Ruby Ridge

Ruby Ridge

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Ruby RidgeRuby Ridge used to refer to a geographical location in the state of Idaho, but after an incident that took place there 10 years ago on Aug. 21, the phrase has come to refer to a scandalous series of events that opened the eyes of many people to the inner workings of the federal government, including the vaunted Federal Bureau of Investigation. Now that 10 years have passed, the feds will accelerate their ongoing effort to "move forward" and have the scandal declared "ancient history." But the Ruby Ridge episode should not be soon forgotten.

On August 21, 1992 a paramilitary unit of the U.S. Marshals Service ventured onto the 20-acre property known as Ruby Ridge. A man named Randy Weaver owned the land and he lived there with his wife, children, and a family friend, Kevin Harris. There was an outstanding warrant for Weaver's arrest for a firearms offense and the marshals were surveilling the premises. When the family dog noticed the marshals sneaking around in the woods, it began to bark wildly. Weaver's 14-year-old boy, Sammy, and Kevin Harris proceeded to grab their rifles because they thought the dog had come upon a wild animal.

A firefight erupted when a marshal shot and killed the dog. Enraged that the family pet had been cut down for no good reason, Sammy shot into the woods at the unidentified trespasser. Within a few minutes, two human beings were shot dead: Sammy Weaver and a marshal. Harris and the Weaver family retreated to their cabin and the marshals retreated from the mountain and called the FBI for assistance. (Excerpt from

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2 years ago

Govt sanctioned murder. The sniper killed Randy Weaver's wife while she was holding the baby. Ended up paying him over 2 million dollars.

mike wysocki
7 years ago

The reason it doesn't mention Clinton and Reno with Ruby Ridge is because neither of them were in office in 1992. Crazy how many people say that. Still messed up situations though.

10 years ago

It's a shame that the police are such cowards now, Ruby Ridge, Waco, that they don't have the courage to walk up to the door and knock to make the arrest, instead of storming the building.

Joyce Wong
10 years ago

Wow, very interesting. l have a better understanding of why people want to get away from government. I don't think any footage was used gratuitously. Amazing how the media are fed and disseminate such distortions of truth. Too bad white supremacists detract from the merit of their cause and make them look crazy.

10 years ago

That kook with the guitar, Dallas Pike, was very inconsiderate making her listen to that song. All he wanted was praise for his song, not really for what happened to her mother. Shameful. The people making this movie are also shameful as they used that footage for the drama factor to spice up their documentar;, grotesque.

Anders Jansson
11 years ago

why in hell would he saw off the shotgun?He might as well sold it as it was and let the buyer saw it off.I dont mean what they did was right but this little action change everyting for everybody involved.

11 years ago

Both Ruby Ridge and Waco were on Bill Clinton Administration and Attorney General Janet Reno.

Yet this documentary does not mention them.

12 years ago

There still has been no justice for Vicki and Sammy Weaver.

12 years ago

that girl is pretty cute

12 years ago

Eff- "Move to Canada and dress as a duck hunter" ???? What? When the Americans in this very movie are running around with rifles shooting things that move in the bush?

12 years ago

In the recent past I've researched Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City bombing to refresh my memory of those events as I wasn't too engrossed with the news of it back then.

This doc was quite informative to me in this way; one can clearly see how essentially innocent the Weaver family truly was/is and how completely screwed up the law enforcement's deplorable behavior actually was. This was a simple family wanting to do their own thing and be left alone, not too unlike any of us, even if they had their own anti-government leanings which some may disagree with. This doc was very worth it and I am more deeply in touch with what I've only read of this event before yet now may very visually see and know.

I am continually saddened that monkeys with a badges are merely 'legal' criminals that exact the will of their superiors, failing to reason soundly for themselves when otherwise faced with issues and dilemmas they know little to nothing about but are called upon to perform the basis of their duties, acting as a mindless soldier with low ethical & moral faculties. By all means, we can expect an officer of the law to perform the basis of their duties. However, it demonstrates their unmoved proximity to simians when they do not manage the performance of those duties with mental and emotional acuity and ethics. Hence, legal criminals. They behave as base criminals, only worse; they KNOW they are protected by law.

I applaud the remaining Weavers for being the obviously sound people they essentially are and for enduring what the citizens of ANY government should never have to; persecution. I consider others to be rather sound, despite whatever crazy ideas they may possess, when they clearly harm no one and keep to themselves. I can't imagine I would be the same type of person that would be all that close to Randy Weaver (for starters, I don't smoke) but I acknowledge his right to be himself as I may be myself. He clearly was never harming anybody.

12 years ago


12 years ago

Correct me if I am wrong but I thought it was written in the constitution that the government cannot use the army against any U.S. citizen... That looked allot like the military to me.

12 years ago

We will not knell at their feet.There will come a time when we will rise,the people and destroy the evil forces of this world,they will kill our children without a second thought,they will tell us that we are evil and try and brainwash people.America wages war on behalf of the people on palestine,on iraq on iran on afgan,where does it stop?People will rise,unemployment in u.s.a may be the key but something at some time will break and i hope common sense will prevail and we should overthrow the real evil in this world,government,and start afresh!!!!God rest the souls of the inocent lost here on this documentary,could they not just have let them be???

12 years ago

I find it amusing that GoogleAds picks "Become A US Marshal" to sponsor this video. Anyone who watches this and immediately seeks employment with federal law enforcement is a bit off.

12 years ago

Great feedback Fredd, I'm with you. I'm now 21, I live in Los Angeles, I'm a musician. Genre: Industrial. My life's work is aimed at reversing the mindset I see too many young Americans growing comfortable in. This whole, "work will set you free" kind of vibe. That was the welcoming line to the Jews entering Auschwitz. It has been firmly applied to every aspect of our lives. We all need cool cell phones & kick ass computers, all built with the very components to keep that close eye on us, the same close eye that was held on the family at Ruby Ridge. They've become experts in mandating our moves, without ever having to intercept us until it is considered an inevitable conflict. And when they do, no one will ever hear or read a letter about it in the press, they've also become experts at securing the agenda without an uprising angry public. Yet here we are, like the comment in this documentary about a walking license. I see this as a reality, more & more, daily. The real masters at work here, are We The People, who've become so easily persuaded & programmed like the kick ass computers we buy. And like I said, my life's goal...I've accepted the fact that music & art won't change anything unless the listener can get up off their ass & if they did I'm already there to tag along...the only real music would be the sound of the millions of Americans marching onto the bodies of those depressing their lives. The only art would be in the destruction of any new policy/regime that would violate the freedoms we're born to receive.
In some strange way I believe deep down that the founding fathers planned this, that somewhere along the route they wrote a three page document laying forward the plan, in very simple be added to & molded into what it is today. There's no way a plan for world government could just surface within the last forty years. This is something thought out since we first liberated ourselves to this soil. As a matter of fact, maybe that too was part of the plan, from places abroad. Who knows, we will never know.
What I do know, is that it will inevitably fail, unless the citizens in this country are in fact brainwashed to a degree leaving them incapable of fighting back even in the most primitive of ways, I see this plot torn down as soon as it's openly established. No one in their right mind would settle for it...that is, UNLESS WE ALREADY HAVE.

13 years ago

Keep on building prisons and lock up all those young pot smokers who don't want to fight for their country that has a habit of invading other countries for its own greed. Those damn young american kids who are the only hope of overthrowing new world order and the corrupt governments that think they can run the planet and paralyse it with propaganda Set those kids free...lock up the real criminals like the Bush boys and their fellow tyrants and the media who are demons in disguise. PS Guns are not the answer...stick a flower in the barrel Rise up and protest... Freedom will not be found shooting each other in the back. Or else move to Canada and dress like a duck hunter.

13 years ago

Another fine example of how "justice" is carried out in this country.