice gets hit on all the time here.

All these guys are paying her attention, telling her she's really beautiful, and they really want her. It is like a secret, a fantasy, and then you go home. While this glimpse of the lucky ladies' rationale for their no-strings liaisons is certainly informative, the picture is actually far more interesting when chronicling the history of Jamaica, winding its way from the slave days through the rise of the Rastafari to the present. Framed from this perspective, we suddenly see a persistent pattern of utter subjugation and economic inequality, with islanders providing stud service only being the latest form of exploitation.

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  1. Interesting documentary, not what I would have thought about the island of Jamaica. But I guess there is always some seedy evil backstory to every place of paradise on earth.

  2. This history needs to be broadcast

    1. That would never happen!!

  3. Yikes. Hope everyone's using condoms. Sex tourism in the Caribbean has always been a thing. Gay men frequented Haiti in the '70s, bringing HIV back to New York & San Francisco. (This has been proven scientifically when tracing the virus back to its origins in the Congo/Cameroon). Prostitution of women in Africa also helped the virus spread, as did colonization.

    Prostitution--whether of males or females--is always about abuse of poor and/or desperate people. The narrative that it's empowering is BS. Sex work is NOT's exploitation. Modern slavery.

  4. The women dont even have to be unattractive white women. They gigolo's tried me and I'm black, attractive and in my 30s. It was comical but they will try anybody!

  5. hilarious if it weren't so sad. In London, New York or Los Angeles, well to do white women don't pick up homeless men, take them to dinner and then home to bed, in Jamaica.....

    1. good film without rehashing the scandalous behaviour of gigolos and old broads, focuses on what REAL rasta has to say about being exploited all things Jamaican, why being downpressed in his own land. Recommed viewing!

  6. Hey, when I set down to watch a docu about sex tourism, I expect to see English female manatees being wooed by dead-eyed black bulging hunks

  7. what makes Rent a Rasta a cult classic? people have been arguing over this film for 10 years with no end in sight!

    1. Rastafari an wonna make their group in WhatsApp

  8. It was very interesting. I am glad to know why these non-black women, for the most part, always be in ads laying along the Jamaican islands lije they are getting all tanned, no they are looking for a Man. That is why most of our women of color don't have many of our men today, because of these over sexed, women. Why are they so nasty? These women make God fearing women with dignity look obselete and unattractive. That is another example of exploiting the under privileged. They need to be back in the caves of the cacus mountains, with Java Man, Neanderthal Man, cromagnan Man, all those annimal like prehistoric man that looked like animals. Because based on what I saw they have a animalistic nature from whence they came. Trying to be so high society in the US, but in Jamaica- Looking for the Donkey Dong.Lol!

    1. Holy spot on and hilarious

  9. A very informative documentary about the Rastafarian culture in Jamaica so that people would not confuse a true rasta with modern day fashion rasta. It clarify that a true rasta is a way of life. However I feel that the title of the documentary is misleading rasta for sex /rent etc was not the main focus of the documentary it was only a small area and discussed only once so I feel another title like "true rasta" or something of that nature would have been more appropriate.

    1. No. Why Rasta at all? Why not use the white women themselves as tittle. U should know that a "Whiteman's" choice of words is always laden with prejudice to black people.. need I say more??

    2. I totally agree with you! Only 15 minutes is the “sex tourism aspect, the it goes into what it is to be a true Rasta. What conclusion did you draw from the film?

  10. I would be appreciated if subtitle were added, I scrolled down to read comments here. There seems to be a religious conflict in value between Rastafari and Babylon (Christian evil) as mentioned in a Ethiopia's comment. I guess Christian value might have given Rastafari a wrongfully bad name, which is the main point of the argument that Jamaica has been colonized and brought into slave by Westerners.
    I am not sure about the details. But that is a blame game. I take neither sides.
    In social psychology, there's an attribution theory which say, for example, if you attribute your failure in the exam to the unfair grading, then you would be less likely to try harder in the next exam than attributing it to yourself. So, I guess if you blame the low economic growth of Jamaica on Jamaican people itself, positive growth would stun you and bring Jamaican men dignity in high income and respectable life.
    Even though, to be fair, sex tourism isn't a bad thing, it saves the soul of those Western spinsters, doesn't it?

  11. This doc piqued my interest, because while it is well known that western men can go anywhere in the world and get easy access to women and even young girls to perfom literally any type of sexual act (as long as they have the money to spend). That this existed for women in Jamaica is not widely known. Yet right away, the biases and double standard becomes clear by comparing sexual services for women to slavery, and by defining the women who turn to this type of "slavery" for services, as ugly, overweight and old! Unbelieveable! As if the sex workers performing for the men in other countries, are not also influenced by poverty? Yet, only human right activists refer to them as sex slaves. Mostly they are merely considered "prostitutes" even when they've been kidnapped or lured into sex work through deception.

    If the point is that the poor males of Jamaica are slaves of wealthy western women, let's keep it in it's proper perspective. At least these men aren't kidnapped, beaten, forced into becoming drug addicted, taken to other countries and held against their will, or owned by a pimp who takes most if not all of their money. Even if the wealthy women who come to them for sexual pleasure are fat, ugly or old; I would venture to guess that they are at least clean and that they pay well. Quite a different story for the women and girls around the world who are merely thought of as "prostitutes".

    1. I get the feeling that when this flick refers to sex tourism as "a byproduct of slavery"
      it is because Jamaica has a few hundred years of antecedence, can't argue that. So sex tourism in Holland is not a "a byproduct of slavery" but borrows from a different paradigm.

  12. "Every year over 80,000 middle-aged women flock to Jamaica in search of
    the "big bamboo" a practice called rent a rasta. I`m not naïve, I`ve
    been around the block. I come for sex, of course the sun, but mostly the
    sex? (Karen, 45, from Chicago) But who are the real Rastafari and how
    do they feel about being marketed everything Jamaican? " I feel the film
    delivered very well, although would have appreciated subtitles on
    occasion....2 thumbs UP!

  13. yawn...wat, the white version of How Stella got her Groove back...

  14. interesting subject, modest budget, good film

  15. Jamaica is one of the poorest countries in the Caribbean receiving 1.8 million tourists last year.

    Since the 1970s, world financial institutions have encouraged indebted nations like Jamaica to respond to economic crisis by developing tourism.

    The International Monetary Fund agreements and World Bank structural adjustment loans, that the Jamaican government entered into have served to swell the prostitution labor market, for the policy packages tied to these loans have had a devastating impact on the poor with massive currency depreciation and a concomitant drop in the price of labor.

    North American and European tourists’ very presence in the Caribbean is predicated upon a particular, and vastly unequal, world political and economic order.

    Even the working class, budget tourist from Europe, Canada or the USA is in a position to spend about as much on a package holiday in the Caribbean as many locals will earn in a year.

    Exploitation and inequity are part and parcel of capitalism (and communism for that matter). Jamaica remains deeply embedded in HM’s neo-colonial designs.

  16. In sight and sound, "Rent a Rasta" portrays the many fronts in which Babylon fights the Movement of Rastafari in Jamaica. How slavery continues until this very day.

    When Babylon "discovered" the "New World", the original inhabitants were either killed or ghetto-ized while millions of Africans were taken from their homes to work as slaves on the land that was stolen by their slave masters.

    The whole western "Judeo-Christian" "Civilization" is built on the slave trade and colonialization. Although everything is officially abolished many years ago, the practice continues until this very day.

    Who feels it, knows it, as they say.

    In Jamaica, they know it.

    It was there, that the Movement of Rastafari was born with the crowning in Ethiopia of Ras Tafari Makonnen as Haile Selassie the 1st, the 225th descendant of King Solomon.

    There was the true Judeo-Christian Civilization!

    Ever since it's birth, the Movement has been the target of Babylon System. Persecution, disinformation, condemnation, infiltration, corruption, every trick in the book is used against this group.

    "Rent a Rasta" deals directly with Babylon's down-pressing of Jamaican people and Rastafarians in particular. The raw picture of what Babylon is really doing becomes clear.

    The term itself refers to a practice of sex-slavery: hordes of tourists flood the island in search for paid sex with black dread locked men. The practice is shown in the video, people openly talk about it.

    In the Rastaman's Camp, there's a completely different picture. Several Rastas are interviewed as they speak about the suffering, about being in Babylon.

    The contrast in sight and sound is shockingly clear. While the narrator does his best to make sense out of the con-fusion shown in sight and sound, the video proofs without the shadow of a doubt just how abominable and evil Babylon really is.

    While the real Rastas are suffering, telling the people to stop sinning and live a righteous life, Babylon has her own (per)version of Rastafari which makes some others filthy rich.

    Yah, watch t'is flim and try to understand the issues.

  17. Seems like a film student project, very unorganized and jumped all over the place. I found it interesting because of the bits of history on rasta - but again found it similar to a freshman film. Needs subtitles for a clearer perception, and if you make a film you should talk to more than a handful of people.

  18. let's say this film is somewhat demanding and does not cater
    to the lowest common denominator, therefore the "nothing to do with sex" comments - waste some time and clock the related and unrelated scenes and you will come up with 30% sex tourism issue, and 30% historical precedence and perspectives and 30% "real rasta" issues and thoughts, juxtaposed to ""faux rasta" or "rentables" jiving their dread-foolishness for entertainment only.

    After all the film asks, ...... BUT WHO ARE THE real RASTAFARI and what do THEY think about being marketed everything Jamaican?

  19. I am a little confused...what exactly is the purpose of this documentary? If it is meant to explain the difference between a Rastafarian and a Rent-a-Dread, then this could have been done alot more intelligently. And as for the comment about fat ugly white women going to places like Jamaica, because they cant find love in the rich west, is a ridiculous statement. I've seen very attractive successful sluts too trawling the beaches of Gambia and Jamaica looking for something they would not dare consider at home. In fact I am not confused. This documentary is rubbish.

  20. I didnt enjoy this documentary at all. It is not about the sexual behaivor of white woman and black man in jamaica at all, and the woman are constandly humiliaetetd by calling them "old, a woman nobody would ever take a second look at" and ridiculed just because they dont fit in the sexual fantaies of the producer. The most part of the documentary is just rastafaris talking about their way of life , and i didnt even understand everything due to their strong accent and the lack of subtitels. The way theyre shown humiliaets them too because all that is filemed is a bunch of speaking and dancing whit out the producers triing to describe their actions and give a deeper understanding. It seems that this documentation tries not only to ridicule the sexual behaivor and looks of midleaged white woman, but , even if a lesser amount, the ones of rastafari man ,too.

  21. great documentary, easy to see, why sheltered, complacent liberals may not get the point, the film's central question: "Who are the Real Rastafari, and how do they feel about everything Jamaican being exploited, when even prostitutes need to wear dreads to make a buck". Of course the gigolos are not Rasta, but they sure sell themselves as such. I would recommend this film as a valuable teaching tool to my university.

  22. terrible doc, dont bother watching

  23. watch it to the end.... then comment

  24. Greetings, IT took me about 15 minutes to see that the gigalo thing was not for me! I ended up getting involved with the children who have so much need for school supplies and clothing. I became addicted to getting donations from our local town paper, and taking it all down every 4 months.

    My dentist even donates boxes of toothpaste and toothbrushes for me to bring down to remote mountain clinics. If you are going to Jamaica, throw some books your kids have outgrown or some gently used shoes, back packs or anything related to learning.

    I met a woman in 2002, who was 54. She was involved with an OBVIOUS gigalo, but she thought she was all that, and ignored all the signs. He took her for over half a million bucks, and she had to finally leave due to humiliation. All she talked about was her "trust fund".

    There is no way you cannot see what you are getting involved in. If you are paying for anything, you are with a gigalo.

    If you love Jamaican men, find one in the US that has an actual job, so that you do not live the life of a fool. My husband is Jamaican and we have been married for 22 years. I met him in the US, where he had been working for over 20 years. We have a son, and he is now retired with a PENSION. I would never in a relationship with someone that was unemployed or that thought I would be the sole provider. Low self esteem has to be why they use these tactics. I find it degrading and pathetic.

    She is so bitter and is still actually, talk about super-stupid. If you are 15 years older than a guy driving a BMW with locks down to his feet, and you are paying for houses and clothes, and gold chains, how long do you think it will be before they find someone even richer?

    She was replaced by someone richer, and then that one was replaced by someone richer. Woman from the US, the UK, Germany, Canadians, I have seen them all get taken, and I do not feel sorry for them. They deserve the consequences of their stupidity.

    Enjoy Jamaica, but for your OBGYN'S sake, get laid by someone not sleeping with 10 others.

  25. based on my own experience i believe the disconnect between the title and most of the content is due to the fact that from time to time foreigners would go to countries such as Jamaica, go into a small rural or inner city community where the people are less educated befriend them which isn't difficult since Jamaicans are naturally friendly and welcoming especially to foreigners lie to them about what they're working on and why they're filming then put their own spin on things!

  26. I'm still trying to figure out what exactly he was trying to bring across!? sex tourism, rastafarianism, slavery or all the above? anyway whatever the point is or was it was defeated because this documentary has more stereotypical perceptions than facts! you're no better than the slave traders just looking for something or someone to exploit, to make a profit from... real sad!

  27. hey dudes: next time your gal goes to Jamaica on internship or one those things vegan-white gals who wont shave their legs tend to do, just know there is something you are not doing right, or that she yearns for endless possibilities!

  28. might be a bad movie but white trash gal needs to get laid! if the boys back home wont do it, heck, why wont the Jamaicans knock her about?

  29. So that's what they mean by a 'package' deal to Jamaica?

  30. Daniel Brownlee, EDUCATE US, tell us where we can find legitimate resources to justify your WHOLE TRUTH. I wish that I had known a lot of the history I learned here today a long time ago. I understand ME a lot better and how and why I see life here in America so wasetful.

  31. stupid doc

  32. The Slaves were NOT CAPTURED, as this obviously Afrocentric Liar has stated in the narrative. They were captured by and SOLD by BLACK AFRICANs. We have too tell the WHOLE truth, not what is profitable for TV

  33. Stop smoking weed, and Africa got its own problems, we do not need anymore!!!!!!

  34. Stop smoking weed, and Africa got its own problems. we do not need anymore!!!

  35. stop smoking weed folks. And Africa got its own problems, we do not need you there at all.

  36. This "Documentary" did not at all address the issues that the Title refers to! Put down the camera and go back to School and learn what true objective Journalism Reporting is about!

  37. Didn't enjoy this documentary at all. The description is misleading. The subject of male prostitution or sex tourism is only just touched upon briefly. I only got about halfway through before I decided to quit watching, I was interested in the topic of white women visiting Jamaica for sex tourism purposes but this documentary isn't really about that at all.

    Waste of time.

  38. So, I watched this documentary. First of all, this documentary barely devotes 10 minutes to the concept of sexual exploitation. The majority of the interviews revolve around Rasta communities expounding on their views both personal and communal. NONE of the Rastas are prostituting themselves. The so-called 'white' women who are hiring these men out are never interviewed in person and all the snapshots of the women are women in passing. These could be lesbians on a retreat but they're depicted in this video. Tying in prostitution with slavery doesn't work in this context. In slavery, people were brow-beaten to believe they were 'owned' and those who were sexually exploitated had no say in the matter where these men are pimping themselves. One line in the documentary resonated when it said 'Women who would never approach a black homeless man in their hometown' but these women are not walking Kingston streets they are trolling resort areas for men who willingly f--k them for one week's pay for a few hours of time. I just don't think that the issue wasn't addressed well in this documentary. I think the title of it is disrespectful to the Rastafarians interviewed who adamantly oppose such 'Babylon' ways and the editing was poor. But that's my opinion on the work :D

  39. This is ruined by the narrator's ridiculous voice. Also, I'm pretty sure the voice over by the woman from Devon (a county, not a town as is stated) is not actually her own voice. The accent is over exaggerated and sounds dubbed.

  40. this documentary totally deviates from its Topic and instead delves into historical and religious lessons. i thought it was about Rent a Rasta not the history of Rastafarianism.

    1. I completely agree with your statement. I do appreciate having learned about Rastafarianism but by the description, I thought I would be learning about the sex trade and it's effects on Jamaican society, namely the spread of sexually transmitted disease. Still worth watching, only a little misleading.

  41. boring! for not saying anything else.... sex tourism is something you can see in every poor nation around the world, not only in Jamaica...
    Some good facts about Rastas and History, would have been more interesting if it were just about it without the rest of the argument.

  42. This documentary is definitie an Minds Eye Opener. I slaute the Divine sister at the end and her Diivne words to return back to Beloved Afrika with Reparations NOW.

    Sex Tourism: It is all a mental illness on both parties part. I wonder if Jamaica have a Health Department. How many STD's been reported. I recall a sister telling me that another sister went on a Cruise to the Caribbean. The day of her departure the male she had sex with handed her a note saying. Male: I Have Aids. Afrika Is for The Afrikans (Garvey). Black Afrikan women should be for the Black Afrikan males, and vice versa. These are all "human Beings only" acts we see. Check out the black Law Dictionary and see the definition of "Human Being". The definition of human being is (monster), and the human being can not own land. The "human being (monster) wrote these definitions about themselves. The Oppressors definition of themselves. The human being oppressors made people in their own Human being monster image, and the majority of our people globally are acting like "human Beings (monsters). So when our people make claim that they are "human beings only" they are saying they are (monsters/beast) like the oppressors. Any of our people who strive for "human rights" they are getting it already and human rights is about killing, stealing, and destroying the minds, body, Spirit, Soul (all) one killing, stealing and destroying anything that has breath. Once our people get the revelation that our people was once Divine Beings and not human beings, once our people realize that they were once Divine beings and still can be, then in the knowing that we were once Divine beings, our people can rise up out of all this oppression. The human being duality in us is the hell duality in us. The other duality in us is the Divine Spirituality (the real us). As long as we continue to operate from the mental illness (human Being) duality we can expected to be killed, stolen, and destroyed. Once again, when we say we are human beings, we are saying we are profanely ego evil. No one on their Divine right mind-set will make claim to be a human being. Again, that is a mental illness.

    Another Mental illness. RELIGION. GOOGLE SEARCH RELIGION IS A MENTAL ILLNESS. Religion is the root of evil. It kills, steals, and destroys our people once Divine right mind-set. Arguing about this Jesus Christ is a mental illness, because it is arguing about the evil oppressor’s god, and that is a mental illness.

    The oppressors see our people who are in their human being mind-set, see them as they the oppressors are. The oppressors celebrate when they hear our people saying they are human beings (monsters) just like them. The oppressors sees our people those who are out of their Divine right mind-set, see our people are Monkeys with voices, subhuman…and the likes of.

    Do not be surprise if the oppressors do a HAARP on the entire Caribbean island. Why? Because it would be cheaper for the oppressors to destroy our people than pay Reparations and the cost to send us back to beloved Afrika.

    The oppressors did it to Katrina in Louisiana, and Haiti. Why not the Caribbean? Wherever our people are the most populated the oppressors entertains eliminating.

    Our people must (Action) word, Must Unite (Globally) 24/7, advocating, chanting REPARATIONS NOW. That is the only way our people will get REPARATIONS NOW, because those who committed genocide on our people aren't going to just give it to us. We must TAKE back what was stolen from us. We must be in our once Divine right mind-set, not human being mind-set, Divine mind-set to know the sacredness of Reparations and the demand and command for it.

    Our people must cease sitting idle waiting for REPARATIONS to be dropped in our lap. That is not going to happen. Again, The Advocay for REPARATIONS NOW will be the ultimate surprise attack towards the Oppressors.

    All of our people who do not desire REPARATIONS NOW, and do not demand and command it, they have made a "pact with the devils mind-set, the White Jesus lovers ...and the likes of.

    REPARATIONS NOW, or our people need to prepare to go out of the Black Afrikan, or whatever we call ourselves, go out of business.

    1. white jesus lovers? People might have listened to your ranting if you didn't go racist at the end.

  43. As a person who travelS BACK AND FORTH TO JAMAICA OFTEN THIS IS TRUTH.WHITE WOMWEN ONLY WANT A LARGE PACKAGE..SINCE THE ONE LEFT AT HOME NEEDS RETOOLING. They will also pay for the bone..In other words they are paid whores and the Rastas are PIMPS

  44. i still don't understand the point between the sex stuff and the Rastaman... True Rasta don't fool around with women for money.,,
    crack-heads and smart asses do, when they are lucky enough to encounter a fat ugly cunt ...

    Jah love, rasta ...

  45. The documntary makermight want to do some more research next time. For example, I am from Devon and would like to point out it's a county...therefore not anyone's "hometown", as it was described here.

  46. Stupid documentary. I've travelled all over the world and I can tell you women tourists mix it up with the locals at all destinations, hardly just Jamaica in particular. The film maker has a hidden agenda...

  47. I liked the film, but who cares about pot head rasta supremacists? if they want repatriation to Ethiopia, why not take a boat back? at least they have some milk to sell in Jamaica, or well, bamboo....

  48. haha

    i can not finish this entire doc, but I AM JAMAICAN. I MISSSSSS HOME. And yes I miss the men.

    Jamaican in Holland.

  49. This was horrible. The first 20 min was about sexual tourism in Jamaica then after that it just fell off and became completely boring. Waste of time.

  50. it's all true, now make a film about old white men buying homeless little boys that live on the streets of Jamaica, these men mostly come from Europe USA and Canada. now write about that.

  51. @Eugene

    are you serious dude?!!!! no one is forcing anyone to do anything. they only reason these guys are playing the game is because it means money in the pocket

  52. I thought the film was complex and cerebral showing some fabulous characters who have lots to say. The message is
    that Rastas are being used like their fathers were used as African slaves. Subtitles would be been helpful at times.

  53. very off the mark documentary, thought it was about rent-a-rasta, then moved away from the topic. More like the rent-a rasta thing was a bait, albeit a very poor one.

  54. These women claim they're just doing what middle-aged men have been doing for centuries: taking up with someone half their age and giving them an all-expenses-paid ride in exchange for sex.

  55. really enjoyed this one, tho film focuses more on Rastafari culture...

  56. Me tinks tis flim points out real rasta not for rent or sale,
    for dat I praise the filmmaker, gives RASTA respect!

  57. interesting documentary, I never had tied sex tourism to slavery, this film explains it pretty well and gives a nice
    insight into the little known fundamentalist Rasta culture.

  58. the first few minutes of the documentary is good. afterward, it completely veered off course. not worth your time if you're interested in a documentary about sex tourism.

    I saw the title of the film and thought that it would get people's attention at least... then the first couple minutes really takes the viewer in the right direction.

    But we soon see that the documentary is all over the place and really unfinished. It could have been waaaay more informative and focused (interviews and editing / content) so that we really walk away understanding the point of the last 44.44 minutes spent watching.

    I guess there is really no real point in me writing this message ... except to vent a little and to urge the film maker to FINISH THE FILM. You have the beginnings of something really interesting. I see all the effort and work that went into this film so NICE JOB TO EVERYONE (so far).


  60. I know you guys can't stand to see a black man bone one of your ladies when she comes on vacation to Jamaica. Stop being so jealous. THey come b/c they love big pipes and not some small tiny weenie.

    1. jealous that they're banging old fat wrinkly sloppy seconds, okay.

  61. This film only confirms the sheer ignorance, delusion and deception of some Black people. We still worship dead men while blaming other cultures and races for doing the same thing.

    RASTAS* like others major cults are blinded by their own self-imposed delusive religiosity (what they call a way of life). Smoking ganga as if that is the path to enlightenment, when it is rather the path to mental illness, and terminal emphysema.

    Most of the persons participating in this film have even forgotten the basics of modern of health hygiene in regards to DENTAL CARE with almost all of them missing major teeth and most are not even middle age.

    The producer of the film is frankly exploitative and a charlatan supposedly exposing SEX TOURISM but spent the greater part of 30 mins featuring the decadent side of Jamaican subculture.

    Rastas do not in any reflect the narratives of the Black Diaspora neither are they a true representation of the Black struggle.

    If there is some sort of moral code, I do not see how having SEX* with multiple white women who are frankly sluts anyways make for a healthy lifestyle given the rampant nature of HIV/AIDS and other sexual transmitted diseases.

    Black people are their own worst enemies. Still brainwashed. Still shackled in spiritual, mental and physical slavery to a defunct history, immobilized and incapable of breaking free from the legacy of such a miserable history.

    Talk is one thing but actions speak louder than words.
    What is regrettable is the pathetic condition Black Jamaican rastas find themselves in with hardly any education, life opportunities and choices to break free from their sordid, mundane existence.

    If the wheels of history have turned to the place where the Black man is now exploited for his PENIS instead of his brains, then nothing has changed in 200 years. And the white woman is still the object of the Black man's sexual aggression and his emotional paralysis to relate to the Black women who are the real queens.

    It's a pathetic spectacle!!!

  62. Well, I'm gonna watch just because I have dreadlocks!

  63. This documentary about Jamaica reveals that men aren't the only ones who indulge in sex tourism. According to RENT A RASTA, each year 80,000 women travel to the island nation to meet a local man for a romantic rendezvous in exchange for cash and gifts from their home countries. This film examines the reaction of the Rastafarian culture to this phenomenon. Great film for Jamaica neophytes, finally someone decides to depict the latest version of slavery, sex tourism in Jamaica, with a twist. It's fat, ugly and old white broads who are the customers. A must see.

  64. In sight and sound, "Rent a Rasta" portrays the many fronts in which Babylon fights the Movement of Rastafari in Jamaica. How slavery continues until this very day.

    When Babylon "discovered" the "New World", the original inhabitants were either killed or ghetto-ized while millions of Africans were taken from their homes to work as slaves on the land that was stolen by their slave masters.

    The whole western "Judeo-Christian" "Civilization" is built on the slave trade and colonialization. Although everything is officially abolished many years ago, the practice continues until this very day.

    Who feels it, knows it, as they say.

    In Jamaica, they know it.

    It was there, that the Movement of Rastafari was born with the crowning in Ethiopia of Ras Tafari Makonnen as Haile Selassie the 1st, the 225th descendant of King Solomon.

    There was the true Judeo-Christian Civilization!

    Ever since it's birth, the Movement has been the target of Babylon System. Persecution, disinformation, condemnation, infiltration, corruption, every trick in the book is used against this group.

    "Rent a Rasta" deals directly with Babylon's down-pressing of Jamaican people and Rastafarians in particular. The raw picture of what Babylon is really doing becomes clear.

    The term itself refers to a practice of sex-slavery: hordes of tourists flood the island in search for paid sex with black dread locked men. The practice is shown in the video, people openly talk about it.

    In the Rastaman's Camp, there's a completely different picture. Several Rastas are interviewed as they speak about the suffering, about being in Babylon.

    The contrast in sight and sound is shockingly clear. While the narrator does his best to make sense out of the con-fusion shown in sight and sound, the video proofs without the shadow of a doubt just how abominable and evil Babylon really is.

    While the real Rastas are suffering, telling the people to stop sinning and live a righteous life, Babylon has her own (per)version of Rastafari which makes some others filthy rich.

    Yah, watch t'is flim and try to understand the issues.

  65. granted, it's a weird film, in that it does not have an opinion or is trying to prove a point on the excessively debated subject of "CUBA". I love the street-level imagery and the classic characters that as a whole describe a place unique and fascinating in a weird way, - let's sat with it's own style.

    and Yeah, please post a sub-titled version soon, to silent the

  66. let's say this film is somewhat demanding and does not cater
    to the lowest common denominator, so thus the "nothing to do with
    comments" - waste some time and clock the related and unrelated scenes and you will come up with 30% sex tourism issue, and 30% historical precedence and perspectives and 30% "real rasta" issues and thoughts, juxtaposed to ""faux rasta" or "rentables"
    jiving their dread-foolishness for entertainment only.

  67. Ditto Amanda.

  68. This has nothing to do with sex tourism. What freedom do they want exactly?

  69. Jah Rastawoman, Rastaman is pretty darn good at trickery of the I and I, ... Empress of the herb, put down that chalice for a few moments and your too will see the message of this flick,
    it tries to clarify quite eloquently IMHO, that Rastas have NOTHING in common with them rent a dreads, -- your herb has got you stoned silly into tricking own I and I, I'm out!

  70. This documentary is a trickery. It tried to give the impression that the entire rasta population is available for sexual tourism in Jamaica. It neglected to point out that the ones selling themselves for sexual favors to white women are not real rastas but fake rastas. Sheeps in wolves clothing. I believe this was done deliberately to give the wrong impression of rasta.

  71. Well, lets step out of the box...big picture, think about it oppressed and poor societies are always and have always been vulnerable to the desires of the wealthy western world.
    Look at the Philippines for example, women flock to gain a life with the old predominantly ex- military men as a result of the Philippines history is much better than the poor existence in their own provinces
    These men in their 50's,60s,70s and lonely who also would not get any attention in his own world. Come for companionship but without balance it is a form of slavery. The young girls who have very little value are sold into the sex industry by their fathers who receive the money along with the establishment (foreign managed) called Bar Fines and the sex industry is born!
    The western culture is self serving and lay judgements on those they abuse for self gratification, to ease their own conscious.
    Although in the mist of what is ugly in this world there are connections made that are true and is about love and respect! Which I find amazing amounst the propaganda they, we all live. LOVE will always find a way!

    Ps Drugs have been used to polarize the people for centuries.

    So any attempt to de-humanize another is simply de-humanizing yourself...BE WARNED!

    So in simple terms in a monetry society which we all live those that have take advantage of those who haven't and those who haven't will manipulate those who's all deceit and far from real!

  72. hey I was on the Sicko set in Cuba and we all got food and drinks and a few bucks the end of the day, no coke heads though, just communists.

    I saw Rent a Rasta and doubt the Bobo Ashanti do coke.

    Yeah, it's so meaningless, everyone is hot and bothered about this little flick, oops, gotta watch the weather on CNN, ciao!

  73. I come from Negril and know the majority of the people in this film. It's entertaining because it has no real meaning to it. Those in the film are largely coke-heads who have been paid for their statements and in addition were given free drinks at the bar where they filmed. Is that any different than the women who go to jamaica? Sex tourism does exist in Negril. But its a mutual understanding and desire. No man sleeps with a woman he doesnt want anyways. He just gets a benefit for it besides sex. There is plenty of unpaid sex as well, they may be white, but they are still women!

  74. just watched RENT a RASTA again, and it deals 30% (THIRTY PERCENT) with rentables, and 30% with contemporary rasta issues like history and repatriation and the rest is a mix of voices but gnarly characters otherwise NOT seen on TV. If you are looking for sexual details. of course your wang will be left hanging.

    RENT a RASTA uniquely "juxta-pits" the historic issues of slavery and modern exploitation incl. sex tourism aka slavery and this takes up over 60 % (SIXTY PERCENT) of the film's running time.

    You have a right to be disappointed by a complex subject,
    but misleading would mean, leaving out the 19th century to
    explain the 20th, if you get my driftwood.

  75. The information about this documentary is completely misleading. The film touches upon the subject matter for perhaps a total of *5* minutes and then we're bombarded by screaming Rasta men yelling over one another to the camera man about Rasta beliefs & their plight.

    This is more about Rastafarianism & a *brief* documentary on its beliefs, history & practices...but certainly not a good one. Interesting if you can control the volume & fast forward but not if you're going by what the description is of content.

  76. the corruptest minds are those who ignore the world around them and spread their shallow views, above all anonymously. On my island even the pastor is a rentable. I know from a visit to
    Santo Domingo and Montego Bay, that the black bamboo is hard at work, and I have no problem with that, we're poor and desperate,
    I think rent a rasta points out very intelligently how any honest minority group is being exploited, and knocked down, even by its own race. There are very few REAL Rastafari in this film, the rest are poor slobs making a buck or wolves in sheep clothing as one woman of the Bobo Ashanti points out so well, I was impressed by this film, they don't get made like this often, and obviously the vivid disagreement among theses posts proves a point already. Thanks Top Documentaries!!!

  77. This is the most pathetic excuse of a documentary I have ever seen in my life. Terrible title and not at all what doc is about. There are no facts of "renting a rasta"...even the supposed "interviews" are dubbed, and not the actual person speaking. It's ridiculous. I thought this website had more reputable films than this.

  78. Sit with the loud drunks in some beach bar in a tourist trap? - Nah...

    Listen to some religious mumble-jumble by superstitious fanatics with ridiculously romantic imaginations of africa? - Nah...

    Or point my finger at fat ugly white chicks, who surely must be held responsible for.. errr... something? - Nah...

    I'm totally with the guy in his hut on the river though. "I'm not a greedy guy, I'm happy where I am. I just sit here and talk to nature." I also like the sticker at his door: "Random acts of kindness". He's living the love everyone keeps talking about. Nice one, bro!

    A word on the journalistic quality of this movie: I liked the way it contrasted a couple of different life styles by letting the people talk, although I suspect that the majority of normal Jamaicans did not appear. But I don't see why it was necessary to draw a line from the history of slavery to today's sex tourism. I just don't see any causality between the two. And certainly the "portrait" of the sex tourists was very lopsided. In particular, I hated those two "citations" spoken by some voice talent from the off. Were those real? I didn't see anyone actually say that. Out here in Babylon, we call this type of brainwash demagogy. It's a tool of power. It's aim is to corrupt the minds. Overall though, an interesting glimpse of Jamaica.

  79. what's wrong with some white trash bitches getting some big back bamboo? Ever see the yellow pages in Las Vegas? NYC or Miami?

    They call it Escort Service or Gentlemen's Club, in Jamaica it's
    less "glitzy" and just called "jamming them the right way".

    Throw in a few fake curls and some Marley tunes and you got 80,000 happy white women, who can't get laid anywhere else.

    I think RENT a RASTA is a groovy flick, done with next to no money, but proving a very important point, I think the "real" Rastas are the explotees here, as usual.

  80. Jamaica can't declare war on anyone they don't have the military or logistic resources to declare a war let alone engage in one. I live in Toronto Canada, a city long plagued by the effects of Jamaican gang violence. They are the constant perpetrators of shootings, robberies etc.

    Where I come from they think they own everything, are entitled to everything and if you try to challenge their illusion of authority they threaten to shoot you. They demand respect but are incapable of giving it. 90% of the violence in our city is committed against Jamaicans by Jamaicans. I'm sure there are decent law abiding Jamaicans.... but not where I come from.

  81. where do I start......well firstly this film misrepresents Jamicans worldwide. It appears to be yet another attempt to reinforce negative stereotypes about Jamaicans, men in particular, under the guise of exposing so called Rent a Rastas.

    The title of the film in itself is misleading on a number of levels. Firstly "real" Rastas can be clearly distinguished from "dreads" or "dreadlocks" simply by observing them. A genuine Rasta would not drink alcohol nor corvort with random women. Real Rastas are committed to a beleif system which has respect for self and others at it's core. So as not to generalize, the so called Rsatas in this film that profess to engage in intercourse with foreign nationals for trinkets, trainers and gadgets are clearly man whores who feel it necessary to engage with these women as a means of supporting themselves and their families.

    The women who feel compelled to travel to Jamaica to satisfy their sexual needs are bigger WHORES than the men that they pay. White women who are no doubt overt racists in the own countries flocking to Jamaica to Rent a Dread as it is more commonly known in effect are helping to provide a source of income to people less fortunate than themselves.

    It is a misconception for the average white person that Jamaicans are all sex addicts, thieves, gun men etc. The truth of the matter is that at least Jamaica has never declared war on anyone nor have they engaged in some of the heinous acts that the West have been perpetuating for centuries.

    The white women who said that all Black men are liars is just bitter and twisted and needs to be reminded that Black people are people first Black second and to my knowledge lying is not the domain of any one race.

    Finally..... (rant almost over) to the Directer or whoever is responsible for this piece of garbage, I truly hope that no money was involved in the making of this film as it would have made more sense to simply donate a sum of money to a Jamaican charity. This film is an example of how NOT to capture the nuances of Jamaican lifestyles.

    Ps (nearly there)... if you're going to include clips of REAL Rastas expressing their views, then it would make more sense to add subtitles, not everyone understands what the hell they're talking about, including some Jamaicans.

    Rant over
    P out !!

  82. This is prostitution and just because it's white women doing it doesn't make it right. Nasty pieces of trash!

  83. The title implies a very different documentary.

  84. impact on locals = new sneakers and iphones, jerk chicken on table

    impact on female sex voyagers = long overdue orgasms


  85. I usually don't criticise as i genuinely do appreciate a piece of work but this doco is very misleading. I do find Rasta culture somewhat interesting but i was expecting the strange phenomena of female sex tourism and it's impact on the local people and the women who use the service.

  86. actually I loved this film, modest budget, interesting message, very expressive characters and a true indie flick, the title
    does not mislead if you actually understand the film's agenda,
    which not surprisingly few folks on this site do, no interracial
    sex scenes, I guess that's one reason to reject this flick...

  87. It is true the documentary was really most about Rastafari as a culture. There was really 2 very separate subjects covered here. Because not just these certain rastas sell themselves but also the pretty boys and or 'baldheads' do the same. Also not always the women are unattractive in fact in places like Kingston and MObay they actually prefer a woman that looks good because it is all part of the persona they are trying to have. This doc was misleading in its subject mtter and execution was poor. sorry

  88. I just watched RENT a RASTA again, and it deals 30% with rentables, and 30% with "real" rasta issues like history and repatriation and the rest is a mix of voices but gnarly characters otherwise NOT seen on TV. If you are looking for sexual details. of course your wang will be left hanging.

  89. Error on my part...It does show that most of the gigolos are not rasta but it just focuses more on rasta than the intended topic.

  90. Total BS... This documentary does not spend much time addressing rent a dreads (rasta) at all. Nor does it show that most of these gigolos are not rastas at all. It should have just be called "Rasta" as one commenter said.

  91. Ahhhhh. Uhhhhhhh. Whaaaaaa. What ever floats ones boat.

  92. @karenep
    There is no proper practice of Christianity. Everybody creates Christ in their own image. As for the breaking laws, do you mean the laws of man or god? I'm pretty sure smoking Marijuana isn't a sin (check out Gen. 1-12 for further reading). And I'm quite sure there was allot of wine drinking going on in Jerusalem 2000 years ago.
    Rasta's prime beliefs consist of equality, the body being sacred and universal love. For all the killing going on in the name of Christ across the planet, I would like to think Christ would consider weed and love pretty low on his list of damnable offenses.

  93. Very poor documentary; badly edited, unfocused. And since the filmmaker decided to look at Rastafari together with sexual exploitation and sex tourism, it seems totally ridiculous that he completely omits any discussion of the virulent sexism, misogyny and homophobia of Rastafari and of Jamaican culture more broadly.

    Could the perspective of one of the first men we meet who describes himself not as a gigolo but a "girl-ist," proudly proclaiming that he is no f@g ("batty-boi") and that real Jamaican men "love" (really like to f*ck) women, have anything to do with the "big bamboo" sex trade's flourishing in Jamaica? Seems like an obvious connection, but it's totally ignored here.

    It also seems like the film suggests that many of the men who go with foreign white women for $$ are simply posing as Rastas to heighten their exoticism. If that's the case, and a *real* Rasta would never be a white woman's gigolo, then why does the filmmaker focus on Rastafari at all?

    Though some of the film's defenders here say that the commenters who've asked "where is the sex tourism?" are perverts, I think it's just the opposite--this filmmaker exploits the sensational subject of "sex tourism" as a lure for a film that is mostly about showing righteous Rastas in comparison to "nasty," "whorish," "fat," "old" or "sexually undesirable" white women. There's no question that these women have and use a tremendous economic advantage, but given the predominant views about gender, sex, and sexuality in Jamaica (views this movie conveniently ignores), their money would seem to be just one part of the dynamic that's at work.

  94. boring boring boring boring almost nothing to do with title

  95. This documentary doesn't address the title "Rent a Rasta." Its more a disorganized collection of the worldview spectrum of the Rastafarian faith and philosophy.

    I wanted to get more information on the sex tourism: more personal accounts; do the men feel exploited and what happens to the relationship after the woman goes home.

    Overall, A poor documentary.

  96. Terrible...terrible...terrible. I would not let any of those guys touch me with a condom equipped ten foot pole . Are you kidding me? I too thought that this would be an interesting documentary (Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, gag rolph).

  97. The BookScan Station is honorable what the Chronicle Move has been perception for - an impelling but soft copier/scanner for use with our rarified and old books," said Susan Gulick, Musician of the Morristown and Moneyman Township Depository. "The scanner's beveled edge protects our wanted books while possession them reachable to researchers. Scanning to the bound of the fact projection also produces illuminate and clean book in the edifice of the product whereas standardised copiers exhibit indecipherable blacked-out text. We are intoxicated most what this firewood new detector profession will

  98. should be under a new title,maybe under bible bashing,documentary...i wish to learn something new,didnt here!!!!Seems like mostly,german whites looking for black ironic!!!Nevermind we all entitled to our own oppinion.Thanks as usual V for the upload.Owen

  99. I just got finished watching it and I thought it was excellent. That was a great documentary. Loved the insight into the rasta lifestyle and the people.

  100. great introductory documentary about rastafarianism, sex tourism, a product of slavery? sure thing. so what do you
    need to see more proof, I thought it was interesting to see
    people rarely interviewed and hear their point of view, as opposed to fat white broads calling their call boys "fiance"

    if you were looking for deep throat and the devil in Miss Jamaica, you got the wrong flick, but learning something new
    is sure possible watching this indie film

  101. I agree....this doc is not really about the women that go to Jamaica to get boned, it's more about the Rasta culture in genenral. Not a very good movie, but I have to say:

    The guy at 22:12 looks a lot like Samuel L. Jackson. Maybe they had a bigger budget than we thought?

    1. He's in everything

    2. Thank you all so much for making white women who visit islands, feel like whores. So Appreciated. Can you say reverse Prejudice? Now any of us who visit there will worry about what whore's we'll be announced as if we have a temporary relationship with a man. I'm pretty sure if it was a guy, he'd commended. I'll go off myself now. Thanks bunches. I'm sure I won't be missed.

    3. There is no such thing as reverse prejudice.

      Racism is racism, sexism is sexism, ageism is ageism, and so on.

      Also whores get paid. If the women are paying doesn't that make them Janes or something?

  102. Two different things are trying to be discussed here. One is how colonialism is more prominent in Jamaica. Poverty makes one try to survive by any means necessary. Colonialism makes Jamaicans accept by any means necessary attitudes about how they survive. Rastafari was conceived as a Pan Arfican Movement in the 20's. Rastafari was raped of its Pan African Roots when in the late 80's and 90's, and until today, when The Jamaicans not practicing Rasta's but instead invented a RENT A DREAD buisness profiting from the love the world had for Rastas after Bob Marly shared are existance with the world. So in conclusion a Rent a Dread is a survivalist of the colonial system , and a Rasta is a man woman or child who alone depends on a higher source for survival. That Rasta would not need to be saved by theses women. His love is truely in Africa and a African family.

  103. This is a daring documentary which exposes sex tourism in Jamaica as not merely the harmless indulgence of horny white women gone wild, but as a burgeoning trend which is wreaking havoc on Caribbean culture and family structure.

  104. I am always fascinated how really dumbed down our western world has become. no one read, no one listens, no one gets anything other than the premasticated opinion of some blond and blue-eyed
    news anchor-thing. I just saw the trailer for RENT a RASTA and
    it explains exactly what the film is about. Hard to follow all these posts about what the movie does and does not deliver.
    I realize that sex is more in demand than history and that most
    posters wanted to see white MILFS getting boned by a big bamboozer, which the film doe snot deliver, but from what I understand, it give voice to a few fringe, very expressive characters who have plenty to say if you have the ability to listen. The sex trade for rastaoid gigolos is an established fad, just as the Jamaican Tourist Agency promoted everything Jamaica with dread-models. RENT a RASTA asks: what do the REA RASTAS think about being USED to market everything Jamaican.

    And as for you "sub-title" guys and gals, get some Q-tips and
    put your ears to work, enjoy a sexy caribbean accent and make and effort to understand what initially seems "foreign". Ya'll
    don't be so ignorant, there's 256 countries out there and the USA is just one, with the most Walmarts, granted.

  105. As a Jamaican myself (living in North America) I agree with Amanda's opinion. While the documentary did a good job highlighting things about the Rastafarai belief system and way of life, it was not very in-depth about the topic of sex tourism or the other damaging socio-economic factors surrounding the country (not all of Jamaica is poor and destitute, many areas have moderates and extremes in terms of wealth distribution). This documentary leaves so many gaping holes in terms of discussion on the issue and possible solutions to sex tourism (which is common in many other 2nd--3rd world nations as well; like Thailand).

    If you wanna learn more about rastafarai, give this a go. Other than that, give it a pass--there are better Jamaican documentaries out there.

  106. GREAT FILM if you have eyes and ears, sure it's low budge, but high on intellect. unfortunately them youtubers are looking for
    bootie-shaking teenagers and not for a good film on a serious subject. Very well-paced informative film done. A true INDIE flick.

  107. True, it tells little about the Sex tourism industry; however, I think a lot of you are a bunch of sex perverted weirdos who may need to reflect on why you are SOOOOO disappointed. I think the true question on intellect should be posed to you seeing as though you "don't understand" the historical context and why it is imperative to unearth in order to get a better understanding for the sexual exploitation. And as for the "no subtitles" crew. Are you kidding?
    Great Documentary!

  108. ....I hate to say it but this doco was 'dread-ful'! ;-)

  109. I was similarly disappointed with this documentary, and I request that the blurb for this doco be changed to reflect it;s true content.

  110. this is sure the most f*%$d film in years:

    I came away informed of an exoitic ulture

    I learned to listen for strange dialects

    I groved to an exquisite soundtrack

    My neighbor dropped by and wouldn't leave
    without finishing to watch it and raid my cookie jar

    man, what a BAD flim, as they say in MoBay

    I would have even paid to to see this one.


  111. Please do not waste your time to watch this doc. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SEX TOURISM in Jamaica. Instead it is about the Rasta movement. Every single one of the interviewees statement is incoherent and unintelligible. Very very bad doc.

    I would love to hear these "Rasta"talking about some new scientific innovation they created to better their lives instead of blaming the "man". Wake up, buy a computer and start reading. Trust me your lives will change.

  112. possibly the worst doco ever do not waste time
    do not watch for following reasons
    -1 you cant understand what they are saying half of the time
    -2 Has little to do with sex tourism at all
    -3 prolonged ravings and non sense about religion
    -4 director was too high to edit movie properly

    i hope i just saved you 45 min
    thank me later

  113. That was a great documentary. Loved the insight into the rasta lifestyle and the people.

  114. This is not an indepth doc on the impact or origins for the holiday-sex industry affecting Jamaica, it mentions the trade at the start and then goes into Jamaican life in general, namely around religion.

    The quote from the bible Psalm 146:8 is incorrect, the actual line according to that is "The LORD openeth the eyes of the blind: the LORD raiseth them that are bowed down: the LORD loveth the righteous"

    I believe he meant Psalm 147:8 :

    Who covereth the heaven with clouds, and prepareth rain for the earth. Who maketh grass to grow on the mountains, and herbs for the service of men.

  115. Probably many of you have not been to Jamaica, or at least not spent time with a true Rasta.

    I think you're right, those of you who say this is not a well done documentary about sex tourism. BUT, it's a fantastic and simple, informative documentary about the Jamaican Rastafari. I agree with
    Ras0mar-- >> how today In’I stills suffer with a >>false image white people sell to the wolrd about In’I Rasta.

    For this, I give this documentary 5/5.

  116. You where defenetly looking to see sex action and it is not about that. It's about root/cause for In'I movement to evolve and how today In'I stills suffer with a false image white people sell to the wolrd about In'I Rasta. How money corrupt the minds of people who are false nyabhinghis, selling them selfs for money..."foxes on white sheets"

  117. This is by far the worst documentary we have ever seen! When we read the summary we were excited about seeing it! We were sure that we were going to get some insights into the "beach Boys/rent a Rasta culture in Jamaica. In the beginning we saw some of the slavery/slave trade history of Great Britain and Jamaica and then they showed something about the tourist women and then the documentary went completely off base. We saw more of the Rasta culture, music and Ganja smoking then what it was supposed to be. It was poorly edited and it lacked subtitles.

    I am truly sorry but this is too tumbs down!

    BB and Mina Quabaq

  118. Michael Edward: Great question about the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. How very observant of you!

    I can explain way (briefly) why the geneologies are different. In Matthew, the geneology is the Kingly line of Abraham, to David to Joseph. This is the royal line and the son of Joseph would have the right to be "king".

    However, there was a problem; God had cursed one decendent of David that was so wicked (he was a king), that his punishment would be that no biological son of his would ever again sit on the thrown of David (Jaconiah I think was his name). He was taken away to Babylon, had his eyes blinded in captivity and died there in exile.

    In Luke, the liniage of David that we see there is Mary's line. She also was a decendent of David through a different blood line than the curesed Jaconiah. The lineage goes to her father who was the step-father of Joseph.

    As you know, Jesus was the adopted son of Joseph, and the biological son of Mary (conceived of the Holy Spirit). In Jewish tradition, adoption is equal in all ways to a natural born son; therefore, Jesus had the right to reign as king via Joseph's line, but was the blood son of David via Mary's uncursed lineage as well, just as was promised David by God that the Messiah (the Christ) would be of his lineage biologically.

    To make it simple: the right to king came from Jeseph his adoptive father, but the bloodline came from Mary, so her geneology had to also be listed. Was that helpful?

  119. Obviously, there are dangers to reckless fornication and reckless drinking, and even reckless cannabis use, but that should not be the basis of living a holy life. In my view, a holy life rejects bloodshed, hatred, prejudice, ethnocentrism, racism, tyranny, corruption, greed, etc. Just because 2 people don't get married in a church and aren't recognized by the government as married does not mean their shared love and sexual experience is not recognized by God. The body is the temple, shared worship is good, but churches are not required. Finally, any god that condemns free-thinking is no god I believe in. We are all fragments of God's wisdom. Therefore, be critical of what I say and think for yourself and explore spirituality and religion for yourself, because this is no sin.

  120. Where does the Bible say smoking cannabis is bad? I thought God gave man every plant. Furthermore, if you've been keeping up on your anthropology, you would know that the term "kanneh bosm" which has been erroneously translated as "aromatic reed" or "calamus," is actually CANNABIS, and is an ingredient the holy annointing oil. Moses was commanded by the burning bush to use cannabis. Peace

  121. You should be happy that there is a philosophy that at least encourages people to study the Bible who would not study it otherwise, and if it is the absolute unflawed word of God that you say it, then it should prove itself shouldn't it. Well, in my opinion, it proves itself to be contradictive. Why are the geneologies different in the gospels of Matthew and Luke?

  122. Furthermore, Rastafari is not a religion; it is about intuition and finding the truth within yourself. It has nothing to do with conforming to any standard doctrine, and that is why many Rastas draw inspiration from outside of Christianity and Judaism.

  123. You can worship Superman all you want Karenep; it works for you. In the mystical sense, I think Rastas--who are largely influenced by Orthodox Christianity and deification--have a superior philosophy to any evangelical or fundamentalist forms, which is what you represent. You do not represent every Christian or every person who is influenced by Judeo-Christian cosmology. Peace

  124. The rastas are not reflecting biblical teachings of Christ. At one point the commentator said that they only accept those portions of scripture that reflect their believes which shows they are false followers of Christ. Many of the rastas who talk about their "religion" speak of things that are against the Word of God. Why talk about God when they are committing fornication, using vulgar language drinking, smoking ganja etc Well interesting how Christ is right that many shall say to him on judgement day, Lord, Lord but shall not enter the kingdom of God as Jesus will tell them he knows them not because they practice lawlessness or sin in their lives and yet, think they are followers of the Holy God.

  125. Good documentary. It interviews many real rastas and explains what they are about. I am a major fan of reggae and respect rastas because they are all about peace, love, meekness, hard work, and are strict nonconformists rejecting modern society with its greed and corruption. I am a christian but rastas often act like jesus said to act than regular christians. The old white fat whores who go to jamaica to practice fornication and abuse innocent poor people can go to hell.

  126. I thought this was a doc on sex tourism , turns out its just some religeous mumbo jumbo documentary about rastafarians. Pretty dull.

  127. think these "rastas" spend too much time smoking dope! lifes just one big party wake up!!

  128. If the creators of this documentary wanted to highlight sexual tourism in Jamaica; they did not do a good job. While sexual tourism does exist there, the culprits are called gigolos, not "real" Rastafari. They should just have stayed on topic of the history and beliefs of Rastafari.

    On the other hand, if they wanted a sex tourism doc it should have contained interviews with these women and their gigolos, gone to hotels, clubs etc. documenting on these so-called relationships.

    This doc is mixing two very different subjects and not making and not making the case for either.

  129. I enjoyed the film and understand where its coming from. Real rastafari have always been exploited while being looked down upon in their own homeland. Fake rastas sell cock and
    do so as their country is void of any real opportunities. Every worked for $80 usd per week?
    40 hours at $2 per hour, or $80 a night with some white broad, take your pick.
    the film is low budget but high n intellect, I like it, especially in a time that we watch 100 million dollar films of big monkeys running around Hollywood backlots.

  130. to amanda
    thanx for the info now I don't have to watch this crap

  131. There isn't very much here about "rent a rasta" a more apt title would be "rasta" because it goes more into rasta lifestyle and the roots of rastifarianism and spends only a brief period going into this rent a rasta business. It could be an interesting subject - but this documentary really isn't very good - even the music and the narration leave room for desire.