Satan: Prince of Darkness

Satan: Prince of Darkness

1998, Religion  -   109 Comments
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Satan: Prince Of DarknessSatan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, the Devil... known by many names, he was the once-favorite angel who fell from grace. Cast out from Heaven, he became mankind's tormentor, vowing to destroy the creation of his former master.

From the Biblical tale of his fall to the incredible stories of those who believe they have crossed his path, join BIOGRAPHY® for a chilling journey through the long and legendary history of Satan.

Scholars, historical experts, and theologians examine classic paintings, academic texts, and modern movies for an unprecedented look at the many ways Satan has been portrayed throughout the centuries.

Satan: Prince Of Darkness paints the ultimate portrait of the face of evil, and reveals how over millennia the Devil has come to personify mankind's greatest fears.

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  1. i was looking for a video that will lull me to sleep and i found a good one

  2. Satan also he is a visitor on this World. He was in heaven before he rebelled against the creator God. He is just doing things out of anger to frustrate God. He is trying to build his own Kingdom to be worshiped, adored and to be praised that is why is trying to run here and there like a mad dog to confuse a God's people with money so that they should praise and worship him. be aware the devil is chasing after you just to make sure that you shouldn't enjoy the blessings from the above and be the slave to him.

    1. why doesnt god just get rid of the devil?

  3. people we think that to be the side of Satan which means things will be better for us. but what we should know is that Satan himself is not a creator he steals our talent to use us. wealth is just there to sustain our lives not save us. if money was to save, or rich people who are died they could have managed to save themselves death. Lets fear God who is creator of heaven and earth.

  4. well when i asked god for help nothing would happen when i asked the prince of darkness for help the help would happen so two months ago i gave my sole to him if there are any more people who follow let me know

    1. Hahahaha

    2. Please turn back to God. Just because he doesn't respond doesn't mean he cares for you. He probably blessed you in another way. God really doesn't want you to go to hell. He loves you and cares for you and your soul. I will pray for you. Even though I don't know you. But God above does.

    3. It's a shame you sold your sole, I'm surprised the morning star took it considering it is a cheap fish.

    4. she or he (sorry it just says Guest) sold his or her SOUL ... he or she didnt sell the bottom of her shoe.

  5. This documentary is completely the polar opposite of the other History of the Devil on here. Don't waste your time with this one. There is no historical references here- it's based on older medieval traditions created by the church, which of course is the laymen version that many people believe today. Two thumbs down for this doc, sorry!

  6. It's amusing how religious people remain without a word and don't even bother to contribute on this type of documentaries/debates.


    Because they've been brainwashed by religion and they don't have any proof to back up their claims. I intend no offense to anyone it's the purely the truth and nothing else.

    1. It is because we do not waste our time with the understandings of men who follow their traditions and not the word of God. Look at your life, with your smartphone, music, movies and so on and tell me truthfully, who is the one that has been brainwashed here?

  7. there is a god and devil
    just look inthe mirror

  8. This is a trite and wholly simplistic biography of the origins of Satan. Not only that but its references are not credible. For example, there is no proof that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was Satan. It was not until the latter books of the New Testament simply alluded to this that it was commonly considered to be the case. Also, referring to the Book of Revelations as a means of deciphering the initial battle of heaven is completely erroneous; it is the end of the New Testament and deals only with the end of the times according to the Apostle John. This documentary is obnoxious, ignorant, and a waste of time.

    1. Revelations is not just about the end of time. Just because it's at the end of the Bible does not mean it only deals with end times. The war in heaven described in Revelation happened before Adam and Eve were ever created.

  9. If Jesus died for all sin I guess it gets pretty lonely in hell =/

  10. Trent and others; consider this concept.. What is darkness but merely an absence of light..
    Do i really need to explain this further or can you now see the sense in the below argument

    1. Cold is not a true attribute in and of itself. Heat is the "ground of being" in this metaphor. Both hot and cold are subjective measurements up & down, base-lined on 98.6 F. degrees. When an air conditioner is cooling it isn't bringing 'coldness' inside, it's moving heat out. Likewise when that same unit is warming the room, it IS moving heat in. There really isn't any such thing as "cold". It is a dualistic reference in a world comfortable with dualism---but in reality, dualism is an illusion. There is only One thing, no matter what form it takes---temperature, illumination, love, Godhead. All else is a reference to the shifting values within 'wholism'. There is no actual "thing" called cold, darkness, hate, the devil... they are concessions to the illusion of dualism.

  11. "that makes no sense you believe in God, but you don't believe in Satan"
    I agree.

    1 Chronicles 21:1: And Satan stood up against Israel and provoked David to number Israel.

  12. i think the begining of this doc is totaly wrong, loock rather on the truth about the devil, it's explines how the devil came to be, while this doc takes all lose material from the bibel and makes it to a false form

  13. Why can't I get this in full screen???

    1. Right?! It's so annoying. I'm just going to watch it on YouTube.

  14. This was a very well made documentary. I remember these shows appearing on A&E back in the 1990's. ( I ate this kind of thing up back then. Anything about Biblical history or theology) Seemend kind of slanted towards the Christian mindset although it was not totally uneven. Probably safest to look at Satan as the personification of Evil.

  15. that makes no sense you believe in God, but you don't believe in Satan, I mean I really shouldn't have to go into why this is crazy, well, because if you believe in God then you should know something about the Bible, and in the Bible it tells you all about Satan, so... I'm not understanding your whole thought process, it's Good vs. Evil. Light & Dark, because we need God to overcome Satan. So what you're saying is that we will all go to heaven it doesn't matter what we do?

    1. in an interpretation that eliminates the contradiction of previous interpretations, "Satan" is a reference to the motivating capacity of the processing of information through our five physical senses. "Jesus" is a reference to our convicting consciences and "God" is a reference to the love that, flowing between our consciences, gives life to our consciences. Other ideas about this come from literal interpretations of what is actually figurative language. This interpretation, documented in the book "The Third Measure of Meal" also solves the "synoptic problem" and It is in fulfillment of the Bibles statement that "everything hid would be revealed and everything kept secret would come abroad and be known"

      The "war in heaven" is between our hearts and our heads.

  16. Where's the rest of this doc? This is only part 1 and there are no links to the rest of it.

  17. god and Satan are a good and bad side inside of all of us

    1. Any proof God or Satan even exists?


  18. nice

  19. Kill children to prove a point to a kind man. Nice going ye merciful one.

  20. Heaven and Hell is not outside of you. Heaven is when you are fearless and Hell is when you are for the rest, religious people call it purgatory...that's when you are too young to care!

    1. Children are born frightened out of their wits. So by that, you are saying we are all born into hell? I think not. Hell is our own creation. We accomplish it by intending to do good.

    2. @David Foster...I should have said Heaven and Hell is outside of me. Heaven is when i am fearless and Hell is when i am fearfull, they are places i enter. As for purgatory that's when i was too young to care.

  21. This is a very good documentary.

  22. To the religious types who believe there really is a bogeyman under the bed, I have some news for you. You are it.

  23. hey stop thinking of satan,,,,,,,have faith in your creator.......whatever religion u are....the is only 1 god.....all the rivers finish in the sea....despite different not fear GOD.........LOVE GOD.....N GOD WILL LOVE YOU.....

    1. : / in the bible it says to fear the Lord your God.

    2. "There is only one god"

      Nope...chuck Testa

  24. The thing with this myth guy (god) wants your total obedience and control everything you think, say and do, to bring you into the herd of mindless sheep - or else he will punish you (sounds like fascism to me).

    The other guy (satan) wanted to make up his own mind and destiny and refused to be controlled by someone else. He stood up for his own ideals and had the courage to go his own way.
    He also offered knowledge to mankind (which had been withheld this by the oppressor) so that they too would be able to decide how to live their lives on their own.

    Don't really see how the first guy comes out being the good guy in this story?!

    This religion is made for a few privilege people to use and control the obedient masses without getting anyone to question them about it.

    Ye and the docu wasn't interesting at all :(

    1. Amen to that , lol.

  25. Satan is a mirror side of ourselves, that is it. I believe in God but I do not think there is one evil monster waiting below for us, c'mon!

  26. What's all the drama for ?.

    They are only two fictitious actors in a fairytale play.

  27. @Galloway

    Agreed, all around.

  28. @Randy,

    I probably would have reacted the same way! I would like to see Prof. Pagels in lecture, I have only seen her in some documentary. I saw a copy of one of her dissertations for sale in a used book store, but the guy wanted $40 for it, I think, and I passed on it to buy some other books. I do not remember the subject.

    According to the bio. in one of her books (I moved, and had to leave all my books behind, so I can't reference them now), I think she lost her husband in a hiking accident of some kind. She is not agnostic like Prof. Ehrman, although he is another favorite read of mine. Also, she is not herself Gnostic, although that's mostly what she writes about. She didn't exactly say that Paul was a Gnostic, but she showed through exegesis that Paul's writings could be interpreted by the Gnostics to himself have been secretly writing as a Gnostic. again, I would have to re-read that book to give exact references, though I remember it having to do with Paul differentiating between pneumatics and psychics.

    This documentary was only vaguely similar to Dr. Pagel's book the Origins of Satan, in that she provided an understanding of our favorite anti-hero in the context of the development of Christianity, and especially as it corresponded to anti-Semitism and racial hegemony.

    This documentary (Satan: Prince of Darkness) would really have done a service to itself by referencing "Origins of Satan", and also, I think, Carl Jung's "Answer to Job". It can only help a documentary, not hurt it, by providing references. That's why I called it sloppy. All of these ideas either came from somewhere or someone else, and can be validated as cultural expressions, or else they were made up according to things the author may remember hearing sometime in his life, and so carries little validity except as barely interesting anecdote.

  29. Yes, I have all of her books, as well. She is brilliant!

    I met her once at some PhD luncheon at Princeton, a few years ago... I embarrassed myself horribly, gushing all over her like a fan-boy... she was very polite but got away from me as soon as she could, LOL!

    At any rate, also a wonderful lecturer, she is... I had the good fortune to attend one of her lectures on the proliferation of Egytian beliefs into Greco-Roman, and subsequently christian mythology... (Although she avoids the term "christian-mythology"...)

  30. @Randy,

    Dr. Pagels is one of my favorite authors on Gnositicism, and I have a copy of her Origins of Satan, as well as a few other books of hers, like The Gnostic Paul, The Gnostic Gospels, and Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas. I was about to mention it, but I left mention of it out, for whatever reason. The fact is, Origins of Satan was what I was thinking when I wrote my above post.

    1. Do you have a copy of the Nag Hammadi? I ordered mine from
      Amazon. Read for yourself.

    2. Yes, I have an electronic copy and a James Robinson edition. Why? What am I supposed to be reading that's different from what I have been reading? Not following your point.

  31. Indeed, Galloway. Well put! I've said similar things in other threads, particularly, "Magic and Witchcraft".

    An excellent dissertation, I think, on the great mythological character of Satan was presented by Dr. Elaine Pagels of Princeton University, in her "Origins of Satan".

    Have you read that book?

  32. A very loosely defined Satan, illogically strung together from disparate and unrelated sources. I would even say boring. Rushing through the Old Testament, it very quickly became the story of Satan from a Christian perspective. We aren't told where some of the ideas come from, like Satan riding as a man backwards on a horse, or Satan taking the form a part man, part animal (and, notice they illustrate this with a picture of Pan or a satyr, which isn't a Satan character at all). We aren't even given an Egyptian, Babylonian, or Zoroastrian history. It takes a special Christianized prejudice to conflate the European nature gods like Pan with Satan, and this documentary has achieved it.

  33. the true revelation of Jesus is way beyond the realm of canal comprehension. Any effort to explain intectually will not ......

    1. be listened to?
      put you to sleep?
      reveal you as unintellectual?
      make sense?
      hold water?

      If you haven't got a point to make.......

  34. Damien: C.S. Lewis a pedaphile? Convenient that he's dead and can't defend himself. What photographs are you referring to? Who does't love naked babies? I've got "bath pictures" and video like most parents I think, and even a few on the potty! When potty training it's best to let them go diaperless so the 4.3 seconds they can hold it is spent running to the potty rather than working on pulling down a diaper. Works well, but I had to delete more than one picture from my camera due to accidental "overexposure" that ruined a good shot! Nearly all discovered later. I was gonna give one to grandma, but my neice pointed out my son was playing with willie in it, and I said, "I didn't even notice that! I was looking at his smiling angelic little face! Give me the scissors. There! Give that top half to Grandma."

    I even heard of a Korean lady here in town that made a plaster cast of her son's willie and she shows people. "Yeah, yeah, he's a boy. I'm so very proud for your future family line . . . . . like half the country isn't named 'Kim'." Yada yada.

    Years from now when someone finds that plaster cast, they'll say she was a "boarderline pedaphile" as proved by her artwork!

  35. @H

    Life is not a gift. At best, it is rental.

    A gift, you never have to give back. We must give our lives back to the Earth. We rent it.

    You own nothing.

    Death is coming for you!

    1. its all about sensless
      satanism :P

  36. "God kills wayyyy more people, so Satan has never seemed like villain to me"

    Since God gives us all of the days of our lives and when he one day dont give us any more days, it's not evil. Why not be happy about what you get. Life is a gift and God wants people to come back to him.

    The devil wants to harm us and lead us from God.
    ...and thats why he is the villan.

    But if you are not a believer or even interested i agree on
    "waste of time"

  37. What a load of BS! Also Damien what the hell is a borderline pedophile, you are one or you not. So was he or was he not?

  38. For the record, C.S.Lewis- great theologian though he may be- was a borderline pedophile, as his photography will attest to. Mind your sources, Charles, mind your sources.

  39. I was looking for the first hand stories about people that feel that they have run across Satan, as the description of the movie says. Yet, there isn't a single one. That is what I really watched the film for.

  40. I did a paper for my classical literature PhD on Satan, because He is a very prominant character in classical literature-- all the great authors were fascinated by Him...

    It was well received, but considered "derivative", which it was. But, I was proud of it.

    (Subsequently, I saw all the hundreds of papers that existed on the same subject over the years, and I was embarassed that I had turned it in without doing a more thorough background check on the thesis, but... that's neither here nor there...)

  41. If Satan existed? He'd be my best bud. I was a Satanic Priest for awhile. Silly religion, really.

    But, as a mythological character? MUCH more accessible and interesting than this god of Charles B.'s. This god is supposed to "perfect" (although he changes his mind a couple times and makes mistakes as documented in the horror novel in which he is a main character...), and without sin...

    The Devil is often angry, revengful, prideful, deceptive, lustful, etc. all things that humans are... we can relate to Him. He is a very human character.

    That is why is He is one of the most fascinating literary characters in the Western world. He's the guy we, possibly all over the World, either love to hate, or hate to love.

    I suggest you all read, "The Origin of Satan" by Dr. Elaine Pagels, head of religious studies at Princeton University, winner of several Pulitzer Prizes for her translation of gnostic gospels... Incredible history of the mythology of Satan.

  42. Charles B, you're nuts.

    I'll bet you believe that all non-Christians burn in hellfire for eternity after death, regardless of whether they led good lives. To that, you might even argue that it's impossible to lead a good life if you're not a Christian.

    You've been indoctrinated from a young age that the Bible is the ultimate truth and cannot be questioned, and that is why your spirit is so dry.

  43. @James J

    Omg keep it in one comment lool

    When Jesus refers to his followers as "sheep" and himself as the "shepherd", he means that he is the path, the guide, to salvation. In the context used by the people above, "sheep" would mean a derogatory term.

    About your reason for becoming an atheist, that's great, and I wish more people would turn to atheism for reasons like yours. Unfortunately, a vast majority of the atheists I meet do not know the first thing about what "atheism" means, as they turned to atheism as a form of "fitting in" or just to "poke fun at religion". And yes, you do not have to be an atheist to be satirical of things, but that was not my point. My point is that a large percentage of the people who are becoming atheists do so not because they truly are skeptical of theism, but because it's either popular or looks like something fun to do.

    Once again, please DO NOT assume what my beliefs are; I never stated that I was a theist nor atheist nor anything else. I commented to tell off the people who, acting as atheists, preached and pretty much threw a "let's all be prejudice" party.

    If you would like to hear my opinion, then here it is:

    Most of the bible is made up of stories, that may or may not have happened. These stories are meant to guide people to live their lives in a moral, happy, and just way.
    The other part of the bible, that is meant to be taken literately, was meant for 2000 years ago, which is why it may have some things that most of our communities now frown upon. If I may add, the contemporary bible is NOT the same bible of 2000 years ago, as it has gone through MANY trails; translations, editions, etc. all to suit the people of the current era.

    Well, what I'm stressing is this:
    Believe what you want to believe, and let other do the same.

    Have a good day.

  44. @ shmahadle

    Last comment until a response, I promise.

    Even further, Jesus didn't punish Thomas. Now, Thomas of all people, is who you'd think *would* be punished. After all, he had the proof we dream about. He *saw* Jesus' miracles. He *believed* that Jesus was the Christ. And yet when told, not by some random street people, but the other apostles, that Jesus was resurrected, he *still* didn't believe! But your wise, loving, impartial, God is going to punish us for not believing when all we have to go on is some hand-me-down hearsay from 2000 years ago? Written a few hundred years *after* the real man walked the earth? Oh yeah, that sounds just to me.

  45. @ shmahadle

    And this is the real killer for me. Thomas, who believed in God, and had seen Jesus do miracles, even knew from personal experience that Jesus could raise the dead. Didn't believe that Jesus was resurrected without seeing it for himself, even when hearing it not only from the women, but his fellow apostles! Because having the ability to raise the dead is one thing when you're alive to use your ability, but raising yourself after your dead is another feat entirely.

    Now we, who have no evidence of even the existence of a God, let alone evidence of any miracles, are expected to believe it all? How that even make sense?

  46. @ shmahadle

    Also, I'm a pretty smart guy. Not to try and sound arrogant or anything, just being truthful. I was enrolled in the mentally gifted classes from the time i was in second grade. I could read and understand on a college level in 3rd grade. I had read the entire Tolkien trilogy by then and understood it all, even the politics. At least as much as anyone who hasn't taken a specific course in politics could understand it.

    My point is, I don't need to be an Atheist to be able to point and laugh at people, to make myself *seem* smarter than others. I *am* smarter than most people I meet. Not all, of course.

    In fact, what irks me is that there are people of equal and even greater intelligence than me, that are so blinded by taboo, that they won't even *try* to question their beliefs, to "put them to the test". Simply because they have been taught that doing so is being like "doubting Thomas". Of course, HE got proof when he doubted. And Jesus said, blessed are you. He didn't rebuke him, or curse him, he blessed him. Of course he said that those who believed by faith were *more* blessed, but he was still blessed, not condemned, for needing evidence. Funny how churches and their congregations turn that one around...

  47. @ shmahadle

    Oh, and I can tell you for a FACT. Atheism didn't start for me as a way of poking fun at people. In fact, it *never* was about poking fun. Poking fun may come with it, (just like it comes with everything ELSE in the world when a person has a sense of humor) but that was *never* what it was about. It started, because the church I grew up in was saying completely ridiculous things, like babies that are born to sinners and die before coming to the age where they make their own decisions, and they never got blessed go to hell due to original sin. From there I went looking into other religions until I came to the decision that they were all full of crap.

  48. @ shmahadle

    I don't call people sheep. However, I do find it strange that people get offended at being called sheep, when they are being called sheep by Jesus himself. "Simon Peter, feed my sheep." Although I guess you're going to say: "It's the *way* he says it." Well, whatever, doesn't really matter to since I don't use that terminology. Just idle curiosity on my end.

    As for the "friends", they were friends. Friends who I was able to count on in ways I couldn't count on anyone else. However, when you truly believe that your immortal soul may be in danger if you allow yourself to be around a person who is an atheist because they might corrupt you; then you will separate yourself even if you don't really want to. Especially if you have children you think may be corrupted. You are going to "save" your children from the demon that is possessing me, and do so while praying for me.

    But as for assuming... I always hated that particular "ass" of "u" and "me". Because even though it sounds nice, anyone who actually thinks about what they're saying realizes that it makes no sense. How can someone else assuming make an as out of you as well as them? No the only "ass" it the one who assumes. It's just another example of how non-sense is spread and quoted as truth, even if it's *obvious* non-sense, just because it sounds good, and a lot of people say it. Which is my stance on the bible.

  49. @James J
    You've really got to be kidding me. Atheism is more popular now, and is getting much more popular. However, the outset of that popularity is not belief, but pure fun. Yes, "fun". "Fun" because, "Hey, I can make fun of that boy holding the bible! Yay look at me sound smarter than this guy!".

    If you're one of those people who goes around calling other people "sheep", then you've got to expecting to be treated that way.

    If not, then I'm terribly sorry for your losses, and if they truly are your "friends", they would not do that; there's something for you to ponder upon.

    There are no "facts on Atheism", the only "fact" is its meaning. "Atheism" means "without religion"; that's all. Like I said in my prior comment, you can spice it up as much as you'd like, but it remains the same.

    Here's a definition:
    a·the·ist (th-st)
    One who disbelieves or denies the existence of God or gods.

    Doesn't say anything there about calling theists "sheep" nor preaching, does it? Propaganda? Now you're pulling one-liners. I have not said a thing about my spiritual beliefs, so don't assume; when you "assume", you make an "ass" of "u" and "me".

    Have a good day.

  50. @James M
    Okay, when did I say a THING about my beliefs in my comment? Please take the time to re-read my first few sentences, that explain what "the atheist bandwagon movement" is. I was but stating my point of view on the prior comments, which seem to be made by people who wish to preach atheism, and call anyone else a "sheep".
    When did I say that an Atheist could not share his beliefs? I support anyone speaking their mind, but insulting anyone who does not believe the way you do is going a little far.
    As for preaching, that is trying to bring your beliefs to other people, and that is a thing of religion. In fact, that is something that many *GOOD* atheists frown upon. By doing this, you contradict what the meaning of "atheism" is. Atheism means to be without religion; that's all. You can try to spice it up as much as you like, but that is the cold truth. If you really think that an atheist needs to preach, then sir, you are NOT an atheist.
    Okay, I don't know if you read the right comment; how am I "ignoring a whole group of people"?
    And I have no need to tell you to go rot in this place or that place; a true man hates no one (especially some stranger behind a computer, if I may add). Have a good day.

  51. @ John_Seals

    On that matter, I myself often wondered about that. I often compared Satan to Prometheus, the outcast for bringing knowledge to man, freeing us from ignorance and slavery to the Gods. Sounds like quite a guy. Thanks Satan!

  52. @ James M & Shmahadle

    You forgot one point James, the one that offended me the most. Atheism "looks like fun". Is she serious? Yeah, it's *fun* to be looked down upon by the ignorant masses (which usually include your own family) and have to go through loosing almost all (if not all) of your friends and family because you happen to believe something they don't, and not be able to enjoy a football game and some beer because of a belief that has no affect on your actions except whether or not you go to church on Sunday.

    Yeah, real fun. Shmahadle, you're completely ignorant of the facts of atheism, and full of nothing but propaganda for your bronze-age faith.

  53. waste of time.

  54. @shmahadle,
    How is it a "new atheist bandwagon movement"? Do you even bother questioning yourself and your beliefs? Or do you just question the people who question your beliefs? It is absurd to think an atheist cannot share his opinions and he has none because he'd be contradicting everything he stands for. That is not it at all. Athetism is not a religion yet it should be treated as one if you are truely an atheist. If someone has done the research and has valid points to why they do not believe in religion, they should be considered an athetist. They should be respected like the man who wears a turban and listened to like a man whoem reads from the bible. If they should be trusted and believed is up to the listener. Although completely ignoring a whole group of people is contracting yourself. You are ignorant to the highest extent. I'd love to say see you in hell but there is no such thing. ;)

  55. @Noe Quick then go worship satan if that makes you happy lol

  56. My God, the new atheist bandwagon movement is really getting annoying. I'm sure most of you fall into this category (the, "Hey, look at that atheism, it looks fun!" category). Honestly people, you are looking like arrogant, hypocritical bigots. Atheism is the state of not being a theist (the "a" prefix means "without"), which means that one must refrain from what theists do, and one thing is PREACHING. What you
    bandwagon-ers are doing is just that. Doing this makes you no different than the wacko, hyper-fundamentalist Christians you see on tv that call everyone a heretic. Christian sheep? Really? How is that different than "heathen" or "n*gger"? Since when was countering prejudice with prejudice a popular mindset? Get a grip, people. Atheism is not a religion, so stop treating it as such. It is also not an excuse to be prejudice and put a blanket over a whole community. And for those of you who think they know everything: “The only thing that we know is that we know nothing and that is the highest flight of human wisdom".

  57. i got it Timetraveler_2036- Thought it was pretty clever as well. That is a very interesting point of view, the Devil being the actuall savior of man and God being the personification of evil. I may borrow that for a paper I am writing if you don't mind. I have a degree in theology and was asked by a Local proffesor to write an original essay examing the Bible from a unique point of view, you know not the usuall why does man suffer type stuff.This would definetly be an original point of view and could help shine some light on the classic Devil myth. I think I'll set it up where the last few people left alive after some great cataclism find a Bible. They have never heard of the book or religion as it was done away with thousands of years befor they where born. They will interpret the Bible in a whole new light by comparing the God figure to thier standards of morality and ethics, of course arriving at the conclusion that he is evil- ergo his antithesis must be good. This is going to be great, thanks man I needed some inspiration. I bet this will be the last time he asks me to help him out. I live in the Bible belt see and this will probably twist some nickers.- I can't wait, I really don't like helping him. I used to but it is getting old. The problem is none of the students really care, they are just thier to get a credit. Plus they get all twisted if you don't give them what was it, " light and fluffy affirmation of thier crazy giant cult." I love it!!

  58. Utter rubbish, just watched a few snippets to get the gist and it's outright Christian bible thumping propaganda. Satan is just an other name for Jehovah, Allah, God, Lord Jesus and all of the other superficial materialist religions who's time of terror is up. The true God is beyond all this material ostentation, it is not a being, it’s pure becoming and doesn't need prayers, praise nor worship, doesn’t need sacrifices or inane commandments for us to follow and let alone money. God is in the making and all of us are part of this evolution whenever we decide to stop the loop of fear and suffering. The study of real Gnostism, Carl G. Jung’s Archetypes, Hegel’s dialectics and Nietzsche’s philosophy and most of all quantum mechanics are the cure to religious fanaticism.

  59. Hence my Username is Strictly Scientifically Driven and not Religious in the Least

  60. @eirannach666 I'm Atheist or didn't you get what I was Saying ? My Whole Essay was Sarcastic as to how Religion has NON Logical Methods of thinking. and that in fact I don't Believe in Religion nor Churches...

  61. This really is laughable!!!!

  62. Maaaan! I tried. I cant watch this.

    Lets get a bunch of anti-relious PhD toting atheists and make a doc about Jesux! Would certainly be more facts than this bibe thumping propaganda.Anybody wanna chip in on production?
    I should have listened to what partyofgodandgreed wrote up there.
    “If you’re a mindless Christian sheep looking for light and fluffy affirmation of your crazy giant cult, this documentary is right for you.”

    I thought ok, a biography of Satan.Maybe some LeVey, a little Crowelly,I wouldn't mind watching this.Than behold a bunch of Christians all jacked up on jesux doing a , what reminded me of an old WWII anti-Nazi,"good fight", join the Army video.

    @ timetraveler_2036
    You my friend need some help.Try spending a little time away from your church friends and your bible studies.Take a break for logics sake.Phew.

  63. I've since now decided to watch it for Documentary purposes,.. because I believe the author has done a lot of research and will broaden my understanding of their thinking and mine as well which is the purpose of a documentary in the first place,..

    I never said I wouldn't watch it only that at the time i posted my previous reply that I wouldn't watch it right at that moment...and because I'm was looking for a documentary not so consistent with what it's directed towards was all.

    I believe that the predominant reason most people watch Documentaries is because of the Ultimate Quest for Truth.

  64. Let me begin by saying I didn't watch this and most likely will not,..reason being explained at the end..

    Seems to be that with every answer comes another question, and something popped into my head just now but it wasn't a question it was an answer but yet not..

    I thought in my head thinking logically that is..if in fact the Bible itself has been (FACTUALLY) infiltrated, isn't it logical to believe that it's fictitious mannerisms and mythological recant of this so called Satan is therefore the the Real God that they don't wan't you to follow and that the GOD represented in this infiltrated so called bible is the Real Satan himself if there is one no less...
    of course I take neither side of those Beliefs at least not without supreme investigations or Timetravel.

    Delving Deeper I thought, well if that's true than it only leads me to think more that, if in fact,.. if the Devil is real and God is Real, then where are these thoughts coming from..GOD or The DEVIL?

    is it GOD who is showing me the light to the MYTH that the SATAN they talk of is really GOD and THE GOD they profess to be so Powerful is really SATAN,.. it Satan trying to Deceive me in that thought process..

    I mean they (Scholars,Masons,Illuminati) What ever you call them now a days as well as current followers(POPE/as in Benedict)..contradict and consistently catch themselves in the lie saying the DEVIL brings you to Hell,and if that's true, then how could GOD send you there,..

    therefore the GOD they worship and Speak of is really SATAN in Disguise for their Power & Control over Humanity..This clearly explains more validity to the Factors surrounding it's existence in the first place...

    then I thought to myself well what if the message is from Neither because of the Fact that I thought this through logically coming to the Conclusion that Neither Exist in the first place therefore my reasoning as a Logical Human Being proves Neither of them sent me the message. ;)

    I won't watch this at least not right at this moment because it's just more of what I already know..but to think there is no Devil & No GOD..well that remains to be seen and I can not rely on Scriptures I believe to be inconclusive or Not Valid as a whole where some things are truly magnificent and beautiful and others are utter nonsense .

    if though as an end Note,..if..There is a GOD & A DEVIL then the messages were and are Clear then as should now be through the prophets of the past that simply Goodwill and Peace are the Ultimate objective for all human beings and that I simply Feel to be right in my own heart ...

    all you have to do is feel what is Good & What is Not and there's your answer right there,the choice is yours. To build a Future through Good or Evil is still building a Future, which one are you building for yourself and others.

  65. As i understand things satan does not even appear in the Torah! he is a later construct.

    He is not required in the Torah because there is not one single solitary mention of spirituality to be found. So why would you need the antithesis?; in fact it could be argued that Torah is the cult of materialism. If you dispute this look at the blessings and curses section, without quoting they are ALL of a materialistic nature.

    Only when Jesus the rolemodel of good humanity appears is the antithesis required.

  66. Satan is only a self creature that makes the whole heaven tremble against him , what if he was telling the truth that has always been hidden by the inhabitants of Paradise ?

    how satan as evilness source could be in the holy place called eden ?

    may all guards in paradise were drunk so doesnt see satan :D

  67. @ "young"....Abraham showed "mercy/remorse" many many times. Pick up a Torah.

    As well as Genesis 20:21......Understand, Father Abraham had a huge heart. In my oppinion. Shalom.

  68. Here's one to ponder.

    If religion, specifically the ten commandments, is the source of morality, then why did Abraham show remorse when he was about to kill his only son.

  69. @Epicurus
    I also agree that you do not need God for morality to exist, it would be as ridiculous to say that 1+1 = 2 is true or All bachelors are unmarried is true because of God. Likewise I think moral principles are truth in themselves (a priori) that requires no external justification.

    I think what is most dangerous is having a personified figure to explain our moral misconduct because this suggests that we are blaming on another agent rather than our own flaws that roots in prejudice and ignorance.

  70. satan prince of darkness the fallen angel the b.s story of man, ect.

  71. Parody Channel. Some PhDs, too...

  72. What was soo hard for god to do when he was on the haven that he had to send his son to earth, why is good been tempted by a devil...evertime I read I get even more confused

  73. @david, what saddens me is that you pretend you know you are right.

    what is truly sad is that you ar gullible enough to believe in magic men.

    christians always claim without god there could be no come the secular more atheistic countries have lowest crime? how come atheists on general are more moral.

    what christians do when they say something like that is admit that THEY THEMSELVES would be bad people if they didnt believe in god. that is scary.

    David i urge you to stop going to church and instead try school.

  74. David, you must be wrong. Believing in Christian god implies believing in satan, but it works the other way around. So, it cannot be that the basis of satanism is the belief that there is no god

  75. uhh it saddens me that almost none of you have faith do none of you realize what your doing your becoming satanists without even knowing it....a real satanist doesn't go around drinking chicken blood. the basis of satanism is to believe there is no god and that you live life for yourself not caring about anyone in satanism if your neighbor has a better car its perfectly ok for you to go kill him and take his car writing all these comments about god and satan being a myth is working for the devil just doing it unknowingly....the only good thing about you doing it unknowingly is that i can still show you the truth..go to church this Sunday and talk to one of the pastors after the service make sure to pick a good church though because if the pastor doesn't know what hes talking about he can ruin the entire religion for you

  76. LMAO Tonight on the biography channel ladies and gents,yes straight from hells pit. The Lord of darkness recounts his rocky firey road to super stardom.

  77. Some say the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.
    Since he is a construct of the imaginings of those who wish to control through fear, I see it as a double bluff times infinity...

  78. "If you’re a mindless Christian sheep looking for light and fluffy affirmation of your crazy giant cult, this documentary is right for you."

    spot on!!

  79. I also agree that this film would have been better if it examined where the myth came from and how it evolved. That would've more interesting. I don't know a lot about that. My favorite on these topics are the interviews Bill Moyers did with Joseph Campbell. Campbell is an expert on the evolution of religion and myth, and is familar with many, many faiths.

  80. I got bored with this documentary. It was interesting at some points, but I guess I knew most of the things they were talking about. From what I know about the character, Satan, from a historical perspective, this seems pretty accurate. I don't know why other people had a problem with it.

    It didn't seem to be a mockery. It seemed serious to me. It was just too much information on a fictional character, though the topic has always been of interest to me. I agree with Noe that God, in the Bible, seemed to be more "evil" than Satan.

  81. Charles B.

    Hello Charles. I asked you a question a while back on a different post, that you never answered. With all the evidence worldwide about UFO's,
    Watch "The Phoenix Lights" here on TDF. When we do get visited by Aliens
    that are say, thousands of years more advanced. My question was, what would there reaction be, to our old and antiquated "Gods and Demons".
    "Heaven and Hell" constructs?

    Regards: :D

  82. Platoson: Remind me never to take your course. I hope you don't teach seminary. For you I have a thought from the late great C.S. Lewis, one of the greatest theological minds of the 20th century. He stated that Satan would find equal delight in the two great errors of mankind: The first is to give him to much thought and power such as the witch-hunters of Salam did, and the second is your error (and this documentary's error); to disbeive in him entirely. He is no myth and comparative discussion of various "satan" stories from various world religions would only bring him more glory while he does what he does best, lead people to Hell.

    Noe Quick: You're not hardly even worth responding to, as I can take you to chapter and verse speaking of Jesus' birth by a virgin in both Old and New Testament. You've obviously never read what your are mocking--the Holy Word of God.

    As far as this documentary, it's terrible! They perhaps interviewed one true Christian it it, and did not have an editor that knew a thing about Christianity. To make a mockery of such an important subject as "Satan" is very unwise indeed.

    I wish I had been there to say, "Excuse me; but that's not what we really believe, thank you very much! and ya know what? That's not in the Bible, and that's just your THEORY of history more than what really happened."

    It's quite obvious this documentary was made to mock the belief in Satan, rather than actually come to an understanding of who he is in any serious way. It gets a "2" from me! :-( I was not impressed.

    Nonetheless, thanks Vlatko for a documentary that at least got my dander up! I appreciate it.

  83. The most effective brainwash of all time! People themselves have to be able to see things where they are and so have fabricated the whole story of good and evil. We did it ourselves imagine that! The universe is what it is with or without our knowing and whatever happens hereafter is and will always be the most thought provoking elusive and question of all time. All you can do is continue on believing your living a descent existance and the inevitability is to know that to come into being is to know that you will one day die. Nobody escapes that! And as a last act of recourse devise systems to take the edge off of dieing and snag the next insurance policy dogma to put faith in things that are not happening and beyond the physical world. ITS OUT THERE! Man Made. Conditioning. Fanatics. Symbols are for the symbol minded.

  84. Well...not really worth your time if you're looking for facts and evidence.

    Using only the damn Bible for references, they can't even get that right.

    They say Jesus was "born of a virgin." WRONG, not mentioned in the Bible. Look it up.

    The bible, all religion, and the personification of evil is all bullshit. But as a literary character, Satan has always intrigued me (only 30 deaths are attributed to him in the bible, God kills wayyyy more people, so Satan has never seemed like villain to me).

    If you're a mindless Christian sheep looking for light and fluffy affirmation of your crazy giant cult, this documentary is right for you.

  85. As a theology professor I think this documentary is poorly made and not academic in any way.

    Rather than look at the various stories of Satan in the different religions and look at how the myth was created, evolved, and used to demonise one's religious oopponents, all this documentary does is to merely repeat Biblical and the Christian history of Satan.

    Once again, many thanks Vlatko for posting all these fascninating documentaries, keep up the good work!

    1. i agree.

    2. That's exactly what I was thinking. It's not a documentary at all. I couldn't even listen to it beyond the first few minutes (and I am a Christian). I was looking for something that talked about Zoroastrianism and the Satan figure originating in Persia to share with some folks who don't know about the history of "Satan". And where did this "documentary" come up with the part of the story where God wants Satan to bow down before man? I've never heard that ANYWHERE but in this video. That made me wonder if it was made by a particular church. Skip this one. It's smoke and mirrors and fluff, not history, or even theology.

  86. Satan is the most interesting mythical character in history. This story never gets old.

    1. I cant believe that I used to be a believer, i feel so wronged at how wrong i was.....Im sorry ;)