Seeds of Death

Seeds of Death

2012, Health  -   302 Comments
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Every single independent study conducted on the impact of genetically modified food shows that it damages organs, it causes infertility, it causes immune system failure, it causes holes in the GI tract, and it causes multiple organ system failure.

The whole concept of genetically modified organisms is throwing a monkey wrench in the life on this planet.

The reason why they have 170 million acres of genetically engineered corn, soybeans, cotton, canola oil and sugar beets in the United States is because it doesn't have to be labeled. The first genetically modified animal, the salmon, may soon be approved for human consumption and there has not been sufficient animal health testing, human health testing, or environmental impact testing of these new transgenic fish.

Basically, they take agriculture and build an industrial model which doesn't fit nature. So instead of changing our agricultural model to accommodate what is natural, they're changing nature to accommodate the industrial model.

If you have an organic corn crop that sits next to a genetically engineered corn field and it happens to tassel at the same time and happens to be downwind, you're going to get your crop contaminated. If the rest of the food supply is contaminated, then the genie's out of the bottle and it's maybe physically impossible to turn the situation around. In the genetic engineering revolution, these seeds are now patented property of one corporation, called Monsanto.

We are heading downhill at a rapid rate of speed toward our own extinction. The use of GM in agriculture is a risk that is simply not worth taking. Any scientist that looks into the research or the lack of research, on the safety of genetically engineered food comes to the conclusion that these foods should not be on the market. They need another decade or two of research.

Monsanto is the company that told us that PCBs were safe. They were convicted of actually poisoning people in their town next to the PCB factory, and fined $700 million. They told us that Agent Orange was safe. They told us that DDT was safe, and now they're in charge of telling us if their own genetically modified foods are safe because the FDA doesn't require a single safety study. They leave it to Monsanto.

Monsanto's job is to make money for the investor. Unfortunately, that becomes the highest priority thought in their minds. Make money, make money, make money. They're not actually making products to make health, they're making money, so they tend to overlook the health consequences. That is a ridiculous approach to the problem.

There should be some responsibility being assumed by the producer, that when they're producing food, they have a really good assurance that it's a good quality product. That should be the highest priority thing. Then if they can make money with that, fine and dandy. Unfortunately, it's usually the other way around.

People in this sort of business are looking for opportunities to make money first priority, and then in this case maybe letting somebody else worry about the health consequences. Maybe even the public. We have it upside down.

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Chris Parsonson
1 year ago

As someone has already said, we have been genetically modifying plants and animals for a long time. My understanding of the real evil of the GMS's is that they have been engineered to be sterile, so that you cannot save seeds, but always have to buy from the seed company

Tabarakallah Maytham
3 years ago

I’m mad at Trump because he is so blind to what is happening in the world
I mean, come on, when has Trump made a speech or visited a farm to witness their cruelty ever since he became President?

Tabarakallah Maytham
3 years ago

Now I’m really mad at how these companies can be so stupid.

Tabarakallah Maytham
3 years ago

This broke my heart. Now I want to work in the FDA when I grow up (btw I’m 13) or be a plant biologist.
God bless you
Have a good day.

Real Quengakwenga
3 years ago

Am wondering why these guys(Corporations) fight so much not to label their goods! If its the public to choose i prefer giving me a choice.

6 years ago

This documentary is a "must see" for all in our dumbed-down and sick America; and, it was damn good. Even had a Mike Adams rapp song at the closing that said it all in verse about GMOs - loved it.
I am "old school". Debating and pleading with Monsanto for GMO labeling has fallen on deaf ears because the Almighty Dollar trumps all arguments. I am of the belief that a march on these corporations has become imperative. Our prostitute govt will not support what is most beneficial for humans, so it is time We the People take action. We should march and boycott against Monsanto corporation and their products. This video should be shared by all the people you care about.
God bless America; we are under siege.

7 years ago

They managed to drag this into yet another full length film?

Waste of time.

8 years ago

Simple logical reasoning... genes are not static and do not function independently. Genes are dynamic and interactive... obviously we should have animal studies to make sure the GM "food" really is FOOD and not poison, right? So why isn't there an overwhelming number of studies to confirm or deny the debate? Actually if you loo And for the love of god, why isn't food at least labelled GM so that at least people can make an informed decision as to what they are putting in their children's mouths? The US, Canada and Argentina are the largest producers of GM crops and they DO NOT HAVE LABELLING FOR GM food.

brenda black
8 years ago

Hummmm, I believe GMOs are against my religion !!!

Peter JC
8 years ago

I believe in argument and logical questioning, but lets reference our material when possible. One would not expect a study, but confirming comments without reference is bad practice. Does any one else agree?

8 years ago

This is factually incorrect. Current studies have shown no correlation between genetically modified foods and organ damage, or any other health problems for that matter. Just goes to show that you don't have to be honest when you make a documentary.

8 years ago

IF YOU SPOT ANY GMO? DESTROY IT/BURN IT ASAP! otherwise coming generations risk whole new level of never seen before genetic illness
than current generations.
just cuz you were knowingly ignorant and didn't care. that's the real sin.
it just so happens that your guts have some sort of neural system that download some information from foods & upload it into your DNA. there's a saying "you become what you eat", so if you eat GMO or any other trash, that's what you will become. A GMO-Man that eats corporate trash.
EAT NATURAL LIVING FOOD NATURE HAS OFFERED FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS AND SOW THOSE NATURAL SEEDS EVERYWHERE YOU CAN SO THERE'S ABUNDANCE OF FOOD! Which will eventually erase death by hunger which is also created by corporations, governments, vatican, bankers & others who are with them.
Live in harmony with Nature, Don't destroy it, Do Not Tamper with it.
otherwise you're doomed to head on the path of self-destruction.
Earth & Nature = LOVE. Corporations = Self-destruction.
GMO is perfect example of Archontic distortion EVER!
that's what they do, they take what already exist in harmony with nature
and then they distort it on purpose. result is dangerous distorted food.

9 years ago

Creating combinations of; plants, bacterium, animals, sea life, humans and insects was never meant to be. This is not advancement its perversion. Nor will the effects of these non foods be fully realised until decades even centuries later. Just simple nutritional deficiencies took hundreds of years to understand like scurvy. Even today many people who suffer from nutritional deficiencies such as b vitamins(Re Abram Hoffers work) and serotonin/melatonin are given drugs(Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil) or are locked up.
Furthermore, nutritional deficiencies take time to develop let alone pathological conditions involving foreign proteins/ genes that have never existed before. This is the folly of human "science". All attempts by humans to "improve" upon nature have been a failure antibiotics kill all bacterium which are required by the human body; for the immune system, to create various vitamins such as k, intrinsic factor, and so forth. Though natures antibiotics such as garlic, pau de arco tea and so forth are discarded. Mercury is another such example.
One must remember that mad cow was created by humans feeding cows other cows. Who can determine the outcome of this bio engineering experiment which has no oversight rules as to the amount of genes added or taken out. Not only this, but what gives these companies the "right" to alter our food and to avoid labelling.
This removes my choice and this removal is not democracy but is arbitrary law forced upon citizens by a multinational company that has bought out politicians who enacted laws which are unconstitutional. This is only a b gates idea of applying a monopoly over the food supply just like Microsoft was to the software industry.

9 years ago

we have no business messing with genes, end of discussion, it is still too complex for us to mess with, this science is in it s infancy, same as nuclear, if we can t turn the reaction off, don t turn it on! would you open your faucet if you knew you could nt close it afterwards? the house would collapse from mold! this is a simple principle, because you can turn a steering, does nt make you a race pilot, we need way more research before messing with gene manipulation, why put speed limits on roads if science can speed up to 300 kmh? it will crash us just the same!

9 years ago

The Indian guy talking about god sort of discredits the argument against the chem cos. They love that sort of talk.....keep god out of it.

9 years ago

It is interesting to read comments from both sides of the argument, everyone makes interesting points, not one point is either wrong or right, being that without both sides of this argument there would be no science to which we would continue to question... Just thought I would put out something which may spark a different way of looking at science...

Science is evolutionary, remarkable & fascinating. Some are only as open and aware to that which science can explain, others to that which is able to be seen yet science can not yet explain... throughout history, government, professional and reputable sources do get it wrong. I am neither for nor against this argument of GMO (as I do not believe GMO scientific research has been carried out long enough to know to the long term effects, and I choose to eat foods which do not have a negative effects on me) A couple of well know science facts to remember...
Scientific testing was carried out for many years (years longer than GMO scientific testing thus far) on tobacco smoking, the first link to cancer was discovered in 1920's and not until 60 years on did this research start having government/societal impact... The Tobacco companies in 1930's duped the public by having medical physicians part of the adverting campaigns which 'perceived cigarettes as 'better for you'. The cigarette companies campaigned for years against the 'bad effects' of smoking, producing self funded scientific research. Granted we have come along way since the smoking days and more information is freely available to the everyday consumer...
One more recent, Trans fats (think margarine) for many years (since 1902) has been tested as safe for human consumption, in 1993 research has shown the detriments to human health and development. Once approved as safe by the FDA is now not considered safe (2013) by the FDA.

The key to our own understanding, and I encourage all to do is question the things we read, this includes the psuedoscience & scientific research. When reading a scientific article, find independent studies, that which have no invested interest (ie: who they are funded by).
To those experiencing ill effects with no known cause, continue to speak up, our medical physicians & scientist too do not know the cause for the significant increase in gut issues, and autoimmune disease, so much more research is required, working out what works best for you to manage this and share your findings will help those around you.

If enough people speak up about their own experiences with anything they encounter in life it creates a ripple effects which influences change in science... Who would have thought that the world was round! For some seeing is believing.

Lindsay Smyth
9 years ago

Decapitate Corporate Psychopaths. Canada's former PM Brian Mulroney was awarded a seat on the chair of Monsanto for his role in selling us down the river with NAFTA.

Neil Penn
9 years ago

The opening line in the description is categorically false and, since the writer must know this to be the case, is simply a lie. I will look elsewhere for information on this topic and will steer clear of this trashy mockumentary.

There are, in fact, no validated reports of ill effects in humans from GM food. That is a fact.

Svetlana Vigliaturo
9 years ago

First I would like to make some correction: Not all seedless fruits are GMO products: seedless fruits through thousands of years were developed via deliberate cross breeding, like grapes, for example. If talking about watermelon in particular: “A seedless watermelon is a sterile hybrid which is created by crossing male pollen for a watermelon, containing 22 chromosomes per cell, with a female watermelon flower with 44 chromosomes per cell. When this seeded fruit matures, the small, white seed coats inside contain 33 chromosomes, rendering it sterile and incapable of producing seeds. This is similar to the mule, produced by crossing a horse with a donkey. This process does not involve genetic modification.”

Second, nobody doubts the genius of Luther Burbank, but how come this talented self taught botanist all of a sudden came out of the conversation about GMO plants? He was a genius of cross-breeding and hybridization, which were used by human beings for centuries in agriculture to produce new crop varieties within the related individuals. We are talking about DNA engineering which was introduced by Monsanto or one of its breeds in 1994, when humans started messing around with Mother Nature and put plants, insects, animals etc in one bowl. This may be more compared with Dr Faust charactor, than with such a respectable botanist like Luther Burbank.

Ignorance is weakness, blindness, even if it acts with strong fists.
Knowledge is power. We are here to empower ourselves and not have a fist fight with each other.

susan g
9 years ago

We have been eating GMO foods for many many decades now. For instance think grapes and watermelons genetically altered to not have seeds. Or many different colors of corn. All have had their genetic material manipulated to create the desired effect. Guess what? Not one single case of harm to mankind. Millions and millions of acres of GMO crops grown and harvested all around the world and not one reported injury to anyone.

This is anti science fear mongering hysteria at its worst. GMO's have been proven to be SAFE.

Arda Bayraktar
9 years ago

Thank you for getting us knowledge in such an important situation.We really need it.This documentary really reflects the situation that happen us today.Every capitalist firms lies that their products are safe even though they are GMO's and by doing this they risk our and the other animals lifes.So we must get enlightened about this situation and not to be lied by the firms which say their products are safe .So by this way we can protect us from these products.

9 years ago

The great debate continues and as it does it seems the walls around GMO and GE food industry are closing in. Now that Mexico has joined the other nations that have banned GMO it sounds like in 10 years, the billion dollar corporations pushing the "Save The World" campaign will have to make their own sovereign utopian island somewhere. Wait a are trying to do just that to the beautiful island I live on. Kauai, Hawaii....but soon you will have to pack your bags as well. Maybe the Big 5 can chip in and take it to the moon!

Svetlana Vigliaturo
9 years ago

Very soon the food “made in USA’ will be regarded as poisonous. In fact in Europe it is considered already as not reliable and not healthy. Isn’t it sad that the whole generation has been raised on this food… Just want to share my own experience. Back in the early 90s, when I lived in Russia, even during the time of Moscow “empty stores” and long lines to buy the most essential food, like bread and milk, the American poultry - as they call it “ Busch’s Thighs” - that was coming from the USA, was never in demand, as there were so many stomach failures and allergies because of consuming it. People refused to buy them even for cheaper price though at the same time spending hours in lines to get Holland and French similar products. Some Muscovites were truly thinking that America was sending on purpose the poisoned products to kill Russian people in the time of starvation.
I remember, there were even several articles in the local papers” How to Cook the Busch’s Thighs Safe to Your Health”: First leave them in the water for the night in the fridge, get rid of the used water, and then boil in the fresh water for 10-15 min and get rid of the Boiled water too, only then it should be more or less safe to cook”… This is absolutely true – you can ask any person living in Russia at this time. I did not realize back then, that those “bad” thighs were not just for Russia, THAT was the chicken, produced for the whole American population, until I moved to US, where almost every product caused severe allergic reaction in me. With years my body got used to some of them (if you consume poison by tiny amounts, your body starts adapting to it) and had to completely abandon some others. And that is just 10+ years living experience on American food! I can only imagine the damage being done to those who have been consuming this food all their lives!
After constantly researching, balancing and playing surviving games with food one question always pops up in my mind. Who was that smart mind in the American government who made FDA two-in-one authoritative organ, responsible for both: food and drug control in the country? Russians say:’ One hand washes the other” The whole system is developed to produce more degenerate food products to supply the constant and stable demand for medication industry. Should it be two completely different administrations, independent from each other and controlled by the Health Committee of the Congress?
Everyone knows about the moral “orange “ ethics of the companies like Monsanto . Should such companies be double- responsible for every label attached to their products? Do we want our kids suffer even more than us? I truly believe in God, and in that : “Like goes around, comes around!” You can NOT build your own perfect “kingdom” on the bones of the cancer patients, kids and babies included… Can we allow ourselves to be blind and deaf even further???

Doris Hensley
10 years ago

FactCheck probably Works for a Monsanto company. STOP messin around wit Food,

10 years ago

Safe is a relative term. There is not enough evidence to determine how safe or unsafe GMO foods are. There is however evidence that they can cause severe allergic reactions in some people.

10 years ago

By definition a GMO is a novel life form with unknown characteristics and unspecified effects.
The only way that modern man knows that a particular food is good to eat is : For generations our parents and children have eaten and enjoyed it and they did not die and there were no deleterious effects.
This is NOT THE CASE with GMO's.

The anecdotal claims of the vendor (whose loyalties are already questionable) that the GMO is safe and suitable for consumption are neither valid nor are they backed up by anything close to good research that proves their claims. Their reluctance to label GMO foods and ingredients would, rather pointedly, indicate that the case is otherwise.

American criminal statutes and product law state clearly that if a party goes out and knowingly modifies a product or a substance and then sells this modified substance to an unknowing party as the original, unmodified product or substance that IT IS FRAUD.


Otherwise, Americans should consider a class action suit - accusing all of the GMO producers of fraud.

10 years ago

It's good to get a view from the other side too - "Jimmy's GM Food Fight" (BBC Horizon) is pretty good viewing if you are upset by this one. Think there's not a lot we can do? I found a full version "McLibel" recently uploaded to Youtube (a superb David and Goliath battle).

The lengths these corporations will go to for profit is clear and documented very well. Those reports stand head and shoulders above any concern for our best interests. Yet we are to give huge amounts of responsibility to these behemoths of capitalism.

The real argument is against nothing other than the devious nature of these massive really isn't. Despite having been shown time and time again the error of their ways, they continue to behave as close to the lines of legal limits as possible - because to do otherwise would affect profits.

So what's wrong with that? To deny they are responsible for helping set many of those legal limits, compromising as little as possible of their interests (regardless of ours), would be akin to denying the existence of corporate lobbyists.

We can not continually expect governments to look after our interests in these days of revolving doors. These doors prove we are dangerously exposed to abuse of power, as our apathetic oversight is steadily usurped by surveillance and bondage.

By 'them' insisting we aren't capable of making these decisions, or even taking part in the processes (which is akin to calling us stupid and irrelevant) there has to be, in turn, concessions at least: we, the public, require transparency, culpability and freedom of information to be upheld in great detail, due to the responsibilities bestowed on our behalves, and not least concerning previous track records. Anything less (or indeed refused) deepens that previous akin (of stupidity and irrelevance) to deception and exploitation, making government instantly redundant in its claimed role and immediately legally challenged in its legitimacy.

Government, can not have its cake and eat it and needs to rethink its appearances of loyalties, and money as free speech.

It's only through our support, that these 'machines' function. It should only be through our diligence and vigilance that they are maintained.

10 years ago

There is so much important information in this doc. GMOs are not tested, and heavily protected for financial reasons. Bottom line.

Horta Rain
10 years ago

This documentary should be under the "conspiracy" section.

10 years ago

why is the world according to monsanto page all grey?

10 years ago

Monsanto is evil.

Paul Jordan
10 years ago

It seems like the same type of people who are convinced that vaccines have had a negative impact on human health. Wild claims without citation, with omission of important obvious facts.

10 years ago

wow they just make things up for this lol

10 years ago

Here's the thing. In order to avoid eating GMOs you have to eat organic and in order to eat organic you have to be about 50% wealthier. So the better off among us can protect their health, but everyone else is ....(add whatever word you like).

10 years ago

4) [I lied!] run @a_no_n [Taz]!

10 years ago

3 [of 3]) What if there were no Monsanto?

Now we are getting the crux of the issues. There are plenty of reasons and ways to improve our farming methods without the need for chemical companies using GMO. Multi-tiered farming, biodiversity etc. etc. If we continue down this route we are on, we will soon cross the rubicon (the point of no return). I for one find that thought abhorrent and dismaying. We don't need Monsanto, or the likes. What we do need is:

- improved 3rd world education,

- improved farming techniques using existing proven technologies,

- responsible and transparent research & development in to GMOs.

...When we are ready to implement GMOs we do so responsibly and thoroughly effectively, without having sold our souls to Monsanto. The very idea that people are starving to death right now and we need the likes of Monsanto to save the day is nothing less than playing in to their hands.

10 years ago

2) GMOs vs. Monsanto

This documentary goes against GMOs via the route of looking at the business practices and ethics of the Monsanto Corporation. The two are inextricably linked, and Monsanto makes an easy target. Monsanto also (because of its sheer size and influence) sets the legal precedents and standards of anyone wishing to follow in their footsteps. The same way that McDonalds sets the de facto model for restaurants, and Disney World sets the de facto model for theme parks.

The buck stops with Monsanto.

If they can't get it right, no one else will. And right now if Monsanto was McDonalds we would have to sign a waiver before entering their restaurant against future law suits, have to consume all food in store, and be searched on the way out to ensure we don't inadvertently leave the premises with any of the products...(irony intended).

But being against GMO in general is like being against food because of McDonalds. The two are linked but one is not, necessarily, the other.

10 years ago

1) GMO Labelling

People might not always know what is 'best' for them, they are fickle, fussy and impressionable. If they were to see a food product labelled as containing some hypothetical, immune system boosting antibiotic, they'd likely steer clear, regardless of the benefits, preferring to opt for a 'natural' product.

If, however, you could eat a labelled banana that delivered a 3-month inoculation against malaria...munch munch.

If a company wants to use GMO in their food, and people find that abhorrent, that is no reason not to label it! That's partly why we have public relations and advertising - and looking at the tobacco companies alone, it is more than capable of dispelling 'myths' over GMOs. So, the fact that money is spent lobbying to ban labels, bypassing the PR route, makes me extremely sceptical of their known knowledge, and motivations. Compound that with the Monsanto Protection Act, and you can be damn sure I would not buy a food product with GMO contained within it.

But here's the rub: the UK recently had a spate of horse meat being used in ready meals; a country with some of the strictest Food Health & Safety Standards in the world (hence horse DNA was found). What guarantees are there at all that no GMOs would be in our cornflour even with strict labelling laws? None whatsoever.

Therefore, not only am I sceptical, I'm against GMOs in our food supply (period) until the industry as a whole can restore trust, responsibility and accountability (...not going to happen).

10 years ago

There is no good excuse not to label the foods. Of course they will suffer; but shouldn't those who invest the time, effort, and money to grow GMO-free produce reap the rewards of those investments? People are still going to buy food, it isn't as if they see a GMO tomato and then don't buy a tomato. They'll maybe go buy the GMO-free tomato.

So it's not a question of harming industry, that's not going to happen, it's a question of protecting certain people and certain companies, people with many friends, from fair competition in the market, against those who have invested to produce a product that the consumer is more likely to choose - if he had the freedom to choose, which is what is being deliberately kept from him. GMO products could still compete on price if they are really as efficient as their proponents claim ... and if they aren't ... why are we doing it?

The other issue to me is contamination. I think anyone who negligently contaminates another crop with GMOs is essentially vandalizing someone else's property and threatening their livelihood, and so should be subject to criminal charges as well as civil damages for the property that was contaminated due to their negligence (or willful destruction, as I suspect is more commonly the case)

10 years ago

They just listed Australia as being one of the countries that has enforced GMO labelling. I can say for a fact that that is utter bulls*it. I wish it were the case...

10 years ago

I love the way it's all about the money, and Monsanto is evil because profits...Yet when organic farmers mark up their prices and sell their food for ridiculous ammounts of money, that's all fine and dandy.

It's a ridiculous double standard...also quite telling that none of these conspiracy theorists can see that the Organic market has a clear financial incentive in getting people to believe that GMO's are evil.

I'm not saying their is a big conspiracy theory...just that it's very telling about the real agendas of the Anti GMO crowd, who seem to be more interested in dismantling science than they are searching for any sort of truth in it all...they certainly aren't applying their skepticism to their own information.

10 years ago

when the first sentence of the description is an all out lie i have little hope for the rest of this doc.

10 years ago

So easy to comment if you don't have to worry about drought or famine killing your children. Stop behaving like spoilt little children and think for a min, the actions of large scale corporations and the harm they do are an issue separate from the safety and necessity of gmos.

In fact it is due to propoganda campaigns like this that regulation on GMO make it prohibitive for almost anyone other than huge corporations to develop and implement gmos. *slow clap*

Martin Palmgren
10 years ago

Very interesting comments. Any of you up for organized work or do you have any recommendations for serious organizations to join? I have set out to make a tour on the theme limits to growth in Sweden. GMO's are certainty a matter to take seriously, since almost everything we tamper with end up in flames sooner or later. It is time for science to get more respect for nature and for mankind to realize we are not masters of the universe, only a biological species as every other animal on the planet.

f--kcuf niggs
10 years ago

Oh no! Somebody says it's bad and it must be true because there so much more cancer now that people live longer lives!!!

10 years ago

So instead of moaning about all this lethal poison, monsanto, (doesn't even warrant a capital 'M'), grow your own food, source locally, avoid "supermarkets" like the plague, do something about it, BUT STOP BLOODY WHINING!!!!

10 years ago

I appreciate this documentary, as one who "developed" a rare autoimmune disease that showed its physical presence when I was in my early 30s. I had been a healthy child, raised on organic garden food my parents grew, and grass and simple-grain fed meats they raised. After marriage my foods were purchased from the commercial chain. I was just past 20 when I began to have reproductive organ issues that lead to a complete hysterectomy. MY lower legs now look as if I have walked through raging fire, with un-healing and recurring ulceration - an attack on the flesh by my own disoriented immune system. It sickens me to know that, had I known what to not eat, I would not have "developed" this life-shortening disease. Science and farmers need to be held accountable for producing and marketing ONLY healthy foods. And I wouldn't care the excuses of how they have the responsibility to "feed a nation". America was once plentiful with naturally grazing meat sources and natural vegetation. Who wiped out those millions of buffalo? Abundant deer, elk, turkey . . . . ? Waste not want not. But don't try to cheat nature at the expense of the health of millions of unsuspecting consumers. You like your modified foods, then YOU eat them!!! I'll have not one bite of that salmon.

10 years ago

why dont we just nuke the whole planet and exercute anything alive, not like most of you would risk anything or lift a finger to take back the power, makes me sick, but oh! you have a new iphone, wait what was i just saying? nevermind. bah.

Paul Gloor
10 years ago

Lack of research my arse... The scientists working on this stuff make it their lives work, 10, 20, 30 years in research and development... If you want to shoot at something, shoot at monsanto and like companies themselves... the idiots that want pesticide and herbicide ready products and sue farmers out of their livelihoods.
Genes don't 'change' by consuming these foods. In the case of insects and weeds, evolution is affected by exposure to the herbicides and pesticides. Improperly researched GM products may have side effects, but thats not the way REAL science works, thats the way capitalist science works !

10 years ago

There is no biological free lunch we should for sure figure out more efficent ways to produce food, but not chemically altering. we've been living off the same foods for too long for gmo to not have an adverse affect on us but nothing we can do about it unless like 10 million show up at their HQ.