Ross Kemp on Gangs

Ross Kemp on Gangs

2006, Crime  -  Playlist 29 Comments
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Ross Kemp on GangsHighest murder rate in the world for a country not officially at war. Ross visits Kingston, the most violent area in all of Jamaica, and speaks to gang members there.

A study carried out by A. Harriott shows that the homicide rate in Jamaica is four times higher than the world rate, with the city of Kingston having the highest rate in the world at 109/100,000, followed by Washington D. More.C., at 67/100,000. According to this researcher, there is a direct relationship between the rate of murder and the rates of other violent crimes-robberies, rapes, etc. In Jamaica, historically, most murders were crimes of passion.

In 1963, in 64% of the murder cases, the victims were known to the offender, and domestic violence accounted for 28% of all homicides, while in 1993, this declined to 16%. This does not mean that cases of domestic violence are on the decline, it means that the murder rate – especially since the increase in the number of illegal guns on the island – is going up.

Ross uncovers the extent to which the Nazi, or National Socialist, groups are gaining power in Russia: it would seem that at best the police turn a blind eye to racism, at worse actively endorse it. And Ross meets one Member of Parliament who openly promotes Nazi ideology. Ross joins one Neo Nazi group during their training and through a series of tests -which include him being set on fire – he gains their trust. They invite him back to their secret headquarters where he meets some seriously disturbing individuals and uncovers the heart of their violent organization.

Orange Country, California, regarded as the birthplace of American skinheads. The recent amalgamation of various factions has led to the creation of the Orange County Skinheads where Ross gets to grips with the impact of this group on a concerned community.

In Poland, he follows Neo-Nazi football hooligans who have become one of the most feared gangs in Europe. Young men with few prospects use violence as a means of escape, and Ross experiences first hand just how dangerous it can be when he's tear-gassed at a football match.

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10 years ago

Just the sort of scum were starting to see in Britain what we need is a strong police force that isnt answerable to the common law just to thier superiors (Responsible White Men). How can White people tolerate this destruction of our land ?.

11 years ago

Bloody hell he went from small time soap star to fantastic documentarian/journalist. That's something to be proud of, as is his work in general. His docs are some of my favourite.

12 years ago

ross kemp docs are always a good watch.

Altred Ego
12 years ago

2 corrections:

- UNemployment


"many people's beloved prejudices...may not be true"


Altred Ego
12 years ago

I think the reason why the comments are just about the American black gangs is because it's easy to label this as a 'black' problem. If you were to watch all the docs, you'd see some very similar themes that arise again and again.

- poverty
- social and political disenfranchisement
- employment
- the desire to belong to a family
- the desire to have and exert power and control among people who are functionally powerless
- the ease of extremist ideology to gain a foothold under such conditions

No one wants to address these very real issues. Easier to make a 'don't blame whitey' statement than take a real look at the problem that spans ALL races. Black people or multiculturalism didn't create the problems in Europe with gangs. Social injustice and inequality did. But again, if one recognizes that then suddenly the black gangs can be understood as part of a larger problem.

But that might mean that many people's beloved prejudices, ie.

"Black people are inhuman criminals by nature"

So it's much easier to just pretend that the other gangs (especially those with white skin) don't exist, even though they're on the SAME PAGE...because only black people join gangs.


12 years ago

i think the bloods and crips should join forces and get rid of every last one of them neo nazi/skinhead freaks!! That way the prob of the crips and bloods killing each other will be solved and your taken out the nazis at the same time!!!! whooo! :)

12 years ago

this is ureal....police rape!!!!f@#$ this!!! we as a nation need 2 come together and become 1 nation and for get our differences and prospective on life cos where all equal two each other...peace

Sir Elton Bernard Richardson
12 years ago

how do you get an afgan into a phone box? put a tin of baked beans inside, how do you get him back out again? run around the phone box with the tin opener lmao lol lol lol lol lol,

funny yeah?

12 years ago

do you have the play list for the Jamaican one?

the yamyam
12 years ago

just read all these comments and most of them made me laugh!! how can anyone in theire right mind blame music for the mess in america? as Flo said its a vicious circle of drugs and poverty.

im not going to pretend i know what its like in any of these countries but life is hard other places too! im a white male in u.k and have listened to rap for the last 10+ years, from tupac - D-Block, mobb deep - the alchemist and not once have i thought about picking up a gun and doing half the things these say, theyre all stories in there own mind and i enjoy listening.

i know i will get a reply about being white and bla bla but that doesnt mean im a neo nazi like them fools on the other documentaries. im just putting my point out there that if you want to be a 'Gangster' you will be one! its not forced, its just so much easier to get a shooter, do someone over buy drugs with what you rob and make a living from there!

if youre going to blame anything or anyone blame the governments off all these programmes! they are more corrupt than the people in these gangs. as tupac said 'you know its funny when it rains it poors, they got money for wars but cant feed the poor' america is corrupt along with the british government too. its not what you know its who you know and because of this, its driving even people in this country to turn against the law and make money thire own way! if there are no jobs then what else is there to do

tobias (denmark)
12 years ago

lol the most of you people are just total whiners who think you have some inside knowledge, and the most off the things your writing sounds arrogant and it makes you look like ignorant cunts.. just stay to what you know..

sorry about the spelling

the loler
12 years ago

@ rayan, a lot of truth in what youre saying there. Not only is it everywhere, but everywhere you find it you can see the same pattern. Clever, manipulative, fairly powerfull people on the sidelines making the big dirty money whole encouraging a generation of scared little kids into a lifestyle of hate, fear and death to further their greed.

Its like the guy in the San Salvador episode says, theres gangsters everywhere, governments are gangsters. Who sells more drugs, the dread in the mexican mask Ross speaks to or the CIA? These kids and their lives are like a smokescreen, and while theyre buisey shooting at eachother the real evil is elsewhere, working unchallenged.

the loler
12 years ago

I have to agree with Nataniel, I love rap, Im no fan of this pop music thats been passing for rap for the last decade or more, but some of the best music in the world is hip hop. Sadly though, the glorification of selfishness, murder, sexism, drugs etc in the lyrical content of most rap (often even more in the pop hop than the real hip hop) is a big, big factor in the sort of culture we see in some of these episodes.

Its one thing to say 'Ive seen some bad stuff go down in my time' and another entirel when youre boasting about killing people and not giving a shit, esp when youre some multimillionaire pop rapper who doesnt even live in a hood or know real gangsters are youre lying basicly about being some kind of gunman to the 14 year olds buying the music, who are then going out and shooting eachother for real because you told them thats how to become a sucess like you, when the truth is the opposite.

Tu Pac rapped about more than just being a thug, thats why he isnt around anymore. The Roots dont rap about being thugs at all, thats why you dont see them on Mtv selling 10s of millions of discs. White people with tons of money and political + business sense who own the entertainment industry are only interested in selling 1 thing to black kids, and thats a message that turns them against their kin, against their neighbourhood and traps them in a cycle of selfishnes, consumerism and destruction. Anything that shows them the bigger picture like Martin Luther King used to gets burried right beside him.

Scareface, Goodfellas, these films do it to some extent but its taken further afield, its more obviously just entertainment, no one thinks theyre going to be Tony Montana or that people like him live in their area based on that movie, its comical to a certain extent, a charicature. And the same can be said for Jay Z when he talks about 'getting his gun on', but its not quite as obvious, unlike Al Pachino running around with a funny accent and millitary hardware acting like Rambo it pretends its not an act where ever possible, only pulling out the 'Im just joking around' card for journalists when its backed into a corner.

12 years ago

LOL I love how all the comments are about the black gangsters in St. Louis and everyone conveniently skips over the other cases. Kind of telling, isn't it.

And if anything, this doc series should show that gangsterism exists everywhere and is not limited to one race. It is unique and always existing and that's the message I got. And Christpuncher, your comments are borderline racist. To take one very stupid view of an entire genre of music like that is irrational. Not all rap is "bashing whitey" but I like how people view rap that does address actual social issues as white bashing. Isn't that what the Neo Nazi singers said?

13 years ago

racially bad for women.... wow.. really? as I know rap is demeaning to women, I did not know being a women alone subjected you to racism.

13 years ago


Well said. Thank you.

13 years ago

Wow, to say there is no good rap is a very ignorant comment.

1) you have not and will never hear ALL rap music. You can't possibly make that judgment.

2) Rap is a form of art. Like all forms of art, there are great examples, and horrible examples of it, and everything in between. That is exactly like saying that ALL people who make rap music, are bad musicians, or bad people, with no regard or talent for true human expression, which is in fact a lie. Just because a person is black, or is talking about something you can't relate to, doesn't mean that they are not expressing their views on something important or relevant to their lives (which is the main point of music isn't it?).

13 years ago

Inquiring minds: Check out the book "Gang Leader For a Day". I can't recall the author's name (he's Indian), but he literally goes into the Chicago projects and befriends the leader of a set of "Black Kings" and just studies the lifestyle there; pretty amazing stuff.

13 years ago

It will always go on no matter what part of the world. Boredom and lack of meaning of life are two main reasons. Only a person themselves can find their own meaning of life.

13 years ago

Point blank nobody wont to be in the hood all this talk about "i love this sh*t i ain't never gone stop" lol is bull. let someone offer them a nice house in a nice neighborhood and lots of money they wouldn't even think twice.

i can give you a 2pac quote "i was given this world i didn't make it"

life is also what you make it

and about the rap thing you think rap is the problem. lol so gang movies and shit like godfather and goodfellas witch have images not just sound, are not as bad as rap lol yea right.

13 years ago

This a result of a complex web of socio-economics, history, culture and geography. For example, the proximity of Jamaica to a rich drug consuming nation is just another signficant parameter in the equation. The linear reasoning I see in these comments is a reflection of the IQ of the average person who would come across such a documentary.

13 years ago

@flo there no such thing as good rap! maybe what your saying is blues. the greatest music creation of the african american. they should return to that music and banned their most racially bad music for the women RAP!!

13 years ago

ChristPuncher - I think you're being a bit unfair. First of all, not all rap music is negative. It just so happens that the negative stuff is the stuff that people hear most. There is plenty of good rap out there if you just look for it - Lupe Fiasco, Nas, Immortal Technique. You strike me as someone who just complains about the rap music you hear on the radio, but has never even properly listened to it. I suspect you're one of these people who is into so-called "real music". Someone doesn't have to deal in guitars to be a good artist. Open your mind.

Secondly, if people think rap music is the reason kids are getting involved in street crime then they are deluded. There is nothing glorious about thug life or living on the streets, but it's what most educated people would call a cycle of poverty, violence and drugs. People are born into it and can't see any way out. It's a problem with society, troubled affluence. It's not rap music. That reminds me of something Bill O' Reilly would say.

13 years ago

A gang of white nazi skinheads calling themselves "peni"; irony, human stupidity and ignorance at it's finest.

13 years ago

Support the fine arts...shoot a rapper.

And Pac, nothing original about your comment...just another spin on "ol whitey holdin our culture down". Whats so glorious about "thug life" and living on the street? only benefit i see is rappers getting killed :D

13 years ago


Your comment reminds me of a quote from Tupac. "I didn't make thug life I just diagnosed it." It's funny that what our society has prescribed to treat this diagnoses is turning thug life into cash money for white business criminal a--holes. Take something pure, exploit, and give to the masses.

13 years ago

In the St. Louis doc, the muslim guy trying to get kids out of the gangs is dead on. A lot of what's wrong with black culture is rap, I listen to rap and i understand that it's entertainment. A lot kids that listen to it cannot decipher that rap is entertainment and then attempt to make it to make music videos reality.