Russia at War: Support or Resignation?

Russia at War: Support or Resignation?

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The film reports on how the war has changed Russia, and how people's lives have been affected by the conflict. The story is told through interviews with several Russians, including a young woman who is still protesting against Putin's regime despite pressure from the police, a worker at a Volkswagen factory who is benefiting from the production standstill, and a farm owner in the south who is supportive of the war and has two employees fighting in Ukraine.

The author also describes the impact of the war on civil society, with new laws being passed almost every day and independent media being shut down. Despite the government's efforts to silence dissent, some Russians are still finding ways to express their opinions, and the author suggests that civil society may yet prevail.

The journalist meets political activists, farmers, and ordinary people, all of whom seem to support Putin and the military intervention in Ukraine. It is difficult to get people to talk about the conflict, and many are afraid to do so.

Even though the conflict is going on, life in Russia seems relatively normal, with businesses and cafes still operating, although there is a sense of tension and unease. However, many Western companies have left Russia due to sanctions and the threat of a recession.

The documentary offers an interesting insight into life in Russia during a time of conflict and uncertainty, highlighting the difficulty of reporting on sensitive issues in a country where the media is tightly controlled and the government has a strong grip on power.

Directed by: Demian von Osten, Ulrike Brincker

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