Nutrition and Behavior Aspartame (Lecture)

Dr Russell Blaylock Nutrition and Behavior Aspartame MSG (Lecture)In this lecture, Dr. Russell Blaylock explains one of the most important connections between nutrition and our health, how nutrition affects our behavior.

Citing a series of important studies, he shows that good nutrition can powerfully enhance our memory, mood, and behavior in a socially desirable way.

Like wise he shows us that poor nutrition can lead our youth into a world of violence, crime, depression and suicide.

By using an impressive array of studies on both juvenile and adult prisoners, Dr. Blaylock demonstrates these principals and outlines specific measures you can take to protect your children from these detrimental effects. Most importantly, he shows us that it is never too late to make these nutritional changes.

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  1. Lz_erk

    Hit and miss, but excellent [for 2006/2007?]. Wheat-, corn-, and soy-centric production has many effects. Non-IgE-mediated hypersensitivities and diseases like Celiac are a problem for some people, but an overtaxed pancreas is a problem as surely as an overtaxed liver. I wish he'd gone into cholesterol and sugar instead of the heap of fringe stuff. In my experience a real diet [varied legumes, vegetables, nuts, fruits, home cooking] helped with attention problems, Celiac disease, alcohol overuse, avoiding innumerable allergies, and something like the reactive hypoglycemia he's described, but I'm taking this lecture with a grain of MSG.

  2. rhianna

    there is so many half truths to this video... no firm studies that soy consumption prevents breast cancer & prostate cancer but there is firm evidence that it makes it grow faster... well thats simply untrue, do some research its all available.

  3. Megan Hantz

    Interesting that schizophrenia is related to allergies! My husband has Celiac disease, his paternal grandfather had schizophrenia and his mother has scoriosis (which I think is also related to gluten sensitivity). Gluten is very much related to neurological problems. Reading the book, "Grain Brain," ($7 on kindle!) and this lecture voices the same science.

  4. Rampage

    This is a top notch Lecture(Highly recommended to even my worst enemies). How did I miss this, it should be common knowledge! It makes me angry just thinking about all the pointless suffering related to poor diet, because of suppressed information and this horrible manipulation brought on by marketing tactics which was brought on by capitalism. Share this if you do nothing else in your short existence, having shared this lecture you will have made a difference. :D

  5. IdiosyncraticPneumatic

    This was absolutely mind opening/boggling if all these research results are accurate!! I cannot believe how much damage certain food stuffs, chemicals and metals are doing to us. I have watched a lot of great documentaries about the benefits of healthy food but this was the first that revealed the actual damage caused by certain elements. How is all of this being covered up around the world? Do major food corporations really have that much power and no sense of morality? It's shocking to think that all of what Blaylock said may be true! So much information is leading me to seriously consider a vegetarian or even vegan lifestyle, there's so much poison in processed food it's crazy to think we could even be becoming sick by corporations adding these poisons on purpose!! PARANOIA !!

    1. Will I Am

      They absolutely do. Unfortunately the current state of corporatism in America gives these companies carte Blanche. I remember some years back the FDA had "PSAs" saying that high fructose corn syrup is the equivalent of (cane) sugar. From that point on I realized I'd have to do my own nutritional research if I care at all about my health.

  6. Martinidorias

    Fantastic..This should be a MUST SEE for everyone

  7. Janis Paegle

    can you plz put more lectures like this ? rly good information, more facts and less drama!

  8. Stephanie Hachez

    If you're interested in the wheat connection that was made

  9. Paulette Commodore-Carter

    Just wow! I posted this on my facebook page needless to say, I will be changing some things in my diet!

  10. Dr_Barbara

    Is there any way of getting this lecture in hard copy? There was soooo much information that I would love to share with my clients!

  11. downundergal

    Great lecture. Easy to understand. Not going to eat or drink anything with Aspartame again!

  12. fasffeaf geamna

    good info and stats for all the retards who think its ok to eat junk food every now and then if your at a healthy weight.. don't people understand that every protein in our body is made up of the food we eat if we eat s***ty our body will be made of s*** and we will feel like s*** because were running on s***ty fuel. Go make a car out of s***ty material and then go fill it up on some s***ty fuel..

    COMMON SENSE PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!!!!! go throw out all your cheap s***ty food and go buy some organic local un processed food!

  13. LUCHO2020

    Very Good!! Prevention is the best medicine. It is possible to eat right: only when you are really hungry and only the amount necessary of mainly vegetables locally produced. Organic will be best or at leat clean or wash them fairly good with baking soda.

  14. bb

    fascinating doc. well-researched, straightforward, and informative.

  15. Juliana Brunello

    I am quite confused now... what the hell should I eat??? I wished there was something like dog food for humans. Just buy the pack and eat when you are hungry, get all the nutrients, and finito.

    1. Allan Levy

      "I wished there was something like dog food for humans. Just buy the pack and eat when you are hungry, get all the nutrients, and finito."

      And just exactly where did you learn that dog food was "good" for dogs?

    2. sknb

      It's called green, leafy vegetables and Flaxseed or Fish Oil.

  16. Little Tommy Cruise

    It's hard to know what to eat these days.

    1. Misa Amane

      True that.

    2. sknb

      Actually, it's not that hard to know.

      Get tested for deficiencies. Get tested for food allergies.
      Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, eat vegetables at every meal, avoid animal fats, eat healthy fats, and avoid sugar and salt.

      And never, ever, drink soda or give it to your children.

  17. apple

    It is all good advice, eating healthy and avoiding processed foods. but I'm a bit sceptical with the schizophrenia claim that elimination of foods containing gliadin and gluten ie bread/baked goods will turn patients back to normal? I have experience in this. I worked in mental health, studied nursing and have a schizophrenic uncle. We are an Asian family, we feed him home cooked meals and foods mainly vegetables and fruit. Western processed foods like burgers and chips are expensive where we come from, so we cook at home. His schizophrenia is environmental and genetic, but changing his diet will NOT return him to normal, despite graduating college with honours (cum laude).

    I would like to see the studies he was referring to. But he didn't give any details. of course.

    I'm just saying, be a little bit cautious and do your research. we are in the information age and bombardment of information is part of our times, even wrong or misleading ones (intended or otherwise).

  18. Jiffy Jeff

    Not being an academic I found the information somewhat overwhelming, but i listen because that man has such a great voice it just draws you in, dont you think? marvelous, thumbs up from me

  19. Casey

    Folks, this isn't groundbreaking. Every kind of food you eat has an effect, and in some cases a profound effect, on the way you feel. Information is good, but sometimes too much information can cloud your instinct - And what to eat is a matter of instinct, to a large extent.

    I have been on a partially raw (75% fresh fruit, 25% vegetable) diet for 2 years. Lots of herbs and delicious spices. No cartoned juices. No aerated drinks. No animal products except very little milk, yoghurt and honey. I mostly eat the pulpy parts of fruits, and flower parts of vegetables, very few roots and stems of plants. Oh yeah, and plenty seeds and nuts, and extra virgin oils (coconut and olive).

    Lets face it, most soil is depleted, and so I find the occasional supplement necessary to get a dose of all the missing minerals and nutrients.

    The decision to be on this diet is mostly instinctive, with very little focus on researches. And I feel much better than I used to ...

    Your instinct about what you should eat could be different from mine. The point of me posting this is that you think about how you feel when you eat something, not just how it tastes or fills you up. Read up on ayurveda and other ancient wisdom maybe to know what impact certain foods have on the way you feel.

    And this is a personal request ... whatever seeds you don't eat - please don't throw them in a bin. Please personally put them in the ground somewhere ... maybe some of them will die, and thus feed the one's that will grow into edible plants ... for something or someone to feed on ...


  20. Bar

    Not bad but i did know alot about this already. Most important for me is the sugar we give our kids when there young and also the need to get your thyroid checked before child bearing. I will remember this important information when the times come for me to want to have kids.

  21. abe

    Interested I ran into this documentary here, I just started reading this book that touches on the same things. "New Optimum Nutrition for The Mind" by Patrick Holford.

  22. OneManArmy

    Good and truthful theoretic content, but hyperactivity ( for example) hasn't been successfully associated with higher sugar intake. In fact, the majority of solid studies debunk that theory. This is not to say that higher sugar intake does not have its effects... of course it has, it's just that one of them is not hyperactivity in children.

  23. Twist

    I started looking into nutrition as an amateur to help beat depression. I reckon under stress we turn to booze, cigarettes and lots and lots of coffee, (with sugar) skip meals and consume junk food, and OH... how I LOVE sugar!!!
    My own humble research is (encouragingly) supported by this excellent video, and the change in diet has definitely had an impact on my health. (I am my own guinea pig)
    Alex, re. your question, I don't believe poor diet is just because of technology, some places are just short of any kind of food, far less good nutritious foods. Even in the midst of plenty the key is knowledge, knowing what to eat. We eat what we like, or what we were given by our parents.
    Often the "west" gets its cheap produce from poor countries where the land is given over to produce monocultured crops, like sugar cane, or pineapples or mangoes or bananas.

  24. just brousing

    This was a very interesting talk. Unfortunately I had to suffer alot from family members who had poor nutrition and ETOH consumption in seemed as though they had no conscience as to how they treated others. Nutrition, yes, is a factor, but they started out with not a good moral spirtual foundation to build on. It's complex to change that...when the morals issue is not there..forget reasoning with a diet. It would be a miracle if such types would listen to such a talk.

  25. Connie Howard

    I have been receiving Dr. Blaylocks' newsletters for the past couple of years. I have the DVD of this lecture and I never tire of watching it. I learn something new each time I view it. I also have his book Health and Nutrition Secrets that can save your life. It is a very in-depth helpful book. I grew up on a high fat, low nutrient, processed food diet. I have had so many positive changes in my health as I learn and apply the wisdom I have gained by following the advice given by Dr. Blaylock. I am very grateful for all the work and research he puts into learning about nutrition!

  26. Kathryn

    After watching this I'm really glad my mom was a "health food nut" who wouldn't let me have processed foods or anything with MSG, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors when I was growing up. I wasn't even allowed to have Cheerios because there was sugar in them, and unless it was a holiday the closest thing I got to soda was plain Calistoga water. I used to beg and plead and argue because I just wanted to have "normal" food like the other kids, but now I'm thankful she never gave in. I was an A student and very rarely sick but until I saw this lecture I never really attributed it to diet. Like Falcon said, there are certainly other factors, but diet is one of the easiest to control. Thanks Mom!

  27. Falcon

    Alex, of course good nutrition doesn't solve all problems, but it's the best way to stay healthy. There will still be diseases and there will always be a need for medicin. Many diseases can be avoided, like diabetes, if you avoid sugar and junk food, but others have nothing to do with nutrition. It's also clear that agression and other forms of behavior have a lot to do with blood sugar levels, but a psychopath will not change behavior because of a food change. Neither will all mental problems just disappear because of diet changes, but research does in fact suggest a connection there, and that should be researched further. Criminal acts because of hatred or social/economical reasons isn't something easily fixed with diet, but I do believe there would be less violence with better nutrition and less alcohol.

  28. Alex

    Good lecture, however I am wondering, if all the evils come from a industrialized and fast-food driven society, how is it that we have still all the criminal acts, cruelty, diseases in areas like Africa where fast food, MSG, HFCS and other stuff is almost abundant?

  29. Falcon

    Good for you Karenep! But don't be afraid of drinking real fruit juice, in moderation, it contains flavonoids which are strong antioxidants.

  30. Karenep

    Excellent presentation and I learnt a lot! It really shows the correlation between sugars and other stuff and behavior. I will change my diet habbits from now on proactively. I am going to give up on sodas completely (I don't drink this daily) and sweet drinks and drink water only (which I find hard to do) and foods that contains much sugar, msg (here we have lots of this in our sauces and foods), artificial sweeteners, food with dyes and basically all junk food. I don't need the occassional chocolates, cookies, pastries, chips!!! I am quite motivated to change my eating habits after viewing this documentary/presentation. I would rather have a great brain function than anything else!!!

  31. Ness

    Amazing! Good info. A good diet can really help control your children and prepare them for a better life. Childcare and husbandcare are full-time jobs!