Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMC

Selective Hearing: Brian Deer and the GMCBrian Deer, a journalist writing for News Internationals Sunday Times, was the only person in the world to complain to a regulatory body about the work of doctors at the Royal Free Hospital in London who diagnosed children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which their parents suggested had occurred following MMR vaccination.

In 2003, after 10 years work, legal aid was withdrawn from over 1,000 parents claiming damages in a suit in which Dr Andrew Wakefield was to appear as an expert witness.

In 2004 Deer wrote an exposé of Wakefield that was full of concoctions, half truths and fantasies and which claimed that the children examined by the team at the Royal Free were not ill.

Deer's distorted pharma--imaginings became the basis of over 80 charges leveled against Dr Wakefield and three other doctors to be 'tried' by the General Medical Council (GMC).

The hearing took place over three years between 2007 and 2010 and became one of the longest regulatory hearings ever held in Britain. Brian Deer, the center of the whole plot, did not give evidence.

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  1. mvnwy

    From what I understand, this topic is in regard to MMR vaccine only and the fact it is given for all three diseases at once instead of separately and that the parents feel the need for more study of WHY the small segment of vaccinated population seem to be affected by this. They are not refusing ALL vaccines, at least the parents I know personally. People who make remarks like Gabrielle Swora about an infant with pertussis are seemingly either not watching the movie or not reading about actual events, only the inflammatory "reporting" of Brian Deer. If you have known a child with autism, as I have, (several) you would probably want the medical community to investigate further. Not just tar and feather a doctor who was attempting to understand, along with two colleagues, why this is happening.

  2. Maria Swora

    Dreck and junk science.

    People who refuse to vaccinate their children should be forced to watch an infant with pertussis struggle to breath, and possibly die. It would be easy to find a baby in such danger - go to the state of Washington in the US where there is now an epidemic of whooping cough (pertussis).

    1. Dave Koshinz

      I live in Washington state and am not aware of such a problem. It hasn't touched anyone I know and I have not seen anything in the news.

  3. miniaturekitty

    I quit watching after they "met" Deer and basically rudely ambushed him and pounded him with questions and acted like he was a bad guy when he wanted to know the source of THEIR information. I would love to fairly hear both sides but if you're going to demonize someone I'm done. Give him a respectful, proper interview, or don't include any of his comments.

    1. Bruce

      Right, its called "turn about is fair play". Deer "rudely ambushed" Wakefield in an article that could best be described as hatchet journalism: a piece designed to destroy someone's reputation, without giving that person a chance to defend themselves. Couldn't have happened to a nicer person.

  4. DarkSideOfLife

    please stop with this anti science propaganda you are endangering ur children and others in our society! Do you really what disease like this to make a come back?



    Type b (Hib) Meningitis

    Hepatitis B

    Pertussis (Whooping Cough)


    Rubella (German Measles)

    Varicella (Chickenpox)


    Tetanus (Lockjaw)


    1. Bruce

      Well, Measles has never left, and you should research Non Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis. This is where the person is paralyzed just like Polio, but no Polio virus is found. Chicken Pox still around, I had that as a kid. In fact, all those diseases are still around. They have never left.

  5. lja_11

    "How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor" by Robert S. Meldelsohn, MD. I took my first child to get her shots dutifully but fearfully. Child number two came along. I began again. Then a friend who's child had complications with her baby after getting vaccinated told me about the above book. Finally, my instincts were being validated by a M.D. Child number one stopped getting vaccinations at 5yrs, child number two at 4yrs. Children number 3 and 4 never received any vaccinations. My children have been healthy their whole lives. I have watched my nephews and nieces go through various health issues from asthma, and ear infections to childhood diabetes. Mine are now 25, 21, 17 and 14. 25 years ago there were only a handful of vaccines that could cause serious health problems. Today there are two fistful loads of vaccines with much more potential to destroy life than anything supposed benefits. I constantly share information on vaccines to my facebook circle, many of whom are young mothers. I hope they will take up my challenge to do their research and not blindly follow their doctor.

  6. Germana Rovinelli

    Tragic, we all have a story of betrayle and loss, yet this is sadistic and disgusting. What people will do for money and then they blame the victims...

  7. Holly Wager-Martin

    Very well done. It has cemented my theories about vaccinations for sure. i know that in the future we will not be given an option to vaccinate...scary times. My older sister almost died from her vaccinations as a child.

  8. tgravy

    This is weak.....pretty ironic its called selective hearing because its pretty clumsily put together and tantamount to propaganda (perhaps unintentionally). Jgodard, come out from your airtight nuclear bunker its all ok....'the elite' aren't coming for you yet.

    1. DarkSideOfLife

      Better get that Tin foil hat out now

    2. ken shaw

      hardy har har. everything will be ok trust us, just duck and cover.

  9. sknb

    When you don't vaccinate your children, you are putting many of other children at risk.

    1. cthomas1459

      Why is that...if your child is vaccinated and you strongly believe they do there job......why is your child at risk?

    2. lja_11

      Do your research before you give a programmed response. Start here, "How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor" by Robert S. Meldelsohn, MD

    3. Bruce

      Did you know that when you receive a vaccination containing a live virus, you shed viruses for up to 30 days? Aren't you putting others with weak immune systems at risk? I think everyone who is vaccinated should be quarantined until they stop shedding virus (this information by the way, came from the manufacture's insert for the nasal spray they were going to give my son in public school).

  10. jgoddard

    Another note: the UK Government, not only stopped single vaccines but introduced a 5-in-one vaccine, now given to all children.
    What would it take for Parents to say NO?
    Most babies are injected from birth to 2 years with a concoction of vaccines
    amounting to 25 vaccinations.
    Do parents understand this? I doubt it, most do not even ask?
    Why on earth would you trust a drug Company, who is only interested in making money?
    Why would you trust a doctor, who is paid a bonus, to met a Govenment target?
    Why does the Government have a target?
    Many questions need an answer.

    1. Luke

      If you're going to raise issues of trust, you should ask people whether they trust independent scientific research from around the world. Do you know how the peer review process works? How papers are submitted, in anonymity, to peers before publication? To date, no credible journal has accepted for publication a paper that proves a link between MMR and autism, while countless (50+) have found no link. The Lancet have fully retracted the 1998 Wakefield paper. To accept that vaccines cause autism, you would have to accept that entire scientific process, peer review, and academic standards are all flawed.

    2. Bruce

      That's a false conclusion born of bad logic. This is called the fallacy of a false dichotomy. One doesn't have to question the entire scientific process, just where money and self-interest have intersected to bias the process. A little bit of research into big pharma and the medical establishments dependency on big pharma, and one can see why the process might have been tweaked to generate a particular outcome.

  11. jgoddard

    To think we now know that Brian Deer was hired by the Murdock empire, and Murdock's son was on the panel (and paid) of GSK who manufacture the MMR. No wonder the papers distroyed him, he owns most of them in the UK.
    Also, what has since been revealed is the MMR vaccination, disrupts the DNA of the children, so what are they doing to the children of the future?
    Possible it shortens your life, as the DNA is being effected by a virus...
    The Corruption is huge and at every level, anyone who speaks out is wiped out, one way or another.
    Big Pharma, controls Governments, buys its way into every level of Society,
    The EU is totally pharma controlled, no wonder all herbs have been wiped out, next it is vitamins and minerals, so they control every aspect of our lives.
    The Elite are no doubt behind this.....

    1. amydoll_1

      Do your resaearch on vitamins...not as good for you as your doctor would like you to believe...

    2. Bruce

      My vitamins work just fine. Since my food contains vitamins, I think they are doing just fine. Oh, and the sailors who consume Vitamin C think they work just fine too.

  12. morsie2

    Unbelievable! Despicable corruption, however great doco.