Secret Societies: The Masks of the Conspirators

Secret Societies: The Masks of the Conspirators

2014, Conspiracy  -   16 Comments
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Throughout history, conspiracy theories have always been around, popping up, especially in times of crisis, social changes and more. A conspiracy theory is when a supposed powerful group of people or secret society hatches some nefarious, covert plot to attain a sinister goal or two. These goals are usually to exercise power or some form of control over the masses.

Four of the most famous conspiracy theories in recent history illustrate how they are a mix of facts and out of this world lies presented as if they were the truth.

The moon landing hoax theory claims that the astronauts who landed on the moon were actors, shooting in the Nevada desert and were part of a larger plot to fool the world. They claimed the wind-blown flag, the absence of stars, the lack of a crater and so on were proof of this hoax. It's been disproved by so many experts, but people still say it's fake. This conspiracy theory emerged from residual Cold War paranoia and government distrust because of Vietnam and, later on, the Watergate scandal.

The Jewish world domination agenda, on the other hand, is a conspiracy theory that claims Jews are out to rule the world. This was created and promoted by anti-Semitic citizens looking for any reason to institute hatred against Jewish people. Instead, they produced fake news and propaganda items that demonized Jews, inciting even more hate, which led to World War 2. This is a classic example of how conspiracy theories take the basic human need to hate those who are different and find scapegoats - to the extreme.

The 9/11 attacks are also apparently still part of the Jewish plan to rule the world, with claims that all Jews received phone calls and emails telling them to stay away from the Twin Towers that day. When in fact, many Jews perished in the attacks. In any case, the enormity of 9/11 pushed people to find answers immediately - even though they might be inaccurate and illogical.

Finally, one of the more explosive conspiracy theories has become very popular over the last decade thanks to the bestselling book and Hollywood movie "The Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown. There is a belief that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had a child. The Catholic Church is supposedly aware of this secret and has kept it from being discovered for the last 2000 years. The current descendants of Christ are also being protected by a secret sect called the Priory of Scion.

Conspiracy theories have been around for a long time, and it looks like they're here to stay. Unfortunately, because of social media, conspiracy theories are spreading like wildfire more and more each day, making it challenging to decide what is true or not.

These theories, however ridiculous, allow people to make sense out of chaos by fulfilling our basic human need for information and certainty, especially during uncertain times.

Directed by: Kay Siering, Nanje De Jong-Teuscher

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16 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Solatle

    it's the banksters, the international banking families, who control the governments and the businesses of the world from behind. And that's no secret. Secret societies are mere smoke screens to confuse the mess as to their identities. Yes, they own the secret societies, too.

  2. Jessie Eborn

    I always hear skeptics saying we should be "open minded" and think for ourselves. Ok, I studied the facts, and we went to the moon. My thing is the skeptics don't bother to research the videos they get their information from. Many are filled with misleading claims, and false information. There is no hoax evidence. None ever existed, there are only claims of various hoax believers who's silly statements have been debunked ages ago. People are jealous, and will make up stories, and armed with the internet, they can tamper with videos to make their theories appear correct.

    1. Randy

      So true, I found it's best just to walk away, moon landing deniers are immune to facts, and do not care to learn anything that goes against what they believe.

    2. Antropos

      There is no hoax evidence? Actually, there is no Moon landing evidence apart from American claims about it and silly childish videos that are surreal.

  3. Walter

    All any skeptic has to do is Google moon hoax. There is tons of information that debunks all the claims made by skeptics. I never met a hoax believer in person, only online.

  4. Solatle

    We cannot go beyond the van allen belt; therefore, the moon landing is fake. "Earth rise" cannot be observed from the Moon; therefore, the moon landing is fake. On later fake missions, they forgot to follow the 3-second delay during communication between Houston and the Moon; therefore, the moon landing is fake.
    For the 9-11 false flag operation, the airplanes on TV were CGIs; therefore, 9-11 was a false flag carried out by our own government. No aluminum airplane wings can cut through a steel-concrete building; therefore, 9-11 was a false flag carried out by our own government. There were no airplanes and hence no jet fuel to melt the steel beams--the free fall of the buildings was achieved by the explosives; therefore, 9-11 was a false flag carried out by our own government.

    1. Reggie

      I think you need to do better research. The Van Allen Belts are dangerous, however it's how it was done. Remember there is different types of radiation. The astronauts went through the weakest points, and traveled through quickly. Overall the astronauts received about as much radiation as a chest x ray. It's all in HOW it is done. That is why they have scientists who study all this, and there are deniers online who aren't educated on physics, or rocket technology, but they are online denying anything they don't understand. 9/11 is another argument, and there is plenty of information debunking inside job claims. We all know hoax believers are immune to facts, so usually it's a waste of time to explain anything to them.

    2. Harry

      Also with 9/11, the steel didn't have to melt, it was weakened enough to cause the building to pancake on itself

    3. Jim

      There is no proof to support your claims. The landings are a fact of history. There are so many people spreading misinformation nowadays.

  5. Eric Blaire

    As they say in this doc with the Protocols of the Elders of blah blah Zion... its fact mixed with fiction + a whole lot of denial. Sums up this doc pretty well.

  6. Kelly Carr

    The only "evidence" that a figure by the name of Jesus Christ existed is the Holy Bible. There is no mention of such a figure by that name anywhere to be found in the contemporary historical archives from that time period and those archives are extensive, which include the writings of numerous well known historians who lived in and around the Mediterranean during the time that Jesus Christ supposedly lived. If there were such a man performing the miracles and challenging the Roman Empire like the Bible says Jesus had reportedly done, surely the many writers and record keepers of the most documented era of mankind would have, at the very least, written one sentence about this figure. But no, not so much as a blurb about what should have been the most famous person in the area during that time period. Jesus Christ is nothing more than a solar messiah in a long tradition of such solar messiah's. The story of Christ is a mythicized telling of the solar cycle. If you haven't seen the documentary Zeitgeist, I recommend that you watch it. There's too much evidence put forth by that documentary to suggest otherwise.

    1. Israel Gonzalez

      Hi Kelly,
      I don't know why you would depend on a documentary to verify the life of Jesus. You should read the bible and get the whole truth. Attend Catholic mass so you can see what the truth is. The Catholic church has been around for more than 2000 years and has been targeted and ridiculed, yet it has survived just like Jesus said so. Don't waste your time going to Sexta churches that refuse to teach the bible. Stay safe Kelly, and take my advice.

  7. Deke


    An obscure, pompous researcher who found his 15 minutes of YouTube fame, speaking to a field that he is not qualified in.
    Sort of like Popular Mechanics.

  8. GunnarInLA

    ...yet another "documentary" not worthy of being paid attention to...(based on description above)...the moon landing, well...there is another side to it – that when they got there, they found themselves having company...and, purportedly, they were told "not to come back"...
    NOW....the Pentagon sez "ufos are real" are people supposed to untangle that one...?
    ..when questions aren't answered...when information is not forthcoming...predictably, you get theories about possible conspiracies...would anything else be expected...?
    This is not a "documentary", it's an exercise in obfuscation...

  9. Claudius Pereira

    Every criticism ,including videos, of Nasa regarding the moon landing has been removed from the internet in the last few years. Guilty conscious ?

  10. Jez Hewitt

    its a bit biased