Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge

Scientific Verification of Vedic Knowledge

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Scientific Verification of Vedic KnowledgeA vast number of statements and materials presented in the ancient Vedic literatures can be shown to agree with modern scientific findings and they also reveal a highly developed scientific content in these literatures. The great cultural wealth of this knowledge is highly relevant in the modern world.

Techniques used to show this agreement include: - Marine Archaeology of underwater sites (such as Dvaraka) - Satellite imagery of the Indus-Sarasvata River system - Carbon and Thermoluminiscence Dating of archaeological artifacts - Scientific Verification of Scriptural statements - Linguistic analysis of scripts found on archaeological artifacts - A Study of cultural continuity in all these categories.

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3 months ago

Could you mention the year in which the documentary was released?

6 years ago

If you are further interested in studying about Krishna, or to get Krishna Conscious, read books from AC Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, orated by AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada personally.

These can be available from ISKCON worldwide.

Thank You

6 years ago

And also, it is an offence to force anyone to study Krishna, because Krishna can only be controlled and studied by love. No matter we do not know everything about Krishna but one must always think him as the SUPREME PERSONALITY OF GODHEAD, because he is the supreme proprietor, the supreme enjoyer and the supreme friend. This knowledge is complete and ome must realise it ; oneself as the individual fallen soul and Krishna as the supreme or universal complete soul.
|| Hare Krishna ||
Thank You

6 years ago

YUNYA : If it's knowlegde, why does it need scientific verification?

Yunya is absolutely right because God or Krishna has spoken all these words and of course the one who creates the universe will say everything right, just because he has created it!
What he says is the actual science and the modern science cannot verify it completely because humans have imperfect senses which are incapable of deriving the perfect knowledge without God's grace....
Humans cannot percieve this gigantic cosmic manifestation of matter, or the material world in other words, which is actually one-fourth of the total creation.(The other three fourth is Krishna's own abode, while ours is his expansion into the matetial form)
Modern scientists can only speculate. They can give their own commentry on Krishna's creation (they don't even believe the existence of soul within this material human body) and so they are totally ignorant of Krishna. They decieve the innocents onto the path of ignorance, and thus all suffer because of them.

I, or anyone else can say anything, but one must verify it from shastras or the scriptures, the science. It itself does not need to be verified but our commentry does of course.

So far,it's a matter of belief, just like :

If your mother says,"The man standing in front of you is your father." , then you need not question 'why?'
The shastras or scriptures are our mothers and they tell us that Krishna is our father from whom we emanate.
|| Hare Krishna ||
Thank You.

6 years ago

biased and poorly supported by any real evidence.
Every country/race/ethnic group likes to hear that they were superior in the past. Any glorified stories presented,factual or not, would be cheered.

i am an Indian btw. the true big contributions of India to humanity are in the cultural,moral and spiritual fields. if you are interested in India try learning about ashoka ,the king who preached supreme morality ,justice, plurality, non violence,even animal welfare, some 2300 years ago, when his contemporaries were pursuing savage ways. OR try learning about the miracle called Indian independence movement were a few scholars and learned men united a land which was split a million pieces then, to protest on the principle of non violence, against a well established and organized British imperialism.

6 years ago

I am what I am. Ain't what I want to think I am. Those who are certain have an intolerant or irritated curtain. But those who know will pleasantly show. In amongst the stress and strife what do we REALLY have in this life? Not fleeting and not by cheating? Life mostly boils down to the choices we make. What path will you take? Before wisdom there is chance or desire. But the true of heart follow an invisible wisdom already there from on higher. That was me when I was young. But no longer is it sung. For I chose a desire over what I knew I should do. Intelligence and knowledge is waiting, if you only had that desire. But wisdom is waiting too. If you will only let it. Intelligence is no match for wisdom. One shows what you prefer to believe. The other displays the folly. Blessed are those true of heart or who now wisely choose what they should.

Do not fear. It will not help but it can hinder as can the ego. If others know boasting is boasting, do you need to build yourself because you feel unbuilt? It is not our place to judge, only to discern. Resentment is a never ending method of not looking at what you should, until you do. If we were all calm and considerate at all times, is there any problem that could not be over come? Are chances better if at least one is calm and considerate? If that is not you, then you are part of the problem. Happiness is a choice until it is the center of the pendulum which swings less and less through experience. Extremely few make it out alive. Would you rather be missed ...or hissed? Thought well of or despised? Why is it some are jealous, envious, and some are not? If we are not choosing how we are then who is? If there is a problem between two or more, it is usually the ego and/or selfishness of one, the other, and often both. If you don't respect certain others, why should they respect you? How can you be honest with others if you are not honest with yourself? If you have an elitist mentality, do unto yourself before unto others.

For those that complain about time: There are 24 hours in a day, if you sleep 8, work 8, that leaves 8 for the things you choose. If you have a family that is something you choose and should choose to make it fun and enjoyable. Check what is underneath the surface before diving in. If you are bored, call your lover by the wrong name at the wrong time. "May you live in interesting times" is not the same as "may you live in wonderful times." Stop projecting your meaning onto other people's words, especially politicians, who hope you do. If I own or manage a newspaper or TV network, do I influence what part of which story is told? And what conclusions you draw from such limited information, you thinking you have been informed while choosing to be misinformed.

When will we choose to spend a minimal amount of time working together to prevent our own enslavement by those who desire to take my freedom to choose; who want to choose for me. When feeling sorry for yourself helps, more people will recommend it. Beware those baiting you with praise. I gave far too much away to the person buying my place with compliments. Two men look beyond prison bars one sees mud, the other, stars. --variation on Frederick Langbridge quote. Don't expect anyone else to look out for you or groom your path, they have their own problems and path to clear. Expecting people to be different than they are is like someone expecting you to be different. Every day is a new day, carpe diem.

7 years ago

Reincarnation, Destiny, and Yogic Power are probably the greatest discovery of the Vedic period. It appears that the world will embrace the Vedic knowledge within next 50 years. However, it also appears that there was a time when Vedas were known all over the world. Its influences in Bible and Judaism are quite visible.

7 years ago

This documentary presents proof of Aryan invasion of India did not happen.One can subscribe to his argument ,but rest of points are without proof.What is point noting all European/American notable people,rather than presenting proof.

7 years ago

God gives u enough of brain to understand and equate wht is real and fake..."GO BACK TO VEDAS"

8 years ago

I found this to be very defensive. I believe you- no need to refute the Invasion Theory every other sentence.
Regardless of Vedics, and however the peoples of India got there, there is a verifiable linguistic link with Hindi and the other European languages, which I have studied (a little). There is a link between the two peoples, but so what? I say its time to move on from the age where we had to fight Western Imperialism, as that infrastructure is crumbling. We can just feel free to learn from Vedics or anyone else in this world without getting sentimental over what 'breed' of human they are or are not. Or holding resentments still now over who conquered who.
Anyway, the language family is called the Indo-European one for very good reasons.

8 years ago

Rig Veda says that brahmins came out of Brahma's belly button. But we never find any brahmin or shudra in any other part of the world. DNA evidence proves that we all came from a single African mother. None of this is mentioned in the vedas. But Indians claim all scientific knowledge although theirs is full of contradictions.

Astrologer Promod
9 years ago

VEDA PURANOPANISHED are pure science and History. Read Kaliyugapurana Vol 1 to 12 which explains everything on the basis of modern science.But it is in malayalam. If any one interested, contact me to publish in other languages/or to make a serial/ Film or to start a Vedic instirute to propagated the knowledge

9 years ago

When finding truth one must forget about religion, caste, geography as mentioned in the Song "Imagine". if Vedas have something great than it belongs to the entire world as does Bible and Quran. we think within the boundaries and seek greatness within that, limiting ourselves. philosophers go beyond and their search is for truth and truth alone and they don't search with preconceived notions nor trying to prove something. if what has been stated in this documentary is true then we all should feel proud every civilization is great and it does not come up or go away just like that. it inherits. A great philosophers knows that whether someone appreciates or not , whether someone acknowledges or not truth does not bother. Vedas are true if you like it read it or forget it and carry on with your life as usual.

9 years ago

indians always try tosteal credit by telling they found everything in past... bull****.. if we r really capable, we shud prove ourself now..
accept wat western scientists say.. and stop ur hindutva bull*****..

10 years ago

Astrokid, on your last claim..thats false. Do your research. Dwarka, Krishna's city was discovered "9,988 BC." Approx. 12,000 years ago. Who was first? Really?.. Its funny you atheists, christians, muslims, and Jewish people always try to put down Dharma, but even then it has been the only religion, or way of life, to sustain itself for so long, with almost no internal divisions. The truth will always stand clear amongst the illusions.

10 years ago

vedas is pure science n sanskrit is the mother of all language

11 years ago

i m an indian & want to tell u that vedic science is bullshit and hindu extremist propaganda. We are culture of hypocrats. Its the same way as some islamist can see "Science" in koran .Vedic science is an indian version of christion science

António Matos
11 years ago

There is only one thing more ridiculous, in terms of science then colonial racism: it´s western´s who hate them self´s!

This video is a statement of devotion. American´s who hate them self´s and are in love for the "other".

Science?...almost nothing!

11 years ago

Pants can only be Blue or Green. And since your pants are not Blue therefor i conclude without any doubt by an unbiased source that your Pants must be Green!.

Sadly we all know that Pants can be more colors than Blue and Green.
And this is why these kinds of Argument falls flat on there face

11 years ago

And because Jericho was real, Jonah was swallowed by a giant fish, Lot's wife turned into a pillar of salt and Noah managed to fit a pair of every animal species on earth in one boat.

If you can not see the logical inconsistencies in this 'documentary' you should cease to consider yourself a 'thinking' ape.

urban deadite
11 years ago

the sanskrit legends are about as real as the bible, yes SOME places and events happened and can be proved but that does not mean all of it is.
Iron Pillar of delhi is a great achievement but it is rusting he is talking BS you can go see it for yourself, i have.
If they had Nukes why did the Chinese, Egyptions, Mesopotamians and other people who recorded things ever mention it? they traded with them extensively.
The EARLIEST Representation of the Cosmos was not from India, China, Sumer or Egypt it is from North Europe its called the Nebra Sky Disc.
This program is provable truths and nonsense and pseudo everything.
It is well known that the Darra Happans were a GREAT Civilization they do not need sensationalism.

11 years ago

yes, the presentation is pedantic, but after 2/3 of it it starts to become interesting. The first1/3 is a try against the Aryan invasion theory, which is not popularly recognized any more. Definitely thought that this would be more revelational. 2 on a 10 scale

11 years ago

very new perspective......

11 years ago

I am sure there are many interesting things to be learned from a study of this, but this man's presentation is so dull I am compelled to stop watching at 18 minutes. He speaks like a high-school student.

Witold Piorun
12 years ago

Too boring, even for work. Yawn.

12 years ago

what do you mean.........?

12 years ago

This is some very good information, but the "narrator" is worse than painful to listen to (he just cannot read well). Despite that, it's good to see some archeaological information compared to the actual language of the vedic texts. Archeologists frequently ignore the actual histories written by certain cultures, and India's European archeaologists are a good example.

I'm intrigued by Archorion's comments about genetics, above. Can you provide links or cites to the authorities you refer to.

12 years ago

very informative and interesting documentary.Indian culture have been affected so much in last thousand years that now what cultures people talk about India are more symbolic than in actual.Most of the hindus now a days dont even know Sanskrit then how could they claim to understand them.This man have done a good job.It nothing like proving.he just tried to understand the main source of knowledge for Indians(Hindus).

12 years ago

i would like to answere ron....vedas are nothing but the words of god according to hindu beliefs....god gave these teachings which are written by saints......the predictions made in the vedas are more than accurate...vedas even predicted the incarnation of is found in vedas and rigrous methematical expressions are found in the form of verses.......

12 years ago

Interesting doc, thanks. I wonder if there is any description in the Vedas of how the knowledge is acquired. That is, do the texts describe a method that is similar to the scientific method used today. How we get knowledge is as interesting or even more so than the knowledge itself (which tends to change anyway). - rp

12 years ago

Genetics prove that in the distant past europeans did invade the indian territory ... thats why sanskrit is a indo-european language and thats why indians look like dark europeans... and if you look at there caste system , it just backs this up .....

Based on the genetic patterns they found, the researchers concluded that a relatively small group of ancestors founded most Indian groups, which then remained largely isolated with limited gene flow for long periods of time.

The team also identified two main ancestral groups in India: an "Ancestral North Indian," or ANI group, which is distantly related to those in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Europe, and an "Ancestral South Indian," or ASI group, not related to groups outside India.

While indigenous populations with ASI but not ANI ancestry still exist on the Andaman Islands, the team explained, modern day populations on mainland India represent a mix of the two groups.

The team estimated that the mainland populations they tested had between 39 percent and 71 percent ANI ancestry. And ANI ancestry tended to be higher in the traditionally upper-caste groups and groups who spoke Indo-European language

Carl Hendershot
12 years ago

Something to watch.

Bravo Kilo
13 years ago

This is funny for me, If you understand the so called "Indian Culture" and these darwinist who're making these documentaries, I mean India had Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil and hundred of different cultures, All DESTROYED or in the process!!! If these people were to go to europe, they'll start telling everybody that there's just one European culture with its "scientifically proven" history and they know it best. Now Germans, Dutch, Portugese, French, British are all old schools to be killed. Jesus, these same people would invent Nazi ideology. They are nothing more than devils, Be Very Carefull ...

13 years ago

-Yunya :- If it’s knowledge, why does it need scientific verification?

how can anything be consider as knowledge if it can't be scientifically verified?

i am gonna guess that you are a deeply religious person, for no free thinking person that ask that question.

13 years ago

good doc, although i was already aware of the huge influence of Indian society on mathematical thought.

the later part if found somewhat confusing though:

Sound carries energy (example of the glass)
saying certain sounds has all kind of health benefits or effects in war.

the energy carried in sound IS used to great effect in sonar , ultrasound (both investigative and curative)and by the humble bat. but these use frequencies of sound inaccessible to the human voice and hearing, i guess humans can make them using a simple dog whistle though.

If ancient "bremaster" weapons (forgive my spelling XD) are the equivalent of modern day nukes, why is India investing money in a nuclear arsenal, instead of researching ancient weapons?

As regards health benefits of meditation and recitation. these practices have indeed been repeatedly and reliably shown to be beneficial to all of the stated conditions regardless of whether they are done in the context of Indian tradition and mantra or otherwise. For example Krisanaprakornki et al found that all forms of meditation studied produced similar health benefits in anxiety disorders, with the added benefit that these practices have (almost) NO side effects! the power of belief is a TRULY amazing thing.

All in all, enjoyed the doc. and still think India has a great and fascinating culture/history, so more power to ya! :)

13 years ago

If it's knowledge, why does it need scientific verification?

13 years ago


14 years ago

Interesting, though a bit long winded and repetitive.
The Vedas are ahead of their time as quantum physics seem to validate many of its teachings, as does Taoism (see the Tao of Physics) but like all Holy Books it is full of myths which reveal deep spiritual truths.

14 years ago

I am so proud to be of Indian Ancestry. My great Grandparents came from India as Indentured Labourers, and through the generations were strong enough to keep their culture so that I may be a part of this rich and wonderful heritage. BUT It is very disappointing to me how man, indians in particular have twisted these great teachings into an almost church like prophetic religion which it is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

14 years ago

Thereis no ageba to improve your general knowledge. oppurtunity to learn more