Ron Paul and Internet Politics

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Ron Paul and Internet PoliticsAt the intersection of the Internet and politics, presidential candidate Ron Paul's supporters are rewriting the rules of political campaigns. NOW explores how the Texas congressman and his supporters are using the Internet to attract voters—and massive campaign contributions—from across the political spectrum. Supporters include anti-war progressives, anti-tax libertarians, civil libertarians, and even some white supremacists. The common theme is anger over where the country is heading.

"Ron Paul's campaign is so extraordinary to many of us because even while it was getting massive online traffic, you'd be lucky to get a whisper of his campaign in a lot of media outlets," said Zephyr Teachout, Howard Dean's former online organizer and now a Duke University professor. (Excerpt from

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    deb barstad
  1. deb barstad

    i have been watching this video and i wish there were more people in this nation w/ the same views i would like to participate and bring awareness to all the people in my state, and make everyone realize what will happen if things dont change thank you

  2. W Smith
  3. W Smith

    Why is it in the lexicon to say, " . . . some white supremacists." It's not funny, it's disrespect. This is NOT honest journalism. Shall I say, it's yellow journalism? Go back 2000 years to the beginning of the new age.

  4. carlos
  5. carlos

    this is a life altering short movie... There are issues far more important! seriously. health care = our national debt

  6. young
  7. young

    Been a Ron Paul fan for a while now. If I was an American citizen then he would definitely get my vote. To bad we don't have any one equivalent to him here in Canada. Until then, I will most likely continue not voting.

  8. R. Hofkamp
  9. R. Hofkamp

    The only way to get the only free country and the only country based on a moral Constitution back on track, is by voting en masse for dr. Ron Paul in 2012! Say no to collectivism the European way: to massive state debts, to bailouts, to higher taxes, to reckless wars. Good luck America, you can do it :)

  10. Scott Tesler
  11. Scott Tesler

    I'd be a Ron Paul supporter if only he understood the monetary system. Our population is growing, energy efficiency, and our economy is growing. Switching to a fixed currency that doesn't move with the economy is going to cause massive deflation. What does that mean? The value of our currency increases and we get to buy more foreign goods, Yay!(but it also means other our labor becomes too expensive for many companies, so we lose jobs to foreign countries). Also if you think inflation is harmful to the economy wait until you see deflation. Falling prices causes people to save more, causing businesses to make cut backs, lower employment, and lower economic activity. Ask Japan how the 90s were for their economy.

  12. Chris H.
  13. Chris H.

    @Scott Tesler

    You don't have to worry about that. Ron Paul knows the monetary system very well. The only reason why you think he's otherwise it's because you have accepted the Keynesian dogma of how an economy grows. Ron Paul accepts the views of the Austrian school of economics which disproves everything you've just said such as deflation vs inflation. In a nutshell, deflation only hurts businesses that operate on borrowed capital. Falling prices are also a good thing since people's money have greater purchasing power. Why wouldn't you want to buy more things with less money? Savings is also the key to making an economy grow since real savings are what drives real investments and wages. Furthermore, if our economy is on a fixed currency, we wouldn't experience those crazy business cycles anymore. Sure the economy won't grow as fast, but we wouldn't experience crazy recessions either. That's why Ron Paul wants to get rid of fractional reserve banking and the Federal Reserve that would bail out the bank that employs that system of banking because it creates a moral hazard.
    just go to for more info.

  14. Pyrrhus
  15. Pyrrhus

    it is too late
    the supreme court has ruled that
    the law of the land is one dollar one vote
    and if push comes to shove the supreme court
    will simply draw upon precedent and select a president
    acceptable to the newly enfranchised 'Corporate Person'
    which the supreme court itself has brought into existence

  16. fonbindelhofas
  17. fonbindelhofas

    its like truth have have some expresion time limit... no it dos not have! truth is truth!

  18. Andrew Preston
  19. Andrew Preston

    Boom. Long live the memories of Hayek and Mises, and the dream of sound monetary policy once again.

  20. Petar Vitanovich
  21. Petar Vitanovich

    Finally some else who speaks for Hayek and Mises, I'm sick and tired of these Keynesian people telling me "Oh, you can't use scientific method to prove Austrian Free Markets." And I have to literally open their eyes since they fail to realize that Keynesian try to predict the markets based on human actions, How can you predict human decision??? It's literally impossible, and that's not even talking about a backed dollar. That's just the theoretical "supremacy" Keynesian believe they have. It's ridiculous to me, especially from parents who grew up in a communist country, to look around me in America and see how Socialist/Communist we have become. And it's not like voting Dem or Rep is going to help since they are trying to keep a 3rd party out, or one of their own who stands out ex. Ron Paul, harder than they are fighting each other, since they know that their campaign money comes from the same places. And what about "Isolationism"??? What about it? Russia sold Iran the Uranium and nuclear systems, if they were to ever do anything with them, don't you think Russia would crush the shit out of them, considering their Iran's neighbor??? What is isolationist about caring about your OWN DAMN COUNTRY AND YOUR OWN PEOPLE FIRST, before you hand out food to little Africans, or try to build new oil empires for yourself in the middle east. I really don't get how people can't see the message that Ron Paul preaches. This guy has never changed his position while in office, EVER. 11 TERMS!!! You get what you vote for. Compare that to Obama who PROMISED to end the Patriot Act, June 2011 he extends it indefinatly. He promised to bring out boys home, he then just changed the name of forces in Iraq to Security Forces, but we are still there. Than he goes to war with Libya without EVER RUNNING IT THROUGH CONGRESS!!! one word, IMPEACH! I live in a 3rd world country called Detroit, MI lol, and it's so sad how just last week the "Black cacuas" which is made up of African-American leaders, came to Detroit and held a town hall meeting, and one of the questions they asked the people, was, "Is it ok for us to attack Obama?" They literally asked permission to go against Obama, so your telling me they only support him for the color of his skin? It's a sad world we live in. We have some of the poorest people here who all though "Oh Obama is black, he is going to cut me a fat check!" whats sad is that check never came, and should have never came. We have to ALL change our attitudes and realize the more we ride the government, the bigger they get, and the bigger they get, the more we lose our freedoms given to us by our chosen higher power. And we let this s*** continue because the majority of the people don't understand that it's our foundation that is broke. They think "Oh, I'll vote Democrat this time, that should fix things." But they don't understand that in turn, they all follow the same template. Feed the poor, pamper the rich, kill the middle class. We have to go down to the roots to understand this, and the roots happen to be the Keynesian ways of economics, which is what Obama was following to the tee when he gave the bailouts and stimulus. So if that didn't work, don't you think we should completely rethink the ways we have been playing with peoples money? But the problem is regular Republicans, and regular Democrats don't think so, this year you got one candidate, Ron Paul who is trying to change the exact problem, and look what he gets, laughs from the media. I don't understand how people don't see past the bulls***, and go do their own research on what Dr. Ron Paul is preaching, cause this guy knows his s***. Instead their fat asses will sit on the couch and watch Fox News talk about Romney, Bachmen, and Perry, and how similar all their views are, and how they are the exact same shit that has been running our country to the ground for the past 50 years. Or, maybe they watch MSNBC where they suck Obama's penis on live tv and talk about how you should be forced to take s***ty health care, so some crack head who spends her welfare checks on rocks instead of feeding her kids, deserves health care paid by guess who??? YOU!

  22. jj
  23. jj

    yes we can(lie to you)yes we can(ram national health care down your throat) yrs we can (do what ever we want with your taxes) yes we can (go after any country that stands in our way with our owners self interest)

  24. noconman
  25. noconman

    I could only wish that Ron Paul could win the support needed to change the way our government is powered.
    Our self interested, coporate supported, fortunate son, war mongering, insider trading, greedy and a tag teaming system, who intentionally divides our nation into only two parties is the biggest problem with our government.
    He is the only one who suggests that our politicians are doing something wrong and actually threatens the security of the crooked politicians by actually offering reasonable intelligent suggestions on bringing change to our rediculously out of control government.
    I have never supported a politician so much in my life. He resonates wise solutions to many of our problems.
    The last politicians who challenged our government to make real changes, fired the top three leaders of the C.I.A. as well as going after the mob and it's political influence, and ended up assasinated.
    J.F.K, shortly before his death, spoke and warned us of the hidden powers, of a society that had infiltrated our government, trying to control it for their own personal interests.
    They (the shadow government) have been quite succesful in more ways than just hiding the truth about his, and his brother's untimely executions.
    They do not want anyone who actually cares about our nations people over their political, corporate funded, self interested way of life, to have a chance to change anything.
    They have us right where they want us. Fighting amongst ourselves, to baffled by their B.S. to see that drastic changes require admitting that our government is out of control of us common citizens and in the hands of incompetent, self interested, new world order fanatics.
    This continent was called the "New World" in history. Now it seems the ones who are in control want to own and control the rest of the world too.
    Wake up and listen to reason.
    Ron Paul is a true patriot. Standing up for our people, and standing against the way our government has been corrupted.
    Help bring real change. Vote for Ron Paul.

  26. Cristi Vidrascu
  27. Cristi Vidrascu

    Ron Paul is NOT for the gold standard, as the media have portrayed him. Rather, he is for competing currencies (read his book). I understand where you are coming from and have the same reservation about a fixed currency that cannot keep up with the (potential) growth in output.

  28. CharliePeters
  29. CharliePeters

    California, Obama / Mitt, November contest would likely give the California winner prize to Obama but how would a 3 way Obama, Mitt & Ron write in vote count end up? RP votes in 2008 were counted.

    The Goldman Sacs / Fed reserve / GMO food-fuel twins might create a fun contest with the Texas Dr. Ron Paul

    Audit the Federal Reserve, Support HR 459 Paul & S 202 Paul

    Is this game about D R or other? maybe it is about saving the republic. Maybe Obama and Mitt are the underdogs.

  30. kfreed
  31. kfreed

    Ron Paul is a religious fundamentalist sold on privatization and deregulation, preaching that old tyme prosperity gospel. Google Ron Paul + Christian Reconstruction... and " 6 Rights You Could Lose Under President Ron Paul" <<< actual Ron Paul legislation tearing down the wall of separation of church and state. Also look up Ron Paul and the John Birch Society.

    Paul's "vision" is the exact opposite of "Liberty!" He's anti-science/evolution, anti-women, anti-gay, claims climate change is a hoax, wants public education dismantled, and happens to have ties to white supremacism. There's a reason Paul is considered fringe, not unlike the Rick Santorums and Sarah Palins of our time. While he may seem "new" to newbies to politics, he's old news to people who have paid attention for decades.

    If you're down with all that, then Paul's your man. If not, do your research, people. We live in the information age for Pete's sake. Google. While you're at it, you might check out the Libertarian platform: also on YouTube "The Billionaire's Tea Party (full length documentary).

  32. Paulie Abque
  33. Paulie Abque

    i truly believe that what happened with Ron Paul is 1) we forgot to log off and go vote. He would have won if we could vote via the internet. 2) The Baby Boomers gotta go before true change is achieved.

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