Sex, Drugs, and Democracy

Sex, Drugs, and DemocracySex, Drugs, and Democracy is Jonathan Blank's award-winning, indie cult film, which grossed over $1 million in its art-house run.

The Dutch idea of a free society includes a legalized sex industry, the open sale of marijuana and hashish, total equality for gays, distribution of clean syringes and methadone to addicts, and government financed abortion, euthanasia and sex education for schoolchildren.

Has this unconventional approach changed Holland from a land of tulips, windmills and wooden shoes into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah?

Apparently not. In Holland rates of drug use, addiction and AIDS transmission are extremely low, and the Dutch have the lowest rates of abortion, teenage pregnancy and imprisonment in the world.

Filmed over the course of many months spent in Holland by writer/director Jonathan Blank, the provocative documentary has revealing interviews with everyone from government officials, police, clergy and scientists to club owners, drug dealers and prostitutes and outrageous scenes from hash bars, brothels, nightclubs, prisons and rallies. The outstanding soundtrack features music from American and Dutch indie bands.

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  1. Shelby Guido

    Holland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, all the women working in the red light district are of age and pay taxes just like everyone else, it is also there choice. If the rest of the world would have views like this the crime rates would be down, the government could also tax marijuana and make money out of it instead of spending millions every year trying to stop drug dealers. They could also have a safer working enviornment for girls working as prostitutes verses treating them as criminals. Drugs and prostitution will always be a part of our society so why not make the best of it instead of looking down on it. Marijuana is also much safer then alcohol but yet it is still not legal. If you look at how many people die every year from alcohol compared to the death rates of marijuana users then there is no argument of which one is more dangerous. I think Holland as great views and wish more people would look at the world like them, it is truly a shame.

  2. Guest

    I so wish that i could live my life in such a wonderfully liberated, broad minded and sensible country like holland. Instead of the corrupt,secretive, shamefull,short sighted almost dictatorship like place that Ireland has become. Where because of the power and hold that the church had over successive governments.

    Many hundreds of innocent children were raped and abused over and over again, and very much like the sick paedofiles that carried out these horrific crimes, the conservative wealthy minority literally ass f--ked the rest of us. Leaving us with massive national and personal debt that our grandkids will be still paying for generations to come. And while we're doing it, we've got substandard education and health systems that leave people to die on trollies in hospital hallways and that force our young people to emigrate just so they can live a normal life!

    Brave men and women fought and died in their thousands to liberate us from foreign occupation in the not so distant past. I know that they would turn in their graves if they could see what a bleak, desparate and sad future lay ahead for our children. And to what end? So that the greedy pigs who caused this mess could continue on with their snouts buried in the trough, draining our little island of it's lifeblood, it's freedom, it's basic democratic right to choose a better way forward for all irish people, be they hash smokers, hookers, gay or straight. How we choose to live does not say what kind of person we are!!!

    My only wish is that i live long enough to help see in the massive, radical changes that are vital to the future of ireland. To help drag it from it's secretive, seedy, recent past into the 21st century, with new positive attitudes towards putting it's people first, protecting the minoritys and the vunerable in our society, looking after our old people in their twilight years, and our young, to give them the basic right of a good education so that they may travel the world making us proud with their achievments.

    And most of all, to make Ireland a place that we will once again, all be proud to call.........HOME!!!!

    Killian walsh

    09.42 16/10/2011

  3. H Neil Sangte S

    this is no way outdated..till the day humans remain on earth this is all we need

  4. Yusiley S

    The biggest shame and embarrassment of humanity is that no matter where you go slavery still exist... the most disgusting of which is child sex trafficking. By allowing prostitution to be legal, it would end that ... or at least minimize it in a large percentage.

    Legalizing prostitution, the men and women who are involved in this profession will have more protection, be less exploited, less likely to catch any diseases (due to clinics providing education and resources for the fornication technicians), the sex trade will end because there will be no need for it.

    I believe that allowing men and women to do wherever they want, as long as there are no victims in the process, will end a lot of the issues in many societies, particularly in the area of sexual frustration. After all, most people, particularly men, are weak primitive animals who can't handle themselves too well and can't control their primal, primitive instincts (why they can't...I have yet to figure out and yet people still view themselves as superior species... buildings and computers don't make you superior, it's your actions and behavior that determine your greatness). Anyways by allowing the savage primitive idiots (immature children incapable of being responsible and controlling themselves) of any society to have their prostitutes and drugs will help lower crime statistics in many places, especially robbery and rape. It will keep them busy while the rest of us can be left alone to advance our technology further, better the society system and move our species to the next level of evolution.

    I love that there are countries where there is total equality for gays, abortion and other areas dealing with reproduction has government support and sex education is wide spread and better than in United States. Most of what is sex ed in the U.S. is laughable in its face. Good for the Dutch for resolving those issues. Now if only they better they're special education programs in their schools... so far United States is in the lead in that area, especially with assistive technology. I've had the honor to listen to a Professors' lecture on her visit to Italy for an Assistive Technology conference and she stated that most of the other professors within the European nations had no idea what and how to apply Assistive Devices into ones classroom and in society. When it comes to educating the disable the countries within the continents of Europe and Asia are behind, Australia and Canada are getting very close to perfecting it... countries within South America and Africa I don't count because nearly everyone in those nations aren't educated or have proper schools, so they need to fix that first before providing programs and tools that will include all citizens, even the disable, a chance for better living and independence.

  5. Larkin London

    The point of the documentary is to get people to think about these issues in new ways. It's an important documentary and it being dated doesn't affect it's value.

  6. Saab Lofton

    Even IF this is out of date, so what? The point is it provides the ideal; the standard by which ALL countries should be judged! THIS is what We the People want and NEED!

  7. Vandermoore

    This documentary is hopelessly out of date. While the Netherlands are still amongst the most liberal and free-minded nations of the Earth, it is a far cry from what it was in the '70's up to the '90's.
    Also, one of the points of the program, though badly brought across, is that in fact, due to the relaxed nature of dealing with sex, drugs and abortion, we Dutch are in fact not half as obsessed about it as most other nations (who ironically call us crazed sexmaniacs and junks).

  8. Johnny_hempseed

    I have been to A-Dam (and alot of the rest of the nederlands) and it is pretty much the same as depicted here..simply put as long as "your thing" doesn't harm other people they have no problem with it..
    I did see a few Amsterdammers that seemed tired of the tourists and some of the stupidity they displayed..but for the most part it was a blast. .
    If you go with any sort of closed mind you will quickly run into an internal struggle..simply accepting everything you see will quickly fix this..
    They do have a massive and very public heroin problem..and it does get annoying having to shoo away drug dealers..but otherwise it's awesome to experience..

  9. adam

    I like docs like this cos it shows people that there is life outside their little closed world of correctness,I don't see anything wrong with the Dutch view on things they don't send their citizens to jail for 10 years for a joint and so on for state profit...and if one takes time to check one will see its the only way to go and that making these things a crime is a war that has never been won and will never be won as we all can see.....right now an addict may come thought your window while you sleep looking for goods to sell to buy drugs he may not want to harm you but he needs his drugs so the state by law should give it to him for free so he don't come thought my or your you see theres a good reason why others dont want to go the dutch profit in it,
    peace out.

  10. Bryan

    Now thats how you treat your Disabled Population! A nice bj for invalids. Sounds like heaven, man, those Dutch are thoughtful! The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well there. CHEERS!!

  11. Pyrrhus


    "...they hav made their women nude..."

    Who is "they?"

    "THEIR women?"
    WHOSE women?

    You talk as though women were not members of the "they."
    You talk as though The "They" OWNED women!

    When I visited the Middle East, I heard this kind of talk: "YOU let YOUR women...(blah, blah, blah)" as though women were objects of ownership! I do not 'own' any woman. I cannot make any woman anything. What do you use for brains? Do YOU own women? If so, how many?

    This implicit attitude of yours toward women as objects of ownership may have been forgivable in the 10th Century; it is certainly not forgivable now!

    Go wash your mouth out with soap!

  12. HIryana

    I thought this was an interesting way of looking at things. Maybe they have a low rate of prisoners because,like other countries, instead of going and sexually harassing someone, people go and do their business with someone who is willing. I thought the movie was interesting, just because you don't agree, you don't have to trash it.

  13. ChronicChris

    btw, sorry for the obsceneties, didn't notice that it would have to go through moderation. Really sorry about having to make anyone have to replace some letters with asterixes, i'll do it myself in the future to save you time.
    Again, sorry about that...

  14. ChronicChris

    why are all of you so against legal prostitution and weed?
    Don't tell me that it's personally "just bad!" because of your own moral feelings about it, that's just ignorant!
    If I wanna smoke up or see a hooker, it's none of your fu***** business unless it affects you!

    Think of it like this: You turn on your TV, the first channel you're on is airing Scrubs or Funniest Home Videos, you don't have to watch it, change the channel!
    So if you don't like seeing two consenting adults(or more) exchange sex for money, JUST DON'T GO TO A DISTRICT WHERE THIS WOULD HAPPEN!

    If it was legal in your own countries it would most likely be concentrated in specific streets, so you would know where not to go.

    So stop being douchebags thinking you know what's best for anyone! That's such a d***move!

  15. waka waka

    after reading the title im not gonna watch this.

    sounds like a sick and twisted idea.

  16. Philip

    Incredible! Open mindedness at it's most interesting height.

  17. zaroon

    dutch is the most shameless nation in the world ...on the name of freedom they all have become sex slaves and they hav made their women nude ..huh wat a shame

    1. Deepak Mahat

      what is the definition of "shame"? I think it represents some sick activities for you due to the closed shameless society you were brought up where women can be made slaves implicitly by males in society as a part of culture without legal acceptance.
      I think its hell lot better to have legal acceptance then doing the same thing without legal but social acceptance...LOL hope I made some sense!!

      Just FYI that's freedom..not any shamelessness sick thing that you reckons, and I don't think its your fault that you can't accept the freedom of humanity because you were brought up that way where males can make women whatever they want and object to play in name of culture and matter of prestige for so called leading males. :D Your sick mentaility shows that you are the one who suck big-time in giving respect to woman and their freedom of act of doing whatever they want. If a man can sleep with hundreds of woman with social acceptance then viceversa should also be true to reflect true openness and freedom in society legally.

  18. Nielsch

    As a dutchman, I couldn't agree more with your opinion :)

  19. Alan

    I had to stop watching this half-way since this documentary is just hopelessly out-of-date. I somehow doubt that its portrayal of Holland as a multi-cultural paradise held true in the early 90s, but even if was true then, it is certainly not the case today as the recent European elections have shown.