Richest People of the Middle East

Richest People of The Middle EastIn this special programme being broadcast by Discovery Channel, viewers gain an exclusive glimpse into the extraordinary lives of four men who have made millions by making their mark across the Middle East region.

Meet Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan, who has one of the most unique car collections in the world. He's spent over 20 million euros building a huge collection featuring every conceivable vehicle and then proceeded to build a pyramid in the desert to garage all 200 of them. But his passion for engines doesn't stop there and he has designed and built everything from a full sized Noah's Ark to a fleet of amphibious vehicles.

Dubai's Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum al Maktoum wants to change the face of motor sport forever. As a prominent member of the ruling family of Dubai he has used his influence and money to set up the new A1 Grand Prix as a rival to the F1 circuit. He has pumped in a substantial amount of his own money into the estimated 320 million euro start-up costs, not to mention prize money of 55 million euros earmarked for the first three seasons.

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  1. khaled

    well muneera
    allow me to comment on what you said
    it is true that the uae regime offers areasonable standard of living for uae citizens and infrastructure but this does not justify for al nahyan and al maktoom to steal the 2 thirds of the uae income and spend it on trivialities !! this undermines what you alleged above about justice !! if there was justice why all this money go to the rulers s pocket ?? by what right ? just because they are rulers and inherited the throng genetically ! besides the uae is luxury is only a sugar coat , because the social fabric of the society id threatened because of the intensive labor number which is mostly from sikhs inside uae . uae has been changed to abig resort for cia and the rest of the world s intelligence devices !! also a whore house where trade of the prostitution blooms ! . the blind spending of money by shaikhs in uae run the country under debt , now uae is owes more than 25 billion dollars , do you know that ? . have a nice day

  2. khaled

    this shaihk and his likes in the middle east they didnt start out with nothing but simply they dominate on the middle eastern countries income witch potentially comes from selling oil to the west and because they are totalitarian rulers and do no subject to supervision and are above the law they steal as much as they want without being held accountable for ! the same thing applies to the rest of them in ksa , kuwait , bahrain etc .... shaikh mohammed the sport cars driver said WE GET THE MONEY WE SPEND IT , makes me laugh , he get the money where from ?! uae s income simply .

  3. Adriana Leon

    You know what?? GOOD FOR THEM!!!!!, they heritage it, it's theirs, so nice they can enjoy it, I used to live in Dubai for a year, and it's true, they sponsored a lot of events and that makes job opportunities from everyone they donate for a lot of people, and guess what? if you get a contract, you are provided with free health care and transportation help, also accommodation. Do we can say the same Like in US?? ha ha ha ha, I DON'T THINK SO, where I lived for 8 years and I hope I never get back.
    GOOD FOR THEM!!! and shame for the jealous people here and don't have even the opportunity to visit Dubai or any Emirates state and see how cool it is ;)

  4. Muneera

    I am Muneera, 24, and I am from the United Arab Emirates, I wish to say stop your hateful comments. We have an excellent free healthcare and education. We have one of the best infrastructures, facilities and law in the world. We live in a justice orientated country. There are more than 200 nationalities in UAE living happily togather. We get a lot of work opportunities. We have the highest salaries in the world. Our government is always donating millions of Dirhams to countries in need, and the first to donate whenever there is a crisis in any part of the world. We host international events regarding several global issues Environment, Education, Information Technology.. ect. And above all that our government is always trying to improve. (And yes, by our government I mean our royal family, and yes we love them so much). We cant change the world, but we are trying. The question is: What did you do ?


  5. Joselle Ferrer

    Im the man with full of dreams, in my country if you born poor you will die poor thats the routine of life
    i may not be same as you richest man even dow theres no hope i still make an effort to be same as your status now.if i will have an opportunity i will grab it,even its big or small
    im a small person from philippines
    life with faith is must worthy.even theres no hope. Its free to dream
    joselleferrer@y.c zai
    tnx gud day

  6. P

    This documentary is showing the luxurious lives of middle east richest people. Hopefully, they have contributed to their country's development and their people's well being. Well that is another story.

  7. Virus Tera

    When some one says Big Time Bull shit - All ways remember such filthy rich Arabs...

    As one of the person commenting here said - Why Dont they invest that money in education, I say: not just of their own country but others too - This can build a world so wonderful - & and at that point in time having such hobbies & thrifty spending would not be mattered...

    But Damn with this world! - When will we grow up from this attitude of self-centric I & Me, Nationalist attitude of Me & My Country. People we need to move on to considered that there is no more I & Me, there is no more Me & My Country... It is time for a New World Order...

  8. Bomba klatz

    damn.... i bet the prince has like a new virgin young wife every day that match each of the car... dubai is better than US mercedes are taxis there. it just sucks because of their sharia laws.

    1. who_me_yeah_you


  9. Nick_Sporek

    I wish they had a dream to educate their people instead of just playing with toys and money.

  10. morehame

    The gee had enough time to take portland, only thus in exceeding itslef wouldst it beast free. Explain your self.

  11. James Cann

    The winners need not explain. It's always a good gig, if you can get it. Happy Valentines Day to Top Docs.

  12. ProudinUS

    I forgot to add that the doc was pretty entertaining.

    1. morehame

      i agree

  13. ProudinUS

    I can tell some of the commenters are $$ haters. Why? Their spending $ on hobbies that they feel passionate about. What are they supposed to do with their $$?....give it to you!

    1. JohnBrady

      Give it to the people who it belongs to... the citizens of their countries!!!

    2. ranii02

      uh no, its fine for hobbies and collections. but no investment to education or such? even Bill Gates donates to various charities. but then again, you're an american, what can we expect from your attitude, missing the point of commenters.

  14. Pyrrhus

    eat the rich

  15. jaksonvickh

    haha...what a colossal waste of time and money, Omg..!!! For some reason, i cant help but feel pity for these rich old men.

  16. Opponent

    "No social critic at all. When oil runs out it turns out that all money has been spent to entertain the royalty and more than 1 billion people of middle east have nothing to do, smart investments aren’t being made."


    There are around 350 million people living in the Middle East. Where do you do the crazy 1 billion figure? And smart investments are being. If you look at the trends, a lot of Western companies are being bought up by Middle East businessmen and investors.

    And Harry Barracuda seems like he has a chip on his soldier :-)

  17. sufihasan

    lol i loved the satuday,monday,tuesday, and this 1 is for the friday. lol xd

  18. Chloe

    Yeah I admire the guy who made his fortune. I wanna do business like that too, not have wealth handed to me on a silver platter.

    It's amazing to know he wasn't wealthy to begin with. I think he'd make a great business mentor!

  19. Steff

    I admire the Sheik who started out with nothing. I don't adthe others that much. Especially the one who doesn't know what to do with his money anymore. But I believe that the fuel for living is to dream. If you can have everything you want, I think it is just sad..

  20. DancingSpiderman

    @ shaw,

    "i-holes" is NOT an expletive.
    Even "a-holes" is ineffective as an expletive. You may as well have used WhipperSnappers.
    What exactly did you mean by "bunch of i*****" ?

    Time to be a REAL man, and say what you mean -- mean what you say.
    And that goes fer ALL of youse.

    I thought it was a reasonably entertaining vid.
    It's pointless to criticize the extravagant flaunting of their wealth.
    Just watch, drool a little, and watch some other vid.

  21. silkop

    I liked the soundtrack.

  22. Harry Barracuda

    >Its their money, what they do with it is their choice.

    No Shane, it's not their f****ng money. None of them were elected, they were put in power by Western governments to ensure the smooth flow of oil, and the purloin the proceeds and let some dribble down, mostly to their cousins and friends.

    If you saw some of the poverty in the Gulf countries, you would be amazed.

  23. shaw

    bunch of i***** who have no idea what a sustainable economy is.

  24. oil

    No social critic at all. When oil runs out it turns out that all money has been spent to entertain the royalty and more than 1 billion people of middle east have nothing to do, smart investments aren't being made.

  25. lsyri

    Just a bunch of oil-rich thieves from the OPEC cartel stroking their d**ks in front of a camera. Entertaining, though.

  26. Z

    It's an insight to another world. You don't get it or does the money bother you highnurse.You will never be at that leave ever or ever have that sort of money. If you did you would be worse than them. Hard to take when they just swim in it and you bearly have anything hahahahaha.

  27. highnurse

    why these comments which appear the anger of arab

    they don't worth to be honored any????

    i wonder........

  28. Shane

    Its their money, what they do with it is their choice. I would imagine they donate some of it.

  29. anne V

    everyone is entitled to hobbies....but seriously! I can't wait till one of this rich folks want to take on the hobby of "Feeding the world in need"

  30. Kodak

    this was boring to me!! watching a bunch of rich mofos boast how rich they are. Is this the Middle East Cribs equivalent?.

  31. Karen