Secret Pakistan

Secret Pakistan

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Secret PakistanTwo part documentary series which explores accusations by CIA officials and western diplomats that Pakistan is failing to live up to its alliances in the war on terror.

In May this year, US Special Forces shot and killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. Publicly Pakistan is one of America's closest allies - yet every step of the operation was kept secret from it.

Filmed largely in Pakistan and Afghanistan, this two-part documentary series explores how a supposed ally stands accused by top CIA officers and Western diplomats of causing the deaths of thousands of coalition soldiers in Afghanistan.

It is a charge denied by Pakistan's military establishment, but the documentary makers meet serving Taliban commanders who describe the support they get from Pakistan in terms of weapons, training and a place to hide.

The second film in this timely and enthralling two-part documentary series reveals how Britain and America discovered compelling evidence that Pakistan was secretly helping the Taliban and concluded they had been double-crossed.

It tells the story of how under President Obama the US has waged a secret war against Pakistan. Taliban commanders tell the film makers that to this day Pakistan shelters and arms them, and helps them kill Western troops - indeed one recently captured suicide bomber alleges he was trained by Pakistani intelligence.

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  1. It’s a brilliant and bold piece of film-making. He’s reinventing the documentary and subverting it. In my view there should be no rules and no boundaries to film-making, and the impact this film had shows you how much he got right.

  2. Islam will make an exit from both Pakistan and Afghanistan after World-War III, this is a fact. Muslims will become a minority in the Indian subcontinent. Islam will be forced to exit the subcontinent after the suffering a comprehensive defeat at the hands of the mighty indian armies and the anti- islamic coalition forces of the world.

    Then we Indians will establish the United States of India in the subcontinent which will incorporate all of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh,Nepal,Bhutan, Sri-Lanka and Myanmar into the Greater Indian Rashtra.

  3. Why cannot Afghan Government stop Taliban from crossing from Pakistan. I agree even US has immense difficulties in a flat bordrer stopping weapons and drugs from Mexico to US

  4. Pakistan is hell bent on Al Qeada and Al Qaeda hell bent on Pakistan

  5. In all this heated debate we tend to forget one thing as to who has been backing radical Islam for the past two centuries? And that is because we don't bother to read and understand history!
    The historical reality is that radical Islam in its worst political version is the political creation of 19th century British Imperialism which has evolved over the past two centuries under the very auspices of Western players into its modern form of Al-Qaeda and PAKISTAN!

    1) Who created this terrorist Pakistan? Beyond doubt, it was a British invention of early 20th century in order to combat the growing influence of Communism via the CIA sponsored AL-QAEDA! ( Hilary clinton once famously said to American Senate : The guys we have been fighting today are the ones whom we strongly supported in the recent past!

    2) Just like Western Imperialism who has hijacked radical Islam as its most effective and offensive tool against its enemies in Asia, Pakistan has also been abusing Politicised Radical Isam at its best for its vested interests in the region and takes it as its most valuable foreign policy tool!

    3) As long as there is America on the map of the world, there will be an AL-QAEDA in one form or other as Radical Islam is the dark side of modern Americanism. There will always be a radical Pakistan to serve their interests in the region. Western Imperialism can never survive in Asia in the absence of RADICAL ISALM!!!!! Then who this mess belongs to ? The answer is clear!

  6. In all this heated debate we tend to forget one thing as to who has backing radical Islam for the past two centuries? And that is because we don't bother to read and understand history!
    The historical reality is that radical Islam in its worst political version is the political creation of 19th century British Imperialism which has evolved over the past two centuries under the very auspices of Western players into its modern form of Al-Qaeda and PAKISTAN!

    1) Who created this terrorist Pakistan? Beyond doubt, it was a British invention of early 20th century in order to combat the growing influence of Communism via the CIA sponsored AL-QAEDA! ( Hilary clinton once famously said to American Senate : The guys we have been fighting today are the ones whom we strongly supported in the recent past!

    2) Just like Western Imperialism who has hijacked radical Islam as its most effective and offensive tool against its enemies in Asia, Pakistan has also been abusing Politicised Radical Isam at its best for its vested interests in the region and takes it as its most valuable foreign policy tool!

    3) As long as there is America on the map of the world, there will be an AL-QAEDA in one form or other as Radical Islam is the dark side of modern Americanism. There will always be a radical Pakistan to serve their interests in the region. Western Imperialism can never survive in Asia in the absence of RADICAL ISALM!!!!! Then who this belongs to ? The answer is clear!

  7. The pakistani economy need american funding therefore they are creating this quagmire to keep the american troops in the region in order to preserve the billions of dollars it gets annually. Without these dollars pakistan would need a growing economy to supports its huge military. however i do not reccomend cutting military aid in response as this would mean that the whole of pakistan would be engulfed in terrorist elements this would hamper american progression. Strategically speaking pakistan is the winner in this situation, main reasons being, america does not have an appetite for a ground invasion, within 48 hours of american withdrawal the inexperienced karzai government would be overrun and all the efforts in the past ten years would be flushed down the toilet. we must always remember this is much bigger than religion as you have seen in this documentary intelligence agencies are using religion to serve their own means. this has always been the case.

  8. India is far better off letting Pakistan to separate in 1947 so that we do not have deal with lunatics. Imagine shooting a fourteen year old because she is passionate about education

    1. You did'nt separate. We were far more better than you rascals, in taking independence. It was Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah's abilities who let us win our country. And as far as condition is concerned LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP. Check India's poverty rate. People more than Pakistan's population are born on streets, brought up on streets and die on streets.

    2. Whatever, as long as we do not have to deal with lunatics.

      you seem to be living in pre-historic times. Look at the data how fast Indian economy is growing and how fast Pakistan's economy going down.

    3. thats funny coming from a country where women are not safe and is full of rapists!!! and people who are sooo poor they die on the streets, whats the point of your economy growing if it does not help anyone?

  9. How much of US involvement is actually based on legitimate security threats to American people and the American territories, and how much is just fear-mongering? Muslims and Islamic countries today are the Communists and Russians of the 20th century.

  10. At the end of the day I for one am glad that pakistan is double crossing the united states!! its funny how america does it to many countries around the world and bullies them also, so its about time someone did it to them!!! good on pakistan for keeping its own interests a priority, if america can do it then so can they. I dont see america doing anything about it because THEY CANT!
    and before anyone says that america will go in guns blazing and all this talk of nuking islamic nations is completely ridiculous! pakistan is not a weak nation by far and is not a iraq, afghanistan or even a libya. And the americans never attack someone strong they only attack the weak. Pakistan is here now and will always be here its a shame that i cannot say the same for AMERICA because if there is anything history has taught us is that EVERY EMPIRE EVENTUALLY FALLS!

    1. If only Pakistan's Double-playing nature, India's copycatting nature and America's Bullying and exploiting nature could be fixed...*sighs
      The root of our conflict is never religion. Because each religion, no matter Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Islam, so on, they all give importance to respecting people of other religions. The root of every conflict is either privacy concerns, resources and territorial threats or mostly miscommunications. When have we ever benefited from negative stereotyping?

  11. pakistan double playing nature was exposed by india long back only america and world has realized recently this is the truth of evil country.. and it'speople

    1. so little you know! this country you call evil had to go through the bloodiest partition in history to get its freedom and thats a FACT!!!! so is it wrong for a country who went through soo much pain and bloodshed to protect its interests, The U.S.A does it, isreal does it , india does it. so my friend forgive me if your comments sound like you dont know much and speak only of what little you know. And evil people LMAO! some might say that about you. Never judge a book by its cover.

    2. If you are a real pashton as your name Afzal might suggest, you should support your great ancestors in Afghanistan and not these radical dogs, Also Pakistan does not have any educational, social and economic plans for the NWFP. You dont belong to these people, they are an imaginary creation taken from Afghan and Indian land.

    3. no i am british pakistani and a punjabi, why would i support a backwater like afghanistan??? Pakistan zindabad!

  12. Ahan. . . i don't understand that if Americans know that we are deceiving them so why don't they left us at our own instead of accusing us up to that
    extent!!! It's not our war and it never was. . . Americans used us against Russians since 80's and they supported Taliban's by every means. . .!! Before Russian attack on Afghanistan there was no sign of Taliban's. . !! I admit that they are ISI creation but why don't everyone acknowledge that ISI did not created it intentionally neither they want to!! ISI just did it for America and America used them against Russian just to stop them invading Afghanistan!! Why people get so blind and dumb whenever they talk about Pakistan in any sense!! We are not as bad as world has made us!! Pakistan Zindabad. . <3

    1. Yes because you gusy are slaves of USA and also had a reason to send those Talibs to Afghanistan in order to manifest the druandline and gain influence. “Pakistan is a completely superfluous and artificially created spot on the world map that has become a breeding ground for extremism, and trouble that would be best done away with.”

  13. Nice vid.......

  14. is the taliban not al qieda & al qieda the CIA? therefore u got the CIA backin up its own propaganda! & for talksake this was true, then y do we hav brittian & america pumpin millions into the pakistani education system?
    lmao..just read a comment which says this is a BBC documentary! think that proves my point unchallenged.

    1. You have proved nothing but your severe mental disorder....go see a doctor. It is people like your, that sometimes make the whole concept of democracy rather questionable.

    2. well, if it takes someone with a mental disorder to see your undemocratic government for what is then, i guess, that makes me R.P Murphy.
      just you keep hiding behind that smokescreen your corrupt government & media are so profoundly pleased to feed into that oxygen-starved brain of yours.
      when your ready to come into the real world, the rest of us will still be here & ready to fight the evil, which the western elite have imposed upon our beautiful planet & its inhabitants.

      Eyes Wide Shut!

  15. How is this a biased documentary? Its title is "Secret Pakistan," therefore one should go into it with the understanding that the main idea will be pointing out some sort of negative and problematic issues about the aforementioned country. Also, I understand that we are all pissed at the U.S. government but we cannot deny certain facts that are raised in this documentary and they are facts. Are we really so skeptical about everything that comes from Western society that we blind ourselves to what valid sources say if it supports what the West claims? This is not the first documentary talking about nations double crossing the U.S. and it's allies when it comes to counter terrorism.

  16. Stop all aid to and immigration from, all Islamic countries. Require all auto manufacturers to increase motor efficiency by 60% in 10 years. Use water as a fuel supplement (see "Water Fuel" websites). Encourage Islamic Populations to continue reverting to an 8th century lifestyle. The rest of the world wil surge into the 21st century as Ilsam confines itself to the dusty pages of history.

    1. wishful thinking on your part lol, shows how low your intelligence and understanding of world affairs!!! get your head out your arse and welcome the the REAL world lol

  17. Cut off all aid to and immigration from all Islamic countries. Require all automobile motors to be 60% more efficient in 10 years. Use water as a supplement fuel in automobiles (see "water fuel" websites). Muslim radicals want to revert to the 8th century. As the rest of the world surges into the 21st century, Islam will crumble back to the 8th century and dissappear into the dust of history.

    1. that's only if the christian radicals don't make us revert first.

  18. Wao Shame on BBC for producing such kind of documentaries. I trusted BBC for its fair reporting since i was child i used to listen BBC every night with a small radio. But today i can say BBC is spreading disinformation for the issue which is very sensitive. We have lost more 35000 lives in this war against terror and tremendous losses to our economy is another darkest result of this war against terror. I belong to Pakistan. I am Economist. One should read confession of economic hit man to understand and see the negative face of these superpowers.

    High economic growth process needs two things for its survival. First natural resources and second market access. The whole world knows that the attack on Iraq was for natural resources and occupation of Afghanistan is for market access.

    1. iraq's natural resources you said? all are fenced by china.

      market access in afghanistan? you must be kidding. if i would want to train my goods somewhere viable, afghanistan is the last place i would consider. china, india, southeast asia, south america. consumerism there is ripe. afghanistan is a backwater.

    2. Its really hard to tell which country is helping which country, the west -silly united states of America has been cutting out and running away for at least 50 years. Why should any country trust another -when they all only look after their own national interests-Us has always fight one war, and secretly armed the other side to keep kaos in all regions of the world-pakistan is doing the same thing- go and live in another country for a while and you might just see the whole picture for a change-

    3. What are you talking about, its all true and we Afghans know this and happy that someone shows the world whats really happening. You people in Pakistan dont know and thats sad. War against Afghanistan and Iraq was anyway illegal. They should have attacked Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. China & India are smart making business deals while other sending terrorists.

  19. I get the strong feeling that this documentary is very one sided. I believe there is a greater game being played with China. Pakistan is simply a pawn on the board. The US needs to destabilize Pakistan to weaken China. I'm sure China is also contributing towards arming militia (possibly through Pakistan), similar to what the US did to Russian 30 odd years ago. One needs understand the geo-political game being played to understand individual conflicts.

  20. A superb & spellbound documentary with some chilling messages to Western world !!

  21. very good documentary, although I can't see why the US insists on appeasing Pakistan knowing their malevolent machinations

    1. because they need pakistan it is that simple

  22. if you kill one life its like you kill all of mankind

  23. You're a kook. 9/11wasn't an inside job. Read a book.

  24. THis documentry sucks big big time.

  25. BBC's documentries are being produced to please only those who want to see the imaginated enemy created by DumbNationofUnitedState, biased, as well as absolute twisted information which only feeds idiots.
    US is responsible for much of the trouble around the world, there goal to controll there own people as well as the entire world had made them act like savages. As the saying goes "Stupid White Man" looks like fits absolutely to the US Govt. and the majority of its people.

  26. a very biased documentary shame on the BBC

    1. I guess nothing better to expect -- afterall BC is now owned by India

  27. @Pierre, what r u trying to say huh ??? i was just telling sum1 who hd wrng facts abt India thngs abt India so here its abt this documentary if u have a comment on this documentary comment if you dont shut the hell up and stop targeting ppl and ya m nt frm d south you d*mb*** m frm d north

    1. @Arjun Khajuria,

      1) One of the Indian I knew & worked with for more than a few years told me that his family roots where he was raised was away far from the northen India's states.
      More exactly in the nothern part of the "Deccan Plateau".
      What he called the nothern India's province was where there was quite a bit of social & civil disturbances. In the sense that those "Disturbances" had their roots in Pakistan.
      And this date back to at least some 12 years back.
      Understanding what instrangigeance means...

      Based on how you write, which is exactly the same as the howling from a few zealotes down below, you just can't be the type of individuals from IndiaI I once knew.
      They don't live in caves but in houses.

      In fact, I'm feeling real ackward to speak to another spiecie which is not of the humankind.

      2) What I meant by: -"When is it that I'll read one made and published in Afgan" was that for now, we never seen much any Paskistanese scientific work published on an international level as it is the case for India. And obviously, the world should not expect any soon.

      Thirdly, in this docu, a Paki Gov. official state that they "Just simply" didn't know that Boing Lada was in their territory...
      Ok! Either the guys and all his gang of fool are totally unfit and plain stupied or else, he & his gang are better liars than Bush's gang.

      Either ways, they sure don't deserve to be considered as part of this specie name humankind.
      Keep them in a cage!


  28. I've got nothing to mention about the politics America, but it does show that if you ever trust a person from Pakistan, then you are taking your life in your hands.Very untrustworthy people.

  29. Fools that you are. Fools you will always be.

    1. Dear La khota son ;;;; Our Sympathies are with you, Actually & Factually We Know that You Are A Psychiatric Patient, So I Think you need some sort of Tuning or you should consult to a Proper Certified Psychiatrist. We Have Some Certified Tunner in Pakistan Also Have Some Psychiatric Specialists, So You Are Always WelCome, Any Time You Can Come, We Respect The Patients ;)

    2. Is that the best you can do?

  30. AMERICAN CIA are puppets of Zionist lobby, you guys are cartoons trust me u are cartoons, you create lies, propaganda for your interest, 9/11 was propaganda and inside job,
    tell me after the 9/11 next day the 7th tower was brought down , who did and how why its not involve in media?

    then they said, in IRAQ Saddam has weapon and mass destruction, after invading IRAQ not a single stuff were found, now usa is digging OIL of Iraq u guys are liers and robbers ,

    seriously cia american are cartoons characters, they born with out sense and brain,
    if American and cia soldiers are so called great and hero, why the hell the american cia soldiers doing suicide in Afghanistan. because they don't even know how to live in critical situations, cia american soldiers rape there partners that is level of frustration in Afghanistan, and you idiots think u will invade PAKISTAN ,
    so we welcome come on, we will give u send u back in coffins boxes through fed ex hahah

    so don't try to mess with Pakistan. we warns you to stay out of our name other wise you will pay more price ever we will wipe out your country from the world map

    1. @Abu Hamza,

      1) "AMERICAN CIA are puppets of Zionist lobby"...
      -Wrong, CIA is no Zionist puppet, it's the USA congress who's a puppet of some of the "We the Corporates" who simply happen to be jews. A known fact since the political subsidees are public by law.

      2) "9/11 was propaganda and inside job".
      -Wrong, as one checks some facts, it rather was a simple "Business Affair" as any other ones. Why would Rumsfeld make public the few missing Pantagon's trillions $USD just a little while before 9/11 and not pospone the event until the WTC#7 would have disapeared into dust? It is not a USA Gov. plot as such but something else.

      3) "Then they said, in IRAQ Saddam has weapon and mass destruction"...

      The best thing (& Only one for that matter) you could have said, is that "Their" Elite isn't better than your's.
      But on another hand, it is known on a worldwide basis that the Pakistanies have a whole lot of fun kiling each others as well as their leaders in a once in a while.

      Pakistan has a worst "Benifice of doubt" than what's left to the USA.
      Both human rights delinquents. The world is aware and take it in consideration.


    2. u think pakistanis have fun while killing each other well let me remind u that crime happens to be in every country and america is not a separate case there happens to millions of killing in usa every year and and if u think we love to kill our leaders what do u have to say of abraham lincoln assasination .......
      all iam trying to say five fingers are never equal we do have some good people and some bad people in our society but it happens to be every where in this society and that doesnt make us diffrent from the rest of the world ......

    3. If you wish to post a comment in English, please learn the language first

    4. Mr. PussyPussyBangBang0555, English is Not Necessary to live, it is not much important to any1 that he must learn this, each country has its own language so plzz dont try to bother or dont try to pressure some1 to Learn your Language.

      From :

    5. Mr Ghazi I am an Englishman who has been living in France for the
      last ten years, in that time I have had to learn the language of my hosts , along with a comprehension of their culture, for the good and bad. I am not putting pressure on any one to learn English, all I am saying is if you wish to use this language, use it correctly, please, not plzz or dont or some1
      When I was living in my
      home town of Bradford in the north of England, each Wednesday was devoted to teaching English to young Pakistanis who were having difficultys at school so please dont tell me that learning another language is not important, it enriches our lives and creates peace amongst nations.With fond regards Puss Puss

    6. Who is messing here, the PAKIS messing around for different reasons in Afghanistan. Although without the British they would been nothing today and the billions from US aid.

  31. a country who has not a proper army no economics no financial ( Afghanistan) they just screw u like hell my baby united states,
    plz grow up kids, why u underestimating PAKISTAN ? wht u think we PAKISTANI nations, will run away and get afraid by your cheap media stuff,
    why u forget, 1971 when u betray and double cross pakistan,
    we are the only nation who create world records in war situation, we shoot-down 6 aircraft in 45 seconds in dogfight, we shoot-down dozens of ISRAELI aircraft at there home, and not a loose single aircraft. we are the only nation who fought air to air-combat fight with Indian and Israeli and we just screw them,
    i know the secret of USA what they want from doing this cheap propaganda,
    usa wants a save exit from afganistan, so in afganistan there is not a single mountain where american flag raise hahaha, you already lost the war , u r looser. huh
    now by doing this cheap thing to want to provoke the world , blame Pakistan and run away with respect like vitnam hahaha

    dont bark, you are on the battle field lets play there not here chopping keyboards, and licking computers to made cheap stuff for brainwashing the world,
    your planss are exposed, you are looser now, necon puppets of zionist groow up face the truth

  32. we are not IRAQ
    we are not AFGANISTAN
    we are 170 million
    muslim nation, nuclear power
    by GOD when times comes
    we will ruthless and fight back
    we live with dignity
    we die with honour
    this is the message to israel, american, and indian and there stupid agency
    becouse your guys are cartoons clowns huh


    1. @Abu Hamza,

      Well I'll say, let these peoples kill each others for a while, it'll do them good. Just as they've done in the last some 20 years.

      Then, the only prob'm left will be the radiation aftermath, selecting the right place where it wouldn't cause too much damage to cool honest populations like nothern India.
      They may have some "Tricycle" nuclear warfare but unfit to reach other continents. An ideal parking lot as some say.

      Obviously, there are enough "Abu Hamza" in Pakistan to justify the mad comment that we seen here.
      I wouldn't object that the said parking lot become something of the past.

      There is nothing to talk with such psychopaths.
      The world once united in ~1940?
      Let's move along.


    2. Mr. Hamza, The U.S. is many things both good and bad. However, it is a leading nuclear power. Pakistan and all of Islam would run out of weapons before the U.S. even launched a single percentage of our nuclear arsenal. Where do you think these thousands of nuclear missles are targeted right now? Sleep well.

  33. lakhotason@@@
    ohoo, well nice try cheap propaganda against PAKISTAN, well if PAKISTAN is so easy task for cia and foolish americans to destroy it, then tell me how u do that haha, they way cia americans run away from veitnam, and now from AFGANISTAN, CIA ANEMRICANS invisted trillions of dollars on war, and with great technologies, what did they achive in 11 year of war,,, and u are talking about PAKISTAN and ISI , come on you stupids, we will screw u like we did with russians, get of my face u stupid idiots


  34. Pretty much interersting and I wonder if this report precede the date at which the "Murdoch" media gamble was brought out in the open?
    I mean, the same as for the WMD in Iraq...
    In short, the public at large always need to leave the file on the shelve in order to weight out the case, if it'll hold through time.

    Anyhow, it is well know by now that "Al Queda" is a group of "Secluded" cells that operates on their own. A bit as a cancer, so that the whole organisation is in a way impossible to anihiliate.
    Boing Lada's cell sure was an important one but this doesn't mean that he was the one who organize the 9/11 as such.
    In fact, we all know by now (I guess) that the cabled money came from Pakistan?

    If anyone would have give it real good time to weight out the case, the best was to bomb the Afgan Gov. building from abroad once per some 3 months or so. They'd reoganize elsewhere? No prob'm, bomb their new location!
    Don't show up on the terrain, just destroy their Gov. offices times after times.

    That's their way of living? Let them have it.
    Beside, a good part of the 9/11 thing had nothing to do with the Afgan or Al Queda nor Boing Lada.
    Boing Lada was rather involved in an US embassy bombing and the attack on the US Army boat.

    He gotten what he deserved.


  35. @Earthwinger wot the hell are u tokin abt do u even know what hpn in hist go chck your facts first it was the britishers at that time cos which communal tensions started and they had the main hand to play for the partition gandhiji was against it so stop telling thngs what u dont know and ya India dosent rely on the technology brits gave us we are devloping faster then any other country so stop saying such things first get your facts correct before saying bad things abt our country

    1. @Arjun Khajuria,

      I had the opportunity to work with an Indian scientist on 2 occasions.
      Even though they were from from the southern region, pretty far away from your caves, I have seen that it's already been generations since they're on their own. And not only in chemistry, surgery & agriculture. Among a few other specialties.

      They gotten their emancipation on their own.
      I have read quite a few marvellous technicals publications emaning from India. I even find that they have a better english spelling than the Brits. and the Amercans.

      When is it that I'll read one made and published in Afgan, Huh?

      By reading your "Blah-Blah", there are good reasons to doubt that you'd graduate pre-school!


  36. Where did the Majahadeen go? You know those freedom fighters? Not another word about them. Where did they go?

  37. Right in the opening of this film is a mis-statement.The Taliban said they would turn over OBL if the USA supplied proof that he did it.
    That was to much to ask of another country.

  38. Pakistan has lost more soldierss fighting the taliban than the US has in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

  39. This is all propaganda. Pakistan have lost more that 30,000 soldiers aiding the West on their ''War on Terror'' and all the trouble that happens in Pakistan today ie daily suicide bombings are a result of Pakistan's support for the West against the taliban. The Pakistani Government are the ones feeding the American soldiers and all their supplies come through Karachi delivered by Pakistan. America just want to get to the atomic bomb, the 'islamic bomb'. Afghanistan is just a baron land, there is nothing there; America just want to get to Pakistan and be near China.

    The CIA were the ones that trained the Taliban and supplied them with the money and arms to fight the Russians. When they defeated the Russians, the Americans just up and left them without helping to re-build the country.

    1. Mostly agreed. I think that there are factions though within the Pakistani government and security apparatus that aren't always on the same page.

    2. Absolutely, the Pakistan Government and Security are no angels i know

  40. The US has acted disgracefully on the world stage since Admiral Perry's trip to Japan. Its true we will no longer be the world's sole mega-power. But, let's not forget that if the world would move away from using fossil fuels, the Middle East would go back to being utterly irrelevant. Look how the UAE is trying to brace for it, with major economic difficulties as a result. And, Pakistan. I just hope they don't implode.

  41. the word "documentary" is interesting. it has been used for propaganda films. Even Hitlor's propaganda machine used to call them Documentaries.
    Innocent pakistani people have suffered mulitple blows from CIA.
    A)- CIA's fully funded and controlled Jihad nurseries against USSR.
    B)- Then the military dictators supported and brought into power by CIA and Pentagon. They are easy to control compared to a parliament and courts of law.
    C)- And now the third blow from CIA is this decade long propaganda which portrays pakistan as "responsible" for A and B.
    D)- Pakistanis are somehow responsible for wrong deeds of a Saudi rebellious prince who was also a salaried employee of CIA, named Usama.

    That is the documentary or call it another installment of the same Propaganda, if you like.

  42. america just want to reach to islamic bomb and its not easy.



      My Dear Nasrullah Bhai, I am 100% Agreed with you, These Americans wants to destroy Pakistan's Nuclear Assets, but its really true that they cant do that, they cant reach there, these r oversmarts.

      Ghazanfarullah Khan

    2. You under estimate the United States. It can turn your country into a parking lot any time it wishes. Do you wish to talk nukes?

      We don't fear the Islamic bomb as much as we fear what will have to be done if it is used.

    3. simple and true... well put.

    4. ha haa haaa I Think YoU Living in Your LaLa Land :)

      We are not Underestimating your Country but You Americans are UNDERESTIMATING us, and you better stop dreaming of destroying Pakistan because that is not possible by the House RATS :

      I think you Should Remember that What Vietnam's People did with your "So Called United States", at that time when You People Could NOT Even TIE Your Laces UP and had to Leave Bare Foot from there,
      Where were your GODness then ????,,,, You will Convert a Atomic Pakistan in a Parking Lot !!!!! huhh

      Us Proud Pakistanies are 1000% times better then Vietnam of that Time and a Million Times Better then the "So Called United States" of today morally. And mind it that we are the ONLY Muslim Atomic Power in the World and have not made this Nuclear Bomb to use it as key chain but to use on IDIOTIC Countries like your's "So Called United States" and trust you me that you Really should fear from this Islamic Bomb cuz once its used, the "So Called United States" would be "Our Parking Lot" ;;;X;;;

      THATS IT
      Pakistan Khan

    5. @ghazanferullah khan,

      (Quoted delirium tremens):=> "once its used, the "So Called United States" would be "Our Parking Lot"....

      And that nuclear warfare, sent through "FedEx" from Pakistan to the USA? It appears that you should wonder if it fits into FedEx shipment or if there could be a little extra cost because of its weight...

      On another hand, if you'd rent your own FedEx jet, you may be faced with the fact that on planet earth, there ain't only the psychotic Pakistanees nation and the USA...
      From Pakistan to the USA direct trail, the road is long, so very long...

      I have the vague feeling that the Russians would be real pleased with a brand new a parking lot after since they're now are aware of the presence of all the psyshotic "Ghazanferullah Khan" there are in Pakistan.
      An obvious comforting memories, thinking 'bout the russian encounter in these regions.
      But who need them while the whole world seen what there is to be seen in Pakistan?

      We'll all be there for you. Bring one sole airplane toward any of us, and you'll sure have to cope with the defence of your terrority against a serious rain of nuclear missiles.
      The last of our problem considering the thousands of miles between your caves and us.

      I support you, bring on your weapons.
      Classified matter until futher news.


  43. all you make is fake my dear you cannot reach ISI.
    GO and born again.

    1. They are the Foolish ppl in the World, According to World Ranking The ISI is the Number One Intellegence Agency Of The World. CIA ppl are Kidz infront of ISI.

      They Will Born 100 Times but can not be like ISI.

      Thats It.

      AFGANISTAN which have no proper army, no supplies, no money, still they screw cia americans, hahaha still they claim to be hero hahaha where now 11 year past still they crying afganistan hahah

  44. To Earthwinger: They had to partition India otherwise not a single British soldier could leave alive from India.And leaving of British from India was not willingly it was USA pressure on England to leave from India as soon as possible.Muslim had the qualification of nation on all valid standards of a nation.Was India a sacred place not to be divided by British into 2 countries.How they divided Palestine and gave portion to Israel? Nation born and die and it will continue on Earth.India was not a nation it was sub-continent of different nations which will get Independent with passage of time

  45. To Earthwinger: They had to partition India otherwise not a single British soldier could leave alive from India.And leaving of British from India was not willingly it was USA pressure on England to leave from India as soon as possible.Muslim had the qualification of nation on all valid standards of a nation.Was India a sacred place not to be divided by British into 2 countries.How they divided Palestine and gave portion to Israel? Nation born and die and it will continue on Earth.India was not a nation it was sub-continent of different nations which will get Independent with passage of time.

  46. They wanted Kashmir from India at any cost but ended up destroying their own country.

  47. I agree that America is an imperialist bully. There is no way they should be moving across the globe the way that they do. But, I find it odd that everyone here is forgetting that Osama Bin Laden was found within 1km of the Pakistani equivalent of West Point. So, its not far fetched to say that Pakistan is actively helping America's enemies. You may agree with that, but how can one deny it?

    1. bu were the americans that said pakistan whas there big friend in midleeast wasnt it?and i think bin laden werent kill'd that day they just sayd it was becouse some reason they thout it was time...(of course i have no prove of this its only my opinion)

  48. Americans are ignorant with a lot to learn for sure. But their governments over the decades have done an amazing job tricking the American public and lying to them. From what I can see the average citizen is now waking up and taking a look at the internal damage to the USA caused by excessive consumption and warfare. Not only that it seems they're ready to act on it and even desperate for change they just need the figurehead. I think he may have come. Ron Paul looks like the common sense answer and the best chance at America recovering from all the garbage its put some countries through including itself. I'm not even American but hope they can work it out. Its better for them and everyone else. Good luck USA. Take the power back!(to the people)

    1. "Ron Paul looks like the common sense answer..."

      I am sure it may look that way from the outside, but it isn't so. Ron Paul wants to repeal many of the federally enacted civil rights laws that literally hundreds of our citizens died in denfense of during the sixties and seventies. If he is successful there will be so much racial tention brought back to several areas of our country, like the southeastern U.S. where I live, it will move us backward not forward.

      I would go into a lot more detail but we would be way off topic.

    2. you mean there's no racial tension now?

    3. What racial tension there is now very predominantly originates from Conservatives, from their mentality, which is what Ron Paul is, of course. And he wants to throw back an awful lot of powers and responsibilities to the states, to let them decide on issues of discrimination, affirmative action, etc., opening up a very real potential to set things back for minorities in this country, as well as a number of other very bad ideas, such as much greater deregulation for corporations and businesses, financial institutions, etc. Pretty much the ONLY great ideas he has are completely ending American military actions around the world, and decriminalizing drugs. And, frankly, that first one is SUCH a great one at this point that, despite the risk from the others, if he can win the nomination, I'll think very seriously about voting for him, being that as Commander in Chief he could implement a lot of measures regarding the military immediately, without having to get Congressional approval. For some of the other stuff, I would have to hope we could count on the progressives to trip him up.

    4. Right on man. Thanks for the information. I'm new to politics and this makes me think even though I'm not in the States. On the surface RP does look good but as you've explained these issues you really have to weigh the options so to speak. As an outside viewer it looks like the govt and industry are one and the same. Out to take take take from the peeps. And the greedy ass bankers are hiding that money for them or investing it or whatever. Also, if he gives the power back to the states does that mean the southern ones will slip back to the old mindset. Like oppression and that. I do however agree legalizing drugs is a must given the number of non violent criminals in the jails. Plus drugs are fun and if people want to use them they should be able to. Look at alcohol. That screws people's lives daily. Costs millions of lives. Weed should be sold everywhere. Ah should be a good 2012. Lots of change coming I hope for the better. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to get high.

    5. Not compared to what would be, what has been in the past. Why, because federal laws make it illegal to discriminate openly. Take that away and things go back to how they were in the not so distant past here- lynchings, riots, etc. We already have employers that try to get out of the federal labor laws as well, like time and a half for overtime, paternity leave, etc. We have schools trying to teach religion as history or science. We have property owners that refuse to rent to balcks, latinos, etc. If we give absolute power back to states like Alabama we will have no recourse against such abuses, as they will make it all nice and legal. Of course there is racial tention here, in fact it is probably worse here than anywhere else, but at least it is restricted to a large degree by the federal laws against it.

    6. i think this election in the usa theres no one that i would vote if i was (god help me ) american so i agree with you

  49. my fellow americans lets role????????????????what kind of country has a men like that in power????america you are a sad sad people the moust dumb and blind of the earth...a country were people say they are the best single moust great nation etc cant never be trusted and will never have good intecions to others...a country that put's people 70 years in jail becouse he sails drogs etc my god do you know the word compassion and forgivness???to me all muslim fighters are heroes full of honor and courage if it were in my country you f--ken americans scume come invade i would put ied every were to and trie and kill you one by one has muslims do... shame one you to let your own children day has mercenerys...opium dealers and oil robers....keep on going muslim fighters defend your countrys...

    1. Hahaha you are calling other people dumb and you can't even spell??

    2. I don't think English is his first language, so he probably deserves a little slack.

  50. a good american its an....nop i got nothing...

  51. why doesn't anyone mention, that America was the one that helped the taliban come to power during the war against the Sovijet Union?

  52. It is disgusting how dumb American's look, by the actions of their leaders. If America actually recognized that terrorists come from Pakistan, then in 1999 they would have been on Serbia's side to stop the Al-Qaeda backed KLA. They would, in 1990 been again on Serbia's side, when Serbian Muslims (Bosnians) were joined by Mujaheddin fighters from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, to create their own nationality out of thin air. What did America do? Well, they supported the jihadist Muslim's and raped Serbia's sovereign territory. Flash forward to today, if America actually wanted to defeat this openly recognized Jihad, they would have, and would today, carry themselves very differently. Instead they rather rob their people of liberty and money to spread their influence like a cancer over this earth. Now as much as ironic as this sounds, I hope America and the West never recover. This is a lesson the rest of the world has been throat fed. Now it's the U.S. turn. I hope those people in the Middle East fight until the last man, because they are dying for something greater than land, while our soldiers are dying for free college.

  53. the point of the doc is that the ISI is the agent provocateur in afghanistan, training & leading the talyban. moreover, that if/when various talyban leaders wish to negotiate with the afghan govt, independent of the ISI/Pakistani govt, they are checked/liquidated.

    the question i have is this: why is it in the pakistan regime's perceived interest to provoke continued conflict on their border? what is their desired end in the matter? perhaps it is to create a client state in afghanistan. that seems, given the cost & current history, a rather mindless endeavor.

    but if/when the west next abandons afghanistan, perhaps less so. i just dont see what gold lies in that pot.

    it IS clear that the ISI people are great liars. and so, inquiring as to the motivation of such may be asking what is a madman's goal, i dont know. probably no one does. but doubtless, there are opinions....

    regarding the legitimacy of the western incursion into afghanistan: these states prefer not to be attacked again, and have some strong notions about that, themselves. setting up a going government in afghanistan which is not hostile was the original objective. pakistan's double-dealing is beyond clear. how best to deal with that country in itself, and it its on-going subversion within afghanistan, is the issue.

  54. @zatarra , keep on dreaming pakistan will never become a testing ground for india lmao, and for you to that think that there is a force on earth that could do it then dont you think they would have???? NO! why? because pakistan is not a weak nation and the west or india does not like to pick on strong nations, you cannot blame pakistan for looking out for its own interests. ISREAL does the same as does the USA without any consideration of the consequences and that also includes india and their actions in kasmir! your wishes and hopes are just that! wishes and hopes lol. carry on dreaming these wild fantasies.

  55. omg, its geting pathetic... who believes this ****? (exept american cristian radicals)

  56. The question is what the US is doing in Afghanistan in the first place beyond morbid enjoyment for perverted minds and diverting huge resources from the welfare of the deprived to the 'security' estabishment. They should be ashamed of killing the poorest people on earth with high tech gadgetry while the 'terrorists' resist almost with their bare hands. I think right thinking people with an iota of humanity should be asking, who are the enemy against whom the most advanced weaponry of numerous western nations is pitted. They have no bases, no logistics, no air force, no money or technology and yet the massive killing machine has been let loose on them which so far is unable to claim victory and is only looking for excuses and scapegoats. It is pathetic indeed. Wish with all its great thinkers, western civiization had arrived at something better in the 21st century.

  57. Ya'll know what blowback is right. If you look at what the US did during the second half of the cold war, ie. 1970's onwards in Pakistan and Afghanistan, you'll see that the whole AQ, Taliban mess is just the chickens coming home to roost..............

    You mess with a complex system like a society, or a country enough, you'll have reprecussions no one can even dream of, come and bite you right in the ass.....

  58. People need to look up WHY Pakistan exists in the first place... it was formed because the British was at war with India... and tried to split India up. They failed and civil war based on RELIGION formed Pakistan ... Pakistan is ISLAM religion instead of Hindu religion. So Pakistan exists because India did not want to split their ENTIRE country based on Islam vs Hindu... so they fought a war and so Pakistan is the result and India held together. So, notice the British documentary host... war is war and just more BS to keep shooting, killing and profiting... nothing more.

    1. "People need to look up WHY Pakistan exists in the first place... it was formed because the British was at war with India... and tried to split India up. They failed and civil war based on RELIGION formed Pakistan"

      I'm sorry Matt, but your potted history of India has no bearing in truth whatsoever.

      The history of India prior to British rule is an incredibly long and complex one, with lots of in-fighting between different tribes/religions. It's so long and complex that quite frankly, I haven't the time or the inclination to write a detailed account of it. But here's my potted history of British involvement in India.

      British rule of India came about not by war, but mostly by business, and an English company called The East India Company. This company traded and set up alliances with tribal leaders, and ended up becoming so powerful that the British government stepped in and made India one of it's colonies.

      During the course of British rule, a few Indians became very wealthy, but most didn't, same old story really! In an effort to maximize productivity, the British then embarked on the biggest civil engineering project the world had ever seen, and India gained an incredibly valuable infrastructure, which included railways, telegraphs, etc. Infrastructure that it still relies on to this day!

      As British power waned after WW2, the independence movement in India came of age, and so began the British withdrawal from India, and the process of partition, which divided India along religious grounds, into India and Pakistan. Incidentally, there's an excellent doc. about partition on this site, called The Day That India Burned.

      Did the British make a mess of partitioning the country? Yes! Was the situation made worse because the Hindus and Muslims started killing each other before the British had even finished withdrawing? Absolutely!

      As I said earlier though, India's history is a very long and complex one, and for the sake of brevity, I've skipped over huge swathes of it. So if you really wish to understand it better, you should research the subject in more detail yourself.

    2. WAIT! Are you actually suggesting that the British Empire drew borders? Do tell....oh yeah, maybe, but they only did it in Pakistan.

      However, ....

      No other powerful country before or since could ever imagine doing something like that. Good thing Brittania no longer "Rules the Waves", huh?

      Wow, the amazing grasp of historical hegemony by the masses, is staggering to me. Indian people still judge each other by what they were told by, the British.

      I hope that we could all recognize this for what it was, so that we could nip it in the bud, if it were to EVER happen again.

      Oops, we missed it.

    3. To be fair, it wasn't the British who wanted to partition India. On the one hand there was Gandhi and others who wanted a united country, and then there was the Muslims, who feared living under the control of a Hindu majority, and so wanted their own Muslim nation. Either way, the power vacuum that was left behind when the British pulled out, was going lead to serious trouble, and indeed it did.

      The British made a bad situation worse with their poor handling of the whole affair, but the whole thing was made considerably worse due to all the racial tensions in India at the time.

    4. My point was...all Empires have drawn their own borders for their own gain, throughout history...

      In a century there will be discussions about the Americanada area in North America, (the Rogue Country) trying to develop Plasma cannons, contrary to the non-plasma proliferation treaty...

      Good thing that at that time those "good" people of the Euroasian Nations are always responsible with their weapons.

      And really before the Brits came? Muslims and Hindus, lived in relative harmony....

      Maybe I'm just crazy, but division seems to be the way of the "empire".

    5. Yeah, I got your point and I tend to agree with you.

      The partition of India is an odd case though, as it begs the question, why did the British even bother? It would have been far easier for them just to pull out and wash their hands of it all. I suspect that the reason they didn't do that was because although they couldn't afford to hold onto India, they wanted to leave key business interests in place, and to do that, they had to appease the various parties that were vying for power.

      Hmm, hang on....actually, the more I think about it, the more it sounds like the Middle East nowadays! :D

      I also agree that prior to the Brits, there was relative peace brought about by the Mughals, but that empire went the way that all empires do, crumbled, and triggered all sorts of wars and revolts. The Brits kicked the proverbial hornets nest once again though, when they arrived. And in keeping with British military tradition, they even managed to include a fight with the Frenchies.

      It's kind of hard to talk about it all in general terms though, as British involvement in India spanned about 200 years, and no doubt a lot changed in that time anyway.

      Oh and don't worry, it's not you, it's the world that's crazy. ;)

    6. the partition was not a british idea or objective.It came from the muslims and hindus whom both were afraid of. They wanted it not the british.

    7. I think there is a lot of over simplification and lack of understanding in these comments. Partition may not have been a British idea, but it most certainly started because of British policies in India. They followed a 'divide and conquer' strategy pitting muslims and hindus against one another so as to weaken the freedom struggle many years before independence. The result? A Muslim League diametrically opposed to a united India led by Congress that they feared would be ruled by a Hindu majority that would not respect their own religion. By the time independence came, the British were so weakened by WWII that they decided to cut and run and so we have the bloodiest partition in recent memory.

    8. wtf ....
      In a century there will be discussions about the Americanada area in North America, (the Rogue Country) trying to develop Plasma cannons, contrary to the non-plasma proliferation treaty...

      plasma cannon? what are you

      talking about.

  59. oops i s*** my pants

  60. bull**** propaganda

  61. Every person posting here is just as convinced they are right as everyone else, every documentary has a convincing story to lay out saying the exact opposite of the last, every politician, editorialist, journalist, etc. has been on the ground and knows for sure what they are saying is pure truth. In other words I have no idea what is going on half away around the world, especially concerning something as sensitive and complex as local relationships between tribes and nationalities around the Afghan-Pakistani border. I mean the history of that area is so twisted and complex, logic kind of goes out the window. So, who knows- but, I can't help but agree with someone below that asked what threat these countries really pose the U.S. In my opinion not enough to justiify what has already taken place nor enough to stay one minute longer. We can no longer afford these pointless actions that do not reflect the desires of the average American.

    Problem: If we really get down to it I think the U.S. simply wants to put itself in close proximity to the huge oil and natural gas reserves in these areas.
    Solution: If we would spend that kind of time, money, and resources on creating alternative energy sources and an infrastructure to efficiently store and deliver it to the end user, we could solve our problems and lead the world to a better tommorrow. Of course petroleum is used for much more than just energy, but we can find replacements for those uses as well, if we start now.

  62. I am from Pakistan and my country has sacrificed thousands of soldiers and police officers to save the War on Terror. Our soldiers have been hit multiple times by US drone attacks on Pakistan-Afghan border. We have faced through multiple bomb blasts, by the Talibans, within our own country for supporting the American's war. We have sacrificed a lot for the Americans. No one wants a war, not even us Pakistanis.

    Western Propaganda Bull****

  63. Jim Moore;
    Don't compare this with anything from Nam. If you have a commission or discharge papers from that era then we can talk, but not if you did not fight and know what it was all about originally.68-74

    1. Brian what has serving got to do with knowing. Its not like the guy on the ground is told anything. I am aware of the losses inside Pakistan and how much it has cost them so far and I am also familiar with talk that all the problems are due to a grand conspiracy. And with regards Vietnam I have a degree from a US university and studied it inside out thank you. That's what historians do they study the facts not unsubstantiated "evidence"

    2. and by the way when you study any conflict you have to do it from both sides in an impartial manner ! You are obviously an unlettered man to come up with such statements like that

    3. What has being somewhere got to do with a strong academic background on the subject earned at a respectable university have to do with the man on the ground knowing what the big picture or little picture was beyond past his own environment and what he hears

    4. BTW Vietnam from the time the trouble started from 1965 with the first troops on the ground and the over all conflict started from the end of world war II when the French decided they would reimpose their colonial rule which culminated in their defeat in Diem Being Phou

  64. More Western Propaganda,

  65. only for super nationalist and people who r not live in east or west cost

  66. What an insult to our inteligence --tell this to the Americans who live in the Appalchians and Texas, your rednecks and hillbillies ==this reminds me of the times you Hollywood came to your rescue after in 1992 the Somalis kicked you in the rear--the time you came up with "Black Hawk Down" --a fantasy~! Frankly this outh to be categorized under 'Fantasy Island" --laughable.

    1. The Somalis didn't "kick the Americans in the rear."That's totally absurd. America lost like 18 soldiers. Even Somali militia sources admit 315 of their fighters we're killed in the engagement. Check my facts. They are incredibly easy to find. Kenya has defeated Somali forces. Ethiopia has defeated Somali soldiers. Ugandan forces mopped the floor with Somali soldiers. Somalia is quite literally one of the weakest, and most hopelessly backward on the planet. Clinton didn't have the stomach for more scenes like what happened in the
      "black hawk down" incident. Again, please direct to any reputable source whatsoever that gives evidence of any other Somali victories. If this is decided by body count alone, than this should be characterized as a total UN victory. That same force that supposedly defeated the Americans, was quickly dispatched by Islamist forces a few years later. They can't even feed themselves. You talk of Hollywood, but have literally no idea at all of the history of that idiotic misadventure. All politics, not military defeat.

    2. its wasnt the numbers its whas the situacion it self...

  67. Most of the people on the planet, except for most Yanks, know 9/11 was a setup. That they resist and fight against coalition forces should be no surprise. The US is just now, after 10 years plus, finally starting to understand what the Russians already knew. Get out, do not waste your time, you cannot win there. Unless you kill every single last one of them. Which their ROE's does not allow. The whole show is a setup and for that reason, this doc is just more bunk from the same people who brought you the 9/11 lies.

  68. So how are any of these countries a threat to the U.S.A? Are they going to nuke you? No wait that is not logical. Are they going to invade? Hell no! Basically from what I can discern you all paid God knows how much money for more expensive gas? Epic fail?

  69. Should be categorized under either conspiracy or comedy. :-)

  70. Yay for documentaries that try to keep up the fear of US "enemies" so their government can "protect" them... with a police state. Sigh.

  71. So a country that has lost thousands of troops on the war on terror and its cities frequently targeted by bombing campaigns on its civilians is also accused of being complicit in the same terror seems more far fetched then reality. I would suggest that the Western forces have not done well and that they are looking for easy scape goats. According to one report the border provinces that face Pakistan has been over run by the Taliban as Western forces either pulled out or were pushed out. Is this a re run of Cambodia during the Vietnam war ??

  72. Yes! We need more those fairy tales for good night sleep!

    1. Its British Biased corporation (BBC)I realized in Kargil War that biased corporation was siding with india and sympathizing with its soldiers who r terrorizing kashmiri people .The World must know that Biased Corporation works and propogates on the directives of British foreign office