Secrets of the Star Disc

Secrets of the Star DiscWhen grave robbers ransacked a Bronze Age burial in Germany, they had no idea that they had unearthed the find of a lifetime.

The disc they found combines an advanced understanding of the stars with some of the most sophisticated religious imagery of the age.

In intellectual achievement and also age, it surpasses anything yet found in Egypt or Greece. It seems that civilization had already dawned in North Central Europe.

The Nebra Sky Disc is a bronze disc inlaid with gold symbols, associatively dated to c. 1600 BCE. The symbols are interpreted generally as a sun or full moon, a lunar crescent, and stars (including a cluster interpreted as the Pleiades).

Two golden arcs along the sides, marking the angle between the solstices, were added later. A final addition was another arc at the bottom surrounded with multiple strokes (of uncertain meaning, variously interpreted as a Solar ship with numerous oars or as the Milky Way).

The disc is unlike any known artistic style from the period, and had initially been suspected of being a forgery, but is now widely accepted as authentic.

The creators of the disc have been associated with the Bronze Age Unetice culture. Their physical type, which matches that of the preceding Corded Ware people, is still commonly found in North Central Europe today.

Hydrodynamic patterns in the culture area suggest that these people were speakers of Indo-European, with pre-Germanic dialects in the area to the north of the Ore Mountains, including the site of discovery.

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  1. Ryan



  2. .308
  3. .308

    well made production. Extremely lame subject.

    Thx for sharing anyway :)

  4. bar
  5. bar

    2:44 in and I have enough. The narrators voice is so annoying.

  6. toddy
  7. toddy

    very short, but interesting.

  8. Kuzo
  9. Kuzo

    This was very interesting in deed. I would like to see the back of the disc as well. I wonder if there is a small hole or indentation in the center of the back. The outer edge is perforated with holes that may have held pegs of some sort, so as to keep a record, or track something. Maybe ythe disc was mounted and moved as required against a larger outer ring, which would make it an even more complicated piece of equipment.

  10. pammy
  11. pammy

    I haven`t yet finished watching this but must comment about the 1st bit. The thing I find extremely offensive about this is the fact those people that found the disc are referred to as criminals. In my view it is Harold Miller who is the criminal.
    He used the police as back up to steal the disc. Also...`safely back in the museum`. It never was in the museum in the first instance. It was an object found in the ground by people. This is very twisted. It was not a stolen object, it was found.

  12. Lance
  13. Lance

    The people who found this piece were legitimate treasure hunters not criminals as stated in this film. The criminal is the archeologist who stole it from them so he would not have to pay for it.

  14. Lance
  15. Lance

    The music editor of this film should have his ears removed.It is over dramatic, over bearing and extremely annoying. A cheap trick to try to build tension and drama in what is really a boring film.


    Not bad worth a watch.

  18. Deano
  19. Deano

    I have to agree with you Pammy, Mr. Miller, holds a very distorted view of 'ownership'. Something 'valuable' was indeed found, by this account so valuable that it's assumed to be 'priceless'. The finders put a price on it, 250,000 pounds...but Mr. Miller and his kind didn't want to pay and instead chose to connive a strategy to 'legally' steal it for what can only be concluded as very spurious research, as the final assessment is mighty full of speculative imagination. Whom owned the disc when it was found? And whom benefits from it now? What a cock.

  20. Madskillz
  21. Madskillz

    I'm pretty much with pammy and Lance re: Over dramatic grave robbers (FLEEE!) etc. I don't need an add on the evils of grave robbing, it's been AGES since I busted into a tomb...

    It also could have remained buried for another 1000 years, or forever.

    Having said though, people who don't know what they are doing shouldnt be digging this stuff up (suspect the pick axe may have been propaganda). One can determine MUCH from a 'site' when tended to properly. Even the layers of dirt can tell us alot.

    Although the disc is facinating - this doc was not. Fail.

  22. Dr. Dunkleosteus
  23. Dr. Dunkleosteus

    Pammy and Deano may be right, but does anyone know the laws on digging things up in Germany? It may be clearly stated that teasure hunting is illegal. Also, the area may have been off limits or restricted, making them trespassers.

    It is a shame that they got arrested, however I don't think we can know how honest they were or the circumstances invloved unless we know the laws

    That being said, I did enjoy the doc. Imaginative, but very well-produced. Bronze age history is facinating.

  24. vidiVrabca
  25. vidiVrabca

    The Vu?edol culture was a culture that flourished between 3000 and 2200 BC, centered in eastern Slavonia on the right bank of the Danube river, but possibly spreading throughout the Pannonian plain. Sometimes also called the Vu?edol civilization. Among the most famous pieces is what has been alleged to be the oldest Indo-European calendar, based on Orion cycle, shown by precise sequel of constellations on a vessel found in eneolithic tel in the very center of contemporary town of Vinkovci(Croatia). Why is this disc find of the century? Sensationalistic bull****, but nice production.

  26. Reasons Voice
  27. Reasons Voice

    Why is it that we always go bonkers every time we see that ancient cultures understood things like the solstices? Is it just modern intellectual arrogance? For gods sake I think that in all likelihood more Neandertals understood solar and lunar cycles more than the modern twenty something does. At this point in cultural developement I am more impressed when a college student knows at which point of the horrizon the sun rises at any given month, than I am at learning that dudes with stone axes knew when it was time to plant the wheat.
    And the disk reference to the plieties seems a streatch in that the pattern of the stars is not even close. And that ladie looks like a basset-hound and sounds like she is speaking through a ferret.
    Only people who have never attempted to live a survivalist life (even for a short period) can think that anciet men were somehow stupid.

  28. d.e.goodman
  29. d.e.goodman

    I have to agree with Pam, Lance, and the rest who say this "Miller" dude, was full-of-himself. He acts like the guys who "FOUND IT," somehow stole it from him? Then he sets the guys up to get busted. I think Miller needs an ass-whoopin'. I mean WHERE does he get-off? If someone from National Geographic found it, THEY wouldn't have been busted! WHY is it that only "RICH-FKRS" can "find" something, and then GET-PAID for it!? I admit an object like this should be in a museum, but it SHOULD belong to the guys who found it. Where it goes from there, should be up to the people who "discovered" it. Remember Spain, and England, and now America? CONQUERERS all! Taking what they "find," as their own! THEY should have been able to keep the thing, especially, if it wasn't found on "private property." If they are "in the wilderness," then it should belong to them! Miller can kiss my Norwegian-ass!

  30. A Saucerful of Secrets
  31. A Saucerful of Secrets

    5 stars


  32. Nick
  33. Nick

    Great doc. To bad our major religions don't directly worship the sun anymore cause even though its one of trillions of stars, without it we would not exist.
    I say we go back to the basics more anthropomorphising hah

  34. Hugs
  35. Hugs

    1) Harold Miller is the criminal here, not the finders of the object who are unjustly vilified. This just legalized stealing by the state. You don't see the British Museum returning everything they took from all over the world, do you?
    2) Even I recognized the Pleiades right away. Don't tell me that it took an astronomer that long to do so. If he's that thick he probably didn't take into account that over time stars move either.
    3) Everyone knows that people were every bit as intelligent then as they are today.
    4) "In intellectual achievement and also age, it surpasses anything yet found in Egypt or Greece." Pull the other leg. The Great Pyramid at Giza was built almost 1000 years before this disc. Don't tell me knowledge is that slow to get around, even in those days, especially given that some parts of this disc came from as far away as Cornwall.
    Don't waste time on this hyped up video. Spend five minutes with Wikipedia instead; you'll learn more in less time.

  36. AndyA
  37. AndyA

    IMO, Duh!

  38. simplicity
  39. simplicity

    It seems they're missing something more profound. Does it not appear Pleiades is perfectly positioned as the Pineal gland, or the third eye?

  40. Reasons Voice
  41. Reasons Voice

    @simplicity; Right on! We modern thinkers are so compartmentalized. We honestly have no clue what the use or inspiration of this object is. Our conjecture is futile.

  42. Terry
  43. Terry

    Music is quite dramatic, but interesting nonetheless!

  44. NoahClaypole
  45. NoahClaypole

    What has me rolling my eyes is the fact they are amazed at the 'realistic' depiction of stars....and yet the moon isn't exactly depicted realistically with stars overlapping it's shadowed area. But I'm also baffled with the theory about the curve being a sunboat, another non-realistic depiction. I'm surprised they didn't say it was just a rainbow and claimed that "well when they saw a rainbow, they knew the rains had come and now the planting season had begun". It's a marvelous idea but I'm just not quite sold on some of their theories.

  46. AndyA
  47. AndyA

    Why wouldn't they make something like this? They probably had nothing else to do at night when they couldn't sleep.
    Who knows,maybe it was Van Goes great, great grand daddy that did it and he forgot to sign his name?
    But the narrator makes it sound like people back were not all so bright.

  48. Waldo
  49. Waldo

    I can't believe many of you guys can't see why it is illegal to dig up items such as these. Not to mention the guys that dug it up were not on their land, and had no permission to be digging where they found this. The first reason it is illegal is that if we start letting anyone who wants to make a buck go to ancient sites and dig at random, having no proper equiptment to even know what they are trying to get out of the ground nor training on what is the least intrusive way considering the artifact and the site to get the item out, we would have all ancient sites of interest ruined in a matter of months. The artifacts that were recovered would more than likely be damaged and there would be no record of where it was located nor the depth it was located, the materials it was buried in, etc. this is useless as far as archeology is concerned.

    You have to grid the site and keep meticulus records of what is found, how deep it was buried, where exactly it was found within the site, what was the context it was found in, etc. Archeologists employ techniques borrowed from the fields of geophysics and geochemistry to detect and map archeological sites and features. Many geophysical techniques, including electrical resistance measurements of the soil above a site and magnetic measurements of the earths natural magnetic field are used to map sites before any digging ever takes place so you don't damage one aspect trying to get to another, so a logical plan for excavation can be formulated and approved before the first shovel or any other device such as this is used. And also, one of the most important rules of excavation is that you always leave several finds for the future when we will have better techniques and equiptment and may learn much more than if we dig it all up now.

    The second reason, and in reality this is probably the most important reason, is because our history and knowledge of the past should never be held up for the profit of one or several individuals. Items like this cannot find there way to some private collection and get stored out of sight and mind never to be studied and to never allow us the knowledge we could get from such study. Also, often the artifact rightfully belongs to the ancestors of those that made it. For instance I live in the Southeastern US and there are thousands of sites here were you can dig up pottery and so forth from the Native American Indians that lived here in the past. It would be wrong for me to go out and dig up this stuff and never let the tribes that made the object in the past know that it exists, they have a right to understand there culture and keep sacred items sacred.

    Down in South America the Mayans still exist, and they have a right to say what happens to the ancient Mayan artifacts that are found there. They certainly should not have to buy there own history back from whomever got to it first and for what ever price said person desires. Most of the time these tribes have a museum dedicated to their peoples, or at least an exhibit at a museum, where they want the item displayed and explained for all to see, but especially the young of there still existant tribe.

    But, even if the object was made by a peoples long extinct or no longer bound by culture or convention, the item is important to our understanding of the past and should be on display for the mass public to see and understand. And yes, we have both international and national laws that protect such things from happening. They seek to destroy the underground trade in artifacts, and ensure we get to properly study anything of value that is found.

    If these people in this area are truly struggling for a way to make a living, then the very governments that protect against this type of theft should try and offer them some help. I realize they may be desperate and need the money to survive. In the past archeaologist have went into such areas and gotten businesses to invest and the economy to turn around, they saw the people were in need and gave them hope and a way to avoid this type of behavior. But most of the time this type of theft is carried out by sophisticated underground criminals that are filthy rich already and just want the items because they are rare or the money for the love of money.

    It is possible to get a permit and have the rights to what you dig up, in some cases. You do have to demonstrate you have the knowledge, desire, and equiptment to get the items out of the ground without destroying the site and with all the needed info that goes with them. But you can sell the find sometimes, if you go about it in the right way. For instance the fossil of the oldest common ancestor between reptiles and mammals was found in Germany in an ancient tar pit, and preserved using a clear resin method that is approved and effective. It was later sold to the man that has it now, and keeps it on display in a museum. He of course allowed scientists to examine it thoroughly, in fact he assembled a team of crack biologists and other relevant experts at great cost to himself. As a result we gained a lot of knowledge about our possible past.

    Chanting the old addage, finders keepers losers weepers just doesn't cut it when it comes to this kind of find. What if the missing link that connects man to ape was found by someone that sold it for a few thousand to someone else that had no idea what they really had. The most significant find in all of archeaological history is now in some guys private collection with a base ball cap on its head and a beer glued into its hand, and science does not even know it exists. What a tragedy!!

  50. Hugs
  51. Hugs

    Laws, have no connection with logic. They generally favor those with the most power or influence, not John Q. Public. It is interesting to note that in many countries you do not own what lies below the land you supposedly own, e.g. someone with a miner's license can dig up minerals on your land, whether you like it or not. Is it fair to the land owner? No, but governments like revenue.

    If someone finds something, it should belong to them as it is THEIR find no matter where it was found; here, THERE, or anywhere. If the discovers of the disc had not found it, it would in all probability still lie unknown in the ground and no one would know of it.

    No archeological dig starts with brushes and hand trowels. Something has to be found first.

    Many so-called archeological digs have been far from meticulOUS. Just as it is for many people, an archeologist's dream is often to find fame and fortune.

    Many objects in museums are "out of sight and out of mind". An hundred years may pass before somebody stumbles on the 'significance' of something. The sheer volume of objects may preclude that of any one of them from ever being known. By the same token, if something is found by a 'grave robber' and sold, it is unlikely that the purchaser is unaware of its value. Eventually it will end up at an auction somewhere, where museums and anyone else who may be interested will have the opportunity to examine and purchase it, or not. Incidentally it is in the interest of the owner to provide provenance.

    "Also, often the artifact rightfully belongs to the ANCESTORS of those that made it." LOL! So I make something and it rightfully belongs to my father and grandfather? And, as for your DECENDANTS, to whom you leave your wealth should be your decision. You ought to be able to leave it to a foundation for homeless cats, if you so desire. The current occupants of an area are not necessarily the descendants of those who lived there in the distant past but may well be the descendants of invaders who drove out the original inhabitants. Just look at England, for example, Celts, Picts, Romans, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes, French, and who knows who else have invaded and mingled and mixed.

    The Mayans did not live in South America but mostly in Mexico. A quote from Wikipedia:
    "The Maya civilization extended throughout the southern Mexican states of Chiapas, Tabasco, and the Yucatán Peninsula states of Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatán. The Maya area also extended throughout the northern Central American region, including the present-day nations of Guatemala, Belize, Northern El Salvador and western Honduras.

    The Maya area is generally divided into three loosely defined zones: the southern Maya highlands, the central lowlands, and the northern lowlands. The southern Maya highlands include all of elevated terrain in Guatemala and the Chiapas highlands. The southern lowlands lie just north of the highlands, and incorporate the Mexican states of Campeche and Quintana Roo and northern Guatemala, Belize and El Salvador. The northern lowlands cover the remainder of the Yucatán Peninsula, including the Puuc hills."

    If laws amounting to legalized robbery weren't in place, trade would not be underground. Museums, along with everyone else would have the opportunity to purchase. It would be more equitable, if finds belonged to the finder but they would be obliged to wait a year, during which those designated by the government would be permitted to examine the find non-destructively before the finder either kept it or put it up for auction. However, we all know that this would never happen. One of the first lessons we all should learn is that life isn't fair.

    "But most of the time this type of theft is carried out by sophisticated underground criminals that are filthy rich already and just want the items because they are rare or the money for the love of money." Absolute poppycock! So-called 'grave robbers' are usually desperately poor people, who often, because of unfair laws, are forced to sell their finds to people who exploit them.

    The importance of archeology is vastly overrated. It is akin to an elite hobby. At best, it provides entertainment and inspiration, as would a good novel. At worst, it is a tool used for political ends or the source of delusions. If we knew nothing of the Maya, about the only thing that would change is that a few less idiots would hold the eschatological belief that the world will end on December 21st, 2012.

  52. AndyA
  53. AndyA

    Right on, Hugs! You hit the nail on the head!
    It also reminds me of the Eagle feather headdress , was it of Chief Joseph that was left to a friend and the Feds arrested the guy for it under the Endangered animals law.
    So ridiculous, because the feathers would have to been collected way before such a law was even created.
    You don't have to be a judge to figure that out.

  54. Waldo
  55. Waldo

    @ Hugs

    I find archaeology to be a facinating field of anthropological study, and very crucial to the understanding or the unrecorded past. Without it the only explanation we would have of prehistory would come from myth and religion, which are one and the same to me. Oh, I suppose we could go with the notion that ancient aliens gave birth to man and all our knowledge, since that is so much more reasonable than actual systematic study of artifacts. (LOL)

    You are right about my mistake in saying the Mayans lived in south America, but that doesn't change the point I am making. You are also right to correct my use of the words ancestor versus decendants, but still the point I made is valid. Also, The people that left those artifacts behind did not leave them to anyone presently alive, so envoking their right to decide who gets it is totally confusing the point, and I think it is a morally and ethically correct assumption of their will to give the artifact back to their decendants when possible. Or do you think they would say, "No, give it to Frank, since he dug it up one day by accident and our culture being understood by our modern decendants and properly finding its place in history doesn't mean near as much as old Franks rights to personal ownership of an item he only just found?" I also never said that those that live somewhere are the decendants of those that lived their in the past. The Mayans are not just someone who happen to live where the ancient Myan civilization used to be, they are verifiable decendants of the tribe. The Native Americans that lived where I live now are not my ancestors and I have no right to take their artifacts, just as the European white man took their land, and use it for my benefit, and neither do you.

    As for archeaological digs not starting with trowels and brushes, you are dead wrong. Most digs start because research leads an archeaologist to an area where he uses sophisticated instuments to see if he can detect areas of interest. Then they devise a dig plan, get the proper permits from the state, talk to any existing DECEDENTS and discuss their rights, then start looking for funding to go to work. A few have started because of reported findings, but that doesn't change the fact that real science is systematic and exact, not random and aggressive. Besides, if you just go in and start digging you will go to jail, you have to get permission from local and national governments that tell you exactly where and how much soil you can displace, and then how they want the site left when you leave. Not to mention who has rights to compensation or ownership of certain items. States have to consider tourism to the site and how they want it left to facilitate said tourism. I should know, I have been fined and came in a nats a22 of going to jail for digging up Native american artifacts, before I learned the ethical and moral way to go about things. Not to mention I am an archaeology major and have studied their methods inside and out. By the way thanks for calling my chosen field of study and future carreer, a "vastly overated... elite hobby." I will try and not lose sleep over your amatuer, rude, and vastly overrated opinion.

    The guys you speak of that are after fortune and fame are predominantly liscensed diggers and not actual archeaologist, that said many archeaologist are interested in those things. That doesn't belittle the field in the least, every legitmate field of study has some people in it to exploit and seek personal gain only. Take your post for instances, I find it rude, opinionated, and simple, but I wouldn't discount everyone else that posts here because of your poor example. Besides if they bring relevant facts to light through solid science, why does their motivation matter?

    Why you would bring up mineral rights is also beyond me as it has nothing what so ever to do with the point of this conversation. The state does have rights to all artifacts found in most cases, and it should stay that way. Otherwise people like you, with no respect what so ever for the knowledge gained by solid science, would end up with an important find and hold the worlds ability to understand its history hostage to make a few bucks, if you didn't destroy it trying to get it out of the ground. Not to mention the future finds in the site you had chance to stumble on would be compromised.

    You are right to say that some grave robbers are the destitute and poor, but they do not gain much from the sell of the object. They invariably get taken advantage of by black market dealers that get the item for pennies and sell it for thousands. Those poor people do not have the connections to get much money for their find, the slick black market dealer does though. If a local poor person called up a museum to sell an item they would get arrested and they know it. So they sell to the dealers who have connection on the inside so as to avoid arrest and still get top dollar. In Jerusalem the locals have banded together to stop grave robbing and looting, as they have an actual interest in the history and knowledge gained from doing things the right way. Not to mention the competition for items amongst the unscrupulous black market dealers was creating a very dangerous environment. At the Mayan site the locals have banded together to help protect the arcaeologist from robbers and bandits, as they have learned that they can make much more money off tourism by keeping the sites intact and letting real scientists study the remains versus selling an object one time at a cheap rate or getting killed so some dealer can get the item for free.

    Archeaology has never perpetuated the myth about the destruction of the world in 2012, that was perpetuated by people that cling to superstition and know nothing of science. In fact archeaology has gone out of its way to make documentaries explaining what the importance of Dec. 2012 was to the Mayans, and it has nothing to do with the destruction of the world. In my opinion your rant displays common ignorance and misplaced anger toward the status qou, but you believe what ever you like.

    I will leave you with a qoute from Nietzsche:

    "While every noble morality develops from a triumphant affirmation of itself, common morality from the outset says "No" to what is outside, what is different, what is not itself; and this No is its only creative deed. Common morality is therefore reactive and never proactive, in that it requires a percieved injustice belonging to an outside sphere of influence to even act at all."


    Well I think this documentary does not make any point whatsoever about early European origins .... despite the sexy voice of the female presenter... What is really recorded here is the need of some - hopefully not all - north European Archaeologists to claim that there was some sort of advanced civilization that was as special as the Egyptian or The Greek .... Well ... personally I think that it's stupid to believe that Europeans were just savages ... but do we really need this disc which we cannot possibly tell where it came from to disprove it???? Nevertheless, I find the fact that tomb robbers and other criminals roam the forests of Northern Europe for findings like these, disgusting .... this is definitely uncivilized. Instead There should be teams from Universities throughout the world that should be doing it at a professional level ... not only in Northern Europe but also Greece and Egypt. I hoped to see in this documentary some sort of flashback to European affairs in the Bronze age ... which is interesting and fascinating as well as the cross-cultural references and co-rituals between all Pagan cultures in Europe ... for example the sacred pilgrimages of the Druids as far as Delos in honour of Apollo the sun god and numerous other examples of metal mining between the Minyans in Greece and the ancient Irish peoples as well as the Achaeans (Myceneans) with ancient Britons (Celts etc)that make Europeans in those days have more things in common than meets the eye ... Let's hope that we'll move forward instead of remaining loyal to our limited geographical boundaries .... Adrian B. Greece


    Stop the talk and do what is right..... Simply put... Errr And growl because im dissapointed in the human race.....Are you a animal grrrrr errrrrrrrr. SAD world you live in... Oh dam im stuck in the same place..... What is this BS a KU DE Tah.... God luck not good luck....I wish all the best...

  60. Hugs
  61. Hugs

    @Waldo I apologize for making fun of your command of English. It was uncalled for and, even if I didn't '@' you specifically, it blinded you to reading my post carefully, as your response indicates. I was just stirring the pot to provoke discussion.
    The main thing I would like to point out is that even the Bible has almost as many interpretations as there are readers; let alone more cryptic objects, cave paintings, diagrams, and symbols from the past. The person who authored them is simply not around to say, “That is not what I meant at all. That is not it, at all.”
    The same goes for any situation where all the facts are not available; just look at all the conspiracy theories surrounding everything from JFK's death to Area 51. While it may be fun to speculate, it almost never leads to the actual truth of the matter for sheer lack of evidence.
    I've seen whole documentaries based on a few spear points. All of which is just as much a fabrication as a Harry Potter novel.
    As far as I am concerned, real science and real theories are things which lead to verifiable predictions of the future and the advancement of mankind. Archeology, while interesting, does not. This does not diminish it as a valid pursuit any more than becoming a chess master or a singer. There is plenty of room for all kinds of endeavors. No one would deny the talents of a Bobby Fisher or a Luciano Pavarotti. They have all made contributions to our culture but, even though they may use some of the tools of science, they are largely not science in the true sense. Archeology is merely the study of history based on slimmer and slimmer evidence, the further back you try to look. The study lies closer to the realm of theology than it does to science. Many people try to trace their family tree, something which presumably might have some personal relevance to them. How many discover anything more about their great great grandfather than perhaps his date of birth, marriage, and death, and the name of his wife? His trials and tribulations have no impact on them, much less so those of a far more distant ancestor.
    On the other hand science pervades every aspect of our lives today and without it discussions like this would not even be possible.
    Well I've said more than my fair share already and most of it under the influence of a couple of Bacardi and colas. Hopefully all this will provoke some lively debate to the edification of us all. It is undeniably an interesting and multifaceted topic.

  62. L.Walker
  63. L.Walker

    @ Waldo - thank you! it's the same in egypt - all the looting of archeological sites ruins the ability of scientists to study and understand our collective past. antiquities do not 'belong' to any one person - they 'belong' to time and culture.

    i don't care if the guy wanted to make a buck - he has no right to take pieces of antiquity.

  64. hrki
  65. hrki

    one disk to rule them all

  66. dread
  67. dread

    one disk to rule them all?..........

    YES, Should be read as The Savior disc(not star disc)


    The Saviour Disk Rules!!

  70. gheghe
  71. gheghe

    one word: Sarmizegetusa

  72. rtiom
  73. rtiom

    It is very short but could have been even shorter. I think this was my second attept at watching this documentary. The first was successful but this time just as was going through the first 5 min of it I realised how bloody boring it was. I mean the way it stretched out to fill a full hour of a standard TV episode is mind numbing. Pluss after watching some archeological documentaries that prove there were advanced civilizations living on earth much longer than 20000 years ago I am no longer that interested in little trinkets from the bronze age lol.

  74. rtiom
  75. rtiom

    It is very short but could have been even shorter. I think this was my second attept at watching this documentary. The first was successful but this time just as was going through the first 5 min of it I realised how bloody boring it was. I mean the way it stretched out to fill a full hour of a standard TV episode is mind numbing. Pluss after watching some archeological documentaries that prove there were advanced civilizations living on earth much longer than 20000 years ago I am no longer that interested in little trinkets from the bronze age lol.

  76. AGahool
  77. AGahool

    I feel very sorry for the creators of this documentry and whomever person of European backround how would consider beleiving things like this.

    The Europeans being on top of everything for at least the passed couple of handred years still desperate to proove something they never have and they never will be.

    I agree with the early part of the film when acknolegdes that the early Europeans were murderes. Because this is the truth that haunts them forever. They still have no love and kindness in them even for their closest friends and reletives.

    It is ashame,

  78. American82
  79. American82

    Murderers? One could say the same of todays' inhabitants of the arabian lands. If one were inclined toward that sort of thing.

  80. monster727
  81. monster727

    could tht go to the stone door thing with the circle in the middle

  82. Uriel
  83. Uriel

    What little people really know; if you only knew of whom the Europeans came from and the power that the druidic civilization had; all of the ancient world would melt with fear and envy. Read up on history before you say such ignorant and self-debilitating words of delirium. Europe of the north-west was and has always been in power of the whole world these are the children of Cain and after the flood the children of Japheth descendent of Cain. If you knew who Cain was I would not even bother ranting such foolishness. Enough said.

  84. AGahool
  85. AGahool

    I am glad that you brought up the children of Cain.
    Is not he the first murderer on Earth? by killing his brother?
    All the ancient civilizations have destroyed themselves by their foolishness. It has happen always and will happen always. It is only good deed, kindness and love that will remain. And if you are suggesting that the children of Israel have all the power, only time will prove, and as it has many times. Yes, I am afraid of the Murderes and their threats as most normal people do. I will ignore any of your future replies, as enough has been said and leave it with others to decied for themselves.

  86. Matt Kukowski
  87. Matt Kukowski


  88. You Do Not See Me
  89. You Do Not See Me

    Did they ever care to think that at this time period since the continents were together that every one TRAVELED Explain the pyramids in Asia, South America, in America as well. People traveled and there was not European, or African , or Hispanic or Asian RACE there where just people. LOL They cant really say who ( race of people) created this disc.. it could have been some what we now call Asian man or woman. Everyone Traveled by foot and boat.

    NO THE SKY DISC WAS NOT EUROEPAN AT ALL IT WAS HUMAN MADE.... a wonderful Pagan Instrument of Time.

  90. Guest
  91. Guest

    love your post-name -/-

  92. Matt Coates
  93. Matt Coates

    ya but Africa and much of Asia are still primitive and murderes, while Europeans pretty much are the rulers of the earth. heck if u left africa to it own ways the would be still in the stone age while Europeans are sending men into space and even at the hight of africa they never had any thing like the sun disk. there are parts of africa that dont even have iron while we are sending men to the moon and having advanced forms of government. even the once grate egypt is now nothing compared to us. if u are Europeans you have much to be proud of

  94. Matt Coates
  95. Matt Coates

    ya i would much rather be in erope then africa and any of the arabian lands

  96. Matt Coates
  97. Matt Coates

    nothern europeans were just as grate as greece or egypt just at a diffrent time like the enlitenment and stuff greece was nothing to egypt then it went past it northern Europeans were nothing to greece then they past then who nose who will be next

  98. kara k
  99. kara k

    Even the Bible mentions Orion and the Pleiades in the Book of Job. There is a lot of astronomy in the Bible.

    I wonder, if the Bible is a book of myths, then it would stand to reason the people who write Job would be making a myth. People who do not believe the Bible never say it is partial myths, only that it is a myth.

    Why would the ancient Hebrews even mention Orion and Pleiades in the first place if it was all a myth? The Bible does not have an Earth-centric view, that was created by the Catholic church. The thing people must realize is this, that the sciences of astronomy, history, sociology, anthropology, architecture and philosophy (not to mention every other science) is actually in the Bible. It is just that people who wrote the Bible believed God to be the source of the universe.

    People say dragons are a myth because we don't see them today, but every ancient civilization from Ancient China to the Mayan Empire have dragons carved into buildings. If that was a myth also, then how did these ancient people with no contact or influence on each other make exact looking dragons? The biggest myth is the ancient world was a myth.

  100. CherryBombpop
  101. CherryBombpop

    Really good documentary!
    The people who are commenting that the Museum curator stole it off the black market are complete idiots. You guys must know absolutely nothing about archaeology, history, or art. Quite a lot of important data was lost forever when these criminals dug the disk up from the ground. I have no doubt that looting of this kind is against the law, anywhere in the world. I suppose you think that people who steal from ancient sites, or who rob graves, in order solely to profit and put those items on the black market are just swell people. THEY AREN'T. Untold amounts of historical knowledge has been lost FOREVER because of artifact looting, all over the world. Anything of cultural value belongs in the hands of scientists and museums that have the means to study them and preserve them properly - or alternately, should be in situ, possibly in the care of indigenous peoples, where they will treat it with the respect it deserves and not as something to be sold off to some rich jerk. Exchanging such items on the black market in this day and age is a crime and a tragedy. This item was not casually "found". It was hunted on purpose to be sold on the black market. THAT IS ILLEGAL. Those men were criminals, and the black market sellers got what they deserved.

  102. Rainmaker
  103. Rainmaker

    I was struggling for almost 40 min to see what was SO special about that disk, but couldn't. Those "archaeologists" and "scientists" would tell you the history of Atlantis (or ANYTHING ELSE THEY WANT TO FIND) from just yesterday's PIGEON DROPPINGS! Simply because otherwise they wouldn't get any funding.

    As for the "grave robbers", those poor fellas should have been thanked and rewarded instead of being punished! It was them who found that super-mega-star-disk in the first place, otherwise it'd be under ground for several more thousands of years!!!

    The legislation should be changed and should reward and even motivate people to look for such artifacts in exchange of some compensation. Instead, millions of EUR/USD are WASTED as grants on some useless desk/couch researches and reports of those "scientists". Otherwise, more artifacts will be lost in private collections, and tax payers' money will be wasted for useless desk researchers.

  104. Ramona Erdman
  105. Ramona Erdman

    I agree, there is a lot in the bible that you hardly hear about, it has a lot of information that has been found and is coming into light today. People need to get past "religion church stuff" and then if they read and see what is really in the bible they might just be suprised.Creator God knew what he was doing. and for those who do not believe in a higher power than just try to really think about the "how and why" of all things. There is a purpose for all things on planet earth. I find these shows interesting.

  106. KissinAdolf
  107. KissinAdolf

    How were they criminals?

  108. Kris Horny
  109. Kris Horny

    The artefacts were discovered by Henry Westphal and Mario Renner and they received a four months and a ten months sentence by a Naumburg court in September 2003. They went into appeal, but the appeal court raised their sentence to six and twelve months, respectively.

    Archaeological artefacts are the property of the state in Saxony-Anhalt and the hunters were operating without a license and knew their activities constituted looting.

    It was further discovered that the tin content and gold came from Cornwall, England.

  110. Guest
  111. Guest

    Reading Kris horny here below and giving him minimal credit, it appears that BBC Horizon butches it docu...? The whole should be revised & updated.
    The least that could be done for such lacks.
    I'll see if anything else can be found about this disk.
    Maybe it's the hard disk that I scrapped in those years?
    Some dude decorated it after finding it? :-)


  112. Acezero 44
  113. Acezero 44

    The leather an wood would be long gone, composite concepts is much older then the History books suggest .

    Anyone who knows anything about shields can see this is the front crest for a composite shield, and the only thing they should be talking about is how amazing it is to find one so early.

  114. Honeyed
  115. Honeyed

    A fascinating documentary and well made. What seems weird to me is that the documentary makers seem to think that people only 3000 years ago should be so different to us. In the scheme of things 3000 years is just a tick of the clock - of course these people were intelligent and capable of looking at the night sky and measuring the things that were important to them, and recording them on a disk. Interesting, but not nearly as 'mind-blowing' as they make out

  116. Machii
  117. Machii

    im going to steal the garbage bin from your property and sell it back to you for 250,000 USD's.

  118. Maya
  119. Maya

    I believe it to be wrong when an individual finds something and the government doesn't pay them for it. Let's be honest, if it wasn't for those alleged "looters", this disc would have never been found...the government and its archeologists would most definitely have never looked there. I think it's brazen theft by the government.

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