Roman Invasion of Britain

Roman Invasion of BritainThe Roman Invasion of Britain is separated into three episodes. The first deals with the invasion and the events leading up to it, as well as the British reaction and resistance to the occupancy.

The second episode covers the deadly revolt by the Queen Boudicca; a hard-core woman who took the battle to the Roman's, killing their citizens as well as their troops. Also covered is the aftermath of the rebellion, as well as interesting ways Rome tried to win over the Britons with all kinds of innovations.

One of the most interesting elements was that Rome created the very first towns and cities for Britain. Before the invasion, the Britons lived in small villages, and the concept of towns or cities was utterly alien to them.

The final episode discusses typical life in Roman Britain, from the decline of Roman rule to what happened after the Romans pulled out. The series wraps up with an examination of the influence these events still have on Great Britain today.

The energetic and enthusiastic Bettany Hughes serves as our narrator and guide, taking her film crew all over England, Scotland, and Wales.

We get see ruins of Roman fortresses, towns, bathhouses, amphitheaters, an ancient gold mine, and a full explanation behind what Emperor Hadrian was up to with that Wall.

Most of the facts come form source material provided by the Roman writer Tacitus. Also on hand are several experts who provide interesting insight into the Britons and their conquerors.

And let's not forgot the obligatory re-enactors providing background color. While some are a bit cheesy, I have to give them kudos for authentic-looking Roman armor.

This is just a preview. The full documentary was removed from the source.

Ratings: 6.30/10 from 10 users.

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  1. Robert Anderson

    I haven't seen the show yet (downloading it now). I pray the show itself is better produced than this review was. I have the feeling it was written as some sort of high school project?

  2. Jordan Eisenman

    why won't you you finish these vidios

  3. richardec86

    Anyone got a link to the doc?

  4. robbo comeaux

    Id' love to conquer that beautiful british babe telling the story!!

  5. Taharqa (Conqueror of Egypt)

    Hughes did a great job on this one.
    Great documentary and good acting as well!!!!

    Keep it coming Vlatko

  6. Frank Lee

    Reg: But apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

    PFJ Member: Brought peace?

    Reg: Frustrated Oh god, peace, SHUT UP!

    Sorry couldn't resist. . .

  7. ragnar

    that was greatttttttttttttt. Hughes is brillant !

  8. Skeptic

    > Sorry, but I thought historicaly the Mongols had
    > the biggest empire and not the Romans.

    Territory-wise, yes. But the Roman Empire was probably wealthier and more populated. Just a guess.

    Regarding Hughes' wardrobe, I think she does it to create a character. Kinda like Indiana Jones. The guy that hosted the History Channel's "Digging For The Truth" series was always wearing similar clothes. Liking someone else here said, she could host the documentary in her panties, I'd still watch it. Actually, I'd watch it non-stop.

  9. Wes Semrok

    Sorry, but I thought historicaly the Mongols had the biggest empire and not the Romans.

    1. Devon Griffiths

      Rome would've had the largest up until that point in history - the Mongols wouldn't be around for centuries after it fell.

      The Mongols do not have the record for largest empire, only for largest land empire. The British Empire at its height held close to a quarter of all land on the planet (22%).

  10. Teamtigerpaw

    Well worth watching. CuriosityKilledTheCat CK Wikipedia for Swastika, think you will find it has a long history.

  11. CuriosityKilledTheCat

    Interesting there are swastikas in the mosaic floor part 3 1/5
    4:30 4:50

  12. Jabbar

    Feels slighty Anti-Roman.^^'
    Some of the issues she has with the Roman rule didn't change till the beginning of the 19th centurie...*g*
    Just look at the horrible taxes she discribed, or mining in roman times.
    Also she sometimes seems to construct arguments against the romans, although no evidence actually supports that stand.

    All in all, theres still a great deal of good information there, very interesting.

  13. Ramus

    I'm afraid she's married with 2 kids. Have you seen "When the Moors ruled Europe"? There's a part where it looks a bit chilly out, if you catch my drift.
    I'm 38 too and had a crush on my, strangely enough, history teacher when I was about 12....... what was this doc about again?

  14. IrishKev

    Mmmmm Mmmm, Bettany Hughes. Always worth a watch.

  15. Waldo

    I am in love with Bettany, with looks like thoughs and brains to match she is the perfect woman, in my eyes. I would not care if she wore only a garbage bag, in fact I think I might enjoy that. I wonder if she is married, I bet so. Man, what a lucky chap her husband is. I especially love the fact that she has curves, and doesn't look like all these heroin junky supermodel types. Oh, and the fact that she is so smart, never run out of interesting conversation with her I bet. Feels weird to have a school boy crush on someone again, at age thirty-eight.

  16. Ramus

    Who said anything about her hygiene? Personally I think Bettany should do all her docs in her underwear :)

  17. tomdham

    Well, I didn't notice her energy or enthusiasm level differential as I have never seen her before this documentary.
    I will check out the Greek doco though and get back to you on that.

    I don't really care what she wears. I just thought it odd that she always wears the same clothes, that's all.
    I am sure the good Dr. takes baths and brushes her teeth regularly. Her hygiene was never in question.


  18. WEM3

    Has anyone noticed Dr Hughes is not her usual energetic, dynamic and enthusiastic self when discussing Great Britain whereas when Ancient Greece is the focus, you can really feel the Vibes. Wow!

    Who cares what Bettany wears. I am sure she is hygienic and healthy.

  19. tomdham

    I will be sure to do that.
    She is a pretty good presenter though.
    Maybe she just needs a raise or a move from the History Channel to BBC!
    She definitely needs a wardrobe consultant. lol

  20. Ramus

    Lol. Watch the Greek doc here on TDF. She wears the same clothes throughout the whole of that program too.

  21. tomdham

    Nice doco but is Bettany wearing the same clothes in every scene?
    Either they filmed everything in one day an then edited the heck out of it or she only owns one set of clothes.

    Did anyone else notice this or is it just me?


    1. PlayTOE

      The one set of clothes was probably so they could swap things in editing and still have her looking the same.

  22. Are we there yet?

    Thank you Dr. Hughes for your documentary. Are you suggesting that the good people of the UK were less free than during the Romans? How do you know for sure?

    What about the enslavement of English citizens when Rothschild gang bought the English stock market in 1815 after the defeat of Napoleon? Oh yes I forget, academics who want tenure and recognition don't teach that at Universities.

    A large part of today's economic and social problems (including both world wars) may have been averted if academics would have taught the truth about our current economic system. How much responsibility academia bares only God knows.

  23. M

    ow ,, ya ,,, almost forgot ... BRITAIN is NOT FREE .. silly rabbit

  24. M

    ha ... within the first 2 minutes.. she's poses questions we could and should transpose to modern day. Why do we let them continue to enslave us .. why do we keep ourselves captive ... brainwashing of the masses that's how .. that coupled with getting us to police ourselves .. HELLO ... wake up PEOPLE !!
    less than 1 % of the population controls everybody .. 99 % of the worlds populations combined assets do not even come close to the holdings of that less than 1% ... Whatcha gonna do ?

  25. Skeptic

    If it's Bettany Hughes, it's good! I've seen this a few months ago and I recommend it. I love documentaries about the Greeks and Romans.

    Regarding the 360p resolution, the picture only looks bad because the source video (the one that was uploaded to YouTube) was over-compressed. Being 360p is not a big problem. I have my computer connected to a 37" LCD TV and I always watch internet videos (TDF, Crackle and Hulu) on my big screen. The 360p resolution looks good enough. It isn't Hi-Def, I know, but it's superior to VHS. On the other hand, 240p (the only resolution used by Google Video) does suck. Again, the main problem with this particular documentary is over-compression. Maybe someone can find another source.

  26. Ramus

    The video keeps skipping. Poor quality sound and only 360p. Bugger.

  27. lewis

    i am sparta