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The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius

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The Rise and Fall of a Scientific GeniusSee the staggering discoveries and work of Roy Rife which led him to a cure for cancer (among many other diseases) in 1934. ear Rife's own voice describe his breakthroughs and successes which shook the medical-pharmaceutical establishment to its core.

This documentary by Shawn Montgomery, will leave you reeling with anger and shock at what has been withheld from all of us by men with an unbridled lust for profits and a complete disregard for the welfare of humanity.

The Rise and Fall shows how Rife's own brilliance led him to eventual ruin in the hands of the hopelessly corrupt American Medical Association, which did not and still does not want you to know his astonishing story. Countless millions of lives have been lost due to conflicting interests within the so-called Cancer Industry.

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  1. Brian

    I wasn't able to watch the documentary because it had been removed. With that being said I did check out Wikipedia's page for Roy Rife (yes, I know that Wikipedia isn't the most reliable site). I'm sure that the documentary raises valid concerns about how it's not financially in the interests of drug companies to cure diseases but rather manage them through prescriptions and how that could lead to or at least provide the incentives for abuses within the medical research community. If the Wikipedia page is accurate though his cure is pseudo science, his claims have not been independently verified or replicated, and a number of people have died using his method. I think that if he had discovered the actual cure for cancer and apparently AIDS it would be extremely difficult to keep it a secret this long. I think that if his cure was actual science his claims could be independently verified and replicated. If his claims could be replicated nobody including the American Medical Association would be able to stop scientists from around the world from corroborating his results and releasing their results. I think that in this case before everyone rushes to judgement we all need to do a lot more research (not just one documentary or Wikipedia page) before making any claims that the cure for cancer has been found but that the AMA is involved in intentionally keeping it from us.

  2. hal durant

    Good reading all this input from people...So many questions unanswered though...So far there has been trillions not billions of dollars collected from terry fox runs across country and billions from multi other sources...anyone ever wonder where "all" this money goes year after year..Some is doled out to help patients with cancer but billions arent..where is the documentation on what it has been spent investigation on this alone is in order of the first magnitude. Presently on youtube there is a italian doctor Simineze..? who is apparently curing "some" who have cancers with small amounts of baking soda..(Bicarbonate of soda)Check it out...He and Rife both acknowledge cancer is a fungus...
    1934-2004 is some gap when nobody is chasing down this fungus
    except a few to investigate it to its fullest..Its always the simpleist questions that need to be answered..keep askin...!

  3. Old Git Tom

    Love to watch it, but no go. Kopiright kapers?

  4. Tom

    What kind of specialty did he work in specifically? Was it like biology, chemistry or medicine. Or was he like a optical engineer? Anyways, great documentary. Thank you!

  5. Solomon S. Buyco

    @kim woods... you sound credible but it has a possibility which brings me back to the documentary video, the works was sabotage and was then totally forgotten...

  6. kim woods

    People get murderd if they try to give out the cures for cancer,these scientists get used and if they try to tell public they get bumped off by the elite who make money by causing and treating cancer.the elite are going to get ther comeuppence for what they done to the people of the world.

  7. Grant

    really dissapointing re: shawn montgomery's coopyright claim...appreciate ones need to earn a living but surely if i cure for cancer was viable one would put his narrow self interest aside to increase the information's exposure- no better than 'big pharma' eh.

  8. Solomon S. Buyco

    This reminds me of a system... Christianity on Jesus... A set-up that will really boils your blood to its core. Why in the world would anyone deny their own existence? It is almost like a trap. I believed that Emperor constantine with his Christian collaborators designed the "Graft and Corruption" scheme... Victims just like Martin Luther, Tesla and among others. As if oneself against the world! As it is, we have Judas in our lives and other major character as far as the Bible is concern... :o)

    Would it be true that History repeat itself? Differ in reality but the same in situational sense? For example Albert Einstein with Energy the Atomic Bomb... and here, Roy Rife with Electronic Microscope and microbe blaster... and Tesla... and maybe a list will go on... And as always, the winner is the money making scheme.

    Anyway, it also reminds me that we living things came from non-living things and Roy Rife and others had all the necessary equipments organized... :o)

    From dust we came, from dust we return.

  9. Clarke

    @ Evo

    I agree with you about Nicola Tesla, but most if not all of Tesla's experiments were verifiable by other scientists. Here, though, we have a Documentary about a scientist who obviously refused to share any of the actual process by which he got his results.

    The fact that they say in the documentary that only one of those special microscopes was ever created, the vagueness of the process involved and the lack of a working model or even serious blueprints today all scream hoax to me. Add to that the pictures that he allegedly took with the thing but WAITED 10 years until the electron microscope was invented to publish and things start to make a weird kind of sense.

    1. Rusty Nails

      There were actually 6 microscopes in existence at one time. Even the Mayo Clinic (Rosenow et al) published an article about the amazing images produced by the Rife Microscope. There is no debate about existence of the Rife microscope. There is a debate about his RF treatment protocol (which came much later)

  10. Evo

    There is not much science here, but I cant help the feeling that there is something to this. Tesla said everything is energy, and I know for a fact that if you synchronize a frequency with an object you can get some weird results. John Hutchinson :supposedly: is able to make metallic objects disintegrate or merge with another object.. Might be all nonsense, but I have a wealthy family member who is very i guess the word is real, he doesnt believe in much, however he gets treatment similar to this, his Holistic doctor uses certain frequencies to alter your mood and with acupuncture it really does help, ive tried it and it works! We need to demand more investigations into medical fraud, treatments are prefered over cures, and its " costing us our hard earned money " tesla was a genius without a doubt, and if he believed in frequencies curing people I will too. It might sound stupid but, I know Tesla already discovered wireless transfer of energy and 100's of other inventions, they havnt released those yet, because of profit, I can totally believe they would not release this because of the same reason... not to mention most all the Elites with access to this technology and other like patents are Eugenicists, so why would they want us "the eaters" to have these cures? Ive literally watched over 50% of these doc's, and they all coincide and reveal different parts of the whole puzzle.. thanks for all the work you put into this site Vlatko!

  11. Clarke

    These guys aren't good enough at BSing to pull this sorry excuse for a documentary off. There isn't one shred of science here.

  12. Kapricious

    I finally was able to watch it all Vlatko. Must be something with my flash plug-in.

    All in all it is a truly interesting documentary. It is basically about a scientist who came up with a revolutionary idea ahead of his time and unfortunately had greedy, capitalistic "managers" ruin his invention and tainting the whole creation. I had never heard about this and it was pretty interesting. I'd say the last 2/3rds of it, it starts developing what I can only describe as a conspiracy theory feel. I don't mean that in a bad way either, it definitely sounds like there was some sort of conspiracy to snuff this scientists' findings.

  13. Kapricious

    Does anyone else's browser crash when trying to watch this? It has happened four times to me now when trying all 3 different browsers... grr! Very interesting documentary so far, but damn that's frustrating. Google chrome says it's the flash plugin and firefox and ie just straight bomb out without any message at all after 5 or 10 minutes of viewing. Roar! :)

    1. Vlatko

      I tested the video on Firefox. Everything seems OK @Kapricious.
      Try to clear the cache on your browser and restart your computer.

    2. shell39

      the pscyhopathic way of thinking has to be eliminated from the earth so we can move on!