Sex, Drugs and Religion

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Sex, Drugs and ReligionSex, Drugs and Religion is a 71 minute look into the wacky world of religion. Targeting groups from Catholics to Muslims, this movie exposes the idiocy that is associated to religion in general.

Sex, Drugs and Religion is the fourth film release from B.A. Brooks and is quickly causing quite a stir in religious communities across the globe, while also hailing acclaim as a very entertaining, and insightful film experience by some seemingly more open minded individuals.

In any case, sometimes the truth is hard to accept. If you can not be honest with yourself then just maybe this is not the film for you, but if you are ready to take a comedic journey into the cosmos, then sit back and fasten your seat belt.

Staring Chris Harper as the "Pastor Deacon Fred Smith" from the Landover Baptist Church, and Chuck Knipp as Betty Butterfield. Other clips include Bill Maher, Larry King, Sean Hannity, and Tom Cruise.

Ratings: 6.75/10from 20 users.

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  1. We are twenty-first century humans, under the cultural influence of a three
    thousand year old religion.
    B.A. Brooks has created a film documenting the consequences.
    Chris Harper has interpreted the most authentic rendition of an evangelical preacher that I have ever "witnessed". Chuck Knipp's portrayal
    of Miss Betty Butterfield is precious. At times hysterically funny, and also sad. Bill Maher chimes in with brilliance from his doc, "Religulous". Not for those unready to have their religious programming challenged. historical clips and footage. 1 hour, 15 minutes, a favorite

  2. This is not a film but random collection of published materials... The lady talking was so enjoying... the part abobe the Israeli army is so out of context (they are not religious, religious men are exempt from army service) and the pictures are not of innocent children, but men how dedicate their lives to killing jews, christians and other non-believers... The pastor was too much, not interesting at all.
    Being religious should not give anyone extra rights like tax benefits or the right to abuse and harass others.
    Those videos of fag haters are so over used - this is not a professional film. Waste of time.

    Peace and equality to all.

    1. I love how you spent the last paragraph in complete disgust, and flippantly wish peace to all. It is correct that the religious should pay taxes, especially when ministers tell congregations how to vote.

  3. This could have had so much potential. It has a good amount of clips of footage but no commentary. Essentially it's recycling material that's out there with no insight to add to a conversation, no reflection on the material. It's presented at face value. The two satirical characters interspersed amidst the clips are sardonically mocking the concepts they represent, but are annoying at best. Overall I'd rate this "documentary" quite poorly.

    1. It is done in a more light hearted way. Not everything has to be straight forward and completely depressing to make sense. It was quite entertaining with information one can follow up on. Don't be lazy, think a little when you watch things, open your mind to new and other ways of doing things and sharing information.

    2. very good advice.

  4. Is this a documentary? well....pathetic...

    1. As usual, you say nothing.

  5. Romans 10:3 is God's definition of religion. Read it and get a surprise.

    1. No, it's man's definition.

    2. Truly, I must go back to the year minus 2800 to find a decent definition of religion?

  6. Seriously? Who the hell is "B.A. Brooks"? This video is just youtube clips and plagiarism, pure and simple.

  7. Modern science has been becoming a new kindda exclusive religion itself under dominion of materialism as an ideology , ironically enough , by excluding all non-materialistic paradigms in the process , pretending to be the only source of true information , facts or true knowledge , silly really .

    There are other sources of knowledge like intuitive insights as the higher form of intellect for example , not to mention religions .....

    Science as just a sophisticated form of culture , a social human activity, a representation of reality , practiced by scientists humans trough their own biological psychological social cultural ideological political economic & other backgrounds lenses , even though science seems to be highly disciplined & methodic , so .

    Modern science gotta stop pretending to be able to monopolise the "truth " , whatever the dynamic latter might be .

    I feel extremely disgusted & outraged by the fascist arrogance of some scientists & of mainstream science , even though i love & practice science myself so much .

    Materialism as an exclusive fascist ideology has been hijacking science for so long now : that gotta be condemned & stopped .

    1. Don't insult my intelligence by placing religion on either the same or a higher level than science.

      Also, the non-material has no place in science and if you think it has, then perhaps you should contemplate a career change.

    2. This is the kindda exclusive ignorant arrogance i was talking about , unfortunately enough .

      For your info :

      _I_ Do not confuse the material nature of science with materialism as an ideology

      _II_ It is now proven ,beyond the shadow of a doubt , that even the scientific method itself had an islamic origin : modern science owes its very existence to muslims thanks to islam

      _III_ Religion was a matter not only of belief but also a matter of ...experience long before science even existed thus

      _IV_ The true religious experience stands higher than the scientific one in the sense that religious intuitive insights or intuition tout court are a higher form of intellect

      _V_ A scientist gotta be an atheist if he/she wanna be taken seriously nowadays

      _VI_ Many prominent scientists whisleblowers have been condemning the fact that materialism as an ideology has been hijacking modern science & many others do not even dare to utter the same condemnation because they happen to be afraid of losing their jobs or positions as a result if they do

      _VII_ If you are really interested in the above , just give me a sign & i will be more than willing to provide you with the necessary data & arguments

      Thanks, appreciate indeed

    3. 1. There is nothing wrong with honest and ethical materialism as an ideology. At least it provides a solid, down-to-earth foundation which religion can never hope to do and which is really all that is needed. The rest comes from within, not without.

      2. At one time Islam was indeed a seat of learning, especially in mathematics, but it was as a culture, not a religion. When religion started to get its tentacles into everything, look at what happened to the culture and look at the ignorance which it engendered and which has persisted to the present day. If you're trying to use this as a justification for religion, you are simply being dishonest.

      3. This says absolutely nothing except that religion is older than science--and that certainly does not make it better.

      4. Absolutely not. Science is based on the naturalistic or the tangible which places it in a sphere far above the nebulae (read faith) and atavistic and wishful thinking (i.e., faith), that religion not only offers but demands.

      5. What about Kenneth R. Miller who is a Roman Catholic and one of the most respected biology professors in the nation?

      6. You have it wrong. It's a few and when they start looking toward the supernatural and all its baggage such as creationism and intelligent design, they have abrogated their commitment to science and deserve the opprobrium and ostracism they receive from the intellectual community Also, as materialism (naturalism) is at the heart of science, it is ludicrous to assert that it is hijacking it.

      By exulting the untestable, the irrational and the superstitions, you only deman yourself, but insult the intelligence of those whom you try to convince.

    4. Excellent response. I find it disturbing that 90% of Egyptian women are circumcised. What does that say about the status of women in Islam? I would say, the Islamic culture was perhaps traumatized by the brutal Christian Crusades. Perhaps middle ages trauma, still acting out.

    5. yes and astrology came before astronomy, religion is the poor man's philosophy. Love those Roman numerals!

    6. I find it fascinating that people say they will pray for another person to heal. If I break my arm, I will go to a hospital, which operates under the guidance of the scientific method, not to a church.

    7. Maybe 911 operators should just advise their frantic callers to "pray"!

    8. Quite. Instead of an ambulance, a car load of the god-squad could arrive on the scene. It would be called,
      "faith-based emergency relief", triple time prayer in overdrive. Let them put their behinds on the line and prove their beliefs.
      Oh, I forgot. god works through science....after all. how convenient.

    9. It is true. Science has been manipulated by greedy psychopaths, willing to pay for science to make a killing in profit. There seems to be psychopathic scientists as well. The current geoengineers who
      are combating climate change with chemtrails are an example. And
      Monsanto paying scientists to create GMO's is an example of the former. But let us not forget the likes of Jonas Salk, who refused to patent his polio vaccine. Science, like religion, depends on the individual human being to live in harmony with each other. That is a human choice and has nothing to do with science or religion

    10. Well said!

  8. you scientist and religious fanatics kill me...stfu already.
    its funny how alike both groups and their facts/beliefs are
    you want proof of science look around; you want proof of something supernatural (whatever you want to call it ie.god) look around
    they are both the same as is everything in the universe
    your sciences and religions are both right and wrong, good and bad, correct and false...because they are the same thing - only humans try to describe and make sense? of everything.

    how did universe start = big bang. well wheres the proof (please dont even try - u really expect me to take 14.4 billion yrs of proof?
    so whats the big bang then? A belief! or as you like to say a hypothesis
    No you say. ok then what created the big bang?
    Answer = i dont know....enuff said = stfu

    Religion! how did universe start = god. well where the proof (please done even try to go thru bible...
    so whats god then? A belief!
    No you say, ok then what created god?
    Answer = i dont know...enuff said

    My point is that NO ONE will EVER KNOW how the universe and everything in it came about.

    I think its like trying to count all the sand pebbles on a will die before you get an answer. Sure you may enjoy working on the beach, learning about sand pebbles and maybe one day even get to write your name in the sand for all to see but, sooner or later the sea will roll up and wash away all your work and you will probably be mad if not frustrated and disappointed
    Myself id rather just lay on the beach, enjoy the scenary and when the waves come crashing-- embrace them

  9. great comedic work. It does live up to it's name though. It brought a smile to my face. The truth shall set you free indeed. I gave up on religion but it was not easy to do. First, Research exposed conflicting scripture. Then it exposed that God of the Old Testament is far different then the loving god of the New. Then research exposed that Jesus family was forced to move to Egypt where he possibly picked up on some Egyptian theology. Several Egyptian Gods before Jesus were born of a virgin in humble circumstances and were too similar to be coincidence. Yes indeed the TRUTH did set me free!

    1. Scholars of ancient script are now concluding that the Old Testament was written by five different men, during five different past eras.

    2. More than that.

    3. please show sources.

    4. Emmanuel Tov, Textual Criticism of the Bible.

  10. This is a piece of lie..

    1. Does JC stand for Jesus Christ. just wondering...

  11. baptist science? you can't get much more fu*ked up than that xD these people are so fu*king delusional.

  12. the mark of the beast is NOT the chip.. You must first identify what the beast is .. the mark deals with the commandments... you should research about the beasts of revelation 13 and 17...

  13. Wonder why the documentary has problems loading. And just when it was getting to the good part!

  14. WOW how strange. I just started watching this documentary and the first scene is Hitler walking with Pavelic. It's weird cause I'm Croatian. It's good for the world to know what those fascists child killers did. This documentary has already intrigued me. Will watch the rest now :)

    1. do you mean what the "Christian" fascist child killers did?

  15. Christendom has much to answer for. Particularly as custodians of a Book that advocates love and respect for fellow humans. Sex, Drugs and Religion is more a personal campagn against ALL religion, and therefore throws the baby out with the bathwater. A documentary on Bites cannot make a mosquitoe bite the equivalent of a snake bite or shark attack. Sadly by lumping non equivalents together, this is merely a free for all sensationalist religion bash without a reasonable conclusion. Pity. I do not recommend this documentary.

    1. Christendom is a tax on society. Very little good comes from religion, although there have been certain individuals who do good, the main message incites fear and false solutions to monumental problems. True, some people have improved their lives with Religion, but, this does not make religion good and these individuals could have improved their lives by other means than believing in a contradictory morally reprehensible "Bible." Most Christians, I would argue, have become lazy in both thought and in action. This is extremely apparent in the "Christians" that I encounter on a daily basis. Even Church leaders, who are suppose to spread love and the message of Christ, very rarely ask themselves the questions nor do they look at the true roots of the human condition. They so easily dismiss pain and misery as "sin" or the "devil." This is not only silly, it is downright immoral based on secular morality, which has a much better grasp on what is right and what is wrong. The Bible is flawed, and this makes individuals "....throw out the baby with the bath water," which is morality in a pure form, based on the golden rule. Christianity may have served the world to some extent at one time in history, but the biblical lies are over, and we should be accountable for ourselves, not what some archaic dusty old book tells us. Wouldn't you agree?

  16. At the end of the day, and I'm sure most people would agree, its about treating people with love and God is love. If you're going to judge/punish/condemn/persecute someone then do so and move on. But making fun of them afterwards is always more detrimental to the person ridiculing than the person being ridiculed. As I'm sure most people would agree, what goes around comes around or, as the Holy Bible says, you reap what you sow.

    1. "At the end of the day, and I'm sure most people would agree, its about treating people with love."

      Fixed that for you.

    2. "God is Love." How do you know this?

    3. The Christian's main concern is receiving that deluxe mansion in the sky. Fear of death is their primary motivation.

  17. the betty butterfield makes it, lol

    1. Chuck Knipp portrayed Miss Butterfield. Betty is the quintessential southern belle, the nice one.

  18. By their Fruits you will know the Tree.

  19. Here's the problem:
    The Phelps family is actually following faithfully the moral directions of the word of "God"according to the "Holy Bible".
    The only difference I see between the Phelps family and other main stream Christians is what Phelps does out in the open, millions of other Christians think in their minds and say in private. I know---I've heard them. It's only a question of venue. So the problem isn't just Phelps and his kin, (he's only doing what The Bible tells him to do), it's the medieval, doctrinal insanity of their religion's sacred book. Know what else? They're all the same---Mormons, Christians, Muslims, Jews. There's little difference between them. I'm reminded of murderous jihad-crazed Islamists yelling "Allahuakbar" and stacking up the corpses of infidels. Religion of peace? I say, as Shakespeare wrote, "A pox on both their houses!"

    1. The Phelps family are following the moral directions found in the bible. The bible states how God feels about homosexuality but it does not tell people to go out and send a message of hate. The phelps family are not Christian at all!

  20. @Toby

    The little blue explosion and lightning work on the same principle which is proof that an electrical process or event has taken place but you cannot see the physical entity that caused the process or event to occur in the first place. You can show me the little blue explosion and you can show me ligtning but you can't show me electricity. The same with gas. You can see the effect the gas causes when it mixes with oxygen but you can't see the gas itself. Nor can you see oxygen. You can only see the end result when the two mix.

    1. The problem here is I dont have to have 'faith' to know when I flip a light switch to have the electricity turn on the light. But, you can have all the faith in the universe in your god, but I am pretty sure he could not make your leg grow back if it were amputated. Wake up, religion is something that is man made, just like the computer you are using to connect to the internet.

  21. How, in the 21st century, can otherwise, apparently rational people, completely abdicate from all common sense & reason? The willfull ignorance of clinging to "faith" over evidence. Allowing their minds to be possessed by willfull ignorance & stupidity. Having pride in level to which their own idiocy will descend & the misery it's visited upon the world. Christophrenia!

    1. Pipeline says Christians want us to stop picking on them.
      It is quite appropriate for them to pick on others.

  22. i know that gas and electricity are real because i see thier effect on the world around me me the effect of god around me ? show me some evidence of him

    1. And make sure it can be proved empirically as with gas and electricity.

    2. why, can't you feel all the jesus love?

  23. i want someone to point out were in the bible it says that there will be a rapture of the believers ....its not there so i know i will not get an answer

  24. Also gas can be seen when it is leaking. when it is pushing away and mixing in with the oxygen. but i could be wrong on this, im not a scientist. it is just what i have seen.

  25. Please be patient with me. im tired from work and about to go to bed. but im pretty sure that i have seen electricity. or is the little blue explosion when you get shocked just a lie ? or an illusion ?
    or what about lightning bolts, is this not electricity. please correct me if im wrong.

  26. @ Ponchie
    Interesting.....I knew about passports and animals and stuff (just had my cats fixed and they wanted to implant them for a significant amount of dollars to which I politely declined lol.) I was thinking maybe you meant they were being implanted into humans although I hear that is not far off.....we are certainly in the end times of this lovely planet we call home in my estimation!!!!

  27. @Lisa
    The RDID chip is everywhere, especially in places that don't seem obvious. American passports and some other countries, my access card into my workplace, dogs and cats to trace them when they are reported lost and then found, obviously credit cards and have you heard about the new way to rob you of your credit card details? It is now advised that people who carry credit cards around should RFID Reader-proof their wallets! And LEVI Jeans wants to put them in their jeans, they are already in them but are removed when they are purchased, but they are trying to get around all the privacy issues so that they can leave the chips in after you have bought them so that they can keep track of them. The list continues but I suggest you use Google to further your knowledge.

  28. @pyrrhus

    Yeah. Its redundant.

    People can have deep spiritual philosophies without kowtowing to their local mainstream religious establishment. When they find out a person may face excommunication. I know. It happened to me.

  29. @jack1952
    "Organized religions..."
    What other kinds of religion are there?

  30. @Ponchie
    Where in the world has the RFID chip started being used? That's scary stuff.....

  31. Organized religions have caused a great deal of suffering on this planet. Denying this is a waste of time and is probably self-serving. Spiritual beliefs have also helped a lot of people in dealing with the hardships in their lives (alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals, those with personal problems to name a few). It would be cruel of me to dissuade these individuals of the beliefs that bring them comfort even though I believe these ideas to be false.

    I really don't know if there is a God or not. Scientific evidence would indicate that he doesn't exist and I tend to agree but that is my opinion and mine alone. Ridicule and condescension polarize society. For the secular to incite hatred of religion is no different than the religious inciting hatred of the unbeliever. Understanding, patience and education are the tools we must all use. Otherwise we demean ourselves with our arrogance and others for their beliefs.

    1. Considering all the harm that religion has done and all the ignorance it has bred, it's time for the secular to take its revenge even if it means inciting hatred.

    2. When we have completed our revenge, we will discover another group who we believe have inflicted great harm upon humanity. When we have eliminated all the groups, there will be a handful of the righteous remaining, those who believe they have done no harm and have in fact saved humanity. I'm starting to sound religious now and wasn't that what I was trying to stamp out. I can now see this handful starting to eye each other with suspicion. It is hatred that does the harm. Hatred incited and nurtured cannot disappear when the object of hatred disappears. It just finds another victim to vent its venom on.

    3. Take a look at our close relative, the chimpansees. Same behaviour... We dehumanize or dechimp other groups, wether they are another race, religion or just happen to live in the opposite part of town!

    4. No offense, but that is avoiding the very real observation that once a religion is established, it tends toward perversion and hampers the expansion of humanity's potential. Religion has blocked the knowledge of our rich heritage of philosophy.

    5. Bullies will back down, but first we must arise as individuals. The herd will eventually follow. Courage
      is necessary in singular actions every day.

    6. Our human species faces extinction, due in large part to the influence of religion. It is no longer helpful for our specie's survival to indulge beliefs systems that induce tribalism and human supremacist ideology, i.e. go forth and multiply, the Earth is our "dominion", saving and converting others against their will, implying that "other than me" is an evil force, inducing the manipulative linguistic vernacular such as "Satan" and "hell" for control.
      It is time to stand up to tyranny.

    7. There are a lot of reasons for the fear of human extinction. "They are after oil and the resources in the third world". "The elite instigate war to cull human population". "The bankers and the military-industrial complex incite war to line their pockets". "Greed". It all depends on who you talk to.

      The best and safest way to rid the world of religious and dogmatic ideology is through education. Standing up to tyranny is yet another call to arms and in the end will solve nothing. It only causes them to dig their heels in and carry on the fight to the bitter end. It is a way to beat our collective heads against an ideological wall and one that will not be won through strife of legislation.

    8. I would not say those in control of the fossil fuel start wars to "cull the population". I think big money instigate wars to control their source of profit. Human beings are
      mere collateral damage. Through our careless and prodigious reproduction, we are culling ourselves, consuming our food chain. We can not blame everything on the 1%. Apathy of those who know better, or should or could know better, and do nothing, fail to speak up, are duplicitous in our own way.

  32. @Vlatko

    Please forgive me if I am wrong but you seem to have misunderstood my comment. I do not deny that the evidence of the existence of electricity cannot be proved. What I am saying is that you still cannot actually see the electricity itself. Nobody can see it, in the same way that nobody can see gas. You think its there because you can prove its existence through evidence but you still cannot see it. So therefore, using your and the aetheistic argument, gas and electricity don't exist.

    1. We cannot see magnetism; we cannot see radioactivity, but we can measure them empirically, observe their behavior and draw consistent and acceptable (and accepted) conclusions. Try that with a divine being.

    2. Well said, simple and true.

  33. Just as a matter of interest. You atheists say that God doesn't exist because nobody can see him. In that case electricity doesn't exist either because nobody can see it.

    1. @ponchie,

      You comment is one prime example of what Sagan meant when he said: "We have arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces. "

      The very basic difference between God and Electricity is that the existence of electricity can be empirically proved, while God's existence can not.

    2. So true. I am perplexed by individuals who work in scientific based professions all through the week, and then revert to the belief of superstition on Sunday? How does that dichotomy of thought affect our culture on a larger scale?

  34. @go2mark
    Well said and I agree with you 100%. We in South Africa have only now been shown this doccie this month, November 2010, by one of our regional TV broadcasters.
    Was the Jesus Christ parody at the end really necessary?
    And by the way, the Mark of the Beast is already here in the form of the RFID chip. Everything about you will be on that chip including your money and you won't be able to open a door, any door, without it. When the terrorist activity is ramped up to the max in your respective countries people, you atheists, will be clamouring over each other to have the chip implanted. And that is going to happen very soon. It has already started.

  35. Watched the video, must admit that there is nothing really new in it but did make me chuckle a few times... Not bad.

  36. Religion is a joke. Open your eyes people.....Its not that you can't prove anything. Science had made anything possible and there's always an explanation for everything even if its the most bizarre one. People coming from sky, going up, resurrection,meeting with Allah, angels these are all just some "hope for the hopeless" as at the finishing says.
    Religion is bull*** s***.

  37. In ref to the above comment: His name is Claud not Craud.

  38. if any one is interested read, "THE POWER OF BELIEF", by Craud Bristol. (written many years ago). He was a religious correspondent for twenty years for the NY Times and traveld the world over. What he came to understand about all religions is an eye opener. (please excuse my speeling)He also stated that there are over twenty five thousand organized religions on the books. I am wondering, do you think that maybe one of them might be worng?

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    Thank you for your site "Top Documentray film online free"

    This is so nacesters thoughts to be honerst.

    Thank you for you help geting me as much as away from liers.

  40. ronaldo, Kevin Smith- you obviously didn't watch til 54:00, the video is equal opportunity

  41. "wicca is ruining this country"! lolol

    Yeah, like others have said, there is lots of repeated material, and some boring parts. Its not original, but there are some laughs. good to watch in the background while you're doing something else, and you like bill maher :)

  42. Ronaldo,

    if you attack the jews you're a Nazi.

  43. Kurt, not everyone was forced. I am lucky enough that I have only been to church less than 20 times. I think it's more than 10 times, but definitely less than 20. I'm 24 now, and my parents are 65 and 57. You would assume that, growing up in the 50s and 60s, that my father would be a religious man. Certainly my grandmother went to church every week until she was too sick to go, and I'm pretty sure the reverend went to see her often enough. In fact, her daughter-in-law is now some sort of Anglican minister, I forget exactly what it is.

    My mother's sister and mother also remain religious, but not my mother. My parents are well and truly agnostic. They are not atheist, but they are not religious. I don't notice any spirituality either. It's kind of nice, and since I haven't been indoctrinated to one side or another, I am an atheist. My parents didn't force me towards this, they never spoke in favour of or against any religions.

    The point is, I was not forced, I made my choice, and though it has fluctuated between Agnosticism and Atheisism, I have never truly believed in a deity of any kind (unless you count Maurice Richard or Douglas Adams). My parents as well, made their own choices. I don't know when, but they would have been instructed to go to church and believe in "god". Luckily for me they got away from that.

  44. y are there so much footage of catholic and muslim religions and hardly anything of jewish religons
    just a bit biased there

  45. What God on a planet of love would allow and instruct their followers to condem and demand others to obey? Does their God really ask that of them? And in other countries does their God tell their followers to strap on a AK47 and point into the crowds of non-believers? All those years spent in religious churches instead of spent on a focus of various advanced technologies, where would we be now? How many times must one be told the truth is within each one of us, not outside and invisable. One time should do it.
    How primative of a religion to aim outside faith in a God, only to hate others. The part of God within me tells me to be void of all religion. Those stuck within a lawless belief cannot offer me anything, within their planet of hate.

  46. Forced, yes, of course. Were we not all forced? Your choice even perhaps at 2 years old is simply what you families religion handed down, not of your choosing. Your grown to believe it. Babtise is not your choice either. Recovering from religion is way harder, dodging the hatred attached trying to avoid it's wrath, shew! Where ever you were born is your religion, period. You were born with a closed mind and it's kept that way for your life, unless perhaps one day you decide to use your own free thought, and be truely free.

  47. religion is soon to be abolished only to be replaced by a new world religion which worships the earth and all the lusts of the flesh. the beast of revelation is the world govt which will control all buying and selling by means of an electronic id. (global currency) this will be implemented through the world banking and health care systems now being implemented.
    in rev 17-18 "the woman who rides the beast" (THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.) is the new world religion which rides on the back of the beast.

  48. @Andrine
    nice post, what is good about this doc is that it confirms biblical prophecy that there will be many false prophets and false teaching and will deceive many. the bible tells it like it is. no sugar coating just what to expect. if it was false it would say how great the church will be and how everyone will get along. the fact is what is happening now is just how the bible said it would be. this is all part of the apostasy and the reason why the bible says few will enter by the narrow gate but many will enter through the broad gate. the deception of the end times is becoming very strong now and we need to look up with expectation. the bible is not perverted but we humans are. evil will wax worse and worse and the love of many will grow cold. soon the true church will be eliminated (rapture) and thanks will be given to the man of perdition for making the world so much better without religion. the Bible is very specific in revelation about the whore of babylon (roman catholic church) and the false churches
    ( rev 17:2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. )

    1. Do you know anything about the history of the Bible, the times in which it was written and what preceded it? Do you know anything about the writings anent the Egyptian god Horus found on tombs and how similar they are to the Bible with which you are so mindlessly preoccupied?

      Has it occurred to you that the prophecies you cite are so general as to be true of everything and everyone?

      Education is wonderful and costs so little. Why not get some?

  49. Ha ha!

    The only way to treat a subject which is a sick joke is with a sick jokey documentary.

    IF there is a god he/she/it must have a good laugh at all these people and their stupid beliefs.

    What is less funny - is that they all take themselves so damned seriously.

    We should designate 1 small continent for all the religious nuts, put them all there and let these fools fight it out between themselves and let the rest of us have our planet back.

  50. pssssssssst Ren - you sounded an awful lot like the person you were berating - may want to look at that.........same with your one fan up there....

  51. I made it 8 minutes into this and then had to turn it off. Really, really annoying to me and poorly done.

  52. i have a problem with anyone who believes that whatever thoughts they may have are god sanctioned and that anyone they wish will suffer for eternity for not agreeing with them.
    and their stupid reasoning convinces them i'm amoral, i'm not repeating your history for you.

  53. Very poorly made, just watch 'Religulous, and 'The god delusion' this is basically made out of those two. What a waste of time.

  54. Ren,

    Nicely put. Ironically, atheists almost always end up sounding as close-minded, extreme and "fundamentalist," as those they criticize.

    I used to be an atheist. Although I'm not religious now, I haven't been a self-professed atheist in quite some time. However, I used to sound like that, and it makes me shudder with embarrassment.

    I understand the anger and resentment at the pain and suffering religion has caused throughout history. But, that's what humans do. It's what they do with political ideologies as well. Unfortunately, it's the way were geared.

    The shame is not being open-minded enough to appreciate some of the good religion has done. Oftentimes, it has been used as a way for people to understand their surroundings—to try to make some sense out of "being."

    It helped African-Americans retain some kind of community cohesiveness—I mean, good grief, Martin Luther King Jr. was a preacher. Spirituality has also aided Native Americans in holding on to what little they have of their culture, etc.

    At the end of the day, blindly admonishing all religious people for being "backward" is simply un-intellectual.

    1. If cohesiveness of the black community (whatever that is and whatever it is), Martin Luther King and the antideluvian cultures (there's more than one) of Indians are all that religion (spirituality) has going for it, it's time for a little constructive atheism.


    I am a Theist and I got the point of the documentary. Not sure why you would think a general theist wouldn't. I think, specifically, a defensive self righteous theist wouldn't get it.

    I think the big picture message is that evil corrupt hypocrites are everywhere. After all, we are American citizens with secular laws but even our politicians who write and pass laws are criminals (let alone all the civilian criminals).

    And I am sure someone will comment at the disproportionate "religious" versus "atheist" inmate statistics. Most of those statistics are completely made up and the numbers dont make sense( at least the ones I have seen{no black prisoners, numbers seem to be from one county not the entire prison pop, etc}) and the questionnaires that i have seen lump together non practicing, practicing, and inmates who had religious parents.....But again all of that is missing the point, that no group is immune to having evil corrupt people.

    1. I believe it was Dr. Johnson who said "Patriotism is the last resort of a scoundrel." To which Ambrose Bierce responded, "No, it's the first." The same holds true for religion.

  56. Worth watching if only for Chuck Knipp. Plus, I'm a longtime fan of Landover Baptist. Sure, the rest is recycled footage, but you know, most people do not sit around obsessively watching documentaries like those of us who post here, so maybe this could do some good embedded elsewhere.
    "Oh my God, they've got bird flu!"

  57. I laughed my ass off. And laughter is the best cure for a hangover. I hope everyone who watches this documentary keeps it running until the very end and gets to see the best part.

  58. What's up with this pro-Serbian/Orthodox agenda in the beginning? Making martyrs out of them...I couldn't watch more than two minutes..hope the rest of the documentary isn't as biased..

  59. I enjoyed this docu, I was impressed withthe up todate footage regarding the catholic church's abuse ongoing in Ireland a very enjoyable watch I highly recomend this.

    Love and Peace,
    Linda ;-)

  60. @Cosmic Cop,
    While I'm not a theist myself, the tone of condescension and holier than thou rhetoric you write hardly comes off as intelligent. In fact, it just sounds like a different brand of the same close minded extremism. You are still preaching, still lecturing, still insulting and still absolutely insufferable.

    And quick tip: Next time you berate large and varied groups of humanity for their IQ try to use correct punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar. Just sayin...

    1. When it comes to religion, I too am insulting and insufferable and look down with well-deserved contempt on those who not only harbor such beliefs, but resort to any means, including out-and-out lying and deception, to promote them, by among other things, attempting to infect the public schools with them.

      I trust you find nothing wrong with my puncutation, sentence structure and grammar.

  61. I liked the video. It was a bit all over the place. But as an atheist, I could see everywhere it went. I don’t think a Theist would get it. But that’s why they are Theists. Gosh I hope their off spring ( theist’s ) will gained a few IQ points through evolving / science, and not allow the indoctrination they will have gotten from there parents to infect their lives to the point they to believe in invisible sky buddy. Then ending up doing the fighting and defending for the unknowable Sky Buddy to what ever degree.

  62. Sure, I've seen most of the footage in other docs but "I Will Survive" was well worth the view... Not to mention the overall humour... Definitely recommended!!!

  63. I really enjoyed this. Really up to date from the start with the coverage of the catholic sex scandal here in Ireland.A sometimes humorous but interesting take on religion. Recommended.

  64. Watched the doc. same old, same old.

  65. well i cant say that was my biggest wast of time. i really enjoined watching all those documentaries the first time around.

  66. scirt wearing, ring kissing child abusers...well said

  67. This is just rescaled footage of other documentaries and news programs . best part’s of this were the Bill Maher moments.

  68. shame.. - Sad

  69. joke