Secret History of the Freemasons

Secret History of the Freemasons

2007, Conspiracy  -   209 Comments
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Documentary about an unprecedented inside look into one of the world's most private mysterious secret organizations, the Freemasons. Their inner workings, secret rituals, revelations of the 33rd-degree Master Mason is also to be revealed, history, and secrets will be uncovered. Centuries old rituals are filmed for the first time ever and to be showcased as well.

A system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols, Freemasonry is considered by some to be a sinister organisation bent on world domination. Listen to what Freemasons themselves have to say about Freemasonry, learn the meaning of some of the most popular masonic symbols, and watch a real masonic initiation ceremony! You will see that Freemasonry is not an evil organisation but a benign brotherhood intent on personal and societal development.

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Avatar X
3 years ago

"We can't agree on what whether to serve ham sandwiches or tuna sandwiches after the meetings. How could we possibly agree to try and take over the world?". Yeah, good point... I don't know what I was thinking....

5 years ago

This was a whitewash to make the average joe Free Masons feel better about spending all this time doing weird s***.

For an excellent review of the 'energetic' history of the US, read Elana Freeland's Sub Rosa America series. As her one of her characters says, "there are masons, and then there are masons..." Anyone can follow both Free Masonry and the Catholic Church into the Jesuit-controlled Illuminati, the global financial system, and the Satanism they believe in, and lots of horrific acts against children that continue to this day.

Don't believe me? Check out Ronald Bernard's videos about the real nature of the global financial elite.

5 years ago

As the defendant of a Mastor Mason I am saddened by the lack of intelligence in the anti-mason comments. You only fear that which you do not understand. My grandfather brought his Masonic teachings home. We were brought up to be respectable members of society, be true to our word, to not speak the untrue, to treat everyone we meet as an equal and to live to better oneself and ones community. What is so dishonorable about that? What is illegal about that? What is selfish about that? They have their secrets yes, but none that would bring harm to you. If it does not hurt you than you need not bother with it.

5 years ago

Complete rubbish. Explain to me how it could be a secret society if anyone can join? The only requirement is that you believe in a greater being. My grandparents are Freemasons and I've met a lot of other Freemasons as well. Do some research about Freemasonry. They give huge amounts of money to charity all from the pockets of their members. They are good people. Things like this make me insanely angry and it's clearly made by someone that knows absolutely nothing about freemasonry or the people that join.

5 years ago

Although I have no idea what intentions the freemasons had in their beginning, that doesn't mean it couldn't have been overtaken by advantage takers, growing more evil over time, some lodges or sects worse than others. Look at what happened to the ideals of the usa over time. Now they use The Constitution for hiney wipe, including the Supreme Court.

Any organization has to be extremely vigilant in order to prevent same.

5 years ago

Regarding some of the founders of the usa being freemasons: Look what they wrought! Wiped out the indigenous. Became what they hated about England: High taxes which gets consumed overseas. Empire building tyrants killing millions of other peoples. Now this isn't nearly as bad as what occurred in some other countries like Russia and large parts of Asia but it certainly isn't "good".

There are youtubes by those who have been in the freemasons. Those wanting to find out more and how dangerous/bad news it is ought to take a look.

@wtc7, It seems those who made it out of the freemasons did so by the mind seed of God, by the ongoings finally not being enough to sustain their shielding and realizing it wasn't of Jesus. Yet you dismiss their description due to their realization? If you are able to see the wtc7 fall and not dismiss it, how is it that you cannot value the seeing of freemasonry by those who were in it, that managed to escape and tell of it? What if no one escaped without that method? If that is suspect, it seems we should dismiss everything everyone says about anything? Just because someone has a "Christian" view doesn't make them wrong. And what of that perspective? It would seem quite telling if one was more discerning than dismissive: If Jesus is perceived by Christians as good then it would seem obvious that things opposite to Jesus would be bad. If the freemasons are not to speak of Jesus but any other higher power is fine, there you have your answer. Especially when it is clear from the description, Bible thumpers in particular aren't what they were trying to prevent but "Christ" altogether, being the actual light freemasons wanted to avoid. If they are instructed to believe in a higher power, why exclude Jesus? Since Jesus was all about doing the right thing and helping mankind; that should tell you plenty about the freemasons if they exclude Jesus at whatever level of their layer cake organization.

@Nootrelitei, to say there is no such thing as good and evil is to deny reality. Anyone can observe these two actual things at most any time. What do you call someone who abducts a child, rapes, and kills the kid, and dumps it in the ditch? Do you call that just a different view on life? If so, then that "different view" is what those who still have sense lump under the word "evil". Stand in that child's shoes for once, consider the experience, and see how it is not just "someone else's perspective" but quite absolute. No, your words have no relevance but to display your relativistic nonsense you acquired from someone, likely a govt school teacher, wanting to justify some other nonsense, like Socialism-Communism.

The Georgia Guidestones are worth a web search to read, which describes what the elite freemasons and many other world elites (if not freemasons) desire. It of course is evil if you are not on their list to keep. Of course if they truly were honorable about "their view" they would off themselves first "as a good example for the rest to follow" in order to accomplish their stated goals without being evil.

5 years ago


6 years ago

I have read Mackey, Pike, and Hall. The old books by prominent masons tell the true story. Masonry is an order within an order. The lower level degrees are the cover for the true beliefs of the adepts, or "princes of masonry". They are the keepers of the ancient mystery religions. Read the old books by masonic authors and learn the real truth. The lower degree masons know nothing of masonry. As Albert Pike stated in Morals and Dogma, "it is not intended that the candidate (blue lodge masons and those except at the top of the order) understand the symbols, it is intended that he BELIEVES he understands." Read the OLD books. Study the mystery religions. It has taken me years of research in these areas to have a real grasp of how this ancient order works. It can be confusing at times; and depressing. Some of the books are a tough read. If you want to know, and truly seek the knowledge, it is out there. Masonry is a subversive order to society, God, and man.

John C
6 years ago

I'm not a mason, but anyone with a brain that thinks the founders of the USA were attempting to give freedom to a people they were trying to enslave, does not use that brain they were given. A lot of the Constitution of the united States comes directly from the Constitution of freemasonry, ALL men are created equal, and all that other jibberish they use to enslave men, by giving them freedom.

People are scared of things they nothing about, yes freemasonry is a secret society with its intention to make good men better men, those who can't be better men will never get it. It is not "monolithic" or "ruthless" although there are those that penetrate deep into government with the intent of enslavement of thought. They think they are doing Gods work. While through charity, freemasons freely give without taking your taxes to do the work they do.

It teaches character, integrity, honor, trust, many principles that are missing from society today. Principles that actually started disappearing from society with a decline of freemasonry.
Snake oil salesmen hate them, because they are not looking to control or govern men but teach men to govern themselves. Conspiracy theorists use them to cause people to fear what they don't understand, and Masons do not defend themselves to ridiculous accusations. Men can think what they want, emotion blinds the eyes of reason if you put the fear of what you do not know, down and look with the eyes of reason, you might see something greater than you're being told.

So many of these comments made by Christians who hate things they don't understand, no discernment at all. Sometimes you have to eat from the pasture and look for what grows, rather than stay in your pen and eat any old slop thrown your direction, rending anyone who stands in your way.

No, I am not a mason. I have looked at becoming one before, and found it to be a very honorable fraternity, I couldn't join because most of their secrets I already understood, and am not bound to secrecy

Chris Enki
6 years ago

I love reading all those wonderful comments. There are some really smart people, some very simple and the rest just plain blind and ignorant.
This documentary was just another one sided disinformation about the craft of freemasons. I have read many books and seen many videos on the craft and they all contradict eachother a great deal. Unless someone who is in the craft at anything from 33rd degree or above in any other side path actually tells 100% what's happening inside from Entered Apprentice to the top then I will take it all as good entertainment to watch.

6 years ago

(History repeated 2017)
Masons are evil history states!!!
History who killed chirst ?
Jews and Rome
Jews were the first they believed in spirts to gide them
(The root of all evil money )
We're there's money you find a jew (jew will sell you the rope to hang yourself )
History states jews were sent to europe and asia because of interst on money (kings needed money to fund wars) (can't make money on your own kind !)
Kights of Malta roman assassin's evil popes used them to protect pilgrims journey to isreal
Stole there wealth through promissory notes (gold silver gems ect ) like all regions money is funnelled to the top (why work land or farm animals when they can just take it)
Secrete to isreal is (money magic)
Pope will feed afew poor pilgrims not thousands So bring in death colts Tar Tars
Pilgrims killed cycle begins again fresh lot pilgrim return more money
Hundreds of years go by knights more richer than pope ( set up banking ) Pope pissed off Jews create islam to fight knights ,
(Knights have learnt the secretes of Solomon ) devil worship pure evil (canabalism ,child sacrafice pre teens ,slavery ect ) Jews use islam to distroy knights expelled from europe ( use Scottland for safety ) Were ever jews have gone Through out history to spread there evil they get expelled and in comes islam
Supprise history repeating
Kings and popes are evil (masons are a tool they use to enslave us)
Eg corrupted all religions (The good in evil) slavery is slavery two tier system Tax tax tax the poor young and the weak while ellite feed upon us for amusement Satanic blood lines rule earth 1% ellite (rothchilds in breads and others )have all wealth in the world

The secret of all secrets is God is love he creates (( life ))
Satan destroys Everything God created (Time will show us this )
Air poisoned foodpoisoned Forrest gone sea poisoned
Masons have done this for the love of money And control can't patent gods creation (pope owns everthing including our souls )
Masons uses synthetics and test tubes eg Gmo foods ,oil ,drugs computers , tvs all tech which will kill you eventually or send you mad for the medical institutions law instatutions and others
Transhumanism next (true evil)
(secret to life )History states love is a frequency tap into it as the song goes (picking up good vibrations !!beach boys!!!)(ancients know this )Greeks Indians ect know this (healing with sound,premonition ,speaking without speaking
Levitation of objects and much more (missionaries killed a lot of shamans and witches for this knowledge to be kept in the hands of pope )
This is what the ellite posses and control changeling evil through music and movies turning us all into zombies kill lie cheat steal for money appease evil

Look waisted a lot of years on this subject it's meant to send you mad like they are !!!! hope this helps the people of the world

Ps people that speak to sprits are evil Jews and masons that sacrifice ,rape drink blood and eat children to get favours from demons are satans soldiers
If satan exists there must be a god ( SaveYour Soul ) ( To the young ) Remember Life frequency study this and you will live forever in bliss don't waste your time on these masons or preacher organisations that feed on volunteering eg (time and your money )There is still good on this planet people just have been deceived


6 years ago

Masons are evil idiots. A judge Hellier found that they are not a charity and would not give them a VAT exemption.
How can any country call itself a democracy when these people act in their own interest, and have infested local government and the courts.

6 years ago

where is the top document that you told me? ahhhh such a damn liar. Hate you man!!!

6 years ago

KYCH, I hate liars, and everyone like you two with your statements: it is better to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and prove oneself to be a fool.

6 years ago

I have researched this subject for over 20 years . This video is bogus . I'm currently working on a website which exposes them . It is : . The video The Lightbringers is accurate .

6 years ago

Lets have a bit of perspective here.
1. Most freemasons wouldn't understand the negative accusations thrown at them such as discussed in this forum. I am not suggesting they are stupid. They are just ordinary men from a broad cross section of society.
2. Most freemasons would not recognise another freemason except when in a lodge.
3. Freemasons are explicitly instructed not to do ANYTHING that is at detriment to their
connections or friends or the laws of the country they reside in, in connection with Freemasonry. I have never seen this contravened.
4. Many freemasons would struggle to remember the secrets entrusted to them.
They don't need to remember that many secrets any way. The secrets are about the internal workings and ritual in the temple. Not about how they are taking over the world. Most people would be wholly disappointed or even bored if those secrets were revealed to them.
5. Freemasonary is NOT a religion. They just have to acknowledge that there is a greater being of there OWN religion. Any ritual that includes reference to God is with reference to their own god.
6. Freemasons are not allowed to talk about Religion or Politics in Lodge and tend not to talk about it out of Lodge either for this reason.
7. There is NO great conspiracy. If there is, 98% of Freemasons wouldn't know about it or be under
pressure to know about it.
8. Why be a Freemason. To better oneself and have a bit of fun doing it.

Pam Yount
6 years ago

Also, I read how some will stop them. If they are so hush, hush, its time to ignore their arrogant asses. If they truly are watching, they are a pathetic, desperate lot preying on the weak. No wonder they remain anonymous.

Pam Yount
6 years ago

Wow I barely skimmed a few sentences. I think mind control can only conquer the weak and evil. The kind and good and unselfish will fly to the heavens while the evil will only destroy. Love thy neighbor as you would have them love you

7 years ago

I've been turned over by Freemasons for over 20 years, and It is ruining my life over and over, and for those who wish to defend it, the charitable donation is a small fraction of its income. One of the worlds most prolific Paedofiles, (Sir-knighted) Jimmy Saville gave a lot to charity, and look what he got away with. It is a fact that Freemasons on the inner (control) circle spend their time financially abusing us profane, and guess what we've had enough, I hope your days are numbered, I have a list of at least 10 Freemasons who have been involved in shady deals, and are actively financially ruining the profane. Its inhuman and God forbid you complain and expect to be at the end of a Stasi like response. No New World Order!

Jesse Rishel
7 years ago

The Free masons secret hierarchy is based in Oregon the thirty-third state founded by masons at the height of the Anti-masons, when Andrew Jackson the Grand Master of masonry and the 7th U.S. president orchestrated the relocation of masons suffering under the Anti-Masons of the early 1800's. The leadership flys under the banner of the FreeSouls and they conduct human sacrifices on Lone pine Drive in Eugene, and also at Bohemian Grove California. They are evil and I will stop them! Who will stand with me? You can leave a message for me at the Groundworks collaberative in Bratttleboro Vermont, thank you. Jesse Rishel

7 years ago

Your comment here. Be cool. Ha. OK. So, I'm delighted to see the discourse going on here. Here's my two cents. From what I understand, Freemasonry was a normal club, but it got infiltrated by the Illuminati. So it could have the workings of a normal club still... but be used for other means. My personal testimony: I decided to donate my whole life to God one fateful day in 2008. Long story short; God brought me to the 12 Tribes communities where I was genuinely, eternally saved in an extremely real Biblical way, and then served there for 6 years. Another long story short; I got persecuted out of there by my fellow "believers," so although it was the real deal Kingdom of God there for me and others, I can't necessarily say the principles and standards of God's Kingdom are being upheld there so much anymore, unfortunately.
I had three spiritual experiences with Freemasonry that convince me of its extreme Satanic POWER during those 6 years with the 12 Tribes (who have no affiliation with Masonry, I just encountered Masonry in different ways at that time in my life.)
#1. I got an email which was sent to me from a conspiracy website. This email basically said to me "We are the Illuminati. We know you know what's up. Resistance is futile, so why don't you join us and get in now on the ground level and we'll give you lots of benefits. Many are actually being recruited to form the New World Order right now. Buy this program for $70 to get started. You will be richly rewarded. Just kidding , this is for entertainment purposes only. But no really it's all real. Join Now. Just kidding. This is for entertainment purposes only. But no really." <--The essence of the email from a supposedly truth seeking online forum website.
#2. A man tried (in a very mysterious way) to recruit me to the Freemasons outside of Madison Square Garden in NYC. I can't describe it in words, but this man had an EXTREMELY POWERFUL, tempting spirit upon him, which actually made it a very difficult temptation for me not to go and join the Masons.
#3. A serious experience happened for my friend and I as we walked into Hamilton, NY one time. For short, I'll say that we could tell there was a battle going on in the spiritual realm, and that the energy on the bad side was coming from this masonic building. I tried to sense if any other buildings gave off the same vibes (churches and such...I know that's where they would also be...), but none did--the dark power was coming from solely the masonic temple.

Aleister Crowley
7 years ago

I'm working on joining. I was invited by a Master Mason... Oh, wait... At the time, I understood what my friend said as an invite... It wasn't... He's since been asked to withdraw his membership (because he engaged in some minor criminal activity) but he has recently put me in touch with the Worshipful Master of the local Lodge. I had no idea that I would fill out an application that is just as intense as a job application... I figure that it's just a big "good ol' boy's club," but if there IS some big conspiracy, which side would you like to be on? The masters? Or the mastered? I want all of the light that is available, and I'll go to the ends of the Earth to find it!

7 years ago

The first 70 minutes of the film is good. The last 20 minutes is the hoax. There really is a connection between Solomon's Temple/Key, Egypt, Angel of Abyss, the all seeing eye is Egypt and the Angel of Abyss tie-in, Andrew Jackson did have Morgan killed, the Catholic Church and their trillions of dollars are tied to it, Hirman is connected to it all, almost all Presidents - except Carter are connected to Freemasons, the candidates, all except one, running for President are part of these groups, holy grail and ark of covenant are connected. Yale Skull and Bones, Harvard Brotherhood, Kabbalah, Illuminated and more are also themed around this.

Eugenio Concepcion
8 years ago

My name is Bond, James, Bond. I have seen many documentaries on the history channels and I have to say that this one was pretty good. Anyway there's a lot of people who have seen the documentaries on Freemasonry and many people wouldn't know right from wrong. And most are always listening to conspiracy theories. Freemasonry exist and is the most charitable trust worthy with good morals and helping the community they also help schools hospitals and were would we be if founding fathers like George Washington Ben Franklin and so on. They were Masons.Conspiracies boy the world would be a lot better. People like to judge and the only one that can Judge is the Great Architect of the universe. The Brotherhood or Fraternity has nothing to hide the secrets are for the individual who's being initiated and is nobody's business if you are a good and moral man ask one and put your petition in your nearest lodge. No body is going to torture you or make you do something bad. I have been studying to see if I can be and join. My Dr.Aquino from Mayaguez. P.R. who is a Grand Master and friend is an example of the way Freemasons are a good and honest charitable giving of contributions to the community of Mayaguez. Puerto. Rico the lodge capital of P.R

George Hill
9 years ago

I have been a MM since '79- I have been active and inactive (as many)- I had to say that I was 21-free-white- and non-catholic. I have heard much of that has changed, BUT not where I attend- I NEVER heard in all my communication of a 76th degree and surely not a 360 degree Mason- not in the shriners or elsewhere!There are a lot of books and TV specials that talk of freemasonry BUT they DO NOT know of all the info that a MM has to know- I have NEVER heard of a former Mason being threatened or hurt. They are considered un-lawful masons. The masons help the needy and poor, and the shriners (who have to be 3rd degree masons) - MANY Cripple Children Hospitals and famous Burn centers- Man, if that ain't Christlike, What is? What are you doing for your fellow man??

I heard recently that the Rotary Int'l is Masonic ran; BS- they also have many Masonic members but there is NO assoc or co-hoots- They are raising 2-3 million for Polio Vaccines and Bill Gates and wife is matching with 3.5 million (maybe a Billion) -is that Christlike or what?? Are those against Freemasonry doing anything close to helping the suffering as Jesus says (Matt. 25:31-46) and some other Fraternal organizations?
Yes, there are secrets and oaths, BUT how many of y'all raise your right hand when going on Jury duty? Man,, yes there is a lot of BS with the world and Gov't but masonry is not one- I have NEVER heard, seen or anything to do with Satan worship. Yes, one can fold a dollar, five, ten or 20 and get anything they want eventually but Masonsry is not of the enemy of mankind. GA

9 years ago

Didn't see it, haven't read the book, but I can tell you that they run all the councils in the south coast, and control planning for the backhanders. I personally know somebody in Lyme Regis who was given a key to a flat in the Canneries - the perfect untraceable backhander. Moreover, the leader of the council Robert Gould condones this, and the masonic chief constable has just been sacked, but they arranged a better job for him!

If it ever does kick-off in this country, I for one will be organizing their permanent removal.

hunter saintclaire
10 years ago

I just happen to see this today. Anytime you take an oath to a secret society, it is against God. Any blood oath is a blasphemy against God. I don't care if it is the Skull and Bones, Jesuits, or Masons. They are all against God, and you will be held accountable, until you denounce it. Many young men just thought it was helping the community, and many don't go much above the first few marks, yet, they still had to take an oath. It isn't until you go to higher ones, that many people realize what it entails. It isn't just the masons, it is many other fractions in this country and world that are literally in league with the devil. Their hearts and minds are completely entangled with the dark one. Why do you think things are happening in this world they way they are? In this program, they made sure the words supposed, conspiracy people, etc., were said, and nothing really definite. There wasn't anyone except for a couple of people that said the truth. Most, if not all was very close to what is happening with them. At the end, and it was shown supposedly what the initiations were, and what they really believe, and are involved in is insulting to all of us. Why should there be secrets, if they and others were not trying to cover up things. If people had known the truth, our world would not be in this condition. It has all been secretive for many, many years. The word conspiracy came from the people who are involved in covering up, just to let people think we are crazy. Anything, that any of these sinister groups do, is directed from the hidden most sinister people taking direction from satan. These people are the wealthiest in the world that we don't hear about, and are involved to the nth degree with the devil. Of course, there are many lesser people involved with doing their bidding also. Much had to be in place of what they and others were doing before the computer age came, so they could work in secrecy in order to get us to this place. They still continue to do their treasonous and completely evil doings. Now they don't care. It is just a matter of time. However, with much prayer, God will slow things down. After all, He is in control. He only gives as much power to the devil as he wants to. Satan has already been defeated.

10 years ago

Wtf!! All the way til the, secrecy, spooky theories and then -blam!!!- just kidding, here's what its really all about! What a kick in the nads!:(

Dutchess Carrie
10 years ago

can one brother harm another

Alfred Burgess
10 years ago

G means WELL DONE. It is a combination of a letter C ,which means "capable of creation" (Continue with the construction of a C and you end up with the O of birthing.) and the letter T which means "of substance in this reality". Tel me to a T.
see Book of Names published by Ex Libris.

Ky Graham
10 years ago

F&AM; Much of an initiatory system by comparison to, but on a broader scale in relevance (or irrelevance) to matters of religion, ancient knowledge and teachings of many historically renowned ascended masters.

That being said,

The "average person" is far less capable of absorbing true light like many the profane are lead to believe.

10 years ago

I've been invited to become a Brother on several occasions but have (& always will) turn it down. I have integrity.

Hmmmh... Just imagie a mate was Kent, UK's, most senior 'Thrice Grand Master' and would have killed a woman and child (leaving the other sibling almost dying) just to 'prove' Loyalty!... and watched as someone was given life imprisonment for the crime. Thankfully it would, of course, never happen!

Imagine a famous Kent, UK, 'Road Rage' murder had occcured? ... Imagine ALL the relevant Lodges knew (approved?) the REAL cause. Imagine the Police also knew, very very well, the actual cause...Imagine the perpetrator had once pitchforked a Policeman and STILL got away with the crime!!!... Imagine the Road Rage case even went to the Lords on appeal and yet, even then, the actual 'reason' was kept quiet and 'road rage' was simply a useful charade!

Humans are invariably weak, scared, cowardly, greedy individuals... with egos very easily 'massaged' and nurtured by brainwashing!! Integrity flies out of the window and never more so when 'pressure' is bought to bear!! Masonry, just like religion, is simply control. It serves the commercial intrerests of the ruling heirarchy.

Life's unfair... Get over it if that bothers you!! ;-P

10 years ago

This Documentary Glorifying Freemasons is full of s*it!! Psyops...

Kent Esden
10 years ago

don't trust the media maintstream

10 years ago

You all have no clue what it means to be a FreeMason. For never being a Mason you sure know alot....of nothing. I invite you tonknow a Mason and you will see themperfect points of whatnit means for allmof us tonbe Brothers On a positive note i needed a good laugh NWO

Eric Bounting
10 years ago

Haven't you discovered that if you openly invite people in to your customs and traditions they begin to be changed and or abused. Just look at American Indian Rituals. They allowed men from different races to take part in a sun dance and it became a disrespectful shenanigan. This is so stupid. It keeps traditions alive. just like a tradition many families share of eating dinner at the table together...Seriously.

Eric Bounting
10 years ago

Haseeb- It isn't a secret. I can go straight down to the Scottish Rite Cathedral down the road from my house and join. The don't openly ask people to join. It is not a religion. they don't want to force beliefs on people like the church does. Go to their website and sign up. Not hard.

10 years ago

One simple question to all the freemasons. If its about brotherhood and just a social club then WHY SECRET? let it be an open book for all the human race... so anyone can come and embrace rather then you chose people for freemasonary

10 years ago

The people commenting on this page who claim to be freemasons are genuine freemasons... and I am the legitimate heir to the throne of Morocco.

10 years ago

i spent a while watching a movie for them to tell me at the end none of it was real so wat was the point of them making it. although i am not for freemasonry,illuminati,zionism,skull and crossbones etc.i think it was made by freemasons in an attempt for them to seem open about their society so we stop questioning them.

Val Fono
10 years ago

Founded by Noah's grandson Nimrod which means "Great hunter" or "In the face of God" built a tower in "rebellion" to God after the flood ( just in case God sent another) named Babel in the bible or some say Babylon, first King of Babylon and the known world. Cut a long story short hes back not that he really left ,well not him personally...? well the driving spirit namely Lucifer but gets a body and hes been preparing through masonry since the beginning of time really. Who is he? s*it I don't know or want to know all I am truly interested in is living life under the one whom gave it and in His words " Satan is a liar,thief and destroyer". In a nut shell they have been exposed,deny, deny, deny. Don't be fooled.

10 years ago

Being raised about a year already and becoming a officer in our lodge I have found a great secret that needs to be shared with you all. There is a 5 dollar spaghetti dinner Saturday night and all the money received will be donated to juvenile diabetes.

10 years ago

True freemasonry
This is dedicated to all good hearted freemasons, who know or feel, the true essence of freemasonry is esoteric in its nature and that the legacy and greatest gift left by the Djedi was the creation of the philosophers stone, a middle pathway of balance that paved a road towards enlightenment- the first freemasons were called the Djedi and they were know and referred to as the Illuminated ones
I am sol, I am the light in the heavens and my partner is space, grandmother void who gave birth to reality, I am the centre bringing illumination to the sacred Nine, 9 who are made from two who are really one. I am both the power of creation and destruction, it should always be remember that one day the time will come when all will be consumed by my power ,all body’s will become ash and all will return to the centre where everything is one. Herald my warning and do not be blinded by my light, because it’s the light that cast the shadow, so in this way it can be balanced ,the light speaks the truth, their once was a time when people forgot this and so they prayed to me “ grandfather Sol you are above all things, you are the creator of life and so we will honour you first above all others” so to remind the people and illuminate the truth for them I searched the vast reaches of the universe looking for a ancient sacred grandmother, one who would be willing to give of herself to help and teach the people so that they would always remember and know there place as people living as a part of the universe, deep in outer space I found grandmother Môn, she had been waiting for my arrival ,ready to fill her destiny, grandmother Môn is a very ancient grandmother ,she is older than both me and the earth, she has the power over the waters and women’s menstrual cycles. In this way she reminds people that reality is birthed from the feminie ,travelling in both the day and night, her cycle of twenty eight days is her time to govern, during which she waxes and wanes reminding the people that the darkness and the light need to balance each other.
Salutations Mecurio the wing messenger you are nine the bodhisattva, consciousness that’s reached completeness the guardian angle that is each person’s higher conscious
Hail the planet Lucifer, sweet Colombia ,goddess of love and fear you are number eight because you have two face one of love, one of fear, you are the illusion of separation, Lucifer the male, Columbia the female, in the freemasonic story of Adam eve and Lilith , Lilith the goddess Columbia appeared as the spirit of fear so her other face the spirit of love could smile from within Adam and eves hearts and this face of fear secretly it would balance and protect their love, love is a child like energy that’s drawn to things that give it pleasure and without fear to balance it, love is blind
Songs of respect to sacred earth, mother to so many, you are the heart, green with balance, the feminie sacred 7, 7 is consciousness with the understanding that it exists as a part of a whole, aware it strives to live in balance and harmony with the whole, in action done for the benefit of the greater good
Honours for lord mars ,the red centre ,the stomach, 6 is sacred instinct(gut feeling) 6 is a reflection of nine, because it is a sacred centre that communicates through feeling and with wisdom without words ,this is how and from where the animal kingdom receives its instruction on how it should be encompassing all instinctual behaviour. It is red because it is the centre (the red road) and by being this way mars teaches the people that the centre is balanced, that all animals and people have red blood at their centre and so for balanced understanding, it must be realised we are not greater or less, we are equals with the animal nations and all of creation
Praise to mother Jupiter number 5 ,she is 4 the earth air fire water plus 1 inside this is because she is pregnant ready to give birth to one , the single cell
Celebrations to Saturn prince of temptation, Saturn is desire, the desire for life, Saturn represents the 4 elements (for now let’s ignore the semantics of what an element is) earth air fire and water and they are the building blocks 4 all life, Saturn is the entry point into 3th dimensional reality (length breath and width), desire can grow into many things, other than the desire to live life that’s balance and centred. it is said through legend that another planet who was the embodiment of truth, gave its life so it could become spirit ,which is truth ,so it could be the rings of truth that surround and contain desire ,so that desire doesn’t grow into some other desire than the desire for 4 to give birth to 5 so that 5 can become 6” balance and centred” then 6 can be come 7 ,living in service for the whole so 7 can realise 8 is illusion “the idea of separation and duality “then 7 will become 9 complete ,as it can be seen and said, the one eyed monster of temptation and desire within an enlightened consciousness is contained by the truth and light of spirit, as can be seen circling both Saturn and the black hole of desire at centre of each galaxy , in this way the universe teaches us how to balance these energy that also exist within as a part of us, Saturn is lord of deception because 4 is illusion ,the stages consciousness pass through from its birth to its death 4, is the beginning of dualistic reality, the experience and illusion of separation and the self
The last 3 Neptune Uranus and Pluto represent the 4th dimension, the dimension within ,the realm of thought where thought divides from the singularity and appear as the black whole of desire and the light of self ,one and one, make 3 the holy trinity the sacred 3 that make 4 “earth air fire water”
As above so it is below, it is known that by bringing these 9 archetypes into balance with one’s own being as reflected and done by the higher consciousness that manifest as our solar system , then enlightenment and liberation can and will be attained
End part 1
To be continued with Part two
The origins of freemasonry

10 years ago

to all you people who claim your freemasons quit bs-ing if u were really a freemason u wouldn't flaunt it you would have to keep it a secret so enough with the bs

Carl Kirby
10 years ago

This Documentary is JOKE!!! As a freemason, This documentary is an insult to every member of the craft. Why are we responsible for all the bad stuff in the world!!. If we are to be depicted, then do it correctly.

10 years ago

I can tell you, as a Freemason, that about 30% of this "documentary" is totally inaccurate. I would think that since some Brother unmasonically betrayed the Craft by sharing the Passwords and Grip, that they would at least get it correct.

10 years ago

well you hiding some thing.
there is some thing hidden from world.
Wake up, unless its too late

10 years ago

Before I saw this film,I didn't know what to believe about the Freemasons.
Now I'm convinced you are hiding something
Next time, at least make some believable arguments.

11 years ago

This is not a well completed documentary. For something that has a lot of words in it, it contains very little actual information. Repeating the same things and asking the same questions is not the basis of good documentary making. Its like having an argument with an i*iot. What a painful watch that was.

11 years ago

my mums name is sinclair! Im from Jesus bitches. BOW!