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Roving Mars

2006, Science  -   5 Comments
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Roving MarsMars is Earth's closest planetary neighbor, and for decades scientists have been curious about the so-called Red Planet, wondering if it's possible that life exists there, how its soil and terrain differs from our own, and if water can be found. While sending a manned space mission to Mars has been considered beyond the reach of America's space program, in 2001 the National Aeronautics and Space Administration approved a mission to send two rovers to Mars - wheeled robots that would send images and data back to Earth.

A two-year crash program resulted in two robotic rovers (dubbed Spirit and Opportunity) being sent to Mars, which have given scientists and researchers on Earth a brand new vision of what the planet is really like.

Roving Mars is a documentary which offers a detailed look at the people behind the Mars rover program, how the machines were built and what they can do, and what has been learned since they reached their target. Roving Mars was shot and originally exhibited in the high-definition IMAX film format.

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5 Comments / User Reviews

  1. jim

    I got all jazzed to see this then realized I was just wasting my time watching a damned commercial. Annoying!

  2. MillermanHH

    The planet with closest approach to Earth Is Venus at 38 Million Km, although at It's most distant It can be as far as 261 Million Km. The closest approach of Mars Is 55 Million Km.

  3. yiannis

    Mars is not our closest planetary neighbour. Really now how can one trust a documentary on a planet when it gets basic astronomy wrong?

    1. Daniel Nolan

      Every planet revolves around the sun, each one taking a different amount of time to complete one revolution. So the distance between Earth and any other planet changes over a wide range, depending on whether we're both on the same side of the sun or on opposite sides.
      At any given time, the planet closest to Earth could be either Mercury, Venus, or Mars. Jupiter (the next planet out) at its closest is further away than Mercury or Venus at their furthest, so it has to be one of those three.
      The planet that can be closest to Earth when we're both in the same part of our orbits is Venus.

    2. Micky Martin

      Wrong. Correct your figures.
      Mars is indeed our closest planetary neighbor. Moving in direction of Venus would be too hot.
      Check Solar System on Wikipedia.