September Clues

September Clues

2008, 9/11  -   214 Comments
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September CluesFrom the author: The so-called 'terror-attack' of 9/11 was nothing but a psyop or, in other words, a gigantic make-believe simulation.

It was pulled off with the active support of the mainstream newsmedia - and their complicity continues to this day. The entire World Trade Center complex - 9 buildings in all - was of course demolished (in bright daylight - hidden behind a smokescreen ) but what we saw on TV was nothing but a prefabricated 'Hollywood' movie.

No planes were involved (thus no passengers died) - and no people were killed in the (empty) twin towers. For the perpetrators to kill 3000 white collar workers in New York City would have been the silliest self-inflicted aggravation imaginable.

Now, all this may come as a shock to many people. However, the evidence is overwhelming and has been consolidated by the steady efforts of independent researchers from all over the world - who have nothing to gain from spreading false information.

Ultimately, it is up to every open-minded individual to look at the available evidence for him/herself. However, please keep in mind that most 'conspiracy theories' you may have bumped into (such as Michael Moore's blockbuster Fahrenheit 9/11 and the internet blockbuster Loose Change) were created to uphold our illusion of living in a world graced with freedom of speech.

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  1. As proof of the censorship…NO we do not have freedom of speech. Only the illusion of free speech. What manages to get out is what is allowed to get out. And not perceived to be dangerous by and to the powers that be.

  2. "However, please keep in mind that most 'conspiracy theories' you may have bumped into (such as Michael Moore's blockbuster Fahrenheit 9/11 and the internet blockbuster Loose Change) were created to uphold our illusion of living in a world graced with freedom of speech." Isn't the fact that you made this and have it out here proof that we have freedom of speech?

    1. Fair question, Larry - but please know that in March 2018 Youtube terminated my entire 'historical' channel (for no valid reason / motivation) which of course contained my main SC docu + another 20 shorter video analyses of the 9/11 TV imagery. As I then re-uploaded my September Clues documentary on a new YT channel, it was soon removed again (without warning) - this time with the absurd motivation of "hate speech"! Lately (since about 2019) Youtube has also been progressively removing all subtitled versions of SC (in 12 languages) uploaded by several other YT users on their own channels - for a variety of assorted, entirely spurious 'breaches' ("copyright infringements" / "violations of community standards"/ "not-suitable for children"/ "hate speech"...). In fact, in later years I've spent untold hours 'defending' SC from these increasingly frequent suppression antics - such as fixing broken links to the docu at my website (by redirecting them to rare versions posted at hard-to-find alternative / foreign video portals in France, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Korea, etc. - and by uploading SC at alternative video portals like BitChute, Rumble, Odysee, Brighteon etcetera. Alas, the latter enjoy nowhere near the amount of traffic that Youtube offers, and all the most-viewed versions of SC on Youtube (many of which had close to / or more than 1million views) are now gone forever. All this to say: where is this freedom of speech that you mention, Larry? And why is my September Clues documentary now (i.e. in later years) being systematically 'hounded and zapped' on the internets? Having said that, I must admit that I was (and still am) surprised that it was 'allowed' to reach millions of views over the years, since its release back in 2008. - Simon Shack

  3. Just wondering what the hell happened to the passengers. I love the video, excellent work!

  4. Just one question......those jumpers were fake?

    1. Dude the explosion and everything after is the real part

  5. 3:42 I am unsure if anyone else saw it, but there is another mystery object at the very top of the screen, right in the middle.

  6. The makers of this film a really reaching to come up with these allegations.

    1. Allegations …proven what does it take to convince you

    2. You must have watched a different presentation.

  7. This must be part of some psyop to discredit real truthers. Skeptical people would fully back official narrative after watching this BS.

  8. The emotional baggage on display here is par for the course...."The planes are real!! My Vagina told me so!!"...911 is fake news, with it...and of course the shills are here begging you not to watch it...been there...done that...

  9. My September Clues documentary can now be viewed at www(dot)septemberclues(dot)info
    Simon Shack

  10. Cheap documentary. Crap in fact. Crap conspiracy rubbish. Too many movie makers smoking weed. Bunch of wankers.

  11. Seriously, it's obvious that NONE of you have ANY kind of experience with top of the line high end recording equipment? You can litteraly manipulate reality with the kind of gear that is avaliable today (Especially for big media corps)

    This is, if not, fully in line with what really happened, why wouldn't the media (atleast a couple few of them) be aware of the fact that this event was going to happen?

    Don't mind the people on the news, they are actual puppets. They have someone that is literally telling them what to say, that's their job.

    If you still don't believe that people would get together, plan things together and execute the plan, you are wrong.

  12. These reviews are absolutely mind boggling. Funny at times, but largely a sad reflection of peoples inability to comprehend the truth. It is utterly pointless even writing a lament, but I feel compelled anyway. Some people we say we have a 'religious gene' because so many are willing to have faith in something mystical, but it also seems people are more inclined to believe fairy stories rather than face a truth that your Government is your captor to an extent rather than your carer. Perhaps too much fat and wealth than softens people? Why are people so driven to see a lie and deceit rather than confront the fact that Simon has that rare talent for sniffing out bullshit, analysing it an spotting the flaws! What is most sad is that many comments allude to not having even watched the documentary and yet still commenting!


  14. Wait why is there a dedication to all the lives lost on 9/11 when apparently it was fake and nobody was killed?

    1. It was the beginning of a work in progress when it was released....Get the stick out of your ...Look at his research...get off the Governments dick

    2. The author of the documentary only makes the claim that missles were used not planes. We all know ppl died. An attempt to discredit the film.

  15. Nobody likes to admit they have been fooled. Jack1952 is permanently blinded by his patriotic awe of the great america. I belive that if george and dick publicly stated that no planes were used on 9/11, jack and many others here would still not believe the truth. Just remember this, if you have never had a top secret security clearance, you dont have a clue what reality is, you should never comment on anything using the words truth and fact because both are beyond your knowledge and comprehension. Just forget all your worries, hug your teddybears and of course, keep suckling at uncle sams teet while paying your taxes.

  16. If you look at the facts minus all the emotion, what you see is that he is showing you video that has obviously been manipulated. I don't think anyone can deny that. Based on that fact alone, one must question everything we've been told about 911. I find it puzzling that so many attack the maker of this video. If people were that passionate about truth and justice, maybe we'd have some real answers.

  17. Lol. The vitriol being poured on this documentary suggests to me that it might have something to say after-all.

    You protested too much :D

    The premise of September Clues is brilliantly simple -- the corporate media fed us manipulated live shots. What chutzpah! The shot of the nose of the plane coming out of the other side of one of the towers proves that it is a graphic -- then we are shown the literal coverup of that "shot". The plane should have crumpled on impact. However, the jaw-dropping moment is when the shot is reversed and the camera zooms back out -- there is no plane flying towards the towers.

    And all this evidence is based on the corporate media "live" shots from that fateful day.

    Great documentary.

    PS To all the critics -- I notice that some of you still find it hard to accept that there were no WMDs in Iraq. Well, if you still can't see that conspiracy, there's no way you are going to understand the "New Pearl Harbor".

    PPS Check out that book, "New Pearl Harbor" -- the instigators actually documented their goals.

  18. The reason nobody was at LAX was because they cancelled all air flight nobody could get there, they evacuated and if you remember all air traffic was stopped and people were stranded for days. I do know IT people had full run of the towers weeks before this attack and I would not put it past he Islam IT guys for planting explosives. I don't think people are that unfeeling, uncaring, that some truth to this would have leaked out too many cut throat back stabbers someone would have come forth. Your discrepancies in the sound could be from satellite feed. The photos could all be real just the pixel and type of camera used. You claim there was no plain did the firefighters fake their deaths too? And the suicides were they planned. Nobody in the military or civilian would keep this secret. I was Air Force and a good soldier would not keep such things of great sgnificance to himself we have a world of snitchers and media whores. The time you waste in conspiracy theories you could have fed some homeless or given to sick child or they all fake too.

    1. Man, he is showing no "planes" were used, not that people didn't die. Alot of people died at the hands of our own govt. The buildings were hit by missiles initially then brought down with thermite then explosives. Textbook Controlled drop

  19. I would like to know how at 23:40 the plane wing disappears behind a building that is some distance away ??

    1. Optical illusion. Building is nearer, you can see it on google Earth.

    2. Watch it again !!!

  20. is there any other medium besides YOUTUBE that can represent these "conspiracy theory" related docu films? Seems no one questions anything unless the view it on YOUTUBE. Is YOUTUBE all encompassing and is this the only medium in the world able to get to the bottom of any debatable event ie THE TRUTH? Or Is this the only place where you can sway public opinion. CNN doesnt do this? Fox? NBC? I am no more convinced by people who use YOUTUBE to dispence their garbage then some other group using CNN (or other) to dispence theirs. All new and or 'other' information dispencing media ALL have their own agenda's: READER/LISTENERship. No one out there is "biased" free. The truth is out there folks. Which/who's truth do you want? How much $$ do you have?

    1. Just look up any documentary site
      Vimeo works

  21. It's sad that there are people so hell-bent on discrediting other, legitimate 9/11 films that they feel the need to make up blatant lies intended to discredit anyone who questions the official story of 9/11.

  22. easily a 10/10

  23. I felt manipulated, insulted, and outraged by this compilation of video and graphics that the creator, incredibly, has the nerve to call a documentary. Mr. Shack kept using words like "clearly" and "obviously", as if describing his theories that way would actually make them clear and obvious. They didn't. All I saw were grainy, bit-mapped news shots with arrows pointing to shadows and differences in perspective. There could be many, many explanations for these differences and inconsistencies, but none of these explanations were examined, let alone even mentioned. The leading, opinionated, and sarcastic comments got very old very quickly. A good argument will hold up against scrutiny, but this film was so bent on convincing the viewer of the inside-job theory that the theory itself was attenuated. There were too many examples of things that people said or did that, upon examination, would render them meaningless to the argument, but the film maker didn't bother to examine them. He was lazy and used snarky comments instead, casting doubt on the witnesses' accounts of what they remember seeing. He offers a blanket condemnation of the people of New York City, implying that they were lying, acting (the Oscar Award thing was just tacky), or stupid enough to be duped. He began with a premise and gave what he called evidence to give it credence, working backward to make it fit. He then had the arrogance to proclaim that "now we know the truth", as if watching this film was the answer to the huge lie he keeps saying was perpetrated on all of us. I'm certainly no fan of the Bush administration, and will go so far as to say that the whole WMD stash in Iraq was a bald-faced lie to start an illegal occupation in that country, but to say that the attack we suffered was a complete hoax? It's just over the top, and nothing in this film convinced me of anything but Mr. Shack's incompetence as a filmmaker.

  24. Loved this documentary, very interesting, brought up issues
    thatno other 9/11 has, really got me seeing it from a different angle, always thought it was inside job, the power was down in the tower the week before, news reported wtc 7

  25. I take this video and Simon Shack's other material with an open mind for the reasons that there are too many physical impossibilities in the official story regarding aircraft and materials particularly.

    However viewing one video of Shack's out of about 11 which deal with his theory of video fakery on 9/11 is inadequate to allow comprehension of that theory. Digital manipulation is a highly technical field not understood by most and practiced by even fewer. So paying close attention to the 11 videos in the series is essential to be able to appreciate and understand - or to condemn and discount.

    Most people will not give that time to the question and therefore may condemn without justification - or applaud similarly! I have viewed all the material available more than once and thus feel that there is certainly a valid argument here - and one no more fantastic than the official story!

  26. This is like something a 12 year old did in his parent's basement. Horrible.

    1. the footage aired on 9-11 is what looks poor, and fake. and that exactly what has been shown in the documentary

  27. This is one of the better 9/11 documentaries I've watched. This is a convincing argument focussing on the validity of news footage from all major News networks. If you don't believe in a 9/11 conspiracy, chances are you will after you watch this.. or at least have many more questions than before.

  28. I lived ten miles from the WTC and it was real. I had friends who had siblings and spouses working over there and by the grace of God they were saved from death that day. I could see the skyline and the WTC from my street where I lived and I could see it burning like a mushroom cloud over the buildings that had been wiped out that day. Our local newspapers printed the pictures and stories of everyone who had been killed in the paper daily for weeks after. I knew police officers who spent every day after for a year sifting through the debris that was trucked to them on that barge and who found evidence of the deaths. We were completely terrorized by the events of that day and after. No planes flew in the skies for about 3 months after.

  29. Oh my, this is just so poorly put together. I posit the following to anyone looking for fresh information or evidence who doesn't want to waste their time sifting through the bad stuff on here to get to the good: Whoever put it together makes cosmic leaps of assumption based on extraordinarily little real evidence, expecting the viewer to blindly follow them down the rabbit's hole. I thoroughly enjoy a good documentary based on strong evidence which can teach me something new. This was neither a good documentary, nor one based on strong evidence, and had nothing new to say. Unless you're someone who refuses to believe the US could be caught with their pants down, and is looking for something to feed their delusions, don't bother.

    1. You can't have watched what i just watched, "blindly following down rabbit holes" hehe you funny

  30. I can't recommend semptemberclues enough. Of all the 9-11 documentarys (and some are good) this one is the most jaw dropping.

  31. Occam's Razor comes to mind

  32. of course the newscaster is going to say there is an explosion inside -- that's what he is viewing on the tv monitor... he is looking at the smoke and fire erupting after the plane hit the tower... not everyone was saw the plane hit the building but most people noticed what happened as a result of it.... you have to know that most witness accounts to any event are loaded with errors and inconsistencies.... luckily the film shows what truly happened.
    witness two talks about an explosion because the jet fuel did explode.. then she witnesses the second plane and actually states another plane and then an explosion but this still isn't good have to find fault...America has to be involved somehow right? You have to face the fact that we were vulnerable and foreigners are responsible... we are not the mighty world powers we would like everyone to believe... we got hit and hit hard... why is it so hard to believe that we are not invincible? Instead of nit picking eye witness accounts...which are usually only half accurate - why don't you try talking to victims family members or joining a group that does something positive for the people that survived this attack... instead of slapping them all in the face with these paranoid delusions.

    1. How did trade center building 7 collapse ?

    2. The Victims are fake...Stop with it

  33. I am sorry .. I do not believe everything our government says and I do not think planes took down the towers but I cannot go so far as agree that it was empty buildings. I have a real sister that was in one of the higher floor that came down the stairs and passed firefighters going up. How would they get family to lie to family ... and I don't think she is lying so how did they pull that off?

  34. I meant, truly, to watch this film with an open mind. But from its initial captions--"All pieces of evidence were quickly removed"-- I knew I was in trouble. There was no "quick removal" of anything from the Heap, the Pit, the Hole, Ground Zero--as the former towers were known by the end of that September day in 2001. The spot was a smoldering, sizzling wreckage that was barely approachable. Yet ordinary New Yorkers--like me--did approach. We came and saw it: the noxious ruin of what had formerly been our compass, the two things on the island which you could see from so many places, which told you instantly where you were.

    And we had seen it all the day before--millions of us. We had bid our families and coworkers farewell as they went off to work in the towers. Or we had set off for downtown ourselves. Then, later, we were arbitrarily filming, taking a photo of someone in the foreground, only to catch the images of the planes hitting the towers in the background. We were shopping in Century 21, in the WTC complex, when a huge noise came from far above us and sent us into the street. We were waking up across the river and looking at the skyline when we saw jetliners where none should be, and then saw fireballs emerge from the tops of the towers. We took the phone calls. From the flight attendants and passengers on the planes as they swept toward the towers. From those in the towers themselves who had just seen, felt, and heard the planes hit and gotten out, those making their way down the stairs, those trapped above the fire zone, those standing in the street, watching and listening as the bodies falling and jumping from the towers hit the ground.

    There is such a thing as going so far to get attention that you fall into obscenity. This film achieves that. Nothing more. The filmmaker, I think, can only be truly evil, laughing at our gullibility, and at the notion that he might make money by getting someone to take him seriously. I kept waiting for the punchline, wherein he'd announce that if you could be so easily, maliciously fooled, you should take a look at your love of conspiracy theories, the blind need to make smoke and mirrors of the obvious.

    Conspiracy theories seem to be driven by the same things: an inability to accept that great, random horrors can be generated by motives that seem too small for the events they create, and the need to believe in superhuman forces, even if those forces are malign. Surely the killing of JFK couldn't be as simple as the desire of one misguided, seething nobody to be a Somebody on the world stage. Surely a tragedy like 9/11 couldn't simply be the work of Muslim fundamentalists, led to believe that by killing innocents they were defending Islam from imaginary enemies. Surely there must be some greater evil at work--a vast network of evil forces, all acting in perfect concert, pursuing their aims in cloak-and-dagger fashion with endless power and money at their disposal, and then superbly protecting each other and hiding enormous Truths.

    Conspiracy theorists are also alike: they scatter random bits of information everywhere, like pearls on the ground; the fact that the pearls are never restrung to form a whole chain doesn't matter to them, as it seems not to matter to their adherents. Throw enough of those pearls around, and some of them are bound to bump against others; that is presumed to be proof enough that Something is Out There, even if no one knows exactly what it is.

    Like proof, logic and the realities of human nature have no place in grand conpsiracy theories. The notion that the thousands of people who would have had to be involved in the various "conspiracies" behind JFK's murder could make each step go off without a hitch, then keep their mouths shut, never come forward as a group, or leave a single trace of documentation behind, never strikes proponents of those theories as preposterous. In the case of this film, we are talking about millions of people; yet still there is someone willing to believe.

    Are there real conspiracies? Yes, of course. And how do we know about them? Because, unlike God, the minds of people are not unknowable. They operate out of knowable motives: greed, fervor, self-interest, mania, fear. And they talk. Or they leave evidence--real evidence, not amazing coincidence, or suspicious activity, or random particles. The pearls are strung together, and sure enough, they form a chain; and that is called Proof.

    This film is beyond the Michael Moore and "Loose Change" sort of thing. It is a vile desecration of the memories of millions of people affected by what really happened on 9/11. What really happened is that Muslim terrorists, guided by Osama bin Laden, took a nation by suprise with a brilliantly simple plan, while politicians and strategy makers ignored countless warnings that they were about to strike. There are the pearls, there is the string. We who picked those pearls up as they fell and put them together can only find this film an atrocity.

    1. Nikita - That was I think, the best comment I've ever read. Well done.

    2. Ricardo, thank you very much for the compliment; I look forward to seeing your comments too...

    3. How can the nation have been taken by surprise when countless warnings were ignored?

      These were warnings from America's intelligence agencies, as well as from intelligence agencies around the world, all saying the same thing: an attack using hijacked planes in imminent.

      That type of negligence is criminal, and those who ignored countless warnings should've been held responsible, instead of promoted.

      I disagree with the premises put forward in this doc. The buildings were not empty and thousands did die, but something is wrong with the official story.

    4. my heart goes out to you and all New Yorkers. All Americans. Whats went on since 9/11 hurts us all. The only thing i have to say about it all these years later is that the laws of physics, with which i am more than familiar with, cannot be changed for a day because you saw what you saw. The Government lied to all of you. Of that there is no question. To this day, noone will ever convince myself or any other honest professional that deals in the facts of science and building construction, that all three of those buildings were brought down by fire. It was impossible then, and its still impossible. They were imploded. By whom and why was never my area of expertise. But buildings are my area of expertise. From all facets. From design to construction. Noone is going to tell me they fell from fire. Name calling doesn't change the law of physics. Newtons Law being the very first one they have tried to change. It is four days past the anniversary of this act. Ive never forgotten it. And ill never be convinced it was a bunch of cave dwelling islamofascists that did this. Unless they are professional demolitions experts, it is beyond logic to think otherwise. What many of us in these fields saw that day was artwork. Noone has ever taken down three buildings that size. Building 7 had a 60 metre damage radius. Artwork. Military grade to boot. Ill leave this alone now, i was reading old comments and musing to myself that still to this day, so many uninformed people still believe this lie. Its spawned a world of fear and intolerance. The boogeyman is now everywhere. Not just in caves.

    5. does that Government Dick taste?

    6. You might need to watch Political Ponerology. Very emotional response, your either too traumatized, having lived in Ne York or you de bunk for a living.

      It is clear that America has experienced a long period of 'good times' for most of its existence, (no matter how many people they had to oppress or kill to do so), but particularly so during the 50 years preceding September 11, 2001. During that 50 years, several generations of children were born, and the ones that were born at the beginning of that time, who have never known 'bad times,' are now at an age where they want to 'enjoy' the benefits they have accumulated. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that is going to happen; 9/11 has changed everything so profoundly that it looks like there will be no enjoyment by anyone for a very, very long time.

      How could this happen?

      The answer is that a few generations' worth of 'good times' results in the above described societal deficits regarding psychological skills and moral criticism. Long periods of preoccupation with the self and 'accumulating benefits' for the self, diminish the ability to accurately read the environment and other people. But the situation is more serious than just a generalized weakness of a society that could be 'toughened up' with a little 'hard times'.

      Lobaczewski writes:

      The psychological features of each such crisis are unique to the culture and the time, but one common denominator that exists at the beginning of all such 'bad times' is an exacerbation of society's hysterical condition. The emotionalism dominating in individual, collective, and political life, combined with the subconscious selection and substitution of data in reasoning, lead to individual and national egotism. The mania for taking offense at the drop of a hat provokes constant retaliation, taking advantage of hyperirritability and hypocriticality on the part of others. It is this feature, this hystericization of society, that enables pathological plotters, snake charmers, and other primitive deviants to act as essential factors in the processes of the origination of evil on a macro-social scale.

      Who, exactly, are the 'pathological plotters,' and what can motivate such individuals during times that are generally understood by others as 'good?' If times are 'good,' why does anyone want to plot and generate evil?

    7. Nikita - I agree with Ricardo - that certainly was a very thoughtful and well-reasoned comment, unlike the doco. Well said. Also, has it occurred to any conspiracy theorists that the terrorists could've themselves been carrying explosives on the planes therefore maximising damage and leaving minimal trace?

  35. I do believe that the U.S government was behind the 9/11 attacks. this documentary is most likely made by someone working in the interest of those behind these murders. most of us have by now figured out that the attacks were an inside job. this documentary is our government saying, yes we did do it, but no one was actually killed, so give us a break. the only break they deserve is their necks breaking as they are hung for treason and crimes against humanity.
    If you want to watch a documentary that shows the most likely reasons behind the governments decision to murder 3000 people, I recommend, 9/11 conspiracy solved, which is on this site.

  36. I have seen it all now...What a pathetic and ludicrous conspiracy theory. Mental health professionals would have a field day with the maker and some believers of this joke.

  37. For everyone that believes this pathetic and sickening **** I have a pennie in my pocket to sell you for 499 billion trillion dollars. Oh and I not only saw the planes hit, I am responsible for many of the photos you see on youtube showing the planes and yes planes that hit it. So any of you tool sucking disrespectful wanna buy my pennie? Oh I forgot the pennie was signed by George Washington, Jesus Christ, Moses, and some guy named Milt....

    1. "Penny" fool

  38. One of the best documentaries ever made. Exposes the entire scam as a military/media psychological operation and only begins to scratch the surface. There is a lot more evidence that has surfaced since this film was made. For those not convinced I encourage you to watch it several times, watch Simon's other videos and study the information at Simon Shack, you have opened my eyes and I will continue to spread this far and wide. Thanks to this research, the veil has been lifted and we are much closer than ever before ....

  39. We lost a friend in the 9/11 tragedy,in fact named a child after him.I saw the events unfold live on tv.I can assure you there were no airliners involved only a light aircraft with a propeler that crashed into the roof and a missile shaped object that hit the tower.I remember it very clearly and i have friends that saw it with me I do not usually comment on such things but I feel so strongly about this .I know the truth I saw it with my own eyes. The american government killed its own people as an exscuse to take conrol of the oil in iraq and kill innocent people in the process.

  40. this has to be the dumbest, most idiotic "documentary" ever made. even watching it for a few minutes is a pretty bad waste of time.

  41. Well...I don't know who was behind 9/11 but everybody knows that the way it was presented was bull, too many things make no sense and are hidden from the people, lied to. That for one, that I agree with.

    BUT. I haven't watched the documentary nor do I want to, anyone saying that there were no victims must have a braindamage from all "the truth that is out there". 'Empty towers' referrs to that the people who usually worked in the WTC were all bought off and send to an isolated island?

    I do believe it was an "inside job" as it's called. Was it by government? Could have been, could have been some other nutcases.

    Saying that the WHOLE of 9/11 was a hoax is just plain stupid and beyond any morals. People died, families were broken. Or are You saying that the dead are not really dead? don't really understand.

    You can say "haters gonna hate", "most people don't want to know the truth" etc. I'm all for the truth as long as it stays true to it.
    This is not it.
    This as bull as the whole 9/11 story - the "official" story.

    1. Yes...The Victims are fake...This is common with it

  42. please don't encourage sick minds to create crap like this for it is a slap in the face to all of the victims and their families. To say that there were no victims in the towers or on the airplanes is equivalent to putting your head in the sand and denying the reality of this tragic day. In honor of the victims we will never forget----which means there can be no denial.

  43. excellent & thought provoking, what a shame i'd left 9/11 in the hands of topdoc fanboys & the like for all these years.
    well done simon shack!
    busy researching every minute of 9/11

  44. you can not argue with people that do not know they are sick

  45. If the footage was faked, why was it done so badly? People with enough power and influence to create fake video footage that influenced everyone, as this film alleges, surely would have the resources to do a better job. Unless of course, given that reality is not perfect, they worked in some imperfections to make it seem believable (a perfect fake would have stood out more). Not everything ties up, with statements, etc, but as someone else has mentioned here, there are always differences in accounts. The footage argument proposed here is not as conclusive as it seems to think, in my view. Still, I think this film is ultimately designed to make people think and question what happened that day, and I think that that is important.

    1. Cognitive dissonance much?

  46. Why would Larry Silverstein lease buildings that he knew he would have to pay at least 3billions for asbestos abatement? Larry was involved in this cover up and There are motives supporting that, The destruction of WTC, for certain interests, have been both desirable and profitable. Why did Larry choose to "pull" (which is a controlled demolition term) building 7 in the end of the day? because they couldn't sustain a small office fire?
    If this is not an inside job Why didn't media show the real footage of building 7 collapse? But instead 20 minutes before the collapse BBC world announced the collapse of building 7 when in the screen behind the reporter it was still standing.

    July 24, 2001 Larry bought the 99 year lease for 3.2 billion even he was outbid by Vornado Realty! was Vornado forced to withdrew? then Larry made sure the insurance included the alleged terrorist attacks which happened just a few weeks later how lucky for Larry. But his luck continues.

    The twin tower were due for some major upgrades. in recent years the complex had the reputation of being A financial misfit, unsuited to modern fiber-optic and Internet technologies, and burdened with an inefficient and costly elevator system. under New York state law the Clean air act, the asbestos was going to have to be removed. The Port Authority in 1991 filed suit in U.S. District Court against insurers in the hope of recovering funds to help pay for needed asbestos-abatement work at the WTC and one of the region's airports. In the suit, "Port Authority of NY vs. Affiliated FM Insurance Co.," the port authority lost.

    The Twin Towers couldn’t be demolished, and because of the asbestos, they couldn’t be upgraded. And disassembling them floor by floor would have run into the double-digit billions of dollars. Explicity included in the [lease] agreement was that Silverstein and Westfield 'WERE GIVEN THE RIGHT TO REBUILD THE STRUCTURES IF THEY WERE DESTROYED." 'the lease has an all-important escape clause: if the buildings are struck by "an act of TERRORISM," the new owners' obligations under the lease are void.
    The buildings were attacked 6 weeks after Silverstein took over. wow how convenient eh!

    The problem could not be fixed legally, at least not economically, so blow it up and blame it on the Muslims. It’s the Trifecta: Silverstein gets the insurance, the war industry gets their war, and the medical industry gets thousands of more customers, everybody gains.

  47. I'm not real big on conspiracy theories but this video makes some good points. Anyone who has followed the facts on 911 must question the possibility that it was fabricated. My favorite footage on this video concerns WTC #7. It was obviously brought down with explosives (no plane crash there). Experts also claim high concentration of nanothermite (explosive) in the ash deposits (not mentioned in this video). I do however believe the media is controlled. Any event that I've first hand knowledge of always gets reported wrong by the media.

  48. So what about ALL the New Yorkers who stood there and SAW it happen? Ridiculous and extremely disrespectful to those of us who lost friends and family

    1. Did you watch the Doc ? FAIL !

    2. You did not answer the question. What about all the New Yorkers who saw it happen? Do you honestly think that all those witnesses are delusional? Or are they all liars?

      This doc only examined a few film clips. They did not come close to examining all the video that is available. They did not even try to talk to a cross section of eye witnesses to get a comprehensive picture of what happened. They started with a premise and presented only what they thought would support that premise. Not even close to objective and no judge would allow this flimsy piece to be used as evidence in a court. A double fail on this film.

    3. The DOC was full of New Yorkers who stood there and SAW it happen. Her comment seemed strange due to that fact. I live in NY state and believe this crime was an inside job 100% ..... I apologize for the confusion.

    4. This video claims that no planes hit the towers and it was all fabricated and the films are Hollywood type productions. She asked how this could be possible, considering the thousands of New Yorkers who saw the second plane hit the tower. I don't see this as a strange comment. I personally know someone who witnessed the second plane hit the tower. Considering the population of New York City, there may be tens of thousands who witnessed this event. It renders this video ridiculous.

    5. Honestly that is incredibly unlikely. There are very, very few people who claim to have seen the first plane. There are many who claim to have seen the second plane, the one that was widely shown on TV. The problem is: after the first plane, the entire area was evacuated quite rapidly, under the pretext of falling debris, possible explosions, etc. Search more about the evacuation because the media couldn't entirely ignore it (being that thousands were evacuated) but they have certainly made sure few people who don't live in NY are aware of it. People were also told to stay out of tall buildings - not that they needed to be told. So ... nobody downtown, hardly anybody in high buildings. What there was, was the first responders (who have some interesting accounts), and that's about it.

      Absolutely no possible way that there were thousands of witnesses - it's physically impossible. I've talked to all sorts of people who claimed to have been witnesses but when you start asking them specific questions - eventually, they'll admit they didn't really see anything but dust and smoke and maybe a shadow or something, if you press far enough. I guess people just like to have their micro-fame. "I was there!" and they were ... so ... they embellish a little ... what's the harm, right?

    6. Jack, if I'd read all of your comments, I wouldn't have wasted my time either on watching this noxious bit of nonsense or responding to it. You said it all, and said it well. Thanks.

  49. This documentary convinced me enough to completely dismiss the "official" version. Mainstream media's purpose has always been one of misdirection; to instruct people to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  50. "bit of a bitter pill to be swollowed" and it Looks like most of the people commenting on here are not ready to be unplugged, still fighting to protect there system of belief created to keep them locked in by there governments lies, the wall has been well and truly pulled over there eyes, so blinded to the PLAIN and OBVIOUS truth, its in MISSILE sight i mean PLAIN SIGHT oops ;D, this was pure jenius well craeted, best one i have seen on the subject, coool stuff . . .

  51. I don't understand the point of this movie. Are they saying 9/11 didn't happen? If so, stupidity has no limits.

    1. Some people are ready to believe anything. All the film in the world, thousands of witnesses, and they will still come up with a way to explain it to suit their own agenda. Anyone disagreeing is a liar, a brainwashed dupe or just lacking in the intelligence required to see things their way. Everything is a government plot and I mean everything. They find it hard to believe that there are people outside of themselves who have their own agendas and are quite willing and have the brains to act on them. As far as they're concerned, the only intelligent people are the elite and the people who can see through their devious plots. The rest of us have mush for brains.

    2. When you are an engineer who has knowledge of buildings. And you know that the laws of physics cannot be changed for one day..then what? Ignore science? Because that is what it boils down to for people like myself. Has nothing to do with anything else. I know your brain is not mush Jack. But what most people lack is the knowledge of building construction. I do not fall under that category. I do not claim to be elite. I claim to know the areas of expertise needed to make a decision about what is scientifically possible and what is not. :)

  52. Plain as simple.. If you think it were the Taliban or whatever that took the twin towers down... Then congratulations! You just earner the STUPID REWARD... <3 And if you actually know and understand that our government is run my Illuminati fkers, then yay! You should probably learn how to protect your self ^_^ and you're families... <3 God Bless Yall

  53. I will sleep well at night knowing the Law of Conservation/Momentum of Energy and Newton's Law cannot be changed or tailor made for someones wished outcomes. All the ass bubbles and statements and questions on earth nor schills and armchair opinions can change or warp that truth. It is impossible. Thank for your input. Now go back to your little life and forget the man behind the curtain.

  54. Simon Shack's work is of vital importance to the entire world. Hidden in plain sight was the real truth that he ferreted out from amongst the wild and divergent lies we were inundated with.
    The Truthers, yea I was one, need to step way back and get outside their own cognitive limits and see what is there and what is not as it truly is. Many smart people can't take step one outside their own belief systems and they will forever be mired in a murky sludge of bad facts from fake photos.
    Ultimately it is a hero's journey to get outside the "twin towers" of the truthers vs the official story and liberation awaits those who undertake it.
    The esteemed Mr Shack should be the first recipient of the NoBull Truth Prize.

  55. Actually 9/11 was a complete hoax. The towers are still there. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a lizard.

  56. The September clues Documentary is a well made documentary. Explaining the Schematics of the 9/11 HOAX.
    It proves many different types of aspects that were used in the Media hoax.
    Audio—a s demonstrated conclusively, fake audio and even stage props were used to construct the Plane “crash” effects. There are also times when the same woman screaming in shock and awe is used in different videos.
    Also another part of the audio fakery, which is exposed is the “BEEP BEEP” Audio queue.. The beep is heard in different tones, and glitches across ALL of the networks. And after the Audio queue the “plane approach” starts in perfect harmony. The odds of this happening in real life is not rational nor even possible.
    The documentary does a great job well and truly exposing the some what amateur audio effects from the “drum cymbal” plane crashes to actors with staged reactions in studio sound clarity.

    The planes--- The planes that are shown in the videos and photos are busted as frauds. The Pixel cloud and halo around the planes is a dead give away. They are void of color and detail and also evade basics laws of physics.

    The recorded plane speeds of UA 175 are impossible and verifiable.
    No Boeing 767 airliner(s) exceeded 500 mph in level flight at approximately 1000 feet on 9/11 as fraudulently alleged by the government, media, NIST and its contractors because they are incapable of such speeds at low altitude.

    The maximum permissible speed of the Boeing 767 below 23,000 feet is 360 knots and it is safe to operate the airplane at that speed but not faster.

    The NIST speed of 542 mph (470 kts) for United Airlines Flight 175 which is 50 kts. above VD is not commensurate with and/or possible considering:

    To propose that a Boeing 767 airliner exceeded its designed limit speed of 360 knots by 127 mph to fly through the air at 540 mph is simply not possible. It is not possible because of the thrust required and it's not possible because of the engine fan design which precludes accepting the amount of dense air being forced into it.

    Also the final bank turn of 12 degrees in one second as shown in the videos is not possible one bit.

    This has been verified by commercial airline pilots across the globe/

    With the videos showing a 550 mile per hour approach to the trade centre… And with the planes in the footage almost all of the time coming extremely close to the exact dynamics of a 767- 222.

    It’s a very definite fact the videos and photos are fake.
    Those planes cannot do that at sea level… what is shown in the footage is nothing but fake.

    The numbers are the pixels flaws are evident. The 9/11 footage is fake and can and has been proven by the September Clues research.

    1. This Simon Shack is obviously just trying to make a name for himself, but anyone can say what he has said. Think for yourself. To say that there were no planes, no Twin Towers, no more than 2000 people dead is to be the most ignorant and disrespectful person on earth. For example, you're underwater and yet you say you're not underwater. Say that to all of the families of victims who died. Why would people lie about such an extraordinary series of events. How could anybody or anything successfully conceal the truth behind an event of this magnitude? There is evidence in this documentary?

      Spare me. It was not a hoax. The towers are gone, many, many people are gone and people are still investigating the exact causes and implications of what occurred. There is no 'right or wrong' answer to this. Believe what you want, but at least accept the basic facts, otherwise, you're just ignoring history and are likely to repeat it. Besides whoever made this wasn't on any of the hijacked planes, wasn't stabbed by a 'muscle hijacker', knew they were going to die yet had now way to stop it, nor were they in New York, Virginia or Pennsylvania where it all went down and eyewitness accounts - however subjective - were formed.

      Look, I acknowledge that there could be potential holes and flaws contained the official story, depending on one's own interpretation, analysis and speculation of 9/11, but c'mon, are you really taking this delusional gibberish seriously? What has a plane crash into the tall building got to do with physics? If you fly a plane fast enough directly into a manmade structure there will be a great impact, likely resulting in explosion. Newton is positively spinning. If one knew anything about the fundamental laws of physics they'd know that both plane impacts weren't physically impossible.

      The Bush Administration used 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, even after the government was repeatedly warned about a possible terrorist attack taking place on American soil. In the end, America gave Bin Laden what he wanted - a large-scale war at Bin Laden's preferred location. The conclusion: there are 'terrorists' on both sides. This supposedly brilliant documentary is painfully black and white and fails to evaluate both sides of the coin, as it were. You want a good, reliable, well researched documentary about the historical context behind 9/11, as well its political, social and cultural implications? Enter Inside 9/11. I'd also recommend Al Qaeda Confidential. Sure, call me an idiot, but let me tell you: no one really knows the ultimate truth.

      By the way, apart from the terrible, terrible Loose Change, September Clues is the most epically stupid, attention-seeking, naïve, pointless, evidence-lacking piece of claptrap I have ever seen. I can't believe people waste their time with this shit. I always try to pay attention to both sides, but with something as absurd as this, I can see straight through it. Any rational person who has reasonable critical thinking skills will reject this and see past its illogical shortcomings. People tend to make up bullshit whenever something rare and amazing happens - like a commercial plane crash. Why? Because they've got nothing better to do and need to invent crappy, poorly developed theories for their own sick amusement, attention and gratification. Many of you are giving these wankers what they want - attention.

  57. Of course, many post naysayer (cookie-cutter-style) comments here are posted to control perception of this fine documentary. The aggressive nature of these comments speaks volumes unfortunately about how the Mass Media machine functions today.

    My wife and I were riveted by the film and the irrefutable evidence of video fraud more or less contained in the TV archive, the very video played that day on 9/11 we all watched. This film is not about the obvious chemistry, physics and engineering flaws in the official 9/11 story. This documentary is about the Mass Media using video in a collusive manner to fabricate international terrorism. There are no planes. There are no real victims. They are only Vicsims. The problem Simon Shack points out is that building a lie is difficult and concealing the errors in the official videos was far beyond the technology available to the media ~2001. Excellent work Simon.

    1. Vicsims? What planet are you from? It's people like you that are allowing documentary nutjobs like this to exist. How would you like to be sitting on a plane that's heading straight at a building? The lack of empathy and understanding is just absolutely shocking. I'm shocked at people today. What is going on?

  58. I always thought how strange it was that from 4 passenger jets, 4 great buildings, and a large obscure field in Pennsylvania, all evidence literally disintegrated into nothing... except for the magic passport that fell from the sky that morning.

  59. The hype that is promoted here is another terrorist attack of the Taliban, who has the ability to psych the conspiracy theorists into believing their BS, and even advertise their support of it. How sad that we think those 19 radical Islamics were supporting the US! NOT!

    1. WOW!...PROPAGANDA...OH....I MEAN.....BRAIN RAPING, THAT'S WHAT THE NAZIS CALLED IT AND I SEE IT WORKS WELL ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE....AND THE WORLD...DO YOUR RESEARCH ABOUT WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN THE WORLD.....PLEASE GO TO YOUTUBE AND LOOK UP JOHN TODD AND LISTEN....YOU MIGHT GET SCARED BUT JUST LISTEN....THEN ON YOU TUBE LOOK UP PHIL SCHNEIDER....THEN LOOK UP ILLUMINATI CARDS ON YOUTUBE.......AFTER LISTENING TO THESE SUGGESTIONs, CONTINUE TO DO YOUR RESEARCH .....don't take anyone's word for anything just research.....please be objective. my question now is "do you want the blue pill or the red pill?" "Take the blue pill and you go back to sleep,but if you take the red pill you will be shown how deep the rabbit hole goes, the choice is yours".Did you know that There were Seven or eight presidents before George Washington? If you want to be awakened, then take the red pill and follow the suggestions I have indicated here and you, as I did, will come out a solid believer...Do it....God Bless...

    2. Hehe.... "Please go to YouTube and discover reality."... That's a good one!

      Take the RED pill!


    3. There is a segment of the population who feel a moral and intellectual superiority over what they call mainstream society. The internet has allowed these people to find one another and support each other's ideas and opinions. It has also spawned a new industry that caters to this group. This film is an example of this. Surf the net and you will find countless websites espousing all kinds of strange ideas. They are led by individuals who make a living selling products and attending speaking engagements. Try to engage their followers in a discussion and if you don't agree with them they will call you sheep or a sheeple. They will encourage you to do research and get an education, assuring you that the education you now have is one of brainwashing and mind control. You will also be sent to websites that make all types of claims and if you have the temerity to question what these sites say you will be called names and be accused of all types of subterfuge. I have tried on numerous occasions to have a dialogue with these types but it has always ended the same. They live in a very strange world of their own making. What I find strange is that they accuse the average citizen of being brain washed but they seem to follow a similar pattern in the way they think and speak.

      That this film would support a Taliban agenda would seem a likely scenario but is probably not its intention. It caters to a specific audience in the hopes of getting a large enough of a following to make a decent living.

  60. Even if this film as as BS as they say the government's story is, there is evidence that anyone con look at. Look at the behavior of American and United Airline stocks the week before 9-11. Somebody knew.

  61. I do not care if it were planes or missiles that did the damage. One thing is for sure, however, anyone who believes the official story has never researched the incredible evidence for themselves and must believe that the media and government actually loves them.

    There is an overwhelming amount of professionals, experts in physics, engineering, architects, explosives, and pilots who contradict the impossible physics involved in the official story.

    I am proud to say that I am not so easily fooled by the media or double talking politicians. I do not know the exact details of why or by whom, but I do know that the how of this atrocity is a complete fabrication.

    Wave your flags, insult me all you want, it will not, and cannot ever change the physics involved, or the fact that we have not been told the truth.

    One day, you will be embarrassed by your gullibility, and lack of both common sense and concern enough to research deeper than Fox news.

  62. Sorry, but i can't take back the fact beer came splurting out my nose when the batmobile hit the world trade center.

    1. Exactly. It was moments like that that totally discredited the film and the argument.

  63. hhhmmmm 9/11 was an inside job, man didn't land on the moon, fluoride in the water is bad and warps your mind, big foot is real and Lee Harvey Oswald shot Roger Rabbit. Oh yes and aliens built the pyramids and the greatest conspiracy theory of all is....intelligent people run the History and Discovery Channels.
    Honestly all jokes aside people I have watched every conspiracy theory on 9/11 I can find and I have watched most of the original live feed from ABC and CNN of the 9/11 attacks which you can find online.
    What have I gained from all this?
    Well I believed at a time that there were some strange things that happened at 9/11 and i believed there was a cover up. But the more I read, watched and investigated the more I have grown to not only doubt but totally disagree with conspiracy theories. The best thing to listen to is Popular Mechanics analysis of the 9/11 attacks, I believe the pod cast is online. The problem with the Popular Mechanics analysis is that it is not for want of a better term 'sexy' it doesn't try to entertain or shock they present their case in a simple and some might say boring way.
    Finally I believe it is impossible to discuss 9/11 with a true conspiracy believer as the very nature of the conspiracy theory is that they are fluid and can change and adapt as the 'facts' they present are dis-proven. The problem is that some of these false 'facts' stick and become part of the conspiracy narrative.
    For example I have watched every cut of Loose Change and the second cut is disgusting and even claims that a man who called his mother from the plane just before he died was faked. Guess what that scene is missing in the final cut!
    Also in the first cut a 'expert' is on a panel discussing how it couldn't have been plane that hit the Pentagon, he is missing from cut two and three because he was not an expert, just a sad sad man who used the tragedy of 9/11 to get some publicity.

    1. Fair enough. Your engineering degree sits on the mantle or the wall? Or is it metallurgy? Or is it your demolitions certificate? Just wondering. The reason there is so much division is simple. People who have no knowledge of metal stress, engineering concepts, the basic laws of physics or explosives talk out their buttholes for hours on end to people who have particular skill sets and experience dealing with those matters. Personal opinion is something everyone has. Working in those fields apparently does not count with the armchair experts. The planet is full of people who claim to know that 9/11 was what the Government said it was. The sad part is, most of those people do not have a clue what they are talking about as far as the science goes. Some posters here claim they know the truth. Fair enough. Fact 1: You cannot change the basic laws of physics for one day and what is known about engineering standards for steel framed buildings and their safety factor. If people who have questions about how this happened are painted with the conspiracy brush, the educated ones can come right back at you, like this. Prove what you are saying. Prove that this was a terrorist act and answer the thousands of questions educated people have. Without any doubt, it cannot be done. It has been 11 years now, none of those questions have been officially answered, this forum and others do not count. Armchair experts aside, It is lies, from start to finish. The story is Swiss cheese to the scientific community, and the only ones not singing that song are employed by the Government or have ties to it. I have never wanted to think this was a setup, and still do not want to. Unfortunately, the skills and education I have do not allow me to ignore the obvious. Some people can do so, I am not one of them and neither are most people who have the level of knowledge and education in the fields that relate to the destruction of three steel framed buildings in seconds.

  64. I truly believe there were no planes that hit the towers. All trained pilots said it would have been impossible to fly like that. No plane ever hit the Pentagon, no major debris was ever recovered. Many people think it was missiles. But I also doubt that very much. I think it was just timed explosives with added footage of of the planes hitting the towers. People believe what is fed to them on the news. That's all it takes.

    1. how dare you insult the people that lost their loved ones on those airplanes...

    2. but you'll still defend the president as he bombs innocent people in another country?

  65. Really? Had to stop watching at 4 minutes in. Wanted to keep an open mind but really? Really.

  66. At first I was going to jump on the band waggon.. but reading more and more on this thread.. i realize this is a fairly closed minded bunch.

    I would have appreciated some one attacking the points brought up in this film. some of you say its a huge profit motive, but I have yet to find a person who actually paid for this film.. we all saw it for free. why does it have any greater profit motive than any other documentary or film out there?

    Did most of you even look at the film or put your emotional blinders on because (hand wringing) 3000 americans died... well get over it.. America is the eye of the storm in worldwide chaos causing the deaths of thousands of people daily... 9/11 does not put a dent in my heart one bit compared to the 20,000 children who die daily from starvation and lack of clean drinking water.

    I will look at any piece of evidence and hear any theory anyone has to propose about what happened on 9/11.or any other day where thousands of fellow humans died. in my opinion the official explanation is the only one not worth even checking out because it is certainly full of you know what>

    I didn't find this film bad at all.. how do you explain the nose of the plane going through the building to the other end? HOW? this is physically impossible. how you explain no plane when panned out? did you guys even look? look at 3:00 and on..

    I may be d*mb for taking it seriously, but instead of calling those with open minds bad names, simply show them the light.. i'm always willing to listen

    1. I questioned that part from day 1. Knowing what I know about those buildings and how they were designed and part of that being my particular area of knowledge and expertise, I do not care how many knots that plane was going, what the angle of attack was, or even if that plane had a titanium nose cone lined with kryptonite, there is not a chance in this universe, that the nose of that aircraft survives the impact into the main beams that lined the interior structure to shoot out the other side. Anyone with basic knowledge of steel, engineering and metal stresses, knows that is physically and scientifically impossible, those airframes are not made to withstand that sort of impact into solid steel, at 100 knots or at 500 knots. The armchair experts will sing a different song, the scared people will whimper and insult, the patriots will stand their ground, but you cannot make certain people ignore the truth no matter how loud they yell or what names they call you or what they insinuate about your integrity or knowledge. When you know what you know, in your own brain, there is nothing that can change it. Sort of like a woman who knows she is wrong and her husband is right. Good luck convincing that creature she is wrong and winning the argument. People in the fields that build, construct, weld or test materials and design structures and buildings and airframes, you know, the kind of livings associated with this event feel the same way. Good luck changing Newton's Law and half a dozen other laws of physics for one day. The lies pile up pretty fast. No straight answers, just more lies. The who and why, I have always left to others to debate. The part I know about, cannot be reconciled or BS'ed through.

    2. Well said. I have much the same background. I believed the official story too, until I saw the blueprints of the twin towers: it was like someone had poured cold water down my back. It became instantly obvious to me that a nearly hollow aluminum tube -- no matter what the possible land speed -- could never survive being shredded by the main columns (most of the vertical columns were cross-web box beams, as well as load bearing columns, making them somewhat impervious to the kinetic loads that were delivered by the aluminum). To suggest that an aluminum tube could pierce such massive columns, and then still be solid, and crashing through the other side with its nose intact ,is "Road Runner" cartoon thinking.

    3. indeed. anyone with even a year or two of engineering on their resume sees so many inconsistencies and lies it is impossible to ignore. the basic premise is, everything we were ever taught about materials, physics, load stresses and a few other applicable knowledge bases, were flipped on their heads and dismissed for one day because the Government said so? Twilight zone stuff. period.

    4. there is not a chance in hell. That all the connections failed simultaneously, microseconds apart, from fire. Or impact. Or any other force on this planet. Without explosives. If the average Joe out there understood how those cross members and connections are made, they would all just shut the hell up about collapses by fire or any other means. It is physically impossible to disconnect all those beams for all three towers in the blink of an eye to cause a complete and total structural collapse. Period. Impossible. In many many ways.End of story. Any engineer with testicular fortitude will say that. Maybe not in public, but there is not a snowballs chance in hell that fire could do this. 100 per cent could not happen. No way anyones lies or namecalling or Bs will ever convince me otherwise. Id say that cold water down your spine is well true. I felt the same on the day of 9/11 when i saw those buildings fall. I knew it was not natural. And noone on this earth will convince me otherwise. I know what i know. Period.

  67. I think everyone can agree, this doc was brutal. It taints the process of finding out the truth and takes away credibility of any deep questions asked. Not that the answers have been provided by any of the many good docs out there, but this particular one does not help the encompassing message. Amateur night C movie grade material. The smart aleck posture does nothing to further any doubt cast.

  68. They say plane was added, but what about the firefighters footage from the ground? And all the eyewitness? If there was no plane then we'd have had that as the principal augument for conspiriciy on Weds the 12th Sept, not now.

  69. Hey guys listen up, I must confess that I'm a conspiracy theorist but I'm not quite sure the US government who staged this alleged terror attack was going to jeopardize the whole un-professional operation by shooting missiles into the side of the building with thousands of US citizens and emergency personnel witnessing the whole thing.
    all evidence proves that this was a major cover-up by the government so i think its time people got together and demanded the truth in order to bring justice to the perpetrators, this is murder on a massive scale and it absolutely cant and shouldn't be ignored for the families and victims of this terrible crime.

    1. Yeah good point, I think you've just spotted the obvious flaw in the whole 'no-planes' BS: they just couldn't risk people looking up and seeing missiles hit the WTC. Not to mention the risk of technology failure while superimposing planes over missiles. It's amazing how anyone could believe this "documentary". What a bad joke, very poor taste. BTW, I'm not a CT ;-)

  70. Nearly 11 years after the attack, and still none of the literally thousands who would be needed at all levels, all around the country, have ever come forward to confess. not on their death bed, not to save themselves from some other crime, nothing. The only way that two people can keep a secret is if one of them is dead. That's a lot of deaths.
    Also, given that Wikileaks made public some 20 MILLION documents covering all branches and areas of the government, suprisingly, not one held a word about a supposed conspiricy. One would think that anyone wanting to become famous be giving away secrets would look for them first.
    BTW, no, I did not watch this. That would be time I would never get back...

    1. Exactly. No doubt the tin foil hat wearing/the british royal family are lizards from outa space brigade will now claim wikileaks is mis-info, you can't win lol.

  71. I didn't bother to watch this trash. Why? Because I read the insanely ridiculous blurb; because I am a New Yorker; and because I know what happened. Several of my neighbors -- and many local firefighters -- were killed in the Towers. A couple of my own friends managed to escape the second Tower after the first one was hit, as did numerous others, only to realize that all their co-workers were annihilated. And now someone is trying to convince the rest of the world that the Towers were "empty"? That "no one" was killed? Dear God! The entire concept is a farce, a disgrace, and a horrendous insult to anyone who lost friends, family, and neighbors on 9-11-2001. I don't usually bother responding to such idiocy, but this theory is so utterly beyond the pale, so mind-bogglingly false, that I could not keep silent.

    1. Just finished watching the doco. I dont know why the blurb says that no-one was killed in the towers. The doco does not claim that -unless i missed that bit. It does do a VERY good job at analysing the news footage and commentary.

      I have never subscribed to the idea that no planes hit the towers but am convinced after seeing this. Most likely scenario was missiles I think.

      Good doco. Condolences for your losses but I recommend watching it.

  72. Not false flag, just the usual c*ck up and cover up which in my book is equally as bad. They knew it was going to happen and they let it happen, or let it get out of hand. Maybe they were planning to stop it at the last minute, what mileage they could have had out of that! Doesn't matter either way, it justified our involvement in the war. Job done :(

  73. Come on people let’s not get too excited here. No SHOUTS of CONPIRACY please. No SHOUTS of PROPAGANDA or DISINFO either please. The motive of this doc (cough) is plain and simple and none of the aforementioned applies. The Dirtbags that made this doc (cough, cough....omg...I think I gonna be sick.... Bleugh!!!) Yes those DirtMonsters had only one OBJECTIVE and that was to make MONEY out of CONTROVERSY. Don’t PAY them any heed. And people, let’s be careful out there! I smell TROLLS about.

    The Sickened One

    1. No kidding... Generally, you just can't keep a good conspiracy down, but the st*pid (and the profit-motive) is strong in this one, young Skywalker.

    2. I may be a bit late, but there is so much dog s*it coming out of your mouth.

      Simon Shack made NO MONEY from this film.

  74. I forgot to add, this doc is pretty much pure rubbish, amateurish at the least. The only one I have ever given any credence to is the 2nd Editors pick. It stands alone that one. I will leave it at that. I was tired of being a crash test dummy for fools with no intellect a long time ago speaking my mind.

  75. After how many years of looking at it, after how many docs, how many conspiracy stories, all the emotion, name calling, ranting, division, well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I was tired of all of this a long time ago. At the end of the day, I can add 2 and 2, I was present for advanced physics classes during my senior college years, I can use my own brain as a critical thinking tool without all the BS window dressing. Whatever the reasons or the who done it's, our World has changed and so have we as people because of it. Many people, certainly not you or I, have made a lot of money over this event. My own personal opinion is not what matters, one person as we have seen, cannot make a difference on the outcomes of such a grand chess game. 9/11 was and still is among the most divisive topics that exist anywhere, at any time. The end result is what we see every single day on the News, TV, Internet. Fear of everything. Suspicion of foreigners, and a terrorist hiding in every closet. When I was growing up, it was the Russians. So by my count , since ww 1 it is the Real Powers 3, The Rest Of Us 0.

  76. Great video. Simon Shack is right on the money. As usual with something of this caliber, it is way over the heads of the typical crowd of idiots that frequent TDF. You naysayers are the very epitome of a controlled society. But hey, if they could convince you that they landed on the moon, or that 6 million Jews died in nonexistent gas chambers, the possibilities are endless.

  77. Disinformation does not qualify as a documentary.

    1. Shift your paradigm

  78. These people running this country should be shot!!!!!!!..what else does it take to see this was a hoax!! with time you get to see more facts surrounding this event,innocent people were killed for this !!,false flag all the way since the beginning,the truth shall prevail one day,,,,and somedy is gonna have to answer to this,,,

  79. Haha what a hilarious concept!

    When people refer to "Conspiracy Theories" this is the type of "theory" that they are mocking.

    I have tremendous respect for anyone who can actually convince themselves that this documentary reflects reality.

    Its on par with pretending the vodka you're drinking is water. If your mind is strong enough it'll work, but to what end?

  80. Are you kidding ME???? This is just so much garbage. it is not a documentary, it is propaganda pure and simply. Dr Goebbels would be proud.

  81. Do you ever wonder why there are so many movies describing 9/11 conspiracy theories? Wouldn't the powerful forces behind this world-changing event have the resources to suppress the truth? Why have they allowed you to see this and similar documentaries? You must have asked yourself these questions, and you've probably figured out the answer, but if you still give your attention to movies like "September Clues," it's because the truth is unbearable.

    No, not the idea that a charismatic, sociopathic religious fanatic could induce 19 desperate flunkies to kill themselves along with hundreds of others, and that they would succeed despite the best efforts of Western intelligence services. That's actually a "credible" scenario, or at least one no more incredible than the alternatives.

    Look at it this way: You enjoy conspiracy theories. These movies are fun. They feel dangerous, but they're completely safe -- little more than a cure for boredom. Doesn't that make you suspicious?

    The truth is staring you in the face. Movies that claim to reveal the insidious manipulations of an anonymous cabal are not a threat to the system -- far from it. In fact, they keep the skeptical part of your mind busy, lest you turn your perceptual powers to the reality directly in front of you. These films are meant to neutralize the real danger: that you will look up from your screen and see the world in detail; that you will not be driven back into yourself by the deliberate monotony of your surroundings; that you will look more closely and find what you'd never seen before, minute flaws and inconsistencies that mar even the simplest, most banal circumstances. And why? Because your whole life is a lie.

    1. They do suppress the truth actually, just look at mainstream media. The internet isn't centralized in the same way, and cannot be controlled without shutting down the flow of information.

      I initially bought in to the whole charismatic leader bit, but it just doesn't add up. It seems to me on some levels the event was allowed, and even assisted in occurring. Not to mention these same sort of catalysing events have been used over and over again to further secure foreign resources via US imperialism on behalf of US and multinational corporations.

      I agree that to focus on the details of this event at this point is just a distraction from what's happening right in front of you that might actually be affected. Namely, the resistance to growing inequality and austerity.

    2. I think Chomsky said as much when he dismissed CTs as a distraction.

      I do enjoy a good or even bad (as in this case) CT "documentary", I use them to fill a hour or two sometimes but I mostly use them for their sedative effect; they help me fall to sleep ;-)

    3. That's some pretty deep stuff man. It sounded like a decent B movie to be totally honest. The ending keeps you hanging for sure. Masterful. Now, pass the bong. I like to be high when I BS myself.

    4. Thanks, it is pretty B-movie. I wrote it wondering why paranoiacs don't follow their logic to the end -- why their "skepticism" does not consume itself, but instead attaches to an event like 9/11 and feeds, like a parasite, as it metamorphoses to become an eccentric new faith.

  82. Wonder if any one has checked to see if UA has planes missing , passenger list.talked to workers in T T and on the planes..

    1. they checked and i know for sure one of the planes that supposedly crashed i the towers is still flying around.. lol.. go figure that one

  83. This theory is great - except too sticky/too many participants.
    911 happened - manned planes flew into those towers...however..
    The problem is that these attacks came as a surprise to all but a select few.
    We all know who those 'select few' are.
    911 preceded a string of 'justified' bloodbaths and it still hasn't stopped.
    It won't stop.
    Get rid of your current political parties now as unfortunately all your politicians are tarred with the same brush.
    Your government/corporations are squeezing your lives and drinking your juices.
    While you are all debating moral/ethical/religious values the real show goes on silently in your background.
    Your hard earned cash doesn't buy you adequate health care or nutritious food - it buys some fat cat a share in their own perceived posterity.
    No one trusts the USA govt, now or then, that's why no one will believe the mainstream account of 911.

    1. While you are all debating moral/ethical/religious values the real show goes on silently in your background.

      I couldn't agree more. The details are a side show, a distraction, inequality is the real issue.

  84. there are many documentaries about 9/11 ranging from those that say there was something fishy and calling for inquiries and the like to crazy ass conspiracy ones saying everyone from the govt to Zionists, Larry Bernstein and any number of other parties were responsible. many of them do raise valid points and make you think about the wider implications of 9/11 or the background and history leading up to it. some raise questions about what we all saw that day and postulate theories on how it might have happened or point out inconsistencies in the official story. September clues falls into the category of conspiracy nut case. it doesn't make it any less valid as one persons reaction to that day but it does mean that the content is a lot more 'out there' than say the likes of loose change or hijacking catastrophe. both of which are listed in TD along with many others.

  85. I'm a liberal, and very suspicious of our exceedingly corrupt government. It wouldn't surprise me at all to find that our government has been doing some very awful things. But this film is pure, 100%, hokey bullsh*t. It's so hokey that it seems like they're trying to discredit conspiracy theories instead of promote them. This film has got to be either a trick or a very bad joke.

  86. Wow, what crap. So it was missiles that killed 3,000 at WTC and not airplanes? Might as well have used airplanes, 200-300 more souls wouldn't have made much difference, would it? Oh I forgot, it was all video trickery and the towers were empty, the entire media was in on it, along with mourning families. This documentary is a disrespect to the people who lost their lives, as well as their familes. I hope the families take heart and see it for what it is, the work of some lunatics. Then again, why listen to me, i'm probably in on it too and why not, it seems to be a conspiracy that involves some 10,000+ people! talk about an open secret, utter crap.

  87. can any one e-mail me the grace jones track name,
    great documentary though, you just got to look at whats infrount of you if you learnt Wright from wrong in school you would be able to know what is true and what is false. in this case there is too many circumstantial evidences that say it was done deliberately with us gov involvement. too many indicators that would not exist if it were a genuine incident. the fact that BLATANT events occurred that support the notion that it was not was it was claimed to be, means something is not Wright. only issue hear is the majority of grown adults in this world would believe tomorrow that hands at the ends of you arm are actually feet if you told them....... the american government are suffering from a sickness know as PURE EVIL. its not there fault, it is a form of energy that is an ingredient of the universe, that exercises its presence by conducting such events, and it uses humans to Carrie out its duties. good may be more prevalent than evil, but evil is far more powerful. Basically cause it has no ruels, and dosnt have to f++k around with nicenesses, although it has to be aware of what good is in order to perform evil it can do what ever it wants when ever it want.

    1. Just a heads up - Grace Jones is a sub par lackluster con artist. She has been dis-proven on SOOO many levels now it is not even funny anymore. Not to mention, she is proven to be linked to white power groups. Is that really someone that you want to take advice from?

      I'd say you should check out

      "The Power of Nightmares" A NON-fiction piece of 9-11 information, much more fulfilling and truthful than this piece of garbage.

    2. Yes - Adam Curtis's work is far more ominous than this and based on erudite historical analysis. Still - the "official" explanation is even worse B.S. 1600 architects & engineers can't ALL be full of shit - can they? After all, the conspiracy that stole the 2000 election was vast and lengthy, as was the open conspiracy that drove us into the Iraq war and kept us there squandering TWO TRILLION, killing 5,000 young Americans, maiming another 30,000 for life, and slaughtered - like barnyard animals - ONE MILLION Iraqi non-combatants and destroyed a secular culture and country - and has us there still. Oh, and then there was the open conspiracy that stole the 2004 election. And the blatant rethugnican conspiracy taking place now in which 5 - 8 million voters are being purged through malicious & treasonous political maneuvering. Nah - conspiracies that huge are ridiculous fantasies. Impossible! How would they "keep it quiet"? Oh - and then there's the Fracking Conspiracy now poisoning the aquifers - hatched in the still secret meetings in Dick(head) Cheney's office. How could "they" hide something like that? That "conspiracy" stuff is just loony.......

  88. Fatuous bilge...

    1. @Grytpype

      ”Fatuous bilge...”

      I agree... and that’s just from the doc description! I won’t watch it! I hope you don’t mind but considering your screen name and your comment, I feel you might have overdone it slightly. Surely BILGE would have sufficed? Please accept this wafer thin mint to sweeten the taste of it all.

      The Goonish One

    2. Fatuous Bilge - wasn't he a character from Shakespeare? Or was that Melville?

  89. If there are any "psyops" involved it is with the production of this video and hundreds like them. The more stupid and rediculous the conspiracy theories are the more people are likely to conclude that ALL theories are stupid and rediculous as well. So, if the government WAS involved with the towers being knocked down,I wouldn't be surprised if it was the government themselves putting this stuff out there trying to discredit legitimate investigations. I trust government about as far as I can spit into a hurricane and I would put nothing past them

  90. My nephew-in-law and his brother and a former student of mine were all in the second tower and just barely escaped with their lives. Many of their friends did not. Tell all this BS to them.....

  91. If you want to know why 9-11 happened, and how it happened, just watch a documentary on this very web site, it is called "The Power of Nightmares" 3 hours long or so, and completely eye opening. If anyone helped Osama pull this off, it was sadly our own CIA, FBI, with a spattering of Israeli and Pakistani Intelligence. Watch it, it's a great doc.

    1. I've seen this doc you recommend, myself, and I agree it's very good, not least of all for the history on how and why these two extreme ideologies got started in the first place, and the fascinating similarity between them. Look at where we're at now in the West... And if we would change directions wisely, we really had better know the road we came down, because otherwise it'll be much harder to counter the destination these people (the neocons) have devoted their lives to achieving. And it is not a very pretty one, imo, taken to its logical conclusion. Anyone who hasn't seen this doc should definitely check it out.

  92. I have been relentlessly pwning the people behind this film for many months, make no mistake, they are disgusting low-life con-men. I went as far as to offer them a CGI expert to disprove their "fake jumpers" scenario, and they guess what? Refused. I sent letters to Pixar, asking if they could possibly help me debunk his videos, and he claimed that "Pixar" was part of the cover-up and refused once again, eventually a CGI guru from Pixar posted a lengthy argument as to why the people falling were not CGI, and of course, it made perfect absolute sense, yet he continued to claim it was a CGI job, and then deleted any comments by me and the 2 CGI pros.

    They are bat-shyt crazy, make no doubt about it, complete con men.

  93. LOL (although this really isn't a funny subject). Why would the government go that far to pretend planes flew into a building? They didn't need to do all that to fake a terrorist attack. They could have just set bombs in the building, detonate them, and then say someone else did it. They wouldn't need to go to such extreme measures such as superimpose an image of the nose of a plane coming through the other side of the building so it looks like the plane hit it. This doc is ridiculous!

  94. We are all asleep and those who wish to manipulate the sleeping masses can do so easily, and magically we see what we are told is there. To admit that we were fooled is to admit that we are asleep. We are a nation of zombies.

    1. I'm not asleep. I'm just resting my eyes.

      Didn't fool the guys who made this documentary (expose? lol). They're right on the ball.

  95. Why is this not in the comedy section?

  96. Oh its dumb alright. I wont argue that. But so is beavis and butthead.

  97. Again, i find this doc hilarious. Sorry i havent slept in over 24 hours and my giggle gland is on high.

  98. The best is when he flies the batmobile into the tower. Oh man thats rich!

  99. This makes me doubt the merit/credibility/quality/future use by me of the Top Documentary website.

  100. Seriously i cant wait to watch this. Looks like a laugh riot. And if any of you posers start waving flags in front of me I will bring you down to trollsville.

  101. Aw too soon?

    1. is what too soon?

    2. the tragic events of 711 of course silly

    3. Still don't get it.

    4. I was referring to the indignation of previous comments over yet another 911 conspiracy doc. I for one have passed the flag waving stage at about sept 12th 2001, so i enjoy the attempt to fan the flames of the conspiracy that this doc is trying to do. I find this doc hilarious. I'm sorry if 911 is actually a touchy subject on the account of the out right lies by the media and poloticians. Or for the woefully ignorant people that actually think this was just a simple terrorist surprise attack. But i find this doc hilarious.

    5. OK - here goes. I sat with my boss on that Tuesday morning for 2 -3 hours, watching the planes & the collapse over & over again - horrified, saddened, enraged, wanting REVENGE against the monsters responsible. The next morning I woke up to the front page of the Portland Oregonian with the head shots of all 19 "hijackers", names, ages, countries of origin, etc. And I knew it was all B.S. - that something was seriously wrong. The planes hit and the towers collapsed by 10 a.m. EST. N.Y.C. was chaos and bedlam, all flights cancelled, NORAD clueless, the Oval Office Imposter nowhere to be found, and NO information about who had pulled this off.

      And, in spite of total paralysis, by 5 a.m. PST, ALL the hijackers had been I.D.'d, their photos found - and transmitted to every paper in the country in time for Wednesday's morning edition to be written, laid out, printed, shipped and delivered. All from an "intel" apparatus that had no idea this was coming, and, that morning, no idea who'd done it. I knew that morning it was all lies - and that something monstrous had been pulled off. Then the Bush/Cheney Junta spent the next year blocking any investigation and destroying - against the law - all & any evidence. Of the hundred cameras monitoring the outside of the Pentagon, even now there's only one 1/100th of a second of video made public.
      Smell anything foul?

    6. Terry -- There's nothing impressive about the rapid identification of the hijackers. All they had to do was look at the passenger lists of four planes and look for Arabs. Then look through those names for known or suspected members of al Qaeda, or people who otherwise fit the profile. And that's it.

      It occurs to me that people prefer elaborate conspiracies because simple reality is disappointing, even threatening. People need conspiracies because they can't bear the possibility that most of life is chance, and no one is in control.

    7. I tend to question, the authenticity of claims by the US Government that releasing more actual video of the Pentagon strike is contrary to National Security interests. No matter how you slice that one, it is pretty damn strange that they do not want to disprove the hundreds of theory's floating around. All the window dressing conspiracy BS aside, that part seems off. It does not fit logical thought to keep those hundreds of stills that have to exist under wraps. If there is truly nothing to hide, then why the secrecy? I have many questions, the vague answers given to many of those questions have not to this point, satisfied my professional, nor personal curiosity. Even the most satisfied individuals, have to admit, there are many loose ends, unanswered questions hanging around. Even you, Mr Clazy have to ask yourself some of these questions. Your answers alone do not provide anything of substance, only your personal view that anyone who says this was anything other than a terrorist strike, dropped on the laps of an unsuspecting Government and its citizens, is afraid and cannot bear certain aspects of life. From my worldview, that is far fetched and narrow in scope. That is pretty thin clazy. Really thin. Not everyone is afraid of the boogeyman, or unable to admit things. Not everyone believes all the conspiracy nonsense. But for sure, there are many, like myself, who have unanswered questions. for asking or expecting answers for them, it serves noone to be called out for thinking something other than what has been told to us. I said it once and I will say it again, this topic is about the most divisive we have ever witnessed by my count in today's world. The people you say that are not in control and that things happen by chance, would not have it any other way and love people like you to say so, publicly. When you get that, you may feel like many of us do. There are games of chance, yes, but in this case, the game was rigged. By whom and why is what we will someday figure out. Conveniently, the one man who could have answered those questions now resides at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, dead men cannot talk. That is not a new concept.

    8. "Nothing of substance" -- is that a critique? Presumably you realize that it applies your own posts. No -- I shouldn't presume, as you've reminded me. All I know is what I see: a sloppy reading expressed in sloppy writing that suggests sloppy thinking. But that has nothing to do with you.

    9. I enjoy furthering discussions sir. That crack was not meant to insult nor degrade, if it was taken that way, my sincere apologies are given. My point I suppose, could have been a little shorter in length. I have never subscribed completely to all facets of the conspiracy scenario's, but as the US Government has left the door wide open for guess work, it seems to me there are more questions than answers available to fit the story they provide. That and my line of work does not reconcile the evidence of the official story provided and what my line of work has taught me. As I said, I was present for all advanced physics classes, I did not fall asleep, nor was I absent. Newton's Law cannot be changed for one day because some suits said so. This is my sticking point, always has been, always will be. The who what and why I leave for other people to ponder and debate. This has been a world changing event, of which the effects are still in motion and working away diligently, protecting us from the boogeymen or whatever flavor of the day they desire. It is all about fearing an enemy and needing to feel safe and secure. Bernays knew well how things like this affect human beings. Uncle Sigmund taught him well.

    10. I just have to answer this. They knew who they were because of the passenger lists. Four domestic passenger planes were hijacked. As soon as they realized which planes were taken, after some of the confusion was cleared up, all they had to do was look at the passenger lists and they knew the identity of everyone who boarded those four planes. Those lists are law. Then there was the chatter between the hijackers, passengers and crew of those planes with those on the ground. This identified the hijackers as Middle Eastern, probably Muslim. Look at the passenger lists and voila, Middle Eastern, Muslim men on each flight, booked into first class. Any community college journalism student could have figured out their identities by supper time. Any passenger plane that crashes, the identities of all passengers and crew is known within minutes. That is reality.

      Flights cancelled or diverted, well yes. Its called controlling the situation. doubt. The crisis had to be evaluated, action to be taken, orders given, shocked individuals who had to respond to those orders, is amazing how quickly the chaos was brought under control.

      Norad is an defence system set up to defend against an outside missile or military attack. They are not there to defend against domestic passenger flights. Domestic passenger planes have never been considered a military threat. It is ludicrous to think that they are.

      The media didn't know where Bush was. That doesn't mean that the command structure in Washington didn't know. He was on Air Force One, standard procedure if the United States was ever attacked. In case of a military invasion it is important to keep the chain of command intact and safe. That was why Bush"s whereabouts was kept a secret.
      They had to assess the magnitude of this action first and keep the commander in chief safe.

      When a team wins the world series at eleven o'clock in the evening, it is in every sports page, of every daily in North America, the very next morning. A baseball game! 9/11 was one of the biggest stories of all time. It would have been incredible if the morning paper didn't have all the information printed that was available. Poor pity the editor whose paper didn't have a complete a story as possible.

      Odd that there is no other footage of the flight into the Pentagon but there are numerous witnesses in Washington who did see it. Also there is a plane missing along with its passenger and crew. Where did it go if not into the Pentagon?

      I know that none of this means anything to you because you will believe what you want to believe. I just had to rebut. Have a nice day.

    11. I would love to believe the official story. I am sure I am not alone wanting to think this was what the Government said it was. Noone wants to think anything bad about the American Government or the people around them. Your points are well taken sir. No question. I can ask even deeper questions given the points you made. But as you said, some people will think what they like, and that includes you. Look around you. What do you see since 9/11? In your own words? What type of behavior and what types of policy's have these Western Governments chosen? Simple questions, the kind that an intelligent, educated, individual will ask themselves when things do not seem right. The sad truth is, certain photo and video as well as physical evidence cannot be reconciled with known laws of physics and engineering. My personal opinion cannot and will not ever, change a damn thing. I do know metal, I do know explosives, I certainly know engineering as well, it is hard, if not impossible, for any professional to ignore the science part of that day. The rest is open season for speculation. More questions than answers given, from the official side. Even 11 years later yes? The fact there are hundreds, if not thousands of camera's that caught the event at the Pentagon, they are labeled a " threat to national security" if they are released them does not seem to bother people. It bothers me. Greatly. That is one facet. There are ten more. Metal shipped off to China at high speed. Security up the ying yang removing it. Fire Code regs and protocol ignored. Man, I could go on for a day with questions. Noone can seriously answer them. We can have intelligent debates for 11 years on this. Oh wait we Noone can prove a damn thing they are saying on either side. The science is another story though. I cannot ignore what I know about that part. I am going off on a rant again, that was not the point, sorry. But this topic always gets my ire up. The questions pile up, there are no answers that make my gut feel good. Your answers are understood, but they are your own opinion, just like some have theirs. My own feelings aside, as I said, this is a divisive topic, and always will be. Regardless of all of that, the way that event has changed the planet, I for one, expect a definitive answer will present itself at some point down the road.

    12. I know an individual who witnessed, along with thousands of others, the second plane fly into the South Tower. He is an average guy and has no reason to lie about he saw. Passenger planes flew into those Towers. These are missing planes along with its passengers and crew. They have never been seen again. Family, friends, co-workers, and neighbours all mourn their passing. Films, like this one, never interview those witnesses and those close to the victims on those planes. They never find airline employees and radar people who watched the events unfold and who were in contact with the planes while they were in the air. The question left is whether the crashes could have caused the towers to collapse and subsequently caused the destruction of WTC 7 and the other buildings around it. One thing is certain. Those planes flying at full throttle would have caused extensive damage. They would not have bounced off them like a rubber ball.

      I have watched the towers collapse on many of the videos available. I saw the sections above the crash site lurch and then begin to fall as one unit into the building below it. These sections, in both instances, would destroy the floor it would come into contact with and continue downward, destroying one floor after another until finally hitting the ground. Incredibly precise demolition work if that is what it was. WTC7 behaved in the same manner but since it was not near as tall as the towers and the damage sustained was near the bottom of the building, it fell as one unit from above the damage site. This is what one would expect. Witnesses saw its girders moving and many of the fire fighters involved were convinced that it was only a matter of time before it collapsed.

      Although the videos evidence surrounding the Pentagon is scarce, there were dozens of witnesses who saw the plane, flying low, and then crashing into the Pentagon. Once again, there is a missing plane and its occupants. Why use two planes to fly into the Twin Towers but not use a plane to fly into the Pentagon? It makes no sense.

      At the time of these attacks, I was working as the yard manager in a scrap yard. At the time, Chinese representatives were going from scrap yard to scrap yard wanting to buy all the scrap steel they could. North American scrap steel was of a higher quality than Chinese grade A steel and the Chinese wanted all the scrap steel they could get their hands on. The steel in the Twin Towers is what is called plate and structural steel the top grade in scrap steel and is highly prized by the Chinese. They would have offered top dollar for this steel. That is fact. This explains why this steel went to China.

      American foreign policy was suspect before 9/11. That they would have continued in some of their nefarious ways after the attacks is hardly surprising. It is also not surprising that a group, angry at the United States, would organize an attack against them. Just because I dislike a lot of what the United States does, I am not going to accuse them of things where the evidence suggests that some one else did it. Some allow their emotions to get in the way and let their anger at the Americans cloud their judgement.

    13. Ever heard of holograms or cloaking? Our military has had this technology for years. Grow up and be part of the solution instead of being another problem. jeez

      Funny your 'friend' saw the plane when the first media reported only an explosion in the second tower and it was minutes later when the doctored plane footage was shown. Those planes landed in Cleveland that morning and the passengers were later loaded onto another plane. The mayor of Cleveland went on live tv and made this report. You can still find it on youtube. Those so-called passengers were mostly millionaires who were paid handsomely to relocate and they did. Step out of the box of stupidity and smell the coffee. Also, if you check out how many people applied to receive survivor social security benefits from these victims accounts you will find very few and those were folks already dead. Wake the hell up!

    14. The individual who told me he saw the second plane hit was at work in NY. He and others he worked with were standing at windows watching the smoke from the first tower when they watched at plane fly directly into the second tower. There were thousands upon thousands of New Yorkers that doing exactly what he was doing and what anyone would have been doing and that was watching the smoke from the first tower. It is human nature to do so. If you have ever been to New York city, you would know just how immense that city is and just how many people that would have been watching that first tower. There were thousands who saw the second plane strike. It is only those separated by time and distance who doubt that it happened because they know they never have to face someone who was actually there.

      If what you claim about the passengers and crew of those planes are true, why doesn't some intrepid truther reporter find at least one of these people in an attempt to prove their claim of a hoax. Their names and identities are known. Go to their home towns, research victim histories, shadow their friends and family, do some real nuts and bolts investigations. Why not interview the mayor White today and see what he has to say now. Specifics not generalities. To say victims are still alive today is a claim that has no foundation. Find one alive and kicking and expose him...then you would have something. Holograms and cloaking devices and not collecting survivors benefits is absolutely meaningless unless you have proof. Solid, direct, irrefutable evidence, is what you need.

      Name calling doesn't help your argument either. Only those with a weak position resort to this strategy.

    15. also the mayor NEVER said anything about flight 93. all they said was that a Boeing 767 landed there and was being checked. but it was not flight 93. it was another plane being grounded just to be careful.

      also where is your evidence that the passengers were mostly millionaires?

      you sure like to believe some fantastic things, but extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and right now you have no evidence.

    16. Like as in, oh is it still to soon to laugh at batmobiles flying into the world trade center? Thats what I was trying to say. Sorry if im evil for finding that funny, but again i havent slept in over a day and that set me off. And anyone who doesnt find that funny sux at life.

  102. Is this a joke?!? If it is, it's a very poor one. Where are the people now that were "supposedly" killed in the Towers and airplanes? Were they made up? Have they been spirited away and their "survivors" paid enormous sums of money to pretend that they're dead? This is preposterous - I'm not even going to watch it.

    1. ya gotta love critiques by those who haven't even looked at the film.The best way to respect the dead willda is through the truth. Governments kill their own people, it happens all the time ,it's called WAR!! wake up.

    2. Yes, governments do kill their own people. That does not mean that all incidents such as 9/11 are automatically the doing of the government. You do not arrive at a conclusion before the evidence has been examined. There is insufficient proof of government involvement here. All the material that the CTs call evidence will not net one day in jail for any government conspirator. The truthers carry very flimsy and dubious proofs in their bag of incriminating evidence.

    3. It isnt about proof. But if you expose one lie or one fallacy, then you have proven the official story is inaccurate. Then you must ask yourself "why would they not admit or show proof of the plane hitting the pentagon?" There are hundreds of security cameras covering every inch of the Pentagon and all that was released to the public was 5 still frames which clearly show an explosion, but nothing else discernible

    4. No proof is the standard, huh. All we need is the semblance of something amiss and we point the finger at someone and then seek our vengeance. That is the true definition of a kangaroo court. I sincerely hope that you never become the Attorney General.

      There is no evidence of wrong doing. Nowhere. All you or anyone has are questions about anomalies. No one should ever stand accused because of anomaly. They are a part of every court case, every newspaper story, any and all historical events. Your question about the cameras and footage at the Pentagon is just that. A question. You cannot, then, provide your own answer to suit your own political leanings. You must have the evidence to back it up. Otherwise, it is just supposition, with little or no credibility.

      My question is why would they claim that a plane was hijacked, give out all the names of passengers and crew, allow other hijacked planes to fly, in plain view of thousands of witnesses, into the Twin Towers and yet not use that third plane to fly into the Pentagon? Why not fly a plane into the Pentagon so there are no questions to be asked. Surely the richest country in the world would be able to find a suitable passenger plane that would suit their needs. That is anomaly in your version of what happened that day. Actually, what did happen to American Airlines flight 77 that day if it didn't crash into the Pentagon?

      Then, for some inexplicable reason, they crash what they claim is a fourth passenger plain into a farmer's field. Why not fly it into a high profile landmark so they could use the incident for political gain?

      There are so many people who absolutely despise the American government and yearn for it to be toppled so a new era of freedom can be realized for Americans. Yet, when someone does strike out against them, these same people will not give them the credit they deserve. No one says "Good for you! I'm behind you one hundred percent. Let's tear down this corrupt system". Unthinkable that someone would hate the government that much to actually do anything about it, I guess.

    5. Did you really just say..."no one should ever stand accused because of an anomaly"? This is not swamp gas that is being discussed here, or flying saucers...This is gross negligence at the very best case scenario. No one should be "convicted" because of an anomoly! The "anomoly", as you so eloquently put it, is not one random incident that appears to have happened by chance. There is undeniable EVIDENCE of information that could be used to confirm or deny the "official" story being tampered with and not released at all...Do you think that is an anomoly? Do you think all the uncanny "anomolies" that can be strung together equate to one large "anomoly". I think any rational human beng should be able to see that an event like 9/11, regardless of what you or I think should have been FULLY investigated, the first time, and these "anomolies" damn well should have led to someone standing accused!!!

    6. I just wish one of these "truther" videos would do the investigation. These pieces are just fluff, skimming the surface of what they claim is the story of a lifetime. They don't even know who to blame. It is just the vague "government red flag operation". If the anomaly is compelling, dig deeper. Don't wait for someone else to do it. The evidence that has been brought up so far would not net one person one day in jail.

      There is not a news story in history that doesn't have its detractors. People are notoriously poor witnesses and we tend towards personal bias...that includes those on both sides of the fence. It is the totality of all evidence gathered that should lead to a conclusion one way or another, not the anomaly. If I am to fully believe a certain scenario, I must have more that an anomaly to convince me. I need nuts and bolts investigation and a direct link to the perpetrators. Like it or not the official version does this. This version was the result of what the FBI calls the biggest investigation in its history. Disbelief should not be a knee-jerk reaction. It should be based on comprehensive proof.

    7. ...and are you really attempting to discredit the validity of a question about government officials confiscating what would have been visual, undeniable proof, of what hit the Pentagon on 9-11, witholding that evidence and carefully releasing the least amount possible (that just-so-happens not to show 1 iota of physical evidence of anything...)with the argument that there is a QUESTION there?! Another one of those damned "anomolies"! You know what other anomoly I see...JACK1952 seems to me that you are fond of propaganda and disinformation sir. You battle fiercely to discredit people who have pointed out holes in what is expected to be a complete investigation...not to mention the fact that the "culprits" were tried and convicted on TV while it all happened...What a magical media we have, and what a magical agent are you sir!

    8. Now, you are just trying to discredit me. If you have a valid argument, use it. Don't start insulting anyone who disagrees with you. It makes your argument appear weak and unable to stand on its own merit. Not everyone who disagrees with your stance is a government agent. I do not accuse you of being an agent of Al Qaeda. So, lets dispense with the wild accusations.

      The information that the media gathered was readily available to anyone who cared to look. A first year journalism student could have discovered the names of the hijackers from passenger lists. Its not even good journalistic investigation...just routine legwork. Any investigator who could not have the passenger lists on hand by supper time should lose their job or at least be called on the carpet. Piece this together with the discussions between the ground and the hijacked crew and passengers and we have what would seem a solid case against the nineteen involved. Nothing magical about it.

    9. Disturbing a federal crime scene is a FELONY, Period!

    10. First of all we don't know how many cameras are involved or what is on the film, if this film exists. Also, the film that we do have is the result of a plane flying at full speed (500 plus) through what amounts to someone's back yard. It is going too fast for most cameras to film with any amount of clarity. Those five still frames are drawn from a video and that was all that the camera could capture of the fast moving plane. There is no reason to think that any other camera on the premises could do any better.

      There are also eye witness accounts of a passenger plane flying extremely low in the direction of the Pentagon. There is also the missing plane with its crew and passengers. The official version accounts for this. No "truther" version can with any proof or credibility.

      There always loose ends to every incident that happens no matter how comprehensive the investigation. I have tended bar for ten years and whenever a fight breaks out, you would not believe how the story conflict by witnesses who were standing right there. You can't take one story or one segment of the incident as the correct one. It is all the stories and all aspects of the incident that should be considered and the likely conclusion drawn from all the evidence.

  103. Even those who believe that 9/11 was a U.S. government operation are going to be embarrassed by this film. It is beyond ridiculous. Although, one could claim that this was a government film designed to discredit those who are attempting to expose the government. That would make more sense than anything this film actually tries to prove.

    1. You're absolutely right there. I believe 9/11 was a false flag, and I find this film embarrassing. I wouldn't be surprised if the only purpose of this film is to make people like you think people like me are crazy.

    2. This film is so dumb that I don't even feel compelled to initiate a discussion/debate over whether its a false flag or not. Everyone take one step forward and remain the same.

    3. put on the glasses jack(cognitive dissonance is quite normal, there is nothing to be afraid of). Once you understand the malignant history of US foreign affairs and how the world really works(not your foxworld), everything becomes clear, put on the damn glasses Jack and stop being such a coward. Oh We call you people Sheeple for a good reason. Because you bleat the mantras of the oppressors without a moment of critical thinking.

    4. Calling those who question any conspiracy theory sheeple is the manta of the CT sect. I don't watch tv news and didn't even have cable or satellite until two weeks ago and then only to accommodative a family member. Why is it that the CT sect think that they are the only ones who see things clearly and have objective opinions? I have watched and read all the conspiracy theory material available on 9/11 and found it lacking in solid evidence. I investigated this material realizing the possibility that the government may have been complicit. It is not my fault that the evidence does not support this idea. Even if the government is complicit it doesn't automatically mean the content of this doc is now valid. To suggest that there were no planes missing and that all the film is dubbed and all the eyewitnesses are liars or disillusioned is still ridiculous. Critical thinking includes looking at all evidence, not just what supports a preconceived notion, to come to a rational and logical conclusion. This film does not do that.

    5. The more people that have to lie to hide a conspiracy the less likely it will remain hidden. Liars are low in ethics and morals and would gladly turn on their fellow conspirators if it was in their best interest.

  104. You have got to be kidding me! Do even know how insulting this video is to the people who have lost loved ones in the 911 attack??? I guess the mourners are all just paid actors and actresses??? Whoever made this erroneous documentary is ******* "traitorous" SCUM!

  105. We can't even agree on how to teach children 1 plus 1 equals 2 but our government and the new media numbering in the dozens of thousands of people were able to pull off a cover up as described.

    Hypothesis fails from the start.

  106. How offensive.

    1. WTF That is the wrong Idea you just have not really been there. You know terrorist are just being jealous of our country that we are in. This is a fake !!!!!