Secrets of the Dead: Lost Ships of Rome

Secrets of the Dead: Lost Ships of RomeIn 2009, a team of marine archaeologists carrying out a sonar survey of the seabed around the Italian island of Ventotene made an astonishing discovery. The wrecks of five ancient Roman ships were found in pristine condition. Remarkably, much of the cargo remained exactly as the ancient Roman crews had loaded it, suggesting that these ships had not capsized but had gone to the bottom of the sea intact and upright. What happened to these ancient ships?

What were they carrying and why had they traveled to this remote, rocky island in the first place? The team is returning to Ventotene to investigate the wrecks, with the blessing of the Italian government.

The island where this ‘graveyard’ of ships was found holds significance in ancient Roman history: Planned as a vacation retreat, the island became a prison when Emperor Augustus banished his daughter there.

The massive underground galleries that supplied the villa with water can still be explored today. Their walls are covered in the original Roman plaster. Were the ships carrying supplies to this island of exiled misery?

Lost Ships of Rome follows the team as they explore the sites in detail, salvage artifacts and piece together the history of the ships and why they were lost at Ventotene two thousand years ago.

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  1. ravi vij

    fabulous. what a great period that was roman empire.

  2. Myléne Karina López Mafúz

    Fascinating...I love it!

    1. Hicere5830

      the computer "for" a few hours. Read more on 

  3. Lewis Burnard

    Nice documentary ........ and this site is the best place to get knowledge........

  4. Ranjit kumar

    this was a good doc, but please post new doc about the cylinders if and when available.

  5. Guest

    Fun & relax. Just a digusting "MSG fish stinking" stinky thing near the end.
    I almost thougt that they woundn't even try to identity the owners of the boats (More than one) but no, they they did.

    Speaking of which... Isn't so terrible that poor princess Julia was confined to that Island by her father the weido's Augustus just because she was had an "Opened" mind about orgies?

    Then, I'd bet that his father sold her to Titus who starved her to death?
    Thinking of this: "Starved her", no doub about it!
    To the next-1...


  6. nicholas

    another jealous rant by english historians who never attained the philanthropic civilisation of greece and rome but have the whole world to slavery. exactly what the romans expected the barbarians to be if conquered the world

    1. tomregit

      Philanthropic civilisation of Rome???? Don't waste your talent here. Cable television is crying out for your unusual brand of humor!

    2. Jack1952

      You will have to elaborate if you want your post to make any sense. What I am getting is that you believe the Romans to be philanthropic society. I wonder if the slaves in the gladiator arenas of Rome would agree.

  7. Teresa Dietzinger

    Doe anyone have the Secrets of the Dead episode about the doomed Scott expedition of the South Pole? I've been looking for it for years but can't find it anywhere.

    1. Sad_Panda_99

      if the link doesnt get posted, just go to you tube and search for the channel 'GhostOfChannelingu' its on their channel along with lots of others

  8. Fred Bazzeeda

    this was kind of cool. would like to know if they ever went back to find out what those mysterious cylinders were.

    1. Guest

      Frustrating isn't it.

  9. haynesch

    so I should watch this later, you suggest...

  10. Guest

    Mellow voices and the sound of the sea, fell asleep again. No big ending - did I miss much ?

    1. Fishsticks421

      I specifically seek out shows like that to fall asleep to. My favorite is Sea Hunters.

    2. Sad_Panda_99

      many people here put the documentaries on to fall asleep to, me being one of them, but it has been discussed before