There Is a Rhino In My House

There Is a Rhino In My House

2011, Nature  -   30 Comments
Ratings: 8.80/10 from 70 users.

There is a Rhino in my House is a documentary exploring the heartwarming story of John and Judy Travers, a Zimbabwean couple, at the Imire Safari Ranch, who have devoted their lives to saving from extinction one of the rarest mammals on Earth.

When a tragic turn of events leaves an adorable baby rhino, a tiny warthog and a hyper hyena orphaned, native Zimbabwean Judy Travers takes on the mammoth task of raising all three - in her home!

Imire Safari Ranch is one of the first farms to offer homes to young orphan elephants and has instigated research to improve handling and teaching elephants in order for them to be ridden and to work on farms.

Tucked away in Eastern Zimbabwe, Imire Safari Ranch is conservationists John and Judy's 11,000 acre game park and they have made it their lives' work to give rescued wild animals a home here.

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30 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Aidan McFerris

    One of my favorite docs ever. Now, in 2020, Im coming to find that the Cabal/Evil Elite, are most likely behind the fires started there purposely.

  2. Richard Neva

    A beautiful story

  3. panthera f

    What a lovely, crazy bunch of animals and people. ! RESPECT ! ?

  4. Renee Felhaber

    thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. it gave me something wonderful to think about. renee

  5. Amedeo

    I wish this was available for purchase. DVD, Blueray, etc..

    1. Achems_Razor

      Have you checked "the store" at the very top?

  6. BlackDog Aura

    that rhino is awesome!

  7. Nakor4Twunny

    This is awesome. I want a Rhino,lol. I kept thinking cannibalistic rebels were going to over run the compound or something... Africa sucks. I love the wildlife and all, but white folks should just stay the hell away from Africa these days.

  8. Elizabeth Wesley

    what a beautiful story, the world would do well to be populated with these kind of people.

  9. robertallen1

    For those enamored of this documentary, there's another on You Tube entitled "The Hippo That Lives in a House."

  10. Imightberiding

    @TDF & Vlatko

    I noticed that my comment in reply to Waldo went straight to moderation.

    Please know that I have no interests in either Imire Safari Ranch or Youtube. I apologize if my earlier reply to Waldo some how crossed the line of permitted posting. I was only offering some direction for him as he stated that he wanted to find out more about these people & ultimately get in touch with them. I intended no harm & honestly was not using your site as an avenue to advertise.

    By reading Waldo's comment, you might see how I inadvertently messed up but certainly with the sincerest of intentions.


    1. over the edge

      your post is up. you did not cross any line. every post containing a link goes to moderation.

    2. Imightberiding

      Thanks. Now I know. (cue rainbow & music) This is a very moving doc. Thanks for all the work you & the others do to bring a steady variety of entertainment, information & knowledge to the rest of us.

      I'm certain that I speak for the majority if not all of those who subscribe to & watch the content that is offered on this site; your time & work is very much appreciated.

      A big thanks from a big fan of TDF. Cheers all.

    3. over the edge

      your kind words are a nice start to the day thank you.

  11. Alexander Heckl

    Rhinos are awesome :( Damn, i got really sad watching this. Living in the city i forget about important stuff. I get exposed to meaningless bulls*it everyday and I forget how important it is to take care and too love our fellow earthlings.

  12. Trevis Robotie

    just wonderful-meravigliosissimo!

  13. wald0

    Being a huge animal rights supporter and activist my heart goes out to these people for their loss. I know what it is like to become extremely attached with an animal and then have some senseless red-neck intentionally kill them,, its like losing a family member sometimes. If I knew how to get funds to these people I would really like to do so. I need to re-watch this and get the name of the reservation and its location, I bet I can figure it out from there.

    I think if we as men have a purpose it is of our own making and long ago I made it my purpose to reduce suffering in whatever way I could. So I set out to become a volunteer drug addiction counselor, I volunteered at the soup kitchen, I even worked with several local churches in programs such as "toys for tots" and so forth, but something wasn't right. It seemed the best we could do was pick up the pieces, note all the important factors, write it all down somewhere, and organize each tragedy into its respective category just in case of the off chance that someone might come looking for what was left of their loved one some day- which never happened while I worked at the mission.
    Eventually one week I volunteered at the local pound, cleaning cages, giving dogs baths, interacting with them for a while, trying to get them a home, etc., etc. Man it has been the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I have been doing it now for over ten years, still as a volunteer but really I get so much more back from working with these animals than I give its unbelievable, My life changed so dramatically since I started doing this, I am not the same person, and that is a good thing- trust me. I urge anyone out there having issues with addiction to try working with animals,the suffering you defeat may include your own.

    1. robertallen1

      About a year ago, I read about a successful experiment at a prison which consisted of giving dogs to addicts to care for, thus engendering in the addicts a sense of responsibility and weaning them away from drugs. I wish I could find this article.

    2. Trevis Robotie

      in this case,some senseless black-neck!poverty cum ignorance....

    3. Paul Gloor

      Its almost as if they see and appreciate the efforts more-so than the thinking species we identify with as fellow humans.... Oh how we humans can make a mess of things.

    4. robertallen1

      By animal rights, do you include cockroaches, tics, rabbits and locust?

    5. tostrivetoseek

      Excuse me??? Why would you include rabbits along with insects??? Obviously you have never interacted with a rabbit, or you are utterly ignorant. I have a rabbit and he is like a member of the family. They are smart and incredibly sweet and loving. Please think twice before making such insensitive judgments. Rabbits are absolutely wonderful creatures and if you think otherwise, you are radically mistaken.

    6. robertallen1

      I suggest that you read my question again to get its general import?

    7. tostrivetoseek

      I read it. You are saying do cockroaches and other insects have rights. That is a valid question, however why you would include RABBITS in the list with INSECTS, is utterly beyond me.

    8. robertallen1

      Try the entire animal kingdom.

    9. wald0

      Good question, no i don't. My reasoning is that they do not seem to have a sense of self. In my opinion, and that is all it really is, once we have a sense of our self as being separate from the rest of the world we are inherently aware of our limitations in that we begin to define ourselves, and defining anything also confines it, limits it. This is the avenue to true suffering because I can no longer simply be whatever or whomever I want- i am me and I must endure the reality I am subject to. Dogs seem to have this sense of self very plainly, as do many mammals, especially primates. They understand and feel pain, loss, fear, even jealousy-i just don't think cock-roaches, tics, or locusts feel such things. They seem to survive on pure instinct and to have no capacity for such things as loyalty, friendship, pain, or loss.
      That said I would never destroy any life unless it was necessary, meaning that life form must encroach on my ability to live healthy before i would do it. Even then I would probably try to remove the life form first, or persuade it to move itself. Karma you know, its a b*tch.

      P.s. Just noticed you included Rabbits- yes I feel the same way about Rabbits- they make wonderful companions.

    10. robertallen1

      "Even then I would probably try to remove the life form first, or persuade it to move itself." Try accomplishing this with cockroaches tics, locusts and let's add flies and bees which certainly seem to have a sense of self. I wonder if snakes are included in your definition (Elmer, the emotional eel).

      My feeling is that animal rights as the term is generally used pertain to the so-called higher forms of life which include dogs, cats and birds and even animals which one would not normally adopt as pets such as tasmanian devils, hippos and lemurs, plus many of the animals we eat. I realize that both our demarcations are nebulous and perhaps amount to the same thing.

    11. wald0

      Yeah, growing up on a farm in the country, which i still own and live on, I have probably more experience than yourself with these animals- bees, locusts, tics, etc. While I completely disagree with you that flies or bees exhibit a sense of self, in fact bees have one of the most obvious hive minds available for observation. And as for flies, I have never seen a fly exhibit pain, loss, loyalty, friendship, etc. I cant imagine what about them makes you think they are capable of more than simple instinct. Regardless, I will agree the difference is probably arbitrary. My point still stands, they are excellent companionship and therapy for addicts,shut ins, older people, etc. for many reasons. For me it was simply having a living thing that needed and loved me without condition or judgement and being able to actually reduce their suffering in a way i could see first hand. I am sure fellow addicts can relate and really that's all i care about in this case.

    12. robertallen1

      Are you saying that those creatures who do not exhibit what you see as a sense of self should not be included in the concept of animal rights? One way or the other, when people use the term, I often what wonder what they mean? Certainly no one is going to shed a tear over a deceased turtle (unless it is named George) or puffer fish while the death of a whale or certain species of shark often elicits an emotional response.

      I admit to being a city boy. However, I'm curious which part of the earth do you inhabit. From the way you spell judgment, my guess is Britain, one of its former colonies (and I don't mean the United States)or Austrlia and thereabouts. I wish I could remember where I read that article about a prison using dogs to rehabilitate drug addicts. I think it's a wonderful idea and it's certainly money well spent.

    13. wald0

      "Are you saying that those creatures who do not exhibit what you see as a sense of self should not be included in the concept of animal rights?"

      Well, yes and no. I am saying I do not think of them as having the same rights as an animal that is capable of such things as abstract fear, loss, emotional pain, etc. Now I realize a fly feels fear in a sense but, its not the same as the way a dog or monkey feels fear. The fly is really just instinctively reacting to a fight or flight instinct initiated by some threat of bodily harm or death. A dog on the other hand has the ability to fear that you may never return when you leave, or be concerned that you are upset- its much different.
      Now does that mean the dog has more rights than the fly in some objective sense, not really. It just means my subjective experience has tuned my moral senses this way and, to be honest, I am glad this is the way it came out. I live on a farm and could not operate if my moral senses were tuned to that fine a point, I have to kill certain insects and so forth to be able to produce viable healthy crops and live in a sanitary manner.

      "...I'm curious which part of the earth do you inhabit."

      I live in the Southeastern U.S. believe it or not, right in the good ole bible belt. Its a trip being an atheist, chemist, and amateur jazz musician living in the least educated, most religious, home of country music. As for the spelling i just s*ck at it, but hey- if its good enough for my friends across the pond its good enough for me.