The Sacred Science
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The Sacred Science

2011, Health  -   184 Comments
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A good friend of Nick Polizzi told him he had Parkinson's disease. He started trying to find out if there are any natural means to cure Parkinson's, because you can't do it with drugs. What he found is that if you trace the origins of western pharmaceuticals, over 25% of their active ingredients come from the Amazon rainforest.

And then he began to wonder what else is in the Amazon forest? There are over 44,000 species of plants and to his surprise he found out that only 1% of those 44,000 plants had been studied by scientists for their medicinal value. He reached out to a well known ethno-botanist, Mark Plotkin, who said "If we look at the Amazon rain forest as an encyclopedia of medicinal plants then the indigenous medicine men are certainly as index in table of contents."

On one of their preliminary research trips Nick met a man named Roman. When Roman was 12 years old he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. For ten years he tried every available conventional method to get rid of it, but nothing worked. At age 22 he said goodbye to his family and left for the Amazon jungle in search of a shaman to work with. Within 5 months all symptoms of his Crohn's disease were gone. Roman was given the option to stay and learn the ancient traditions of Amazonian shamanism. He had spent the last 10 years in the jungle working with indigenous medicine men and improving his craft.

What if Nick told you that your grandfather with pancreatic cancer, your daughter with clinical depression, or your wife with severe stomach adhesions have one final option that had not yet explored... but there's one catch - you need to leave everything behind. You'll be spending 30 days in seclusion, in the middle of nowhere, in a corner of the world that is home to a vanishing group of indigenous healers who reputed to have knowledge of undiscovered herbs and plants that are native only to the uncharted regions of the Amazon rainforest. In October of 2010, eight people from around the world chose this option. Five would come back with real results, two would come back disappointed, and one wouldn't come back at all. This is their story.

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5 years ago

Nonnee_related is a herbal plant....sacred ritual uses.

5 years ago

These people were filmed in October 2010. Melinda Lechter Elliott died of breast cancer October 30, 2011. This film was a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! As I watched the treatment of Melinda, in particular, I felt..that the shaman did not know enough to treat her. He kept seeking the woods for was hit or miss. I knew deep inside..she needed someone more experienced than the Shaman that tended to her. So sad! Breast cancer Can be healed these days with msny natural herbs .

6 years ago

I found this to be very interesting. I have no medical qualifications but what I do know is that our modern medicine can't seem to do anything except pump us full of poison no matter what your ailment is. This is an ancient way of life and it seems to be working for them. I enjoyed it and felt inspired. There are many different healers in this world other than our traditional medicine doctors. I forwarded this video many times. I loved the simplicity of it.

7 years ago

Interesting arguments on the pros & cons of this video. I'm curious what the qualifications are of anyone here making an argument. Doctor? Scientist?

7 years ago

They got one thing right and that's for sure! Sugar feeds cancer!

9 years ago

The sad truth of the matter most research in medicine are funded by pharmaceutical companies that own all the results, good and bad, and decide whether to publish them or not. Those researches funded by the government are strictly controlled by those in power whom will decide if anything that does not disrupt corporate profits be publish or stored away never to see the light of day. Every article in medical journals are funded in one way or another by drug companies and nothing will be allowed to publish if it does not advocate some maintenance medications or procedures pondered off by the corporations. "hard evidence" is a joke. How would you know if any of the evidence presented to you is real or fabricated to substantiate desired outcome? Even doctors themselves are fooled into believing what they are reading is fabricated and not real outcomes. All the medical research or medicines allowed to be used in the US are for the bottom line of pharmaceutical companies. To those individuals who think otherwise is beyond help.

9 years ago

It's really not about what you eat. A messed up mind can kill you just like poison can. I was a home health nurse. I recall three black female patients who were 100 y/o. They all had their minds and they could still get around pretty good, considering their age.

Richard Kaczmarczyk
9 years ago

This documentary is far from being completely truthful, thus, losing all credibility. Just do a search as to the size and location of the compound.

9 years ago

I wonder if the absence of wheat, dairy, fat, salt in the diet as well as the herbal wonders of the rainforest were all combined to result in the cures.
It's not impossible to imagine that the absence of 'stuff' that are poisoning us contributes to miraculous cures.
Just a thought.

Lauri Neva
9 years ago

It ended abruptly without any sort of resolution.

9 years ago

I did a little research and it's pretty revealing. The "center" which is supposed to be "deep into the jungle" or "in the middle of nowhere" or in the "heart of the Amazon" is none of the three. It is 30 miles from a major metropolitan area of 462,000 people. That is it is on the main paved highway which I followed on Google Earth. The highway is packed with suburbs, shopping centers, a swimming pool here and there - everything you'd expect on a major highway coming from a large city. The pdf I found put out by the center recommends a taxi from town or perhaps catch the bus which passes the main gate. The surrounding countryside appears to be farmland but it is definitely not jungle. The pdf also recommends taking your laundry into town to one of the many laundramats. The center is only 100 acres.

Enough of the deep dark jungle bulls**t.

And this ain't even the really good stuff I found.

9 years ago

Standard issue new age circle jerk.

9 years ago

I thought the subjects were very brave, going off to stay in the rain forest like that.
I'm way too chicken to do that! I could totally relate to Joe.
I'm much more at home in the Boreal Forest.

James Thomas
9 years ago

Wonderful subject; beautifully done. Certainly one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

Thank you, to everyone involved in this.

9 years ago

Good interesting documentary that gives many hope.