Revolution Through Arab Eyes: The Factory

2012 ,    » 6 Comments

Revolution Through Arab Eyes: The FactoryThe El-Ghazl factory in Mahalla is Egypt's largest textile company with more than 20,000 workers. It is a microcosm of Egyptian society.

The factory has a reputation as a catalyst for protest. In 2008, factory workers took to the streets demanding better working conditions.

In January 2011, workers there were among the first to protest - prompting the mass protests that in turn developed into a revolution and led to the departure of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president.

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  1. Far Spam

    A true Arab revolution will unite the whole middle east/Africa rather than divide it.

    The big one will be Saudi Arabia then of course Palestine.

  2. brianrose87

    A tip of my hat to the Egyptian populace. They are a brave people, and it seems they now know the power of the people is greater than the power of the state. A great catalyst for trans-formative change.

  3. Jeanie Glass

    Very brave people, those workers. I salute them & their struggle.

  4. Nourhan Mahmoud

    pray for egypt :(

  5. Rocky Racoon

    Yes the working class is the revolutionary class in capitalist societies. That is why we write them out of the picture in the west they are referred to as the Middle Class. Also the revolution in Egypt is called the twitter revolution....more obsfucation. Occupy get a grip.

  6. Deborah Macaoidh-Selim

    You'll have to throw off the bonds of religion, then. I can't think of a more divisive issue in the history of humanity.

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