RuneScape: 15 Years of Adventure

RuneScape: 15 Years of Adventure

2017, Technology  -   6 Comments
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Who wouldn't want to live in a mystical universe, engage in a battle with fire-breathing dragons, and reign victorious as the ultimate hero and savior? The doldrums of everyday life simply can't compete with this thrilling alternate reality, and that's why RuneScape has captured the imaginations of hundreds of millions of video game lovers since its introduction in 2001. The infectiously fun documentary RuneScape: 15 Years of Adventure profiles the origins of this global phenomenon, and the fiercely devoted players who continue to drive its success.

The game has made its way into the Guinness Book or World Records on several occasions, but its beginnings were anything but grandiose. It all started with two children of the 80's - brothers Andrew and Paul Gower - whose love of emerging gaming technologies led them on a path to creating their own. Driven by an unquenchable passion for immersive online experiences, the brothers toiled through various stages of trial and error before they happened upon their magic formula. But once they did, the world was eager to go along for the ride.

The game envelopes each user in a beautifully rendered universe filled with majestic castles, glorious landscapes, exciting single and multi-player combat options, and heroic quests filled with exotic creatures and increasingly daunting challenges. For many, it's the perfect anecdote to the rigors of daily existence, and a chance to interact with a tightly bonded community of like-minded people from every corner of the globe. Unlike many games of its ilk, RuneScape has consistently encouraged the input of its users. Over the years, their suggestions have given birth to a myriad of upgrades and improved game modes.

Throughout the course of the film, the game's most essential creators attempt to decipher its singular placement in the pantheon of the gaming industry's heavyweights. Along the way, we also get to meet some of its most rabid enthusiasts, including Zezima, an almost mythical figure who enjoys his status as the highest ranking player in the world.

RuneScape: 15 Years of Adventure is a deliciously entertaining portrait of a dream that started small, but was soon shared by millions.

Directed by: Alan Campbell, Emily Dee

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6 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Mr.99

    I was addicted to runescape for a while, back before the grand exchange appeared. Jagex took like 4 years of my life before they self destructed the game and changed it into something totally different.

  2. Domon

    Wednesday, you can't get viruses from an online browser based game like Runescape. Those come about when you try to download bots (to level up for you) on 3rd party websites, blogs, or discussion-forums outside of Runescape. For example, anyone could start a Runescape (or any game) fan-site right now and try to bait kids into downloading malware by claiming it will make help them level up. Any hacking to his account were probably from his friends or someone in the game guessing or getting a hold of his password (which can only be given up willingly, I dare you to try to guess my password). That kind of stuff can happen to anyone who navigates the web without experience.

  3. Francis

    The danger is crowds of people be not aware what's happening in the real world. "Real" reality be forgotten against their own interests.

  4. Wednesday Pandora Pestulance

    My Son started playing Runescape in 2002... After countless hours, quests, prizes, radish pulling, and World shifting... And VIRUSES, and $$$$ to fix crashed PCs, and scrubbing viruses, the last hacked account was in 2009... I bought an actual game system, at that point! He has never looked back, but still what if's.....

  5. ASkripts

    This feels quiet bizarre and so unnecessary to me.

  6. john

    Never been impressed by these games. They are rigged so much in your favor and sooo unrealistic as to your true self you have to be a total Walter Mitty type to get hooked into this. nonsense without getting fairly quickly bored. My inner landscape is much more creative and frightening with real death at some point.