The Secrets of Scientology

The Secrets of Scientology

2010, Religion  -   151 Comments
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The Secrets of ScientologyThis is a very disturbing video documentary for the BBC programme Panorama, by reporter John Sweeney.

BBC reporter John Sweeney's last investigation into the Church of Scientology resulted in an explosive confrontation with church officials.

This time, in a Panorama Special, one of those officials has turned whistle blower to help him reveal the dark secrets of the church, which boasts Hollywood A-listers Tom Cruise and John Travolta among its devotees.

There were no histrionics from John Sweeney this time but a second look at Scientology underlined the insidious aspects of the controversial organization.

As Sweeney delved into L Ron Hubbard's mysterious pseudo religion and found himself hounded and harassed, the group's continued denial that it is a cult seemed laughable.

This is a so-called church, yet so much of its treatment of non-believers smacks of paranoia, notably the revelation that Sweeney’s 2007 ‘exploding tomato’ impression was encouraged.

Flashbacks to his previous investigation were overused and there was no scene capable of reaching the infamy of his red-faced screaming fit.

But with former ‘church’ spokesman Mike Rinder at Sweeney’s side, the lengths to which the religion of the stars will go to discredit its critics – including dividing families - became horribly clear.

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5 years ago


We all have opinions and experiences and our own definitions of Truth and other Mysteries and Unknowns of life don't we ? You obviously have stated yours but I don't agree at all. The thing is, I can disagree without reducing the beliefs and experiences of others to fit my own parameters. Can you ?

7 years ago

The crazy part was "Yes we still believe in Scientology even after what happened to us"
CRAZY.........You haven't seen nothing yet

I Heart Tom Cruise
8 years ago

Who gets convinced that a "church" supposedly out to do good in the world would release personal and confidential info on it's members, ex or not, in an effort to discredit them is a place to go for spiritual health and enlightenment?

Scientology officials openly and harshly attack anyone they see as an enemy. If they are all so "clear" from practicing the teachings of L. Ron, how can they justify being so petty and vindictive?

And... what kind of entity claiming to be making a "better and good" world for everyone charges something as base as money to be join them?

Requiring that your members pay fees to is not a religion. It might be some type of half-a**ed, self proclaimed "self help" group. Or a private club for dumb a**es.

But a sincere religion or philosophy out to better humans and the world? No. Just no.

8 years ago

This was an interesting doco. What was missing was the information in depth that would allow people to get more accurate information about the reality of the Scientology organisation.
Actually, it is no different to many "Religious" organisations - and Hubbard himself was against the "conversion" to a "Religion". Tax reasons, not legal security.
He actually knew he had miscalculated the growth potential of the original Group - Dianetics.
It simply got out of control.
People should remember that its early intention was to eliminate the falsity of "big R" Religions and in particular...... psychiatry.

Eric Lawson
9 years ago

Bloody Brilliant! Enjoyed this film Thoroughly. Well Done .Got the truth now .

9 years ago

Just like every religion, it's based in brainwashing, mind control, and brute force to get people in, or certain people out

10 years ago

wow, real corrupt **** going on. It's actually very sad how they keep their hooks in people thru intimidation and blackmail. :(

10 years ago

" Things that make you go mmmmm!!"

10 years ago

i came away from this film knowing as much about scientology as i had known before i saw it. the filmmaker is not, in any sense, deep. i don't even know who is the head of the "church" -- everyone kept referring to "they" but no specific individual/s were ever mentioned. he neglected to define the term "cult" and, even though people generally know what is meant, it should have been spelled out, with examples documented. this was, after all, a documentary ... wasn't it?

10 years ago

What this cult does bring to light in a positive perspective is how society can easily manipulate the gullible.

10 years ago

Scientology is a cult. but its just as illogical as any other main stream religion like Christianity.

10 years ago

John , fair play to you for keeping your cool for so long I would have lost it with that prick long before you did.

10 years ago

scientology , you have to be having a laugh. all i have to say is look at the founder. l .r hubard. im not going to waste my time writing any more, enough said...

11 years ago

why was my other comment deleted?

11 years ago

Didn't you get the memo: Scientology is an International Scam. And that's all that it is...

11 years ago

I don't think the journalist overreacted at all when he dealt with that guy. I know if I had some random dude stalking me at every turn I'd get pretty heated. You can only push someone so far before they lose their cool. You're either a saint or a liar if you say that wouldn't push you over the edge. If they didn't have anything to hide and they were a legit organization they wouldn't need to send those dummies out to stalk critics.

11 years ago

@ N: Thank-you :) Yes, you are right, I am a good person and the majority of people in Scientology are. My point is that one cannot judge it by what is shown in that documentary. There is a link in a post of 'elesceptico' below which gives another side to it. That documentary is not an objective look. It involves less than a handful of people and is not what is dealt with in Scientology on a day to day basis.

I do not 'believe' in Scientology. It is methods to improve your life and others you would like to assist. The methods work and in my experience are the most precise and effective I know of. As I want have the tools to be able to help those who want to bring out the best in themselves so they can do the same for others, I am a Scientologist.

The problem as I have said below is that there are those dedicated to spreading the negative around. Most people unfortunately do not look for themselves to get a balanced picture of what really is.

Have a look and then make up your mind.

Peace :)

11 years ago

All religion is no longer nessesary !

11 years ago

@ Sebastian Veldman: sorry for the delay. I have been away. The reason I asked you if you have ever done Scientology is to find out if you have any other data besides what you have been told via critics on the net.

Your reality is made up by what you see and hear. If all I did was read critical things of Scientology but never LOOKED at IT, I would only get one side.

Every day, people go into Scientology churches and receive counselling and come out brighter and happier and live better lives. Every day, people learn how to help others and do so and all are better off as a result. This occurs all over the world and is why people do it.

Now, having said that, there are disagreements and people get upset. That is unfortunate, but you cannot look at only that and say that is Scientology. There are those who forward only that kind of stuff to intentionally make it look bad.

So, I am not going to tell you what to think, you can go and look for yourself and see what positives you can see and get an accurate picture.

All the best :)

11 years ago

One thing I don't understand about Scientology. If it claims to be a religion, why does it cost someone to be helped by it. Organized religions around the world do charitable work and help millions of people free of charge. Just as an exsample, I can walk into a catholic church looking for guidence and I would be givin books and counsel free of charge. Why is it when you walk into an establishment of scientology, ( I have done this) They try to sell you help. They were trying to sell me books. As someone who is agnostic and doesn't follow any organized religion, it seems to me that scientology is mostly interested in money and its image, rather than helping people.

11 years ago

At least they aren't murdering people over it like christians and muslims.

Alexandre René
11 years ago

That soundtrack was boss.

11 years ago

@ Sebastian Veldman: I am very happy to respond to your comment. Before I do may I ask you what experience you have had with Scientology personally? I ask so I can answer you appropriately. Have you ever had auditing or done a course?

Looking forward to your reply then I will answer you in detail.

11 years ago

OK. I am a Scientologist, who is part of the Church. Here is what I have to say. The side of Scientology you saw there is the arm that deals with legal, attacks, critics and so on. That is not the Scientology I know and deal with daily. I am not even going to comment on their methods. I just want to balance the picture by saying that Scientology is simply a straight look at life. What it is, who we are, how we get into a less than optimum state and most importantly, what exactly to do to get to how we want to be. It works. Concentration on the Xenu thing is simply an effort to make it look stupid by taking the most unreal thing and highlighting it. That is a very small part of Scientology.

My point is this; for anyone who would like to bring out the best in themselves there is something to be gained in Scientology. It is impossible that in L. Ron Hubbard's 50 years of research that he came up with nothing. The technology is there to be used and can be done without ever setting foot in a Church. There are books in Libraries and now even web sites that have videos showing how to use the info. Before you have anything to say about my post, check out this link: [link removed].

I do Scientology not only to improve my life but also because as I have a more positive influence around me and that helps everyone. Untimately, what the future holds is what we (humanity) do to create it. The more people who are positively contributing, the better it will be. I believe that Scientology does more good than bad, by far. This is not to say that I am so blind as to think that everyone in it has never done any wrong, but we need to look at the whole.

11 years ago

Xemu sounds like the Abrahamic god

12 years ago

as dumb as many see this to be it is no no more odd and unusual than our popular religions today (of course this group do reach new levels of the downright bizarre that even outdoes creationist and twisted world they beleive they live in )
but we react that way because it hasnt had the history of our other belief systeems, i put it to you that if this was taught to you from childhood or had roots in earlier cultures then we look on this the same as any religion .

xenu,jesus,buddha ... whoever it doesn't matter both represent the same ideals and will all ultimately halt mental progress.

sad to say open thought and objective debate (that relies on evidence) will never reach its full potential to allow us understand who we are and where we can go, in a world where a large proportion of the earths population puts logic behind blind faith. and then goes on to indoctrinate there children into there believing in the fantasy that they feel gives them security and answers!!!! plain wrong

what ever happened to the single persuit of knowledge
do so little people really care ???
makes me feel scared

anyways great doc , loves john sweeneys reactions throughout
he's relentless on the subject we should all a note of the passion there x

12 years ago

THIS is a great film by the way! Defectors (who where previously mortal enemies with the brave fat british spectacled journalist of the BBC) Whistle blowers, police, X-cult members, great footage galore.

I WILL LET YOU IN ON THE SECRET OF OT III LEVEL STUFF, Now how did I obtain it... it's called the Internets - a series of tubes! But this OT III is serious business... read on!

How do you know Scientology's OT III was actually written by L. Ron Hubbard?

Scientology sued Karin Spaink for publishing OT III, claiming she violated their copyrights to their "advanced spiritual technology". In addition, the document displayed on this web page was authenticated by Helena Kobrin, lawyer for Scientology's Religious Technology Center, in a letter sent to Carnegie Mellon's legal counsel on January 24, 1997.

HERE IS THE OT III as written by L. Ron Hubbard ( There are recordings also verifying his authorship as he SPEAKS IT WITH HIS MOUTH! HAHAHAaaaaaaaaaaHHAHAAa)

Space Opera as Theology:

Scientology's OT III

Data (1) (1)
The head of the Galactic
Confederation (76 planets around
larger stars visible from here)
(founded 95,000,000 yrs ago, very space opera)
solved overpopulation (250 billion
or so per planet -- 178 billion on
average) by mass implanting.
He caused people to be brought to
Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H Bomb
on the principal volcanoes (Incident 2)
and then the Pacific area ones
were taken in boxes to Hawaii
and the Atlantic Area ones to
Las Palmas and there "packaged."
His name was Xenu. He used
renegades. Various misleading
data by means of circuits etc.
was placed in the implants.
When through with his crime Loyal Officers
(to the people) captured him
after 6 years of battle
and put him in an electronic
mountain trap where he still
is. "They" are gone. The place (Confed.)
has since been a desert.

Do Scientologists really believe this stuff?

Yes, they do. This essay by Bob Minton describes the Scientology world-view that emerges from OT III. And here's an excerpt from a piece by Stacy Brooks describing her reactions upon first reading OT III:
"I sat there for a long time after I read this startling revelation. It was a profound turning point for me. I will describe what went on in my mind as well as I possibly can. Here I had finally made it to the Wall of Fire, I had just been given the Secrets of the Universe. This was Reality! I distinctly remember feeling like I was in a state of suspended animation; as if I were watching myself to see how I was going to react to this news. I almost let the thought form: "You've got to be kidding!" But I caught it just in time and squelched it. I did allow myself to think that I didn't understand what he was talking about. But having already installed L. Ron Hubbard in my mind as the unerring dispenser of Truth, there was no way for me to reject the information. I remember feeling completely numb and making sure to arrange my expression so that the course supervisor would not realize how stunned I was.

Mercifully, it was soon time for dinner. I remember walking toward the galley (the dining room), which was in the basement of what is now Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles, trying to digest what I had just learned. As I walked over a small bridge I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks, frozen by the thought that I was crawling with millions of disembodied creatures. I had to restrain the urge to wipe my hands over my whole body to get them off!"

THERE YOU GO.... AAAHHHHHAAAAAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHA I just pissed myself laughing. Cost around a million dollars to get the information above.

12 years ago

i first herd of this religion on South Park and i did not even give it a second thought cos i thought it was just a joke. i was very shocked to find that it is real who would be so dumb as to belive in this. and on top of all this wow these guys are creepy

12 years ago

this is no religion its a joke, and anyone foolish enough to belive this , deserves to be part of it

12 years ago

as bizarre and crazy as it sounds and seems i think it is no more crazy than any other religion. Every other religion in the world should come under as much scrutiny as scientology as they are no better. People should learn to be accountable for themselves instead of being sheep. So if your watching this and thinking to your self "i'm glad i believe in some bloke who made wine magically appear and rose from the dead" or "the bloke with a fat belly and a nice demeanor who sat under a tree is the one for me" you are a hypocrite. After we take down scientology we should rally to destroy religion and move in to the rightfully modern world we deserve.

12 years ago

Ask any scientologist about their planet "Xeno" that should shut them up.

12 years ago

Scientology essentially throws money at anybody or anything that gets in its way. Such an insecure religion; they need cameras, security, gestapo, and all inclusive compounds.

12 years ago

Scientology is a cult, a scam, a parasite, predatory, unethical, deceptive, the vibration of the organization is greed and bullying.

There is no integrity in this group and one has to have a certain lack of intelligence to embrace it. notice all the defectors said they believe in the precepts, but not the organization. This is classic denial of the truth, that they f--ked up and pissed away the best years of their youth and life on a big lie, on something false, unhealthy, predatory, parasitic and fundamentally life negating on every possible level.

Scientology is a life destroying organizational cult and needs to be put out of business for good, and its leaders locked up in prison for the rest of their thieving harmful self serving fraudulent lives.

12 years ago

I’m starting a new religion. It’s called ALIEN-TOLOGY. All you have to do to be a member is:
1. Give the alien lord 50% of your wealth
2. Spread the word of our lord

We promise that you'll be taken to Saturn after your death, with our invisible intergalactic spaceship.

12 years ago

Really got something out of this film. Quite the trip, this cult called scientology.

Douche Mcanthroe
12 years ago

Religion=money loving frauds, not just scientology all religion, god is fake, this is my opinion, if u dont like cry me a river.

Ron Burgundy
12 years ago

My friend barely got away from these creeps, they just want your money and complete obedience, it's really disturbing how they harassed my friend for months after he got away from them. It's written by a Science Fiction writer, how can anyone believe it?

Gods Child
12 years ago

Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

12 years ago

The ANONYMOUS group will fix them good! Scientology is a criminal organisation!

12 years ago

I put 5 bucks for a chance to bit the camera spec ops guys.

12 years ago

one word.....CULT

12 years ago

Good doc.

Nothing against new religions having weird taticts, they all did.

one thing: auditing = wikileaks, uh-oh

12 years ago

That blue scientology building in hollywood is SOOOO UGLY! I used to live kind of close to it and it is so gross to have to see every day. Another scientology whack a doo is jenna elfman.

I Bite Zombies
12 years ago

Notice how every Official & Celebrity get's irate at the reporter? "How dare you!" etc... I lost respect for a few of the actresses I saw on there today. Shame too, because some of them are actually good.

Cult? Maybe ... F@#$%^ up? Absolutely.

12 years ago

Werd Up jim!
I find it fitting how this "me centered" cult promotes gain on financial contribution. God forbid you are poor and in need of spiritual help!
"By thier fruits you will know them.." 1 Tim ?

12 years ago

ez2b12 bought into another type of cult. Its the anti-god theme. It in itself will dominate a simple persons mind, until they will believe in anything, including space extra-terrestials before they would believe in a God, or intelligent design. Its laughable to here the alledged threats over evolution being taught in schools, LOL.
Scientology is joke, but very real to those that are inside. The intelligence community probably are not afraid of them or conerned about them. They will probalby use them and their techinques for their own ends.

12 years ago

L.Ron was a con artist, rip-off, boat thief, wife stealer, backstabbing a**hole & crap sci-fi writer. Most of his principals of Scientology are STOLEN from core foundations of Western Hermeticism stemming from the writings of Aleister Crowley. He was a working partner of John ("Jack") Whiteside Parsons who *was" actually a brilliant individual & independent thinker, and from where L.Ron learned of Crowley's writings & philosophy. Happy to say, none of the individuals that I know involved with Hermeticism are cult-zombie freaks who frequently use intimidation tactics to communicate with people.

The last time I was in Los Angeles I visited a "Museum of Death" on Sunset Strip which turned out to be run by the CoS - using, however, an alias akin to some kind of human rights organization (so they never *say* it's a Scientologist run "attraction".) The whole "museum" is a well done "attraction" that speaks out against mental illness and claims that psychiatry is murder & that mental illness is not real, etc. etc. It was horrid. At the end of your "tour" they hand everyone a clipboard with a questionaire & then everyone who fills one out is then interviewed by someone from this "organization". I'd overheard one of the "interviews" & had to leave before I jumped in to warn the individuals being interviewed that they were being played & scouted out (i.e. preyed upon) by Scientologists.

This "church" **IS** a racket and seeing the reactions & responses the reporter in this documentary received, from well known celebrities - I might add, I'm sickened even moreso. Not to mention the surveillance, blatant disrespect of those following him, harassment, intrusion, etc. The "church" wants respect but does nothing to GIVE it. It's not a "religion" it's a MOB using "spirituality" as a ruse to recruit & create intellectual / spiritual slaves.

BTW - I have NO religious affiliation. Religion is a herding mechanism & I am NOT cattle nor a sheep.

12 years ago

The hole concept of "clearing the mind" isn't a uncommon goal religions around nor a stupid idea at all.

Tom Cruise
12 years ago

I'll sue you in England!!

12 years ago

someone should spike the water supply of their compound with some LSD or kidnap the leaders and force them to drink some ayahuasca or do some ibogaine.