SAS Survival Secrets

SAS Survival Secrets

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SAS Survival SecretsFrom surviving torture to storming a hostage situation, SAS Survival Secrets presents a fascinating look into covert operating techniques and strategies needed to survive the world's toughest and most respected military force.

Former SAS Sergeant Eddie Stone and his team of former soldiers guide viewers through a variety of SAS-style operations.

We all know they're the most skilled, experienced and feared crack fighting force in the world.

But do you actually know how the SAS put the 'dare' in the 'win'?

Join former SAS Sergeant Eddie Stone as he reveals the covert techniques and rigorous training regimes that enable the boys to survive even in the very toughest of combat situations.

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  1. blabla

    Go home everyone.

  2. Soeren W

    I would always respect those kind of service man/woman, that give so much to defend people in our different countrys. It dosn' matter if you are from the middle east or westen europa, africa or america or what ever. These people protect us in one way or the other. I recognize the need for forces, like i recognize the police and there bye law and order.
    To offer your life to protect others, must be the ultimate act of courageous behavior.
    A stupid drunk driver is a killer on wheels. We should all hate them if any?

  3. miriam

    With all due respect, how many civvies watching SAS Survival secrets anticipate being tortured or interrogated? Good info, but I think going to Mr. Stones team building survival school in Scotland would be a better investment of time and money..

  4. MarthaNan Bonelli

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  5. Don

    As a young marine in VietNam I volunteered for Combine Action Program basically this was a unit of about 10 marines who trained peasant villagers in weapons and tactics to defend themselves from the VC. We lived in the villages with them and were responsible for a designated area to patrol. We ran 3 man patrols one marine with an M60 machine gun, radio operator and an automatic rifleman. 111MAF sent some of us to be trained by the Australian SAS in jungle survival and tactics. These 2 SAS NCO's stayed out in the bush for weeks at a time taking with them more ammo that food because they lived off the jungle. These were the toughest MF's I'd ever seen in my life dedicated to the profession of soldiering hard and in 2 weeks we learned a lot. It is indeed an honor to be accepted into such an exclusive band of brothers and these men are as close to being called supermen as any other. They have a code of honor that proves that they are men of integrity for professional soldiers never rape or kill someone who is not trying to kill them. These guys were not only formidable jungle fighters but can put down anyone in a beer drinking contest. That training they gave us paid off because the top brass not believing that the NVA were on their way in force got the message when one of our patrols counted thousands, they were so close that our guys said sweat was popping off their foreheads like new made money. They gave us orders to go roving patrols with no fortified compound like we had before we would be quickly over ran. They tracked us on the move but with what the SAS taught us we'd circumvent their moves and come up from behind them with a surprise, we'd caught a whole company in a rest area and ended their rest by calling in an air strike on them. It was these SAS that taught us how to use the jungle to our advantage in tactics. I'm glad they are on our side.

  6. Dag_Sabot

    Wow They should send these guys to Afghanistan with their giant back packs! War would be over in no time!

  7. Greg_Mc

    Just finished part 1 the doc isnt what I thought it would be like ( not truly sure what I was expecting to see lol) and while it is a bit slow it is informative and I will watch the rest later because while I personally dont think I posses the balls to be a soldier and go to war (and luckily I am too old to ever find out for sure) I have huge respect and am in awe of those that do. Especially at the level of special forces like the SAS, what these guys are capable of is amazing

  8. beauregard

    Too bad the uploader bailed out before I could watch the last segment. This is an excellent doc. It might seem 'shallow' to those who have no experience in combat arms. But the rest of us think it's very deep. Try going through battle school before you criticize.

  9. Glen


  10. S.C.L.

    hmmm .. a bit shallow etcetera but I guess you can understand it considering the name of the game and the audience.

    Anyhow, RIP to all victims of wars, including Paul McAleese, the son of John "the first man on the balcony" McAleese.

    Brilliant website btw.

  11. Andrew

    Justin_n_IL <--- self righteous narrow minded people like this guy are just internet heroes. When thing goes bad he'll be one begging for mercy from the enemy, me i rather die fighting. O and all those people complaining soldiers are puppets of corporation and governments, then do something about it, you are the one buying products from these corporations, you voted for the people in governments.Don't like it? get on the street and do something then. Soldiers follow orders some good some bad, but pretty sure this is why drop out rates are high because they still human. So all you self righteous people stop the whinge binge and do something if don't like what's around you, oh wait let see you're too busy with your facebook and social issues yea?, life is too busy you cant miss your morning coffee o and cant be late for work right because you afraid you'll get fired and won't have money to get the next iphone.

  12. mike

    Wars are started and fought over a lot of different reasons, some good but mostly bad. I have nothing but respect for the people in any military as long as their heart is in the right place. Where I run into problems is when politician use patriotism and human ignorance as a weapon for greed. These examples are far too easy to find and it's not just people like the Nazi's or the North Koreans. I believe we are all too blame for this greed and need to make some fundamental changes to the way we govern ourselves. I just want to end with, as long as your rights don't infringe on other's then you should have every right to continue with that life style. In today's society war is necessary but I don't understand why we shouldn't try and change this for the better.

  13. Son Of Scotland

    Its Funny To Hear Scotsman Tryin There Hardest To Speak Clear English

  14. gero2006

    I enjoyed this. I especially enjoyed the fact Eddie Stone looks like Captain Kirk.

  15. Enzo

    massive respect to these guys. the level of training and commitment taken to reach such heights is amazing.

  16. Ben


    I am surprised you keep trying to debate. It's like you are "trolling". These are men who believe without any doubt they are doing good, and by that, they are good men. They have trained hard, and should be respected as a human being for much more than that; but there is mischief at work around the world today.


    My opinion:
    These videos are how to survive in a combat situation, but they acted out attacks over and over; that's really not how I plan to survive a military takeover, though basic survival was still portrayed. Cheap videos, good to fall asleep to, and a lot of propaganda behind heroism.

    I watched these videos in order to gain knowledge for upcoming events. Some of you probably know what I'm talking about, then there are those who still firmly believe wars are somehow fought for peace and not control. The world will one day see the obviousness of the truth, that you are all just images of that truth. There is a great deception to the overall awareness to this truth that cannot sustain itself for much longer. Through a series of events your mind will either wake or sleep forever. This is not religious, this is spiritual; you do not even have to believe, just be.

    If you want to learn, quit the denial stage and research the real truth behind 9/11. Don't be afraid of what you might stumble upon, it's just a white rabbit's hole.

    <3 from an Indigo Child.

  17. Peter

    I agree with you in general, these guys are invaluable in many ways. And just like samurais or viking warriors did, they too should get some respect for their devotion to their skills because even if they are ruthless or not, they aren´t doing any of these things for their own selfish purpose. However I must say that according to their own operational standards they are obliged to prevent civilians from exposing them if that would mean their mission would be jeopardized. Even if that meant killing them, which is clearly stated in the book "Bravo 2-0" written by Andy McNab who you referred to earlier.

  18. Tim Osman

    I can't believe they bag their own sh**. That's dedication to the cause.

  19. Bodd

    @ChristPuncher - The majority of what your saying is right and epic however your making one crutial mistake, Caring. Why do you give a shit or waste your seemingly valuable time addressing numb nuts on the internet box.

    Relax, if you really feel the need to get up and let people know they are wrong i would suggest writing a book or blogging becuase this medium is not going to work. People will argue with you even if they agree, its the american way.

    The scariest part of this doc is thinking that in "2012" or whenever shit starts hitting the fan, these highly trained gentlemen may just be coming after you and me. BROTHERS AND SISTERS, GET YOUR GUNS AND START DOING PUSHUPS!

  20. Scott

    And in my view it doesn't really have that rah-rah meathead mentality to it at all. Maybe from the narrator but not the SAS guys. Just seems honest to me.

  21. Scott

    Look, I'm definitely not pro-war, but this series is really interesting.

  22. Dillon

    All of you dumbies are so quick to criticize that you all don t even think about the honor there is in being part of the SAS and serving your country as an SAS soldier .My life's dream is to join the SAS and train with the world's greatest soldiers and don't even talk about bear grills because if you watch his show as much as i do you'll see the amount of skills that he has attained from the SAS

    1. Bakeaked

      ..... bear grills gave himself chollora by drinking water full of sedement because he jumped into a river and then collected water using no purification. he also sleeps at hotels whilst filming, and broke his back doing a "action man" jump out of a helicopter. in short hes a muppet who the SAS had to released a statement 5 years ago saying he is not using SAS techniques in his filming ( released after an episode in the snow where he bounds about like a tit using 60% more energy required tan necessary) he is no survival expert just a good prop for the TV. Ray Mears is the Godfather of survival, and bear grylls called himself bear cos hes so cool.... nuff said.

    2. Don

      Thanks I left Bear alone when he took that elephant s*** and squeezed it for water into his mouth.

  23. Dillon

    All of you are so quick to criticize that you all don t even think about the honor there is in being part of the SAS and serving your country as an SAS soldier. My life's dream is to join the SAS and train with the world's greatest soldiers and don't even talk about bear grills because if you watch his show as much as i do you'll see the amount of skills that he has attained from the SAS

  24. Skeptik

    Later on when talking about land mines, you can hear the disgust they have for these indiscriminant weapons. One SAS soldier was put on a gagging order after a v. convincing anti- war speach he gave a couple of years ago. Many ex- SAS either drink themselves to death or commit suicicde. Dont sound like the NWO robots some would suggest. I bet the SAS cause far less collateral damage than your avereage infantry.

  25. Pacha

    When the sh1t hits the fan Kitt I hope someone comes to kill me quick.
    I used to think it was all about survival but if the world's going to be full of redneck morons roaming around with guns I think I prefer to be dead.

  26. Kitt

    Look, I used to be a big liberal and thought like juju, I grew a bit older and woke up. War is and has always been a necessary thing throughout history. It's only in the 20th century thru the brainwashing ideas of liberals and peacenicks that this idea of a non-violent, weapon, soldier free world has been introduced. This is total garbage. And juju let me remind you that if an all out war broke out and you were in a danger you would be begging on your hands and knees for an armed soldier to protect you. You don't need to like the military, you don't have to respect soldiers, but trust me when the S hits the fan you'll be glad they were there.

    1. Nallidge

      wow! war is a necessary evil!?! the idea is everybody needs to stop going along with the military industrial complex! we do not need war! its is not in our nature it is added to our nature and in case you haven't noticed, nature isn't doing well! every great military power of the past has come and gone no matter how big or bad their armies were. you can't expect good to come from bad! ghandi took over a country without a shot fired! to say that war is necessary is same old hat and it ain't working. i know americans feel they need to justify their overwhelmingly agressive approach to world policing, but as a canadian who sees this corporate nightmare infiltrating my own government with the purchase of lockheed martin jets without public approval just good lobbying i am disheartened! i don't believe we should cold turkey weapons, we need to ween. a moritorium on "future weapons of war" and a switch to "future tools of progress". defense is always needed in an agressive war like world but i bet if we shut down lobbying and weapons production with a focus on retraining soldiers for army corp of engineers and fix our crumbling infrastructure at home we could . i pray Kitt that you see killing people is and should be the very last option not the preemptive first option! most who believe in war believe in God and if you read his good book he says that "they will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword against nation neither will they learn war anymore!"- Isaiah 2:4

  27. the boogan

    yeah man. stop trading. god.

  28. Justin_n_IL

    I see Chicken Puncher was a military man. Big woopidy doo. You did the bidding for the powers that be. How awesome. You f****** trader.

  29. Justin_n_IL

    You fools. The bad guys are the corporations, bankers, and politicians. They work for them. Not you. Your ignorance is amazing.

  30. Justin_n_IL

    Dear Chicken Puncher,


    Lick the boots of killers. Your ignorance is blatant.

  31. Pacha

    You think about soldiers when you're having sex?
    That's pretty freaky dude.

  32. Yisrael

    Respect for the uniformed men.These guys are the best,professionals.So you guys lets hav respect for them,whenever you are sleeping,eating ,having sex or whatever they are the one looking after ur a#s,keeping u safe from the bad guys. RESPECT SOLDIERS!!!!.

  33. D-K

    Aww... I was expecting Bear to bite the head of a snake or something...

    Still pretty interesting though

  34. Thanksfull

    * I love this documentary.

    * I RESPECT and THANKSFULL to any member of the S.A.S, US Navy Seal, S.W.A.T, or any special forces.

    * They are HEROS because they are WILLING to sacrifice themselves to serve and protect their contries (or even their "clients" in case working as a BodyGuard).

  35. tracy

    yeah... I really want to watch this... khak.

  36. ChristPuncher

    And you are right, i definitely got head of myself when i said

    "Funny you should call me Kid, when i’m probably the most experienced member of the site to be talking on this subject, and You still live in your parents basement"

    Just got pissed off when these CNN watchers just start calling anyone with a uniform on a murderer. I do believe that there are people on here with at least the same, if not more military experience than i, so i apologize if i offended any hardcore Vets of war.

    Yes there are psychos in the military who just love to kill things...i do not support them. Who i do support are these hard bastards who storm buildings regularily to rescue their own countrymen from gunpoint. him a killer, but he has used his skills for good! To say they all do, would be wrong, yes, to say they all are just killers without remorse, is also wrong. But because of the adolf hitlers of this world, we need men like this, and we need to keep them well practiced!

  37. ChristPuncher

    And it seems you mis-interpret almost everything i say...when did i claim i knew the feelings of all soldiers? That was you claiming they all kill without remorse...i said you are WRONG, because i feel remorse.

    You have turned this into a personal attack, other than a discussion about the are just out to start trouble, nothing more. And thats what youll end up with one day...more trouble than you can deal with. Good luck to you, and i hope one day, maybe your parents can finally afford that basement :P

  38. ChristPuncher

    I just read the report in which you speak of. 3 different versions.

    "The September 19 arrest of two undercover Special Air Service officers in Basra, traveling in an unmarked car containing weapons and explosives, has led to numerous accusations that they were acting as agents provocateurs.

    The BBC reported that the SAS men’s car contained “weapons, explosives and communications gear,” before claiming that these were “standard kit for British special forces.”

    And clearly, i know not everyone in a uniform should be supported, there are a lot of a--holes in the military...but you didnt bring up the brought up the military as a whole. You generalized them all as nothing more than trained killers. They are humans, they have families, and they are men of action, for the most part fighting for what they believe in.

    This is what you are going on? a bunch of special forces kit found in the car of undercover special forces members? you are joking right? These are not facts, these are accusations.

    And i should have just sighed and walked away? Wrong, thats what civilians do when they see something disgusting happen, i refuse to stand by and have ignorant highschool kids, whos parents cant even afford a basement, criticize something they know very little get all your information off CNN or BBC, how well informed could you possibly be?

    Funny how you should say the drop out rate would be are right...its well over 90% in the SAS. that is what we are talking about, arent we?

  39. kain

    christ puncher - it was sept 19th 2005 - you where right, it was basra- no that was not andy mcnab - and tbh i highly doubt you honesty when you say you have the most experience here - otherwise you would have done the utmost mature thing - looked - sighed - got on with something useful, instead you sit here posting comment after comment being a belligerent POS
    oh, and no, my parents dont have a basement but im sure you were clearly aware of that fact, along with your clear knowledge of every single soldier and how they all have remorse for their kills, and how training and experience clearly doesnt make them become inhuman.... seriously - get out in the world - if that was the case military drop out rate would be immense and its not a question of inhumanity, its the ability have the correct state of mind, call it professionalism, objective thinking or call it inhumanity, whatever you choose to call it, it can easily be obtained through correct training and mental attitude.

  40. ChristPuncher

    @ marble

    this is what you are talking about, when i made this comment?

    ChristPuncher05/13/2010 at 20:44

    I’m sorry Kain, my first hand experience says you are wrong. I have a lot of remorse for the things i did throughout my career. The mission in which you were reffering to was in 1991, where the attack was carried out on a communications tower, not civilians. there is no possible way you have any more info on the subject than anyone else to date. It was not Iran, it was in Basra on the Syrian border, The SAS member name was Andy Mcnab. They were NOT killing civilians, where did you hear this? Closest incident i can think of was the american blackwater incident"

    well i think you had better re-read it, because i had never once claimed to have taken part in that mission, or any other mission in 1991 for that matter. I have never been to Basra, i have never been to Syria, and i have never claimed to be. i merely said i have remorse for the things i have done throughout my military career (which is not with the SAS, if thats what you are getting at?) i openly admit i would epicly fail their training regime.

    What i do have is first hand experience about how soldiers feel about taking the life of another enemy combatant, and i can assure you, no one kills without remorse. That would be inhuman, and these men are just as human as the next man.

  41. marble party

    ChristPuncher is a phony 14 year old kid. You're not fooling anyone about your "mission" in 1991 that you "regret". jackass.

  42. ChristPuncher

    Best advice ive heard all day...theres 7 hours of nifty footage to be viewed, by those who are interested in the military lifestyle. It's not for everyone, but i wouldnt choose any other lifestyle if i had the choice. Pure excitement, crazy adventure, Stay alert, and keep safe our uniformed protectors of the night ! :P

  43. Randy McFab

    Settle down kids and let the grownups talk..

  44. ChristPuncher

    And thats funny you speak of the terror and misery to come in the global collapse. ou'd rely on them more than ever if that ever happened, believe me. If the economy collapsed, and socety went with it, it'd be these soldiers that adapt to it the easist, where you'd be dead from internet withdrawl in a matter of weeks if you could manage to feed yourself for that long.

    You'll be the first to bow down and ask to be saved by someone who knows what they are actually doing!

  45. ChristPuncher

    You know what, you are absolutely right. i dont even know why we were arguing..they are killers, some of the biggest, best, badass killers there are, and proud to hold the title. Thanks to their amazing killing skills you arent wearing a nice little swastika on your school uniform, i bet your crushed, you nazi punk. Whats he matter? these guys wipe out your blonde haired blue eyed facist grandparents? You have my deepest sympathy, you ignorant tool.

  46. Justin_n_IL

    Respect killers in waiting? How noble.

  47. Justin_n_IL

    Chicken Puncher,

    You will be the first to bow down to the ever growing global police state via the coming global collapse. Lick them boots you patriot(NOT)

  48. Pacha

    My favourite comment of the day :)
    --- Funny you should call me Kid, when i’m probably the most experienced member of the site to be talking on this subject, and You still live in your parents basement.

  49. ChristPuncher

    oh and also Kain "This is a docu on surviving in enemy territory whilst information gathering"

    Thats was only the first out of 7 about you finish watching the series before you comment?

  50. ChristPuncher

    I'm sorry Kain, my first hand experience says you are wrong. I have a lot of remorse for the things i did throughout my career. The mission in which you were reffering to was in 1991, where the attack was carried out on a communications tower, not civilians. there is no possible way you have any more info on the subject than anyone else to date. It was not Iran, it was in Basra on the Syrian border, The SAS member name was Andy Mcnab. They were NOT killing civilians, where did you hear this? Closest incident i can think of was the american blackwater incident.

    Funny you should call me Kid, when i'm probably the most experienced member of the site to be talking on this subject, and You still live in your parents basement.

  51. kain

    This is a docu on surviving in enemy territory whilst information gathering. i agree that the institution as a whole is fubar, but that doesnt give the right to make personal attacks on the people involved/abused in such an institution.
    -bill hicks was wrong, they arnt hero's when they kill, they hero's when they GET killed - sad but true.

    and no, christpuncher, they are trained killers, they are trained to kill without remorse, they may have valued human life at one time in their lifes, but not while they work - otherwise we wouldnt have had SAS being held captive (in iran i believe just before the iraq war - id like to point out they were captured as they were driving through a country dressed as arabs on a drive by with AK-47's (killing random civilians), this was of course one of the many black-ops they may be called upon to do, not to say their all heartless bsatards, but they are trained to be- so have no illusions kid

  52. Lemon

    Christpuncher....... you are 100% right.

    Even if you dont believe in the job these guys do..... you MUSt have respect in thier skill/training and heart.

    They have reached levels of fitness and mental awareness that most civilians only dream of.

  53. ChristPuncher

    Eire couldnt have said it better. These guys arent your standard trigger happy grunts, they are usually utilized to save lives. It seems far fetched i know, but one day, they might even save yours. Directly, or indirectly...You'll never know...they'll never get the credit, but they'll do it anyway, even if you are this ignorant to their face. After being what they've been through, they quickly realize the importance of a single human life, and would never consider wasting one, if they had any other choice.

  54. ChristPuncher

    Snap, yer right...i now remember thinking to myself "im suprised he didnt die of a drug overdose" The man was fueled by the stuff. But now that thats cleared up, its still irrelevant, cause Bill Hicks was no Role model :P R.I.P you hilarious young ba*****.

  55. eireannach666

    So , are you people saying , that you would be happier if the SAS , US Navy Seals etc, didnt exist?

    These guys are highly trained and elite combat forces.Best of the best.Special forces have been a major force in keeping the peace,not just militarily but also politicallyBy working on the ground, front lines in joint with the political and military leaders of the countries in which they are present. Also training these countries' sloppy forces to handle themselves against invaders and terrorists so that we wont have to get envolved in their feuds and cival wars, meaning less deaths for us.Not to mention the mass numbers of liberated POW camps, political prisoners rescued , and hostages saved due to the kinds of black and covert operations that only these kind of guys can undertake.

    Im just saying , its a dirty job but someone has to do it. I am in no way condoning murder,but sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Most Special forces guys dont want to kill, in fact they are trained to minimize casualties not cause them. They normally are able to complete their objectves without even being seen and wont fire unless engaged by the enemy. These guys are not killers but soilders, just like your brothers , sisters , parents an children and deserve the upmost respect.Violence should never be the first option , but sometimes is the only option. If it were not for the armed forces fighting for you, you wouldn't be the now with the right to free speach being able to say such things,

    If you are against war and violence , hows about trying to find another solution. Somtimes there isnt one , but Im sure your local government and military leaders would be intrested in your ideas if you have any. War has always plagued this world. Not even the smartest people ever have been able to make world peace a worldwide reality. Until then we need the military and guys like this to do what we cannot.
    I dont see any of you signing up to defend your freedom , whether be it politically or by joining the military . We should all try to offer a solution to the problems that face us if we care enough about them to complain or judge. Otherwise we accomplish nothing with our words which are more powerful than a thousand guns.

    Go hug a tree.Slainte.

  56. Bobby D

    @CP: Bill Hick's didn't die of an overdose, he died of pancreatic cancer.

  57. ChristPuncher

    Oh yeah? Thats funny...cause not only did he serve in the regiment, he was the lone author of the modern SAS survival handbook, which he wrote while he was a patrolling field medic. Not to mention he climbed mount Everest when he was old were you when you got to the top? Work on your resume before you start trashing other peoples work history.

    And of course SOME soldiers have problems with substance abuse. They are only humans, going through some miserable times on a regular basis. My problem is with the alcoholics who DONT work, or contribute anything to society. I take it you fall into that category Marko, seems the only thing you are capable of contributing, are lame comments.

  58. Marko

    Washed up alcoholic ex soldiers makin some bucks, just like that bear grills clown whos never been in the regiment!

  59. ChristPuncher

    Funny, im the Fool? its you guys who mis-interpreted the entire documentary...they dont teach you how to be a killer, its about survival, something that the S.A.S have been masters in since they formed back in the dirty 30's.

    And it really doesnt help you very much to know any of these things unless you practice them regularly, and train your body to be able to handle such stress. In other words, go ahead and try...theres a reason theres only a 5% passing rate. Everything that was shown here has been declassified information since the late 80's since they offered to train most of the other worlds anti-terrorism spec-ops units. Screw queen and country, these are some Bad ass mofos, and i hold them in much higher regard than any of you, so save your comments, you un-educated hillbilly's.

    And justin, i think you need to take an intarweb break, the matrix has fried your brain, nerd.

  60. Pacha

    I agree juju man.
    I'm sick of hearing about all these mugs who died for queen and empire.

  61. Justin_n_IL

    Sorry Chicken Puncher but you are a fool. Obviously you chose the blue pill.

  62. normal

    Well they arn't secrets now, so all you terrorists in training just help yourselves to some training videos.
    I can never understand the reasoning behind things like this.
    It's like the cop shows helping the criminals by showing them what they do in different situations.
    Why do you think that criminals are getting smarter...

  63. ChristPuncher

    Theres killers everywhere in the world, people, animals, insects. These "killers" you speak of excercise extreme discipline, and train rigorously everyday to make sure that their skills are put to a good and honest use, or at the very least for what they believe in. I thank god people like that exist to keep the world a safer place.

    I'm not by any means saying that by wearing a uniform, you are automatically a hero, but for all the good these guys have done throughout the past, perhaps you should give them the fear and respect they deserve!

    And if Bill hicks was such a genius, than why's he dead? :D Cause he made a load of bad decisions, go ahead and listen to him if you really want, The biggest thing he has ever accomplished was a drug overdose...what a waste of skin.

  64. juju man

    as bill hicks said, theyre hired killers
    they are now named 'heroes' by the media to suggest that killing is heroic?!
    killers would be accurate