Mysterious World: Search for Ancient Technology

Mysterious World: Search for Ancient TechnologyBorn on April 14th, 1935, in Zofingen, Switzerland, Erich von Daniken was educated at the College St-Michel in Fribourg, where already as a student he occupied his time with the study of the ancient holy writings. While managing director of a Swiss 5-Star Hotel, he wrote his first book, Chariots of the Gods, which was an immediate bestseller in the United States, Germany, and later in 38 other countries.

In the United States, Erich von Daniken won instant fame as a result of the television special "In Search of Ancient Astronauts," based upon his first book. In 1993, the German television station SAT-1 started a twenty-five part TV series with and by Erich von Daniken, entitled "Auf den Spuren der All-Machtigen" (Pathways of the Gods). In 1996, the American TV company ABC/Kane produced a one-hour special, filmed all over the world, entitled Chariots of the Gods - The Mysteries Continue.

This film was broadcast on the ABC network on September 26th 1996. In 1996/97 ABC/Kane produced another documentary with Erich von Daniken (seen on the Discovery Channel). In Germany, the biggest TV network, RTL, showed the film on November 26th, 1996. 7,7 million viewers in Germany alone watched the program. Today, Erich von Daniken continues his filming with ABC and RTL.

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  1. Julie Kaveshnikov

    The funniest part of this whole documentary is when he talks about genetic engineering in Egypt.. batteries - maybe, genetic engineering? ridiculous. If they were advanced enough to genetically engineer so called monsters then why didn't they proceed to take over the world with other things that come along with that kind of advanced technology..weapons, etc. They were conquered, like all other ancients.

  2. Guest

    It's surprising that the author had an education at all. His ideas are beyond ridiculous, and I think with little effort can be shot down like a r*tarded duck.

    1. Jose Manuel Ataide

      And yet "Chariots Of The Gods?" was an immediate best seller (62 million copies all around the world). Strange (to say the least) or should I say... mysterious?


    way too many mysteries like this with ancient technologies and it seems to me that the main point is that these discoveries of ancient tech are somehow out of place in our accepted timeline of earth history. ive always wondered how old the earth actually is, b/c it is possible that aliens did visit earth at one point, but it is also possible that we humans could have been a more advanced society many ages ago. perhaps we just forgot somehow. or some disaster reset it all back to zero and we started again. docs like this make me wonder about it all, and for that its worth the view.

    one thing in particular got me started. google "500 000 yr old spark plug"

  4. Joni Koskimaa

    Däniken is great fun, though I myself tend to disagree with the whole ancient astronaut "theory" (it's more of a wild hypothesis, really). I mean what if ancient cultures born and bred on earth knew the secrets of flying and other advanced technology? I think it's highly more likely an explanation than visitors from outer space.

    Däniken seems to be biased towards aliens - I mean he finds a mystery, and then always explains it away with extra terrestial visitors. The mysteries are real and intriquing, but his conclusions are not the most likely (they may be the coolest, though, and I think that's the real reason he's into ancient astronauts).


    once again an American documentary and once again ! , ITS A LOAD OF BULLS*** !!!! DUMB S*** !!!!! British are the best in the world by far !!!

    1. Zyreath

      You know Daniken is German right. While I guess you can call this an American documentary, it was created by international means.

  6. Alan Jamieson

    go on then clever one, mind IT IS FLAT

  7. adam hope

    Well that's 45 mins of my life I'll never get back. This doc would be better if they didn't let this Erich guy speak. The narrator speaks facts but this guy makes absolutely no attempt to backup any of his wild speculation. At least he prefixes his conclusion with "I believe". Oh and as for the the figurines that look like 20th century planes; an advance race capable of interstellar, hyperspace or inter-dimensional travel would probably not build a flying machine with wings, swept or otherwise. That would be like building a car with horse hitches and reigns. You could do it, but that would be stupid.

    1. Xbow

      Remarkably well said and I concur, especially with your last sentence. What was it that Arther C Clarke said about how the technology of a truly advanced civilization would appear to us?
      Words to the effect, 'Their technology would be unrecognizable and have the appearance of Magic to us.' If 'they' are ten thousand years ahead of us they would have some pretty potent Magic.

  8. Eniki520

    In von daniken's books he has a total of 51 examples of unexplainable aspects attributed to aliens of them only 2 were from European cultures. To me it seams like hes trying to explain away/undercut and discredit the achievements of non-European peoples.

  9. pc

    Very interesting and quite enjoyable, no doubt humans have had the same intellect and abilities for the past 40,000 to 50,000 years if not up to the past 150,000 years. Which could mean, were humans modified or interbreed with aliens from outer space? With these aliens constantly returning to keep an eye on their off springs ever since, as our recent ancient ancestors clues could be telling us. I use recent, for the past 5,000 years, since we do not know how to translate all the ancient languages and the main stream view still refuses to accept anything past 5 thousand years ago as being intelligent or even anything before the jewish bibles which to date, has no archaeology prove to prove anything in it is factual or true, unlike Homers lliad where everything has been found.....with Atlantis most likely Santorini and not and alien base as some would like to believe. Cayce wanted to believe in Atlantis and could have been influenced with his believe, while Egypt is very close to Santorini, where Cayce says the hall of records will be found.
    The Australian Aboriginals reached America long before anyone else did and they have had over 40,000 years history in Australia. The religous Creationist fanatics are like those islanders that were making planes and run ways after WW2 to try and get the planes to return, quite naive to think for themselves, in fact how do they explain the Australian Aborigines long history or the fact the original indigenous Americans were the Australian Aborigines.
    What about the Indian History of the Vedas, which do mention what many consider to have been a nuclear war on Earth in the past and if the earth has had a nuclear war in the past it would have taken around 100 years to have lost all knowledge and gone into their own dark ages. If the ancient past humans (10 to 150 thousand years ago) have had golden ages and had reached levels equal or more advanced as we have today, what prove will remain today to be found, everything would have disolved leaving no traces for us to find other than bones and stone as well as the fact that most ancient ruins have not been found yet as they are underwater and not on land.
    The Earth is and has been home to many different species of humanoids and most likely aliens over its life span and will continue to be so.
    Today's Western history begins with Alexander the Great and is based on WARS and conquering.
    9/11, think military complexes, oil, getting the Heroin flowing again around the world for the CIA's profits and that third building was most likely an insurance job they threw in as a favour.

  10. Peter Molignano

    I saw this video some years ago, and did read von Daniken in the 60's. His general ideas are right on the money I believe, but some details are way off.
    Found what I believe is the ultimate truth in reading Zeccharia Sitchin's The 12th Planet, and other books by him. He reinforces many of von Daniken's ideas, and is backed up by archaeological finds. James Pritchard's books shows how the Old Testament was based on stories thousands of years earlier unearthed on clay tablets from 1850-1925. But it will take another hundred years before we "accept" these finds as "sacred scripture" as the Status Quo is not to be trifled with without risk to one's reputation, career, and even life. But ideas do seem to be changing quickly the last 20 years regarding alien beings descending to earth, so I could see a radically changed Bible in 50 years, more based on Sitchin's interpretations.
    Those little gold planes are "old hat" by now. At least two of them have been replicated and attached radio controlled engines fly as good and better than many of today's model planes. They certainly were planes and jets. You can view them on Youtube videos even.
    He errs when he says the Sphinx, Rams and Bulls in Egypt were genetically engineered beings. These ancient astronauts created the Zodiac as we know it, and aligned themselves to certain of the Station icons. So the head God on Earth was Enlil whose icon was often the Bull; Ea, who I believe is the correct pronunciation of Jehovah (pronounced "Ehya"; backwards is "Yahweh" do you see this), was Lion; etc. The god with the hawk/kestrel face was an icon for the god Ra or Marduk; the ibis face was the god Ningishzidda or Thoth in Egypt. When a god had an Eagle costume on that was "ceremony" as there were two main clans: Enlil's clan wore the Eagle dressing and Ea's clan wore the Fish. The Fish clan continues to this day, as Jesus was born during Pisces, the Pope wears a Fish hat and irridescent capes resembling scales.
    I could be wrong, but I believe the word "God" comes from an ancient Sumerian word something like "gudde" which may have meant "Bull". "God" was our word for them. They were the Annunaki with a 12 god pantheon, and much of this is mentioned in the Bible, but you must look for it. On page one the word Annunaki is mentioned - it was they who descended to Earth and created us in their image - but sounds more Jewish as "An'nakim".
    Altogether, the greatest story in the history of stories. When you feel as certain as I that these stories as Sitchin presents them and von Daniken comes close, are the exact truth of how we got here, you can imagine how alone with these thoughts you become. I can write about it, and can talk about it non stop, but most people cannot handle such a humongous change to their reality, that's why I can't talk much about it. One has to read this stuff and discover these truths.
    Things are seldom as they seem. The attack and destruction of the World Trade Center Towers with hundreds of hours of videos proving the truth of 9/11, the masses continue to accept the lies of our govt states bin Laden did it.
    The truth is most likely the criminals who mastermind and caused the collapse of the three bldgs that terrible day 9 years ago is our own govt. See and documentaries on this site.

  11. Soeren


    exactly, and ive come about so many people that ive discussed this with, who all says its rubbish and there is no proof of the slightest thing, but thats cause these people are too skeptical for their own good to ever watch shows like this.

    sure some of daniken's are pretty far fetched and border more to speculation, and are big if's. but thankfully most of them are very reasonable, especially since there are no solutions that seems more likely and logical than aliens.

    just the example, with stone buildings that are submerged in water, and have been so for 8k years, but the example seen in this documentary is just one of many. i dont remember which but i saw in another docu with daniken, a huge stone building with perfect angles, that wasnt above water before 10k years ago, that makes no god damn sense according to what we believe today, and therefore history books should be reevaluated to some degree. im not saying history books should change it to everything daniken says, but at least it should be more open, cause today's society try to dumb down our past, stating that "this is how things were", when reality is always very complex, even today couldnt be described by simple words, in which we try to describe our past sometimes. there is MUCH more to our past.

  12. centauri

    Well said YSF we shouldnt ignore all the evidence we have trough out or human history. we have so many different cultures writing about flying fire balls and metall dishes and so on, many cavepaintings where the pictures really arent depicting a human, more like spacemen. we have so many from the military telling about it, alot more pilots and even astronauts, men smarter then the average man, why would they lie. watch the phoenix lights, even the governour at first makes fun att the citízens for seeing alien planes and few days later comes out and apalogize to them in public ang admitting even he saw one. if you really dig in subject youll see that there is a lot more than said here. but we cant just ignore all the facts as rubbish, be open minded about things and watch the evidence that is out there.

  13. YSF

    Golds been a rare and unique metal ever since people found it, like the Egyptians honored their rulers by filling their burial rooms with many gold artifacts.

    If those people actually went through the trouble of making an airplane like figure from gold , they are not just going around guessing and inventing , they believe in what theyre doing , they must have seen something like that.

    Many cultures talk of flying gods that came down , think about it , how long did it take for lets say..Islam or Christianity to spread ? how hard was it for the prophets? people don't just believe.

    But to actually draw flying "gods" coming down to earth and believing in them , that's something, Even Alexander the great talked of flying metal shields.

  14. Kara

    I am sure the ancients were more technologically advanced than we give them credit for. Even Leonardo Da Vinci was able to visualize a primitive helicopter. There are many things that were lost during the Middle Ages, we are just learning what they knew.

  15. Dot


    You missed my point, but that's ok.

  16. Alinel

    @Dot - you naive white anal prick..."being white" is only a skin pigmentation factor and for all you know your great great grand dad was an Ape...I guess not very different from you...- From the bottom of my heart...

  17. Skye-hook

    PS. I think I'd actually like to know what a group of 1st & 2nd graders think of it all!

    1. Alan Jamieson

      they are in prime mind programm stage- so no worst stage to ask, they only know what they have been taught- try going opposite end of scale for proper experience

  18. Skye-hook

    I agree with js & NotAFan. To ignore it all is just... barbaric & uneducated. We are not hunter-gatherers anymore, we have brains, let's use them. The things he shows and points out are obviously SOMETHING from technology, & that just plain can't be denied by any modern educated person. Pooh-pooh it if it scares you or you just wanna sound silly. A 1st grader would tell you what some of the things are. It's important that we continue to do research on all these things. I'd like to know for sure about each of them, wouldn't you? And most of them are not beyond our ability to comprehend nor copy. The lifting of the huge stones is something I very much want to know a lot more about. I don't agree that we couldn't do it now. That's silly too. Maybe we don't have the huge power equipment built for that right now, but come on, we could make it. When this info 1st came out, it was so un-heard-of that it boggled the mind, but we've seen this stuff for 40 yrs or more now. Time for a lot more research. No big deal to research it. I wish we'd just DO that now, for Pete's sake!

  19. Dot

    One wonders if this is not just racism, where ancient non white cultures are not considered as being able to do anything great save for the intervention of aliens.

  20. Notafan

    Hey Karen Yurkewich, I bet you he can spell "ridiculous". Maybe you should see to your education.

  21. coschaos

    exploration is human mind ! every ancient culture depicts flying objects in their time... y not to explore the mystery...good work!

  22. js

    it raises many question about some ancient vestige, but i beg to disagree with the generalization of the cargo cult.

    history must be revamped!!!!

  23. Dee

    I agree, after all, it's impossible to think out of hundreds of billions of stars and credible sightings over the decades by major airline pilots, NASA officials and engineers, some physicists, that there could ever be life outside of our own life here on earth -- These people must be crazy.

  24. rBrown

    That was retarded.

  25. WTC7

    Any single thing can be viewed from different points of view.

    It is healthy to question established views (your own as well as somebody else's) and try to see things from different perspectives. And why shouldn't someone ask if an artifact that seemingly looks like an insect could in fact be a depiction of an aircraft? Change of a perspective can change the way the whole world looks like, and it's exciting!

    And it's very educational, it makes one start critically viewing their own opinions. There is never pure white and pure black, there are only different shades of gray.

    I welcome every idea that challenges the notions which claim to be eternal - set once and for all.

    I know of Däniken and loved his radical views since I was a kid. The world of his was new, interesting and mysterious.

    1. Nathan Cory

      Beautifully said

  26. dd

    he at least has ideas and uses the head to think not just to dumbly agree.

  27. Karen Yurkewich

    It's surprising that the author had an education at all. His ideas are beyond rediculous, and I think with little effort can be shot down like a retarded duck.