Scent from Heaven

Scent from Heaven

2016, Society  -   22 Comments
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Can a fragrance drive men to murder? In the case of Oud, it can and often does. A precious scent derived from a species of tree which is currently teetering on the verge of extinction, Oud is one of the most treasured commodities originating from the Arabian Peninsula, and its dwindling supply has only heightened the public's demand for it. The fascinating new documentary Scent from Heaven, produced by the always compelling Al Jazeera organization, investigates the sumptuous temptations and potential perils of this olfactory phenomenon.

Why is Oud so appealing? At the film's opening, some of the fragrance's most avid admirers attempt to describe an affection that's steeped in the comforts of memory. For many, the various Oud scents act as gateways to their most treasured moments of nostalgia. Some cultures use smoke from Oud incense to aid in spiritual ceremonies. Others simply enjoy the pleasures of its rich and long lasting aroma.

Oud results from a mold infection in agar trees which grow exclusively in Middle Eastern regions, and the character of its aroma varies depending upon the location of the tree and the concentration of oils in its wood. As the demand for the scent has spread throughout the Western world, and deforestation has become more prominent around the globe, these trees have fallen under the threat of extinction.

This impending endangerment has only worked to intensify demand for the scent. One kilo of average quality Oud can sell for as much as $5,000. Western companies often charge as much as $2000 for small quantities of perfume which are accented by the elusive scent.

Of course, great demand and the promise of huge profits have greased the wheel s for criminal involvement in the Oud trade. These operations are marked by police payoffs, the murderous acts of ruthless log poachers, and an assortment of Mafia-driven interests.

The filmmakers interview a series of subjects who speak to every facet of this intriguing story - from perfume designers and shop owners to conservation experts and law enforcement officials. Scent from Heaven is an eye-opening look into a thrillingly unexpected and unusual world.

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Toba Akoni
8 months ago

I do appreciate tremendously, the intellectuality and valuable investment put into the doc'. However please, I feel, that particular man with the wood hung on his chest, might have his life quite-endangered. Even though his location isn't displayed. And though, he just seemed gracefully perfect, being in the clip. Nonetheless, I'm an admirer of fragrances and the title was particularly more fascinating.
Great comments!

11 months ago

Superb 👍
Well done ✅

Edward Smith
1 year ago

Very interesting story.

2 years ago

Well i liked

Will Peck
4 years ago

The Name itself should be disengenuis enough to puke.but who am I?

6 years ago

This is a prime example of people who have become so distracted from reality that they develop a materialistic fetishism about something; perfume, cars, houses, money, sex all keep us from examining our personal spiritual selves and finding a path to reality not restricted by the world.

Hollis Ramsey
6 years ago

at least we know what the men, in their thawbs, smell like -- the arabic aqua velva = oud. sort of like vetiver, i'd guess. Proust would have a field day with this scent and its memories of temps perdu.

Adolf Hitler viva show
6 years ago

Yes, Peter M Mullen go ahead drive your truck another day and save some dolphins while you enjoy a burguer that has took several trees in Amazonia.

6 years ago

Juliette Has A Gun perfumes has oud scents. I clicked this because I bought the discovery kit a few weeks ago and saw the word "oud" and how it makes people kill, lol.

6 years ago

Interesting documentary. Ramona Hillier-O'Hara, I think you should go to a fancy perfume store and ask them if they have any oud perfumes, that's what I want to do :)

Peter M Mullen
6 years ago

In a world of 7billion people with resources squeezed to the breaking point, starving families, environmental destruction on a cosmic industrial scale, fundamentalist lunatic delusional freaks ravaging populations, billions of people who will almost never see a doctor, or have adequate shelter clothing, or food, with species being driven to extinction everywhere in the oceans , forests, deserts,mountains, melting sea ice, and glaciers, a warming planet, we still have oil rich arrogant deluded fools willing to squander thousands of dollars on a luxury that could feed a family for a year. Seems so innocent, but It's the most abominable disgrace. It may have been innocent enough in the distant past of plenty, but today it is the hight of cruelty, and selfishness. One agnostics opinion.

6 years ago

TL;DR version
Men in white dresses sniff wood chips. Complain about prices of said wood chips.

6 years ago

Ramona..... your hopes will be just that.... hopes.... we humans are destroying the earth at a rapid rate unfortunately..... hundreds of species are being destroyed at this very moment so that we may enjoy plastic wrap ......

Ramona Hillier-O'Hara
6 years ago

I found this film absolutely absorbing and interesting. I want to smell it, but I hope we humans don't destroy another species in our insanity to own something precious.

Gerry Donnelly
6 years ago

Most interesting documentary, and well made, informative -

Ali Abd al Rahman
6 years ago

Absolutely good and very interesting, informative, and we'll made. Know I am more aware of the complexity of the tree and its diminished and finite existence.
Often the greed of men end in death and destruction.

Terence O'Grady
6 years ago

This doc. STINKS!!!

6 years ago

Pathetic pseudo and sham idea.