Secrets of the Koran

Secrets of the Koran

2006, Religion  -  Playlist 384 Comments
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Secrets of the KoranThe Koran is one of the most important works ever written. For almost one billion people worldwide, it is the Holy Scripture, the word of God and his prophet.

For others, it is a historical artifact that has left an indelible imprint on the world. Decoding the Past: Secrets of the Koran probes the heart of the work that many outside Islam find mysterious.

This feature-length program examines the history of the verses and their implications for modern times, as well as the striking similarities and differences between the Koran and the Bible.

Trace the influence of the Koran from the Golden Age of Islam to the modern rise of jihadism, and hear from top Islamic scholars and holy men as they share their insights into the work that lies at the foundation of one of the world’s great religions.

The History Channel provides the perfect guide to understanding the fundamental work that has shaped the Muslim faith for over 1,400 years, and will long continue to influence modern history.

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Qui Creva
6 years ago

The "documentary' is of poor quality. Worse, it is definitely biased in favor of Islam. Plus, any supposedly informative work on Islam that quotes Reza Aslan as an "expert' CANNOT be taken seriously. Aslan is merely a propagandist for Islam. He is certainly NOT a member of the ulema, nor is he a recognized authority on comparative religion.

The History Channel is usually better than this. Looks like, on the subject of Islam, they have opted to be politically correct rather than factual and objective.

6 years ago

if you want to see an interesting documentary on the topic, search "Islam The Untold Story ' presented by Tom Holland. you can see it on you tube.

9 years ago

stoning of adulterers is spelled out in Qur'an???? WHERE!

This documentary is full of wrong stuff and skips many stuff and it is very general i.e. it is not about Qur'an but about history which is based on many accounts that might be true or false.

Also, since when murderers are muslims? Just cause a certain axis of evil proclaims extremists as muslims does not mean that they are!

9 years ago

Most of the prophet came in middle east to teach them how to live and they still dont understand...if you betray the prophet of God how you will be HIS. Good folower same thing happen to all prophet even Mohammad next 500 years people i mean so called muslim killed all His family even his Daughter Fatima and her Two sond and did not gave Fatima which belong to her mother and father and given to her by prophet of God in writing..Muslim dont have any enemy its Munafiq muslims likeSaudies are Islams enemy...

Greg Baugher
9 years ago

If the Koran is about Peace then why do these people strap BOMBS on their children and send them to blow up and murder jews and others? Try answering this question that is factual and happens every day and will never end as long as religion breeds more fearful people.
Would you blow up your child to kill people you don't even know???
Its all bull and its Bad for you to indoctrinate your self and your children with this fear based bull. And on and on it goes, sadly.

Greg Baugher
9 years ago

All Religion breeds Separation and that sucks big time. Its bad enough that our government does it daily. Get over it, their is no god, its only a lie someone taught you to keep you in line and controlled. Nothing more than that. Their is no hell either except what has been created in your mind.

Yaroslava Sydorenko
10 years ago

This film is very cognitive. I have a deep respect to the Muslim culture and Islamic religion and both of them trying to provide a peace and rapport between people. And Quran - really GREAT book with wise words. But, unfortunately, not everyone have abilities to understand verses in a right way, without distortion of holy words.

10 years ago

I find it very interesting that so many Muslims become so upset if you "insult" their religion to the point where they will use this "insult" to justify a violent response to the insulter. If your god really was powerful enough to create this universe then he does not need our praise and respect. I do not believe in any of it and it enrages me that they are people who would want to hurt me because I believe that their religion is crap. I think that a truly mature person would be able to say, "well that's your loss, for rejecting the truth" and move on, It seems that in the present world muslim men cannot do that, instead they try to physically punish anyone, who "disrespects the prophet". A case in point was the publication of cartoons about mohammed that lead to property being destroyed and people being killed. It is this attitude of "if you don't show respect to my god I will kill you" that makes me despise all religions and have nothing but contempt for many modern day practitioners of islam

10 years ago

Some of the ideas in this documentary are not accurate. The documentary argues that the verses of the Koran were learnt by heart and never set on paper. That's not accurate. The Koran was already recorded on paper during the time of its revealation, but it's the collection of these various texts and compiling them into one text that had to be done after the death of the prophet.

10 years ago

SERIOUSLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??!! IF YOU CAME HERE TO BE A HATER ABOUT ISLAM THEN EXIT THIS WEB PAGE!! AND LEAVE!! IT'S SIMPLE.But if you came here sincerely to learn about Islam and most of all the most beautiful and pure Qur'an you can sure stay. Be at least respectful towards religions especially Islam my religion and I am proud! Okay? keep your hash and hateful comment to yourself. Some are just too blinded my hate and jealousy since Islam is the right religion and the fastest. SCORE!!!

But sadly this channel is not exactly right with the information especially the guy with the glasses so this is not a very reliable source to learn about Islam. :/

10 years ago

"Each person understanding of the scripture, is his own."

My ass.

10 years ago

Quran is trash. Is the word of ONE MAN, who said only he had a revelation of Allah and no one else in history has ever talk or listen to this so called god. In contrast the Bible was written by several men who have heard God or were writing the experience of someone that has heard God, or have witness an interaction with God; The Bible is the work of several men who had an experience with God and not just one man claiming to be the only one. These men, wrote also about the same things in their own style and they match, prohpecies in the Bible have been fulfilled and it talks about a God who became like us and died for his people in order to bring them back. That's love. Not a god who wants his people to die for them like the so called Allah. Allah talks about lying, beating, killing. The God of the Bible talks about love, grace, compassion, mercy, peace and understanding.

10 years ago

people who wake up from temporal lob seizures do not remeber what happens during that and they are not as elequent as Quranic language is. Any stupid will believe that.

10 years ago

all muslims believe that jesus (peace be upon him) is slave and prophet messenger of the on almighty god just like muhammed (peace be upon him)

11 years ago

anyone st*pid enough to watch anything regarding anything by the history channel, is by definition, an id**t

11 years ago

I've read it and rate about equal with the Mormon Bible

11 years ago

This corrupt video is blasphemous, from the beginning it shows symbolic pentagrams and the Illuminati's all seeing eye in back of the dollar bill.
Those secret societies want to disrupt the message. On the otherhand I am glad that enough of us got to expose it. I truly regret trusting the video first before reading the comments our Ummah put down. and For the people who find the Quran too complicated for their soul to grasp.............................
Get Real. It is you who needs Allah(Only 1 God) not the contrary. From the way you guys try to sound i can feel the coward slipping out, if you want a cure Try some secret math first.

shayyan Ahmed
11 years ago

'Words' my friends are the problem. What ever you say and however you say won't reach the other person un-manipulated. Visuals and experiences on the other hand are more reliable. Better go and experience for yourself instead of playing around with words!!

mohammad yasser
11 years ago

Not sure if this has been commented earlier, but the Qur'an is not organized according to the length of its chapters. I stopped watching the video as it is unreliable; after all it is from History channel!

11 years ago

these guys makin a big mistake here the Quran was already written,the revelations were hadiths that they wrote down after the holy prophet Muhammad(saw) past away.

11 years ago

I would recommend a few Islamic scholars for the non-muslim audience, whether they be Atheist, Jew or Christian. There is too many misconceptions associated with Islam. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, Sheikh Imran Hossain, Sheikh Khalid Yasin, Ahmed Deedat and Dr. Zakir Naik just to name a few exceptional inspirational speakers especially for the western audience clear up these ill judements made by the critics, media and illiterates which influence and turn the mass populas of society to believing the hype.

All you need is to be open minded and non judgemental and start analyzing the facts and not fiction. Infact do your own research if you feel sceptical about what these Islamic scholars say. If you listen with a little attension, you would be shocked to know the real facts about Islam including Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism. These schoars i have mentioned clarify the truth from fiction.

I would say Dr Zakir Naik would be good to listen to escecially to the logical type of minds and common reasoning. He covers science in Islam and comparitive religion as well as many others, he tells the real truth about Christianity with precise quotes from both Quran and Bible,Torah and Hindu scriptures as well as many other sources of texts which would make any sceptic do there reseach for them selves and come to find what is genuine truth and you will find Islam prevails.

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf is a motivational speaker, as well as the ones i have mentioned. These can easily be found on site called Youtube. They will have some kind of impact to your belief system.

11 years ago

why they do not represent the opinions of the most intelligent brains in the history of sceince and knowlege?
they pick informations witch are oly able to make pictures in the way to make pepeole believe what they want,for exampel like in kinda garden. teaching pectures not knowledge.this method holds pepeol from real perceptions,people of the western world must be carefull and they must protect the quality of the understanding because actuelly knowledge is generally confused with information and most of people are looking for information or experience,not knowledge,they do not find knowledge.
in this video the ignorent persons are using a sireous vioce with hepocryt caractér,traying to give bad image to islam and to plant a seeds of what against submission to ALLAH.
those who are attractedby externals,who look for the outward signs of teachership,who rely on emotion in studies or watching like this kind of videos(kinndagarden videos)or reading any book they might choose are the pond-flies of the islam reality and it tradition,they skip and skim upon the surface.Because they have words for´profound`and `significant`,they think,incorrectly,that they know these experience.This is why we say that,for practical purposes,they know nothing.
they should know that the essence of islam or submission to the Will of the creature of the heveans and earth and what between them is superior to the terminology of How? or why? .

11 years ago

These videos contain a lots of errors , ignorance , simplism , stereotypes, lies , historic inaccuracy ...concerning islam , moslims & their history , unfortunately enough: very poor videos.

The makers of these videos were only interested in their own hypothesis concerning whether islam encourages violence or not ...silly assumption really .

Well, when muslims or others are oppressed , attacked , humiliated.....they have the internationally recognized human right to defend themselves against western israeli &other imperialism : one does not need the Qur'an for just that .

francisco sa
11 years ago

Why people around the world need a God to respect the others ? See God in each of your fellow brothers here below on earth and that we'll make you feel better. Religion as shown in this doc is mostly urgent social regulation. Anyway we must have all respect for the beliefs of all religions.

11 years ago

this documentary is full of lies and here is an advice when you talk about bible you don't get muslims to tell you about well it is the about coran bring a muslim schooler that is objectivite

11 years ago

gradualy he started to beleive he is a profet reeeeeeeeally !!!!!!!!!

11 years ago

muhamed wanted to kill him self !!!!!!(part 2 4.50)
from where did you get that.

11 years ago

the only group of people and culture who understands the creators message and his prophets are africans, we europeans never understands the concept of GOD and divinity and when we comes into contact with any religions we mess it up with politics the only culture we understand. when i visit africa and began studying the people, their cultures and religion i see deep spirituality, these people posses spirituality in them something that most other cultures or people lack. so my point is, if we want to understand today's religions or scriptures we should refer back to africa and her cultures to enable us get a better understanding as it seems all evidence points to her being the source and concept of god or creator. if we do not get to the source we will remain confused and messed up like we already are..........

11 years ago

Erm, have not read all the comments here but just to clarify, Mohammed did not have sex with a six year old girl. The most valid sources explain he was officially married to Aisha when she was nine, but did not start a proper relationship with her, including a sexual one, until she had reached puberty. We should all bear in mind 1400 years ago a girl in puberty would have been mentally and emotionally mature enough for marriage as society and upbringing was completely different to today. And this was not only the case in the middle east but all around the world.

11 years ago

listen to Zakir Naik to clear your thoughts about Islam

11 years ago

Very good.. but it would have been nice if they went over the Sunni/Shia split and the differences between them...

11 years ago

Countless people through history have used relegion as an excuse for war or to supress "less" informed people but those people choose what parts of religion best helps thier own personal goals. Terrorism continues because of the complete lack of respect for other religions. I believe the war on terror was just, but not to the extent of complete invation of afghanistan and the Iraq war wasn't about the war on terror. I think we have done enough in the middle east to grow a whole new crop of terrorists as it is. To loosely quote Ron Paul, If you think that terrorists are attacking us because we are the greatest country in the world your living in a fairytale, i don't always agree with him but he is honest. I don't believe in any religion myself but encourage people to follow whatever they believe in, as long as they don't hurt other people, its freedom of religion. To pigeon hole all muslims as terrorists is wrong no matter how you spin it. There are still many instances of terrorism other than by muslims in recent years. Lets stop stereotyping and go after the individual people that commit these crimes instead.

11 years ago

Allah guides who he wants, so do not bash your head trying to convince each other . As the quran says, to you your religion and to me mine. That means leave each other alone and live in peace. But a informative dialogue is always healthy for both sides. Who ever said exchange of knowledge is wrong.

11 years ago

From the begining the Admin of this blog has been kind of mocking others and there belief, forgetting the arogance of his own, he is on the war with all of those who rejects his idea of being the sons and daughters of mere monkeys.
No matter how many times one may answer his question, he comes up with the same tired idea and repeats it over and over. Rejecting others idea and proclaimng to be the one who knows all.
Whenever, when a evolutionist come face to face with a creationist, talks about facts, but forgets that his so called Facts are actually Theories. Now very cleaverly he will tell any one that Theories are not just the collective of ideas but Facts.
In his previous posts he made so many cliams according to which, i am a brainwashed person, only looks at one side, haven't read other scriptures and so on. As i replied to him and answered him, actually showed him the mirror, he went mute. He then chose to ignore the questions i asked and bombarded me with another slot of question which i systematically answered in my previous posts which could be seen and read.
His claim that all the Muslim theologians, scietists, mathematicians, astronomers, musicians, etc, and there work was actually work of some other people. Yet he denies that his over rated evolutionist darwin was nothing but a person who actully not only copy the idea of someone but also stole the entire concept. Surprisingly this all knowing admin did not know about this simple fact which is around us since.
No matter what ever argument one gives, what ever explanation one presents, the mind of a person who rejects to even consider other ideas, is never even going to give one single thought. Very typical and extreme as it comes, as we all know there is nothing which was made out of nothing, however a man like this admin who would go on and say without any hesitation that we as well as all living thing just happen to be. Created out of nothing. It is all random, it just happen there to be ONE SINGLE CELL created itself (from what) from which came all living thing, how absurd. Even in his own life nothing happens out of nothing, yet he willl claim all of this happened itself out of nothing.
It is sad to see people going so deep in the lower part of the humanity, proclaiming things which cant even be proven by those so call evolutionist, being accpeted blindly by people who are confused themselves.
This admin said and i quote.
"By your reasoning we can expect at any moment a member of an African tribe (let say with high IQ and a Bible/Quran in his hand) to prove the String Theory right. . . . ."
The nonsens of this statement is at its best, in my reply where i asked him if he can prove the theory with the help of all the equipment he need. His answer was obviously No.
We can see here the helplessness of a evolutionist, who can actually come up with some ideas (i call it in some occasion fanatsy) and resemble it with the reality.
If the theories are not just idea of an individual, why can he then not prove this so called String Theory? According to him, theories are nothing but Facts?
An african tribe-man may not be able to prove how life funtions, but it can display the best way to live without being a delusionalist.
In our fragile balance of society, Riligion and Science must co-exist, as they are the two sides of one coin. Religious institutes may have been currupt but the religion itself stays in its pure form only if one can understand the nature of its existence and the value which it prescribes. Religion without a doubt have made us what we are today, however one (thinking ones) can reject that it is the science which is shaping our world constantly. One must not forget the benefit of the science and the goal of the religion. Without religion the world would live in ignorance, helplessness, ego-ism and self-ism will rule the world and the values, which is already being lost in the west, will be lost forever. Imagine a world where every one believes that He created Himself out of nothing. The tyranny is already in its full flow, those who actually believe in self-creation are the one caring for none but themselves, such cruelty, merciless, unjust views which often derives one to acquire power over another by any means as the self-creationist would love only himself and there will be no way where others will be spared.
The very example is right here in the form of this admin, who runs behind any one every one who doubt his Evolution theory.

mudassar khalid
11 years ago

The claim that ” During the life of Prophet, the Koran was never written down”. I don’t know what’s the source of historic events in this documentary.
Documentary said: “Muhammed died at the age of 62. As he exhaled his last breath, the Koran was complete. However it did not yet exist in any physical form but only in memories…. “This claim is quite baseless and neglecting known historic events:
1: 2nd most important figure in Islam; Omar (the 2nd Caliph), in the famous event of accepting Islam when he went to kill Muhammad with bare sword in his hand. And then moved back to the house of his sister on news that his sister and her husband already accepted Islam, and there his sister hidden the written Koranic chapters on his arrival.
2:Bukhari( the 2nd most authentic book after Quran among Muslims) narrates many Hadith about written chapters of Koran. Like chapter Taha’s transcript was sent to Madina before the migration of Prophet to Madina.
3: There is a known list for the writers of Koranic revelation who were formally appointed by Muhammad. This list include Zaid bin Sabit, Abu-Bakr, Omar, Usman Ali, Abdullan and Ubi bin Kaab etc.
4: During migration to Yasrib(Madina), Muhammad given a written confirmation of Peace to Suraqa who was following him. This written approval to Suraqa is strong evidence that Prophet kept stuff with him to write down any possible revelation, during his life time.

5: During the month of Ramadan, recitation of whole Koran is a special worship with strong emphasis in Islam. It is also much known that Prophet normally recite whole Koran once during the prayers in Ramadan. While he recite Koran 2 times in the last Ramadan of his life. Around 4, 5 months before his death.
6: Western researchers also witness Koran at various places written in the life of Prophet. For example:
1:Andrew Rippin(Ed) in Approaches of the history of interpretation of the Quran
2: Dr. Maurice Bucaille in “The Bible, The Quran and Science”
3: Kenneth Cragg in “The mind of the Quran”
4: Karen ArmStrong: A known Roman Catholic writer and historian of our time
I can name a lot more if needed. Also i can reference the old books for all above events for research if anybody is willing to.
Then it proclaims that the event of compilation of Quran was initiated first time by Caliph Usman in 51 Hijri after 19 years of death of Prophet. This is also wrong.
In actual, upon the command of the Prophet his Companions would write down what was revealed of the Noble Quran. They used, for this purpose, palm branches stripped of leaves, parchments, shoulder bones, stone tablets, etc. About forty people were involved in this task. Among them was Zayd Ibn Thaabit who showed his work to the Prophet . Thus, the Quran was correctly arranged during the Prophet’s life, but it was not yet compiled into one book.
When Abu Bakr became Caliph after the Prophet died, a large number of the Companions were killed during the War of Apostasy. 'Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab went to the Caliph and discussed the idea of compiling the Quran into one volume. He was disturbed, as most of those who memorised it had died. Then, Abu Bakr called for Zayd and commissioned him to collect the Quran into one book, which became known as the 'Mus-haf.'
And all this compilation took place during the very next 2 years after Prophets death.

mudassar khalid
11 years ago

Reza Aslan narrates about very first revelation on Muhammad:
“IN HIS MIND, he heard this voice. And the voice said: RECITE ………”
see the emphasis of "IN HIS MIND" by the Reza, which is quite contary to being unbaised.

11 years ago


The Greeks beat your Quran to it by many many years, around 340 BC Aristotle said that our planet is a sphere, 150 AD Ptolemy elaborated Aristotle ideas into a cosmological model, and so on, and so on. All that science stuff in your Quran is plagiarized.

Harsh tone? all beliefs are respected until they try to force their beliefs on others.

11 years ago

Untill today, not one single scientist have ever manage or even come closer to creat a cell, or a drop of blood, out of nothing. It is not because they dont have what they need in order to creat it, it is because they just cant. A Human can not creat something living out of nothing, with no help. It is the ability of almighty God.
The compitability of some Quranic or Biblical verses are unchallengable, unrefutable. They contain ultimate truth, secret of unseen and mystries which is being discovered time to time. One can not deny, if one study these scriptures, that these books have the power which is not possesed by any other book ever written.

11 years ago

Hahaha, indeed.

11 years ago

I'm deeply offended by the fact that this documentary claimed that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) wanted to kill himself when he found out that he was the messenger of the lord. First of all the Prophet knew all along that he was the messenger of God. Secondly this documentary is showing the messenger as a weak person, he was infact pure and strong and had a lot of patience.

11 years ago

I believe this is the original verse that i mentioned.. I do apologize for that naive act that i did back then.

It is He Who created The Night and the Day, And the sun and the moon: All (the celestial bodies) Swim along, each in its Rounded course." [Al-Qur’aan 21:33

11 years ago

Sorry about those [i] and [/i].. i was thinking of is as a normal chat box

11 years ago

I really can't go along with that answer,

Okay, here is a thing that will suffice me a bit more if answered.

If u have gone through the Qur'an, u must have gone through a verse saying:

"And the suns and the moons and the earth, revolve in their assigned paths"

That was written in it about 14.33 hundred years ago. and if i recall correctly, man just discovered that world is round a couple of centuries back, before that we were thinking that world is flat and this and that.

But Qur'an, even told us then, that thats not the case. Didn't it give us a hint? I am not saying that you must believe that Qur'an is not a man written book, what i meant was th KNOWLEDGE EXTRACTION PATH, if we can have something from it in advance why bother discovering it again? like man took a thousand years to discovered something that was already mentioned in this book.

Like Rutherford discovered atomic model, but we are not discovering it again, are we?

Now i know this discussion is old, but that discussion was very vague and was un-understandable, it does not help you to have an idea.

What i say is that take what these books got, and make our path researching them. Finding them correct will make our day, won't it? After all, we all want to KNOW and TO KNOW is all what we need.

(And what do you mean by BAD STUFF?)

11 years ago

I am pretty new in these kind of things.. and i wont be able to give out a better explanation or better questions.. I had gone through the comments and there were some things that became my concern.

Mr Vlatko, I can see through your comments that you must have read many books, and your knowledge level is way too high above me. In all of the comments of yours i had read, i saw that you are completely against the religious or ancient scriptures. You have proven some where too well about why do u believe, and what do you believe. I must say that i am impressed, i am really impressed.

I have a question for you. The way you were talking about Bible and Qur'an.. I don't know why but i felt some thing that i wanna share. I wanna ask with hope for a truly honest reply.
The questions is... Have you ever gone through Bible or Qur'an? Do you know whats in there? That is soooo into focus now a days.. even in the presence of these Modern theories?

Now i read that the answer is a YES from you. But its really too hard to believe, as a reader, i don't believe that i have seen any one in my life who can go utterly against a book. I mean i have also been problems with some of the ideas ( actually many of them) of a couple of books, but even so, i cannot find my self go utterly against them.

It seems like even if you really had gone through them you NEVER DID CONSIDERED THEM BOOKS, BUT SOME THING DIFFERENT THEN THAT.

These are mine and mine alone thoughts. I would be happy to have a good honest reply. Clarify my concern please.

Thank you

11 years ago

this documentary is heart breaking. its full of lies about Qur'an and Islam... and they are doing it very very brothers and sisters believe yourself and your own wisdom instead of believing what's being said about Islam. do you own research. Read Qur'an and study Islam and decide yourself. Peace be onto you.

11 years ago

The fact is Qur'an was written down in Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him's life. The people who wrote it down are called Kaatbeen-e Wahi. They are believed to be six and Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him gave them news of paradise in his life for this noble work. Prophet peace and blessings be upon him used to speak to them and they would write it down. Their names can be found in many Islamic history books and also in Hadith(sayings of prophet peace and blessings be upon him). There were Quranic scriptures already existed at the time of Prophet's death thats why caliph Usman ordered burning all other except the one with his daughter and Prophet peace and blessings be upon him's wife Hafsa may Allah be pleased with her.
There is no contradiction in the Holy Qur'an and its very easy for a lay man to understand it. As Allah says in Qur'an "and we made it easy for you to understand". If you don't believe me read it yourself you ll know. Though its in Arabic but translations are available in all languages of the world. You can easily find online.
Many things being said in this documentary about Qur'an are very very wrong. My sincere advice to all my brothers and sisters in humanity is please don't believe what others say. God has given you wisdom, read it yourself and decide for yourself.

Stephan Verheyen
12 years ago

One thing I must say about True Islam is that most of the people who follow it truly do follow it. Apart from extremists and every religion has them. You will not find many Chistians following every commandment in the bible. It also is a beautiful culture. (Again apart from the crazy people that all religions have) Great program!

12 years ago

bin ladden belongs in a US political documentary under employees!!!! He is totally not relevant to this documentary!!! how silly, before religion, there was chaos, all law come from religion, without reliigion, we have chaos, satanism and athesium is very fashionable these days, do what you want with your free will, dont insult other peoples otherwise you outline yourself as being pathetic, increase the peace all

12 years ago

bin laden doesn't exist!!!! And to put him in a documentary about the quran is insulting!! he should be in a US political documentary under employees!!!! He is totally not relevant to this documentary!!! IDIOTS!!!!!!

William Call
12 years ago

Religion is man not realize this is distortion of the is a form of mental human can to this day know what created everything...and anyone claiming they can is full of one is fooled all of the time....