Ryanair Caught Napping

Ryanair Caught NappingRyanair was founded in 1985 by Irish businessman Tony Ryan. It is Europe's largest low-cost carrier, operating 270 low-fare routes to 21 European countries.

Two Dispatches undercover reporters spent five months secretly filming Ryanair's training programme and onboard flights as members of the cabin crew.

The reporters reveal what really takes place behind the scenes: inadequate safety and security checks, dirty planes, exhausted cabin crew and pilots complaining about the number of hours they have to fly.

And watch Ryanair staff speaking frankly about their experiences and attitudes towards passengers.

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  1. Jacob

    Ryanairs safety record is exemplary considering the size of the company. Sensationalist nonsense no doubt backed by competitors. Every single airline in the world faces the same pressures to maintain standards.
    Bon Voyage to you all

  2. Europhobe29

    This is really pathetic. The best run airline in Europe. They do exactly what they say; fly you from point A to point B with certain conditions. If you are too stupid to read or just too bone idle then you deserve what you get. As for pilots moaning about how many hours they fly.. Get real, pilots at Ryanair, just like any other EASA airline are limited to 100 hour per month and 900 hours per year, that is until the limits are raised by EASA to 1000 hours per year. It is high time that these 'bus drivers' realised what it is that they do and cease the diva act.

  3. Ella

    Still better than Alitalia. Never had a problem flying Ryanair, but once on Alitalia my entire row of seats weren't bolted down and slid about when people shifted. I told crew and they rolled their eyes and said 'it's fine.' Rude staff exist with all airlines. I'm sure if you filmed any airline for this duration you'd see similar things.

  4. dublinio

    Caught napping? That's it?? I used to be cabin crew with one of the 'premium' (expensive) airlines based in the Middle East and believe me, I have seen colleagues fall asleep on their jumpseats over the years MANY times. You really think the crew on a fourteen hour flight from the Middle East to, say, Sydney don't get sleepy?? Dispatches could get this 'scoop' on ANY airline if they so wanted to....

  5. dublinio

    They could have made this documentary about any number of airlines. Ryanair complies with E.U safety directives and has a safety record better than most. 'Dispatches' thought this documentary would be a sure thing; a real shocker. They went for the jugular but got nothing, hence the overly dramatic and sensationalist style they use to try to recoup something from their 5 months of undercover 'effort'.

  6. Aldo Solari

    Government intervention is required urgently in the case of the "low cost" airlines which do such things.

  7. Liebewitz

    If Ryanair were doing anything other than follow clear Aviation directives, do the lame brains who write infra-not think their UK govenment would not intervene?
    Who is responsible for training staff
    St James Management Training Centre
    Woodside 2
    Bishops Stortford
    CM23 5RG ---where?

    Take it up too---with sharholders and Board..out of Cyprus. (Not an old Irish colony-I believe)

    The professional pilots are trained in Ireland;France; Germany; rest of Europe; USA; and the far East...and UK, (even those 2 who flirt with Mary Nash)

    For safety in aviation-qv rules FAA/IAA/CAA...for all airlines.

    Aside from the 'hatchet job' of prog producers;

    the camera hugging pilot flirting of Mary Nash and Charlie Smith; and employing UK citizens from UK bases....the 'oIRISH' seem fair game-for light entertainment mass pop TV,--still.

    Dispatches are unusually unfair.

    Maybe Easyjet. Monarch,et al, next time; even BM.

    re: comment on Southwest Airways below. They ARE the worst! Perhaps as they have been the template for budget airlines -it is a place to start the enquiry into low fare transport.
    All comments result from personal pain in forums like this. SW airlines cost me more than several previous trips, around the US.

    Less so, Ryanair. I have 'money' with them. I still flew point to point around the cultural delights of Europe at an average 50 euro. I couldn't do that, a generation ago.

    To La la below --don't overvalue yourself.

  8. Lisa_Anne

    Ok, am I the only one who see's how dangerous this airline is?????? It has been made very clear that this airline does not give a sh%t about the safety of it's passengers. Yes, you get what you pay for, but damn! Sorry but my life is worth more then a cheap airline ticket. Besides having a crew who is obviously not educated properly in any safety measurements, you have a dirty plane that could possibly contain deadly diseases. WOW! This company needs to be shut down!!!

    1. Europhobe29

      What? Before you rant such nonsense perhaps you should look at the facts. Ryanair has never had a single airline caused fatality (I don't know whether anyone has died of a heart attack) they follow ALL mandated safety measures, just like every other airline in Europe.

  9. Lee Thomas Barrett

    I don't really have a problem with this (other than the safety aspect), yeah its awful but then look at the prices the passengers pay. Ryan air makes very little money per customer so it has to cut corners, as long as safety is up to standard I don't care if its dirty or the underpaid cabin crew are rude. If people want to treat flying as a luxury service then pay luxury prices on BA flights.

  10. joe johnson

    get what u pay for, bus travel in the air. Only thing buses can pull off to the side of the road, planes can't. Remember Valu-jet that day is coming again. Then the public will be shocked...

  11. murff68

    i have used ryanair a few times and found the cabin crew very helpful, remember some flights have short turnarounds so regards to (dirty planes), if passengers would put there rubbish in the bins instead of leaving it all over the floor, makes me mad that people moan about dirty planes when they are the ones who cause it.

  12. MIchael22541

    Man I thought Southweat was bad, they are actually way better than Ryanair.

  13. Sarah

    Voting with your feet (i.e. not using RyanAir) is one slow and not very effective way of dealing with safety concerns. Far better to push for a proper and thorough investigation by the authorities.

  14. Graham

    I can't understand why this airline is still trading after all these revelations. They should be shut down.

  15. josephine

    I have met crew who use to work fo this airline and they said how horrible it is to work for them and told similar stories as shown in this video. On top of that this particular former crew said he did not get paid for the hours he worked.

  16. Andrew

    If you have a problem with Ryan Air, like I do, protest by simply NOT flying with them, and telling others you know not to give Ryan Air any more money.

    I have a passionate hatred for these crooks.. but I can only do so much.. and I figure not giving them my business is a good place to start.

  17. TonyEnzo

    Low prices shouldn't equal low safety standards.

  18. dave

    bloody sensationalism. for god sake when your time is up ,it's up. stop moaning and get on with it!

  19. Mr. Deschamps

    It's cheap service! What do people expect from such low prices? Good grief..!

    1. mike john

      at least a clean seat, a life jacket that works and someone who knows what the F*ck they're doing in an emergency.
      Being 30 odd thousand feet in the air is quite serious you know

  20. esmuziq


  21. suzanne

    I watched this in Australia and having been a former flight cabin attendant find this absolutely negligent. I have advised my daughter and all her friends who live in London never to fly this airline and to watch this documentary.

  22. Tim Osman

    jesus christ

  23. Jane

    The airline should be investigated further to ensure passenger safety!
    Mess is one thing but not providing thorough checks is a serious issue of concen.
    I have also had a bad experience when flying Ryanair and I woukd more than likely not use this airline again and not recommend friends and family.

  24. jayde

    Wow!!! Shocking!