Sacred Spirit of Water

Sacred Spirit of Water

2013, Environment  -   14 Comments
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Water is a living organism, water is sacred, water is life, water is worth defending and protecting for those yet unborn. Rivers and lakes in Alberta don't stop at provincial borders. These rivers and lakes flow throughout Canada and the United States, therefore everyone will be affected by the ominous bills which have become law.

This means the previous 2.5 million lakes and rivers that were protected have been diminished to only 62 protected rivers and 97 lakes. If you enjoy the benefits of the Canadian outdoors, camping, canoeing, boating, fishing, for that matter clean drinking water, you need to ask yourself how will you be impacted by the sale of your water resources?

Treaties stand in the way of the federal government. Traditional treaty territories within Canada protect the natural resources and within these traditional territories the four legged, the winged, and those within the waters, all your relations, will no longer be protected, as well as your human rights.

The government has cut 186 million dollars from the First Nation water and waste water action plan and sunsetted the entire program. The government ignored the calls to provide the First Nations with the basic services other Canadians have become used to.

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  1. Jesse

    The war on water is a war on humanity. The evil destroying nature knows that if they lower the vibration of water it lowers your awareness. No need to fight with them. It's time to awaken the inner spirit. Meditate, pray, sing, dance with the intention of peace. You are more powerful than you can even begin to imagine. Research and adopt ancient symbols like the swaztika. Be deceived no more.

    1. Unknown


  2. akjota

    I just immigrated to Canada 3 years ago from Alaska. I was shocked to see how the indigenous peoples are being treated in Canada. Unfortunately they have little to no rights. If an oil or gas company wants to extract from their traditional lands, they have no say in the matter, and must also deal with all of the consequences. I went to my local elected official, Nicolas Simons-Member of Legislature, and he told me that Canada will not give the Indigenous peoples land title rights and settle the many long standing issues because it would mean that the government would have to admit they had made a mistake and then would have to apologize. Please be helpful and support the growing movement in Canada, Idle No More!

  3. New Pearce

    Unconscionable as a civilized society. Fracking is nothing short of premeditated MURDER to these people. Put them in Canadian FEMA camps on these sites and let them drink the water.


      Fracking is murder to everyone - nothing beneath the earth is static. Everything is moving. Maybe it is moving slowly, but it is still moving... and gravity sends it all down hill.

      In the US, take a look at the location of DC. All of the toxins from mountain top removal and fracking the Marcellus Shale are heading into the Appalachian coastal basin aquifers where DC is located. Their city pipes are lead/copper and corroded. They probably flouridate. More proof positive that our political structure is managed by some of the dumbest people on the planet.

  4. CapnCanard

    The real issue is capitalism. Capitalism will eviscerate your mother or your child and rationalize it as an economic benefit for all.

    1. Arthur Brooks


    2. Vitt

      Don't fall for that BS. Capitalism isn't the problem. Just as with anything, it is the TYPE of Capitalism the masses have allowed.

      What you see today is a huge form of crony capitalism. It isn't even close to actual free market capitalism. Very different.

      So what? Do you want to fall for the Venus project propaganda? I did for a while until critical thinking skills allowed me to realize that the same problem will still occur. Instead of people working to control the monetary system, they will work to control the resources. Same problem. Nothing solved.

  5. southab403

    WHAT ominous bills have been signed into law are you talking about?
    What sale of water rights have happened without anybody hearing about them?
    I hadn't realized that there was a First Nation fresh water and waste water action plan in place, but surely you realize that that would entail fresh water treatment plants, massive infrastructure with pipes, sewer lines, waste water facilities, settling ponds and other such eye-sores that you are expounding against.
    This documentary doesn't have a cohesive message. If you are insisting that reserves have all the convenience of fresh and waste water that most other Canadians have, but refuse to allow development along the lakes and rivers, then you are asking for the impossible and it's no wonder the government dropped the plan.
    However, there are sustainable solutions being tried out with success in numerous places, but they are people driven. With modern technology combined with respect for the environment and understanding of the cycles of nature, it's possible for hard working communities to enhance their resources to the point where they are almost totally self sustaining.
    It takes a message, a goal and the will of the people..... not government.

    1. Tobias MacRobie

      I think it is a romantic approach, a measure of essential rights. This problem is framed in a way that sets the needs of the growing many consumers against the traditional ways of old. It goes without saying, that our systems are based on accommodating the majorities. Somehow, this determines what is right, what is needed. What this video really suggests is that the wasteful growth and expansion is exactly what is NOT needed. Just another spin on the tragedy of the commons, a sense of entitlement to those commons, except one side presented in this video is looking at the costs, under the assumption that the expansive population is not considering those costs. Those costs are likely not economic, but rather essential. So to argue the point based on systematic policy according to growth practice is rather moot. It is not cohesive, nor adaptive.

      I for one appreciate the native sentiments, and in many ways, I envy them. I have learned a great deal from the wisdom of the various tribes, for they know the lands. My history is young, my knowledge is academic more than existential. I lack knowledge of the once-ways, but I do my best to understand. Likewise, I understand the methodical approach you use, Southab. The course is set, it seems best to deal with that direction rather than oppose such actions because someone is unhappy with the direction of things that have led to those actions.

      It will take a tragedy to motivate political sentiments, this video is just a note of caution: that there are indications that such a tragedy may be on its way.

  6. Khalid Masood

    Sacred Spirit of Time: Time is sacred. Time is life. There is no water, no living, no universe and nothing without time.
    Khalid Masood

    1. CapnCanard

      Time is movement and movement is time. There is not really any special about time. It is just movement. I believe the real mystery is consciousness.

    2. jo

      do not worry my frnd they will be back..i wish not to be on earth wen they return.. they will be back soon

  7. megatron_mcdaniels

    Water, who needs it...oh