The Secret Space Program

The Secret Space Program

2011, Conspiracy  -   256 Comments
Ratings: 5.51/10 from 132 users.

In this documentary the authors discuss the secret space program, what it is, who is behind it and why? Is there a human civilization living off-world with highly advanced technology and knowledge about the existence of aliens? Why are we being kept in the dark?

They feature lot of people and attendees of the Secret Space Program conference in Amsterdam who also share their own experiences with UFO sightings. Then, they hit the streets of Amsterdam where the locals speak their mind about aliens, abductions and making contact with ET.

Since approximately 1980, a secret space fleet code named 'Solar Warden' has been in operation unknown to the public... Is this nonsense, is it a conspiracy or is it simply so sensitive that it will cause uproar around the world?

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4 months ago

Awaiting for approval
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right now

Greed and Power, Prestige are the product of a broken human being. A.I. is the division of are souls in which creationism exists over and again. We are surrounded in the ids what seems a Black Hole. Time and Time again. Like from Birth We cannot recollect are own being thoughtless from what seems endless. Dark or Light only Matter.

5 years ago

I know if I were to hold an interview with an individual on the topic, I would do it in an environment where their are one hundred people talking in the background, that way, one is so distracted, one does not care for the subject because it is so irritating, NOT because it's not interesting.

6 years ago

There is a lot going on that most people would laugh at, because they have been mind programed especially the young of I live in a world full of soulless mindless drones who’s only interest is sport food and nothing else, these are drones that is why the powers have been able to get away with it, soon much will be reveled and many will go running screaming mad, because their closed minds will not be able to cope with the truth. Humanity has been trapped for thousands of years, brainwashed by false religions using fear of a God to further trap them, hidden governments have been doing deals with evil aliens, at the same time we hear ignorant scientists arguing about life on other worlds. Where the hell do you think the integrated circuit comes from, it is not man made, we had a bit of assistance but this technology has turned to mostly bad technology which is being used against us and to kill us. So, called Universities, you will never find the answer there, for these are also programed minds led into a narrow field of thinking. The find the truth you need to open your mind and do real research, then you will find how we have all been trapped. If humanity does not wake up then it will be too late as this world will no longer have people with souls on it, what will come is soulless beings many of which you see in a lot of younger generations today. Look at China these are running around with a hive mind a robotic race. And look how they keep pushing this AI robots and stupid people fall for it, it is what we have garbage technology.

7 years ago

When I hear, we are almost out of fossil fuel in the first couple of minutes, there is no point to continue. When a person does so little homework to believe that propaganda ...I can only believe that much more will be nonsense. If you believe the bankster owned big corporate owned media, if you defer to "authority" as "the authority" on facts, then you live in the world they have devised for you. Be a good little mushroom and keep eating the manure and darkness they keep feeding you until harvested. It only takes a few computer clicks to get informed vs. a few tv remote control clicks to be a mushroom. Question EVERYTHING. Turn off the media and you will have much less influence to deprogram. I have lived without tv for several decades. It is difficult to talk to some of my old friends. They have been programmed little mushrooms who are certain of things that aren't so. Only a tv watcher would ask, "How can I know for sure who is right?"

7 years ago

It's a honest statement . You may not like it but it's 100% true . You can have an opinion but it won't mean much when your up against the truth . Good luck and try to wake up.

7 years ago

I'm not good at sugar coating so here it is. It's not the government that's the problem it's the some of the people. The government is just laughing at us us because they can say it a purple pig flying and people would say oh okay your right . I keep hearing the same thing, I don't see evidence. Well the there's government employees, astronauts, intelligence employees or former, Area 51 employees and other secret program employees, there's state, city employees local law enforcement, minster in defence of Canada, minister of in UK and it goes on and on.

One of the best cases of a mass sighting was the the lights in phoenix lights and a mass amount of recorded events. It's one thing to act stupid but it's another to be blindly stupid. Why do you think the government is not that worried because of morons like some of the people here who are that blind and close minded. Where a joke to them. And it's the peoples fault.

This problems will never come to light as long as people can't except what is in there face. What a joke. You people get no respect from me. Your what's wrong with the system. We out number them and have the power to get the truth out and make real change for the human race but morons are in the the future generations many generations from they good to look at this point in the time and say wow the people of that time was extremely stupid and scared little animals.

This is where it gets crazy. With all the overwhelming evidence that the government is hiding ufos and alien life and it's it's in your face. People still don't believe but they believe in a GOD that there's no proof of at all none zero, at least by they believe it to be "the creator of all" when there's more info stating that of there is a GOD it is defined by a tittle "the one who created you" not everything.

Do your history homework because it's on many ancient text. Let the blind stay blind. Don't waste your time and leave them behind for when the time comes and it will "egg will be on there face" and let's see how there live without there faith being real or the reality become what reality really is. Knowledge is bliss and we'll have peace of mind.

8 years ago

Doc really seemed to be a random assortment of people holding forth on their beliefs without a single individual actually pointing to any real evidence that makes them believe this to be so, particularly the vox pop at the end which felt like the film-makers had lost the plot entirely and were just making up time. I've seen lights in the sky on occasion (what the hell my brother the most dour down to earth individual even admits to seeing a 'cigar' shaped object) that aren't obviously aircraft but it dosen't mean they weren't aircraft or some other man made object like a satellite or natural phenomena like a comet or some such. To immediately attribute such sightings as been alien in origin makes no sense to my mind. I know we want to believe but........

9 years ago

While I will admit that some of the theories, and many of the interpretations of individual ET experiences we hear about are difficult to accept, I don't find them any more far-fetched than the stories we read in the bible or any other religious texts. If we want to achieve a higher level of consciousness, and to see our species advance toward our full potential, we must consider the possibility that today's accepted truths, may not be truths at all. Many of the greatest thinkers in human history have challenged previously accepted truths at great risk to themselves, only to be proven correct years later. Galileo comes to mind for instance. I don't think it is helpful to dismiss these people's ideas and experiences as lies or craziness. Instead, these things should be considered to be additional puzzle pieces that may help us to reach a better understanding of reality.
When one considers the advances in computer technology over the last 30 years, looking ahead to the possible advances in the next 20 years simply boggles the mind! It is perfectly reasonable to expect advancements to continue, and to grow exponentially. Why we are still using combustion engines and rocket technology dating back more than 50 years then, raises a lot of questions. Obviously we are kept in the dark on a great many things.

9 years ago

Space exploration hasn't ever stopped.
Richard Dolan is simply lying.

It's nowadays impractical to send manned crews to Mars, for example,
How the hell do you plan to resupply the crews operating on Mars?
We can resupply the ISS every 6 months or so (at great expense, by the way), but going to Mars is just too risky and too expensive..
It's far easier and cheaper to send rovers and probes instead.
So space exploration goes on every day despite those so called "Moon bases" (pretty absurd idea, by the way), the ISS keeps on orbiting, performing all sorts of experiments without ever detecting any kind of alien. If they did, we'd know. There would be no reason to hide it and so, people would, sooner or later, make it public. I mean MAKE IT PUBLIIC FOR REAL. I'm not talking about some isolated cases of people who talk to some journalists. I'm talking about HD alien footage (produced by ultra hd cameras like the ones they have onboard the ISS), measurements of all kinds, etc. In short: Serious evidence. Not those vague blurry and pixelated videos in which you can't see a thing, etc.
I mean, what's all this fuss about aliens? It's pretty absurd to worry about this,let alone to be obsessed with it.

If someone comes and wants to let us know, they will, and if not, they won't, we don't need to worry about that.
If something were to happen, it would happen anyway whether we liked it or not.

If beings were capable of reaching us, we would seem pretty primitive to them. Interstellar travel is reserved to levels of knowledge and intelligence we can't grasp...
Do you think medieval people could seriourly grasp our current level of knowledge right away? They would probably try to commit suicide first or be perpetually affraid of us, they would rarely/never trust us. Then why do people expect to grasp interstellar civilization intelligence?
We would be like children to them, they would know everything about us before we knew it ourselves, thus, we would be at their mercy.
So stop acting as if you could do something about it, in case they were here doing stuff, which I doubt.

What's interesting is that this kind of people never ask themselves "So what?". They just try so badly to expose all kinds of vague stuff, make funny leaps in logic and avoid everything that contradicts with their points in order to try to convince people that aliens are in the shadows...but that's it, they get stuck there. If you ask them "So what? If this is true, why should I care? Lots of other things are happening anyway and I don't know (and don't want to know) half of them. The day some alien wants something from me, then I'll decide whether to care about it or not. ".

This makes them stop feeding their ego with the illusion of being superior to their audience and the absurd talk is over.



10 years ago

This documentary is a load of poop just a load of i saw this they "MIGHT/MAYBE" be doing that and he/she said.. type of people.
Don't get me wrong i believe in Aliens and i like my conspiracy documentary's when they provide some sort of evidence but this is just all hearsay....pure crud.

10 years ago

Well personally, if I were abducted by aliens, I would beg them to improve my brain so that I could have a photographic memory and better analytical proficiency. They could stick what ever up what ever, I wouldn't care, just give me a scratch on the back, per se.

10 years ago

the first guy reckons that we're running out of clean water, running out of clean air, running out of room (haha), and running out of food! he sounded pretty smart up until that point (he only lasted 2 minutes), from that point on i knew this was a "loldoc" for id**ts. then i skipped on a bit and OH MY F****** GOD ITS RICHARD HOAGLAND! click >>>> cya

10 years ago

If you have one pail that holds 2 gallons, and another pail that holds 5 gallons, how many pails to you have?

10 years ago

Q: How many clowns can you fit in one Austin Mini?
A: Not half as many as came out of this Doc.

10 years ago

50:40 "We are the aliens". Don't fall for the double-bluff, she meant it ;-)

10 years ago

Hilarious! Did you know that ALL of Puerto Rico is an alien base?! YUP, and full of "bug-eyed" aliens! And there is a pilot that flies back and forth to Saturn regularly, but right now he is in a US prison. Even the interviewer begins to giggle himself because these people are so into the clouds themselves. Whatever you do, even if you don't to watch the WHOLE thing, check at the guy with the beard at 33:00 around there!!

10 years ago

Also had a quick look at alien implants, they all look like grit or the micro chips you can get for pets. Maybe husbands and wives are keeping tabs on each other :)

over the edge
10 years ago

to all
some of us are starting to attack each other personally instead of attacking each others arguments. i understand that we all give each other the odd jab but lets try to remain as civil as possible. i try to be as unobtrusive as possible but if this continues i will have to start deleting posts and issuing warnings. thank you

10 years ago

You asked me since when is 'Son' a name. I said 'son' can be a noun, it is many times used by parents. You said no it's not, you can't find any instances. I gave you the obvious one. I didn't say the usage I used in that instance was correct, (the capital S, as if it's a Proper Noun), but it is a Noun sometimes, despite your insistent ignorance.

It's no wonder you can't see your own mistakes... if you knew they were mistakes, anything other then a 'typo' wouldn't happen so much. You show continually you are unable to understand and thus learn anything, so you won't see your errors even after they've clearly and plainly pointed out to you.
And you now become even more rude, and once again, you are plainly wrong. And I'm a liar?
Your arrogant nescience, driven by your inability to comprehend even basic ideas shows up your cretinous nature.
Call me a liar? Bring other people's mother's into it. Call people trolls, Call others s*upid, ect. I've been more then generous to you, you ignorant, s*upid, most likely mentally ill twit. F**k you i*iot, and the BS you carry on with.

10 years ago

1:....Very serious about you having to prove your claims that you have had personal encounters with your said "EBEs". eg. You can not go to the bank and tell them you own a house, and then it's upto them to prove you claim. The burden of proof is up to person making the claim.

2:....After re-reading all your post again, I do appoligise about the assumption that you did not believe in "GOD". As you do believe in "GOD" again what evidence can you provide me to believe that your beliefs are no more than your own personal beliefs and not fact, in both your beliefs. I personally dont believe in god or religion, however if at a latter stage evidence comes to hand to prove this claim my dis-belief wont change.

3:....Your accusation of me being uneducated and having a small and narrow mind,is just as rude and insulting as me calling you a dumb c**t. The difference is the wording as the meanings are in fact very much the same. I also called you a F**k WIT, as pr the meaning found via your advise through GOOGLE. re: look up urban dictionary. Do bother to ensure you don't miss another learning experance let me enlighten you with said diffinitions are;

A f*ck-wit is a individual with absolute no wits or intelligence and tries to come off smart when really they are just a f*ck wit..

A person who professes superior self knowledge but really has only a limited and/or skewed grasp of any subject. These people often float from the bottom of the turd bowl in the form of a middle manager. Fuck-wit detection is fairly easy after about 30 seconds of conversation.

4:....Birds are not man made yet they by definition they are IFOs so your argument is floored by your own difinitions, so any points you make after that about this point also looses credit.

5:....The error in docomans post looked more like a typo, than poor grammer, and from what I have read during this discussion, the old saying comes to mind, "People in glasshouses should not throw stones".
Your ranting and raving have had no sense, structure or meanings at times.

10 years ago

What if all the conspiracy theories were true? What would you do then?

10 years ago

WOW. I didn't watch the doco but thought I'd read the comments.. And seriously, wow, Shadowman, wtf?

Your posts have got to be the most deluded and poorly written 'arguments' I have ever seen. I'm actually not sure what you're arguing or even if you are in fact arguing.

I don't think it follows that you can belittle everyone else for not understanding you when you're not speaking English. You might think you're speaking English but if I just threw a bunch of misspelled French words together that wouldn't mean I'm speaking French.

My apologies if English isn't your first language and you are really trying but being so arrogant about your point of view really hasn't left me with a lot of empathy for you.

10 years ago

Shadowman, if English is not your first language, then it is not your fault that your use of English is disjointed and seriously handicapping the logic of your arguments.

With this possibility in mind, I have read your posts in a 'forgiving' frame of mind, interested in looking for your reasoning rather than your grammar. However, I have come to the conclusion that it is your logic itself that is your greatest handicap. You refuse (or are unable) to see the logic in the simple language others have written; you lack understanding of some very basic words and terminologies; and you make assumptions and conclusions that range between unlikely and ridiculous. To add to that, you repeatedly recommend as your sources of information, Google and Youtube.....broadly speaking, both seriously infected with much 'hogwash'.

No one has called you a liar and only you have used the term 'crackpot'. If you believe you see strange things in the sky and are visited by strange beings in your dreams, then that is your 'reality' and it is your right to believe as you choose. If there are millions of others believing the same as you, at least you have company.

However, without proof available to all, your experiences are nothing more than an interesting anecdote and your ideas are simply hypothesis, or fantasy....and definitely not original!

Can anyone suggest another interesting documentary to watch and discuss? :)

10 years ago

i believe that we as a human race are in a critical stage of our development and the time has come for us to demonstrate as occupants of this planet that we can come together ,are capable of using our instincts and our minds in which to decide for ourselves what is best individualy and as a whole ,stop the nonsense and collectively make a stand and demonstrate that we are capable and ready to earn our right to be included as part of the vast races that exist in the universe , that we are responsible enough to actually step through that door and be able to handle the exposure to what is on the other side. I would love to become part of a galactic space travel explorer, make contact with beings from outer space. We are monitored so closely yet just out of reach due to our behavior and what we represent. Little by little we are changing in our mindset but its happening at a snails pace maybe we need to step up the pace before its too late and we fail the test

Aj Haggerty
10 years ago

the only real decent video/picture of something unidentified that appears to be flying is from the security guard in turkey during his 2008 filming of what some claim is a ufo containing little grey beings, even that is not good why haven't any high res or even good quality pictures or video of UFO's been taken recently and if there is why cant i find them in any documentary about UFO sightings? because the truth is we are all being fooled by the whole alien ufo thing so that people can write books, make documentary's and get paid...whole thing is a big conspiracy to make money, only it is not talked about or even known generally, just like the fact our media and entertainment such as, music, video/games, TV, books etc...condition us to think a certain way, like slow release brain washing, mind control, people programming it is all based on one thing.....MONEY!!

10 years ago

I am realy curios.Later with the comments.

10 years ago

I watched Stargazing Live last night with Dara O Briain and Brian Cox. About 35 million bits of space junk that we have left orbiting our planet, anything from satellites to flakes of paint, and on average 50-200 large pieces fall to earth each year. If they're averaging they must not have exact numbers and who knows how many smaller bits might also fall? Some of the strange things people see could be nothing more than Unidentified Falling Objects. Can't always be geese, Venus or weather balloons! There are plenty of pictures of our planet surrounded by dots representing space junk, amazing anything gets in or out of our orbit without being mangled, especially as some of that junk is travelling at about 25000 mph. On the other hand, what better place for the little people to hide themselves. If they're smart enough to get here they're surely smart enough to skulk amongst the debris. I'm still hoping its giant aerial jellyfish, though I would be equally excited by aliens :)

10 years ago

After watching Dr. Steven Greer's documentary called "The Disclosure Project" back in 2001... I hadn't anymore doubts that UFO/ET'S are not only real but are here with us now. Having said that.... I read that Dr. Greer is soon to release an even better ET 'truth-bomb' documentary film called "SIRIUS!" I've also read that Dr. Greer's documentary will not be offered via the usual mass media outlets due to the information within this film. Until then we wait for its release..........

10 years ago

as soon as I heard Richard Dolan claim that the NSA had a supercomputer which ran at a clockspeed of 600mhz in the mid1960's .. I just tuned out and turned off... Utter tosh and tripe.

10 years ago

staring into the sky helps 'them' to let us ignore whats happening down 'here',
always in hope for an external problem solver.

10 years ago

I watched this expecting some sort of journalistic integrity, but it was blatantly absent. I wasted 59 minutes of my life watching this and learned nothing that you can't find in 59 seconds on conspiracy websites. Even the interviewees lack any credibility whatsoever and that becomes clear in the opening moments, and repeats throughout.

Garbage. This shouldn't be called a documentary. High school media classes produce far higher quality video than this every day.

Deborah Macaoidh-Selim
10 years ago

There's never a vid embedded when I use this site (not the site doing it, btw), so I always google the title. There's a bunch of speaker vids for this conference if anyone wants to check them out. All are nearly 2 hours long or so. If anyone besides me has to find the vid elsewhere, make sure to add the word "Amsterdam" and look for the one with the right length as stated above. There's other vids, too, having nothing to do with the conference. There's not a lot of people alive today who would say there's no possibility at all that any humans have been contacted or will be contacted at some point. With the Internet and prevalence of cameras, it's hard to ignore. Visitations, even complex interactions, with UFOs might have been happening throughout human history, but we had no way to observe or record them. Exciting knowledge! This could be a gradual introduction, too. I also heard that there was a poll last year asking what would you say to ETs who might be listening, and 75% answered "help". So, at least from that portion of their society (I guess average Americans or "first world" type people--sorry if that's offensive, but such a concept is probably not even on the radar of importance for, say, South Sudan refugees), they not only open to the idea, but would be dying to talk to them to find out what they know. I think we'll all be somewhat frightened, because who knows what they think about or how they see us? But 20 years ago, when I first read the Betty and Barney Hill story in Parade magazine and my dad told me aliens were actually demons, a visitation would have sent me straight to his shotgun, whereas now I just want to know.

Think Childhood's End by Arthur C Clarke. I find that book to be ridiculous in certain places, as well as naive and condescending at the same time, but it's a good strategy. I wouldn't be surprised if something like that was already in the works (if they exist, that is). Why else does the US government have a prepared answer for Barack Obama if anyone asks if we'd been contacted yet? It's obviously enough of a possibility that someone in the know wants the President to be prepared to answer the question in such a way that makes it clear the public is being protected, or that he won't have to unintentionally or intentionally lie, or that a known standard answer it all we'll get right now but that they've got their ducks in a row, just in case ETs are real. Look up the response when Jayden Smith, Will Smith's son, asked President Obama about it while the three of them were visiting the White House war room. It made me feel kind of happy. I hope it happens before I die, that tipping point of gradually increasing info finally reaching critical mass... Does that make sense?

P.S. Even an obvious sighting could be faked with our level of technology, and people lie, so personal experiences aren't going to be the catalyst for global realization. This is why growing awareness is critical. I wish I was working with the governments sometimes, lol! I have a family friend (career military/soldier/administrator) who works at the HAARP facilities, as well as a Marine brother. I asked them both to promise to tell me if they ever encounter proof of ETs within the bureaucracy or have to assist security and field observation for crashes or interactions, and they were both like, "Nope." LOL!

Rocky Racoon
10 years ago

Well 2012 has come and gone the only thing worst is our repressive governments and their war machines. That we have to do something about.

Richard Pratt
10 years ago

Couldnt'they interview these people in someone's quiet library? The background noise made me shut it off at 20 min. Shoddy work.

10 years ago

If an alien civilization will pay my taxes they'll be more than welcome.

Richard Pratt
10 years ago

our collision with Andromeda will not be for 5 Billion years. Cerne scientists did NOT find tachyons, faster than light particles. No wormholes have been found either. Get your science straight Stevie.

10 years ago

An interesting doc but i wonder if the whole alien business is being staged managed by some very influential,erudite and eloquent guest speakers which keep the whole bandwagon rolling,surely there is nothing to hide they are only our neighbours in space why would they want to hide from us.
I think if they are real one place where they could be is in antarctica they could arrive and leave completely undetected just like dropping off the end of the world just my thoughts.

10 years ago

The name for the spacecrafts of alien sort is: Beamships.

Jimmy Pham
10 years ago

Sometimes I imagine how our universe has gone through eons.. and how it used to be smaller, when things were closer to each other. I imagine civilizations visiting one another, a universe booming with life and interaction. Then eons passed and the universe kept expanding, getting darker and colder, things moving further away from each other. Civilizations came and passed without ever discovering one another because of the vast distances. And we, Earthlings, are one of those unlucky civilizations who came later and might never experience contact...

10 years ago

A question to anyone that may know more. I've been looking for a site I read when I first heard about Zero Point Energy, talking about scientists' estimates/trying to quantify the amount of ZPE.
If my memory serves me correctly, I believe I read that one of the more recent estimates (which I think fell in the 'moderate' range of estimates) of the energy/amount of ZPE contained in 1 cubic cm of 'empty' space. I think it was the equivalent of 1 million x's (times) our sun's output, x's 1 million years.

If that is anywhere near accurate, then IF one was able to access that energy it would make our nuclear energy look pretty weak, and IF it is theoretically possible to cross vast distances of space if you have 'enough energy', there may well be a possible 'power source'.

Yes, a lot of 'ifs'. I'm not saying it can be done, and I personally doubt it is being done, to the best of my knowledge. Just that it may not be beyond the realms of possibility, even with our currently limited, 'young' understanding of the way our Universe functions.

Edit- that last bit sounds wrong on re-reading. I'm saying that our currently limited knowledge doesn't necessarily preclude the POSSIBILITY of 'cheating' distance/time with a better understanding/more knowledge. We're still learning.

10 years ago

I truly think that why the so called powers that be think that we would not handle the disclosure of the truth is shown right here with closed minded people argueing amongst themselves as all they state is " evidence " " proof "
It's like the many lies on this planet such as religion! One of mans greatest cons or " bulls*it " going, no proof of s*it but you all except this as ok but look how many brainwashed m*rons waste their precious time praying to nothing and wasteing their lives and money for a con...and even go to war. If any of you actually get your hands on some decent night vision goggles ( military grade would be advised ) you will acually see what is going on yourselves!!! " PROOF " but all you want is someone else to get the proof for you, if you listen to RH you are the 98% that do nothing. I spent many many years in the military and we have been advised many times to ignore and forget, personally myself i have only told my family, but if you truly think that we are alone and there is not secret off world missions being kept from the public, i would just go back to your humble lives as you truly wouldn't handle the truth. I/we ( being my fellow troops ) have seen what you wish/crave/desire but what would you want me to do as there is media blackout on this matter and have my family ridiculed at school and in the street. I have saw them very close up but i have no evidence so does this make me a liar or a fantasist??? My family know what i know, they have seen what goes on in the sky with my goggles, all we do is now wait to see, no more, no less........( My kids are fasinated by them ). Technology is so far advanced within the secret government it would make George Lucas envious....You really need to open your minds people as the truth is out there....You are living as sheep, how they want you....I will not get into a slanging match with any of you, but as you are not me, don't try to tell people what you do not know, understand or have never seen or could even comprehend. You really wish you had though my friends, they truly are breathtaking...........

10 years ago

The Japanese have broken the speed of light??? Please if anyone has heard anything at all whispers, theories, anything at all I'd love to hear about it. But for now and probably even then... I'm callin Bulldung.

10 years ago

Having had my own experience, I just wish we were as smart as we think we are. We are not alone and never have been.When i think about it, I think we are just but infants in the universe.

10 years ago

If we consider but a few objective, observable facts, then we may come to a better understanding of the probability (not certitude) of the presence of foreign, intelligent lifeforms.

1. According to current knowledge, life began on Earth ~3.6 billion years ago. This is conservative (as science always is) as it is the earliest evidence of life yet discovered. For comparison, the Earth was experiencing heavy bombardment by massive asteroids up until 3.8 billion years ago. In other words, life quickly established a foothold on a planet that scarcely resembles the docile planet we now inhabit.

2. All life on Earth is composed of primarily Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen. The most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen, Helium, Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen (in that order). See any similarities? You and I are composed of the most common materials in existence!

3. Our solar system sits in the Local Spur of the Orion-Sygnus Arm in the Milky Way Galaxy. All aspects of our location are extremely common, and in no way unique. The Milky Way Galaxy is a barred galaxy with tens of billions of "relatives". In each of those billions of "relatives" there are billions of stars quite similar to our star system.

4. It took life on Earth ~3.6 billion years to produce a species capable of searching for life around other stars, but the Milky Way is 13.8 billion years old. There is a 10.2 billion year gap of opportunity for just 1 out of 200,000,000,000 stars to replicate the rather common circumstances that unfolded on earth. Thats 200 billion opportunities over a period of 10.2 billion years to create a single intelligent species... I would buy that lottery ticket.

The facts overwhelmingly point to the hypothesis that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Milky Way. However, if intelligent life exists out there, and is capable (as we are) of locating life around other star systems this does not mean it can travel to, and visit, those star systems.

Proximi Centauri is the closest star to Earth. It is 4 light years away, which is 70,388,352,000,000 miles. It takes humans 9 months to get to Mars, our closest planetary neighbor. Mars, at its closest approach to Earth is 34,000,000 miles away, or 0.000000483% of the distance to Proximi Centauri. Another comparison, Voyager 1 has been traveling at 31,000 mph for 35 years., and it is .00016% of the way to our very closest star. Space is vast; it is so vastly, vast that it is truly beyond the comprehension of any human. Even putting its incredible hugeness into numbers as I have doesn't do its incredible emptiness any justice.

In my eyes, life in the universe is rather common because the only life we know of formed immediately after planetary formation, and is composed of the most common elements in the universe. Assuming chemistry and physics is universal, then so is life.

The leap of faith is the prospect of traveling for thousands of years simply to get to another star, and that doesn't include the journey home. The speed of light is asymptotic. As you approach speeds that makes traveling throughout the galaxy bearable, your mass increases at an exponential rate. To travel at the speed of light you must be infinitely massive. This is convenient for electromagnetic waves because they don't interact with the Higgs Field, but rather problematic for things made of matter because we DO interact with the Higgs Field.

I will surely get responses about how a sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic to a lesser mind. Bring an Ipad back to Medieval Europe, and you will be promptly burned at the stake. The thing is that Homo sapiens has a firm grasp of the physics of everything in the universe at our human scales. Theoretically, wormholes are possible, but the physics dictates that to open a wormhole you must take the amount of energy that the Sun will burn IN ITS ENTIRE LIFETIME, times it by 10,000, and use all that energy in a singularity of space and time. First of all, good luck doing that. Second of all, good luck traveling through that energy burst intact.

The same reality is true for most other pseudo science solutions to long distance travel. The energies required are great when transporting a single atom, but impossible once scaled up to human size. This is also true for quantum teleportation, and other such prospects.

Wayne Siemund
10 years ago

You, too, can look like a documentary film maker by simply using a camera and microphone and interveiwing anyone at any convention. Just make sure you break the segments up with cool graphics. Introdduction and ending segments? Who needs them.

10 years ago

I'm getting really frustrated by documentaries like this one. All talk bla bla bla bla bla bla and no proof what so ever.

Paul Gloor
10 years ago

Credible witnesses in the military could be misdirection. If you have a top secret research project, what better cover than to brush it off as UFOs so everyone who sees something is discredited as being a total whack job or conspiracy theorist... the two of which are not mutually exclusive.
I wouldn't doubt advanced human developed technology that's being kept secret, it falls well within humanities particular brand of stupidity.

10 years ago

I havent watched it but for sure it looks like a fine, hand-whipped, homespun from purest fibrous bulls*it yarn!
and will come served with a garnish of delusion and profound stuff about quantum phenomena...
to accompany this there will be moody xfiles noodly jazz danny elfman music- the narration will be faux gruff and serious like a movie trailer voiceover...there be lots of vague witnesses who claim to be ex cia and airforce and then theyll wheel out supposed area 51 worker and stephen king lookalike Bob Lazar...

10 years ago

whats that in the sky in 00:22 ??

10 years ago

secret, why wouldn't there be, secret, secret, secrets, secrets, possibility, possible, if it's happening, I think, why wouldn't there be, could be

This was in the first three minutes. I couldn't keep up. I like the word "clandestine". It sounds so secretive. They know they are right but they can't prove someone else's secrets...and if you don't believe it they tell you that you are close minded. A terrible insult in their minds.

I still can't believe that adults will make stuff up to explain things they don't understand. Seen a bright light? Gotta be aliens...unless you're religious. Then it's the Almighty in all his glory. Or his angels. As long as you have an answer and a belief. "I don't know" will never suffice.